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Metal News for November 6, 2011

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De Profundis Issues Recording Update

U.K. based act De Profundis is currently in the studio working on an upcoming full-length album. The band has now checked in with the following recording update:

"3rd day of drum recording done! 6 out of 8 songs done. Sorry for lack of updates, hope to have some more videos done soon for you guys.

"Anyway our drummer Nick Tingle played some absolutely insane sections that messrs Hellhammer, Reinert and Sandoval et al would have been proud of. Two more days of drums and bass before we move to our studio for stage 2 of recording - guitars and vocals!"

You can also check out previously posted De Profundis rehearsal footage by heading over to this location.

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Legionary To Play Spring Bash III

Tri-State death/thrash act Legionary will be appearing at the upcoming Spring Bash III festival, which takes place in Cudahy, WI from April 6th - 8th, 2012. The band also commented on upcoming live shows:

"In just 6 months Legionary will be doing our first U.S. mini tour along side our brothers in Death Sick and Ex Dementia. We are proud to be a part of this awesome festival being put on by NYDM 5 SRC in Wisconsin... More dates surrounding this festival will be announced soon. Stay tuned!"

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Deely Posts "Numbers" Teaser

Polish solo power metal act Deely has posted a teaser clip online for an upcoming release to be titled "Numbers." You can check out the teaser trailer below. More information on Deely is available by heading over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Sacrilegious Throne Releases Debut EP

U.K.-based melodic blackened death metal band Sacrilegious Throne has released their debut EP, "Acts of Apostasy" via bandcamp.com. Initially a recording project between its two members, Awrath and Horkos, the band plans to get out to play some live shows by early next year.

Here's the "Acts of Apostasy" tracklisting:

1. Acts of Apostasy (6:17)
2. Lying Dormant (5:56)
3. Spreading the Swarm (4:37)
4. Creating Eternal Darkness (6:20)

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Trollfest Recording New Album

Norway's Trollfest will soon begin work on a new album, with a press release from the band stating:

"Work is set to begin this month on the fifth full-length album from Trollfest, the band that has eschewed musical convention by combining local folk sounds from its native Norway with those from the Balkans, and mixing them together with occasional melodies that could originate anywhere from the Latino countries to the Middle East, and topping it all with head banging metal and a generous dose of humour, in order to form their own genre of 'True Norwegian Balkan Metal.'"

The band will enter the Strand Studios on the 7th November to spend three weeks in the company of engineer Marius Strand to record drums, bass, guitars and main vocals, and then move on to Trollfest's own “Trollskogen Recording Facilities” to record the extra vocals, choirs, and instruments. Updates on the recording, including photos and video, will be available on the band’s blog at this location.

The album will be called “Brumlebassen” and as with all Trollfest’s previous releases will tell a story involving trolls and a certain amount of drinking. Without wanting to give too much away at this early stage a spokesperson for the band said that the storyline will revolve around a brewer called Brumlebassen who is charged with making the mead much beloved by the trolls. More...

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Far West Battlefront Posts Studio Clip

Australia's Far West Battlefront has posted the first of three studio video updates online for the band's upcoming debut album "Chapters." You can check out the first clip below.

The "Chapters" album was recorded with Roman Koester (The Red Shore), mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström, with artwork handle by Grindesign (All Shall Perish, Metallica, As I Lay Dying, Cancer Bats, etc.)

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Cipher System Posts Band Q&A Online

Sweden's Cipher System has posted the following series of fan questions and band answers online, which deal with the sound of the group and the new album "Communicate the Storms:"

"So finally...here comes all the answers of the Q&A! Sorry for the delay!

"Have you thought of making the Synth a little louder through out the song?

"Henric - that would happen if it fits the song. We are not afraid of using keys, but we are a metal band and we don't want the keys to take over as a lead instrument.

"I've got the same question about guitars, in most songs they drown in synths

"Henric - when we mix the album we experiment With the levels. We might change how we mix for the next album a bit, but we wont change sound that much.

"Have you guys also though of using extended range guitars?

"Andreas: At the moment we use 6-stringed guitars only. To be honest, I get confused when there are more strings on a guitar. Personally I think that bands who after a while starts using different tunings or 8-stringed guitars tend to change there sound totally so that is something we will never do. We like our sound as it is. More...

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Dead Til Friday Posts Video Blog

Irish rapcore act Dead Til Friday has posted a new video blog online titled "Irish Weekend," which can be viewed below. Dead Til Friday also recently released a music video for "The Longest Year," which is available at this location.

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Mnemic Video Interview Available

Peek From the Pit has posted a video interview online with Mircea Gabriel Eftemie from Mnemic, which was conducted at the Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany. You can check out the clip below.

In other recent Mnemic news, the band also announced a series of lineup changes, with full details available at this location.

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Sonata Arctica Issues Album Update

Tony Kakko of Finnish act Sonata Arctica has checked in with the following brief update about progress on the band's upcoming new album and follow-up to "The Days of Grays:"

"Hi ya all! Greetings from a photoshoot! The next studio album is in making and already it was a high time to take care of the visual side. Time flies...can't wait to get this baby out! Cheers!"

The band recently stated in an interview that the new album will differ in sound from "The Days of Grays," with excerpts from the interview available here.

Sonata Arctica will also be releasing the "Live in Finland" DVD on November 15th, 2011. You can check out a teaser trailer at this location.

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The Devil's Blood Posts New Album Teaser

Occult rock act The Devil's Blood has posted a new teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming album "The Thousandfold Epicentre." Check out the clip below.

The new album is set for release in North America on January 17th, 2012, and "The Thousandfold Epicentre" features 11 tracks produced with the help of Pieter Kloos at Void Studios (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).

A mini-documentary video about The Devil's Blood was also recently posted online, which is available here.

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Theocracy Streaming New Single Online

Christian power metal act Theocracy has posted the new single "30 Pieces of Silver" online, which can be heard in the player below. "30 Pieces of Silver" is the first single from the up-coming Theocracy album "As The World Bleeds," due out in Europe on November 25th and North America on November 21st.

The "As The World Bleeds" track listing is as follows:

1. I AM
2. The Master Storyteller
3. Nailed
4. Hide in the Fairytale
5. The Gift of Music
6. 30 Pieces of Silver
7. Drown
8. Altar to the Unknown God
9. Light of the World
10. As the World Bleeds

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Indecent Excision Streaming New Song

Indecent Excision, which signed to Grindthetic Records earlier this year, has posted a new song online titled "Torment Through Abnegation Of Euthanasia." You can check out the track in the player available after the jump.

The song is taken from the upcoming Indecent Excision album "Deification Of The Grotesque," which is due out in November under Grindethic Records. Pre-order information is available by heading over to this location. More...

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Thorngoth Cancels Remaining Live Shows

German black metallers Thorngoth have announced they are canceling all their remaining shows for the year. The band cited health concerns as the reason for the cancellations, with no further details or an official statement being made at this time.

To check out Thorngoth's music, navigating your browser over to the band's MySpace music page or Facebook profile.

Further details on any rescheduled tour dates and information on when the band will take to the stage again will be announced as it is made available.

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Crystallion Posts In-Studio Footage

Germany's Crystallion has posted a recording studio video clip online from the band's time working on a new album, which can be viewed below.

Crystallion had also previously announced the track listing for the release will be as follows:

1. Run
2. The Unwanted
3. Push Comes to Shove
4. Hold On The Night
5. I'm Alive
6. Killer
7. Black Widow
8. Heat of a 1000 Flames
9. Ready To Strike
10. S.O.S.
11. Dead on Arrival
12. Change Your Heart
13. Full Moon Fever
14. Far Cry

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Sunday Old School: Possessed

Death metal is without question one of the most popular sub-genres in heavy metal, with thousands of bands emulating the likes of Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and the like, but there was a band before the Florida based legends came along which pioneered, and some say invented death metal itself. Namely, San Francisco based, Possessed. Possessed was formed in 1983 by guitarist Mike Torraro and drummer Mike Sus, along with bass player Geoff Andrews and vocalist Barry Fisk. This original lineup was not to last long, and ended in tragic fashion when Fisk, who was homeless at the time, shot himself in front of his girlfriend, resulting in Andrews no longer wanting to be a part of the group. The group soon picked themselves up when they recruited Jeff Becerra from the Pinole based band Blizzard to handle both bass and vocal duties, as well as hiring another guitarist in the form of Brian Montana. Possessed got to work spreading their name in the Bay Area scene, performing with local titans such as Slayer and Exodus, the latter of which helped Possessed immensely when they gave the band’s three song demo, "Death Metal" to Metal Blade Records head, Brian Slagel.

Slagel agreed to put Possessed on his forthcoming compilation album, Metal Massacre 6, the same series of compilations that had previously helped Slayer and Metallica become noticed, including the song, "Swing Of The Axe" on the record. Metal Blade did not sign the group but the compilation found it’s way to Combat Records, home to such acts as Megadeth. Combat were able to sign Possessed, who had since replaced Montana with Becerra’s former Blizzard bandmate Larry LaLonde and in October of 1985, the band released it’s debut full length album, "Seven Churches" through the label, with Roadrunner Records handling European distribution. The album was an underground hit, owing to Becerra’s guttural vocals (something quite different for metal at the time) and it’s extreme lyrics which, along with frequent use of the word, "fuck," led to it becoming one of the first albums to receive the famous RIAA "Parental Advisory" sticker. It impacted many burgeoning musicians including Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris, who claimed that "Seven Churches" was his introduction to metal, and Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner, who reportedly told his bandmates that he wanted the band to base their sound on the album. More...

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