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Metal News for December 24, 2012

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Shaded Enmity Streaming New Track

Seattle's Shaded Enmity has released a new track online titled "And Life Was Great...," which can be heard below. The band also commented:

"Everyone has been waiting a long time for this, so here it is. We hope everyone enjoys this song. Happy Holidays to everyone. A big thanks to Aaron Smith from Envisage Audio for mixing/mastering and producing this song with us.

"This song is called 'And Life Was Great...' and it will be on our upcoming album 'Forsaken and Forgotten,' which we will be recording in February. Please share this with your friends!"

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Burial Hordes Offering Unreleased Track

Burial Hordes has posted a previously unreleased track online for streaming and free download titled "Absolute Obedience." You can snag the track at SoundCloud here or through the player below. Burial Hordes also recently commented about working on new material:

"The songwriting for our new 3rd full length album is almost complete. Due to some problems we will delay a little bit to enter to studio to record it. The possible date is in January. More news about our new blasphemy will be announced soon..."

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Sleepless Posts "Ground Zero" Lyric Video

Hungary's Sleepless has released a new lyric video online for the track "Ground Zero," which comes off the new EP "Breathe In Confusion," due out January 20th, 2013. You can view the lyric video below, or find more music from Sleepless over at the band's Facebook profile here. More...

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Noosphera Posts New EP's Title Track

The Mexican trance metal band Noosphera has now released the title track for the new "Echoes of Life" EP, which recorded at Psicofonia Studio. Give the song a listen in the player below, or find download instructions to get the full EP for free in the video's YouTube description here.

"Echoes of Life" is slated for a physical release soon, with details to follow. The previously posted song "Pyramids and Androids" can be also heard at this location, and the EP's track listing is:

1. Humanity
2. Pyramids And Androids
3. Echoes of Life More...

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Raped By Pigs Reveals New Album Artwork

Ossuary Industries has issued the following announcement about the coming release of "Squealing to the new World" from Raped By Pigs:

"And so begins the REIGN OF RAPED BY PIGS! Introducing Tony Koehl's masterpiece art for their upcoming album 'Squealing to the New World' to be unleashed on Ossuary Industries with select RBP appearances in the USA for 2013.

"With this release, the Peruvian based RBP take the best of the slam basis and accelerate into a conquering depth and skill level to rip open the gates of 3rd world Hell into first choice brutal metal! These focused musicians LIVE FOR METAL - get over to their page and let them know you're listening!!

"The compositions and lead riffs combined with that pound-you-to-the-fucking-ground 808 bass and incredible beats are gonna switch back a lot of your unsuspecting heads for a triple-take on these fellas." More...

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Noctem To Record New Album

Spanish act Noctem has checked in with the following announcement about working on an upcoming new album:

"After a great feedback, a lot of touring, festivals, and time presenting 'Oblivion' to all of you the time has come. It's turn to lock ourselves into the creation cave and start composing what we want to be THE ALBUM of Noctem.

"Things will be happening in the next months, as we want to dedicate ourselves full-time to this album. Dark, Epic, Fast, Hard and Strong! The trilogy is going to be completed!

"We'll keep you all updated about the progress of it. Noctem will return in the end of 2013 to the stages to present this opus!" More...

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Zud Streaming New Song Online

Electronic/metal crossover act Zud has released a new demo song online from the band's upcoming EP "Fall Into Oblivion." Check out the track "Dzud Roh!" in the player below. Zud also comments:

"Our music is a mix of different electronic-musical genres with different branches of heavy metal. In this underground production, behind the energetic and pretty unfriendly music work the thoughts of a cruel and an even more likely vision. ZUD gives us insight into a possible vision. Its basic question is: where is humanity heading, and for how long can humans be considered humans considering today's technical development?

"The basic theme is built around the 'Machine Born,' when the human soul is given the opportunity to exist in a new form. We are trying to find answers to what will go on in people's souls and how this would affect humanity. What tools would the most ruthless race on this Earth choose to alter its environment when existing in the form of steel and silicon instead of flesh and bones?"

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Stormtroopers Of Death Members Form New Band

Subsequent to the demise of reunited NYC hardcore/speed metal legends Stormtroopers Of Death, two of the four members of the brutal faction have set out to forge a new path of punishment in 2013.

United Forces unites S.O.D.’s bassist Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Nunfuckritual, Lock-Up,ex-Anthrax) and notorious frontman Billy Milano (Method Of Destruction) as the longtime cohorts take their mayhem to new turf. Milano and Lilker recruited two additional henchmen to help carry out their forthcoming disorder, with the thunderous Nick Barker (Lock-Up, Ancient, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir) on percussive duties, and Anton Reisenegger (Criminal, Pentagram Chile, Extreme Noise Terror, Lock Up) handling guitars.

With Lilker located in upstate New York, Milano in central Texas, Barker in England and Reisenegger in Spain, details on the outfit’s plans concerning touring or recording remain unknown, but United Forces is, without question, a pending force with which to be dealt.

Notes vocalist Billy Milano on the eclectic union of metal soldiers: “I’m not out to reinvent myself at my age. I just want to have a lot of fun with this. We called it United Forces because we’re located all over the place, in different countries, but this is something we’re going to come together for.” More...

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Face Off Posts New Album Trailer

Serbian female-fronted act Face Off will be releasing "The Colour of Rain" on February 14th, 2013 through Maple Metal Records. The cover artwork has now been revealed, which can be found after the jump, along with a new teaser featuring music from the coming release. Give the sampler a listen in the player below.


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Children Of Bodom Finishes Writing New Album

Children of Bodom drummer Jaska Raatikainen has posted the following brief message online via Facebook about the band completing the writing process for an upcoming album:

"Hi all. Good news! All the songs for the new album are ready. Feels like a Christmas present for COB! Next step after holidays is that I'm gonna start sweating my ass off in the studio. Cheers!"

Additional details will be announced as they become available. This new material will be the follow-up to Children of Bodom's 2011 album "Relentless Reckless Forever" (reviewed here).

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Bands React To Mike Scaccia's Passing

It was recently announced that Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away on December 23rd on stage during a performance.

Since then Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has issued a statement about Mike's passing, and various other metal bands have also shared their thoughts about Mike online.

The Electric Hellfire Club:

We in The Electric Hellfire Club are saddened to learn of the untimely death of one of industrial/metal's greatest, most-underrated players, Ministry/RevCo/Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia. Our condolences to his family. However, we should all be so lucky to shuffle off this mortal coil as he did: doing what we love, which, in his case was playing onstage with a guitar in his hands. We'll miss you, Mike.

Turbid North: More...

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Mercenary Posts "The Black Brigade" Road Video

Denmark's Mercenary has posted performance footage online featuring the band playing "The Black Brigade," which can be found below. Mercenary also commented:

"We're happy to announce our first show in 2013 at the new 'Beastival' on May 30th - 1st of June 2013 in Geiselwind (Germany) with among others Kreator, Wintersun & Satyricon. More info at this website.

"Moreover, we're happy to present a small special something for you in the form of a 'fan-made' road video for the track 'The Black Brigade' filmed in the summer of 2012. It was made by our friend, Don G, whom we've previously cooperated with for the cover of 'Metamorphosis.'

"He kindly filmed and edited the vid for his own sake but we thought it was way too cool not to share with you. More footage from the Basinfire Festival (Cz) performance will be used for another video coming in early 2013 - and who knows, maybe we'll also have some cool info on a new album by then... Until then, enjoy a roadtrip with The Black Brigade!" More...

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Last View Releases "The Well" Video

Sweden's Last View has released a new video clip for "The Well," which can be viewed below. The band comments on its sound by saying, "Blending death metal melodies, thrashing speed, hardcore violence and beatdown heaviness, Last View brings you the best in Swedish hardcore flavored metal." Last View is:

Jakob Reinhard - Vocals
Sebastian Kellgren - Vocals
Erik Sundquist - Guitar & Backing vocals
Tobias Ericson - Guitar
Viktor Alasalmi - Bass
Sebastian Swahn - Drums

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Serpent Noir Announces Vinyl Releases

Hellthrasher Productions has issued the following announcement about releasing Serpent Noir's previous EP and full-length album on vinyl:

"We are proud to announce our deal with Daemon Worship Productions for the release of the vinyl versions of Serpent Noir’s 'Sanguis XI' MLP and 'Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness (Open Up the Shells)' (the LP will be put out in the cooperation with DWP).

"Serpent Noir is a Greek black metal act featuring Belfagor of Ofermod and Nefandus fame and the Embrace of Thorns vocalist Kostas. Both releases got a great reception in the BM underground! The actual release dates and further information will be announced later." More...

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Riul Doamnei Posts New EP Teaser

Italian symphonic metal act Riul Doamnei will be releasing a new EP as a free digital download later this month. The band has now uploaded a teaser trailer for the release, which can be found below.

You can also hear more from Riul Doamnei over at the band's Facebook profile, or check out in-studio clips from the recording of the EP right here.

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Max Cavalera Talks Highlights Of 2012

Roadrunner Records asked a variety of the label's artists to fill out a brief survey explaining the highlights of their year.

Exceprts from Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera's responses can be found below (or read the full interview right here).

Best show you played: Soulfly live in Sao Paulo. The show was put together by fans. They demanded to see Soulfly live and the energy in the building was unbelievable. They sang every song so loud and I had my son, Zyon, playing drums and he stage dived into the crowd at the end of the show. What a great night!

Favorite song of 2012: Deftones, "Poltergeist," from their new album. Wicked!

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Portal Reveals "Vexovoid" Details

Australian surrealist death metal terror unit Portal has completed work on a fourth full-length album entitled “Vexovoid,” the follow-up to the “Swarth” release. Profound Lore Records also commented:

"Taking their sound of singular death metal psychosis by creating their darkest and most-dense sounding album to date, 'Vexovoid' carries the tradition Portal have laid upon since their inception 18 years ago. Through the band’s strange, unsettling, avant-garde, and polarizing take on death metal (on a musical, lyrical, visual, and aesthetical level), throughout the years PORTAL have shape-shifted and inverted the genre into multiple realms of dementia. 'Vexovoid,' as expected, is another dreadful and frightening observation of unorthodox death metal terror unparalleled."

To be officially released on February 19th (LP version to be released not too long after the CD version) and featuring artwork by Reverend Kriss Hades, the track listing for “Vexovoid” is as follows:

1. Kilter
2. The Back Wards
3. Curtain
4. Plasm
5. Awryeon
6. Orbmorphia
7. Oblotten More...

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Famous Underground Signs With Dust On The Tracks

Canadian metallic hard rockers Famous Underground have just inked a worldwide two album deal with German label Dust on the Tracks Records. The next album is slated for an April, 2013 release.

Vocalist/guitarist Nicholas Walsh says, "It’s great to know that our music can reach many people. We had multiple labels interested in the band, and ultimately went with DOTT due to their understanding of our music and how and where it needs to be exposed."

Bassist Laurie-Anne also states, "Under the stable of Rock ‘n’ Growl Management and DOTT Records we feel that we have a great team to propel us forward into the New Year."

Famous Underground's self-titled studio release was produced by Nick Walsh, and mixed by Darius Szczepaniak (Sum 41, Black Crowes, Big Sugar, Sacrifice) at Rouge Valley Studio in Toronto. The new recording takes Walsh’s writing to a more defined state where the lyrics delve more into the complexities of the real world. More...

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Lightless Moor Posts New Album Trailer

Italy's gothic metal act Lightless Moor recently signed to Massacre Records for the release of new album “The Poem -- Crying My Grief to a Feeble Dawn.” A teaser trailer for the album is now available online and can be viewed below.

Additionally, Lightless Moor has just launched a brand new website full of content related to the forthcoming release. Check out the new website right here.

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Giza Streaming "Future Ruins"

Seattle, WA's instrumental apocalyptic sludge act Giza has released the "Future Ruins" album online, which can be heard in the player below or downloaded on a name-your-price scale at Bandcamp here.

Giza was formed in March of 2012 by Steve Becker, Trent McIntyre, and Richard Burkett with the goal of writing loud and massive instrumental music. In May of 2012 Giza recorded the 6 songs for "Future Ruins" with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis). Giza is currently playing shows in the Pacific Northwest. The track listing is:

1. Séance 10:08
2. Wake & Drag 03:45
3. Interlude 01:27
4. Hour of the Bullfight 05:46
5. Roaming Hordes 02:19
6. Great Leader 07:08 More...

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The Power Of The Pudu Posts New Video Clip

Chile's The Power Of The Pudu has posted a new music video online for the song "Barsalitsuni The Cat of The End," which can be viewed below. The track is also available for streaming or free download over at Bandcamp here.

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Eclipse Prophecy Streaming New Song

Eclipse Prophecy (founded in 2004 as "Eclipse" and changing names in 2009) has revealed the track listing for the new full-length album "Days of Judgment," which can be viewed below. The album's 10th track "The Shattered Mirror" features a guest appearance by Patrick Loisel of Augury and can be heard through the band's Facebook page here.

1. Animus Ara
2. Under Shadow's Veil
3. Through The Storm
4. Circle Of Torments
5. A Dying World
6. Labyrinth Of Sanity
7. Days Of Judgement
8. Legions Of The Cross
9. Inferno
10. The Shattered Mirror More...

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Legion Signs With eOne/Good Fight

Columbus metallers Legion have signed a worldwide deal with eOne / Good Fight music and will release a brand new record in the spring of 2013. The band also recently embarked on the "End of the World" tour with Job For A Cowboy. Guitarist Alex Heiberger comments on the news:

"Over the last year and a half or so, we have been hard at work writing and looking for the perfect label to help us release our new material. When we were told that eOne / Good Fight was interested in us we could not have been more stoked. There are so many bands on the label that have influenced us since the beginning and it is an honor to now be a part of a great label."

Gaining exposure through its own DIY touring and performances at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, the band has come a long way in a short amount of time. The video for “Perverse Icon” has offered YouTube users a glimpse at just what Legion is capable of achieving on stage. More...

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Kaledon Posts In-Studio Footage

Kaledon has uploaded more footage from the band's time in the studio working on an upcoming new album. Check out this clip of vocal takes in the YouTube player below.

The new album will feature a guest spot from Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) and further details will be announced in the near future. For more info on Kaledon, check out the band's Facebook profile.

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Eyes Wide Open Releases "Revelations" Clip

Sweden's Eyes Wide Open has released a video clip for the song "Revelations," which features performance footage shot at a gig in Karlstad on October 6th, 2012.

The video was produced by Robert Olsson from The Digital Devils and can be viewed below. For more info on the band, head over to the Eyes Wide Open Facebook profile here.

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Kambrium Announces New Album Title

Kambrium has checked in with the following announcement about the title for the band's upcoming new album:

"The upcoming album will be called 'Dark Reveries.' It will be a very varied album with many epic parts, fast parts, melancholic parts, and also aggressive parts! What you hear in this video comes from another new song. Heavy Christmas and a happy new year from KAMBRIUM!" More...

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Milking The Goatmachine Posts New Video

Milking the Goatmachine has teamed with with Metal-Hammer.de to premiere a new music video for "Ace of Spaces," which is a cover of the Motorhead track. Check out the clip in the player below or over at Metal Hammer here.

The band has also now revealed the track listing for the forthcoming album "Stallzeit," which will be released on March 1st, 2013.

1. Only Goat Can Judge Me
2. Goatriders In The Sky
3. Stallzeit
4. 3 Room Shed
5. Goatpainter
6. The Day I Lost My Bell
7. Salt Lick City
8. Milk ´Em All
9. Hornbreaker
10. Whoola Hoove Groove
11. Strawless
12. Look @ These
13. When A Goat Loves A Woman
14. Udder Infection
15. In 10 Years We Are Old School
16. Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover)

Milking the Goatmachine comments: "The album will be, like all other MTG albums, a concept album. The topics are the experiences that we`ve made on your planet and how we narrate everything to our Goatlord on planet GoatEborg...it`s effectively a goat diary! The song 'When a Goat loves a Woman' for example describes the difficulty when you receive a phone number from an earth-doe and you try to dial the number with hooves on your touchscreen smart phone... Musically we stayed true to ourselves and we grind down everything that we are up against.“ More...

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Ministry Frontman Speaks On Guitarist's Passing

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has posted a message online paying tribute to his bandmate Mike Scaccia, who passed away in the early hours of December 23rd whilst performing on stage with Rigor Mortis. Jourgensen's message reads as follows:

"I just lost my lil' brother and my best friend. The 13th Planet compound is devastated, completely in shock and shattered. Mikey was not only the best guitar player in the history of music, but he was a close, close, close part of our family — and I just lost a huge chunk of my heart today. Our lives are forever changed. Life without Mikey is like orange juice without pulp — kind of bland. I have no words to express what this guy meant to me, my family, my career... everything!

"Get to know his lead parts, for they are in the pantheon of music! Unfortunately, most of you didn't get to know Mikey's soul, which is in the pantheon of humanity. He is my hero, my friend and my idol. Mikey was always beside me - my right-hand man - through thick and thin, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

"Rest in peace my brother, my friend, my heart.

"Please pray for Mike Scaccia and Jenny, his wife and their children, and his family."

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Deeds Of Flesh Streaming New Song

California's technical death metallers Deeds of Flesh have released an advanced track entitled "Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut," which is taken off their upcoming 2013 release "Portals to Canaan." Give the song a listen in the player below. Founding member Erik Lindmark also states:

"We are very excited to get this release out there amoung the masses. The album combines new and old elements of the band and we think the fans will really enjoy it. Zack from Castle Ultimate has done a great job in putting the final touches to the production and 'Portals to Canaan' is most definitely our best production to date. The new members, Craig Peters (lead guitar) & Ivan Munguia (bass) fit the band perfectly & really did a great job on the release. All in all we are extremely pleased with the final product and believe the fans will be stoked." More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Announces New Tour Dates

Visions of Atlantis has issued the following announcement about revealing new tour dates for the coming year:

"Hey all out there! VoA wants to wish a very merry Christmas among your loved ones! As a little Christmas gift we're happy to present you more tour dates for 2013. More news on our upcoming album Ethera will come soon! If you haven't done yet please join us on Facebook as well."

March 1st 2013 - Buenos Aires (ARG), Princces from Hell Festival, El Teatro
March 15th 2013 - Graz (AUT), Official Ethera Release Show, Jugendzentrum Explosiv
March 22nd 2013 - Wörgl (AUT), Komma (together with Serenity)
March 23rd 2013 - Köln (GER), Underground (together with Serenity)
March 24th 2013 - Roermond (NED), ICE Culturfabrik (together with Serenity)
March 25th 2013 - London (UK), Purple Turtle (together with Serenity)
March 26th 2013 - Brussels (BEL), Le Magasin (together with Serenity)
March 27th 2013 - Aschaffenburg (GER), ColosSaal (together with Serenity)
March 28th 2013 - Paris (FRA), GlazArt (together with Serenity)
March 29th 2013 - Lyon (FRA), MJC o Totem (together with Serenity)
March 30th 2013 - Pratteln (SUI), Z7 Gallery (together with Serenity)
May 11th 2013 - Wolverhampton (UK), The Dames of Darkness Festival, The Robin2

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Chase The Ace Streaming New EP

Israeli hard rock act Chase the Ace has released the "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" EP, which can be heard in the player below or over at Bandcamp here. Chase the Ace also commented on recent band activity:

"After 6 years of singing only in Hebrew under the name Koex, we decided to expand our horizon and go global. During those 6 years as Koex we put out 5 albums (including a live album), played over 400 gigs, featured in the biggest daily papers and news websites in Israel, along with many radio appearances. We have also built a fan base who are dedicated to keeping rock music alive.

"The video for our last single 'Rockstar' gained 30,000 hits on youtube within the first week. All this has been achieved whilst staying true to our music style by being a completely self sustained indie rock band. We are proud to share with you our first English recordings. This EP was recorded live in Chaos Studios in Tel Aviv in 3 sessions in November, 2012."

The EP's track listing is:

1. The Cat Is On The Loose 03:04
2. Rock Bottom Rocknroll 02:39
3. California 02:49
4. Bring You Back 04:56
5. We're Taking Over 03:13
6. Take Me Home 03:07 More...

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Meadows End Posts Fan Collaboration Video

Meadows End has just released the last of three promo songs from the band's upcoming album. This new video for the track "Devilspeed Loathekill" is a collaboration with Ed "Infidel Amsterdam" Veter and consists of submissions sent in from headbanging fans.

Check out the new video below, or watch the previously posted clip for the song "Hung In Gallows By Dawn" over at this location.

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Aetherium Mors Releases Debut Album

U.K. based blackened death metal duo Aetherium Mors has just released a debut album, titled "Drenched In Victorious Blood." The album was recorded at PMC Studios and SoundFarm Studios throughout 2012.

You can stream all seven tracks through the player below or over at Bandcamp here. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Sons Of Men 05:01
2. Luciferian March 04:26
3. Dreadlord 04:07
4. Kingdom Of Shadows 04:20
5. The Fall Of God 04:43
6. Order Of The Talion 05:05
7. Annihilating Fire 06:42 More...

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