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Metal News for December 25, 2012

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Pit Stories: A Bouncer Finds Love

Every week we share pit stories from rock and metal acts across the globe. This week bassist/vocalist Sean Arata of Fort Wayne based hard rock band Downstait shares the following tale of a bouncer finding love after a fan gets out of control:

We were playing a show with Ra in Flint, Michigan, and some guy was drugged out of the mind in the crowd, and picking physical fights with everyone, including the girl he came with.

One of the bouncers tried to get him out of the place, he resisted, and the bouncer blasted him in the face, which knocked him out, but also shattered his hand. They both go to the hospital, and the girl goes along.

We come back about a year later, and the bouncer fills us in about how the guy he knocked out thanked him for bringing him to the hospital, not remembering he was the one who put him there in the first place. Also, he filled us in that he and the girl he defended were getting married soon.

Downstait recently canceled a string of December tour dates due to illness within the band, but you can hear music from the act and find out about upcoming live appearances at the Downstait Facebook profile here. Check back in next week for more mosh pit stories from fans and band members.

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Mitch Lucker's Final Video Interview Available

Suicide Silence front man Mitch Lucker passed away earlier this Fall due to a motorcycle accident. Prior to the accident, the band was interviewed on Mitch's 28th birthday in relation to the charity work the group had done surrounding the previous year's holiday season. This would end up being Mitch's final interview, and it can now be viewed below.

The band also commented: "Mitch's final video interview (focused around Christmas) is now online. Merry Christmas everyone & a big thank you to anyone who has donated or helped Mitch's family in any way this holiday season."

You can also watch a video clip taken from the candelight vigil held after Mitch's passing at this location.

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Trails Of Sorrow Posts "Trees Crying Leaves" Clip

Italy's Trails Of Sorrow has posted a new video clip online for the track "Trees Crying Leaves," which is available below courtesy of Blank TV. The track comes off Trails Of Sorrow's "Languish In Oblivion" album, released this September through Domestic Genocide Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dreams Are Dying
2. Living as to Live is to Suffer
3. A Grave of Loneliness
4. Trees Crying Leaves
5. See My Blood Flowing
6. In Luce
7. Suffering Comes
8. Wonderful Memories
9. A Blinking Shadow
10. Ora è La Fine More...

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Theatre Nocturne Working On New EP

After releasing an EP earlier this year titled "Anhedonia" (which can still be streamed in its entirety right here), Theatre Nocturne has returned to the studio to begin recording a new EP set for release in 2013.

Two tracks from the coming release, titled "Throne" and "Immortal Savage Nature," have now been posted online via Bandcamp. Give the new songs a listen through the player below. Theatre Nocturne is:

Vocals - Justin Foley
Guitar - Erik Wagonblott
Guitar - Kenny Zotara
Bass - Justin Herzog
Drums - Mike Paquette More...

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Y.E.M.E.T. Posts In-Studio Video

Spanish metal band Y.E.M.E.T. is currently holed up at Metropolis Studios recording a new LP and the guys are documenting every step of the process with periodic webisodes. The first one is now online and can be viewed below.

To hear more from Y.E.M.E.T you can also check out the previously posted music video for "Imperfecto" at this location. More...

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Fumigation Streams "Fleshlight Castration"

Ottawa's Fumigation has posted a new track online titled "Fleshlight Castration," which can be heard in the player below, and the band also commented:

"Being X-Mas the Fume camp feels its the perfect time to release an advanced track for the upcoming full length 'Integrated Pest Management!' go to SoundCloud here to listen & download the track!

"You may also grab it off this FumeBook page at the My Band app or visit the Fumespace here. Details to come shortly regarding release date, artwork, teasers, and more!" More...

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Breed Of War Posts Full "Blood" EP Online

After a six year break Calgary's thrash act Breed of War is back with a new five song EP titled "Blood," which can be heard at Bandcamp or in the player below.

"Blood" was produced, engineered, and mixed by Robert Kukla at Leper Studios, while drums were recorded by Sasha Laskow at Perfict Fifth Studios. The band also commented on its sound:

"Influenced by all styles of metal, BoW’s sound is that of the greats coupled with a modern twist. Borrowing influence from death and NWOAHM bands, BoW creates a modern sound that’s sure to impress. From full on thrash to ball crushing death metal, BoW has a sound for everyone. Re-incarnated with passion, vision and drive BoW is here to stay. With aim to become a professional touring band, BoW will stop at nothing to achieve their goals." More...

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Dividing The Element Streaming New EP

Zimbabwe's Dividing the Element has released the new EP "Revolution Among Opression," and now all the songs are available for streaming online. Check out the EP via Facebook here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Revolution Among Oppression
2. Blinded By Wealth
3. 3rd Street
4. Eighth March More...

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Haken Posts Snippets From New Album

Haken, which was covered in the Prog Power USA edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, is currently working on an upcoming third album. The band has now posted the following message online about streaming a teaser for the album:

"OK, you guys have waited long enough! Head over to our bandpage now to listen to and download a few short snippets from the album 3 demo!!!! Merry Xmas guys and thanks for being so patient!"

This upcoming new release will follow the band's 2011 album "Visions" (reviewed here). Further details will be revealed shortly.

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Amber Asylum Signs With Prophecy Productions

Prophecy Productions has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Amber Asylum:

"For more than 15 years now, Amber Asylum from San Francisco have been forging a style which is hard to pinpoint, described by multi-instrumentalist Kris Force, the artistic leader of a shifting pool of studio- and live-musicians, as a mixture between Neoclassic and Dark Ambient with hints at Neofolk, Industrial and Doom Metal. Right from the beginning, sinister string-arrangements and female vocals in combination with dragging rhythms of the hypnotic kind have been the main characteristics of Amber Asylum, which according to the band tackle the core of being and achieve a cathartic effect.

"Today, Prophecy Productions proudly announce their collaboration with Amber Asylum in order to re-release the band's entire back catalogue as well as three further albums. The follow-up to 2009's 'Bitter River' is currently being recorded and will most probably be released in 2013 alongside the new editions of the earlier albums."

The band also stated, "I am very pleased to come aboard Prophecy with the entire back catalogue. It is Amber Asylum's personal singularity and the end to a long journey home. I hope to devote more time to the craft of actual music making and production while trusting the amazing team at Prophecy Productions to bring it to the world. On behalf of the entire collective of Amber Asylum we move forward with enthusiasm and gratitude."

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Dynasty Releasing New Album

The new Dynasty album “Beyond Measure” will be out on January 22nd, and you can pre-order it now through Facedown Records. Check out a new song from the band titled "Rise To Victory" below, which features Tommy of Sleeping Giant and Jesse of Stick To Your Guns. More...

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Integrity Announces New Tour Dates

Integrity, which recently signed with Indie Recordings has just announced a slew of new tour dates for the upcoming year, including performances at the A389 anniversary showcase, Maryland Death Fest, and Chaos In Tejas. Full dates can be found listed below. More...

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J.D. Overdrive Issues Album Update

Polish act J.D Overdrive has issued the following year-end recap and update about working on a new album:

"The Mayans were wrong, what a surprise! OK, since we're not going anywhere just yet, we thought we'd do a little sum up of the last twelve months. We have quite a successful year behind us, lots of awesome gigs, including supporting Soulfly and Tim 'Ripper' Owens in Warsaw, a mini-tour with Anti Tank Nun, performances at Rock Stars Festival, River of Booze, Radio Revolta Fest, the return of the Night of the Living Rock 'brand'... Happy happy joy joy.

"The New Year should be exciting as well – at this moment we're almost done with recording guitars for our sophomore album which we hope will get released in the 1st half of 2013. It's gonna be bigger, heavier and better – this we can promise. We're also cooking up quite a surprise in the concert department but shush for now...

"So all in all we'd like to thank everyone who made sure that 2012 was so easy on us. And we'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a brutal hangover on January 1st. See you all in 2013!"

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Defrage Releases "The Sick Letter" Video

Estonia's Defrage has posted a new video clip online for "The Sick Letter," which is available below. The band comments on the video:

"Greetings Rockers! Defrage has published a brand new video for a song called 'The Sick Letter.' The song has a dark back story and is much harder than the predecessors. Our manager Arvi Tamm can also be seen in this video playing a leading role and Elerin Sivak gives a very good performance as a ghostly female lead in the story line. We hope that you all enjoy it!" More...

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Aenimus Posts New Studio Video

Aenimus has posted a new guitar recording clip online, which can be viewed below, and the band also comments: "This is our next installment of our studio update series. This is Brian 'Deebs' James and Sean Swafford recording some leads for our upcoming full-length." A previously posted bass recording video can also be found at this location.

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Benighten Empire Streaming New Album

Cleveland's Benighten Empire has returned from hiatus with a new lineup and a new album titled "An Age of Eclipticon." You can now stream the full album via Bandcamp or in the player below, and the track listing is:

1. Alpha Omega 03:39
2. Haven 04:53
3. Origens 05:07
4. Anomaly 03:51
5. Grasp of Eternity 05:14
6. Portals 04:18
7. Xion 05:37
8. Oblivion 05:46
9. The Dark Paradise 05:18
10. Becoming of the Wolf 08:07

Benighten Empire also comments: "In this chapter of Benighten Empire a new abyss has risen with the fusion of black metal and djent with the atmosphere of viking epic. Grim cosmic orchestrations and evil guitar harmonies, among earth shattering Djent poly rhythms, epic blast beats and demonic death vocals with a black metal story telling experience. Get sucked into this one, it'll make your bones shiver in these songs of chaos." More...

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Bornholm Reveals New Album Details

Bornholm, which signed to NoiseArt Records during the summer, has now announced a new album titled "Inexorable Defiance" is due out in January. NoiseArt comments on the band:

"Ambitious, melodic, majestic - Bornholm is the grown up version of Dimmu Borgir! The band from Hungary play a great brand of pummelling melodic black metal, which utilizes all the hallmarks of the style and also adds some unique touches to the genre. Some call the band 'Bathorys heirs,' and they are not wrong! The band sounds like Bathory 2.0, like an advancement of the Swedish pagan metal legend. Bornholm don´t deny this influence - quite on the contrary, and therefore you can find a cover version of Bathorys 'Valhalla' as a bonus track on the forthcoming album.

"In 2001 the first Bornholm demo was released called 'Awakening Of the Ancient Ones' and an exciting journey has begun through the dark aeons. Their first full-length album called '...On The Way Of The Hunting Moon' came out in 2005, which made their name known all over Europe. They opened up in the past years for Arcturus, Mayhem, Enslaved, Green Carnation in Hungary and played at the biggest festivals of the country. The second opus was released in 2009 with the title 'March For Glory and Revenge.' An atmospheric and beautiful video was made for the song 'Dreams Of Ages' from the album in 2010. Their track 'Where The Light Was Born' was released at MTV RockBand Network and it is the first straight-up black metal song in any rhythm game ever. In 2011 they started to work on the 3rd full-length album called 'Inexorable Defiance' which will be released via NoiseArt Records early 2013."

Bornholm singer/guitarist Sahsnot comments about the new album: "I started to work on the album around 2008, I didn`t hurry with it because the release of the previous album was losing and we had time to do it. We wrote a couple of songs, almost twice more than there will be on the album, but I felt this was the right list and these were the best songs. The new album is a journey. About a very painful and sparkling period of my life. I used different things to meet the transcendent at it is a dangerous play. Not every lyric is personal but the intuitions and the strange things that happened through this period are in the music and in the lyrics too. More...

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And Then You Die Writing New Material

Manitowoc, WI's And Then You Die (formerly known as The Price of Hate) has posted the following announcement online about taking a break from live shows to write new material for an upcoming full-length album:

"These last few months of shows have been a blast, but its time to take off for a bit. We will be writing some new material for you all to hear!

"So keep in touch with our Facebook page for updates and possibly a new song here and there.

"Oh and hopefully by the time we start playing shows again we will have a new full length for all of you to pick up! Until then Cheers, Beers and Heavy Fuckin' Metal!"

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Rezistor Checks In With Year-End Message

Romanian metal act Rezistor has checked in with the following year-end message and announcement about working on a new album in 2013:

"Dear friends,

"This is the last message of the year. It's been a hellish rollercoaster, but somehow we've managed to get through it :)

"We'd like to thank You for your support and wish you all Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year. See ya all in 2013 (hopefully with a new studio album)!" More...

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