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Metal News for December 29, 2009

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The Wounded Kings, Hellish Crossfire Songs Online

I Hate Records posted two new songs on their MySpace player earlier this month. Check out The Wounded Kings' "The Sons of Belial" taken from the album "The Shadow Over Atlantis" and Hellish Crossfire's "Night of the Possessed" taken from the album "Bloodrust Scythe." Both albums will be released early January 2010.

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God Forbid Comments On James Sullivan's Death

Guitarist Doc Coyle of New Jersey metallers God Forbid has issued the following statement about Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Sullivan, who passed away on December 28th:

"RIP Rev (A7X) I just wanted to send our deepest condolences on behalf of God Forbid to Avenged Sevenfold and Jimmy's family and close friends after news of his passing. God Forbid got to know Jimmy and the rest of the band when we took A7X out on tour in 2002 when they were a brand new band, and they've continued to treat us with warmth and respect over the years since their meteoric rise. This is a a true tragedy, and he will be missed greatly. Love and Respect."

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System Divide Recording New Album

Ohio metallers System Divide have issued the following statement about recording a new album:

"Hey all! First of all: Happy holidays to all of you out there supporting the band, we wish you all the best and a killer rockin 2010! On a good note, we are currently recording our Metal blade debut: The Conscious Sedation at the Conquistador studios here in Cleveland and shit is moving! Expect the album to have 11-12 tunes of heavy extreme metal madness with blazing guitar leads, crazy kickpatterns, blasts, grooves and melodies along with our own brand of extreme and clean vocals. The album THE CONSCIOUS SEDATION should be out around June on Metal Blade records worldwide so keep your eyes open for those interested. Also keep your eyes open for tourdates from 2010 onwards, System Divide will invade your backyards, bedrooms and porta potties! Rock on!!!"

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Pantheist Recruits New Guitarist

Pantheist has issued the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"So, the radio plays constantly and unrelentingly 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' or 'Let It Snow'; yet all I see around me are executions of people with learning difficulties, greedy publicans walking like zombies in multistories and snatching last minute deals while at the same time exchanging their Christmas presents for money, radical lunatics trying to blow up transatlantic planes during landing and other such heart warming events. To make matters worse, my favourite football team has failed -for the third year in a row- to buy a trustworthy central defender, and are now in danger of having their patchy defence exposed by the warriors of AS Roma. It's all looking gloomy, and I guess I'll blame it on my extensive 'doom' training throughout the years.

"Anyhow, we are not here to discuss world events; there are luckily some positive news as well. After a search that lasted for several months, we found ourselves jamming and rehearsing with Pepijn Van Houwelingen (ex In Age and Sadness). Although he is is known as a bass player/vocalist from his previous band, we discovered that he is a damn fine guitar player as well, so we'll continue to work with him and look forward to introduce him as our second guitar player in our upcoming gigs. We thank everyone who applied for the position, but as you all know there was only one position for guitar player to be filled. More...

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Embryonic Devourment Announces New Album Details

California technical death/grind band EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT will release their second full-length, "Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void," in the early part of 2010 (label TBA). "Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void" is based the Reptilian Agenda, a theory researched, written and spoken about extensively by British author/reporter/former pro football player David Icke for well over a decade. The disc is being recorded and engineered by Anomalous guitarist Nate Vennarucci and will be mixed and mastered by Vile's Colin Davis at Imperial Studios.

Vocalist/bassist Austin Spence discusses the new material, "We feel that the new material will be our best yet and will make the previous releases sound sloppy in comparison. We've really come along way as musicians. All the practicing, touring, recording, loading gear, pissing and shitting music all these grueling years are finally starting to pay off! We also have a second guitarist now -- Adam Weber of Mummification. He's a sick guitar player that will add a whole new element to the recording and overall sound of our band. We tried to make this one way more technical in the vein of Formulas Fatal To The Flesh- era Morbid Angel but with a more spastic, ever-changing approach. There are lots of surprises around each stretch of music." More...

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Assailant Parts Ways With Record Label

Sweden's Assailant has issued the following statement about parting ways with their record label Dockyard1:

"We just wanna say thank you to Dockyard1 and give them our best. We, Assailant, have decided to leave dockyard1 just because we feel that we would benefit from either looking for a new label or starting a new. Right now we will continue working on our TBA third album and see what the future holds. Again, thanx to all of you @ Dockyard1. You've been great guys!"

Assailant have also announced they will be streaming the first three songs from their upcoming album via their MySpace page on Sunday, January 3rd. The tracks will be titled "My Hate Remains," "Shades Of Grey," and "The End."

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Supreme Pain To Replace Nox At Hoogeveen Show

Dutch death metallers Supreme Pain have announced they will be replacing Nox at the show scheduled for January 16th, 2010 at the Het Podium in Hoogeveen. Cote d'Aver and Fondlecorpse will also be appearing at the show. Samples of Supreme Pain's music are available for streaming at the band's MySpace page. Supreme Pain's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

1/16 2010 Het Podium Hoogeveen, NL
4/17 2010 The Elektrowerkz London, UK

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Tales From The Pit: Tearing Down The Venue

UPDATE: Neither the Metalunderground.com staff nor the members of Hoarfrost support or condone damaging a venue's equipment. We apologize if this story was construed as supporting destructive behavior that hurts both the venues and the bands that are vital to continuing a strong underground metal scene.

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week Hoarfrost vocalist Ryan Suche shares a cautionary tale to venues who may want to cut off fans from the bands:

"Okay, so there's a bit of a preamble I have to get through first - gotta set the scene here, right?

"Late in 2008, a local venue called the Zoo installed a big honkin' fence in front of their stage. I heard there was some hardcore show where people were hanging from the ceiling and running around everywhere and some beer got spilt on the monitors and, well, the Zoo was sick of replacing the monitors or something like that. So, they installed this massive 4 foot high fence that just totally cuts you off from the band, and people fucking hate it.

"Which brings us to March of this year (2009). My band Hoarfrost was playing a gig with a local band called Tyrants Demise and TD was building up this crazy pit; the place was packed! And the front row was just bashing their fists against that fucking fence TD's entire set - BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! And, as it goes, the shit hit the fan and those fuckers tore that fence right off it's mounts. People don't like that fucking fence. At all."

Hoarfrost recently self-released their debut EP "The Cold Plains." Samples from the EP can be heard at the band's MySpace page. Hoarfrost also announced in a recent interview with Metalunderground that they will soon start writing new material for an upcoming release.

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Interview with Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Jeff Young

Due to recent allegations made by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, Jeff Young finally spoke out after years of silence. In this exclusive interview, Jeff Young gives us his take on events and tells Metalunderground.com about events that he hasn't mentioned in the past 20 years. More...

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Porcupine Tree Comments On London Show VIPs

Porcupine Tree has issued the following update about canceling the VIP packages for their upcoming London tour date at Royal Albert Hall:

"RAH VIP packages off the menu. Please note that contrary to an earlier news item the band have decided not to offer a special VIP package for the Royal Albert Hall show. If you joined the Residents of a Blank Planet service over the last few days in anticipation of this, please contact the PT store to ask for a refund. Apologies for the confusion."

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Throne Of Malediction Streaming New Song

Throne of Malediction has issued the following update about streaming the track "Grief" online via their MySpace page:

"Hi, we added a new extra song called 'Grief' to our page. Another very slow song (as we are not afraid to slow down) This is a song written by Jessica (our guitar,vocal goddess )for her Aunt that recently passed away earlier this month. Sadly, this is our 2nd memorial song (unplanned). The 1st, 'Rita' is for Jessica's mom who passed in 2007. it has been a rough few years for Jessica and her family. We wrote and recorded these songs with no pretensions. They are pure expressions of true feelings. This song 'Grief' may be released on our upcoming album. But we are not sure. We hope these songs can touch someone who feels the loss of a loved one. I think this is a rather good song me and Jessica put together and I want to share it. Jessica was not sure even to add this song to this page, as it is a very emotional and personal song (as is 'Rita'). Just know that these songs are made with true feeling and we care not whether people like them. Rest in Peace Patricia Hewitt & Rita Hewitt You will be missed!!!"

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Ealdath Issues New Album Update

Portland metallers Ealdath have issued the following update about mixing the full-length album they recorded in 2008:

"The full length we recorded early '08 is finally progressing! The mixing duties have been handed over to Billy Anderson and the stuff we have heard so far is very heavy and epic! We hope to have a sample song up in the next coupe of weeks."

A fan-filmed video clip of Ealdath opening for Slough Feg can also be viewed below. More...

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Def Leppard To Become Cartoon Stars

The members of Def Leppard are to become cartoon characters. It has been revealed that the band is working on a cartoon series, which will see them involved in various escapades. The British metalers have signed a deal with music publishing company Primary Wave, which is also developing video games and phone applications for the band.

The animation project is still in the early stages and has not been pitched to TV networks yet.

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Tesla Announces More Tour Dates

American hard rock band Tesla has announced some further tour dates in North America for the first quarter of next year. This to continue the support and promotion of the bands most recent album, "Forever More."

The tour schedule is now as follows:

January 15 - Medina, MN - Medina Entertainment Center
January 16 - Walker, MN - Northern Lights Casino
February 5 - Lincoln City, OR - Chinook Winds Casino & Resort
February 6 - Lincoln City, OR - Chinook Winds Casino & Resort
February 26 - Mt. Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
February 27 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
March 12 - Wendover, NV - Peppermill Casino

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Varg Vikernes Discusses Fake Websites

Varg Vikernes, the man behind the one man black metal outfit Burzum, has posted a new message online to warn his fans of the amount of fake websites and social networking accounts that bear his name. An excerpt from the message reads as follows:

"Some emails from honest individuals and a few Google searches made me realize that there are many impersonators out there claiming to be me or claiming to run official Burzum websites of some sort. Let me therefore briefly tell you that I have no website of any kind other than www.burzum.org, administrated by the honourable BattleGrim. Not on MySpace or anywhere else.

"To avoid any confusion in the future I can add that if I ever get my own "space" on MySpace or anything like that I will announce it on www.burzum.org. If I don't you will know that I am not there. Not in any shape or form. Not even under a pseudonym or any other disguise.

"I can also add, as a reminder, that www.burzum.org came about because BattleGrim and I wanted to create a site with reliable information about Burzum, to counter all the lies of the music press and other media institutions - including the impersonator's paradise (the internet).

Read the full article at Burzum.org.

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Stratovarius To Work On New Album in 2010

Stratovarius, who recently confirmed their appearance at Wacken 2010, will continue their European tour starting in January. The band also plans to start work on a new album in 2010. Here is a news update from the band:

"We're still in the middle of the Polaris world tour, but we do have a bit of news.

"The European summer festivals earlier this year were nice and relaxing as always, and then we embarked on a long three-month leg which covered the Far East, North and South America, and Finland. One highlight was Beijing, a place none of us in the band had played or visited before.

"Some of Lauri's video blogs from the past year are at http://www.stratovarius.com/tour.

"After a break for the holidays, the caravan will roll on in 2010, and we will do a long tour of Europe in January and February (see dates below). You can always check an up-to-date list of any upcoming dates at this address: http://www.stratovarius.com/tour.

"We have some more good news: we just confirmed to play Wacken in August 2010, which is always great fun. It's the biggest metal festival in the world, and has a great crowd, but also since there are so many bands there, you can always reconnect with many old friends backstage and in the VIP bar. This gig will mark the end of the "Polaris" would tour which spanned four continents with close to a hundred gigs. Wacken's website is at http://www.wacken.com/.

"We have finally made available the remaining stock some of the band's older merch. It's available for sale now at the 'treasure chest' on Stratovarius' official webshop at Fanzone. Some of these classic items are pretty unlikely that we will reprint, ever. The information about the old "treasure chest' merch you can find here (pdf). The main webshop with all the stock you can find at this address: http://www.fanzone.fi/stratovarius/.

"We have also confirmed an appearance on the '70,000 tons of metal' Caribbean cruise in late January, 2011. You can find details about this very nice cruise here: http://www.70000tons.com.

"We saved the best piece of good news for last: next year we will start work on a new full-length record, a follow-up to 2009's 'Polaris.'

"Best regards, happy holidays and have a great new 2010!"

Remaining confirmed tour dates are as follows: More...

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Headline News

Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Found Dead

James Sullivan, the drummer for Orange County, California based rock band Avenged Sevenfold and better known to his fans as "The Rev," was found dead in his home yesterday (December 28th.) A local examination claims that he passed away from natural causes. His bandmates from Avenged Sevenfold has posted the following message online:

"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

"Jimmy you are forever in our hearts. We love you."

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