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Metal News for February 14, 2010

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Dog Faced Corpse Posts New Demo Teaser

The Iraqi death metal band Dog Faced Corpse has uploaded a teaser (drums and guitars) to Youtube from their upcoming demo/album. Check it out below or on the band's Myspace player.

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Truth Corroded To Enter The Studio In May

South Australian thrash metal band Truth Corroded has been busy working on material for its new album since returning from its recent tour through Asia. The band will enter the studio from May to June with Scar Symmetry guitarist Jonas Kjellegren once again mixing and mastering the album at Black Lounge Studio Sweden. The album is scheduled for a mid year release. The band will perform several local shows leading up to the release of the bands new album.

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Wishdoom Signs To Metal On Metal Records

Greek power/doom/battle metal band Wishdoom has announced their signing with Italian metal label Metal On Metal Records for their debut full-length album. "Helepolis" will see the light of day in October this year. Stay tuned for an exact release date and more details.

In related band news, drummer Panagiotis Botis has left the band due to personal reasons and he has been replaced by Dimitris Raptis..

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Kingcrow Reveals New Album Details

Italian metal band Kingcrow has revealed the tracklisting for their new album, entitled "Phlegethon," which is as follows:

01. The Slide
02. Timeshift Box
03. Islands
04. The Great Silence
05. Lullaby For an Innocent
06. Evasion
07. Numb (incipit,climax & coda)
08. Washing out memories
09. A new life
10. Lovocaine
11. Fading Out Pt. III
12. Phlegethon More...

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Church Of Misery Adds New European Tour Dates

Japanese doom metallers Church of Misery have updated their upcoming European tour with the following extra dates:

3/30 NOR - Oslo, club tba
3/31 NOR - Bergen, club tba
4/1 NOR - Stavanger, club tba
4/13 ESP - Barcerona, Apolo 2
4/18 B. - Kortrijk, The Pits
4/19 GER - Jena, Rosenkeller
4/21 GR - Athen, MYGA Club

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Nightrage Posts Tour Blog

Greek metallers Nightrage have issued the following blog from their recent tour dates:

"Hey folks! Welcome to our tour diary, which will document our journey through ancient and fabled Greece, where Nightrage was born almost ten years ago! It's a great honour to once more set our feet here - we arrived yesterday, after some commotion at the airport, with our flight being canceled, but after some brief waiting we were on our way with a different plane, in business class too!

"A hearty continental breakfast and some great service was good preparation for our first show on the tour, which was played in the lovely coastal town of Patras, a very picturesque city with winding avenues, and an ancient and quite impressive Roman odeum. The venue was packed, and we shared the stage with no less than 5 other bands, one of them being our friends in Septicflesh - great crowd and great atmosphere, all in all a very nice opening show for this tour! It was also the smallest back stage room we ever squeezed ourselves into - but it was all good at the end of the day. More...

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Stigma Posts Thrid Studio Video Blog Online

Italian horror-themed deathcore band STIGMA recently entered Fear Studio to record the followup to 2008’s “When Midnight Strikes!,” due out next year via Pivotal Rockordings. The album, which is being produced by BRING ME THE HORIZON guitarist Jona Weinhofen, will be mixed by Scott Atkins (BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, SYLOSIS, GAMMA BOMB) and will feature guest appearances from Jamie Hope (THE RED SHORE) and Jon Hunt (Ex-DEAD TO FALL). A third video blog documenting the tracking of bass guitar is can be seen below:

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The Archaengel Pushes Back Album Release Date

Brazilian metallers Of The Archaengel have issued the following update about pushing back the release date of their new album:

"The estimated release date for 'The Extraphysicallia' our debut album on Sleaszy Recs Rider was set to late November / early December 2009. Since then we keep ourselves in silence about a new release date or something since our expectation was that this would happen at 'any time.' Well, more than 2 months passed by and just recently we had receive a new release date from the label together with the justification that the factory responsible for the pressing CD´s is having problems. We decided that we will not disclose this new data again.

"The album will be available soon since we have a deal with this guaranty, and ALL OF YOU will be aware of this. If you are one of the interested on 'The Extraphysicallia' it will be marketed also straightly with us, so don't worry about anything just send-us an email at contact@ofthearchaengel.com and make sure your copy is guaranteed. Thanks for those that are together with us in expectation. Stay Tuned!"

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Sunday Old School: Remembering Bon Scott

Close your eyes and think of AC/DC. If you're like most people, the first thing that enters your mind is the image of Angus Young in his schoolboy suit doing his Chuck Berry on speed duckwalk across the stage. The second thing for most is the image of singer Brian Johnson, cap pulled down nearly to his eyes, letting loose with a powerdrill wail.

For 30 years, that's been the case — but it wasn't always so. There was a time when AC/DC's vocalist was every bit as outrageous and unpredictable as its pint-sized guitar god. With a boozy strut, and a wicked glint in his eye that bespoke propensities for violence when provoked and sex whenever (and wherever), Bon Scott commanded the stage in ways that only a few frontmen — Jagger, Plant and (just maybe) David Lee Roth — could match.

Scott is often spoken of as being “AC/DC's first singer,” but that's not the case. The band's first vocalist was Dave Evans, a much more glam-inspired singer. Of course, the band during Evans' tenure behind the microphone was a much more glam-inspired bunch, as the video clip for the first single “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” below shows (and dig Angus and Malcolm Young trading licks in a way you don't normally see in this band). But Angus Young and Evans didn't get along, and the band was looking for a new, rawer singer.

They didn't have to look far. At the time, Bon Scott was working for the band as its driver. Before that, though, Scott had been well-known in Australia as one of two lead vocalists in the bubblegum pop band the Valentines, and as the singer of the hippy-dippy outfit Fraternity (dig that recorder). Several accounts point to Scott being much more interested in singing hard rock in the bars after the gigs than he was in performing either of these types of music.

That, of course, made AC/DC the perfect fit for him. And if you thought Angus Young's schoolboy outfit was outrageous, check out Bon's schoolGIRL outfit in this early television appearance, in which the band plays its cover of “Baby Please Don't Go.”

Scott's first two albums with AC/DC, “High Voltage” and, especially “TNT” still form a big chunk of the modern AC/DC setlist. Tunes like “The Jack” allowed Bon to show off his talent for clever wordplay and his ability to quickly learn new instruments (he was also a fairly adept guitarist and an excellent drummer) came in handy on the bagpipe-enhanced “It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll).”

Next up was 1976's “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” which emphasized boogie over blazing guitar work on tracks like “There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'.” The title track is a classic, but for me, the heart of the album is the slower, surprisingly introspective “Ride On,” which hints at the loneliness of life on the road.

“Let There Be Rock,” the band's 1977 classic album is, as Angus Young put it, “a fucking great guitar album.” It's the other Scott album that has taken up big chunks of the band's setlist to the present day, with songs like the title track and Scott's ode to a large Tasmanian woman he had the pleasure of knowing, “Whole Lotta Rosie.” With such blazing fretwork, it's small wonder that Angus' guitar amp once caught fire during the recording sessions.

The next year came “Powerage,” which is arguably the most underrated album of the Scott era, despite having fans that included Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. It's a surprisingly dark affair, with “What's Next to the Moon?” having not-so-veiled threats of murder against the object of the singer's affections. “Riff Raff” and “Sin City” both have gotten a fair amount of play on stage, and, more recently, the band resurrected “Rock 'n' Roll Damnation” on the “Live at the Circus Krone” DVD. The chief criticism of the album was that it seemed to be too much a continuation of “Let There Be Rock.” I say, what's wrong with that?

After 1978's live “If You Want Blood, You've Got It” came the high point, in terms of sales and recognition, of Scott's tenure with the band, 1979's “Highway to Hell.” The title track wasn't — as some would later claim — an ode to Satan, but rather a colorful description of life on the road, which had its origins in a quote from Angus Young to a reporter. “Shot Down in Flames” and “Girls Got Rhythm” have stayed in the AC/DC setlist, off and on, as has “Highway to Hell.”

And then, in 1980, it ended all too soon. Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning in a friend's car 30 years ago this week.

The band soldiered on with Brian Johnson taking his place on “Back In Black,” some of which had been written before Scott's passing. There exist demo recordings of a couple tracks (most notably “Have a Drink on Me”) with Scott on drums, but, to my knowledge, they've never been released even in bootleg form.

The band has paid tribute to Scott several times over the years, releasing the “'74 Jailbreak” EP in 1984 with some previously Australian-only releases, and the expansive “Bonfire” box set in 1997, which included studio rarities, the soundtrack to the “Let There Be Rock” concert film and more.

Last year, the band put out “Backtracks,” a box set that essentially cleared the decks of all the rest of the B-sides and Aussie-only tracks that had built up over the years. It's well worth buying for tracks like “Stick Around” and the itchy ode to body lice, “Crabsody In Blue.” But be prepared to shiver a little when Scott eerily foretells his own death in “Carry Me Home.”

So, let's raise our glass to one of rock's greatest. “Let There Be Rock,” shouted Bon Scott, and there was. And it was much more than good.

AC/DC — "Can I Sit Next To You Girl"

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Scorpions Posts New Album EPK Online

German hard rock and heavy metal legends the Scorpions has posted an Electronic Press Kit online for their forthcoming final studio album, "Sting In The Tail." You can check it out below. The album will be released on March 19th through Universal Music. More...

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Strange Flesh Announces New Guitarist Brett Evans

Virginia Beach metal band Strange Flesh has announced Brett Evans as their second guitarist. Drummer Juan Lagos comments, "From the start Brett established himself as the frontrunner of all the guys who auditioned. His ability to learn the songs accurately and understand just what his role in the band will be made him the clear choice for the position. We thank every person who tried out for the slot. Brett will help bring the new album to where it needs to be live and his very cool personality will make the fans understand why he was the right choice." The band is currently rehearsing for the live shows and look forward to a spring/summer touring schedule.

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Crescent Moon Posts New Song, "Dew," Online

Syrian doom/death metal band Crescent Moon has posted a new song, entitled "Dew," on their MySpace page. Formed in 2008, the project features the following members:

Ahmad - All instruments, Programming
Besher - Vocals

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Impending Doom Comments On Lineup Changes

Impending Doom's David Sitting responds to the rumors that the band has recently lost members:

"Yes, it's true we have parted ways with both Manny and Isaac. Both of them felt like this was not for them anymore; it happened a while back before we entered the studio. Not everyone can maintain the amount of passion that Impending Doom requires. That being said, we are still great friends with both Manny and Isaac and wish them both nothing but the best. Our good friend Brandon Trahan (ex Mirror of Dead Faces) has stepped in on drums and just recently finished tracking on our upcoming record, which will be released this summer. As for rhythm guitar, we have someone stepping in for our upcoming tours and summer festivals. Be on the look out for new tour dates and a new record."

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Single Bullet Theory Posts New Song Online

Philadelphia progressive thrash/death metal band Single Bullet Theory is now streaming a new song, "The Edge of Broken," online at this location. "The Edge of broken" comes off the bands 4th full length cd "Divine Ways of Chaos" which is currently being recorded and produced by new guitarist John Ruszin III (ex carfax abbey) at collinwood studios in Wynona, New Jersey.

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New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2010 Announced

The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will enter year 12 this April with an eclectic mixture of bands from the metal and hardcore genres. Returning to the Palladium in Worcester, Massachussetts, the event will take place on Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24, with an extra special pre-party sponsored by Atticus on Thursday, April 22.

Bands performing on Friday April 23 include Mastodon, Between The Buried And Me, Baroness, Cro Mags, Earth Crisis, Death Threat, Death Before Dishonor, COA, American Me, Thick As Blood, Forfeit, XTheWarX, Grave Maker, Rose Funeral, Conducting From The Grave and Howl. Doors open at 3:00PM

Bands performing on Saturday April 24 include Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, Skeletonwitch, Eluveitie, 1349, Impending Doom, Lecherous, Nocturne, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Chelsea Grin, Abacabb, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Malefice, Swashbuckle, Cattle Decapitation, Acaro, Holy Grail, Disembodied, Cruel Hand, Reign Supreme, The Mongoloids, XTyrantX, Foundation, Soul Control, Alpha Omega, Burning Empires, Mother Of Mercy, Gaza, Across The Sun and Monsters. Doors open at noon.

Tickets for Friday only cost $40.00. Tickets for Saturday only cost $46.00. A 2-day ticket costs $80.00. All tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12 at 10AM at all stores, online at or to charge-by-phone call (800) 477-6849.

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Judas Priest To Re-Issue "British Steel" In May

Heavy metal icons Judas Priest will be re-releasing their classic album, "British Steel" on May 11th (10th in Europe) as a special three disc set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album. The release will include the re-mastered edition of "British Steel" along with a live DVD and CD that featured the band performing the album from start to finish, as well as a few other songs. The DVD will also include a 30 minute documentary which looks at the making of "British Steel."

The tracklisting is as follows: More...

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Sabaton Posts Eighth Studio Video Online

Swedish heavy metal outfit Sabaton has posted another video online as part of their series of clips detailing the recording of their brand new album, "Coat Of Arms." You check out the latest video below. More...

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Adai Signs To Cavity Records

Cavity Records has announced the signing of Denver progressive/experimental band Adai for the release of their new EP, entitled "Felo De Se." The EP was recorded with Matt Talbott of HUM and will see the light of day in the form of both an LP+CD combo and digital download this spring. New songs will soon be posted online, but for now head over to their MySpace and check out some songs from their previous EP, "...I Carry." More details and an official release date will be announced soon.

Here are the latest Adai shows according to the band's MySpace:

Mar 20 2010 @ 3:00P - SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL *DAY SHOW* @ The Metropolis Apartments Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2010 @ 6:00P - SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL *NIGHT SHOW* @ PLUSH Austin, Texas
Mar 21 2010 @ 6:00P - SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL @ RED 7 Austin, Texas
Apr 2 2010 @ 8:00P - 3 Kings Tavern w/ Caspian, Arms & Sleepers Denver, Colorado
Apr 17 2010 @ 8:00P - LAUNCH MUSIC CONFERENCE Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Whitesnake Begins Writing New Album

Hard rock legends Whitesnake has announced that they have begun work on a brand new studio album and as a result, believe it is unlikely that they will tour in 2010. A message from lead vocalist David Coverdale reads as follows:

"It is unlikely that Whitesnake will tour in 2010, as we have committed to writing & recording a new studio album & delighted to report we are working with an enthusiastic, highly respected record company, whom at this time I am reluctant to name, until they wish to make their own announcement...

"The album will feature all new, fresh material...

"We are off to a very good start, with the new songs taking very positive shape... At this time it feels like a solid, natural follow up to Good To Be Bad... but, taking it to the next level... More...

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Palehorse Confirmed For Deathfest 2010

PALEHORSE has been added the bill for this years DEATHFEST in Leeds along with the likes of BRUJERIA, IMMOLATION and RAMESSES. The festival is held in Leeds Uni (the same venue as Damnation Festival) on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

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A Foggy Realm's "Twilight" EP For Free Download

The Russian Association of Independent Genres (R.A.I.G.) has posted instrumental/doom/ambiet band A Foggy Realm's "Twilight" EP for free download (40+ mb - 5 tracks - 28 min.).

An accomplished composer and musician, Ilya Lipkin set up his A FOGGY REALM in the end of 2009 to explore the mysterious realms of ambient-and-drone electroacoustics played live with an electric guitar and a bunch of effect pedals. "Twilight" EP is a debut release by this project. Recorded in January 2010, it features five relatively short pieces consisting of thick multi-layered guitar ambiances ranging from the obscured psyched-out to the threat-suffused and doom-riffed.

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