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Metal News for February 13, 2007

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Manes Reveals Artwork, Tracklisting

Manes has revealed the cover for their forthcoming album 'How the world came to an end' set for release via Candlelight Records on the 16th of April. You can check it out online on manes.no

The artwork is done by Trine Paulsen and Kim Sølve of Trineogkim.no, who may be better known for their earlier work for bands like Ulver, When, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Solefald and many more.

The tracklisting for 'How the world came to an end' will be like this:

1. Deeprooted
2. Come to pass
3. I watch you fall
4. A cancer in our midst (plague one)
5. Last lights
6. Nobody wants the truth
7. My journal of the plague years (fuckmensch warmensch)
8. The cure-all
9. Transmigrant
10. Son of night brother of sleep

"As we've mentioned earlier, the path leading up to this finished album has been a very conceptual process for us" comments Torstein.

"It's been us creating our path as we've gone, never really being able to see clearly the end of it, or when the end would come. It's not like it's miles away from our last album 'Vilosophe'; it's still dark and down, and it's still got elements of rock, metal and electronica in different measures throughout, but it's very different in many ways as well. We've collaborated with a lot of talented people on this album, each of them with important creative input forming the outcome of this weird process. We're a total of 16 people on this album, and apart from Cern, Eivind and me, they are Asgeir Hatlen, Tor Arne Helgesen, Flegmatical, Trine Kolmannskog, WT, Spaz, P. Emerson Williams, Stein E. Bratland, Emily A. Saaen, Emil Sporsheim, Cornelius Jakhelln, Rachmiel and Rune Sørgård."

Torstein continues "The only little teaser we've shared from the album yet, is the song 'Deeprooted' that has been available a while now on the Candlelight sampler enclosed with the February issue of Metalhammer UK, but we'll be posting a track online in the close future for the rest of all y'all to enjoy. And finally, a major www.manes.no overhaul is initiated now too. For obvious reasons."

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Every Time I Die Working On New Album

Every Time I Die has posted an update on their recording plans and more:

"We here at EVERY TIME I DIE have a lot on our plate for the upcoming year and I feel we owe it to everyone to reassure them that just because we've been away for a while does not mean that your fictitious rants on myspace about how we "hung out" and "got wasted" and are now "best friends" because I showed you my "genitalia" are permanently cut short. We've been holed up in a basement in North Tonawanda writing what will easily prove to be the best record ETID has crafted since "Gutter Phenomenon". In early March we head to California for two months to lay down these tracks with Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deadguy, Story Of The Year, Lifetime, etc…) to be released this summer on FERRET MUSIC. And since we have come to accept the fact that we simply cannot hold on to ONE bass player, expect some help on the recording from a good friend of ours whose name I cannot yet disclose from a band whom I am also prevented from disclosing at this juncture. Intrigued yet??? I know I am".

"After recording we jet to Australia with Norma Jean from June 1st thru June 15th before returning countryside to and hit the U S festival circuit to tour throughout the summer. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming shortly. Our publicist doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut"

"Perhaps the biggest piece of news and the one that will undoubtedly sound questionable due to the sheer "what-the-fuck"-ness of it all, is that we are in development with FAST SHOES PRODUCTION and THE ENDEAVOR AGENCY (a Beverly Hills based talent agency representing Tina Fey, Jude Law and Adam Sandler, to name a few) along with several possible networks to film a reality based mockumentary-esque sitcom starring EVERY TIME I DIE and self proclaimed "Metal Dork" BRIAN POSEHN (Mr. Show, Jesus Is Magic, The Devils Rejects). We are in the third stage of development out of a possible 400, but things are coming together smoothly and while recording we will be meeting with networks, Posehn and Fast Shoes to begin the writing process."

"Check everytimeidie.com or myspace.com/everytimeidie for updates beginning in March, and then check your pants for shit."

"We will see you all very soon, and we are breathlessly awaiting giving you an awkward hug while your friend takes a poorly lit photo with her camera phone. If you feel you need even MORE of my long-winded diatribes, you can find "The Classics According to Keith" every month in ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine."

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Headline News

Sir Lord Baltimore Return As Christian Metal Band

Phil Freeman reports for The Village Voice: It was such a crazy thing, to go out of the basement and play Carnegie Hall," recalls Sir Lord Baltimore drummer-vocalist John Garner. "Where does that happen? We were in the fast lane all the way down. . . . I believe that had the element of drugs not been in the picture, we'd be a household name today."

In some households (especially those where drugs are still in the picture), they still are. The Brooklyn band put a uniquely East Coast spin on the late-'60s/early-'70s power-trio sound, combining Cream's instrumental overdrive with Grand Funk Railroad's raw power. It all started when Garner invited his high school acquaintances Louis Dambra (guitar) and Gary Justin (bass) to jam. After about a week, Garner recalls, "I saw an ad in the Voice that said, 'Heavy band needed to record album.' That was it. We put about 10 riffs together, some crazy avant-garde singing and a few beats here and there, and we went down to audition." Signed (and named, allegedly, after a minor character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) by manager Mike Appel, Sir Lord Baltimore recorded for Polygram and made their live debut in 1970.

More fleet than peers Mountain or Dust, they came out of nowhere to become New York's best metal act for a year or so. Indeed, Metal Mike Saunders's Creem review of their debut CD, 1970's Kingdom Come, featured the first documented use of the phrase "heavy metal" as a genre descriptor. But after another album and an abortive tour supporting Black Sabbath, SLB imploded. Neither Kingdom nor 1971's self-titled follow-up sold particularly well, and both went out of print (they're now paired on a single CD) while all three members went on to other things.

Now they're back. Garner and Dambra have reunited after 35 years apart and self-released a third record, Sir Lord Baltimore III: Raw (available at sirlordbaltimore.com). Recorded with session bassists Tony Franklin and Sam Powell, it packs six songs into just under a half-hour, reviving the band's formula of ultra-hard riffing and thunderous drums. This was always the SLB sound—as Dambra puts it, "I would throw riffs at [John], and he would come back with the drums. He tried to copy everything the guitar did, which was really unusual, because drummers would always just lay a backbeat. But we were high-intensity, we were aggressive, and we were filling every space we could."

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sir Lord Baltimore circa 2007 is their new lyrical perspective. Despite titles like "Love Slave" and the aforementioned "(Gonna) Fill the World With Fire," their new songs are quite explicitly Christian. "On the narrow road/Burn chariots of fire/Living on a hope/Make God your desire/If ya see Satan coming/Better change your stride/Don't try and stick with him, kid/It'll be suicide," Garner sings on "Fire." When asked about this, Dambra laughs. "Basically, over the years we've made that transition to changing our lives, having godly lives," he says. "In fact, I'm a pastor now. I run a full-time homeless-ministry program for families in Los Angeles [where he lives] called the Homeless Housing Program. It's like a Good Samaritan thing. But even though I'm a pastor now, I haven't lost the knack for playing." That's for sure; his technique is as savage and barely contained as on the most amp-frying moments of Kingdom Come. Even Raw's single ballad, "Wild White Horses," eventually explodes into a frenzy.

Read the full article at The Village Voice.

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Patton On Peeping Tom, Touring And New Albums

Mike Patton spoke recently to Billboard.com about touring with the newest of his outfits, Peeping Tom; "It's been funny - out of the gate this band has been a hard one to put together with eight or nine people," said Patton. "It varies. Every tour I've done has been different members through different schedules. Also, we've gotten offers to open for a lot of different bands and some of them have been exotic and intriguing and we've chosen to explore those options as opposed to doing our own tour, so it was put off for those reasons as well."

Unusally, the band is taking a very relaxed approach to their setlist, as Mike explained: "Having an eight-piece band, everyone is playing loud at all times and it's nice to break it down and show everybody all of the elements that are going on," he says. "It's quite an octopus, quite a beast and it's fun to play with that. We just don't play Peeping Tom tunes." Mike also stated that audiences can expect to hear solo material from its touring members' careers and even a few covers as well as Peeping Tom tunes.

On how he can run with so many different projects, Patton commented "Some artists can work under one guise, whether it's a name or a band or doing film soundtracks, put all of their ideas in one pot and move on. Me, I need to compartmentalize. I put things in little boxes and like to have a lot of toys to play with and that's the way I view these bands. That's what keeps me interested and motivated."

As previously reported, Mike is now busy with new records due later this year from Tomahawk and Moonchild, which features John Zorn. He also said that there were tentative plans for a 2008 Fantomas recording, which would be an "all electric" album, with "no acoustic instrumentation".

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Vader Oz Tour Dates Confirmed

Pioneers of the Polish Death/Thrash scene, Vader will be charging through Australia in April this year as a part of their World Devastation Tour. Each show will feature different support bands, and the dates are as follows:

April 24 - Adelaide @ Enigma Bae (with Cauldron Black Ram & Omnium)
April 26 - Brisbane @ Club Phoenix (with Empyrean & Defamer)
April 27 - Sydney @ The Gaelic Club (with Killrazer & Infernal Method)
April 28 - Melbourne @ The Corner (with Dissymmetry & Killrazer)

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Saxon Release Details And Samples Of New Album

Saxon's forthcoming release, The Inner Sanctum, will hit Europe on March 5th (Germany on March 2nd) and North America on April 3rd via SPV Records. The album is to be released in a digipack edition with a bonus DVD and in a standard jewel-case edition with a bonus track. Pre-release audio samples of each track can be heard at this location, and the cover art can be viewed here.

Saxon vocalist Biff Byford comments of the new album "The Inner Sanctum is a typical Saxon recording that kicks off with real heavy metal, followed by a couple of rock’n’roll numbers, returning to metal towards the end". Byford feels the album is on par with the bands' classics, stating "I’d say the album is in the style of Metalhead and Lionheart with a little bit of Solid Ball Of Rock; a number of tracks have an Eighties feel, but at the same time the production is very modern."

The tracklisting for The Inner Sanctum is as follows:

01. State Of Grace
02. Need For Speed
03. Let Me Feel Your Power
04. Red Star Falling
05. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
06. If I Was You
07. Going Nowhere Fast
08. Ashes To Ashes
09. Empire Rising
10. Atila The Hun

Bonus DVD:

01. To Hell And Black Again
02. A Night Out With The Boys - The Idea
03. A Night Out With The Boys - Not Really
04. See The Light Shining
05. A Night Out The Boys - Now It Started
06. Redline
07. Suzie Hold On
08. Stand Up And Be Counted
09. Frozen Rainbow
10. Never Surrender

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Ulrich On Rubin: "He's Forced Us To Rethink..."

Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich about the songwriting process for the super-group's forthcoming untitled album. Lars said of the song titles that "Right now, most of them are called cities, I kid you, not! Caspar, Fresno, Munich, Glasgow - that seemed the easiest way to identify them." The band began to work on the follow-up to 2003's "St. Anger" backstage before each show of their tour over the past year. "We did something we'd never done before: We carried a ProTools (recording) system with us," informed Lars, "Twenty minutes before stage time, we would go into a room and play, to get the machinery moving. They were jams, riffs, fun and games. And they were recorded. That's where ninety-five percent of this record came from," said the drummer. "The working titles are the geographical locations where they came up."

On the topic of the group's new producer Rick Rubin (Slayer, System Of A Down, Audioslave, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Lars said that Rick wants to make the group sound "like the Metallica that made them Metallica without going backward", and that Rick is doing it by challenging old habits: "He's questioning what key we should play in," said Ulrich. "We've played in E flat since the beginning of the '90s. Nobody questioned it. All of a sudden, Rick is going, 'Maybe the stuff has more energy and Hetfield's voice sounds better in E.' He's forced us to rethink big-picture stuff, something we haven't done in years."

Rubin is also making the bandmates rehearse and learn the material until, as Ulrich puts it, "we can play these songs in our sleep, standing on our heads. With Bob (Rock, Metallica's previous and controversial producer), we'd go into the studio when we had some concrete ideas. But Rick wants us to take care of all the creative elements first. He wants us to capture these songs in a recording environment instead of creating them there."

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NIN Album Details, Single Revealed

Nine Inch Nails' new album, Year Zero, is set for release on April 17, and will be the first of two concept albums, the later to be released in 2008. The first single from Year Zero, the track "Survivalism", will hit the radiowaves on the 27th of Feb, with an add date of March 6. The video for Survivalism was filmed last week in Los Angeles, and Trent Reznor has described Year Zero in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine as "a collage of sound type of thing, not heavy in a metal guitar kind of way.", adding "With this record I feel a lot less concerned about what people think about it — especially the dying record industry. I couldn't care less about that right now." On Year Zero being a concept album, he said that the record is "part of a bigger picture of a number of things I'm working on. Essentially I wrote the soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist."

The tracklisting for Year Zero is:

01. Hyperpower!
02. The Beginning of the End
03. Survivalism
04. The Good Soldier
05. Vessel
06. Me, I'm Not
07. Capital G
08. My Violent Heart
09. The Warning
10. God Given
11. Meet Your Master
12. The Greater Good
13. The Great Destroyer
14. Another Version of the Truth
15. In This Twilight
16. Zero-Sum

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Sick Of It All Announce Australian Tour

New York hardcore benchmarkers Sick Of It All celebrated the band's 20th Anniversary last year with the release of their 9th full-length studio album, Death To Tyrants. Now, the band will finally be returning to Down Under to promote their music and their way of life. With Canadian rockers Comeback Kid supporting them, Sick Of It All will power their way through Oz in May this year. Tickets for the tour will go on sale as of February 21st, and the dates are as follows:

May 15 Amplifier, Perth 18+
Tickets on sale from 78 Records, Beat, Mills and www.resistrecords.com

May 16 Fowlers, Adelaide Lic / All ages
Tickets on sale from CIB, Venue, Tix outlets and www.resistrecords.com

May 17 Corner, Melbourne 18+
Tickets on sale from Corner Box Office (57 Swan St Richmond 12-8 Mon-Sat), phone bookings on 9427 9198, online bookings www.cornerhotel.com and Missing Link

May 18 Camberwell Centre (Parkview Room), Melbourne All ages
Tickets on sale from Missing Link and www.resistrecords.com

May 19 Manning Bar, Sydney Lic / All ages
Tickets on sale from Mosh Tix outlets and www.resistrecords.com

May 22 Arena, Brisbane (Lic / All ages)
Tickets on sale from Skinnys, Mosh Pit, Rockinghorse, Sunflower Music, Music Mania, Butter Beats, www.arenaonline.com.au and www.resistrecords.com

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Susperia Set Album Title, Release Date

Norwegian thrashers Susperia have set the title of their forthcoming album, due in Europe in April via the TABU label, as Cut From Stone. The Candlelight label will be following through with the US release of the album. The cover artwork, again designed by Rune Tyvold, can be found at the bands' official website, along with samples of the tracks "More" and "The Clone". Two other confirmed track titles are "Distant Memory" and "Brother".

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HellYeah Releasing Drum Tracks From New Album

Vinnie Paul's new band HellYeah are releasing drum tracks from their unreleased self-titled debut album (as reported, due April 10th via Epic Records) as ringtones. To get the drumtones on your very own cell, text HELLYEAH to 66937, or go here and enter your mobile number to subscribe. A new track comes out every week, so keep checking back for more Vinnie Paul drumtones.

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Neurothing EP Available For Free Download

Neurothing are an experimental prog-metal band that came to being in Poland in early 2004. They are currently working on a full-scale album release which will hopefully see light in the first half of 2007. As yet, the band is currently unsigned and searching for a label. Neurothing have sold out of their Vanishing Celestial Bodies 2005 CDs, but they have made the entire EP, including cover artwork available for free download at this location. The songs are in mp3 format (320 kbps quality), and the EP contains four songs and the video for "Macheta", and is downloadable as a ZIP file. Check out the bands' official website, or look them up at their Myspace page.

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New Static-X Song And Video Online

The second song, "Destroyer" from Static-X's upcoming album Cannibal, to be released on the 3rd of April, is now available in all digital music stores, iTunes included. To get your very own copy, go crazy here. Also now available is the streaming second clip of the band making Cannibal. You can check it out in Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

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Unexpect Announce New Violinist

Canada's Unexpect has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Hello friends, un-friends, mammals and human beings in general…This announcement is based on a structural assemblage of words, necessary tool when you dwell into the theme known as: communication .Today we welcome warmly a new member into the ranks!

"Let’s give a round of applauses and trace some well deserved parallelograms in the air for our new official violin player, a brilliant music manipulator named Blaise. His talent will undoubtedly contribute to the developing mutation of our music.

"Here are the links to his personal Myspace page & another of his musical projects:


"See you soon on the roaddddddddddddddd…"

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Brian Fair Checks In With Shadows Fall Update

Shadows Fall vocalist Brian Fair has posted the following update on the band's official web site:

"It has been an insane week for everyone in Shadows Fall!! I just got off a plane from LA, spent the entire day at the passport office and will board another plane and fly to Europe tomorrow. No rest for the wicked my friends. The worldwide release of THREADS OF LIFE is on the horizon and it is full steam ahead.

"Here are some important dates to remember and then back to my rabble;
2.16.07 'Redemption' world wide premiere on Sirius Hard Attack
2.18.07 'Redemption' US West Coast premiere on Indie 103.1 Chaos Metal Show in LA
2.19.07 'Redemption' US East Coast premiere on WSOU Pirate Radio 89.5 in NJ/ NYC
2.20.07 'Redemption' available for purchase on iTunes
4.03.07 THREADS OF LIFE in stores

"I want to take a quick second to congratulate Slayer for winning the Grammy for Best Metal Performance and give my respect to all the other bands that were nominated. It seems like the Recording Academy is finally beginning to understand what this music is all about and giving a platform for some amazing and deserving bands!! Horns up!! More...

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Cannibal Corpse To Tour Mexico And Guatemala

Cannibal Corpse are heading back towards Mexico and Guatemala in May for a series of shows. Here are the tour dates:

May 17 Monterrey , Mexico - TBC
May 18 Guadalajara, Mexico - TBC
May 19 Mexico City, Mexico - TBC
May 20 Guatemala City, Guatemala - TBC

Cannibal Corpse are gearing up for their European tour, which begins on February 22 in Rennes, France. Tour dates are as follows: More...

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In Flames Working On New Songs

In Flames are currently in their own studio (IF Studios) and recording three new demo songs. The band plans to do the whole pre-production on their own. Drummer Daniel Svensson finalised the last song on the drums and guitarists Björn Gelotte and Jesper Stömblad are recording the guitars.

In Flames will be heading back on the road for the Norway/Sweden tour in March. Tour dates are as follows:

Mar. 16 Trondheim, Norway - Samfundet
Mar. 17 Haugesund, Norway - Byscenen
Mar. 18 Bergen, Norway - Verftet
Mar. 19 Stavanger, Norway - Folken
Mar. 22 Karlskrona, Sweden - Kino
Mar. 23 Linköping, Sweden - Cupolen
Mar. 24 Mariestad, Sweden - Karlsholme
Mar. 25 Karlstad, Sweden - Arena
Mar. 26 Umeå, Sweden - Idun
Mar. 28 Gävle, Sweden - Gasklockorna
Mar. 30 Lund, Sweden - Mejeriet
Mar. 31 Ljungby, Sweden - Garvaren

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Nile Team Up With Decapitated For Australian Tour

NILE will embark on a headlining tout of Australia in May. Support at the shows will come from Polish technical death metal sensations DECAPITATED. Confirmed dates are as follows:

May 19 - Auckland, NZ @The Studio
May 22 - Perth, AUS @ Club Capitol
May 23 - Adelaide, AUS @ Uni Bar
May 24 - Melbourne, AUS @ The Hifi Bar
May 25 - Sydney, AUS @ Manning Bar
May 26 - Brisbane, AUS @ The Arena

Tickets will go on sale February 16 from the usual outlets.

NILE in May 2006 signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. A new studio album is expected later in the year.

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Threshold Post New Song Online

U.K. progressive metallers THRESHOLD have made a new song available on their web site. It's a radio version of "Slipstream", the opening track from the band's forthcoming album "Dead Reckoning". The song features additional guest vocals from Swedish multi-instrumentalist/producer Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE, SECOND SKY, BLOODBATH).

THRESHOLD will release a download single called "Pilot in the Sky of Dreams" on March 5. The album "Dead Reckoning" will be released in Europe on March 23 (U.S. March 20, U.K. on March 26) through Nuclear Blast Records. More...

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Anal Cunt Announce Tour Dates

ANAL CUNT will embark on a North American tour in March. Prior that, the band will play the following dates:

Feb. 23 - London's Billiards - Worcester, Massachusetts
Feb. 24 - Phil's Grill - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Feb. 25 - Crayloa House - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Mar. 08 - Geno's - Portland, Maine
Mar. 20 - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR

Says ANAL CUNT frontman Seth Putnam: "After that we are heading out West, playing in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Seattle (Seattle and Portland shows are with Sickie Wifebeater's 4F CLUB), Sacramento, Los Angeles, Austin (with HYPO-CHRISTIANS, ex-SPLATTEREAH members), and a bunch of other places."

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Watch Lamb of God's Performance on Conan Online

LAMB OF GOD’s recent (2/9) appearance on the Late Night With Conan O’Brien show, live on network TV in the United States, has surfaced online. You can view the performance of “Pathetic” at this location. More...

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Magrudergrind Post New Song Online

MAGRUDERGRIND have posted an unmastered new song entitled “Zero Tolerance” over at their official MySpace page for your listening pleasure

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Symphony X Confirm New York City Date

Progressive metal act SYMPHONY X has announced a New York City date on May 25 at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. The group's schedule is now shaping up as follows:

May 25 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY
Jun. 03 - Gods of Metal Festival - Milano, Italy
Jun. 6-9 - Sweden Rock Festival - Sölvesborg, Sweden

SYMPHONY X is continuing work on its follow-up to 2002's "The Odyssey", entitled "Paradise Lost", tentatively due later this spring.

SYMPHONY X was forced to cancel a couple of European festival appearances last summer after Michael LePond was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (an inflammatory bowel disorder). He has since undergone surgery and has been released from the hospital.

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Scar Symmetry Discuss Debut US Tour

Hailing from Sweden, SCAR SYMMETRY have been invited to join THE HAUNTED and DARK TRANQUILLITY on their co-headlining stint for The Century Family’s inaugural ”Metal For The Masses” tour. The line-up will also include Canada’s INTO ETERNITY. Sponsored by Decibel magazine, Draven, and Lambgoat, the tour’s moniker is derived from The Century Family’s annual Metal For The Masses compilation series, which is now on its fifth volume in the series and available exclusively through Hot Topic.

Checking in from his home in Gävle, SCAR SYMMETRY’s lead guitarist Per Nilsson shares his reaction to the band’s upcoming maiden tour of the U.S. & Canada and also makes a few predictions:

“So, finally, we get our first chance to tour North America. We’ve been awaiting this opportunity for some time now, and when the invitation came for us to join this tour package, we had no problem saying ‘HELL YEAH!!!’ The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, Into Eternity and SCAR SYMMETRY - this must be every metalhead’s dream come true! A few things that are very likely to happen on this tour are: A) Kenneth [Seil, bassist] is going to drink too much; B) Jonas [Kjellgren, lead & rhythm guitar] is going to drink too much; C) Christian [Älvestam, lead singer] won’t drink at all to keep his voice in shape; and D) Jonas is going to shave most of his facial hair, leaving only a grand mustache, making him look like an old German geezer!” More...

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Beneath the Massacre Announce Canadian Dates

Canadian technical death metallers BENEATH THE MASSACRE have been confirmed for the second day of California Metalfest just one day after labelmates LIGHT THIS CITY and THE FUNERAL PYRE are scheduled to perform. The band will also be hitting the road later in February for a mini CD-release tour in support of the band's forthcoming full-length debut, "Mechanics of Dysfunction", due out Feb. 20 through Prosthetic Records. BENEATH THE MASSACRE will follow those dates up with another Canadian run with ION DISSONANCE and forthcoming dates in the United States later this spring to coincide with the California Metalfest appearance.

The 10 new tracks on "Mechanics of Dysfunction" were recorded and produced by Yannick St-Ammand (DESPISED ICON, NEURAXIS), mixed by Pierre Rémillard (CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN) and mastered by Alan Douches (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SHADOWS FALL) and is the band's first new offering since the well-received five-track debut EP, "Evidence of Inequity", released in 2005.

For a list of upcoming shows, click here.

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Arcticflame Announce New Guitarist

New Jersey power metallers ARCTICFLAME have announced the addition of guitarist Steve Demalion to the group's ranks. Steve previously played for the '80's rock band WARRIOR, touring with them for three years throughout Canada and the U.S. Having recently moving to New Jersey from Tacoma, Washington, he answered an Internet ad placed by ARCTICFLAME, who were seeking a replacement for departed guitarist Don Dioro.

Commented drummer Mike Paradine: "Steve brings some great metal guitar work plus a high energetic stage prescence that was missing from that side of the stage. And for some reason he reminds me of Gary Moore!"

ARCTICFLAME plans on presenting the new lineup publicly in mid-April with a local show before their appearance at the fifth SwordBrothers festival in May. The band is currently in the studio recording its follow-up to the group's debut CD, "Primeval Aggressor" (Battle Cry Records). The sessions are being held at Dead City studios, helmed by Mike Sabatini of ATTACKER (Sentinel Steel Records)

For more information, visit www.ArcticFlameMetal.com.

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Karras Sign With Maintain Records

Berlin, Germany-based deathcore act KARRAS has signed a deal with Maintain Records for the release of the band's debut album. The group, which features "three beautiful girls" alongside frontman Devrim, mixed and mastered the CD last year with Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE) in Copenhagen.

The multicultural four-piece (the roots of two of the girls are in Persia and Jordan) will tentatively release the album in April. More information is available at KarrasMusic.com.

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Hatebreed Guitarist Posts Videos Of Tattoo Shop

Hatebreed’s Sean Martin released a combination commercial and webisode for his tattoo shop. Brass City Tattoos, located in Waterbury, CT and operated by the metalcore guitarist, has posted the short to YouTube. Co-starring with Martin is Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta. After checking out the first episode of Brass City TV, take a look at www.brasscitytattoo.com for more info.

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Manowar Announce European Release Parties

In Germany, Spain, Norway, Portugal and Austria you can visit Official Release Parties for Manowar's GODS OF WAR:

23.02.07 Berlin - Halford
23.02.07 Kaiserslautern - Flash
23.02.07 Stuttgart - Club Prag
23.02.07 Köln - Valhalla
23.02.07 Hamburg – Ballroom
23.02.07 Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
24.02.07 Bochum – Matrix ( Showtruck available! Incl. cool new merch! )
24.02.07 Herford - X
24.02.07 Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
24.02.07 Essen - Turock

24.02.07 Bilbao (Barakaldo) - Leyenda Pub

25.02.07 Oslo - Rock In

24.02.07 Sintra - Don Baco

24.02.07 Vienna - Escape Metalcorner

For all details concerning these parties, please visit www.manowar.com/godsofwar.

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Bullet For My Valentine Recording New Album

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE has completed the drum tracks for its new album at a Texas studio with producer Colin Richardson (MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY, NAPALM DEATH). "Padge [guitarist Michael Paget] is currently in the studio getting guitar tones for the album with Colin," the band writes on its web site. "Matt [Tuck, guitar/vocals] is away in Los Angeles in meetings for a couple days. When he gets back he will be recording all his rhythm guitar tracks."

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's "The Poison - Live At Brixton" DVD was released in the U.S. on December 19 via Trustkill. The disc, which was issued in Europe on Oct. 30, captures the band's sold-out show in front of over 4,000 people at London's legendary Brixton Academy on January 28, 2006 (filmed with over 15 cameras), along with over an hour of bonus material, including the band's videos so far, EPKs and documentaries edited to songs from both "The Poison" and the "Hand Of Blood" EP, plus a behind-the-scenes look at the band performing at the Download Festival and the Metal Hammer Awards in the U.K. last summer.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's debut album, "The Poison", has sold 194,000 copies in the U.S. since its February 2006 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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Iommi Talks About Heaven and Hell's Name

Philip Wickstrand of MetalEater.com recently conducted an interview with BLACK SABBATH/HEAVEN AND HELL guitarist Tony Iommi. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

MetalEater.com: Now I know the question has already been answered in various outlets, but there's still a lot of people that aren't sure why the reunion is being called HEAVEN AND HELL, as opposed to BLACK SABBATH.

Iommi: "Well, originally, it started up, we were going to call the tour 'Heaven And Hell' and it went from there to 'Yeah, let's call the band HEAVEN AND HELL and separate the two things so people know what they're getting. It's not the Ozzy version of... if we go out as BLACK SABBATH, it could confuse things because we've just done a tour as BLACK SABBATH with Ozzy, and so we thought it'd be nice to have a fresh start, go out as something different, because all the set's going to be Dio-era music, so it just sounds right to call it HEAVEN AND HELL. I mean, we could call it SABBATH, I own the name, but we thought it was best to do this and call it... then you don't get everybody going 'oh, bloody hell, I thought it was BLACK SABBATH.' And it keeps it clean, I think and we like the idea of going out as something different and we don't need to have to play the old BLACK SABBATH stuff if we don't want to."

MetalEater.com: Can we expect the possibility of a new studio album?

Iommi: "With?"

MetalEater.com: With Dio.

Iommi: "With Dio... well, nothing's out of the question. I think... we actually talked about it when everybody was at my house here, when we were recording these three tracks. We said 'bloody hell, we could record an album at the moment' and we had to sort of stop ourselves at three songs. And at first, the record company didn't want to put three songs, and anyways, we sort of said 'we've got to have three songs', but we were already together, we could have done it and who knows? I mean, it would be nice to do an album I think. I think whatever comes now to just take it and do it, you know; I've got no boundaries at all."

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