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Metal News for February 10, 2017

Last updated on August 22, 2018 at 2:40 AM ET

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Hymn Streaming Full New Album

Today the ultra-doom upstarts from Hymn stream the entirety of debut album, "Perish." Set for international release on February 17th via Svart Records, you can hear all of "Perish" ahead of time below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Ritual
2. Rise
3. Serpent
4. Hollow
5. Spectre
6. Perish More...

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All Else Fails Streaming "Beneath The Waves"

Canadian group All Else Fails is now back from the band's first international tour of India perfoming at Unmaad Fest and the Alcheringa Festival. Set to unleash new EP "The Forever Lie" on February 17th, All Else Fails is today streaming second single "Beneath The Waves."

Vocalist / guitarist Barret Klesko had this to say about the track: "When we were writing 'The Forever Lie,' 'Beneath The Waves' was the turning point in the process, it was the song that really got us excited about the disc.

"It's heavy, but its super melodic, its got an ultra catchy chorus hook, which is followed by some odd time signature heaviness, and it has a ton of variety. It just captures and sums up the album really well. We always try to keep our albums sounding different from each other, and this one to me sounds like nothing we have done in the past."

1. Beneath The Waves (4:12)
2. The Sons of Plenty (3:35) [watch the video]
3. The Forever Lie (3:34)
4. Twice Broken (4:44)
5. Broken (4:11)
6. Terracide (7:54) More...

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Master Boot Record Covers Castlevania Track

Master Boot Record is at it again! Following a killer dark synth / metal cover from "Doom II," today a new rendition of "Bloody Tears" from the Castlevania II soundtrack has come online.

For comparison, the original track has also been included after the jump. Like what you hear below? Be sure to check out more from Master Boot Record over at Bandcamp here.


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Condemned Posts "Legion" Video

San Diego-based brutal death metal unit Condemned will unleash third full-length album "His Divine Shadow" on March 10th via Unique Leader.

"His Divine Shadow" is a vast, horrific tale of a darkened parallel universe inhabited by an insect humanoid civilization that lives dominated and enslaved by a mysterious ruler called His Divine Shadow. Spread across ten tracks, Condemned carries on a brutal legacy with punishing riffs, fast, chaotic grooves, planet-rupturing breakdowns, Suffocation/Disgorge-ian style blasts, and an overall dark, menacing ambiance.

In advance of the album's official unveiling, today an official lyric video for "Legion" comes online and can be seen below. Issues the band: "'Legion' is about manipulation and control. Being powerless in the midst of something greater than you. When your actions are no longer of your own volition and autonomy is lost. About being reduced to a pawn and used to carry out one's vilest machinations." More...

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Nasum Releasing "Blasting Shit To Bits"

The now defunct-Nasum is gearing up to release a film based around the group's last live performance in 2012. A teaser is available below, and Nasum comments:

"We have made a 90 minute long concert film of the final show along with interviews! It's called 'Blasting Shit to Bits - The Final Show' and will have it's world premiere screening at Copenhagen’s Music Film Festival, April 27th. The film is directed and edited by Michael Panduro, Siegfried Productions."

For a whirlwind tour of Nasum's storied history, check out our Sunday Old School column covering the band right here. More...

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Kadinja Posts "Til The Ground Disappears"

French progressive tech metal group Kadinja just shared a second single off forthcoming debut full-length album “Ascendancy,” which is due out on February 24th via Klonosphere/Season of Mist. Check out “'Til the Ground Disappears" below.

The band commented: "We couldn't be more proud and excited that we're finally able to release this new album. 'Ascendancy' is something that we’ve worked really hard as a collective and individuals so we hope it can mean as much to someone else as it does to us.”

1. Stone Of Mourning
2. GLHF (Feat Rick Graham)
3. Episteme
4. Episteme Part II
5. 'Til The Ground Disappears
6. A November Day
7. Dominique
8. Ropes Of You
9. Bittersweet Guilt
10. Seven (The Stick Figures) More...

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Anderwelt Posts "Trinity Of Decay" Video

Austrian post / doom Metal band Anderwelt just released a new video clip for the song "Trinity of Decay." The video was directed by James Quinn, starring Heike Christiane Kotsios & Ralph Saml, and can be seen below.

The band was formed in 2013 in Linz, Austria by Markus Steinberger and Alexander Dornstauder. Debut album "Schattenlichter" was released in 2015 - if you haven't heard it yet, listen in at this location.

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Steel Panther Posts "Poontang Boomerang"

After initially premiering it on PornHub yesterday (for reasons unknown - there's no nudity), today Steel Panther's new video for "Poontang Boomerang" arrives at YouTube.

The band comments on switching video services: "Still NSFW buuuut, at least you don't have to clear your browser history!! Pre-order 'Lower The Bar' and get an instant download of 'Poontang Boomerang' here."

New album "Lower The Bar" is due out March 24th and follows 2014 chart topper, "All You Can Eat."

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Infestus Streaming "Origen" Compilation

Today Spanish group Infestus releases "Origen" via Xtreem Music, a compilation of all the band's demos from '93, '94 & '15. You can grab your own copy at Bandcamp or stream all the songs below. The track listing is as follows:

"Unnatural Legacy" (Demo '93)
01. The End of the Biosphere
02. Unnatural Legacy
03. Lusting the Fruit
04. Ancestral Cataclysm of Life
05. Theatre of Cruelty

"Atmósfera de Asfixia" (Unreleased Demo '94)
06. Atmósfera de Asfixia
07. Ciudad de la Miseria
08. Interludio
09. Madera Muerta
10. Sueños de Erosión More...

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Ascension Announces New Album

Scottish power metal group Ascension just issued this update about gearing up to release a music video and new album:

"We are excited to finally unveil some brand new music! A music video for our new song 'Pages of Gold' will be released on Monday, February 13th.

"Our new music is just as fast, technical and melodic as ever but it tackles much darker themes, as will be made aggressively clear by the imagery in the Pages of Gold video.

"Our new album, entitled 'Under The Veil of Madness,' will be released later this year and will make an emphatic statement as Ascension continue to boldly evolve the formula of our unique brand of melodic power metal." More...

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Deficiency Announces New Album

A little more than three years after previous conceptual album "The Prodigal Child," French thrash outfit Deficiency is back with new concept album "The Dawn of Consciousness," due for release March 24th via Apathia Records.

"The Dawn Of Consciousness" is a new concept-album describing man's rebirth after chaos and the seizing second chances through six primitive emotions shared by every human being: surprise, sadness, joy, anger, fear and disgust.

The visual work designed by French artist Ludovic Cordelières is an major component of the album's concept. More...

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EyeHateGod Benefit Raises $20,000

The IX Lives IX Lives Benefit took place this weeked, organized to help EyeHateGod frontman Mike IX Williams with his mounting medical expenses following a successful liver transplant at the end of the year. The three days of love, respect, and outstanding music took place at Siberia and Poor Boys venues in Williams' hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana and raised over $20,000.

The event featured appearances by Crowbar, Superjoint, Goatwhore, Classhole, Mountain Of Wizard, Flesh Parade, Somethings Burning, Gristnam, Thou, Weather Warlock, Dummy Dumpster, Child Bite, Bower, Bruce Lamont, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Suplecs, Pallbearers, Die Rottz, Lethal Aggression and Recluse all bound together for one cause.

EyeHateGod closed Saturday night's show with a host of guest singers including Philip H. Anselmo (Superjoint, Down), Ben Falgoust (Goatwhore, Soilent Green), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Brain Tentacles, Corrections House), Hollise Murphy (Fat Stupid Ugly People), Shawn Knight (Child Bite), and more. EyeHateGod bassist Gary Mader, main curator of the benefit, had this to say: More...

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Otus Streaming "Avidya"

Italian doom / sludge outfit Otus today reveals cover artwork and the first single from forthcoming album "7.83Hz." Check out "Avidya" below.

Born in 2012, Otus takes elements of post-metal/sludge bands such as Isis and Cult of Luna, passing through the Black Sabbath’s doom up to the experimental music of Tool, Om and Sunn O))).

“7.83Hz” will be available as a limited digipack CD with extensive graphic and as a digisleeve CD via Argonauta Records on March 20th, 2017. The track listing is as follows:

1. Avidya
2. Last of the Four
3. Echoes and Evocations
4. Phurba
5. Theta Synchrony
6. 7.83Hz
7. Black Lotus
8. Alpha Phase
9. Res Cogitans, Res Extensa More...

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Inglorious Posts New Lyric Video

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the second Inglorious album, "Inglorious II," on May 12th, 2017. Today the band has released the artwork for the album as well as the first lyric video for the song "Read All About It."

Nathan James comments: "We are so excited to release our second album. This one is very special to us and we had so much fun writing it in Somerset and recording it in Liverpool! I still cannot believe Kevin Shirley mixed it. We hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it and can't wait to hear people singing these new tunes at our upcoming shows and festivals!" More...

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Trigon Streams "Talk To Me"

Set to debut the "Fed Up" album on March 24th, the 11 track release is self produced by Trigon along with Anders Drerup. To tease the upcoming release, today new single "Talk To Me" comes online and can be heard below.

Trigon vocalist and bassist Emanuel Viau sums up the band's sound by saying: "Rock and roll ain’t dead. Lemmy would be proud! ‘Fed Up’ is about living in the millennium, day-to-day challenges, high and low points of life, religion, the corrupt world we live in, and being brainwashed by our leaders. The album will grow on fans with its crafty riffs, good lyrics and good beats. We wanted to make fans feel like they are the ones who wrote the songs!’

"We are a positive band hoping to reach out to people and give them songs they can relate to. At our live shows they can expect maximum energy and excitement. We aim to make the people at the back come to the front!"

1. Intro (0:20)
2. Talk To Me (4:17)
3. Addiction (5:37)
4. Weak Mistake (3:46)
5. Jaded (4:38)
6. Obsessed (4:58)
7. Apocalypse (3:33)
8. Mother (4:55)
9. Your Life (4:43)
10. Seven (5:17)
11. Nightmare (5:41) More...

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Benighted Kicking Off Tour

Benighted will kick off a massive French tour at L’Ampérage in Grenoble tonight in support of forthcoming album "Necrobreed." The brutal death extremists will continue to wreck havoc in native homeland of France throughout February and March with a final show at the MJC in Limours on April 1st.

Next up, Benighted will embark on a European headlining tour joined by label mates Wormed as well as Unfathomable Ruination and Omophagia. For a complete list of confirmed shows, please see below. More...

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Ex Deo Releases New Video

After streaming "The Rise Of Hannibal" back in December, now it's time to take the next step and dive deeper into Ex Deo's upcoming album "The Immortal Wars." Check out a music video for "The Roman" below. Ex Deo also comments:

"'The Roman' is a song celebrating the roman soldier for his discipline, his loyalty and his will to victory, the most fierce war machine ever assembled not by individual conquest but by teamwork, they changed the world in warfare... this video was filmed in a remote area in Belgrade, Serbia with a great team who put a lot of hard work and heart into it, we tried to be as historical accurate as we could with what we had at our disposal, it's not to meant to be a reproduction of Hannibal's last confrontation with Scipio but we flirted with the idea. Enjoy!"

New Ex Deo album "The Immortal Wars" will be released worldwide on February 24th, 2017 via Napalm Records and features the following track listing:

1 The Rise of Hannibal
2 Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum)
3 Crossing of the Alps
4 Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)
5 Cato Major: Carthago delenda est!
6 Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)
7 The Spoils of War
8 The Roman More...

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Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy Posts New EP

Out today - February 10th - Toronto, ON's Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy unleashes new EP "Mixed Messages" to continue the band's solid chemistry of an Allcore metal sound with emotionally stirring and socially conscious lyrics.

“We like to call what we do ‘Allcore’ ... To break it down as far as metal sub-genres go, I think what best describes us would be a blend of progressive & nu-metal, with post-hardcore & metalcore …or numetalcore if you'd like!” says vocalist Adrian Pain.

New EP "Mixed Messages" is a marriage of Adrian Pain's solo endeavours and The Dead Sexy's band work. Pain describes the release:

“This release is like the gateway drug to metal and heavier music in general! We appeal to a very wide range of musical tastes so guys can play us for their girlfriends, and girls can play us for the guys. If you identify another way, you can play us for whomever you’d like. If any negative response comes out of it, it’ll be the fans that expect every song to get heavier with each effort.

"What I hope they notice is the constant evolution of our sound. The music itself is getting more and more diverse and progressive, while the song structures are also evolving into bigger, more complex arrangements. I want everyone that listens to this record to feel an emotional connection. I want people to relate to, and hear the MESSAGE in each track." More...

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Mord'A'Stigmata Streaming "Hope"

A week prior to its release, Mord'A'Stigmata shares the complete experience of fourth album "Hope," due out on February 17th via Pagan Records. Listen in below.

"Hope" is the follow-up to 2013's "Ansia," which put the band under a global spotlight. The record's enigmatic cover artwork was designed by Bartek Rogalewicz (Rogi, Non Opus Dei, Behemoth). "Hope" will be available on CD, LP, and in digital formats.

1. Hope
2. The Tomb from Fear and Doubt
3. To Keep the Blood
4. In Less Than No Time More...

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5Rand Releases New Music Video

5Rand is giving life to your obsessions in a new powerful video clip where (thanks to the direction of Martina L. McLean and the Sanda Movies' staff), the band gives a visual essence to "Paint Of Pain."

The track is culled from upcoming debut album “Sacred / Scared,” which is ready to be released via My Kingdom Music on February 24th. The band comments:

"Great thanks go to all the people who take part to the realization of 'Paint Of Pain' video clip - director Martina L. McLean, Francesco Corti, Martina Santoro, Andrea Roscia, Leonardo Sapio, Lucia Pittalis for the make-up and the actress Federica Petti. The final result is a 100% pure sickness, claustrophobia and perversion. Enter into this room of the madness… NOW!!!" More...

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Ephemerald Releases "I Bear Fire"

Finnish metal group Ephemerald just signed a deal with Rockshots Records regarding the release of debut single “I Bear Fire.” Check out the lyric video below, and you can also grab the track at iTunes>

Ephemerald was formed in the autumn of 2016 by Joni Snoro (ex-Frosttide), Lauri Myllylä (ex-Frosttide), Vesa Salovaara (Vorna) and Juho Suomi (Apocryfal & Prayed and Betrayed). According to Rockshots, the band's sound is "straightforward, fast-paced, epic and melodic metal music accompanied by huge orchestrations and both clean and harsh vocals."

The band is currently writing song material to complete a new full-length album, tentatively scheduled to be released in 2018. More...

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Kill The Precedent Releasing New EP

Kill The Precedent consists of seven maniacs from Sacramento, CA - Twig the Exfoliator [vocals], The Ugly American [vocals], Tapeworm [guitar, electronics], Catastrofiend [guitar, visuals], Jimmy Hazard [guitar], Jon the Jew [bass], and Sgt. Pepper [drums].

The group shreds expectations with a singular style of crossover gonzo gutter thrash fueled by reckless punk abandon on upcoming EP, "Some Version of the Truth," due out February 24th, 2017 via minus HEAD Records.

"So much music is missing a sense of urgency," exclaims Twig the Exfoliator. "We want to bring that danger back."

In late 2016, Kill The Precedent entered Pus Caverns in Sacramento, CA with producer Joe Johnston and quickly cut seven anthems, including the singles "Two Way Mirrors" (streaming below) and "Watch What You Think."

"Most of our songs are obviously pissed off about something," grins Twig while discussing the "Two Way Mirrors" track. "This song is a good example. It's about somebody who blames everyone else for their problems, and doesn't realize that they're not only their own worst enemy, but now everyone else's. We all know someone like that." More...

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Anima Signs With Profane Records

Mixing elements of power / symphonic metal and industrial, Anima - composed of Alvaro and Diego Adrian Bueno Triveño - is a new Peruvian metal band from the city of Abancay that released a demo entitled "The Masters From Afar" last year.

The band just inked a deal with Profane Records and is gearing up to release a first full-length album via the record deal. Stay tuned for more details, and in the mean time check out "The Masters From Afar" below. More...

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Damnations Day Streaming "Colours Of Darkness"

Australian melodic progressive metal act Damnations Day will release glorious second album, "A World Awakens," through Sensory Records in March, and today the record's first single "Colours Of Darkness" comes online.

Proclaims Damnations Day on the track, "'Colours Of Darkness' is one of our favorite tracks on A World Awakens! We feel this track is a great example of where our music has progressed to, over the last couple of years. It's got everything we love, a big chorus and a cool build. Enjoy! Can't wait to play this one live!"

"A World Awakens" was recorded and mixed by Dean Wells at Wells Productions and mastered by Jacob Hansen. The album is set to drop March 24th. More...

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Edge Of Paradise Premieres "Alive" Video

California outfit Edge Of Paradise is on the cusp of releasing a new five song EP titled "Alive" on March 10th, and today we're bringing you an exclusive look at the title track with a brand new video directed by Val Rassi.

Like what you hear? The title track is also available as a single via iTunes here.

Edge Of Paradise front woman Margarita Monet states: "This song is extremely contagious, with the heavy hitting/ industrial beat, and a chorus that'll get your blood pumping!"

She goes on to say, "'Alive' is dealing with us humans being so caught up in the digital world, obsessed with convenience and monetary gain, we have begun to sacrifice our humanity. We are becoming corporate led consumer machines! We get lost in the enticing virtual reality that we forget what real human interaction feels like. Sometimes I want to break away from bombardment of advertisements, social standards, never ending race with time and just breathe, and remember what it's like to feel alive! To connect with our fellow humans and the world!"

For this EP, the band is exploring it's heavier side with a new industrial edge, yet keeping the dynamic and melodic Edge Of Paradise sound. The group comments: “This is our best music to date! We were so fortunate to work with amazing, powerhouse people on this CD, and are confident that the outcome is the most exciting Edge Of Paradise musical experience yet!"

The Hollywood group has toured over 30 states and is excited to hit the road again in the spring. This year the band plans to tour US, South America and Europe with already set date at the Female Metal Event in Eindhoven, Netherlands, playing alongside Delain. More...

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