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Metal News for December 27, 2010

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Devildriver Guitarist Talks About "Beast"

While on tour in the UK earlier this year, DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick sat down with British music mag Altsounds to discuss a number of things. From the band's attempt to get in the Guinness Book of World Records via the largest circle pit ever recorded, to funny tour stories documented in their upcoming DVD, to the brand new album "Beast." Read an excerpt of the Q&A below, and the full interview here.

DevilDriver will release their fifth studio album, "Beast," on February 22nd. In addition to the full album, the band will be offering a special edition with a bonus DVD documentary entitled "You May Know Us From the Stage."

AltSounds: What’s going to be different from it in comparison to your other albums?

Jeff Kendrick: Well I think the songwriting is the best we’ve ever done, I think the musicianship is the best. I think it’s the best vocally, it has the best production too. I think it’s got simply the best everything. As far as the songs go, hooks and things like that, there’ll definitely be there. In terms of it being straight up heavy? It’s the heaviest and most brutal record by far. It’s fucking heavy man!

AltSounds: This is good news! [laughs] Was it a smooth and easy writing process?

Jeff Kendrick: I guess it was yeah! It was great for us because everyone in the band writes, and that’s all we can do. We released Pray For Villains in July 09, andliterally went into record an album in April 10. That’s only seven or eight months… Or maybe nine? [laughs]

AltSounds: I think it’s nine… possibly [laughs]

Jeff Kendrick: Yeah, it wasn’t much time at all!

AltSounds: I’ve looked at a potential track listing for the album, and some of the titles that I saw included “Shitlist,” “Cold Blooded” and “You Make Me Sick.” Do you think that this dark and edgy feel that you guys have to your music is vital in becoming a successful metal band?

Jeff Kendrick: Honestly man, I think it just comes down to the fact that we generally care. I think it goes beyond the fact that we’re playing music, it’s just the vibe in general because it’s real shit. It’s not contrived, it’s not fake, it’s not created for any other reason than it’s what comes from our hearts. I think people identify with that. As far as being successful goes, I think a lot of our success comes from the fact that we never go home from touring [laughs] We’re still on an upward climb, and I’m just grateful for everything that’s happened to us. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re certainly not going anywhere.

Read the full article at Altsounds.com.

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Footage Of New Karma To Burn Song Available

Footage has been posted online of Karma to Burn performing a new song titled "Jimmy Dean" at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH on December 8th, 2010. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Weekly Rock Band Network Metal Song Roundup

Blame it on the liquored egg nog or a simple exuberance to finally tear open those beautiful packages under the tree, but somehow we didn't get up the list of new Rock Band Network metal songs last Friday. Just because it isn't the weekend doesn't mean you can't pull down the plastic guitars and get a-rocking, though, as this week sees quite a few new metal entries to the game.

The Xbox 360 version has been taken over by the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Arkaea, Battlesoul, Heaven Shall Burn, and Deadlock. On December 28th the PS3 version of Rock Band gets more Suicide Silence, All That Remains, and Between the Buried and Me. Continuing to beef up its metal selection, the Wii edition gets IWrestledABearOnce, Demon Hunter, and Asking Alexandria on January 4th.

The newly added Xbox 360 tracks, including all the non-metal songs, are as follows:

Arkaea - "Gone Tomorrow"
Battlesoul - "Battlesoul"
Big Engine - "Party Like a Rock Star"
Blanks. - "Lodger"
Blanks. - "Pouncer"
Blanks. - "(Lone Wolf) Soccer Mom"
Daas Bosh - "Eternal Divine Angel Death"
Deadlock - "The Brave / Agony Applause"
Dimmu Borgir - "The Serpentine Offering"
Dirty Filthy Mugs - "Another Round"
Faithful Darkness - "Stay Awake"
FeelAbouT - "Stop"
Freen In Green - "Iceblind"
Garage A Trois - "Power Patriot"
Graveyard BBQ - "The Clothes That Makes the Man"
Heaven Shall Burn - "The Omen"
Incordiales - "No Pertenezco"
John Garrison - "Lost"
Kirby Krackle - "Vault 101"
Lee DeWyze - "Princess (Reprise)"
Miss May I - "Relentless Chaos"
Octavio Sune - "Esto ya lo Toque Manana"
Raging Meats - "Splosion Man Theme Song"
She Bears - "What Morning Brings"
The Taj Motel Trio - "OaOaO"
Wretched - "Cimmerian Shamballa" More...

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Mob Rules Splits With Keyboadist

Mob Rules has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with keyboardist Sascha Onnen and lining up new shows for 2011:

"After we traveled a lot this year to present you our new album 'Radical Peace' at live shows, we turned back to our rehearsal room and start working on our next record. We had a great time on the road with you and thank all fans a lot for the outnumbered backup.

"Some concerts for 2011 are confirmed already; amongst others the ‘Prog Power’-Festival at Atlanta, USA, where we will play at September 2011. That means Mob Rules is after San Francisco 2007 for the second time back in America! Further shows will follow; planning runs on maximum.

"At the end of the year our longtime keyboarder Sascha Onnen left the band to have more time for his family life and his new born child. We wish Sascha and his young family all luck and thank him for the great years together. At the time we work with his replacement Jan Christian Halfbrodt to include him. He will be presently introduced to you. Till then: Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we will see you on our concerts in 2011!"

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Massive Assault Posts Live Footage Of New Song

A video clip has been posted online of Dutch death metallers Massive Assault performing the new song "Ignore" from the band's upcoming MCD "Slayer." The clip can be viewed below.

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Unearthing The Unblack Metal Underground

Each week with Unearthing the Metal Underground we take a look at quality underground bands in an attempt to spread the word of lesser known acts. This week we're diving into a divisive and controversial subject: Christian "unblack" metal. Also known as "white metal" or "holy unblack metal," the genre twists the standard Satanic or anti-religious themes and instead presents a pro-Christian worldview.

Say the phrase "Christian black metal" to the average metal head and you're likely to be met with a confused giggle or a baffled comparison to Jewish Nazi metal bands, but believe it or not there is a thriving religious black metal scene. While many of the black metal legions may see Christian lyrical themes as an irreconcilable contradiction, there are quite a few unblack bands with music every bit as dark and menacing as anything from the likes of Mayhem or Dimmu Borgir.

As a companion to this look into three unblack metal bands, we also have an editorial dealing with the subject of Christianity in black metal.


Destroying any preconceived notions of unblack metal lacking the force of an anti-religious band, Finland’s Renascent is a thrash-influenced symphonic black metal power house that equals or exceeds many secular bands. The level of fury present in the music is pretty astonishing, and the band doesn’t slouch in the melody department either. It’s a shame the band isn’t better known in the extreme metal community, as the aggressive symphonic tones are sure to please fans of acts like Dimmu Borgir or Dragonlord. Several Renascent tracks are available for streaming through the band’s MySpace page, with “In Hell” and “Exodus” being the most potent examples of crushing brutality mixed with keyboards. The songs “Scenes of a Tragedy” and “Through Darkness” can also be found in the video clips below.


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Parkway Drive's Winston McCall Talks New Album

Australian "metalcore played by surfers" act Parkway Drive will be hitting U.S. shores in February in support of the band's latest release "Deep Blue." While Parkway Drive takes a break from live shows to recharge its batteries and write new material, vocalist Winston McCall recently discussed the new album and the band's upcoming plans.

Talking about the construction of "Deep Blue," McCall stated, "We tried to write a record the flowed from start to end, as opposed to writing a hand full of random songs and putting them in whatever order. We also tried to record in as natural way as possible. It was very stripped back and we tried to just get as bigger sounds as possible without relying on digital manipulation and computer tricks." He also goes on to explain the creation of the "Sleepwalker" video and writing a continuing narrative for the album's lyrics. More...

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Lizzy Borden Posts Tour Footage

Lizzy Borden has posted a video clip online recapping the band's touring throughout 2010. The footage can be found below.

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Ixion Signs To Avantgarde Music

Ixion has issued the following announcement about signing a record deal with Avantgarde Music:

"A very good news for Ixion: we have just signed a deal with the Italian label Avantgarde Music for the release of the upcoming album To the Void! We are very happy about this partnership and to be part of the new era of this well-known label.

"To the Void features 10 new tracks for a total length of 56 minutes. The album should be released in early 2011. In the meantime, the first track of the album, 'Beyond the skies' can be listened to online here, as well as the medley we already published! More news to come soon!"

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Beyond the skies
2. The plague
3. Leaving
4. New heaven
5. Fear of the hidden
6. Rebellion
7. Falling to apathy
8. Funereal dance
9. Soothing in agony
10. Fade to blue

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Devastator Comments On Upcoming Album

Devastator has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming new album:

"We are happy to announce to all our fans and insiders that our new album will be titled 'LA MUSICA sucks' and will be released in autumn 2011, the year of our tenth anniversary. The lineup of the disc will appear again the four songs from our EP 'Go Fuck All!' re-recorded and rearranged. We also wrote another 15 songs and now we are choosing the 11 or 12 that will end up on the new album. The new material is even more angry and violent than our last heard on the EP, so be prepared to slaughter! The recordings of 'LA MUSICA sucks' will begin in April in the Studio Records Putrid of Lucca, and artwork will once again be delivered by Denis Walter. Below you can see a video presentation on the new album, produced by Rob."

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Hatebreed To Play Summer Breeze 2011

Hatebreed has been confirmed to perform at the 2011 edition of the Summer Breeze Open Air. The festival is set to take place from August 18th - 20th, and additional details can be found here. The organizers of the festival commented:

"Summer Breeze has already survived a few tremors over the last few years, but the most severe eruption of them all is yet to come. Hatebreed are gearing up to utterly destroy Dinkelsbühl in 2011 with their killer songs. No other band out there combines the attitude and aggression of hardcore and the uncompromising heaviness of metal in such a perfect way. Scene icon Jamey Jasta and his wrecking crew are the epitome of unleashed energy, the embodiment of credibility, the essence of groove, the purest form of brutality, the rulers of all pits and the blueprint for a whole generation, all rolled into one. Please welcome one of the most important and influential bands of the last decade for the first time at Summer Breeze! Hard, harder, Hatebreed!"

The currently announced lineup is as follows: Arch Enemy, Tyr, Kvelertak, Suicidal Tendencies, Bolt Thrower, J.B.O., Witchery, Farmer Boys, Kalmah, Hail of Bullets, Corvus Corax, Hammerfall, Skeletonwitch, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Kampfar, Hayseed Dixie, Turisas, Marduk, Sonic Syndicate, Decapitated, Moonsorrow, Sodom, and Hatebreed.

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Despised Icon Performance Footage Available

Capital Chaos has posted footage online of Despised Icon performing live at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, California earlier this year. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Archaic Eclipse Posts Free Song Download

New Hampshire metal act Archaic Eclipse is currently offering a free MP3 download of the track "Foresight of the Wanderer," which is taken from the band's "They Came With The Fog" demo album. "Foresight of the Wanderer" can be download through the Archaic Eclipse last.fm page. You can also check out sample Archaic Eclipse tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Vrangsinn Offering Free Album Download

Daniel Vrangsinn (Carpathian Forest) is currently offering his 2008 solo album "Moon Psychedelia" as a free download. The album can be found here. A teaser trailer for the album can also be found below.

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War From A Harlots Mouth Posts New Music Video

War From A Harlots Mouth has posted a music video online for the song "To Age and Obsolete," which is off of the band's latest album "MMX." The clip can be viewed below.

War from a Harlots Mouth - To Age and Obsolete from simon wfahm on Vimeo.

The "MMX" track listing is as follows:

1. Insomnia
2. To Age And Obsolete
3. The Increased Sensation Of Dullness
4. Sleep Is The Brother Of Death
5. The Polyglutamine Pact
6. Cancer Man
7. C.G.B. Spender
8. Sugarcoat
9. Spineless
10. Recluse MMX
11. Inferno III/VI

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Noctem Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

Spain's Noctem has posted a behind the scenes video clip online from the making of the "Divinity" video. You can check out the footage below.

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Arcturon Posts "The Dissenter" Video

Swiss metallers Arcturon have posted a music video online for the song "The Dissenter," which is taken from their first album "The Eight Thorns Conflict." The video can be viewed below.

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Winds Of Plague Video Interview Available

Elizabeth RAWWR has posted a new video interview online with Johnny Plague of Winds of Plague during the December Decimation tour. You can check out the video clip below.

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Sonata Arctica Posts Tour Footage

Sonata Arctica has posted a seventh Latin American tour diary video clip online, which can be viewed below.

You can also check out the previously uploaded tour video here.

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Morker Issues Album Update

Swedish black metal act Mörker has issued the following update about working on a new album:

"Here's some long awaited news from Mörker. We are currently working on album #3 and it's going quite well so far. Music for 2 songs are ready and we're hoping to finish the writing process in the coming months. We're really excited about this and we're already feeling that the songs will be the best we're ever done.

"We're aiming for an late 2011 release. Hopefully everything goes as we've planned and as we're writing we'll maybe record a few demo versions and then upload a few teasers. Since we believe that you guys deserve to hear some of the best Mörker songs that's ever been written! Stay tuned for more information!"

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Drowning The Light To Play Armageddon Fest

Drowning the Light has announced its only Australian live show of 2011 will take place at Sydney's Armageddon Fest, which occurs on February 4th and 5th, 2011. The currently announced lineup for the festival is as follows:

February 4th -The Bald Faced Stag Hotel
Pestilential Shadows

February 5th - The Factory Theatre
Drowning the Light
Erebus Enthroned

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Suidakra Posts Studio Footage

Suidakra has posted a recording studio video clip online from the band's time recording the new album "Book of Dowth," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the clip:

"It’s time for the last update of 2010! We’re back home from the Gernhart Studio where the recordings for 'Book Of Dowth' went even better than expected. We shit you not! Never before have recordings gone as smooth as this time, because all people involved were well prepared and very focused. Check out a clip from the studio with some background information below. Do not forget to leave a comment.

"Another video clip featuring SuidAkrA was recently made available, just in a different context: We’re coming back to Spain for a small tour with Equilibrium and support from Northland in early March! Here’s a message for our Spanish fans: Muy buenas España! Estamos muy contentos de volver a vosotros en marzo del 2011 Metalheads!!! Os traeremos nuevas canciones de nuestro próximo álbum de estudio 'Book of Dowth' y una buena dosis de clásicos para tener la mejor fiesta junto a todos vosotros!!! Nos vemos en Marzo!!!

"If you’re not from Spain, but still live somewhere in Europe, don’t be sad: A major European tour is planned for March / April of next year with Onslaught and Debauchery! More info about the tour and the new album will be made available in early 2011. Have a great holiday season and best wishes for the coming year!"

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Acheron To Get Back Together

Blackened death metal act Acheron, who announced the band was calling it quits earlier this year, has now issued the following update about reforming:

"Last May (2010), band founder Vincent Crowley announced that the Underground Cult band ACHERON was calling it quits and would not be doing any more recordings or shows. It was a surprise to both fans and band members alike, considering ACHERON had just released a well received album called 'THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God,' filmed their first official music video for I AM HEATHEN and was on the verge of doing a slew of other projects, which included another studio recording, a dvd release and a variety of shows and festival dates. So what happened to cause the band’s break-up?

"It seems that a lot of things went down before the shit finally hit the fan. There is too much involving the whole reason for the band’s demise. All I can say is that there were a lot of misunderstandings, including a lack of communication and some actions that were done. The end result of it all pretty much killed my will to continue the band. More...

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Hadal Maw Seeking Vocalist and Drummer

New Melbourne, Australia-based tech death project called Hadal Maw is in need of a vocalist and drummer. You can check out an instrumental track from the band on their MySpace page. Interested parties can contact the band there or at hadalmaw [AT] hotmail.com.

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