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Metal News for December 24, 2010

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Exordium Mors Announces New Live Shows

New Zealand's Exordium Mors has issued the following update about the band's upcoming activity in 2011:

"2011 - Apotheosis of Death. 2010 was a year full of set backs. The coming year carries our storm of death. The following RITUALS will commence:

"January 14th - Hellstorm of fire and Chaos - Kings Arms Tavern - Auckland Exordium mors, Nullifier, Dissolution, Winter Deluge and Burning Solitude. January 29th - Bane of Isildur(Aus) , Order of Orias(Aus) and Exordium Mors - Whammy Bar - Auckland. March 11th - Destruktor (Aus), Exordium Mors and Heresiarch + more TBA - Bar Medusa - Wellington. March 12th - Destruktor (Aus), Exordium Mors and Heresiarch + more TBA - Thirsty Dog - Auckland.

"We stand at the dawn of this decade with weapons drawn in anger. Exordium Mors will decimate at these rituals. Prepare for the onslaught!"

You can also check out the band's music through the Exordium Mors MySpace page.

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Watain Declares Lawlessness In New Orleans

Although it was cold out, not everyone wanted to go in. Rumors of the worst smell imaginable emanating from wherever Watain plays kept many people at bay. But The Bar was still full to the brim with fans of black metal and those wanting to see if this tour was really as creepy as people said. Let me say this, the next time Watain comes, I don’t think everyone from this show will come back. The scary show filled with meat, blood, fire, and extreme music might just be too much for them. More...

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Eufobia Recording New Album

Bulgarian metallers Eufobia have issued the following announcement about recording a second album:

"We're almost ready with the recording of our second official album, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2011. This release would be a successor of our 2010 official debut album 'Insemination,' released by the Romanian label Axa Valaha. The layout artwork would be done once again by the same artist who did the shocking and provocative artwork for 'Insemination,' Mr. Costin Chioreanu from Twilight 13 Media, known for his work for such artists as Ulver, Mayhem, Absu, Grave, Destroyer666 and more.

"More detail, including the complete track list and the album cover are to be reveled soon. Among the tracks in this album would be a renewed version of the band's most successful single so far 'Maligna,' which video could be seen on the band's Official MySpace Profile. Two more videos in modern HD format would be shot until the end of the year for the 'Cruel Child' track and for the 'Frog' track. Those tracks are already available for listening online at this location. Enjoy."

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Balfor Posts "Barbaric Blood" Teaser

Ukranian black metal act Balfor has posted a teaser trailer online for the band's new album "Barbaric Blood," which can be viewed below. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Blacklight Studio, with the album artwork and layout handled by Martin Saavedra at Uruguay's Spina Studio.

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Divine Infamy Issues Year-End Update

New York's Divine Infamy has issued the following end-of-year update and announcement about searching for a keyboardist:

"Greetings to all. The New Year is looking pretty promising for us & we will be putting out our first full length CD sometime in the early spring. We're also planning to audition keyboardists to add a symphonic edge to our music.

"This will be a very busy year for us as we are also planning to play some international shows if all works in our favor. Updates will be posted as we receive them. Have a safe & prosperous New Year!"

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Diabulus In Musica Finishes Writing New Album

Spain's Diabulus in Musica has issued the following announcement about finishing the writing for the band's second album:

"Dear friends, we are glad to announce that the writing process of DiM’s second album has finished! And we are pleased to let you know that again, our friend Ad Sluijter (ex Epica, Hangover Hero) will work along with us in the pre production and production of this new album. Actually, the pre production has just started this week. Stay updated for more news!"

You can also check out the band's music through the Diabulus in Musica MySpace page.

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More Bands Announced For Inferno Fest

Norway's Dodheimsgard and California's Exhumed are the latest acts to be confirmed for the upcoming 2011 edition of the Inferno Festival. The Norwegian Inferno festival is set to take place from April 20th - 23rd, 2011. Additional details on the festival can be found here. The currently announced lineup is as follows:

Aura Noir
Soilent Green
Malevolent Creation

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Just For Fun

DuskMachine Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas

Germany's DuskMachine, which recently announced the recruiting of new vocalist Joe Comeau, has checked in with the following brief update wishing fans a merry Christmas and happy new year: "As every year...DuskMachine wishes all of you a Merry X-Mas and a happy new year 2011! We hope to see many of you on the road next year!! Cheers!!!" You can also check out sample DuskMachine tracks available for streaming through the band's MySpace page. Additional details on DuskMachine's live shows and recording plans for 2011 will be announced as they are made available.

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Massive Assault Issues Studio Update

Dutch metal act Massive Assault is currently in the process of recording new material currently titled "Slayer." The band has now checked in with the following brief report on the recording process: "Studio report 3: Bass & Vocals done! All bass-parts and vocals for the upcoming 'Slayer'-mcd are recorded! Next up: mixing and mastering!" In the mean time you can also check out Massive Assault's music through the band's MySpace page, or catch the band live on the following dates:

2/6 De Kade Zaandam, NETHERLANDS
3/19 CP-CR. Luik, Luik, BELGIUM
4/9 Het Podium Hoogeveen, NETHERLANDS
5/14 Metal fest Emmen, NETHERLANDS
6/25 GTNS-fest Torgau/Saxonia, GERMANY

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Dark Moor Performance Footage Posted Online

Footage has been posted online of Spanish metal act Dark Moor performing the song "Alaric De Marnac," which is off the band's latest album "Ancestral Romance." You can check out the video clip below.

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Blood Mortized Issues Band Update

Blood Mortized has checked in with the following update about releasing a new EP and working on a new album:

"So the new MySpace design is driving us all maaaaad. Probably it will take some while until it improves. Meanwhile you should join us on our new Facebook profile. Some info about what is going on in the Blood Mortized camp?

"Well we have signed a contract for a cassette release of the all new BESTIAL EP. It will feauture a arse kicking cover created for us by Daniel Devilish. The tape will be released in a strict 100 copies only, so be fast or cry like a baby later! We are talking to some labels and especially one, can't say which one. But hopefully this will lead to a CD release of the new EP AND a bit later it might get released on vinyl also. The cover for the CD version was created by our favorite Dutch artist Thomas Kynst.

"All material for our upcoming second album has been written. The plan is to start the recording in a quite near future. The title for this sophomore album is 'The Key To A Black Heart.'

"More news will come as we move closer to the release of BESTIAL! Our former second guitar player Benny Moberg helped us out with a photo session. Metal Hammer needed a new photo for an article in the coming issue. So we went out in a snowy Stockholm and had a very cold session, haha... One of these photos you can see above... Last but not least, have a look here and you can drool on the artwork Kynst created for us! BESTIAL EP coming soon! Cheers!"

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Epica Video Interview Available

On Track Magazine has posted a video interview online with Simone Simons from Epica. Footage from the interview can be viewed in the clip below.

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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Streaming New Song

German act Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has posted a new song online from the band's upcoming album "Moral & Wahnsinn," which is set for release on February 25th, 2011. The new track "Die Boten" is available for streaming through the band's MySpace profile. The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Die Boten
2. Gib Dich Hin
3. Hammer Oder Amboß
4. Dir Gehört Nichts
5. Dr. Pest
6. Moral & Wahnsinn
7. Erwache
8. Heimkehr
9. Wir Reiten
10. Hört Auf
11. Ein Liebes Lied

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Ovif Working On New Album

Canada's Ovif has issued the following announcement about working on an upcoming new album:

"We're ending the year 2010 with 5 new songs for the next album. We're very happy about the results so far considering we only started writing the new material last August. We can wait to release it in the wild for everybody in summer 2011! Thrash galore it will be yet again! Happy Holidays everyone and keep it cranked!"

You can also check out Ovif's music via the band's MySpace page.

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Hail Of Bullets Announces Karaoke Winners

Hail of Bullets has issued the following announcement about the winners of the band's recent "Operation Z" karaoke contest:

"Dutch Death Metal commando Hail of Bullets has announced the winners of the Karaoke contest that ended two weeks ago. Everyone had the chance to participate and to submit his/her own version of Operation Z, the opening track of the bands latest album On Divine Winds that entered the official German album charts on position 75!

"Winner of the first prize and a meet and greet with Hail of Bullets at one of their upcoming concerts including a fanbag (cd, shirt, drumsticks, guitar picks) and the opportunity to sing Operation Z in the encore part of the gig is Tom Zorn from Germany.

"2nd prize (limited Hail Of Bullets roadjacket + signed Hail of Bullets CD) goes to Erika Tandy from the USA, 3rd prize (drumhead from Ed Warby signed by Hail of Bullets + signed Hail of Bullets CD + Hail of Bullets shirt) goes to Matias Nastolin from Finland (VIDEO)

"4th prize (Hail of Bullets shirt + signed Hail of Bullets CD) goes to Pierre-Luc Simard from Canada. 5th prize (Hail of Bullets shirt + signed Hail of Bullets CD): goes to Ulrik Bendtsen from Denmark.

"After much deliberation we have chosen these fine soldiers as the winners of our Karaoke contest! It goes without saying that all those who contributed deserve an honorable mention, we really enjoyed all your entries and picking the best wasn't easy!"

Video clips of the submissions can be viewed below. More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Announces New Release Shows

Visions of Atlantis has issued the following announcement about new release shows for the band's new album:

"Hi everyone! 3 more shows where just added to the Visions of Atlantis touring calendar for 2011.
Two of them will be the possibilities of seeing Visions of Atlantis live in its home country Austria and the band is really looking forward to this!

"The Dates: Official VoA Release Party 4th of March 2011 GRAZ, EXPLOSIV (AUT) together with SERENITY (AUT) and ILLUMINATA (AUT). 18th of March 2011 WÖRGL, KOMMA (AUT) together with Serenity (AUT) and Local Support (t.b.a.). 3rd to 6th of June 2011 BUDAPEST, METALFEST HUNGARY (HUN) among other great bands like Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth, Graveworm, Rage and many many more.

"Besides that the band wants to wish all of you a merry X-Mas and a heavy new year and hopes to see you on tour! Stay tuned for more great news coming up next week."

The new Visions of Atlantis album "Delta" is currently set for release on February 25th, 2011. The band also recently uploaded a new track from the album.

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Lanfear Checks In With Band Update

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following brief year-end update about announcement about performing at the 2011 Metalfest in Hungary:

"We wish all friends & fans a merry Xmas and a great 2011. Some news: We've been confirmed to play the Metalfest in Hungary, near Budapest. The new album should also be out until then."

You can check out more information on the Metalfest Open Air at this location.

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Here There Be Monsters Posts Tour Videos

Black Match Records recently posted a series of video updates from Brighton band Here There Be Monsters' travels on the Hulk Smash Tour 2010. Catch up on them below.


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