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Metal News for December 3, 2012

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Unearthing More Of The Genre Blending Underground

Although there may be stagnation in many areas of the heavy music scene, particularly at the most visible and mainstream levels, such is not the case with a swath of metal’s underground sector.

Sure, there are dime a dozen bands that all sound the same and use the exact same breakdown of low growls and clean singing (you know which ones I’m talking about – they like to call themselves “melodic hardcore” or “post-something or other”). There are even plenty of groups that claim they transcend genre or don’t care about sub-genre tags because “music is music” - and this is frequently a warning sign what you are about to hear will suck, hard, and very likely be a copy of something else that was just as lame.

But if you skim off that top layer of bafflingly-popular gunk, there are bands to be found that genuinely ignore borders between styles and let a wide range of genres seep into each other, creating unique and interesting sounds.

In previous Unearthing columns we’ve looked at a few metal bands that blend different genres or ignore metal trends as well as experimental or avant-garde acts, and today we’ll unearth three more outfits in those categories. These are musicians that don’t mind getting some prog in their death metal or some black metal in their electronica, and they’ll even play with mainstream elements while still hitting the extreme notes without skipping a beat.


This Swiss avant-garde outfit has three full-length releases under its belt, with the new album “The Revolution is Dead!” (review coming soon) just dropping last month through Code666 Records. Despite the title’s claim, the metal revolution certainly isn’t dead, as Blutmond plays with just about everything that can be found in the musician’s toolkit: black metal collides with saxophone, female vocals, and even some goth and industrial elements.

As a statement from the band itself recently said, the latest album is “a roller coaster of mindfucked hate songs full of love and lots of lost dreams.” This is a group worth checking out for fans of Oblomov, Furia, or black metal bands that all around don’t give a good goddamn about remaining “trve” or “kvlt.” Four tracks from “The Revolution is Dead!” can be heard through the player below.


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Peter Dolving Talks Solo Projects And The Haunted

The Haunted fell prey to a string of member losses this year, including the departure of vocalist Peter Dolving, who has now released a new solo album titled "Thieves and Liars," in addition to working on other projects Rosvo and Science. Describing the end of his time with The Haunted, he commented "...the band started dying in 2006. Not because we sucked. Because we were good at doing something that didn't click with the business, the market, and the consumers. Simple as that."

With The Haunted in the rear view mirror and other musical outlets ahead, Peter shared with us what's happening in his world lately and his desire to create music that pleases him, regardless of genre classifications.

Peter also has some very strong words for the metal scene and the music industry in general, swearing off record labels to support his solo material and explaining his Rosvo project by stating, "Traditional metalheads and morons who actually are stupid enough to 'think' feces like Waitan or Burzum is music will hate it, and of course, that's the point." Check out the full interview below, along with a stream of "Thieves and Liars." More...

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Dying Fetus Updates Tour Schedule

Death Metal powerhouse Dying Fetus will be hitting the road in in January of 2013 alongside Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, and The Contortionist as part of "The Divinity of Purpose Tour." The tour will kick off January 26th in Flint, MI and will wrap up February 17th in Amityville, NY.

The band is currently out on "The Blood of Power Tour" which is the band's first headlining trek on the "Reign Supreme" album cycle. The first leg of the tour is underway now with support coming from Cattle Decapitation and Cerebral Bore. The second leg begins December 15th in Denver, CO, wrapping up December 23rd in Trenton, NJ. Support on this leg will come from Malignancy and Cerebral Bore. A complete list of dates is available below.

Dying Fetus recently completed shooting a video for the song "Second Skin." Look for the video to debut in the coming weeks. More...

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Maxxxwell Carlisle Releases New Music Video

Los Angeles based shred guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle has just released a video for “Power Angel,” one of the songs off of his new “Visions of Victory” EP (out on Power Dungeon Music). The EP is available now from iTunes, Amazon and all major online outlets. Check out the video below.

The “Power Angel” video was directed by Society 1 frontman Lord Zane. The EP features Dave Chredrick (Deathriders, Graphic Violence) on drums, Frank Mullis (Machine Empire) on bass, and Caro Lion (Aerea, Chess Collective) on lead vocals. Virtuoso guitarist Ethan Brosh (currently with Angels of Babylon) also appears on the EP, playing a guest solo on the track “Fly on Wings of Fire.” Additionally, Vegas based shredder Dannyjoe Carter plays a guest solo on the song “The Kiss of Steel." More...

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My Heart To Fear Posts Video Teaser

Recent Solid State-signees My Heart To Fear have posted a teaser trailer online for the upcoming "Blood Money" music video, which will premiere online tomorrow. In the mean time, the teaser clip is now available below. The previously posted lyric video for "Dear Mr. White" can also be watched at this location.

My Heart To Fear's new EP "Lost Between Brilliance And Insanity" is due out December 4th online and in Hot Topic stores nationwide. Pre-orders can be found right here.

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Re-Armed Posts Studio Footage

Finland's Re-Armed is in the process of recording a new album, and the band has now checked in with the studio video report. This new video clip, covering the guitar recording, can be found below.

Further details on the album will be announced as they are made available. To hear more from Re-Armed, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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King Diamond Signs With Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce that the Grammy Award nominated King Diamond has signed a new 3 album worldwide record deal. King Diamond comments:

"This is gonna be awesome! Another perfect piece of the puzzle. We have the full backup of Metal Blade, and there's an understanding between us that goes much, much deeper than before.

"Our new business setup will noticeably benefit the fans in so many ways. You must have already noticed some of all the cool new stuff that is happening. Now we can't wait to get out there and start touring again!"

Metal Blade also issued the following statement:

"King Diamond is quite possibly the most recognizable and prolific personality ever in heavy metal. Revered by icons as big as Metallica and Pantera to inspiring new upstarts like Goatwhore; King DIamond, the man and the band, have left an indelible mark on the history, and now again, the future of heavy metal.

"In August of 2008, King Diamond joined Metallica on stage at Ozzfest in Dallas to perform the Mercyful Fate medley made famous from the Garage, Inc. album. Additionally, King Diamond was featured alongside Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister as a playable character in Guitar Hero: Metallica in 2009. More...

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Jeff Walker Confirms New Carcass Album Lineup

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors throughout the last week of a new Carcass album in the works, which will be the band's first studio full-length since 1996, although recently Heaven Shall Burn's Mattias Voigt shot down claims he would be involved with the album.

In a new exclusive interview with Decibel Magazine, Jeff Walker has confirmed the project is occurring and announced the recording lineup.

The album is set to be released in 2013, with further details to be announced in the coming year. Check out excerpts from the interview with Walker below.

Decibel: Please tell us the full recording lineup.

Bill Steer (guitars), Jeff Walker (bass/vocals), Daniel Wilding (drums). For live we’ll obviously add another guitarist—we have someone in mind but we are not interested in a ‘name’ player.

Decibel: In a previous email correspondence, you mentioned that this record is a mix of all five Carcass LPs. More...

Read the full article at Decibel Magazine.

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Dead Mountain Mouth Streaming New Song

Dead Mountain Mouth (the solo project of Lundi Galilao from the French sludge-doom band A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm) will release its third studio full-length, "Crystalline," this coming December 10th.

You can now check out a song from the album, titled "200," in the player below or over at Bandcamp here. More info on the band can be found at Facebook. More...

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Headline News

Randy Blythe Formally Indicted For Manslaughter

Czech prosecutors have officially decided to level a formal indictment at Randy Blythe. The embattled Lamb Of God frontman was jailed by Czech authorities last summer, charged with manslaughter in connection with a fan's death at a Prague show in 2010, and held for five weeks.

Blythe was eventually released on $400,000 bail. In a subsequent interview with Metal Hammer, he reflected on the very real possibility of long-term incarceration:

"Ten years with no time off for good behavior. For my particular charge — we're saying manslaughter, but it's assault in the fourth degree with intent, resulting in the death of this young man — the sentence for that is five to 10 years with no time off. So the worst-case scenario is that get out when I'm 51, 52 years old. It's not something I really try to dwell on too much, because it's scary. I don't want to go to prison, I don't want that to happen, but the fact of the matter is it could happen. I will deal with it as it comes, that's all I can do. If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you're pissing on the present. And right now, all! have is the present so I prepare myself the best I can. My band is behind me and my family's behind me and we're gonna do our best to prove my innocence. But worrying about a nebulous uncertain future, or being super-bummed out that l went to prison for 37 days does me no good."

The original Czech report announcing Blythe's indictment can be viewed at Novinky.cz. The court allegedly has three months to set a trial date, unless the case is dismissed or delayed pending further investigation.

Read the full article at Blabbermouth.

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Fferyllt Reveals New Album Details

Symphonic folk metal act Fferyllt has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album:

"We're pleased to announce that our band's second album 'Proritsanie' ('The Prediction') is being released! The band expresses thanks to the label Stygian Crypt Productions and to it's chief Andrew Oboskalov, to all our guest musicians, and to our patient listeners!"

The track listing is:

1. Proritsanie (The Prediction)
2. Mest’ Loki (Loki’s Revenge)
3. Brothers of North
4. Fenrir
5. Aurgelmir
6. Ledyanoy Topor (Axe of Ice)
7. The Synphony of Ice and Flames
8. Called by War
9. Iddavoll More...

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Emmure Announces European Tour w/Chelsea Grin

In addition to the recently announced "Brothers of Brutality" tour with Whitechapel, Emmure will also return to Europe on April 5th to headline The Mosh Lives tour. Support on the trek comes from Chelsea Grin, Obey the Brave, Atilla, and Buried in Verona. The upcoming Emmure tour dates are as follows: More...

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Dragony Issues Update On Vocalist, New Keyboardist

Austrian power metal act Dragony issued an update on the condition of vocalist Siegfried "The Dragonslayer" Samer, who underwent vocal surgery last month. In addition, the band announced the addition of new keyboardist Manuel Hartleb, who replaces the outgoing Georg Lorenz. The band is in the process of planning live show dates for 2013.

The update on the band's Facebook Page reads as follows:

"Well guys, I guess it's time for a little news update from the DRAGONY camp, and it's exclusively good news today!

"First off, we are happy to announce that our lead singer's vocal chord surgery in early November went really well, the recovery process is running smoothly, and we will be back to regular rehearsals in early 2013!

"Meanwhile, the dragons have not been lazy, and we've used to time to hunt high and low for a new keyboard player... and well, we are happy to announce that we have found one in Manuel Hartleb! Thus, please welcome Manuel as the newest member of DRAGONY, and we are sure that with his classical piano background, he will be a great asset to the Unicorn Union!

"Give him a warm welcome, and look out for the first live date announcements for DRAGONY for 2013 real soon! ;) Unicorns Unite!!!"

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Spektr Reveals New Album Details

French industrial/ambient/black metal band Spektr is to release a new album entitled "Cypher" on the 5th of February in Europe and 19th of February in North America through Agonia Records. The cover artwork can be viewed below, and Agonia Records commented:

"Cypher is an experimental black metal album, recorded entirely without vocals except sampling. The album introduces industrial and ambient elements and as a whole should be considered as a strongly psychedelic release; it produces a feeling, as if the mind of the listener, dragged into the music, were unable of concentrate itself or were experiencing a powerful hallucinogen effect."

The band also states: "Six Years of burning visions for the Spektr to return wrenched from the hermetic silence of Initiated Temples. The Ectoplasm Cypher thus stands as the Stone-Principle emerging out of Philosophal fumes - the transcended transcription of the most sealed occultism on audio format. Spektr commits, Agonia endorses - I'LL BE RIGHT THERE IN THE AFTERLIFE - and we ain't going nowhere."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Hermetism
2. Teratology
3. The Singularity
4. Solitude
5. Antimatter
6. Solve Et Coagula
7. Cypher
8. Decorporation
9. Le Vitriol du Philosophe More...

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Porcupine Tree Streaming "Dislocated Day"

Porcupine Tree is streaming the track "Dislocated Day" from its live release "Octane Twisted," which can be heard below or at the album's mini-site here.

"Dislocated Day" was recorded at Royal Albert Hall, London and can be found on the second disc of "Octane Twisted," out now via Kscope. The full track listing is also available below.


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Youthquake Signs With Wormholedeath

Japanese death/thrash act Youthquake has joined the Wormholedeath family, with the label commented:

"The band has over a 22 year career: 'Hide' (legendary guitarist of X-Japan) found their great potential and the band signed with Extacy Records owned by Yoshiki (X-Japan Drummer) in 1994. The band has already released 10 studio recording albums and played over 200 gigs in Japan every year. Youthquake has very high technical twin lead guitars, a solid rhythm section, and a great mixture of brutal sound and melancholic melody.

"Wormholedeath will release the latest album 'Beyond The Void Of Black' in Europe on December 20th, 2012 with digital download and release brand new album with physical CD and digital download next year."

Wormholedeath’s A&R and label manager “Worm” also stated: "When we started our Japanese division we were stocked with the great amount of feedback created by our label in Japan and now we reached our first goal: signing such an important band, that has such a big name and career in that country is something amazing. We were so proud to know that the band wanted to work with us. We will start promoting Youthquake with their current album 'Beyond The Void Of Black' in Europe to open doors to their upcoming release… A new album fully released by Wormholedeath and Wormholedeath Japan!"

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Deathember Reveals New Album Title

Swedish groove metallers Deathember today announced that the title for their upcoming debut album will be ”Going Postal.” The album will be released in the first quarter of 2013 and will feature ten tracks, two of which have currently unnamed guest appearances.

A pre-production version of the track "Spirals" can be heard below, which is the first material to include new singer Simon Tarasewicz. Deathember is:

Simon Tarasewicz – Vocals
Elias Ryen-Rafstedt – Drums
Pontus Wicklander – Bass
Staffan Birkedal – Guitars
Rikard Bonander - Guitars More...

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Necroven Releasing "Perpetual Blasphemies"

Metalhit.com, in collaboration with Spain's Necroven, is releasing the band's demos in the form of "Perpetual Blasphemies," a six-track assault of uncompromising, mid-paced underground death metal. The following press release was also issued:

"No frills or other bullshit, this is straight forward brutal death metal that is both memorable and raw. Following on the heels of the band's debut CD, 'Worship of Humiliation' on Spain's Momento Mori record label, 'Perpetual Blasphemies' will make an excellent accompaniment showcasing the talents of the band's sole member.

"'Perpetual Blasphemies' features cover artwork by Mark Riddick and comes packaged in a 6-panel ecowallet. The album is available now for pre-order and will be available globally on CD and Digital formats in mid-January 2013."

Pre-orders are available at this location and the artwork is available below. More...

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Kaledon Posts Vocal Recording Footage

Rome's power metal act Kaledon has posted more in-studio footage online of the band's time working on a new album. Check out footage of the vocal recording process below, or find a previous studio video update at this location. Kaledon consists of:

Alex Mele - Guitars
Marco Palazzi - Vocals
Tommy Nemesio - Guitars
Daniele Fuligni - Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli - Bass
Luca Marini - Drums

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Terra Deep Offering Debut EP For Free Download

Oregon's Terra Deep has released the band's debut EP "Starlight Lodge" for free via Bandcamp here. These five tracks of Terra Deep's blend of melody and blackened mayhem were released to the world December 1st, 2012 and can also be heard in the player below. The track listing is:

1. Grisaille 01:24
2. In The Field Where I Died 11:47
3. Genesis 07:06
4. Lake 10:49
5. Starlight Lodge 09:49 More...

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Seven Nines And Tens To Release New Single

Vancouver, British Columbia act Seven Nines and Tens will be releasing the new single "Constants & Axioms/Kemptville" this coming January 1st, 2013 via Nefarious Industries.

To get acquainted with the band's music, check out the previous album "Habitat 67," which is available for streaming at this location. Seven Nines and Tens also issued the following announcement last month about recruiting a new member:

"Seven Nines and Tens would like to welcome our new guitarist Kerry to the fold! Kerry brings an extensive jazz background to the band along with an impressive collection of boutique effects. Drummer Earl said that we've never sounded better after our 2 hour jam last night. After 4 years of being a band this is a cause for ridiculous excitement for us." More...

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Meek Is Murder Releases New Video Clip

Meek is Murder has released a music video for the track "Marty McFly (88mph)," taken off the band's latest EP "Into the Sun Where it Falls off the Sky." Check out the clip below. The digital-only EP was released on October 30th via Bandcamp and the track listing is as follows:

1. Private William Hudson (Dead Meat) 00:59
2. Ellen Ripley (Into The Sun) 01:05
3. Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless In Our Fleeting) 01:15
4. Marty McFly (88 mph) 01:09
5. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Out Of Gas) 02:25 More...

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Buckcherry Announces Shows With Kid Rock

Multi-Platinum rock band Buckcherry will join Kid Rock as a special guest on the upcoming “Rebel Soul” tour beginning February 2nd in Kansas City, MO.

“’Great American Rock n’ Roll’: Kid Rock and Buckcherry. That’s all you have to say. The baddest rock n’ roll tour with the American badass himself,” says Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd.

While on the road, Buckcherry will preview new songs from the forthcoming "Confessions" album, due out in early 2013. This marks the band’s sixth studio album and first U.S. release for Century Media Records. The lyrics for Confessions are tied together by the underlying theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Fans will get an early taste of the album when “Gluttony,” the first single from "Confessions," is released as an iTunes single on December 11th. Upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Agrypnie Announces Headlining Tour

Agrypnie has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming tour dates with Heretoir:

"Folks, we are very proud to announce our Aetas Cineris headliner tour for 2013! Together with our dear friends of Der Weg einer Freiheit and Heretoir, we are hitting the road on the first of March 2013!"

01.03.2013DE Siegen – Vortex Club
02.03.2013DE Oberhausen – Helvete
03.03.2013DE Hamburg – Bambi Galore
04.03.2013DE Berlin – Magnet
05.03.2013DE tba
06.03.2013DE Leipzig – Moritzbastei
07.03.2013AT Wien – Viper Room
08.03.2013DE Stuttgart – Club Zentral
09.03.2013DE tba
10.03.2013CH Zürich – Werk 21 More...

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Walking Corpse Syndrome Issues Studio Update

Walking Corpse Syndrome is currently working on new album "Alive in Desolation," and now the band has checked in with a new studio report. You can check out the full blog with photos from the studio at this location, or read the following excerpts:

"We've been nothing but impressed with Amplified Wax, a recording studio in Spokane, Washington. Jimmy, the head honcho and Grand Master of Engineering Magic, is a genius who is able to bring the absolute best out in all of us. His ears are sharp as razors and his expertise is unrivaled by anything we've ever seen. One would think that by now, we would be numb to the experience, that we would no longer be gawking at each other with fully-dropped jaws, stammering the same slobbering mantra, 'This album is going to be SO FUCKING KILLER!'

"In that respect, we are perpetually broken records, because 'Alive in Desolation' is incredible RIGHT NOW AS IT IS, even in the amniotic sea of tracking. From day one, our expectations were completely surpassed. With each passing day, we become more and more amazed, more impressed, more blown away that music of this caliber can come from a little Montana band. We reached for the stars and were catapulted beyond the cosmos, straight into the fiery bliss of the indescribable spirit of Awesomeness itself!

"We expected a high quality rendition of what we've been playing. What we're getting is repeated shock after shock of amazement. The songs start and we hem and haw, high-five, and grab-ass in our bizarre tribal revelry. Allow me to reiterate: WE ARE HIGHLY IMPRESSED, MAJORLY BLOWN AWAY, AND RANDILY EAGER TO FINISH THIS ALBUM. We have to get this into your hands, into your CD player, onto your computer, your iPod, your smartphone, your central nervous system, and anywhere else we can get it. We're so stoked that we need you to hear it, so that you can be stoked like us. Then we shall all embrace in a festive jump-hug, burn some effigies, and toast to the everlasting spirit of Metal. More...

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The Contortionist Releases New Music Video

The Contortionist has debuted a brand new music video today for the single "Dreaming Schematics." Check out the video below.

Fans familiar with the last video for "Causality" will see a definitive correlation between the two clips, and front man Jonathan Carpenter comments, "We're very pleased with the vibe captured in our new video. It has a very spacey look and that fits the ethereal sounds of the song."

The band also recently announced its participation in Hatebreed's "Divinity of Purpose" tour heading out early next year. Dates can be seen after the jump. The Contortionist released "Intrinsic" earlier this year, which landed at number #107 on the Billboard Top 200, #15 on the Hard Music Chart, and #3 on the New Artist Chart. More...

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Imminent Sonic Destruction Posts Video Teaser

Earlier this year Imminent Sonic Destruction released debut album "Recurring Themes" (reviewed here), which was produced by Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson). According to a press release, the album features nine original tracks that "showcase the band's vocal harmonies soaring over original progressive-metal riffing, melodic compositions and the rhythms of ex-Tiles drummer, Pat DeLeon."

"Recurring Themes" was financed entirely by the band and is available for purchase via the band's website, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Lasers Edge, Dearborn Music and is now available through Nightmare Records.

Imminent Sonic Destruction recently completed work on a video for the song "Monster." The video will be receiving its exclusive premiere in the coming weeks via Noisecreep, but now the band has released a teaser for the video that can be seen below. More...

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Decades Of Despair Streaming New Song

Paris, France based death metal act Decades of Despair released new album "Alive" on December 1st, 2012. Now the band has released a track from the album for streaming online. Listen to "The Essence of Life" through the YouTube player available below.

"Alive" is available online now through iTunes and you can hear more from Decades of Despair via Facebook here. The album's track listing is:

1. It Comes from the North
2. Son of the Red Sand
3. Alive
4. Defeated Kingdom
5. The Essence of Life
6. Opium Smoke
7. The Ritual
8. Wrath of the Fallen Gods
9. Tremors
10. An Eternal Eclipse
11. I
12. A Glittering Obscurity More...

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Rage Of South Posts Lyric Video

Rage of South has launched a new official lyric video for the song "Sheep," which will appear on an upcoming album produced at Mothermouse Studio. Check out the clip below, or find more info on the band over at Facebook here.

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The Advaita Concept Streaming "The Ratio"

The Advaita Concept has posted new release "The Ratio" online, which can be heard via the group's Bandcamp page or in the player below. The Advaita Concept also comments:

"We present to you all, after much too long a wait...our 10 track epic 'EP.' The evolution of the Ontology EP, we bring you The Ration by The Advaita Concept.

"Recorded mixed and produced by the legendary Ken Susi (Unearth). Tracks 1-6 showcase Ken's crushing and unforgiving sense of the word heavy. Starting from the very first words in song 7 entitled QUADFOCAL, we beckon you to 'wake up' and for the remainder of the album, Alec Larson's production takes you on a journey of wonder, hilarity, and ambient tranquility.

"This album is who we are as people and as musicians. Have it for free or pay what you feel its worth. Thank you to all of our fans for being so patient." More...

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Graven Image Streaming "Twisted And Broken"

Connecticut metal act Graven Image is streaming another new track "Twisted And Broken" from the band's forthcoming debut CD "The Future Started Yesterday." The album is scheduled for release on December 15, 2012 at the band's performance at Cook's Cafe in Naugatuck, CT (with Endtime Illusion, Our Own Destruction and the debut live performance of Fear Apparent).

The concept "The Future Started Yesterday" deals with a injured soldier returning home from the battlefield having to deal not only with his physical health but the psychological traumas from the war. The track listing for "The Future Started Yesterday" is as follows:

1. One Mistake (streaming here)
2. Far Away
3. No Atheist in a Foxhole
4. Twisted And Broken
5. Demons (streaming here)
6. The Other Side
7. 1600 Deception Avenue
8. World of Decay
9. The Future Started Yesterday

Check out "Twisted And Broken" here: More...

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Soilwork Unveils Album Art & Track List For New LP

Sweden's Soilwork unveiled the album artwork for the band's upcoming new double length album release "The Living Infinite" (shown below). The album is set for release on February 27, 2013 in Asia (via license to Marquee Records), in Europe on March 1, 2013 and in North America on March 5, 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records. "The Living Infinite" was produced by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath), the CD features artwork by Mnemic's Mircea Gabriel Eftemie.

The band commented on the artwork: "After commissioning some pretty elaborate covers for the last couple of records, we decided to try something more sober and design-oriented fo r The Living Infinite . Who better to call than the man who created the iconic Stabbing The Drama cover? Mircea Gabriel Eftemie is not only a close friend but also an incredible graphic designer. We're all stoked about his work which is different from anything SOILWORK has ever done and perfectly suits the elegant oceanic concept of The Living Infinite. Enjoy, folks!"

Artist Eftemie added: "Seven years ago, I created the artwork for the Stabbing The Drama album and I can't believe how time flies! Here we are, with sexy gray hairs, working with my friends in SOILWORK again. This time, we built the cover around a maritime concept, aiming for something direct and symbolic. I believe we achieved that quite well. From my creative deck, I salute you and say: 'Long Live The Living Infinite.'"

As previously announced, New Model Army vocalist Justin Sullivan will provide guest vocals on the track "The Windswept Mercy." The track list for "The Living Infinite" is as follows: More...

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Cult Of Luna Streaming New Track "I: The Weapon"

Sweden's Cult Of Luna is streaming the new track "I: The Weapon" from the band's new album "Vertikal." The album is scheduled for release on January 25, 2013 (Germany/Austria) and worldwide drop on January 29, 2013 (excluding North America) via Indie Recordings.

The track listing for "Vertikal" is as follows:

1. The One
2. I: The Weapon
3. Vicarious Redemption
4. The Sweep
5. Synchronicity
6. Mute Departure
7. Disharmonia
8. In Awe Of
9. Passing Through
10. The Flow Reversed (Bonus Track LTD Edition only)

Check out "I: The Weapon" here: More...

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Tank Posts "War Machine Live" DVD Trailer

Legendary NWOBHM act Tank posted a trailer for the "War Machine Live" DVD, which features the band's performances in Poland in 2011 and 2012 along with interview footage and the "War Nation" Music video (which can be seen over here).

The DVD is scheduled for release in North America on December 11, 2012 through Metal Mind Production. Check out the preview clip here:

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Kamelot Posts Additional European Tour Footage

Kamelot posted up more video footage from the band's recently completed headline tour of Europe with Xandria, Triosphere and Blackguard in support of the "Silverthorn" LP (see Metal Underground.com's review over here). The video covers the band's last three performances in Copenhagen (DEN), Stockholm (SWE) and the finale in Oslo (NOR).

The band is currently working on dates for the "Silverthorn 2013 Tour." Check out the footage here:

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NulldB Posts New Music Video For "Endzeit"

German nu metal act nulldB posted a new music video for the song "Endzeit." The song is the title track from the upcoming release through AFM Records, which drops on December 14, 2012. With "Endzeit," "the band continues to mix the recipe of success between nu metal, nu rock and new German heavy wave. The proverbial question among new and young bands is typically, "who do they sound like…?" however this is a question with no answer! Therefore, all fans of the new German heavy wave scene are safe-guarded as being coined yet another Rammstein clone-band."

Make your own judgment...check out "Endzeit" right here:

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