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Metal News for December 22, 2009

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Tales From The Pit: Ain't Got Time To Bleed

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week Evergreen Terrace guitarist Josh James shares a true hardcore pit story:

"We recently played in Columbus, GA on our 'Almost Homeless Tour.' During our set I saw a guy push pitting hard as hell. He had shirt off, tattoos showing, muscles flexed and enjoy the set thoroughly. Pretty standard except for one small detail: blood. I noticed that he had a little bit of blood coming out of his back. I thought to myself that he must have been scrapped up in the pit or maybe fell into something during the show. Two songs later I noticed more blood. I kept my eye on him for our last three songs and notices he was becoming more and more bloody after every song. When the show finished I found out that right before our set there was a fight outside. He was jumped by three kids, one of which had a knife. That kid stabbed him four times in the back. After he got stabbed he beat the shit out of the kid who stabbed him and ended up beating the shit out of the rest of the guys who jumped him. He said he didn't want to go to the hospital cause he loves Evergreen Terrace. That's a true fan."

Evergreen Terrace recently wrapped up their Persistence Tour 2009 date with Ignite, Biohazard, Walls Of Jericho, Death By Stereo, and have a couple of dates planned with Ignite in January.

Check back every Tuesday for a new Tales from the Pit story.

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Mourning Lenore Issues Studio Update

Portugal's unsigned doom metal band Mourning Lenore has issued the following studio update regarding the recording of the debut album:

"That’s right! For those who aren’t aware, Mourning Lenore will release in the first half of 2010 the debut full length. At this moment we are in studio with the master – Mr. Fernando Matias – recording four songs. Drums, bass and rhythm guitars are done and this weekend we will finish the recordings of leads and solos. By the end of January we will return to studio to record vocals and arrangements. Things are going pretty smoothly and we believe this will be a damn great work. The album, still untitled, with contain four new songs, an intro and, as a bonus, the songs 'Rain’s Seduction' and 'Patterns of Emptiness' – from our Split CD with Insaniae – subtly rearranged. In the end, this album will offer more than an hour of music..."

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Theudho Posts New EP Online For Free Download

Belguim black metal band Theudho has posted their entire new EP, "The Silence," on their webisite for free download. The EP is available in 128kbps mp3 format for free and for sale at the higher 320kbps format at this location.

The band comments, "On this longest night of the year, when the solar wheel is about to return to bring light to a world cloaked in cold and darkness, THEUDHO is reborn from its own ashes with a new digital EP. As a gift to our friends and supporters, we've re-recorded four tracks from our back catalogue and are now offering them as a free download EP."

"This EP marks a new era for THEUDHO, with a new line-up that uncompromisingly returns to our metal roots. Rekindle the ancient fires and spread the word!" More...

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Ulver Announces Winter 2010 European Tour Dates

Norwegian progressive black metal band Ulver has announced the following winter 2010 European tour dates:

02/01 - Parkteatret - Oslo
02/03 - Brew House - Gothenburg
02/04 - Kulturbolaget - Malmö
02/05 - Pumpehuset - Copenhagen
02/06 - Voxhall Århus
02/08 - Volksbühne - Berlin
02/10 - Scala - London
02/11 - La Cigale - Paris
02/12 - 013 - Tilburg
02/15 - Théâtre de l’Alhambra - Geneva
02/16 - Ebullition - Bulle
02/18 - Teatro Espace - Torino
02/19 - Teatro Rasi - Ravenna
02/20 - A38 - Budapest
02/21 - Palac Akropolis - Prague
02/22 - Studio - Krakow
02/23 - Arena - Vienna
02/26 - Nosturi - Helsinki
02/27 - Nosturi - Helsinki

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Acrassicauda Reveals New Music Video Online

Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda has unleashed a music video for "Garden of Stones," also the first track released from their upcoming EP, "Only the Dead See the End of the War." Watch the video below:

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In Vain Reveals New Album, "Mantra," Details

Norwegian metal band In Vain will release their new album “Mantra,” on January 18, 2010. Founder, guitarist and song writer J. Haaland comments on the new album, "Hope you enjoy the new album, an album we put and extreme amount of energy and work into. An album which has given us a lot of frustration, but in the end an album we are extremely proud of." The band has also added two new songs to their myspace profile.

The tracklisting for "Mantra" is as follows:

1. Captivating Solitude
2. Mannefall
3. Ain’t no lovin’
4. On the Banks of the Mississippi
5. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit of the Nez Perce)
7. Circle of Agony
8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

"Mantra" also includes a bonus disc with "The Making Of..." documentary, one bonus track, screensavers, desktop images.

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Aborted Posts New Song Online

Death metal band ABORTED has launched the title-track of their forthcoming EP “Coronary Reconstruction” at the band’s MySpace page as well as a special pre-order package for this release.

ABORTED have recently announced a new line-up, featuring Sven de Caluwe (also of System Divide) on vocals, Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) on drums, Eran Segal (ex-They Swarm/Whorecore) and Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) on guitar and Cole Martinez (System Divide) on bass.

ABORTED is scheduled to appear on a full European tour next April/May through Avocado Bookings.

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Taking Dawn Posts Music Video Online

Las Vegas' Taking Dawn has posted their music video for their song "Time To Burn," which comes off their debut album of the same name, on hottopic.com. Watch the video below.

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Luna Mortis Posts Metal Christmas Song Online

Wisconsin metal band Luna Mortis has uploaded a metal cover of the Christmas song "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for streaming on their MySpace page.

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Dystrophy Completes Recording Debut Album

New Jersey progressive death metal band Dystrophy has issued the following studio update:

"All tracks have been recorded and now we move on to mixing! Demos sound absolutely evil!"

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Caliban Posts New "Caliban TV" Episode

German metallers Caliban have posted the eighth episode in their "Caliban TV" series online. The video clip can be viewed below.

Caliban TV - EPISODE 8 - USA (Part 1)

Caliban | MySpace Music Videos

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Saprogenic Recruits New Vocalist

Michigan based death metal act Saprogenic has issued the following announcement about replacing their vocalist Jeremy Swanson with Brian Forgue:

"Brian Forgue is in Saprogenic now. Brian sings in 43 bands (now 44). Mutilated, Syphilic, Gutrot and now Saprohoohaw (to name a few). Aside from his vocal prowessness he is famous for bathrooming on tshirts. He is not taller than Russ. We also want to thank the Swan for being awesome for so many years with us."

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Eluveitie Announces Artwork Contest

Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie have set up an artwork contest for their upcoming radio/club single, "Thousandfold," and ask their fans to come up with some killer art. The winning artwork will be printed on the cardboard sleeve of the new single. The winner will get the chance to meet Eluveitie on the upcoming Paganfest tour and will receive a copy of the single.

Commented mainman Chrigel Glanzmann: "'Thousandfold' is about the ambivalent character of Orgetorix, a Helvetian lord and freedom fighter who lived in times of the Gaulish war 'version' of the occurances drafted later by the roman emperor in 'De Bello Gallico' which can primarly be labeled as political propaganda. We tried to figure out what really could have occured. So give your creative vein full scope, give it a go and draw the best artwork fort his song! The best one will be the cover of the club single! We're looking forward to all your submissions! This will be really exciting!"

More details at this location.

"Thousandfold" comes off the brand new album, "Everything Remains," which will be released on February 19, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. The song, including the video clip, will debut at the band's MySpace profile on December 23, 2009.

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Mercenary Announces New Drummer

Mercenary have been joined by Danish drummer Morten Løwe (Submission, Arcane Order, a.o.), who has made the following comment:

"I'm happy to announce that I have now joined Mercenary. After having shared the stage with Mercenary alongside my band Submission, I became really impressed by their shows and musicianship, so I'm really looking forward to deliver some kick-ass shows as their drummer. I'm also very excited about being involved in the writing for the next album. It will show a new Mercenary, and I mean that in a very positive way. In my opinion the new material will definitely be the strongest to this date!"

Guitarist Jakob Mølbjerg adds:

"We're very happy to have Morten join the ranks. Not only is he a true master behind the drums, he's also a very easygoing person with a great musical drive and understanding. With Morten in the band, there's a whole new sense of renewed and shared energy, creativity and ambition. We've had several rehearsal sessions in the last couple of weeks, and the metal just flows. The old songs already sound like Morten have played them for years, and the new material is crushing and intense.

"On a further note, we now have a complete lineup. René will handle all vocals from now on, and trust us, he's more than capable of doing so. As everybody who has seen us live in the last couple of years is fully aware of, René is a real powerhouse, and he has so much more under his belt than he got to display on the previous album (genital pun intended.)"

Mercenary will perform with their new lineup for the first time at the Shock Rock Festival on 12th of February, 2010 (with Carpark North, The Rumour Said Fire). More info at www.rockshock.dk.

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Visceral Bleeding Parts Ways With Guitarist

Sweden's Visceral Bleeding has issued the following update about parting ways with their guitarist Peter:

"It's been way too long since we made any updates on what's happening in the V.B camp, we apologize for this, we know a lot of you've been wondering about what's going on. We’re all very sad to see Peter go, things will definitely not be the same without him in the band. We wish him the best of luck in the future and will remain close friends as he will always be involved in this band one way or another. We have already found ourselves a replacement for Peter though.

"Benny from Prostitute Disfigurement will take his place and we're all very excited about this. We've known Benny since we did our first tour together as opening acts for Deicide back in 2005. Us and all the guys in P.D hit it off right away and we've been close friends ever since. We know that Benny will fit this band perfectly and it's gonna be really exciting to start working on the new stuff together. While the writing for the new album continues so does our search for a lead guitarist. We've tried out a couple of guys for the spot already but for various reasons it hasn't worked out. Since Benny lives in Holland we would really need the other guitarist to live nearby Malmö so we can rehearse on a regular basis. So if you think you have what it takes or maybe know someone that would, please don't hesitate to contact us!" More...

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Enthroned Finishes Recording New Album

Vocalist Nornagest of Belgian black metallers Enthroned has issued the following update about finishing the recording of a new album:

"Ave! The recording session of our 8th album is done!! We are very satisfied of how ‘Pentagrammaton’ turns out; the final result of the album is exactly what we wanted to achieve: an album which can be best situated between our last offering ‘Tetra Karcist’ and Enthroned cult album ‘Towards the Skullthrone of Satan’ yet adding some new elements as usual.

"The whole concept of ‘Pentagrammaton’ deals with direct approach: the sound is warmer than ‘Tetra Karcist’, natural drums, heavy guitars for a lyrical concept based on lived experiences and facts, somehow something very personal lets say! After some listening sessions where some musicians and fans were invited, the general opinion is as follow: This next opus is more extreme, surprising, dark and filthy!

"Phorgath proves his talent as producer and has nothing to envy with well known producers around. The sound is wider, more opressing and definitely fitting Enthroned's ‘Pentagrammaton’, for sure one of 2010 best Black metal releases is on its way. We would like to thanx Vekhtor (Voidcom/ N.E.O.), KJ (Goat Torment), Shaun (Age of Torment), Ross (LOT), Onielar (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult), ARNO and all the persons present then for their honest comments and help."

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Cruz Del Sur To Reissue While Heaven Wept Albums

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC has announced plans to re-issue the first two albums from WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, following the success and acclaim of the band's latest album, "Vast Oceans Lachrymose." The long out-of-print epic doom metal albums "Sorrow Of The Angels" and "Of Empires Forlorn" will be re-issued in limited-editions of 1000 hand-numbered CD's each.

Both albums feature updated cover art, new pictures, and new liner notes from mainman Tom Phillips. The audio content is identical to the original Eibon Records ("Sorrow Of The Angels") and Rage Of Achilles Records ("Of Empires Forlorn") releases so as to preserve the integrity of the original albums. Both albums will be released simultaneously on January 29, 2010, just in time for the band's appearance at Hammer Of Doom III in Wurzburg, Germany on February 6th.

Here's the "Sorrow Of The Angels" tracklisting:

1. Thus With A Kiss I Die (16:58)
2. Into The Wells Of Sorrow (9:43)
3. The Death Of Love (9:56)
4. September (2:21)

And the "Of Empires Forlorn" tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Drowning Years (5:41)
2. Of Empires Forlorn (7:49)
3. Voice in the Wind (6:25)
4. In Aeturnum (7:30)
5. Soulsadness (7:24)
6. Epistle No. 81 (3:24)
7. Sorrow of the Angels (4:47)

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Bleeding Through Posts Third Studio Report

Bleeding Through has posted the third in a series of studio videos from the recording sessions of their upcoming album. The video clip can be viewed below.


Bleeding Through | MySpace Music Videos

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Cannabis Corpse Working On Music Video

Virginia death metallers Cannabis Corpse have issued the following update about recording a music video for the track "Skull Full of Bong Hits:"

"Whattap cannabis corpse fans! We are currently working on a music video for the song 'Skull full of bong hits' and I am happy with how kick ass it is turning out to be! We are using footage from our recent shows in LA and Oakland so if you were at those shows you might make the cut! I am hoping to have it finished before the year is over so stay tuned!"

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Anvil Performs "Hannukah! Hannukah!" On CBC

Canadian heavy metal veterans Anvil recentlt made an appearance on CBC's, "The Hour Holiday Special" yesterday, where they played a rendition of the Jewish holiday song, "Hannukah! Hannukah!" A video of the performance can be viewed below. Anvil will be releasing a new album entitled, "Juggernaut Of Justice" next year. More...

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Cannon Recording New Album

Germany's Cannon have issued the following statement about recording material for an upcoming album:

"Hello fans and friends all over the world. We’re just in the studio and recording new material for the next album witch will be released late 2010. Once more many thanks for your massive positive reaction after the cancellation of our live activities. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Samples of Cannon's music can also be found at their MySpace page.

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Varg Vikernes Discusses The Burzum Logo

Varg Vikernes, the man behind the one man black metal band Burzum, has posted a new message online in which he discusses the logo he uses for the band. The message reads as follows:

"Too many of you write me about "the Burzum logo".

"In 1991 having a "cool" logo was one of the most important things to the metal bands in Norway. Immortal got one, Mayhem already had one, Darkthrone had one, and so forth. They were full of inverted crosses and other "satanic" and "cool" symbols, and some of them were even rather hard to read - or rather "interpret". Initially, when I left Old Funeral and rekindled my own project, and changed name from Uruk-Hai to Burzum, I wanted a logo myself, and a female friend volunteered to draw me one. She did and everything was fine, until I realised that I am following a trend. Why would I do that, when everything I did was supposed to be a revolt against trends? So instead I decided to have no logo, and just use a nice font instead.

"In late 1991 I had no easy access to fonts of any type other than the ones found on my typewriter. This was before the time of mainstream Internet. I had to purchase some type of sticker-fonts, and I could only afford a few sets, and then use them to "build" words, letter by letter. For some reason, either because I ran out of the right stickers-letters, or because I did it on purpose - I really cannot remember which it is - I wrote the Burzum name with capital letters and I used the only non-ordinary font they had in the book store; Gothic.

"When I released the début album I instructed the record company, DSP, to use this font for not only the band title, but also for all other text on the album. The Burzum name was in other words not really a logo, but just the band name written in Gothic letters together with other Gothic text. After a while I stopped thinking about logos, and for some reason I didn't change the type of font used on the albums. Thus many started to think of the Burzum name in Gothic font as "the Burzum logo". It never was. The name was the point; the font was and still is irrelevant."

Read the full article at Burzum.org.

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Defeated Sanity Posts Rehearsal Footage

German death metallers Defeated Sanity have posted a video of guitarist Lille Gruber and bassist Jacob Schmidt playing the title track for their album "Psalms of the Moribund." The video clip can be viewed below.

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Derelict Parts Ways With Bassist

Derelict has issued the following statement about parting ways with their bassist Louis-Phillipe Roy:

"A significant change has been slowly occurring in our camp over the last few months. After weighing his priorities, Louis-Philippe has decided to move on from being in Derelict and focus on his studies and other potential career paths. He was kind enough to play the last few months of shows we had booked at the time and not leave us in any kind of trouble.

"His leaving comes as a blow to us, as his two-and-a-half year run with the band included our first shows outside Montreal, the writing and recording of Unspoken Words, our two first national tours, and our signing with Year Of The Sun Records. Needless to say, the man is our brother and he shall be missed. On the bright side, we are replacing one longtime comrade with another. Our new bass player is Joey Sciacchitano. Montreal concert-goers may know him as one of the driving forces behind Moshcore Productions, an organization that for many years put on multiple shows in Montreal, including large fund raising events for the Canadian Cancer Society that Derelict was part of on two occasions. Joey has already shown much focus and dedication on the bass and we can’t wait to hear the sweet lines he’s going to spin around our new riffs. Stay tuned for new promo shots and live photos with Joey in them!"

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Gorgoroth Confirmed For Summer Breeze Fest

Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth have been confirmed for the Summer Breeze Festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The festival will take place on August 19th - 21st, 2010. More information about the festival can be found here.

Other confirmed bands for the festival include: 1340, Ahab, Anathema, Barren Earth, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquillity, Despised Icon, Dying Fetus, Gwar, Kylesa, Pantheon I, Obituary, Sepultura, Solstafir, The Crown, and more.

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Killswitch Engage Writes New Song For God Of War 3

Roadrunner Records has announced they will release a digital EP soundtrack for the PlayStation 3 video game "God of War III." The EP, titled "God of War: Blood & Metal," will be released in March as a part of the God of War III Ultimate Edition, and will feature five exclusive unreleased songs from Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Trivium, Opeth, and Taking Dawn. A voucher code will be included with the game for fans to download the EP.

“I have played the previous God of War releases,” said Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones. “To be a part of this game in any fashion is amazing! Let the rivers flow red with blood; there is vengeance to bestow! Bring me more new finishing blows to my enemies!"

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Living Sacrifice Posts "Rules Of Engagement" Video

Living Sacrifice has posted a music video online for the track "Rules of Engagement," which can be viewed below. "Rules of Engagement" is off the band's upcoming album "The Infinite Order." The new album will be released on January 26th, 2010.

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Mysteriarch Recruits New Guitarist

North Carolina black metallers Mysteriarch have issued the following update about recruiting a new guitarist:

"We have acquired a new guitarist known as Vathaiat, whom also plays guitar in the US Black Metal band Vesterian from CA. We welcome him to the band and look forward to working with him. Cyric, our previous guitarist, has decided to part ways from the band. He has agreed to help us finish our upcoming album and will then move on to pursue other life goals and musical endeavors. It was an honor to work with him and we are grateful for his contributions. We are also currently seeking a bassist and keyboardist for live and studio work. At this time, we are still collaborating with Sargothus (keyboards) for studio work and songwriting. However, he has decided he is not able to play live gigs with us at the present time. We will always strive to seek like-minded individuals who are true at heart and who wish to help us further our goals as a band. Thanks to all past members who have helped us get this far. Expect new music, recordings, merchandise, and other things to come from us in the near future. We appreciate all who have helped and supported Mysteriarch throughout the years. You know who you are!"

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Unleashed To Headline "Minus 30" Indoor Fest

Unleashed have announced they will be headlining the metal stage at the "Minus 30°" indoor festival, which takes place on Saturday, March 20th 2010. The Festival will occur at Luleå Folkets Hus in Sweden. Unleashed have also announced that their upcoming 10th full-length album will be titled "As Yggdrasil Trembles," and it is set for an early 2010 release.

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Sevendust Finishes Tracking New Album

In a recent message to the bands fans, Atlanta based rock band Sevendust announced that they have finished tracking their new studio album. The message reads as follows:

"We're officially done tracking the record and will be taking a small break and then will mix it and hope for an April release.

"We recorded a "making of" the record that will also be included with the new record so you have to see the footage we have. We're excited to have this mixed and package it and send it out there to see what you think. It came out amazing and we're very proud of it.

"Gonna be fun playing these new songs live. There's all the elements of the original 5 members. We're completely back to what made us Sevendust and we think you'll be pleased.

"See you on tour next year and be ready to throw down with us.

"Have a great Holiday."

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Framferd Posts New Album Promo

Norwegian black metal band Framferd has released a promo video for their latest album, "Landgang," which is out now and available on iTunes. Check out the promo below.

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Headliners Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air

The organisers of Britain's Bloodstock Open Air festival has announced that Finnish heavy metal outfit Children Of Bodom and industrial metal legends Fear Factory will be headlining the 2010 edition of the event.

Children Of Bodom's Alexi Laiho comments: "I'm really glad we're playing Bloodstock next year – it's the only UK show for us in 2010, and the crowd over there has been awesome for us lately!"

The lineup is now as follows:

Cannibal Corpse
Children Of Bodom
Dream Evil
Fear Factory
Leaves' Eyes
Ross The Boss
Devin Townsend

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White Skull Postpones All Live Shows

Italian metallers White Skull have issued the following statement about postponing all of their upcoming tour dates:

"On 18 and 19 December a series of unfortunate events have affected the White Skull and its staff. Because of these events, the band was forced to temporarily suspend the live activity. The revival is scheduled for March 2010. Skulls and Legion of Skulls warmly thank all those who spared no effort in providing relief, aid, transportation and hospitality. We also thank all those who have made themselves available and have sent messages of solidarity. See you on the road! Proud Warriors Never Die!"

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Suidakra To Begin Writing New Album

Germany's SuidAkrA has issued the following statement about their plans for writing new material next year:

"First of all, thanks to all SuidAkrA fans for showing up at our UK gigs with Saxon and Anvil! We hope to come back soon with a better slot and a longer setlist... In the meantime, the ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild Sampler [mySpace] was released. Check out our contribution of 'Marooned' on our profile. An eventful year is drawing to an end: With 'Crógacht' we have released one of the best received albums of our career so far, we played a 4-week US tour, shows in China, Wacken Open Air and quite a few more great concerts. Unfortunately our European Tour had to be called off due to illness - but you can't win them all! In 2010 we'll step down a bit from playing live and concentrate on writing a new album for a 2011 release. Enjoy the holiday season and have a happy new year! See you there!"

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The Color Morale Announces New Tour Dates

The Color Morale has issued the following announcement about their upcoming "Tour and Rumors of Tours" tour dates:

"Hey guys we're very excited to announce the 'Tour and Rumors of Tours tour' featuring The Chariot, Greeley Estates, Inhale Exhale, and Memphis May Fire!!! Dates are posted now, including a few regional dates with We Came as Romans, be sure to come hang at a show near you! We'll have a ton of new merch and should be somewhat close. Find your nearest date below and we'll see you there! Happy Holidays everyone!"

The Color Morale's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Katatonia Parts Ways With Guitarist And Bassist

Sweden's Katatonia have issued the following statement about parting ways with their guitarist and bassist:

"Sad but true, today’s announcement will be heavy hearted for us to bring to you. We can hereby confirm that the brothers Fredrik ‘North’ Norrman and Mattias ‘Krypt’ Norrman have decided to step off the ride and leave Katatonia. We respect their decision and would like to take the opportunity to collectively thank them both for all the years gone by, all the up’s and down’s we shared out on the road, in the studio and basically the memories and moments we shared of our 20’s growing up together. Fredrik was with us for 15 years and Mattias for 10 years and we were lucky to have the same intact line-up going since 1999, but it’s true what they say – all good things come to an end.

"We also know that out of the ashes of a setback new possibilities open up. We’ve already found temporary replacements for the upcoming tours and this will not affect any of our agenda or plans for 2010. Currently filling in for Fredrik on guitar will be long time guitar tech and also guitarist of Bloodbath, mr. Per ‘Sodomizer’ Eriksson while we have Niklas ‘Nille’ Sandin filling Mattias shoes on bass until we decide how to move on with the replaceable positions on a permanent long term."

Fredrik ‘North’ Norrman issued the following statement about the decision: More...

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Raven To Release New Album In March

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal veterans Raven have announced that they have signed a new record deal with SPV/Steamhammer and will be releasing a brand new studio album entitled, "Walk Through Fire" on March 29th in Europe. No word on an American release date has yet been revealed.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

"Against The Grain"
"Breaking You Down"
"Under Your Radar"
"Walk Through Fire"
"Long day's Journey"
"Running Around In Circles"
"Hard Road"
"Armageddon (the beginning)"
"Space Station # 5"
"The King" (live) bonus track

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Headline News

Rose Tattoo Guitarist Passes Away

Mick Cocks, the guitarist of Australian rock legends Rose Tattoo, has lost his battle cancer and sadly passed away today (December 22nd.) He had been diagnosed with the cancer of the liver in April of this year. Earlier this year in July, Rose Tattoo performed a benefit show at the Enmore Theatre to help Cocks out. More details are expected to be revealed shortly.

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Basanos Signs To Noisehead Records

Noisehead Records has announced the signing of Austrian hardcore/thrash band Basanos. No further information was revealed about the band's first release on their new label, but you can check them out on MySpace here.

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Initial Bands Confirmed for Rockarea Fest 2010

SACRED REICH, BENEDICTION and ENSIFERUM are among the first confirmed bands for next year's edition of the Rockarea festival, set to take place July 29-31, 2010 in Loreley, Germany. The lineup so far includes:


Check out ACHERON's latest music video for "I am heathen" below.

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Vesperian Sorrow Seeking Full Time Guitarist

Texas metallers Vesperian Sorrow have issued the following statement about seeking a full time guitarist:

"Currently we are seeking a full time guitarist, both lead and rhythm guitars along side original member Will. Our friend and long time VS guitarist JZD is filling in for shows at the moment. However, we want to find a permanent member to join after the recording of our next album. We have many shows and possible tours being scheduled for next year, and if you live close to us and would like to come try out, please contact us. Thanks...."

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