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Metal News for February 10, 2010

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Black September Announces New Lineup

Chicago blackened death metal band Black September has issued the following update:

"We are proud to announce A. Blann as the new full-time bass player and T. Nickels as a session drummer for the upcoming LP. We are putting the final touches on the writing process and will continue with recording when the songs have reached finality."

"We are also currently looking for a guitar player that is willing and able to do live shows, tour and possibly record. Please contact us if you are interested and live in the Chicago area. We have no plans to play any live shows until this recording is complete, but expect regional and national shows once the LP is done. "

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Atargatis Drummer Joins Morphosys

German metallers Atargatis have issued the following statement about their drummer Shadrak joining Morphosys as a session drummer:

"Atargatis rummer Shadrak joins the German old school death/thrash metal band Morphosys (in the style of old Autopsy / Benediction / Protector) as a session drummer for an indefinite time. He plays the drums until Morphosys find a new constant drummer. check the official MySpace site of Morphosys at this location."

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Police Shut Down Obituary Concert In Ecuador

According to a recent post by Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres, police in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador stopped the band's concert taking place due to permit issues. The message reads as follows:

"Local police stopped Obituary's sound check in Cuenca, Ecuador after fans were waiting outside in the rain for three hours because of production delays. The show was billed for Obituary to start playing at 2:30 pm, but due to the PA company getting a late start in the morning Obituary didn't started to sound check until 3:30 pm. During the sound check the local police decided to make an appearance and stop the entire show from going on. Apparently, the local promoter did not have the proper permits to put on a live concert. We were never officially told what exactly the permits were for, but the show was canceled.

"Obituary was ready to put on a show but was stopped. We are very sorry for the fans who drove hours and purchased tickets to see the concert. We hope that this show can be made up to the fans who paid for tickets. As soon as Obituary knows any information we will post it right here."

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Born From Pain Recruits New Drummer

Dutch metallers Born From Pain have issued the following update about acquiring a new drummer:

"We are happy to announce that Igor Wouters (ex-Backfire!) wil be joining Born From Pain from April onwards. We have been practicing together and came to the conclusion that we are all looking forward to touring and writing a new record together. We are very enthusiastic about the addition of Igor since he is a very talented drummer, songwriter and a good guy. Roy has decided that it is time for him to move on and broaden his horizons. He will be taking a break from heavy music and do different musical things. Serch from The Setup will be helping us out during March on the drums. "

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Dirge Within Announces New Bassist

Dirge Within has issued the following update about recruiting a new bassist:

"Dirge Within adds new bassist James Pezanoski to the ranks. Dirge Within begins the Fear Campaign tour in late march w/ Fear Factory, Winds Of Plague, & Periphery. Check back on our site for tour dates soon!"

A video of Dirge Within introducing the new bassist can also be viewed below.

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Mike Portnoy Announces Brazil In-Store Appearance

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has announced he will be making an in-store appearance in Curitiba, Brazil on March 18th. The details are as follows:

Time: March 18 - 4:00pm (1600hrs)
Location: Drum Time Drums and Percussion School
Address: rua Desembargador Westphalen 1224, Centro Curitiba PR
Tel: 55-41-3322 5462 / 9211 5562

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Regain Records And God Seed Comment On Lawsuit

The God Seed MySpace page was recently updated with a statement that a verdict had been reached in a court case regarding the release of Gorogoroth's "Live in Grieghallen" album. The statement indicated that the favorable verdict for former Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King caused Regain Records to go bankrupt. Regain Records has now issued the following statement regarding the comments:

"Due to misleading rumours being spread through God Seed’s MySpace page regarding the bankruptcy of Regain Records, we would like to clarify to all people who have contacted us recently that Regain Records is not in bankruptcy. We would also like to make clear that the dispute that concerns 'Live in Grieghallen' only involves Tom Cato Visnes (aka King), Regain Records and Entertainment AB, since a settlement with Kristian Espedal (aka Gaahl) was already reached in 2009. The legal outcome of this trial has no bearing on Regain Records nor does it influence our future in any way. It is also incorrect that Regain Records owes any unpaid royalties towards Tom Cato Visnes or Kristian Espedal.

"Furthermore Regain Records is very content with the fact that we are still working with the band Gorgoroth and the fact that we choose to support the rightful owner of the trademark, namely Roger Tiegs (aka Infernus). This has always been our main priority during the various legal proceedings which have involved Gorgoroth in one way or another."

The God Seed MySpace page was also updated with the following statement in regards to the situation: More...

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Black Breath Enters The Studio

Seattle's BLACK BREATH has entered Kurt Ballou's God City Studios (Converge, Trap Them, Disfear) to record their new album, "Heavy Breathing," due out on March 30th via Southern Lord Records. The band will hit the road in May alongside Converge, Gaza, Coalesce, Lewd Acts, and Harvey Milk. BLACK BREATH tour dates with Converge are as follows:

05/072010 Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH w/ Lewd Acts
5/08/2010 Magic Stick - Detroit, MI w/ Lewd Acts
5/09/2010 Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ Lewd Acts
5/10/2010 Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts
5/11/2010 Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts
5/13/2010 Neumo's - Seattle, WA w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts
5/14/2010 Satyricon - Portland, OR w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/15/2010 Slim's - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts
5/16/2010 *TBA - CA
5/17/2010 Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/18/2010 El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/19/2010 The Clubhouse - Tempe, AZ w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/21/2010 Emo's - Austin, TX w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/22/2010 *TBA - TX
5/23/2010 The Marquee - Tulsa, OK w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/25/2010 The Hi Tone - Memphis, TN w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/26/2010 *TBA - Louisville, KY w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/27/2010 Rockettown - Nashville, TN w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/28/2010 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts
5/29/2010 *TBA - North Carolina w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts

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At The Soundawn Uploads Third Video Studio Diary

Italian rockers At The Soundawn have revealed part three of their studio diary you can find at the following location or below. The new album "Shifting" is set to be released on March 15th in Europe and April 19th in North America.


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Manegarm Confirmed For Summer Breeze

Swedish metallers Manegarm have been confirmed to perform at Germany's Summer Breeze festival, which takes place from August 19th - 21st, 2010. Additional details about the festival can be found at this location. Other confirmed bands include: 1349, Dream Evil, Dew Scented, Agnostic Front, Anathema, Barren Earth, Behemoth, Children of Bodom, Fiddler's Green, Gorgoroth, Hacride, Gwar, Hypocrisy, Korpiklaani, Leaves' Eyes, Obituary, and Pantheon I.

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Torche Posts "King Beef" Music Video Online

Torche's "King Beef" music video has been posted online and can be seen below. The song is off their new split CD with Boris, which will be out soon.

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Starofash Issues Recording Update

Starofash, the solo band from Heidi Solberg Tveitan of Peccatum, has announced her new album will be titled "Lakhesis." Heidi issued the following update about the recording of the album:

"In the last weekend of January, all drums for the forthcoming Starofash album was recorded in Juke Joint Studio Notodden, with session drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen (Leprous). This particular studio holds a special retro atmosphere, with artefacts and studio equipment from the 50s and 60s, some of it even from the legendary Stax studio in Memphis. The recordings continue at Symphonique Studio/Juke Joint, and the plan is to finish the album sometime this spring."

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Walking Corpse Syndrome Streaming New Song

Montana metallers Walking Corpse Syndrome are streaming a new song online from their upcoming second full-length album "Narcissist." The track "Madness" can be heard via the Walking Corpse Syndrome MySpace page. The band also has the following upcoming tour dates in support of the new album:

3/19 2010 Elks Lodge, Missoula Montana
3/20 2010 Union Hall, Missoula Montana
4/2 2010 Pen Convention Center, Deer Lodge Montana
4/3 2010 Jesters, Helena Montana w/Keeping Secrets and the Ellis Armor
4/10 2010 Buffalo Salooon, Great Falls Montana
6/18 2010 Empyrean, Spokane Washington w/Odyssey and Beyond Mortality

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Tyr Vocalist Announces New Solo Album

Vocalist Heri Joensen of Tyr has issued the following update about recording an album for a new solo project titled Heljareyga:

"My solo project was recorded very successfully in December and mixed and mastered in early January. It is still unclear when precisely the album will be released, but you can already hear a song on the Heljareyga MySpace. The album may be available for digital purchase and download at iTunes and other digital stores before it will be available in CD format. The album will be self titled and there is a title track also. The track list is as follows:

1. Regnið (9:00)
2. Heljareyga (10:27)
3. Lagnan (8:49)
4. Feigdin (8:43)
5. Vetrarbreytin (11:15)

"So just over 48 minutes playing time. All lyrics are in Faeroese, written but not translated in the booklet, so there's something for the linguistically interested to sink their teeth into. I am just now putting the final touches on the artwork with Jan Yrlund, and I hope you'll agree with me that he, along with the photographer Kristfríð Tyril, did an epic job again. Jan Yrlund is also working on a MySpace layout for the Heljareyga MySpace."

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Dio Issues New Health Update

Wendy Dio has issued the following health update about Ronnie James Dio, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer:

"Since my last update, we have been back and forth to Houston three times for tests and chemo treatments, an emergency run to St. Joseph’s for another blood clot, an ultrasound and another cat scan. We met with Dr. Ajani, Ronnie’s oncologist, on Monday, and he was very pleased with the treatment so far. Some tumors have gone and some have shrunk. He says we have a long road to travel, but we are on the right path. Going back and forth to Houston is getting old, with all the canceled and delayed flights and some of the rude Continental staff, the same boring food at the hotel (I think we have eaten everything on their horrible menu!), but…when we get a good report from the doctor, it is all worth it. The only food Ronnie says he can taste is Indian curry; everything tastes like metal (HEAVY metal?) because of the chemo. We did, however, have a nice breakfast with Carmen and his mother on Friday. He is still waiting for his bone marrow transplant.

"I am so sorry if I have upset any of our friends for not returning calls or emails, but please understand that it is so draining for me to go over and over to everyone about Ronnie’s progress. This is why I thought that if I wrote an update once a month, everyone can know of Ronnie’s progress at the same time. The Fan Club just delivered a huge sack of mail, and we have been reading all the wonderful cards and letters you have all sent. Thank you all so much – it keeps our spirits up knowing you all love Ronnie so much and wish him well. Ronnie and I have a great support system: Simon, who does so much; Geezer and Gloria (she has been my strength, everyday she listens to me, whether I am happy or not); Sheila and Jacqui, friends for 25 years who would go anywhere or do anything for Ronnie or I; Mike Carden, a cancer survivor who is always available to talk to; Rudy, Vinny, Doug, Scott, Big Scott, Lois and Wyn; my colleagues at work – Marchele, Lynne, Carmen, Anthony and Diana; Dr. Mena, Dr. Chu and our wonderful Dr. Kapoor, who is available 24/7 for us and spent his whole Sunday day off with us at the emergency room, and of course Dr. Ajani, who mixes his magic cocktail of chemo and gives us hope. More...

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The Kandidate To Perform At The Spot Festival

Denmark's The Kandidate has issued the following statement about performing at the 2010 edition of the SPOT festival, which takes place from May 20th - 22nd:

"Yo! We are happy to announce that we have been confirmed for the SPOT Festival, one of the most influential show case festivals in Scandinavia. But who cares, we just want to raise hell and kick ass!!! It's May 22nd, don't miss it!"

More information about the festival can be found at this location.

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Lustmord To Enter The Studio To Complete New Album

Arizona death/black metal band Lustmord will be entering the studio later this month to finish recording the tracks for the new album "RAPE DISMEMBER KILL." Lustmord have taken a couple weeks off from touring to finish writing the material. Once the recording is finished Lustmord will return to the "RAPE DISMEMBER KILL" tour to finish the west coast portion of shows. The Midwest/East coast shows will start this summer. Famed metal guitarist Allen West (ex-Obituary) will take part in some of these recordings, and will also help to produce a couple of the songs.

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Overkill Posts New Music Video Online

New Jersey based thrash metal legends Overkill has posted their new music video online for the song, "Bring Me The Night." You can check it out below. The song comes from the band's critically acclaimed new studio album, "Ironbound" which is out now through Nuclear Blast Records. The video was directed by Kevin Custer, whos has previously worked with the likes of Testament, Suffocation and Hatebreed, More...

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Daath to Begin Songwriting for New Album

Atlanta's death metal band, Daath has just released their third studio album this year: "The Concealers." After a statement posted on the bands Myspace, apparently, the quintet is already planning on their next studio album, as the songwriting process has already commenced. The band had this to say: More...

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Living Sacrifice Changes AR Tour Date Venue

Living Sacrifice has issued the following update about changing the venue for their February 11th, 2010 tour date:

"ATTN: Venue Change For 2/11 in Bentonville, AR! We wanted to give a quick heads up that the show this Thursday, 2/11 has been moved from Skia to Self Destruct. The venue is nearby and the same bands will be playing, we just had to change the venue. Sorry about the inconvenience and we hope to see you there! Self Destruct, 1400 SW Susana St # 20,Bentonville, AR 72712."

Living Sacrifice recently released their latest album "The Infinite Order" on January 26th, 2010.

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New Dark Tranquillity Video Available

Currently touring the US with Killswitch Engage and The Devil Wears Prada, Swedish melodic death metal masters Dark Tranquillity now present you their new promo video for the song “Shadow In Our Blood,” which was created by Vasara Films (Turisas, Dragonforce).

Vocalist Mikael Stanne reports in from tour: “Four shows into the tour we are now in lovely Atlanta, Georgia. The shows so far have been amazing. Tons of people have come out to all the shows and we have had a blast performing every night. We have been trying out some of the new songs and the response has been amazing. So we cannot wait for the album to come out so that we can play more of the new stuff that we are very proud of.

"The video for 'Shadow in our Blood' is online now and if you guys are into torture you might get a kick out of it. Imagine being strapped to a speeding motorized vehicle like one of those wooden maidens on pirate ships for 15 hours in the freezing cold forests of Finland and you might get an idea of what the video is all about.

"The guys from Vasara films, who also filmed and edited our live DVD, 'Where Death Is Most Alive,' once again did an excellent job. Enjoy!"

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Amorphis Posts New Music Video Online

Amorphis has posted the new video for "From the Heaven of My Heart" on MySpace. The track comes from the band's latest album, "Skyforger."

From The Heaven Of My Heart

Amorphis | MySpace Music Videos

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Ravens Creed Parts Ways With Vocalist

Vocalist Ben Ward of U.K. metal band Ravens Creed has issued the following announcement about stepping down from his position:

"It is with great sadness that I have to report that I am stepping down from my duties as front-man and vocalist for Ravens Creed. It has reached the point that I can no longer give the band the time and energy that it deserves and I feel that by leaving now it will allow Steve, Jay and Frazer the opportunity to get somebody who is as passionate and dedicated to the band as they all are.

"I have had a great 4 years with the band and will leave with a lot of fond memories but right now I believe this is the right thing to do. I wish the band all the success and hope they make me regret this decision!!!! Anybody wishing to step into the vacant position can contact the band via their MySpace page, details about rehearsals etc are all there! Over and out."

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Shadows Fall Posts "Bark At The Moon" Cover

Shadows Fall is currently streaming a cover version of the song "Bark At The Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne. The cover track can be heard via Shadows Fall's official MySpace page. The band also recently recorded a video clip for the song, which is expected to be posted online soon. More details on the video clip will be announced as they are made available.

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Sons Of Fenris Delays New EP Release

Black metal act Sons of Fenris has issued the following update about delaying the release of their new EP:

"The Wrathful Hunt will be unleashed in a close future.... The 'Death Rune' 7” EP (SDP 008) has unfortunately been delayed a bit more but will be unleashed within the stinking worlds sometime during the spring of MMX. Besides, the recordings of new curses for the Sons of Fenris full length and for the split Ep with Wod (Sw) are finished. These hymns will be mixed at the Neleris Studio soon. Finally, a new T-Shirt is on the way. Nothing can stop Their holy wrath. See the foundation of our multiverse trembling and drying out. The return of Gennjaûram - Ginnungagap - is near!"

The cover artwork for the "Death Rune" EP can be viewed here.

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Tristania Checks In From The Studio

Guitarist Anders Høyvik Hidle of Norwegian Gothic metal act Tristania has issued the following update about the band's new album:

"You have waited patiently for news from the studio, and it's about time we reveal some more details regarding the upcoming album. These are hectic times and we are working around the clock to keep up with the time schedule, but we are extremely happy with the process this far, and the final result shows promise to be great. One by one the bricks are falling into place, and the album is becoming more complete every day. Right now we're in the middle of the third week of recording. Drums have been recorded in Tanken Studio near Oslo, and for the moment we're doing bass and guitars in Stavanger. Østen took a break from the diapers and milk bottles to record his vocals last week. He did a terrific job, and his vocals sound great.

"We have now just finished recording all bass and main guitars, and will spend the next days recording additional acoustic and electric guitars plus my vocal parts. We're going back to Oslo next week to start the vocal sessions with Mariangela, Kjetil and Ole in a different studio. Now let's move to the proper news... There will be big classical choirs with Latin lyrics included in all the songs on the new album! No, sorry – it won't. More...

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Deathbound Cancels Croatian Show

Finland's Deathbound has issued the following update about canceling the previously scheduled Croatian tour date:

"We are sorry to inform you that the scheduled show on February 25th in Zagreb, Croatia, has been canceled due to custom bullshit. We are unable to arrange and obtain in time the documents and permissions needed for entering a non-EU country, hence we have no other option than to cancel the show. Hopefully we get a new possibility to torture Croatia in the not so distant future."

Deathbound still have the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Tension Head Confirmed For Gods Of Metal

Update: According to the festival organizers, they are in negotiations with Tension Head and the band's appearance is not yet confirmed. A full release including the festival headliners will be announced shortly.

Michigan's Tension Head has issued the following statement about performing at the 2010 edition of the Gods of Metal festival:

"Tension Head has just been invited to play the Gods of Metal Festival 2010 in Italy this Summer on Saturday, June 5th @ 6:00 p.m. and will also be touring the rest of the motherland for a minimum of 3 weeks! For those of you who don't know what this Festival is all about, it is the biggest festival in Italy year round, period! Gods of Metal has been going strong since 1997, last year alone (2009), big national/international bands like Slipknot, Motley Crue, Static-X, Down, Mastodon, Voivod, Dream Theater, Carcass, and many others rocked the stages! Told ya'll big News was comin for Tension Head, it's finally happening! Stay tuned as more info is sure to come! Oh Fuck Yeah!!!"

More information on the Gods of Metal festival and this year's line-up can be found here.

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Cancer Bats Posts New Song Online

CANCER BATS have posted a brand new track on their MySpace page entitled "Scared To Death." The track is taken from the forthcoming album Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones which will be released in the United States and Canada on April 13th.

CANCER BATS also just announced that they will be releasing a digital EP ahead of their album release. The EP will contain the tracks ‘Scared To Death’ and their take on the Beastie Boys’ classic, ‘Sabotage’. It will be available from iTunes as of March 1st. Be sure to check out the April issues of Kerrang, Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, and Big Cheese for more on the CANCER BATS. More...

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Orphaned Land Posts New Music Video Online

Israel’s ORPHANED LAND has posted their new music video for the track, “Sapari,” can now be viewed exclusively through AOL Noisecreep.

Kobi (vocals) further describes the meaning behind this ambitious clip, “With the video clip, we are trying to reflect this inner search of a man and his spirit. The actor, Matti Atlas, was filmed in a room, sitting in a box, writing scared stuff. This is the exact way they used to sit and write in the old days in Yemen. He is writing… searching. At some point, he starts to freak out; to write on the walls, on his body, getting even possessed in a way. He is alone, confused, searching for answers and meaning, just as we all are." More...

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Hammerfall Announces More US Tour Dates

Sweden’s Metal Masters HAMMERFALL will be touring the U.S. and Canada in support of their latest album, "No Sacrifice, No Victory." The 27-show tour is set to kick off in West Springfield, Virginia on March 5th with the finale planned for April 8th in Houston, Texas. Boston video game metal band Powerglove will be opening for the first 18 dates on the tour; Los Angeles’ Echoes of Eternity and Havok will open the remainder of the tour following the Hollywood show. Dates are follows:


3/5 W. Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
3/6 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
3/7 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
3/9 Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
3/10 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
3/11 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
3/12 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
3/13 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
3/15 Chicago, IL @ Metro
3/16 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
3/18 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
3/19 Winnipeg, MB @ The West End Cultural Center
3/21 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
3/22 Calgary, AB @ Warehouse
3/23 Vancouver, BC @ The Venue
3/24 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
3/26 San Francisco, CA @ Grand Ballroom @ Regency Center
3/27 Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues


3/28 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
3/30 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
3/31 Santa Ana, CA @ The Galaxy Theater
4/1 Mesa, AZ @ U.B.’s Bar
4/2 Tuscon, AZ @ The Rock
4/4 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
4/6 Dallas, TX @ Trees
4/7 Austin, TX @ Emo’s
4/8 Houston, TX @ Meridian

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The New Black Announces Tour With Powerwolf

THE NEW BLACK will share the stage with POWERWOLF on the “Bible Of The Black” Tour. Check them out at the following tour dates:


20.03.2010 D-Neckarsulm, Fear Dark Festival (/w/Powerwolf/)
26.03.2010 D-Neukirchen bei Fulda, Sägewerk (/w/Powerwolf/)
27.03.2010 D-München, Backstage Club (/w/Powerwolf/)
10.04.2010 D-Hannover, Musikzentrum (/w/Powerwolf/)
11.04.2010 D-Köln, Underground (/w/Powerwolf/)

THE NEW BLACK (without Powerwolf)

05.03.2010 D-Heidelberg, Halle02 (/w/Doggirl/)
06.03.2010 D-Esslingen, Rock For One World

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Allegaeon Issues Studio Update

Fort Collins, CO's Allegaeon are currently recording their Metal Blade debut album, "Fragments Of Form And Functions," with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Incinerate) at Flatline Audio in Denver. The band will be posting updates to their MySpace page throughout the recording process with videos.

Vocalist Ezra Haynes offers the following update, "Thought it was about time to give you guys a nice 'lil update with what's been going on here in the studio. Right now we re in the process of recording our first/debut full length Fragments of Form and Function which is to be released on Metal Blade Records this Summer."

"We re recording once again with madman Dave Otero at Flatline Audio here in Colorado. We ve been in the studio for about two weeks now and things are really starting to come together. We tracked the majority of drums throughout the first week and started knocking out rhythm guitars in the second week; this third week is going to be a mash up of guitars, vocals and bass. We have been filming a bunch as well so be sure to stay tuned for some awesome video updates that will be posted in the near future."

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Name Posts New Music Online

Californian extreme experimental metal band NAME has posted almost all tracks taken from their upcoming Lifeforce Records debut "Internet Killed The Audio Star" on their MySpace profile.

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Killswitch Engage Singer Leaves Tour

Killswitch Engage has announced that lead singer Howard Jones has been forced to leave the band's current headlining tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Dark Tranquility due to unforeseen circumstances. All That Remains vocalist Phil LaBonte will be filling in for Jones for a few shows while the band makes the decision about what will happen to the rest of the tour.

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Naetu Announces New Drummer

Black metallers Naetu recently announced the addition of drummer Sombre to the band's ranks, following the departure of Trevor Owen in June 2009. The four piece, who has released one full length album titled "The Burning Lands," is set to rekindle their associatioon with the live scene in the coming months.

For more information on the band, check out their MySpace page.

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Clutch, The Bakerton Group to Play Bonnaroo 2010

Clutch and instrumental side-project the Bakerton Group will both be performing at this year's edition of the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. This years festival takes place July 11-13th.

As previously reported, Clutch was also recently confirmed for Britain's High Voltage Festival in London, England, taking place on July 24th and 25th.

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Former Megadeth Bassist Speaks On Lineup Change

James Lomenzo, the former bass player of White Lion, Black Label Society and most recently Megadeth, has posted a message online giving his opinion on Megadeth's decision to bring back original bassist David Ellefson. His message reads as follows:

"Friends, my heart is full with your kindness and well wishes. This is the richest part of my years with the mighty Megadeth. I'm truly excited about the two Daves getting back together. I think it will be great for Megadeth fans. Anyone who knows me, knows I love doing all kinds of things musically and other wise so I'm excited for what's ahead and very grateful for all the great music, fantastic shows and the many friends and fans I've come to know over the past four years. Stay tuned and I'll let you know what's next when it's next!"

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The Haunted Announces Two Headlining UK Dates

The Haunted has confirmed two headlining UK dates:

May 28 Sheffield, UK - O2 academy
Jun. 01 Hatfield, UK - The Attic

The Haunted will support the rescheduled Slayer dates in the UK. Dates for this tour is as follows:

May 26 Leeds, UK - o2 Academy
May 27 Glasgow, UK - Barrowland
May 29 Birmingham, UK - o2 Academy
May 30 Manchester, UK - Academy
May 31 Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Jun. 02 London, UK - The Forum
Jun. 03 London, UK - The Forum

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Trivium to Attend Earthday Birthday in Orlando

Trivium will be attending WJRR's Earthday Birthday in Orlando, FL, on the 17th of May. The show also features Korn, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch and Halestorm.

You can grab discounted tickets Right Now on pre-sale at WJRR.com until the 12am on February 11th using the password "WJRR." Tickets go on general release on the 12th.

A streaming of Trivium's brand new track, "Shattering The Skies Above,” will premiere this Friday, February 12th, on Triviumworld.com.

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