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Metal News for February 1, 2015

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Shepherd Posts Full Advance Album Stream

Shepherd - the sludge rock trio from Bangalore, India - is gearing up to unleash a "Stereolithic Riffalocalypse" on March 7th, with pre-orders now available at Bandcamp here.

The full album is also now online for a limited time advance stream. Give it a listen below! The full track listing is:

1. Spite Pit 04:50
2. Turdspeak 04:49
3. Crook 05:55
4. Black Cock of Armageddon 05:04
5. Stereolithic Riffalocalypse 07:26
6. Bog Slime 04:22
7. Wretch Salad 04:50
8. Stalebait 08:15 More...

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Antarcht Posts Debut Release Online

Antarcht - a two man black metal project from Eugene, OR - recently dropped a debut, self-titled demo album. You can now stream all the tracks below or download a copy of your own at Soundcloud here.

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Heriot Streaming New EP

U.K. outfit Heriot just released a debut EP titled "Violence," which is available at Bandcamp or streaming in the player below.

The EP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jake Packer with additional tracking engineered by CLS Productions at Wiltshire Studios. The track listing is as follows:

1. Introduction 01:00
2. Housefire 01:20
3. Well Wisher 01:52
4. Violence 03:03
5. Dead Youth 02:47 More...

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Meadows End Streaming "Admist The Villains"

The first song from melodic/symphonic death metal act Meadows End's upcoming concept album "Sojroun" has now been released and is available below.

"Amidst The Villains" was originally recorded in 1999 and this is a re-recording for the third full length album by Meadows End.

During 1999 - 2006 Meadows End recorded 12 concept songs that ended up on various demos and EPs, which all deserved better a destiny than to be forgotten. Now the new version of each track will be released at the end of each month throughout all of 2015.

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Alex Silkin Releases Instrumental Album

Russian musician Alex Silkin has a new instrumental album out now titled "Financial Slavery," which can be heard in the Bandcamp player below. Silkin comments on the album:

"The monetary system was invented many years ago and now it is not relevant. It's time to change it to a more developed and sophisticated mechanism that means relationships between people in society. Where there won't be slavery and one person will not be serving to another through lending and other manipulations due to money.

"Everyone should realize creative potential which every person has since his birth. And do not engage the routine of a lifetime in the pursuit for money. Financial slavery - that's what this instrumental solo album is about." More...

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TLTITWTKUA Streaming New Album

The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All - the solo instrumental project from Christian Kragh - has just released a new album online titled "Apex II."

You can stream all the movements off "Apex II" in the player below, or pick up a digital copy at either Bandcamp or via iTunes here.

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Feed Her To The Sharks Chases After Glory

“Chasing Glory,” the new track from Australia’s Feed Her To The Sharks, can be heard below, courtesy of a stream hosted by Hysteria Magazine.

This second single comes from upcoming album "Fortitude," available February 10th. As the song professes, “It’s never too late to chase the glory…always searching.”

Drummer Andrew Cotterell tells us: “’Chasing Glory’ is about following your dreams and striving towards what you are passionate about. Even when other people are doubtful, stay true to yourself and never give up!”

Kim Choo, guitar/synth, continues, “’Chasing Glory’ is my favourite track from Fortitude. I believe it really captures the direction we are taking our music, and I can’t wait for the fans to hear it!” More...

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Vassafor Announces New Split Release

Once again, Iron Bonehead brings together two of the black/death underground for a split LP: Vassafor and Temple Nightside now combine forces for "Call Of The Maelstrom," due out February 23rd. Iron Bonehead Productions comments:

"Aptly titled, 'Call of the Maelstrom' unites both bands not simply by geography - Vassafor hails from New Zealand, while Temple Nightside hails from Australia - but rather, a shared sensibility and strive to explore the abyss, whatever plane it may manifest itself.

"Widely revered in the underground for their serpentine sonic sorcery, Vassafor here deliver four of their most direct tracks to date, grinding forth with utter barbarism that nevertheless retains the band's characteristically mesmeric quality - and a certain hideous hypnosis.

"On the flip, Temple Nightside carry forward the bestiality with two soul-rending shards of gnawing, beyond-sepulchral metal of death that, over their more extended length, frequently drive deep into totally doomed territory." More...

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Cries Of Your Sins Posts Demo Tracks

New melodic extreme metal outfit Cries Of Your Sins has a three song demo release online for streaming, which can be heard below. Download information is also available at the project's Facebook profile and the track listing is:

1. Endless Fog
2. King Of No-One
3. Kingdom Of Icefields

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Archspire Guitarist Launches Instruction Series

Dean Lamb, guitarist of the fast-rising technical death metal force Archspire, has released a series of instructional guitar videos via Gear Gods. In the series Lamb discusses techniques, soloing (in particular solos found in Archspire's album "The Lucid Collective"), and more.

Archspire also recently announced a new U.S. tour that sees the band team up with Fallujah starting on March 3rd, and running throughout the Western U.S. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below. More...

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A Hero Will Stand Releases Video With Teya Salat

A Hero Will Stand has a new music video online for the "Dreamcatcher" track, which was filmed with international tattoo model Teya Salat.

The clip was shot by director Ievgenii Nozhechkin (Emmure, Heartist, Down&Dirty) and can be seen below, or you can find more info on the band at the A Hero Will Stand Facebook profile here.

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Roadburn Adds New Bands

Roadburn Festival is pleased to announce new additions to the 20th edition of the festival. The festival will take place April 9th - 12th in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Both day tickets and weekend tickets are currently on sale.

Roadburn 2015's curators - Wardruna's Einar “Kvitrafn” Selvik and Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson - have almost completed the lineup for their event on Friday April 10th. Loop main man, Robert Hampson and Swedish psych heroes, Agusa will both perform alongside Focus, Death Hawks, Sólstafir and others.

BardSpec - the ambient project/band from Enslaved composer/guitarist Ivar - will also perform at the event. Einar will present a workshop which will delve into his approach to music and the extensive creative concept behind Wardruna's ongoing "Runaljod" trilogy as well as his approach and study of the runes and other Norse esoteric arts. He will demonstrate a selection of the oldest Nordic instruments, play fully acoustic Wardruna music, and there will also be time for questions from the audience. More...

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Slipknot Posts "Custer" Video

Slipknot has released a live video for the "Custer" track (taken off new comeback album ".5: The Gray Chapter), which can be seen below or over at the band's Facebook profile here.

The previously released live video for "The Devil In I," shot at the 2014 Knotfest, can also still be seen at this location.

The track listing for ".5: The Gray Chapter" is as follows:

1. XIX
2. Sarcastrophe
3. AOV
4. The Devil In I
5. Killpop
6. Skeptic
7. Lech
8. Goodbye
9. Nomadic
10. The One That Kills The Least
11. Custer
12. Be Prepared For Hell
13. The Negative One
14. If Rain Is What You Want
15. Override (bonus track)
16. The Burden (bonus track) More...

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Soundcrawler Unveils Album Artwork

Soundcrawler will drop new album "The Dead-End Host" on February 20th via Klonosphere Records.

The album artwork has now been unveiled, which can be seen below, and a music video for opening track Raiders is available at this location. The new album's track listing is:

1. Raiders
2. Burning Scales
3. A God to Feed
4. Long Coma Slow
5. Souls From the Trash
6. The Plastic Truth
7. Civil
8. Infinite Genocide
9. And All the Seconds Left More...

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Manegarm Checks In From The Studio

Manegarm has checked in with the following update from the studio about recording a new album:

"All bass parts are now done, both for the acoustic and for the 'metal' songs. Our good friend John has already done some rough mixes of the acoustic songs and it sure sounds great already.

"Next up for the acoustic songs is violin recordings where we will get some great help from Martin Björklund who helped us out on our previous album 'Legions of the North.' The violin has been a very special and important 'ingredient' in Manegarms music for many years and it's always a great pleasure to record the violins and hear our songs come to life in a 'Manegarm way.'

"On Sunday we will start rigging the guitar amps once again because now it's time to record some smoking guitar melodies. A lot of things are in progress as you can see but that's the way we do it! This will be amazing friends!! Take care & have a rawking weekend!"

A previously released video report from the studio for this same album track process can also be found at this location.

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Sunday Old School: BMHM Part 1 - Bulldozer

Black Metal History Month has returned for a fourth instalment! This year will see our special time analyze some of the roots of the genre, as well as some of the bleakest and obscene bands to fly the flag of darkness.

We’re kicking off this year’s Black Metal History Month with a band which was a massive influence on the genre, but perhaps don’t always get the credit and respect they deserve. They certainly don’t get mentioned in the same breath as Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate too often by entry level self-proclaimed experts very much. It also marks the first time Sunday Old School has looked at an Italian band, and who better to represent the beautiful country than one of the heaviest bands of their time, Bulldozer? More...

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