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Metal News for December 19, 2009

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Helloween Films Music Video for "Dr. Stein"

Helloween has announced that they produced a comical video clip for the song "Dr. Stein." The clip to the band's classic and former top 10 single was elaborate produced by Oliver Sommer and the AVA Studios, and will have it's premiere January 8th. The track derives from the BEST-OF UNARMED album, which is going to be released January 29th. In this special BEST-Of album the band took 11 songs from their past records, re-arranged and re-recorded them.

The band comments, "We intentionally wanted to do something untypical for metal...just re-releasing our hits from the past would be too boring and -from our point of view- not adequate for the band's anniversary!"

Photos for the video can be seen here.

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Taking Dawn Posts Music Video Clip Online

Las Vegas metal band Taking Dawn has posted a clip from their upcoming video for their song, "Time To Burn," which can been seen below. The song comes off their upcoming debut album with the same name, which will be released via Roadrunner Records.

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Thomas Whiskey Completes New Single

Finland's Thomas Whiskey has finished their new single "Everything." Their label, Kampas Records, has posted a sample of the song on their myspace page. Purchase the single here.

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Trivium Discusses North American Tour

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto, of the Florida metal band Trivium, has posted a video tour discussing their recent North American tour:

Trivium | MySpace Music Videos

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The Sign Of The Southern Cross Seeks New Guitarist

THE SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS has announced the search for a new lead guitarist. the band comments on what they are seeking:

"Those who apply must have their own professional equipment, the ability to play shows and tour on short notice, and are willing to travel."

"If you're interested, you can contact us either here on myspace or southerncrossrocks@yahoo.com" More...

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Pestilence Posts Drum Audition Video

Resurrected death metal band Pestilence recently announced that they replaced their previous session drummer Peter Wildoer with Yuma Van Eekelen. Pestilence has now posted online Yuma Van Eekelen's drum audition video, which can be viewed below.

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Carnophage To Play Central Illinois Metal Fest

Turkish death metallers Carnophage are the latest band to be confirmed for the Central Illinois Metal Fest, which will take place at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois on July 23rd and 24th, 2010. The currently confirmed band line-up is as follows:


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Iskald Recruits New Live Guitarist

Norwegian black metallers Iskald have issued the following announcement about replacing their live guitarist:

"After some serious considerations we have decided to remove Espen Solstad from his position as live-guitarist in Iskald. It's nothing personal, just a matter of lacking enthusiasm and motivation. Musically we also expect and demand more! We wish him all of luck in the future and appreciate all good memories.

"Ben Hansen will from now on handle the live guitars. And we would like to welcome Kenneth Henriksen as our new session bass player. He's a very talented 19 years old guy from Røst in Lofoten. Upcoming live shows and tours will be announced soon."

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Lords Of Aesir Streaming Instrumental Tracks

Brazilian symphonic metallers Lords of Aesir are currently streaming two new instrumental preview tracks online from their album "The Lords Return." The tracks "Unpredictable Certainty" and "The Voice Beyond" can be heard at the Lords of Aesir MySpace page. The band also has an upcoming live show at Biritiba Mirim in São Paulo on December 27th.

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Eric Peterson Announces Internet Radio Interview

Testament guitarist Eric Peterson will be the featured guest on this week’s Suicide Girls Radio Show on Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1. The interview will take place on Sunday, December 20th, at 10:00PM PST. Eric will speak with hosts Sam Doumit and Nicole Powers about the upcoming American Carnage tour that will see Testament hitting the road with Megadeth and Slayer. The show will be available for streaming online at this location.

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Eversin Signs To My Kingdom Music

Italian metallers Eversin have inked a deal with My Kingdom Music to release a new full-length album titled "Divina Distopia." The album is currently set to be released on February 19th, 2010. Sample tracks of Eversin's music are also currently available for streaming at their official MySpace page.

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The Murder Industry Finishes Recording New Album

Spanish death metallers The Murder Industry have finished recording their upcoming debut full-length album, which will be titled "Death Motivation." The album will be mixed and mastered by Eric Monsonis, and will be released in the Spring of 2010. Sample The Murder Industry tracks are available for streaming at the band's official MySpace page.

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Death Of Desire Checks In From The Studio

Germany's Death of Desire has issued the following update from the recording studio:

"We are pleased to announce that we've finished 2 full songs and the final post production is taking place. A preview of the music will be released via this webpage on the night of the 20th of December along with some exclusive studio video footage. Expect total vile monstrosity. A 300 limited collector's edition Single signed with blood by the band, featuring the Song 'Frozen' with an extra track of 'Into the Void' will be released and sold online the next Decade. Get yours before it's too late!"

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Alice Cooper Confirmed For Wacken 2010

The organisers of the Wacken Open Air festival has announced that two more bands have been added to events bill. Shock rock legend Alice Cooper will be performing at the festival and Amorphis has also been confirmed to play. The festival takes place in Wacken, Germany between August 5th - 7th. Other bands scheduled to perform include Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Immortal, amongst many others.

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High On Fire Completes New Album

California based doom metal outfit High On Fire has announced that they have completed work on their new album, which is to be entitled, "Snakes For The Divine." The album will be released through E1 Music on February 23rd. The record was produced by Greg Fidelman, who recently worked with Slayer on their latest album, "World Painted Blood."

The tracklisting is as follows:

"Snakes For The Divine"
"Frost Hammer"
"Bastard Samurai"
"Ghost Neck"
"Fire, Flood & Plague"
"How Dark We Pray"
"Holy Flames Of The Fire Spitter"
"Mystery Of Helm"

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Varg Vikernes Criticises "Lords Of Chaos" Movie

Varg Vikernes, the notorious leader of the one man black metal band Burzum, has posted a message on his website in which he questions the forthcoming movie based on the book, "Lords Of Chaos," which is about the early Norwegian black metal scene. His message reads as follows:

"The first question that came into my mind when I heard about the plans for a Lords of Chaos movie was 'why'? Why on earth would anyone want to make a film based on that worthless book? How is it even possible when the book is made up of nothing but a number of inaccurate interviews, supplemented by unfounded claims and meaningless and utterly ignorant theories by the writers? When I saw that I was a character in the movie I was even more puzzled, and my next question was naturally; "can they even do that?" They never asked for my permission to use my name or my story.

"Now, they are apparently basing the story of this movie not on my story, but on the Lords of Chaos story. Unfortunately the Lords of Chaos story is not only nonsense; incoherent and utterly contradictive, but it is also very lacking in information regarding the lives and traits of the individuals to be included as characters in the movie. One could easily think that this would make it impossible for anybody to make a movie based on this book, but of course if you simply fill in the holes yourself...

"As I write this I am smiling, because this is funny. In a bizarre and weird kind of way it really is. They base it on a fictional story that is based on real events and poorly written by two ignorant amateurs, then write a script without ever talking to anyone who might know something about the story the two ignorant amateurs base their story on, and then have a few more Hollywood individuals re-write the script a few times, to make it fit into the Hollywood-mold, of course. What are we left with? Well; another Hollywood movie "based on real events", of course. (You don't actually think the other Hollywood movies "based on real events" are any better, do you!?)

"I honestly couldn't care less about what this movie might do to the contemporary Black Metal scene, or what it might do to any other metal scene for that sake, so I am not even going to discuss that. Being an egocentric and egotistical bastard I naturally only care about what this movie might do to me, and you know what? It cannot hurt me, no matter what. It can only increase my market value, so to speak, making it easier for me to sell more albums, publish and sell more books, and so forth, so... It'll give me even more freedom to do what I want. If I want to I can always tell the true story myself, later on, and even more individuals will be interested in the true story if these guys make the movie. I don't know if they have considered this, or if they care at all, but this is a fact."

Read the full article at Burzum.org.

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Incantation To Release Limited Edition 7" EP

Death metal act incantation will release a limited edition 7" EP titled "Scapegoat" through Ibex Moon Records on February 8th. "Scapegoat" contains previously unreleased tracks from the recording sessions of Incantation's 2006 album "Primordial Domination." The EP will be limited to 1000 hand numbered copies. The cover artwork for "Scapegoat" can be viewed at this location.

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Disbelief Recruits Touring Guitarist

Germany's Disbelief has issued the following statement about recruiting a new touring guitarist:

"Disbelief are happy to announce that Alex Hagenaur of the band Soul Demise will do the upcoming Hell Goes On Tour in January!! He replaces Alejandro Varela, who was not able to do these shows!! We are really thankful and looking forward to be on the road!! Besides this Disbelief is featured on the topic issue of the Rock Hard DVD with our clip A Place To Hide, enjoy and hope to see all of our fans pretty soon on the road!!!"

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Darkest Seed Posts Performance Footage

Brazilian metallers Darkest Seed have posted a live video clip online of their performance of the song "Down" which can be viewed below. "Down" is taken from the band's latest full-length album "The Scars That Never Heal."

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Divinity Destroyed Postpones Final Show

New Jersey's Divinity Destroyed has issued the following update about postponing their final show before disbanding:

"That's right. Mother Nature has once again fucked us in the ass hard and fast. First it was a tornado, then a hurricane, and now a blizzard. She either really hates us and wants nothing to run smoothly or loves us and detests our disbanding. Either way, she's a ripe old cunt. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but trust us. Getting to and from this place tomorrow will have been a shitload more inconvenient.

"This whole ordeal may very well end up being a blessing in disguise though as the Belmar Firehall presented legitimate risk of capacity problems. Between six bands, friends, fans, family, and not even accounting for people who'd be coming out of the woodwork for this one, we'd already have a situation on our hands. Hell, half the space is taken up by a fire engine from 1912. So we're planning on rescheduling this for the spring and moving it to a slightly more accommodating location (read: bigger, better, boozier). More...

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In This Moment Comments On Canceled Show

In This Moment has issued the following statement about canceling their Las Vegas show at the last minute:

"We owe everyone who came out to see us us last night a huge thank you and our sincere apology, Las Vegas has always been a huge supporter of us and its been almost a full year since we last played for you, we were so excited about this show and so bummed that it got canceled at the last minute.....this is the explanation we were given for why the show was shut down..... I guess the venue got hit with a last minute safety inspection and had no time to correct the violations, we found out they pulled the plug on the show about an hour before doors leaving us no time to relocate the show or even inform our fans of the situation........I apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation caused anyone.........We promise to make this show up to you....we love Las Vegas and cant wait to rock with you all again soon!"

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Six Feet Under Posts New Cover Song Online

Tampa, Florida groove laden death metal band SIX FEET UNDER has posted the first single from their new cover album, "Graveyard Classics 3," on their MySpace page. The first track is a cover of Slayer's track "At Dawn They Sleep" off of the groups "Hell Awaits" album. "Graveyard Classics 3" will be released on January 19th 2010 through Metal Blade Records

Vocalist Chris Barnes comments on the track, "We chose the track ‘At Dawn They Sleep' to be the first single off of Graveyard Classics 3. We've wanted to do a Slayer song for a while and lots of our fans have been requesting that we do a Slayer song as well; ‘At Dawn They Sleep' really seemed like it would lend itself to our style. And to be honest I've always preferred the early Slayer stuff, ‘Hell Awaits' and prior. I think the production and song structure of their early recordings are raw and in your face, in a very dynamic way, and that's the type of band SFU is, so it seemed to fit on a bunch of different levels. We fucking love Slayer!" More...

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Picture Posts New Song, "Now It's Too Late" Online

Dutch Heavy Metal band PICTURE has posted a special version of the song "Now It's Too Late" on their MySpace page. The special edition of "Now It's Too Late" will stay for streaming for a couple of days on the band's MySpace. The cd version of "Now It's Too Late" can be found on the band's latest album "Old Dogs New Tricks", released on October 1 2009.

In other news, guitarist Jan Bechtum has decided to leave the band. He left with the following message:

"I sadly have to say that I have left Picture. It’s been a great 2 years since the reunion but due to musical differences the ways of Picture and myself have separated." More...

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Barren Earth Announces Second Live Show

Finnish metallers Barren Earth have issued the following announcement about playing their second ever live show in Helsinki:

"After a whirling tornado of a debut performance at Dante's Highlight last month, Barren Earth is pleased to announce its sophomore gig. This will take place on February 18th, at Nosturi, Helsinki, where Barren Earth opens the show for none other than Finnish metal-folksters Finntroll!"

Barren Earth will release their debut full-length album "The Curse Of The Red River" on the following dates:

March 8th - Europe
March 10th - Finland
April 6th - USA

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Dream Theater Announces South American Tour

Dream Theater have announced they will be touring South America in March of 2010. Supporting acts have yet to be announced. The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

3/11 - Santiago, Chile - Movistar Arena
3/13 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luna Park
3/16 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Pepsi On Stage
3/18 - Curitiba, Brazil - Master Hall
3/19 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Credicard Hall
3/20 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Citibank Hall
3/22 - Lima, Peru - Jockey Club
3/24 - Caracas, Venezuela - Poliedro

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To/Die/For Posts New Demo Song Online

Finnish gothic metal band To/Die/For has posted a new demo song, "Unknown III," on their MySpace page. The song comes off of their untitled new album. The band had previously posted samples of the songs "Sad" and "Angelica."

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Leaves' Eyes Confirmed For Summer Breeze

Leaves' Eyes are the latest band to be confirmed for the Summer Breeze Open Air 2010 festival. The festival will take place from August 19th - 21st in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. More information about the festival can be found at this location.

The other confirmed bands for the festival include: More...

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Exodus Announces Michigan Show with Arsis

San Francisco thrash metal band Exodus has issued the following update regarding an upcoming Michigan show:

"We know you fans in Michigan have gone awhile without an Exodus show, so we're bringing the lunatic parade to Flint MI for a headline show on Thursday Jan 28 at The Machine Shop (3539 South Dort Highway Flint, MI 48501) along with Arsis and Mutiny Within. Tickets are $15 and are available at www.etix.com or at the venue. Doors @ 7 pm. 18+ show."

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Futures End Working On Second Album

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following statement about the band working on a second album:

"I wanted to take just a moment and speak to some of the things I have heard in regards to whether or not Futures End is merely a project, or an actual band. Let me assure you, Futures End is a band and not just a whim created out of necessity or musical boredom by the members of the group.

"Our rhythm section - Steve DiGiorgio and Jon Allen - have indeed had notable careers doing all kinds of project work. They have earned respectable reputations for being the fine players that they are working on numerous albums and playing as hired guns for bands the world over doing live shows. Steve and Jon are both founding members of Sadus and there is no end to what is going on with them in sight. Their role in Futures End is that of founding members as well. Marc and I put this band together to make music, to tour, and to enjoy ourselves as we pursue our musical endeavors together and everyone else in the band is an integral part of that machine. No one in this band is expendable and we all work together as equals to bring our particular brand of metal to the world.

"Right now the entire band is involved in the creation of a second Futures End release. Steve Jon, Fred, Marc and myself are all involved from the ground up and it is what makes what we do work. You can count on seeing us play together all over the world in 2010 and we hope to bring you another album before the year is out. More...

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Immortal Announces North American Tour Dates

Immortal has announced a North American tour in March 2010. The band comments, "After the fantastic experiences we had in New York and Los Angeles in 2007, we are returning next year, and this time we will make sure we visit our Canadian hordes on the East coast as well! We will see you during Easter 2010, which will be a dark and cold one!"

Immortal's "Blashyrkh In North America 2010" tour dates are as follows::

03.27.10: Toronto, ON - Opera House
03.28.10: Montreal, QC - Metropolis
03.30.10: Brooklyn, NY (18+) - Masonic Temple
04.02.10: Los Angeles, CA -The Avalon

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