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Metal News for February 12, 2003

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Daily Reviews

Tartarean Desire has once again been updated and has a bunch of new reviews:

  • Nocturnus - The Key (death metal, 1991)
  • Numen - Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia (black metal, 2001)
  • Meridian - The Seventh Sun (industrial black metal, 2002)
  • Eisregen - Farbenfinsternis (death / black metal, 2001)
  • Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination Of Death (black metal, 2001)
  • Destruction - Sentence Of Death (thrash metal, 1984)
  • Destruction - Infernal Overkill (thrash metal, 1985)
  • Desire - Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul (death / doom metal, 2002)
  • Disarm Goliath - Only The Devil Can Stop Us (heavy metal, 2001)
  • Elegy - Principles Of Pain (progressive metal, 2002)
  • Antaeus - De Principii Evangelikum (black metal, 2002)

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Moonspell Begin Work on New Material

Moonspell have begun work on their new studio album. Here's an update from the band: “Moonspell are currently pre-producing their new album in Portugal at their very own Inferno studios together with Waldemar Sorychta (Wolfheart, Irreligious and Sin producer). The title of the album is to be kept a secret for now as well as further details in recordings and timings. So far we can advance it is our wish to produce with Hiilii H. at Finnvox again as we stated previously. The artwork will be in charge of W. Blasiak, creator of the Darkness and Hope imaginarium, and the photos will be under the spell of long time Moonspell´s collaborator Paulo Moreira. As for the direction, without speculating too much, we can only say it is, so far, the greatest, strongest and most personal songs we ever wrote. The ambient is both very classical and spiritual served by an intense lyrical support mainly focused in horror fiction, a clash between horror and beauty and what is in between those two dimensions. More...

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To/Die/For Finish New Disc

The recordings for the new To Die For album are finished. The album, titled "Jade" was recorded at Astia Studios in Finland and mixed at CrystalSound Studio with T.T. Oksala producing. According to the band the album is "much heavier and faster musical direction than before." It is scheduled for an April 22 release.

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Gorgoroth Complete Twilight of the Idols

Gorgoroth have finished working on their new studio album, titled "Twilight Of The Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan)." The mastering was done in Polar Studios in Sweden and according to the band: "The result is eight grim and atmospheric tracks that are guaranteed to satisfy new and old fans." The album is scheduled for a May 2003 release.

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Full Blown Chaos Tour Dates

New York City hardcore/metal outfit Full Blown Chaos will be hitting the road next week for a tour of the Northeast. The group will be out supporting their Stillborn Records debut, "Prophet Of Hostility." On a side note, the band will be playing this year's New England Metal & Hardcore Fest. Here are the tour dates: More...

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The reformed Pyrexia look to reissue CDs

Pyrexia is back together and has reformed. Guys are currently looking for a label to re-issue their old material HatredAngerAndDisgust, Sermon Of Mockery and System Of The Animal. They will appear on March Metal Meltdown and Maryland Death Fest in May, together with headliners Suffocation!! and many others (Skinless, Brodequin, Aborted, Devourment, Soils Of Fate, Internal Bleeding (USA), Malignancy, Spawn Of Possession, Foetopsy, Sik Fuk, Drogheda, Circle Of Dead Children...).

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Ved Buens Ende to Reissue Album

Legendary Norwegians Ved Buens Ende will be re-issuing their great album Written In Waters through Candlelight Records, this time with a different artwork. The original disc was released by Misanthropy.

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Headline News

Paulsson Departs from Grave

Grave's website reveals that original founding member Jensa Paulsson has officially left the band for work and family related issues. His permanent replacement is Chris Barkensjö (Kaamos). Chris will remain a member of Kaamos.

Says the band: “He is an excellent drummer and has been a friend of ours for a long time so we are very happy to welcome him in the band. He’s played 2 shows with the band already, in Åbo, Finland and Gothenburg, Sweden, filling the chair for Jensa. His first appearance as a member of Grave will be at the March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey.

We also would like to thank Jensa for all the good years and good times and wish him the best of luck in the future. Grave - February 2003.”

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Withering Surface Part with Drummer

According to Withering Surface's website, the band have parted ways with drummer Nikolaj Borg "due to personal differences and ambitions".

The posting reads: "The split has taken place on a non-dramatic level and without any animosity whatsoever and we would like to say thanks for the times we've had during the last four years and wish him the best of luck in the future! Nikolaj and guitarist Jacob Krogholt will continue working together in their punk n' blues-band, The Bondage Corp. We are currently rehearsing with a session drummer for the upcoming dates in Germany. We have our spirits really high and we look forward to having a blast on the road!"

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Headline News

Garm Leaves Arcturus

In an exclusive interview with BW&BK today, Ulver founder Garm (aka Tricky G) has announced that he has left Arcturus. "I no longer sing in Arcturus. We haven't made the decision public yet, it's still somewhat of a secret. I guess you guys will be the first to make it known."

Garm reveals that there are no hard feelings regarding his decision to quit the band, and the move is simply due to time constraints. "I had to choose and down-prioritize a few things. My record label, Jester Records, has 30 CDs in the catalogue and I really want to work with my artists first hand, because I believe in all of them. Arcturus was ok as an offspring project, but the other members have tried to get serious about it now. They want to rehearse three times a week, and I can't commit to that. I'm not happy with this move, but it's something that has to be done."

Garm also reveals that Ulver's next album will be called Utopian Enterprises and will be "filthy. It won't be violent musically, but it will be violent in other ways. We're returning to more conventional song-structures, but we'll still be trying to take the sound of things further."

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Sentenced to take a short "creative break"

Finland's Sentenced have announced that they will be taking a "creative" break while guitarist Sami Lopakka tends to his newborn child. However, it looks like the break won't be a long one as the band are planning on enter the studio in the fall/winter to begin recording their next album for a spring 2004 release. Frontman Ville Laihiala and guitarist Miika Tenkula have already written several new songs and the band are going to record some demos with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa at the end of the summer. Sentenced have also moved to a new practice place, "which is actually kind of studio where they can record new songs while rehearsing and check out immediately if those are working or not," according to the band's official web site. A possibility also exists that the group will release a four-song EP before the end of the year of material left over from "The Cold White Light" sessions, but this has not yet been confirmed. Laihiala's side project band, Poisonblack (in which he plays guitar), are tentatively set to embark on a European tour later in the year. More...

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Houwitser Book Studio Time

Dutch death metallers Houwitser will enter Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland on March 28 to record their new album, "Damage Assessment", due later in the year through Osmose Productions. According to bassist Theo van Eekelen, the fans can expect "one fuck-all blistering death metal masterpiece."

Among the songtitles set to appear on the CD are the following: More...

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Dimension Zero Begin Recording

Sweden's Dimension Zero — featuring In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad (on bass), ex-In Flames axeman Glenn Ljungström, ex-Marduk vocalist Jocke Göthberg, Luciferion/Diabolique drummer Hasse Nilsson, and Pathos guitarist Daniel Antonsson — have commenced the recording sessions for their sophomore full-length album, "This is Hell", tentatively due in September/October through Regain Records. "This time, to make it all even better, they have added new angles and approach to it all which will make the last album look pale compared to this one!" reads a message on the band's official web site. "[Dimension Zero] are creating a monster and they do not know if it will guide them or kill them. To be continued..."

Among the tracks slated for inclusion on "This is Hell" are the following: More...

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Alpha Safari Announce Swedish Gig

Sweden's Alpha Safari (formerly Washoe), the new band formed by Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund and three former members of Misery Loves Co. (vocalist Patrik Wirén, bassist Patrik Thorngren and drummer Olle Dahlstedt), have announced a show at Skylten in Linköping, Sweden on March 23.

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The Haunted Confirmed for Hultsfred Fest

Swedish high-energy thrashers The Haunted have been confirmed to appear at this year's installment of Hultsfred Festival, set to take place on June 12-14 in Hultsfred, Sweden. The Haunted will perform on Thursday, June 12. Other acts scheduled to perform at what is being called "Sweden's largest outdoor festival" include Radiohead, Massive Attack, The Ark, and David Holmes.

For more information on Hultsfred Festival, visit the event's official web site at this location.

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Solitude Aeturnus Resurface

Texas-based doom metallers Solitude Aeturnus have resurfaced after five years of silence.

"Heaviest metal greetings to one and all. Our apologies for the impersonal form newsletter here but for some reason we've (I've!) been getting swamped with requests for information on Solitude Aeturnus over the last few months," explains guitarist John Perez, also of Brainticket Records. "Not sure why, maybe the recent appearance on the Candlemass DVD has rekindled some interest. Regardless, here's some news for all you heavy maniacs out there!

"Solitude Aeturnus is still together. A question I'm often asked and there is the answer. It is true that we haven't done anything at all for well over a year now. But we have good excuses you know? Kidding aside, everyone in the band has been quite busy with their own personal lives and especially myself. Main problem being that we were kicked out of our longtime rehearsal spot (had been there for 7 years) since last May and since then have not been able to secure a new one. Mostly due to all of us being completely strapped for cash and since the average price of a rehearsal space is $300 we simply haven't been able to afford one since then. More...

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Turbonegro To Tour with QOTSA

It has now been confirmed that Turbonegro will join QOTSA as special guests on their upcoming USA-tour. This will be Turbonegro's first US-shows since 1997, and the Scandinavian denim-dudes are reported to be in prime physical condition after their triumphant return on the European festival-scene last Summer.

Turbonegro and Queens Of The Stone Age are long-time companions in the dark and heavy realms of modern rock, the latter even recorded a killer version of "Back To Dungaree High" for the Turbonegro tribute-album "Alpha Motherfuckers" a couple of years back. This tour-package, kicking off at the House Of Blues in New Orleans on March 13th, will guarantee EVERY ingredient required for a full on total Rock-Shock!

Tourdates QOTSA/Turbonegro (more dates to follow): More...

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Relapse Showcase at SXSW

Relapse and South By Southwest will present a Relapse Records showcase at SXSW 2003. The showcase will feature new Relapse signing Dysrhythmia as well as Mastodon, Burnt by the Sun, Cephalic Carnage, Alabama ThunderpussY and Bongzilla.

The showcase, Relapse' second consecutive at SXSW, will be held at 8 PM on Friday, March 14th at Emo's Annex. Emo's Annex is located at 6th and Red River Rd. in Austin. Running times are as follows:


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