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Metal News for December 14, 2009

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Icarus Witch Posts Live Video Online

Pittsburgh metal band Icarus Witch has posted a live video done by Digitallive Productions for the song, "Winds of Atlantis," The video was filmed at Club DV8 on September 7, 2009. Watch the video below:

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Evemaster Completes Work On New Album

Polish thrash metal band Evemaster has issued the following update regarding the progress of their new album ":"

"The mixing and mastering of the album is now done. Dan did great work!"

The band has revealed the track listing, which is as follows:

1. Enter
2. New Age Dawns
3. Humanimals
4. Losing Ground
5. The Great Unrest
6. Sweet Poison
7. Harvester of Souls
8. Fevered Dreams
9. Absolution More...

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In Flames Announces 2010 Asian Tour Dates

Swedish melodic death metal band IN FLAMES has announced the following tour dates for JAPAN, CHINA & TAIWAN:

01/22 - Tokyo Zepp Tokyo, Japan
01/24 - Osaka Hatch Japan
01/27 - Beijing The Star Live China
01/29 - Taipei Liberty Square Taiwan

In Flames comments on the upcoming tour, “This is the first time we are playing China and Taiwan and we are really looking forward to it! Japan is always an amazing place to visit and play live so see you at the shows”

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Thanatos Parts Was With Drummer

Dutch death metal band Thanatos have parted ways with drummer Yuri Rinkel, who will be concentrating on his other band Melechesh from now on. the band has replaced him with Marco de Groot (Houwitser, Altar, Blind Justice and Ordo Draconis) (far left in this picture).

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Six Magics Signs To Coroner Records

Chilean power metallers Six Magics have signed a deal with Coroner Records for the release of their new album entitled "Behind The Sorrow," [cover art] scheduled for release on February 15th 2010.
A preview of the new tracks can be listened at the official Six Magics MySpace or at Coroner Records MySpace.

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Rise To Fall Signs With Coroner Records

Spanish melo-death metallers Rise To Fall have signed with Coroner Records for their upcoming debut album entitled "Restore The Balance," [cover art] scheduled for release on February 22nd 2010. The album, which includes 11 tracks recorded at THE ROCKSTUDIOS in Bilbao by the renowned producer Carlos Creator, was mastered by Jacob Hansen at HANSEN STUDIOS in Denmark.

A preview of the new tracks can be listened at the official Rise To Fall MySpace page or at Coroner Records MySpace page.

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Eumeria Reveals New Lineup and Finishing New Album

Texan progressive metal band Eumeria has issued the following update to clear up possible confusion regarding the official lineup of their band:

"Chris Prema was a Eumeria guitarist early on, and is on the demo recordings but won't be on the final recordings that will go on the official album. You can hear Chris Prema on the 1st and 3rd solos on 'Heirs of Peril' and on the 2nd solo on 'The Key' on the demo songs that are up currently on MySpace."

"Eumeria would like to take this time to thank Chris for being a part of Eumeria early on, and helping get the demo done. Also, we are closing in on finishing our album very soon. Once we get a final mix and master, we will put some samples and/or full songs up to replace the demo ones that are there now." More...

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Living Sacrifice Posts New Song Online

Arkansas metal band Living Sacrifice has posted a new song, "Nietzsche's Madness," on their MySpace page. The song comes off their upcoming album "The Infinite Order" which is available in stores and online January 26th.

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Behemoth Announces April 2010 Japanese Tour Dates

Behemoth and Job For A Cowboy has announced a few Japanese tour dates with Revocation The dates are as follows:

04/05 - Osaka, Japan Shinsaibashi - Club Quattro
04/06 - Nagoya, Japan Nagoya - Club Quattro
04/07 - Tokyo, Japan Shibuya - Club Quattro

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For Glory and Empire Announces 2010 US Tour Dates

Indiana female fronted progressive metal band For Glory and Empire is hitting the road in support of "Illusions" their self produced effort released last June. The tour dates are as follows:

Jan 2 2010 - Sunset Grille - Goshen, Indiana
Jan 3 2010 - Come 2 Go - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jan 5 2010 - Elbo Room - Chicago, Indiana
Jan 6 2010 - Corner Bar - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jan 7 2010 - Blue Rock Tavern - Cincinnati, Ohio
Jan 8 2010 - Rhino’s All Ages Club - Bloomington, Indiana
Jan 9 2010 - The Gear - Franklin, Indiana

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Order Of Ennead Posts Studio Videos Online

Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD have posted several new studio videos exclusively on SickDrummer.com. The clips include many in-depth peeks behind the making of their forthcoming April 2010 release, (tentatively titled) "AN EXAMINATION OF BEING." Watch as drummer, Steve Asheim (DEICIDE) presents raw footage of his drum tracking sessions and gives viewers a tour of his recording kit at Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford, FL. Guitarist/Vocalist, Kevin Quirion (DEICIDE) also provides candid footage of his vocal tracking sessions, as well as the lead guitar sessions featuring John Li.

Watch a comprehensive behind the scenes look at the studio work for ORDER OF ENNEAD's upcoming album, "AN EXAMINATION OF BEING" at this location. ORDER OF ENNEAD guitarist/vocalist, Kevin Quirion has also been keeping an updated studio blog at this location. Produced by Mark Lewis (ORDER OF ENNEAD, TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, ALL THAT REMAINS) "AN EXAMINATION OF BEING" is due for release in April 2010.

Watch video footage of ORDER OF ENNEAD performing from their last European tour below:

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Slowmotion Apocalypse Cancels All Upcoming Shows

Slowmotion Apocalypse has issued the following statement about canceling their upcoming activity due to their guitarist Nicolas Milanese being diagnosed with leukemia:

"Unfortunately, this time we're writing for giving you bad news. Only few days ago we discovered Nicolas suffers from leukemia. He will have to go through a rather long period of therapy and this won't allow him to give his contribution to the life of Slowmotion Apocalypse. We're all shocked and as a band we decided to wait for him to be able to have a normal life and to be able to play with us again. We are therefore taking a pause for an indeterminate period of time. All our shows are canceled. We're sure you'll understand the reasons of our choice. A special message to all our friends: Nicolas needs first of all to have a rest. We ask you not to call him but rather send him text messages. Thank you all."

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Hoarfrost Discusses Their New EP "The Cold Plains"

There's something about frozen wastelands that just seem to spawn black and death metal bands, and that again holds true with Canada's Hoarfrost. The band recently released their aptly titled "The Cold Plains," and are soon to go into hibernation to work on new material. Hoarfrost's vocalist Ryan Suche, bassist Craig Peeples, and guitarist Brett Goodchild all shared their thoughts with me on their recent record release show in a church and the evolution of their sound. More...

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Autumns Eyes Posts New Music Video Online

Connecticut solo metal act Autumns Eyes has posted the video is for the song "Greedy Demon Parasites," off the 2008 release titled "Surrender the Fire," on youtube. Footage in the video was compiled from the 1979 controversial horror film "Driller Killer," which was banned in the UK and Germany for it's extremeness. Watch the video below:

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White Wizzard Begins Filming New Music Video

Los Angeles' traditional metal act WHITE WIZZARD are shooting a brand new video for "Over the Top," the title-track from the band's upcoming debut full-length album. The video for "Over the Top" is being shot with Dave Vorhes, who previously directed WHITE WIZZARD's first music video for the track "High Speed GTO." Fans of the first video will instantly recognize "Over the Top" as a sequel to the "High Speed GTO" video, with the same classic car, an evil sorcerer and the legendary White Wizzard himself set to make an appearance.

View some photos of WHITE WIZZARD here, here, here, and here.

The OVER THE TOP album was recorded with producer Ralph Patlan (MEGADETH, UFO, MICHAEL SCHENKER) and is due to be released in February, 2010. More...

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Unearthing Metal Video Game Cover Underground

Video game music metal covers, that’s what I’ll be reviewing here. For those new to this concept, video games, especially the old school games for NES and SNES, have always had many elements in common with metal. A Simple search on youtube or myspace, will yield plentiful results. Now it seems anyone who plays guitar decent enough is trying to play his or her favorite video game theme, movie theme, or TV show theme. Sadly most of these people are amateurs and don’t spend enough time arranging the music to form an interesting version of the song. Furthermore they usually have sub par recordings done in their bedroom with a drum machine. The bands in this article have been around for a while and put time, money, and a lot of effort into their recordings.

Boston unsigned video game metal band Powerglove are probably the most popular of the band as they have toured with power metal band Dragonforce. Their covers are constructed as progressive power metal songs. The band will be touring the US with Hammerfall in March and continue in April and May with Sonata Arctica and Mutiny Within. The band has three albums worth of covers available. I am really surprised that the band is able to tour with such popular acts, while being unsigned and a band that covers video game music. They’ve done everything from Power Rangers to Final Fantasy VII. Check out some of their covers and upcoming tour dates on their MySpace page.

Powerglove performing Power Rangers in Quebec with the crowd singing the words:

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Few Copies of Gorath Albums Available

Black metal group Gorath have just announced that their usually rare CD's (at least in the US) are now available for purchase at Ominous Domain. The quantities are extremely few (less than ten of each item) so hurry up and get your copies now!

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Chaos Posts New Video for "End Of Destiny"

Nazareth death metal band Chaos released a video for their new song titled "End Of Destiny." The song "End of Destiny" talks about the idea of having the world power and doing nothing. Check out the video below.

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Jameson Posts New Live Videos From Austin, TX

Jameson has posted two new live videos from Austin at Club Encore, including the new song "Kill The System" and "Get To Tha Choppa." Check them out below.

Kill The System (with some Mexico at the end)

Get to the Choppah

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Suicide Silence Kicked Off Megadeth Tour?

Metal Injection reports that there might be some drama between MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine and SUICIDE SILENCE, who were opening for MegaDave on his recent tour. It all started when SUICIDE SILENCE issued a statement saying they won't be playing the last show of the tour, which read:

"We're sorry to announce that we won't be playing tonight in Reno, NV. Megadeth, Warbringer, and Arcanium will still be there so head out and show your support for those awesome bands!"

Then Lambgoat received a news bit, which they published uncredited:

"Suicide Silence not allowed to play Reno due to Dave Mustaine's ego. Kicked off last two days of tour and had laminates removed."

This bit was confirmed by a tweet Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez posted, which has since been deleted:

"Dave Mustaine kicked us off the Megadeth tour cuz he wanted to take our laminates for a little incident weeks ago, so we told him to fuck off."

And that was followed by a tweet by bassist Dan Kenny stating:

"I would love a fist fight with Dave Mustaine… I hear he is quite good at MMA; I would triangle him in a second!"

We'll have more on this story when and if more solid details come to light.

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Marc Rizzo Announces Upcoming Shows

Marc Rizzo of Soulfly has a two upcoming solo project gigs in the NY Tri-state area this weekend:

Dec 18 2009 8:00P - Marc Rizzo Band @ Mexicali Live Teaneck, New Jersey
Dec 19 2009 8:00P - Marc Rizzo Band @ Popeye’s Pub CORTLANDT MANOR, New York

He also has two upcoming radio interviews this week:

WARY 88.1 FM (Westchester, NY) on 12/14/09 @ 4PM. (http://881wary.webs.com/) - Just happened
WSOU 89.5 FM (South Orange, NJ) on 12/27/09 @ 4PM. (www.wsou.net)

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Erlösung Gives Christmas The Black Metal Treatment

Erlösung is waging war against the commercialization of Christmas with raw, atmospheric, black metal. The band just posted a video for "Black Metal Christmas - Carol of The Bells," which you can watch below. Their new album "Christmas ist Krieg" is now available for purchase here (and makes a great stocking stuffer!).

There's a live performance video of Erlösung at CCF Christmas Fest 2009 preforming the song "Christmas ist Krieg" after the jump. More...

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Magus Beast Announces New Drummer, Andrew Hoxter

New York thrash metal band Magus Beast has announced their new drummer as Andrew Hoxter. Watch a video of the new drummer performing a song by Rush below:


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Axl Rose Denies Statement Regarding LAX Incident

Axl Rose has denied releasing a press statement regarding the rumored LAX incident. Here's the statement on the Guns N Roses MySpace about that (the same place where the LAX release was posted as well):

"I did not release any statement or authorize either any statement or anyone to release a statement regarding anything at any airport anywhere.

"We had recently began working with newer individuals in management in relation to our current Asian tour in support of our Guns N' Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' in addition to Irving Azoff's though as it happens we are once again touring Asia without management of any kind.

"Imo this non sense may be some type of manufactured or publicity stunt.

"We're looking forward to performing in Osaka and Tokyo Japan doubling our pyro show and with our "new" full stage as local requirement have limited us on its use in our last performances.

"Thanks to everyone who's come out to see us. It's been really fun so far and the addition of our new guitarist Dj Ashba joining us along w/ guitarists Ron Bumblefoot Thal and Richard Fortus, gives the night a kick in the pants.

"Hope to see the rest of you soon!!

"And to any publications running this; please feel free to tack on whatever negative agenda supporting nonsense you generally do (You know who you are!!). After all it's only someone else's livelihood you media police state, no fun, spoil sport, communist bastards.


The band is currently in Seoul, South Korea where the promoter was "sorry" to inform them they would not be able to use a helicopter from the airport to the venue as North Korea would "wonder" what it is.

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Fear Factory Announces Big Day Out Off-Dates

Fear Factory, who just announced their participation in the third annual Big Day Out festival, has announced a pair of Australian headlining off-dates in Melbourne and Sydney. Here are the details:

SYDNEY l Monday 18 January l THE MANNING BAR

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John5 Gives Rig Rundown

Rob Zombie guitarist (ex-Marilyn Manson) John 5 gave Premier Guitar a look at his current live rig while at the Milwaukee stop of the band's 2009 tour. The gear includes John's collection of Fender Custom Shop teles and signature models, which "all feature Dimarzio pickups or a Twisted Tele for the neck spot." Check out the video below.

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Gamma Ray Reveals New Album Details

German power metal outfit Gamma Ray has announced that their forthcoming tenth studio album will be entitled, "To The Metal" and that fans can expect the album to hit the shelves on January 29th. There will be a regular jewel case version of the record as well as a limited edition version which will feature a bonus DVD. The album will also be released on red vinyl in gatefold packaging and a very special edition which will contain the vinyl and CD, along with two bonus tracks. In addition to this, all of the CD/Vinyl combos will be hand signed by the band.

The tracklisting is as follows:

"Mother Angel"
"No Need To Cry"
"To The Metal"
"All You Need To Know"
"Time To Live"
"Shine Forever"
"Breaking Away"

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Children Of Bodom To Record New Album

Children of Bodom has issued the following update about working on new material for an upcoming album:

"Children Of Bodom ended their 1.5 year Blooddrunk world tour in Moscow in October and is now enjoying some well-earned time off. The band will start working on their seventh studio outing early next year and the first months of 2010 will be spent in the rehearsal lair putting the new song material together. The studio is booked for early summer, but before that the band will treat their home crowd with three shows on Finnish soil."

The Finnish tour dates are as follows:

8.4.2010 Pakkahuone, Tampere, Fin
9.4.2010 Club Teatria, Oulu, Fin
10.4.2010 Hellkatti, Holiday Club Katinkulta, Vuokatti, Fin

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Commander To Play Together As One Festival

German death metallers Commander have announced they will perform at the Together As One Festival on December 19th. The details of the show are as follows:

12/19 2009 7:00 PM Zeughaus Passau (D), Bayern

The other confirmed bands for the festival include: Wolfchant, Sycronomica, Ultrawurscht, Festering Saliva, Scared to Death, and Sucking Leech.

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Kryoburn Seeking Fan Interview Questions

New Mexico metallers Kryoburn have announced they will be creating a series of web videos answering fan questions. Kryoburn issued the following statement about seeking questions for the video clips:

"Mail in your questions in for the band or just one of the guys to answer! Could be anything, what sound is that on this one part? What gear do you use? Where the hell is the record? Etc..... The guys will be doing web videos every so often and will include your questions!"

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Weekend Nachos Posts Tour Blog

Weekend Nachos has issued a full tour blog of the dates on their west coast tour. Excerpts from the blog follow:

"Hey everybody…this is a blog i decided to type up featuring thoughts and memories from our West Coast tour that we just got home from. It's long...and opinionated at times...and overall very positive and thankful, so if you're not into those things, simply don't read it!!! no one's forcing you to, you know? otherwise, enjoy.

"CHICAGO, IL... This was our tour kick-off show at the Albion House and I booked it. To be honest, I didn’t really stress too much about promoting this one. It was all local bands and I figured even if 40 or 50 people showed up, it’d still be fun. That being said, the turnout was mind-blowing. I think 125 paid, which for a basement show is fucking PACKED. Chicago has a bad-ass scene right now, there is a lot of local support at all times, which is proven when a show that wasn’t even promoted that well can draw over 100 kids no problem. Razor Fade opened the show and they are my favorite band in Chicago or anywhere else in the country. Like Bats and the Catburglars played too and everybody had a blast. During our set, I got a concussion not even 2 minutes in and somehow managed to ignore it for the rest of the set due to pure hardcore adrenaline. More...

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