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Metal News for December 12, 2010

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Soul Stealer Planning To Shoot First Music Video

Lithuanian heavy metallers SOUL STEALER are planning to shoot their first official video.

After the release of their second album "Feel the Steal," Lithuanian heavy metal band Soul Stealer is planning to shoot its first official video and asks their fans for help with song choice. You can submit your votes here. The poll includes all songs from both CDs, "Soul Stealer" (2008), and "Feel the Steal" (2010), released via Ledo Takas. The ballad "Won't you stay?," which is said to be a first song from the band's next album, is included.

You can hear some of the band's music on their MySpace player.

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Footage Posted Online From Rammstein Performance

Video clips have been posted online of Rammstein performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 11th, 2010. Footage from the concert can be seen below.


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Satyricon Live Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of Satyricon performing at Club Orlandina. The video clips can be viewed below.


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Negura Bunget Finishing New Album

Romanian black metal act Negura Bunget has issued the following announcement about finishing work on a new release:

"We are proud to announce Negura Bunget is now finishing the work on the upcoming MCD - Poarta de dincolo ('a gate from the above' or 'carrying from the other side'). The material will be recorded again at Negura MUSIC studio. As the name suggests it, the material focuses on exploring the relation between worlds, either from above, under or beyond...

"The MCD is the last Negura Bunget material to be released by code666 Records marking the end of a collaboration started almost 10 years ago. We thank them for all the support and wish them good luck in the future!"

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Leaves' Eyes Checks In With Album Update

Leaves' Eyes has issued the following update about working on a new album:

"Dear Leaves' Eyes Fans, the production of the new album will be finished soon. We are proud to announce our cooperation with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra and Victor Smolski as well as the choir 'al dente,' who also worked with us on previous releases.

"The classical recordings will take place next week in Minsk, Belarus. Moreover, we are happy to announce that we have more special guests on the upcoming album, for duets and special historic instruments. The album is planned to be released in April 2011. More details will follow. Stay tuned!"

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Vader Working On New Album

Vader has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming activities, including word that they're working on a new album:

"Forgive us this unusually longer delay. All this, because our intensive playing on distant continents. Last two months we have spent on tour in USA/Canada with Immolation/Abigail Williams, in Brazil with Norwegian Ragnaroak and in Mexico. We were performing a nice mix of Vader's classics and - first time in history -our second album 'De Profundis' as a whole. It is 15 years since this record came out. Your response for this idea was more then great so we decided to repeat this in the future with other Vader titles too.

"The silence in media in last weeks is 'a silence before the storm.' We're finishing slowly promotion of last album to start work upon the successor of 'Necropolis.' Some Music, Words also Designs are already initiated... I will inform You about the progress in proper time and give a little inside information of 'secrets of the returning Morbid Reich.' We start recording in Hertz Studion in March 2011. Till then we'll show yet in Switzerland (Sylvester Festival) and some places in Europe. More details soon... And one more news: the band Vader (and me personaly) was awarded a yearly prize by Warmia&Mazury Region's Mayor for promotion and support of the region in the World for over 25 years...Better late then never;) Thanks alot! We'll talk to you soon!"

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Waste Of Denial To Record New Album

Death metal act Waste of Denial has issued the following announcement about booking studio time to record new material:

"Studio booked! have just returned from a phone call with Alex, singer in Gothenburg band Despite and producer from studio Dozer Recordings, and I have now booked their studio.

"So it's finally set and scheduled, the 25th of December Waste of Denial hits the studio to record their first album (EP), Devourer of Lies. Keep checking in for more updates and studio diaries! Stay brutal!"

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Asphyx Comments On New Album

Asphyx has issued the following announcement about working on new songs for an upcoming album titled "Deathhammer:"

"Asphyx is currently working on songs for the upcoming 'Deathhammer' album. In January Asphyx will enter the Sonic Assault studio again to record the first 4 tracks together with their sound engineer Frank Klein Douwel.

"Some titles are 'Reign of the Brute,' 'Vespa Cabro,' 'We Doom You To Death,' 'Asphyx-Minefield,' and the title track 'Deathhammer.' Axel Hermann will do the cover artwork and Dan Swanö will do the mixing again."

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Dark Arena Enters The Studio

Cleveland, Ohio's Dark Arena has checked in with the following brief announcement about recording new material for an upcoming release: "Going into the studio to begin tracking the new Dark Arena Release today... can't wait to have some new music posted on myspace!" You can also check out the band's music via the Dark Arena MySpace page.

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David Ellefson Checks In From Perth

Megadeth's David Ellefson has posted a video clip online from the Bon Scott memorial in Perth, Australia, which can be viewed below. He also commented on the clip:

"This was a most awesome experience to see this memorial today before our show in Perth, Australia. Once I heard about it I had to go see it and glad we made the time to do so. View the clip below. My first time in Perth and what a beautiful city by the beach. Let There Be Rock!"

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Enthrope To Record Cover Tracks

Finnish dark metal act Enthrope has issued the following update about entering the studio to record two new cover tracks:

"Enthrope is preparing to enter D-studio in Klaukkala late December to record two new cover tracks. The selected songs is Wolf Moon by Type O Negative which will be participating on a tribute release to the memory of Peter Steele. The second track will be Presence of the Dead by Pestilence."

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Just For Fun

Slaughter of the Bluegrass Covers Amon Amarth

Slaughter of the Bluegrass, the band who plays unplugged versions of death metal songs using traditional bluegrass instruments and arrangement ideas and try to keep the essence of each song they cover, has released a cover of Amon Amarth's "Twilight of the Thunder God."

You can listen to it below or download the MP3 for free here.

You can still download their previous two covers of At The Gates' "Blinded By Fear" and Dark Tranquility's "Punish My Heaven" for free as well.

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Headline News

King Diamond Undergoes Triple Bypass Surgery

Danish heavy metal legend King Diamond recently underwent an open heart triple bypass surgery, which he is reportedly recovering from well. A message from his wife reads as follows:

"Let me catch you all up on the past couple of weeks' happenings, because it affects many things. On Monday, November 29th, King had to be transported to the nearby hospital by ambulance. After several different tests were done and the EKG machine showing abnormalities, the doctors recommended that he get a cardiac catheterization.

"Cardiac catheterization is a procedure where the doctors lead a very thin tube up from the leg and into the heart, where it injects dye into the bloodstream. Then a camera at the end of the tube takes many pictures of the heart's arteries, looking for blockages. After this was done, they determined that King had several heart attacks, and three of his heart's arteries were the cause: one was completely blocked, the second was 90% blocked, and the third was 65% blocked.

"The only solution to this was an open heart triple bypass surgery. More...

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