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Metal News for February 11, 2012

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The Wretched End Reveals "Inroad" Art

The Wretched End, which features Samoth (ex-Emperor, Zyklon), Cosmo (Zyklon), and Nils Fjellström in the band's ranks, has now revealed the artwork for the upcoming album "Inroads." The album will be released in Europe on the 23rd of April through Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

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Rise To Remain Announces New Members

Rise to Remain, which announced the departure of two members last month, has now checked in with the following update about recruiting a new bass player and drummer:

"Attention Risers!! We are all very proud to announce that we have found our guys! Today, we welcome Joshua Hammond and Adam Lewin in to Rise To Remain, on bass and drums respectively!

"They shone through an already fantastic bunch of musicians and people that we auditioned, and we can not wait to raise some hell and introduce them to you all. RTR style! It all starts here...and there is still more news coming! Keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open.

"All our love. Austin, Ben, Will, Josh and Adam. Rise To Remain."

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Abalam Reveals Album Track Listing

U.K. black metal band Abalam has now revealed the track listing for the "Within the Mists of Despair" album. The track listing will be as follows:

1. So Cold, We Bleed
2. The Beauty of Decay
3. Betrayal
4. Within the Mists of Despair
5. In Frozen Solitude
6. The Time Draws Near
7. From the Shadow of a Thousand Trees (The Owl Mans' lament)

You can also check out Abalam's music by heading over to the band's Reverbnation page here.

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Alekhine's Gun Announces New Member

Brooklyn outfit Alekhine's Gun has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Had an awesome time last night playing at The Charleston good time with good people! As for us, we are talking our brutality out of NYC!

"Announcement 1: We would like to thank Joe Amodea for filling in for us for the past few shows. His professionalism, experience and being an all around great guy made things easy and fun! Happy to say that he is an Honorary Lifetime member of the band! Thanks man!

"Announcement 2: The search....is....over! We have found our 5th Gun please welcome Mariel Miele to the AG family! For the lucky ones who were at the Charleston last night saw a sneak preview of Meriel Melting faces with us! ....And so it begins...again!"

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Massive Euthanasia Releases Music Video

Manizales, Colombia based death metal band Massive Euthanasia has released a new video clip for the song "Skinless Face Transfiguration." Watch the clip in the player below, or head over to the band's Facebook profile to hear more from Massive Euthanasia.

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Hosoi Bros Posts "Wine Witch" Video

A new music video has been posted online for the Hosoi Bros song "Wine Witch," which you can check out in the player below. The single is also available for streaming via the Hosoi Bros Bandcamp page here.

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Haeresiarchs of Dis Talks Upcoming Material

Occult Black Metal Zine has posted a new interview online with Cernunnos from Haeresiarchs of Dis, in which he discusses the band's upcoming material. An excerpt from the interview follows.

OBM: Can you give us an update on what is going on with the project these days?

The next full release is tentatively entitled “Sermon 31: Clavicle: 1-6 the Third Trine of Satyr’s Cross.” This album is more conceptual than the previous releases, written in a linear narrative that tells the tale of a place called Satyr’s Cross where realities intersect and are erased. While this album has been demoed out for quite some time (a preview is posted on mySpace), I have held off on finishing while I addressed some recording and production considerations. The last two releases “Denuntiatus Cinis” and “In Obsecration of the Seven Darks” were both recorded at the same time and in the same manner. I wanted to step back and take more time thinking about composing and recording. To keep my forward momentum I decided to change up my recording methods and practices, thus offering something slightly different. I do not want to make the same album. So while the new album is completed, it is done with scratch tracks, and the re-recording these tracks I expect to occur throughout winter and spring. There is also a split coming out with Ophidian Forest on UW Records later this year. This split will be material from the now out of print Dis demo released on Toadstool Enterprises in 2010, though re-mixed. I try to post updates to the MySpace site regularly, and there are some feeds from that blog posted on Metalunderground and other sites.

OBM: How would you describe the musical sound of the new album and how it differs from previous releases?

With the new upcoming release, “Sermon 31: Clavicle: 1-6 the Third Trine of Satyr’s Cross”, I would say the sound offers something new while maintaining the Haeresiarchs of Dis format and style. While I freely experiment with Haeresiarchs of Dis, it will always have the same backbone, same flavor: underground metal wet in the occult, religion, and the sick areas of the human condition. Lyrically, the narrative that I use on “Sermon 31” will stand out as different being a continuous piece of prose, though will still maintain the darker themes and ideas I put forth on previous releases. Aside from some different equipment and software, expect the new material to contain all the hallmarks of Haeresiarchs of Dis: fast riffs, slower drones, choirs, ambient, and some acoustics. This album is also written without large breaks between tracks as it is intended as a single conceptual piece.

Read the full article at Occult Black Metal Zine.

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The Interbeing Announces New Live Shows

The Interbeing has issued the following announcement about heading to the U.S. for SXSW and other upcoming live shows:

"We have the pleasure to announce that we'll be going on a small spring tour in 2012, and we start with the SXSW festival in the States. After that we'll be touring all around Denmark from March to May with cool bands such as Invisius, 100 Knives Inside and a whole lot more. More dates will be added."

15/03/12 @ SXSW, USA (Presented by Metal Hammer UK)
30/03/12 @ Sønderborghus, Sønderborg (m. Invisius & Aphyxion)
31/03/12 @ Klauzdal, Herlev (m. 100 Knives Inside & Cold Night For Alligators)
20/04/12 @ Kansas City, Odense (m. Invisius & support)
21/04/12 @ Studenterhuset, Århus (m. Invisius & 100 Knives Inside)
27/04/12 @ Fermaten, Herning (m. 100 Knives Inside & Psy:Code)
05/05/12 @ Gimle, Roskilde (m. Invisius & support) More...

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Bloodloss Posts "This Still Remains" Video

U.K. act Bloodloss will release the mini-album "The Struggle" on March 5th, 2012. The band has now posted a video clip online for a track off the album. Check out the video for "This Still Remains" in the player available after the jump.

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Struggle
2. This Still Remains
3. Stand Alone
4. Reborn
5. Lost­
6. Paradise More...

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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Streaming Song Online

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, the the solo project of Pete Flesh, has posted the track "Feast on the Soul" online. Check out the song in the YouTube clip below. The track is taken from the third album "Worship the Soul of Disgust," released by Pulverised Records.

A new album is in progress and will be released later on in 2012. You can also check out the song "The Suicide End" and more details on the upcoming album at this location.

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Pain Is A Narcotic Streaming New Song

Depressive black metal act Pain is a Narcotic has posted a new song online for streaming entitled "Voids of Solitude." The track is taken off the band's new split with Necrosadik, Waste of Life, and Count Shannath called "Four Slits to Freedom." Check out the new tune in the player below.

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Gorthaur's Wrath Taps Triptykon Drummer

Gorthaur's Wrath split with drummer "Grind Artillery" last month, and the band has now issued the following announcement about tapping Norman Lonhard for the recording of a new album:

"Leading German extreme metal drummer Norman Lonhard (Triptykon/Pigeon Toe) is going to join Gorthaur's Wrath in the studio for the upcoming album recording.

"This will be the second studio album of Gorthaur's Wrath, named 'War For Heaven,' which is set to be recorded in May 2012 at Woodshed Studios in Germany by V.Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon).

"The first upcoming live band appearance and exclusive presentation of the new songs will be at Zadar metalfest 2012 in Croatia."

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Germ To Release New EP

Australia's Germ has checked in with the following announcement about using songs from the now defunct band Grey Waters in an upcoming EP:

"So I guess most of you will have seen by now that Grey Waters is no more. However, a few songs intended for the aborted GW debut will surface in re-worked versions on a special limited GERM EP, to be released in the coming months. Also featured on the EP will be orchestral versions of a couple of songs from 'Wish,' a song from the 'Wish' sessions not included on the album, as well as one brand new track! More info soon, and don't forget March 12 for the worldwide release of 'Wish!'"

Grey Waters also commented on the band's demise:

"We regret to announce today, that we have decided to lay Grey Waters to rest. Nothing has happened with the band for over 18 months now, and we feel it is best to go our separate ways. However, this is far from the end of the road for the material that was to make up the debut full length album! Material intended for this album will resurface from both D. and Tim, under a new name from D., and through Germ from Tim. For all info and updates please check here and here. We wish to sincerely thank everyone who supported Grey Waters, and hope you continue to do so whatever paths we take in the not too distant future."

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Edge Of Serenity Announces New Lead Guitarist

Edge of Serenity, which recruited a new vocalist back in November of 2011, has now issued the following brief announcement about bringing on a new lead guitarist:

"We are proud to announce that Ivar Useinov (Carceri) will be our new lead guitarist. Ivar has already started writing new material, also check his work on the new Carceri release 'The Good Must Suffer The Wicked.'"

Further details on Edge of Serenity are available through the band's official Facebook profile.

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Earthship Streaming New Songs

Earthship, the side project from Robin Staps of The Ocean, has posted two new songs off the upcoming album "Iron Chest." Pre-listen to the tracks "Boundless Void" and "Athena" in the cilps below.

Earthship will also embark on a three week long European tour with Coilguns in March and April, right after The Ocean returns from a Russian trek.


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Gronibard Posts Studio Footage

Goregrind’nroll act Gronibard has posted footage of the band recording the "Cours Forrest Of Equilibrium" track, which is taken off the "We are french fukk you" CD. Check out the footage below.

Gronibard also recently premiered a previously unreleased song through Metalunderground.com titled "Morceau Sans Titre," which is still available for streaming at this location.

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Impiety Announces "Ravage & Conquer" Tour

Impiety has announced the upcoming "Ravage & Conquer Asian Decimation Tour," which is in support of the new album "Ravage & Conquer." The dates are as follows:

18.02 @ Razz Ma Tazz - Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA
19.02 @ The Cottage - Kuching, MALAYSIA
24.02 @ Mark Two - Vientiane, LAOS
25.02 @ Barbies Pub - Bangkok, THAILAND
26.02 @ Sangria - KL, MALAYSIA

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Ite Missa Est In Van Accident

Ite Missa Est, which had been on tour with Origin and Psycroptic, has issued the following announcement about dropping off the remaining tour dates due to a van accident:

"Hi everyone. After 24h without any news we can now explain what's happened : We had a critical van accident, but miracles are reals cause NO ONE have been hurt.

"Unfortunately the van is totally dead and the tour is over for us. We would like to thanks our parters, Virgil at TrendKill Recordings, Max the tour manager, Origin, Psycroptic, Leng Tch'e, those guys are really awesome!

"Thanks to everyone who support us, thanks to our fans all around Europe and particulary in the few countries we played, thanks for that part of the dream.

"See you soon."

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Code For Silence Streaming Tracks From New Album

Finnish act Code For Silence has posted two tracks online from the band's new album "Eyes World Shut." Check out the newly uploaded songs "Rose Blooms in Bloodred" and "Eye For An Eye" at the Code For Silence Facebook profile.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Rose Blooms in Bloodred
2. Flashbacking One Night Stand
3. Death Bringer
4. Brothers
5. The Art of Being a Coward
6. Eye For an Eye
7. Neo-Synchronized Capone Dance
8. Release the Hounds
9. Deathrace
10. On the Streets of a Sleeping City

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Thurisaz Celebrating 15th Anniversary

Belgium's Thurisaz has issued the following announcement about celebrating the band's 15th anniversary:

"Hey dear friends! On February 10th 2012, Thurisaz celebrates it's 15th anniversary. Exactly 15 years ago we started jamming and wrote our first songs! From then on, our history got filled with many highlights, tons of laughter and we've encountered many stories we'll be telling for many years. It never crossed our minds Thurisaz would last this long and it looks like we won't call it quits very soon either.

"But all of this wouldn't be possible without all of you! So we thank you for your support during those 15 years!! Horns up! We'll introduce various promotions and actions throughout the whole year! So stay tuned and we'll contact you with more news!

"To top this special year, we'll experience one of our highlights of our career next week, when we'll play at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus for Pearl-2012 in India!! We've been preparing a special show for this, so we hope to see a lot of you guys at the concert! These are our upcoming gigs! More dates will be announced soon."

Feb 11th 2012 - DE WITTE NON - Hasselt (B)
Feb 18th 2012 - PEARL 2012 - BITS Pilani Campus Hyderabad (INDIA)
Feb 25th 2012 - JH SOJO (Kessel-Lo) - Leuven (B) Frostbite fest
Mar 24th 2012 - TSAS - Harelbeke (B) - Oracle Fest 2
Apr 6th 2012 – THE RAMBLER – Eindhoven (NL) with Natan and Saille
Apr 8th 2012 – THE PIT – Terneuzen (NL) with Natan and Saille
May 5th 2012 - WRECK YOUR NECK - OOSTHOVE - Wervik (B) with In-quest and Bliksem
Jun 16th 2012 - SKULL-FEST - OOSTHOVE - Wervik (B) with Amaranthe (swe)

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5 Star Grave Streaming Song Sample

5 Star Grave has posted a snippet of the song "No Devil Lived On," which can be found below. The band also commented:

"Hey there people, today you can listen to the sample of another brand new song entitled No Devil liveD oN simply heading to our official SoundCloud page.

"This song is a fully palindrome composition (both musically and lyrically) and follows this structure: ABCDBCDEDCBDCBA. No one has ever done something like this before in the history of music, yes dudes, sometimes we like to experiment as well!

"In a few days we'll update a sample of the remixed version of the same song by the ebm artist VDiva, this particular version won't be featured on the album and will only be available for free downloading from our website for all the members of the community (so head here and register, it's free!). More sample and news coming soon, so stay tuned!" More...

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Issues Recording Update

German act Ingurgitating Oblivion is currently hard at work recording a new upcoming album. The band has now checked in from the studio with the following brief recording update:

"Recording process: Just to let you lost souls know, the drums and rhythm guitars are done and we are currently recording the bass tracks for the upcoming album."

More details on the album are expected shortly, and in the mean time you can check out Ingurgitating Oblivion's music at the band's MySpace page here.

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Moonspell Working On New Video

Moonspell has issued the following announcement about releasing a new music video off the band's upcoming "Alpha Noir" album:

"Lickanthrope will be the first video clip to come out of the Alpha Noir album. It will be directed by Filipe Melo, who worked with the band on the I will see you in my dreams videoclip, recorded ten years ago. The shooting will be made in Nandufe, Tondela, in the central region of Portugal."

Director Filipe Melo offered the following synopsis:

"Little red riding hood enters a bar, in an abandoned house amidst the woods. In this bar, the regulars are not your average kind of people - it's a place of vice, where a pack of wolves and other unearthly creatures find solace. Moonspell are just another part of the varied local entertainment. However when things go wild we will see that the band isn't just what meets the eye.

"In a cross between the pagan Portuguese folklore and a tribute to the classic Hammer movies this videoclip will bring out not only the ferocious intensity of this song but will have its place in Portuguese Film history as the first werewolf transformation ever made in Portugal. More...

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Vintundra To Enter The Studio

German act Vintundra has checked in with the following announcement about gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"Great news everybody: We will enter Studio Greywolf in August/September to record our first album. Unfortunately this means no live appearances for the next months, because we will rehearse our asses off, so you can expect a fucking great Death Metal Album for next winter."

Further details on the album will be announced as they are made available. You can also check out tracks from the band's "Urnacht" demo through MySpace, or watch live footage of the band below. More...

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Ahab Announces European Tour

Ahab has announced the "Doowmwards Let Us Row" European tour, featuring Esoteric and Ophis. The dates for the run are as follows:

30.05.12 (GER) Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
31.05.12 (CH) Geneva – L´usine
01.06.12 (CH) Zürich – Dynamo
02.06.12 (A) Vienna – Escape Metal Corner
03.06.12 (SLO) Ljubljana – Klub Gromka
04.06.12 (CZ) Prag – tba
05.06.12 (GER) Munich – Feierwerk
06.06.12 (GER) tba
07.06.12 (GER) Jena – Rosenkeller
08.06.12 (NL) Rotterdam – Baroeg
09.06.12 (GER) Oberhausen – Kult Tempel

Ahab also recently released an update on the band's progress recording a new album, which can be found at this location.

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Rampart Reveals "War Behest" Details

Rampart has finished the recording sessions of the band's new project "War Behest." The album is being mixed and will be released by the French label Inferno Records in 2012. The band commented on the album:

"This conceptual piece of music consists of 10 compositions and presents an anti-utopia of war as clash of interest. In the real nature of conflict there are no losers and winners. The opposition is a result of our free will. This is a story about the restrictions of man and the decisions he could take on his way to perfection. The libretto will be published in the booklet of the release and its poetic expression is in the lyrics of the album."

The "War Behest" cover artwork, available below, was created by the Bulgarian artist Dimitar Nikolov (KEEP IT TRUE, ROSS THE BOSS, SENTINEL BEAST, STEELWING and many more). The track listing is as follows:

01. Thunder Realm (Prologue)
02. Army Of The Perfect (Overture)
03. Ghost Of Freedom
04. Within The Silence
05. Road To the Unknown
06. Fire Circle
07. Up In Arms
08. Storm Force
09. Give Nothing Back
10. March On To Victory (Epilogue)

The upcoming summer plans from Rampart includes participation in European festivals and other concerts. During this period the band will prepare a wide-scale dramatic performance and a show for smaller stage of the metal opera of "War Behest." More...

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David Ellefson Releases More Backstage Footage

David Ellefson of Megadeth has posted more behind-the-scenes footage online showing fans what goes on backstage before and after shows. Check out the clips below, which include more of the Chicago stop of Gigantour as well as prep for an acoustic show in Detroit.


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70,000 Tons of Metal 2012 Day 2: A Sea of Metal

My fellow cruise ship warriors and I awoke on day 2 to a cloudless sunny sky and blue oceans as far as the eye could see in every direction. With the movement of the boat barely noticable, I went to find my friends - mobile phone communication had been impossible since the previous evening, so if you wanted to find someone, you had to know where they would be. I found them at the buffet, where metalheads in varying stages of wakefulness were ploughing through mountains of eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. Tea and coffee were the more popular beverages but the drinks waiters were already getting busy ferrying beers back and forth. More...

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U.D.O. To Release Rare Tracks Album

U.D.O. has issued the following announcement about releasing the upcoming "Celebrator" album through AFM Records:

"U.D.O. will release a 'rare tracks' album with some very special gems for the fans. The album is called 'Celebrator' and will be released April 20th via AFM Records.

"Subtitle of the album is 'rare tracks' to make sure nobody expects a new studio album. We are currently working on the final track listing which will be released later this month."

For more on U.D.O. check out the band's Facebook profile here.

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