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Metal News for December 20, 2009

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Bloodbath To Re-Release "Breeding Death" EP

Swedish death metallers Bloodbath have issued the following announcement about re-releasing a limited edition version of their "Breeding Death" EP with two additional songs:

"After the quickly sold out Picture-LP of ‘Breeding Death’ Animate Records from Germany will release this album again as a high quality matt Gatefold-12?-MLP with black inner sleeve on 180 g vinyl. The LP contains two bonus tracks and will be limited to 999 copies (first 200 copies as collectors edition in golden wax). On side B there's an etched picture which is laser-manufactured and simply looks killer… The release date is set to January 8th, 2010 and can be pre-ordered now!"

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Dio Thanks Fans For Their Support

As was previously reported, Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Dio has now issued the following statement thanking fans for their support:

"Happy holidays everyone, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. The list includes your good wishes, your prayers, your support, your tears and laughter, your anger and rejoicing, and most of all the unwavering love you've bestowed upon me.

"I guess I've always felt that we were one person and that you've allowed me to be our spokesman, but until this time of my greatest peril the truth was perhaps slightly hidden. It is hidden no more. Together we shall face the foe and live on to climb higher mountains and explore greater magic. Together we cannot fail. Please accept my never ending love and dedication to you all.

"So it is written, and so it shall be."

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Slodust Checks In From The Studio

Sweden's Slodust has checked in from the studio with the following recording update:

"Hey hey friends! Some update about the studio.. I'm done with my tracks on the record and Guz is is done with 6-7 tracks, more or less...so its going pretty good. We take a break over x-mas and starting up again in 100104 with Adde, Ersson and Denniz stuff. Until we talk again.."

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Sawthis Posts New Song, "Mr. Zero," Online

Italian metal band Sawthis has posted a new song on their MySpace page entitled, "Mr. Zero." The song comes off their upcoming album "Egod." The band is currently in search of a label to release their new album.

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Strange Flesh Issues Recording Update

Strange Flesh has issued the following update about recording new material:

"At this point, Dave is finishing up the guitar solos, add-ins and harmonies. First basic mixes sound huge. Quad tracked guitars are the only way to go. After Christmas, Chris will go in and start the vocals. Finally, the band will put a couple of the new songs up in about two to three weeks. The first 'single' or point song is Disciple. That'll go up along with the album title track. Eventually, all the songs will be up and for a while, the older material will not. That's simply to establish the newer stuff, which the band is really excited about. Forewarning: some of the more diehard fans may be a little angsty about the amount of acoustic work on the album.

"There are NO ballads, but plenty of acoustic stuff. This is simply the way things worked out. We think you'll agree, however that this album is simply the heaviest most complex stuff we've ever done. It's an evolution to where we'd truely like to be as a group of musicians. The last song 'Witness the Feast' clocks in around 12 minutes and ends the album with the next step. We even have a full length band instrumental called 'Suffer the Weak', that combines all the best elements of our playing. Off to Florida for a week and when we get back, tha album art and merchandising will all be available at our new online store. A release date for the album hasn't been set yet but should be early march at the latest. We're co-ordinating that with the distributors. Tentatively scheduled is a local video shoot for the song 'Disciple'. After all that's done, we're looking forward to playing some local(Va Beach) shows for a bit and finding a 2nd guitarist. Thanks."

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Chevelle Posts New Video For "Letter From A Thief"

Chevelle has posted their latest video for "Letter From A Thief," which you can check out below.

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Eventide Reveals New Album Song Titles

Swedish melodic death metal band EVENTIDE has revealed the song titles from their upcoming album. The titles are as follows:

"The beast and the machine"
"Through black holes"
"Mr. Death"
"Life, the obstacle"
"Mechanical Slaves"
"The observer"
"The final spin"
"Release the floods"

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Jon Schaffer Launches Project On Alex Jones Show

Jon Schaffer was recently on the Alex Jones show to discuss and launch his new project, Sons of Liberty. Here are Jon's comments on it, followed by a series of videos from the show.

"Just wanted to say thanks for supporting the Sons of Liberty project. I'm very serious about spreading this, so please get people to listen to it, make copies and get the word out!

"If you missed the broadcast of the release on the Alex Jones show here's a you tube link and we'll have it on the SOL site soon.

"Again, thanks for your support in this, now let's get to work on restoring liberty!"


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Spiralarms Completes Recording of New Album

Singer, Tim Narducci, of the California hard rock band Spiralarms, has issued the following update regarding the progress of their new record:

"Hello everyone, wanted to hip you to the fact that we finished recording 'Highest Society' this weekend. Ron played the last of the percussion yesterday and I put down some 'Beatlesesq' backgrounds on 'Sleep of the Just' to take the song to a trippier place. Files of 'Bottom Rung' were sent off to our broham Eric Kretz in L.A. so he can lay down some slay bells at his studio (Bomb Shelter). This will be badass! Last, we start mixing shortly after the New Year."

"We were talking about putting a song up on the page for you all to check out for a day, not sure which one yet, also what day to post it... I think New Years Day might be cool to soothe some mighty hangovers, not sure though! Any suggestions are welcome on a good day to post..."

"Anyway, Happy Holidays friends, be safe, and take time to enjoy your friends and loved ones...lifes fragile and short."

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Astral Doors Posts New Song Online

Swedish metal band Astral Doors has posted a new song on their MySpace page entitled "Call of The Wild." The song comes off of their upcoming album "Requiem Of Time."

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Venomous Concept Working On New Album

UK metal band VENOMOUS CONCEPT has issued the following studio update:

"Being the retards that we are we forgot to mention that on a day off on our recent European tour we recorded 6 new tracks..."

"We will be recording a few more tracks in the new year and plan to release a couple of splits with Wolfbrigade and Bruce banner from Sweden - this we are fucking excited about..."

"All being well VC will be back next year for some more shows in places we didn't get to last time - we had a lots of fun - its was back to the roots,old school style - it was a breath of fresh air"

"Expect a new VC album sometime next year also"

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Nowen Signs To Violent Journey Records

Finnish metallers Nowen has announced the signing to Violent Journey Records. The band was founded in 1999 in Raahe by Mikko Lappalainen. The band will be releaseing their debut full-length album, entitled "Nothing But Hate," which will be released in the Spring of 2010.

The tracklisting for "Nothing But Hate" is as follows:

01. Intro
02. The Sick Weakness
03. Dead Meat
04. Fragile
05. Bleed, Suffer And Die
06. Sofia
07. Nothing But Hate
08. After The Suicide
09. From Time To Eternity More...

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Aherusia Posts New Music Video Online

Greek metal band Aherusia has posted a new music video for the song "Lux Occulta" online. The song comes off of their album "And the Tides Shall Reveal The Traces."


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Avith Posts Music Video For "Lillith" Online

Greek metal band Avith has posted a new video for the song "Lillith." The song comes off of their album "Heir of Agitation," was directed Emmanuel G. Mavros, and was produced by Emotion Art Entertainment. Watch the video below:

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Warbringer Issues Tour Report

Guitarist John Laux, of the Los Angeles thrash metal band Warbringer, has issued the following tour recap:

"We’re finally home for the Holidays after what may of been one of the most wild tours yet!'

"To kick things off we headed east, playing headline shows along the way, at the end of October to meet up with Vader’s Monsters of Death tour and ended up making very good friends with everyone on the tour. Vader, Augury, The Amenta, Swashbuckle and Decrepit Birth are all killer bands! The shows from ..Baltimore.. to ....New York.... were a breeze, and then we had some border trouble as many of our Canadian fans already know. An old DUI showed up for our drummer, so Nic was flagged and prevented from entering the country and had to stay behind. The same happened when we tried to enter ..Canada.. again after the ....Minnesota.... show. Regardless we played all the gigs with Adam, our guitar player, and Vader stage manger Dave Lozano switching off on the drum throne. It was pretty rough at first but after a few days Adam and Dave were killing it. Nic wound up staying with John Gensmer from Epicurean and flying out to ....Seattle.... to rejoin the tour a week later." More...

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Trap Them Cancels Australian Tour Dates

Trap Them has issued the following update regarding the cancellation of their Australian tour dates:

"Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, we will not be going to Australia in January with Every Time I Die. We are in the process of rescheduling and we'll see you all as soon as possible."

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Outlaw Order Takes Over Metairie

Back home from their West Coast tour, Outlaw Order had a welcome back show for their New Orleans brethren. Opening the show were the strange The Foot and Flesh Parade. Us New Orleans's metal heads are proud of having Outlaw Order here almost as much as we're proud of our football team. Although the bar was not packed to the brim, everyone in attendance heard some great music. Outlaw Order's entire set can be seen below. More...

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Rage Against the Machine #1 in Britain?

Who said Facebook groups were worthless? Within the last five years, the number one spot for a single was "X-Factor" by Simon Cowell. This year breaks this paradigm with a little surprise: Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name," thanks to a dedicated Facebook group. More...

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Video Interview With Eyefear Available Online

Guitarist Con Papazoglou of Australian metallers Eyefear recently conducted a video interview with Just Say Rock in which he discusses this year's Screamfest. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Futures End Issues New Album Update

Futures End, which features bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death and Iced Earth) and drummer Jon Allen (Ex Testament, Dragonlord), has issued the following update about writing new material:

"Hello friends! I am happy to report that Marc Pattison, Steve DiGiorgio, Jon Allen, Fred Marshall, and me - Christian Wentz - are plugging away at the writing and pre-production of music for the second Futures End album. We have been holed up at Chief Dog Studios in California for the past few weeks, digging through stuff that we had put together during our sessions in the past couple of years as well as tossing out new riffs and ideas that may or may not ultimately become songs.

"This time around, Steve is more involved with the writing than he was last time and it is going as smooth as I could have ever hoped it would. Three new songs have been birthed and we are all very excited about how things are working out. The music is most certainly Futures End, but it shows an inevitable evolution, a growth that is apparent in everything we are doing. It will be hard to follow Memoirs of a Broken Man - even for us - but even at this stage of the game it looks like we are going to be able to deliver another great piece of work to you all.

"I am shooting a lot of video of what we are doing and when I get a minute, I will compile a bunch of it for you all on our youtube channel. Ill let you know when you can check it out. In the mean time, stay metal!

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Hatebreed Postpones Tonight's Show

Hatebreed has issued the following announcement about postponing their show that was planned for tonight, Sunday, December 20th, in Philadelphia:

"Due to severe winter weather conditions tonight's Hatebreed show in Philadelphia, PA has been postponed until Dec. 26th. The previously scheduled Syracuse show will be made up at a later date to be announced soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

More information on the re-scheduled Syracruse show will be announced as it is made available.

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Imperial Posts "Shadows And Dust" Video

Florida metallers Imperial have posted a music video online for the song "Shadows and Dust," which can be viewed below. "Shadows and Dust" is taken off the Imperial's upcoming album "Villains." The band also issued the following statement about the video clip:

"FINALLY!!! Here is the video we have been telling you about.. Hope you all enjoy it! We are all busy with the Holidays and have had a lot of set backs to say the least with the new album. We are still here as usual and still have a passion for Imperial that will never burn out even when everyone tells us to 'please stop making shit music.' Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we hope to see all of you in 2010! And keep your ears open for new music from our upcoming album!"

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Orphaned Land Announces Album Release Party

Orphaned Land have announced they will be holding a release party for their upcoming album "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" on February 4th in Tel-Aviv. Tickets can be purchased at this location. "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" is set to be released by Century Media on February 9th, 2010 in the US and January 25th, 2010 in Europe.

Orphaned Land's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

2/4 2010 Theatre Club Tel-Aviv - IL
5/21 2010 Rock Hard Festival Gelsenkirchen - DE
8/19 2010 Summer Breeze Open Air Dinkelsbuehl - DE

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Exodus Posts New Song Preview Online

American thrash metal legends Exodus has posted a new video online in which lead vocalist Rob Dukes plays a sample of a brand new song entitled, "Good Riddance." You can check it out below. The song will appear on the bands forthcoming new album, "Exhibit B: The Human Condition," which is scheduled to be released through Nuclear Blast Records next year. The album is being recorded in California with producer Andy Sneap. More...

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Soul In Sadness Remixes Schwarzes Fragment Song

German gothic metallers Soul In Sadness have issued the following announcement about remixing a Schwarzes Fragment track:

"Schwarzes Fragment - a band you all should know! They do great electronic goth music and did an remarkable remix of 'Tote Seelen lieben nicht' on 'Gute Namen EP'. The least thing I could do is a little giveback. So, 'Eisenherz' (=Heart of Iron) got in our fingers an transformed from a dancefloor track into brutal gothic metal. You can hear the track at this location in their music player. Thanks for the friendship and this chance."

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Amaranthe Adds Extra Swedish Tour Dates

Amaranthe has issued the following statement about adding on two extra shows to their tour with Kamelot:

"Hey folks! Great news today! We have added two more shows to our tour with Kamelot in spring 2010 - we will be playing in our home town Gothenburg along with Stockholm! Apr 10, 2010 Gothenburg - SWEDEN - Trädgårn, Apr 11, 2010 Stockholm - SWEDEN - Tyrol

"We will also be releasing our new single 'Leave Everything Behind' *internationally* tomorrow! The release is an exclusive digital download through all your favourite online stores such as iTunes, Amazon etc. Stay tuned for more info! Cheers!"

Amaranthe's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

4/10 2010 Gothenburg - SWEDEN Trädgårn
4/11 2010 Stockholm - SWEDEN - Tyrol
4/13 2010 Nosturi /w Kamelot Helsinki
4/14 2010 Pakkahuone /w Kamelot Tampere
4/17 2010 Sentrum Scene Oslo /w Kamelot Oslo

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Cult Of Luna Streaming Cover Track

Sweden's Cult of Luna has issued the following update about adding on an Estonia show and streaming a cover song online:

"New show have been added to the mini tour in February. Looking forward to play in Estonia for the first time. We have added a cover song on our play list. The song was originally composed by the amazing band Unbroken and was song number seven on their 1994 album 'life. love. regret.' We recorded it during the 'Somewhere along the highway'-session in 2006 and was released on a limited 7'."

Cult of Luna's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

2/25 2010 Close-up båten Stockholm-Åbo, Stockholms län
2/26 2010 Tavastia Helsinki
2/27 2010 Lutakko Jyväskylä
2/28 2010 Tapper Tallinn

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Chrome Division Checks In From The Studio

Chrome Division, the Norwegian band featuring Dimmu Borgir front man Shagrath on guitar, has issued the following update about recording their third full-length album:

"While most others running around preparing for christmas, Chrome Division do what they find most appropriate; record another album.

"The last weeks, the boys from the east have been in Marius Strand Studio in Oslo and recorded 5 new Chrome-rumblers. In other words, the first half of the album is carved in stone. The last and closing session will take place within the first months of 2010. Tracklisting so far: 'Bulldogs Unleashed', 'Zombies & Monsters', 'Fight', 'Join the Ride' and 'Unholy Roller'. The album title is not yet revealed.

"So far it sounds fucking awesome. The songs are better, the sound is better, and with Shady Blue and his characteristic attitude, the vocals are better. The Rock album of the year, anyone...?"

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Sunday Old School: Napalm Death

Having been credited with the creation of the grindcore genre, many people will claim that Napalm Death are among the most influential bands in the world of extreme metal and some people will go so far as to say they were the last band from Great Britain to have a signifficant impact on the world of metal. Like many great British metal bands such as Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, Napalm Death were formed in the Midlands area of England, starting up in 1981 in the village of Meriden, just outside of Birmingham. The band recorded a four song demo in 1982 and continued to perform regularly until towards the end of 1983 when they imposed a hiatus of sorts, with only one concert being performed in 1984 (a benefit show for the striking mine workers.) The band would return permanently in 1985 and performed many shows at their local pub The Murmaid, which was known to host hardcore matinees on the weekend. The band achieved a stable line up when drummer Mick Harris joined the group, complimenting the guitar sounds of Justin Broadrick and bass player/vocalist Nic Bullen. This lineup of the band recorded the first half of the now classic album, "Scum" in 1986, however before they could record the B-side to the album, both Broadrick and Bullen left the band. Harris recruited Bill Steer (later of Carcass fame) on guitar, bass player Jim Whitely and friend of the band, Lee Dorrian to join as the groups new singer, even though he had never sang before. This lineup recorded the second half of "Scum," completing what is now regarded as a classic in the field of extreme metal. The band replaced Whitely with bass player Shane Embury and recorded their second album, "From Enslavement To Obliteration" which was released in October of 1988 before Steer left the band to focus on Carcass full time and Dorrian quit to form the now legendary doom metal band, Cathedral.

The band recruited vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway, of the British death metal outfit Benediction and their first international members in the form of Mexican guitarist Jesse Pintado, who had previously been known as the guitarist and founding member of Terrorizer and second guitarist Mitch Harris (who is from the United States of America) after touring with Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Morbid Angel. This lineup of the band recorded only one album, "Harmony Corruption" before Mick Harris decided to leave the band to form Scorn, leaving no members of the "Scum" lineup left. Napalm Death replaced him with American drummer Danny Herrera. These band members would then continue throughout the the 1990's recording eight albums together (Greenway was briefly fired from the band in 1996 and replaced with Extreme Noise Terror vocalist Phil Vane and while Vane never recorded with Napalm Death, Greenway recorded vocals for the Extreme Noise Terror album, "Damage 381" before returning to Napalm Death following the dismissal of Vane.)

In 2004, Jesse Pintado left the band and Napalm Death has since continued as a four-piece, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums in the form of "The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code," "Smear Campaign" and most recently, "Time Waits For No Slave." Jesse Pintado sadly passed away in a hospital in Holland in 2006, after suffering from a liver failure. Napalm Death are a unique band because not only are they themselves regarded as hugely influential, but so are practically every band related to them. Lee Dorrian's Cathedral have become known as one of the best doom metal bands of all time and Bill Steer's Carcass has similarly been recognised as one of the greatest death metal bands in history. Justin Broadrick's bands Godflesh and Jesu have become recognised as influential and groundbreaking and even bands that only had small links to the band such as Extreme Noise Terror and Terrorizer have since become known as legends in the field of grindcore. While Napalm Death are often imitated, they are, as they say, never duplicated. More...

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Hayaino Daisuki Readies New EP

Hayaino Daisuki is following up their previous EP, "Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire" with a new album entitled "The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki?" Here's the tracklisting:

1. Ghosts of Purgatory (2:43)
2. Shibito (3:40)
3. Kirei (3:35)
4. Blood (2:21)

More details, such as release date, to be announced.

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Embrace Damnation Confirmed For Illinios Metalfest

EMBRACE DAMNATION has been added to Central Illinois Metalfest “The Sickest fest in the Midwest” July 23rd and 24th at The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Show dates will be limited in support of “Glory of a New Darkness.”

In the meantime, check out some of their music on the band's MySpace page.

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WWE To Use Fozzy Song For Royal Rumble 2010

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that they will be using, "Martyr No More," the new single from heavy metal outfit Fozzy, as the official theme song for the upcoming Royal Rumble pay per view. The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 31st and as usual, the main event of the show will be the Royal Rumble match itself, in which the winner receives a world title shot at Wrestlemania.

"Martyr No More" is from Fozzy's forthcoming fourth studio album, "Chasing The Grail" which will be released on January 19th through Riot! Entertainment. This will be the bands second album to feature only original material.

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Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Challenges Dave Mustaine

Jeff Young, the former guitarist for Megadeth, has posted another blog which is highly critical of his former bandmate Dave Mustaine. His latest blog reads as follows:

"Hello again Mega fans,

"Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support regarding my Blog post of 10.18.09. I didn't expect that and it means a lot.

"I honestly didn't think I would be writing again so soon but in the wake of all the online chatter flailing about, some new info has come to light and there is absolutely no way I'm not responding to this... More...

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