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Metal News for December 31, 2010

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Doomriders Announces New Drummer

Doomriders has announced the addition of a new drummer and more. Here's the update from the band:

"We are proud and excited to announce that we have filled the drum throne with none other than our good friend Q. Some of you may know him from his kick ass drumming in the great but now defunct Clouds. He's a perfect fit and we couldn't be more happy! Come see his first show with us February 5th at Ralph's in Worcester!"

Here are the details on that show:

02/05: Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Rock Diner

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Arcane Grail Announces New Lineup

Arcane Grail has issued the following announcement about the band's new lineup:

"Happy New Metal Year, our loyal friends! Before our concert tour we, Order of the Arcane Grail, wish to present you our new line-up of gentlemen:

Adison - guitars (from Skylord and Autumn Woods)
Alamar - bass (ex- Skylord)
Tymon - keyboards (from Avercage)

"And the invited musician on percussion is Alexandr, all known for famous Russian bands Nevid and Kartikeya. And surely yours, Demether Grail and Natalia Kempin! We actively rehearse, we prepare for Baltic Tour with Ceremonial Perfection and Trelleborg and, we dare to assure we will surprise you all with many news and phantasmagories in new year!"

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Onogur Posts Performance Footage

Onogur has posted two live video clips online from the band's performances in October and November. You can check out the first clip below and the second after the jump.


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Omnihility Parts Ways With Drummer

Oregon based death metal act Omnihility has issued the following announcement about parting ways with drummer Robbie Lagumina:

"Update-Line up change! Robbie Lagumina is parting ways with Omnihility for this moment in time. He is looking to expand his musical career and knowledge as a session drummer, as well as play other genres of music. We wish him good luck in his endeavors! Anyone wishing to contact Robbie for session work should get ahold of him on myspace or facebook.

"We would like to welcome Chris Merrell as the new drummer for Omnihility! Chris has played with many bands - more recently Atonement. Chris will add his own unique style, as well as insane double bass chops to Om grinding machine. Expect to hear his sick playing on the newest of our songs. All guitars and vocals are finished on the album - bass will be finished by the end of the year.

"Chris will record his drums for the pressed release - but we will release a version A with Robbie's drums on it (burned copies will be available). We are excited for this release as it is definitely our best, tightest playing to date - and the sound is much clearer, fuller, and far more brutal than the EP. We plan on having version A ready by the beginning of the year, with the pressed release with full artwork finished around spring. Around then we will be ready to be playing shows/small tour."

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Breathless To Release New Album

Xtreem Music has issued the following announcement about releasing the new album "Thrashumancy" by Breathless:

"It took over a year to finish the recordings and design for the debut album of Spanish Thrash Metal newcomers Breathless, but it was worth the wait!! Haling from Palma de Mallorca, Breathless is decided to step firmly in the Spanish Thrash scene with their first album 'Thrashumancy' which is due for an imminent release through Xtreem Music in January 15th, 2011.

"With a classic Thrash proposal, Breathless's intentions are no other than creating an intense yet catchy style with influences that sometimes could remind bands like CORONER, KREATOR (Extreme Aggression), SABBAT (uk) and a varied range of Speed/ Thrash influences specially from the good old german scene from late 80's."

Tracks from the new album are currently available for streaming via the band's MySpace page.

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Mortal Infinity Checks In With Band Update

Germany's Mortal Infinity has issued the following update about working on new material for an upcoming album:

"Hey, unfortunately we have some problems with the new myspace update. So there is a delay of the new design. On 30/04/2011 we play in Schärding (AT) with Tyrants, Cadaver Heresy and Macabre Demise. Currently we are working on new songs for our oncoming album. New rehearsal video coming soon!"

You can also check out Mortal Infinity's music through the band's MySpace page.

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Mercenary Streaming New Song Online

Mercenary has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online:

"New Mercenary Song Online! It's Christmas time, people! As a small gift from us to all you great fans, we have made the song 'The Follower' available in high quality from both Myspace and the Music tab on our Facebook profile. Please support us by sharing the link with all your wonderful friends! Horns!"

You can check out "The Follower" via this location.

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Maveth To Play Hammer Open Air

Maveth has issued the following announcement about appearing at the 2011 edition of the Hammer Open Air Festival in Finland:

"Hammer Open Air Metal Festival! Next summer Maveth will perform at Hammer Open Air Festival in Lieto, Finland. Dates for the festival are 15th and 16th of July 2011. For more info visit this location."

Other confirmed bands so far are: More...

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Maim Finishes New Album

Maim has issued the following update about finishing the recording of a new album:

"All right people, this is what you've been waiting for! Our new album is finally finished. The title for the new album is 'Deceased To Exist.' It will be released on LP and CD in early 2011 through Soulseller Records. We will of course let you know when the album is out.

"We have uploaded 3 new songs from the album. Covet Death, Screams of the Mutilated & Evil Smell of Death. The amazing cover art is made by Mattias Frisk (Vanhelgd) We have an upcoming show on the 18th of december at L'Orient, Linköping, Sweden Tormented, Sorcery and Morbus Chron are also on the bill. It will be a great night so make sure to show up. New T-shirts and merchandise will be available soon. We also have a new Facebook page where we keep you further updated on what's going on in maimcamp."

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Rising Pain To Release New EP

Arizona's Rising Pain has issued the following update about releasing a new EP titled "War of Souls:"

"Happy New Year! We just wanted to say Happy New Year to all our friends out there!! 2011 looks like its gonna be a great year!

"We worked really hard on our latest EP 'War of Souls' that should be out in the next few months! We cant wait for everyone to hear it! Have a safe and happy new year! see you in 2011!"

You can check out the band's music via the Rising Pain MySpace profile.

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Will Of The Ancients Issues Album Update

Will of the Ancients has checked in with the following announcement about the band's upcoming album;

"Hi All, it's been a while since we last had an update, so I figure, this is a pretty good time to take a look at what we've been doing in the WotA camp for the past little while. This past August we started re-recording the new album, 'To Our Glorious Dead.' I know a lot of you have been bugging us to get it out soon, but we wanted to (and still do!) want to release a real ass-kicker of an album, and the stuff we had done previously was not up to that standard.

"Dave finished tracking the Drums in October, and then we went on an Ontario mini-tour with our good friends in Battlesoul, Bolero and Strings of Ares. It was sorta like the sequel to Get Folked (if you remember that from last year). When we got back we started working on the guitar parts. Right now we're about a third of the way done those, and we are hoping to be done early in 2011.

"We've got a fantastic artist by the name of Rob Trickel working on the artwork, which is shaping to be really epic and creepy at the same time. We're hoping to release this beast of an album in spring/summer 2011. And no, we won't be re-re-recording it!!

"Lastly, we're playing a show on January 7th, at the Grand River Hotel in Cambridge, Ontario along with our buddies in Crimson Shadows and some great local bands too. If you live around the area, come out and show some support! It's a Friday night too, so bring your drinking boots! And with that, we say, Happy New Year WotA fans!"

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Interment Issues Tour Update

Interment has issued the following announcement about canceling two upcoming shows and performing at the Pentagram festival:

"Only one show in Spain - Pentagram Fest in Valencia! Sadly we have to inform you that two of our three Spanish shows scheduled for February have been canceled. This was a decision taken by the local booker due to various reasons and we feel sorry for him and our fans.

"However, we will play at the Pentagram Fest in Valencia on Saturday February 12th so if you are around... don't miss this opportunity to catch some old-school Swedish death metal at this exclusive Spanish massacre!"

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Ingraved Posts "The Burden" Video

Ingraved has posted a music video online for the song "The Burden," which is from the album "Onryou" and was directed by Fabio Miccoli. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Manowar Announces New U.S. Show

Manowar has issued the following announcement about an upcoming live show in the U.S. in 2011:

"Manowar returns to the USA! On March 12, 2011, Manowar will crush all disbelievers at the Agora, in Cleveland Ohio. This is Manowar's one and only scheduled appearance in North America! After 6 years, the wait for true metal in America is over! Tickets go on sale January 7, 2011, details to follow soon!"

More details on upcoming Manowar tour dates can be found here.

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Tomorrow's Outlook Issues Album Update

Norwegian metallers Tomorrow's Outlook have issued the following update in regards to their forthcoming debut album, "34613:"

"We have now been listening through the Master a couple of times and there is nothing we would like to change. It all sounds killer! We would like to thank our engineer for being patient with us and for doing such a great job. We didn't expect the recordings to turn out as great as they did. Colin Davis is a true magician, and I have been wondering lately why he ain't up there with the best metal/hardrock producers of today!

"Well, a few days ago I started to shop for labels. I shipped out 13 promo packs. 7 of them to Germany: Century Media Records, Limb Music, Nuclear Blast, Massacre Records, Pure Steel Records, Avenue Of Allies and Rock N Growl. The rest to: Lion Music (Finland), Spinefarm Records (Finland), Mascot Records (Holland), Inferno Records (France) and last but not least Rockadrome Records (USA). More...

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Throne Of Malediction Posts Live Footage

Throne Of Malediction has posted a video clip online of the band performing the track "Inside This Decay" at The Dragon's Den in Kalispell, MT. The footage can be found below.

The band also recently posted a collaboration video with South African artist Verkrag, which can be viewed here.

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Thesyre Issues Album Update

Thesyre has checked in with the following update about writing new material for an upcoming album:

"2010 will soon be over. It's been a quiet year for me and Thesyre. It's time for a short recap:

"We are still writing material for Thesyre's next album. We will record, produce and release it ourselves when we are ready. I am looking forward to some limited physical formats as well as sharing it for free online, as usual.

"Speaking of online material, I am glad to report we had an average of 6 people a day downloading from our archive in the last year. Those numbers are tiny, of course, when compared to bigger bands but I think it's good enough for a band like us with no promotion, no touring, no presence in the press in the last 18 months. There's no way we could sell 6 CDs or LPs a day on our own and on a steady basis, so those numbers please me enough to keep the archive thing going in 2011. More...

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Lordi Video Interview Available

PitXplorer magazine has posted a new video interview online with Lordi, which was conducted on Decmeber 12th, 2010 in Stuttgart. Footage from the interview can be viewed in the clip below.

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At War Front Man Injured In Accident

Virginia's At War has issued the following announcement about vocalist Paul Arnold being injured in a hunting accident:

"On Dec. 9 Paul Arnold was hunting in the mountains of Virginia with two of his best friends of over thirty years. Paul and his friend decided to cover a certain ridge for the afternoon hunt. Paul took the high stand and his friend took the lower stand. As darkness approached Paul left his stand and worked his way down the mountain and towards his friend as planned. As Paul approached the area where his friend was thought to be, he stopped to get his flashlight, as he was pulling his flashlight from his pocket his friend had been watching, not sure of what he was seeing, he decided Paul was either a deer or a bear and broke the cardinal rule of firearms safety... identify your target.

"He made the decision to shoot, striking Paul in the pelvis with a single shot from a two seventy rifle. injuries were severe and it was not sure if he would survive, but he did, and has been lucky enough to have been flown to uva medical center where they are a trauma one center and they saved his life. In the hospital for more than three weeks the doctors are amazed at his recovery. He was just transferred to a rehabilitation center on the twenty ninth, where gaining mobility will be the focus."

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