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Metal News for November 6, 2009

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Win a Rare Killswitch Engage-Skinned Guitar

Roadrunner Records and Metalunderground.com are teaming up to offer you the chance to win a rare Killswitch Engage-themed guitar, skinned in the art of their latest self-titled album. Only three of these guitars were ever made. All entried must be received by December 14, 2009 and you must be 13 years old to enter. You can enter the contest right here.

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The Haunted's Swansea Show Still On

Despite cancelling their U.K. tour, The Haunted has noted that the Swansea gig is back on track. The show at Vice Rock Club in Swansea, UK has been moved to November 24th, between Leeds and London on the SLAYER tour. The band also notes that they'll be trying to set up more headlining shows on the off dates of the Slayer tour troughout Europe.

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Mnemic Reveals Artwork for Upcoming Album

Danish modern metal heroes Mnemic just revealed the artwork for the upcoming album, "Sons Of The System."

Mainman Mircea Gabriel Eftemie states: "Since late 2008 we started looking into artwork for the album, but it was not before we entered the studio in October, we actually found a solid idea. We wanted something simple, yet strong and something archetypal, for this release, and we wanted to do it the right way this time. On the last release we never had any artistic control over our artwork, we just hired a name, a company that worked for majors, where our visions never converged into what we really wanted. This time around we reached out to hundreds of designers only to find out that we could do it our selves and even better! The artwork portrays the 'Sons Of The System' symbol. It's the symbol of the united, the symbol of the outcast, the symbol of the people in revolt of a greater evil. The real deal lies in the booklet artwork, which has been conceived by Rune Stigart and Me... more on that later."

Mnemic will release the entire artwork/booklet early next week in a digital flip book. "Sons Of The System" will be unleashed in January 2010 via Nuclear Blast.

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Brendon Small Interviewed By Metal Injection

Metal Injection recently interviewed Brendon Small, the creator of the cartoon Metalocalypse, as well as the musician behind DETHKLOK . Brendan talks about the new season of the show, which starts this Sunday, November 8th, juggling touring, recording and creating a TV Show, his influences and much more. Check the video out below.

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Eluveitie Announces Tracklist of Upcoming Album

Swiss pagan metallers Eluveitie just revealed the tracklist of their upcoming album "Everything Remains," which is scheduled for an early 2010 release.


1. Otherworld
2. Everything Remains As It Never Was
3. Thousandfold
4. Nil
5. The Essence Of Ashes
6. Isara
7. Kingdom Come Undone
8. Quoth The Raven
9. (do)minion
10. Setlon
11. Sempiternal Embers
12. Lugdunon
13. The Liminal Passage

"Everything Remains," the band's fourth full-length album is being mixed by Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Slipknot, Trivium and many more) and marks the follow up to 2009's acoustic / folk effort "Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion."

The band is currently on a headlining run through most parts of North America.

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Slash Signs with Roadrunner Records Europe

Roadrunner Records Europe has announced the signing of legendary guitarist Slash for the forthcoming European release of his debut solo album, “Slash,” in Spring 2010.

Slash is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. His song writing, playing and performing through Guns N Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and a host of collaborations and guest appearances has inspired and entertained millions worldwide. Since exploding onto the music scene in 1987 with Guns N’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction,” still the fastest selling debut album of all time, Slash has become one of the best loved and critically acclaimed guitarists of his generation. Time magazine, as recently as August 2009, named Slash as #2 on the list of 10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All Time.

Slash’s debut solo album will see him collaborating with some of the world’s most vital contemporary artists – from the rock world and beyond. The album is set to become an essential release.

For more info on Slash, check out his official website slashonline.com. He is also a regular 'tweeter'! Add him to you feed at twitter.com/slashhudson. Slash now also has his own page on the Roadrunner UK website. Keep an eye on his page here for upcoming news on the release.

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3 Inches Of Blood Posts Track Explanation Videos

3 Inches of Blood release their latest album "Here Waits Thy Doom" on August 31st through Century Media. Revolver TV has now posted a series of video clips online of vocalist Cam Pipes and guitarist Shane Clark explaining each track on the album. The first two entries in the series can be found here and here.

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Mike Portnoy Answers Fan Questions

Roadrunner Records has posted a new interview online with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater answering fan questions. Excerpts from the Q & A follow:

FROM RODRIGO GUERRERO SALAZAR, MEXICO CITY: Would you ever collaborate with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson?

I’m hoping to. It’s been talked about for years now - a collaboration between him, myself and Mikael Akerfeldt. It’s just been a matter of timing and I think all three of us are hesitant of the anticipation that has now surrounded this project, all three of us feel that we possibly can’t live up to it. I think we all wish we’d kept our mouths shut and we’d just quietly gone away and done it, and surprised everybody with it. That being said, I personally would prioritise it in my schedule and I even told both those guys that I’m ready, willing and able to somehow make it happen in 2010 if possible. I would love to do it.

FROM DAVID FITCH, BRAMBLETON, VIRGINIA: Is there any chance you will be putting out a Progressive Nation DVD?

I would have liked to have, but no, it’s not on the cards. This album and tour cycle will be the first without a DVD, but I think that’s ok, I hate always doing the same pattern or the same formula.

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Scarpoint Issues New Album Update

Sweden's Scarpoint has issued the following update about their new album:

"Ok fuckers!! Nothing new really. We are at the moment trying to coordinate some stuff that is happening and that has the final touch on the music part of the record.

"We've shot cover last week and Henke is working with the booklet as week speak. We will hopefully take some promo photos in the upcoming weeks and we are gonna try a very interesting guitar player as soon as we've rehearsed the songs, the reason why we haven't done that yet is that ill, tonsillitis, that is hanging on to me a bit too long now. But I hope to recover after the weekend and then we'll start rehearsing again. But nothing bad that brings good with it, the illness has allowed me to spend more time in front of the computer editing the 'making of'. It's a blast, I'm laughing my ass of sometimes, unfortunately it's sooo many inside jokes that no one will ever have a clue of, but some of them are in there!! Hope that you are okey out there and waiting to hear the record...you will soon!!

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Evile Seeking New Bassist

Evile has issued the following statement about seeking a new bassist after the death of their former bassist Mike Alexander:

"With Evile having confirmed that they are carrying on as a band, they are starting to audition bassists for the new year. Doing such a tough task so soon, with so little time until the new year tours, they are simply looking for an experienced, friendly and skilled professional bassist/musician. Applicants must be able to commit 100% to the band, be expected to be available for extensive global (w/ valid passport) touring from January 2010 onwards, be a resident of the UK (preferably close to Huddersfield, but not necessary) and have touring/performing experience.

"To apply please E-MAIL the following to bass@evile.co.uk

* Full Name
* Age
* Location
* A quality link to a video of you playing the bass (Youtube.com etc)
* A few pictures of yourself (on and off stage)
* Details of playing and gigging experiences
* Detail why you want to join the band

"All applications must be received by December 8th 2009."

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Fuck The Facts To Play QC Metalfest 8

Fuck The Facts have announced they will be performing at the QC Metalfest 8 at the Centre Le Trait Carre in Quebec City. The festival will take place on Saturday, November 7th. Other confirmed bands for the festival are Spewgore, Morgue, Deathoriation, Horfixion, Soiled By Blood, Hakeddamm, Complete Lobotomy, and Eyeless.

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Stryper Cancels Two More Tour Dates

Christian rockers Stryper previously announced the postponement of their November 4th and 5th tour dates. Stryper are also now canceling their November 6th (San Antonio TX) and November 7th (Odessa TX) tour dates, with no rescheduled dates planned at this time. Refunds may be made at the point of purchase.

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Six Feet Under Announces "Graveyard Classics 3"

Florida death metallers Six Feet Under are back with their 3rd installment of the band's cover series, "Graveyard Classics 3," due out on Metal Blade Records January 19th 2010. "Graveyard Classics 3" was recorded at D.O.I. Digital Audio in Tampa, FL, was mixed at Audiohammer Studios by Mark Lewis, and was produced by Chris Barnes.

Here's what Chris Barnes has to say about the band's latest chapter in the Graveyard Classics chain: "We went about picking the tracks for this installment of Graveyard Classics by really just trying to search out songs from early on in our musical upbringing, as well as tracks from when we were just fans of heavy music, before we started playing in a band. Once again choosing songs that have really stuck with us over the years, also choosing the songs that we felt would sound interesting when played in the SFU ‘death groove' style. Through the years of doing covers, many of our fans have inquired about us covering a Slayer or a Metallica song. It was really something we wanted to do for some time, those two bands being our biggest influences, as well as influencing a generation of death metal musicians. To sum it up... this is a tribute to honor the great teachers that have influenced us as well as the world of metal we all belong to. We hope our fans will enjoy. "

Track listing for "Graveyard Classics 3" will be as follows: More...

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Amon Amarth Cancels Indonesian Tour Date

Amon Amarth have announced that their previously scheduled December 1st tour date in Indonesia has been canceled. The band will be replacing the canceled tour date with a show in Beijing instead. The details are as follows:

12/1 Mao Live House, Beijing China

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Behemoth Comments On New Album Going Gold

Behemoth has issued the following announcement about their latest album "Evangelion" going gold in Poland:

"We are extremely proud to announce that the newest Behemoth album, 'Evangelion' turned gold in Poland! The album had its premiere on August, 7th and debuted on the second place on the Polish charts. During the next 3 weeks the album was located at no.1 in Poland."

Nergal also commented: "'Wow… big fuckin’ WOW! What else can I say? This is HUGE day for Behemoth. From the bottom of our hearts we’d like thank all the people who bought the record and made it happen! Also massive thanks go to Mystic Prod. in Poland for giving us so much support and strength! You are more than awesome! Now we are stuck somewhere in Austrian mountains, the tour is doing great even though most of us are battling with the flu. I’m on antibiotics and steroids so I can’t even celebrate tonight with the bottle of Jack D. in my hands… I just hope some of you can do it for me? Haha…Once again, thank You for all the support! Cheerz!"

Behemoth also has the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Bloodstream Parade To Appear On Internet Radio

Bloodstream Parade have announced they will be making an appearance on the Dirty Dan And Mongo Show on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:00PM CDT. The band will be discussing their latest album "The Apocalypse: In Retrospect." The show can be heard at this location.

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Defeated Sanity Issues Recording Update

Germany's Defeated Sanity has issued the following update about the recording of their new album "Chapters Of Repugnance:"

"Current Status of 'Chapters...' Since we get asked about this a lot, here's a small Update: The decision about a mixing engineer/studio took a while but we finally sent out the tracks and the studio time is booked for mid-november. We are expecting a killer mix and can't wait to finally put this out! More details will be revealed soon."

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Fields Of The Nephilim Posts Live DVD Preview

Fields of the Nephilim has posted a teaser trailer online for their live DVD which is set to be released next year. The trailer can be viewed at this location. Fields of the Nephilim also issued the following statement about the DVD:

"As we celebrate the feast of Samhain and enter the darker half of the year, we can announce that the audio visual soundscape of the Ceremonies concerts achieves its final rapture. The memory of the Ceremonies concerts, which saw Fields of the Nephilim explore new territories and reach new realms in the band’s evolution, has now been chronicled in the digital era and will be released in the first quarter of 2010.

"Under the banner of Sheer Faith Carl has worked to produce an honest portrayal of these magical moments, where the band & watchers play a vital role in the ongoing rituals. 'The importance of all this is to reflect these moments in the band’s history,' Carl said. 'The ceremonies that we called Ad Mortem, Ad Vitem, now becomes the future of our past.' More...

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Immolation Posts New Studio Report

Immolation has posted a new studio blog on Decibel Magazine. Excerpts from the blog follow:

"It’s been a busy day here at the studio. It’s Wednesday night, and we have been hard at work all day. Our drummer Steve [Shalaty] just left a few hours ago, not really looking forward to the 8-hour drive back to his home in Ohio. He really did an amazing job and really had so much input not only in the drum department, but also in some of the arrangements, lyrics and in just lending his ear to make sure certain aspects of the guitar and bass parts flowed correctly over the drum parts. His playing on this record has just raised the bar for future Immolation albums, and I think it will be a welcome step up in our song dynamics that our fans will really enjoy!

"It’s my turn in the hot seat tonight. Bob [Vigna] and I have been trading off between guitar and bass rhythms since Monday. We have developed a routine over the last few days where Bob will start on the early side, usually between 10 and 11 in the morning (since I am not out of bed until 11 or 12), and then I will usually start tracking bass in the late afternoon. Today, I got started on the later side and managed to get through three songs by 8:30 in the evening, so now we have rhythms done to seven out of the ten songs. If all goes well, we should have rhythms all wrapped up by tomorrow evening and will be ready to start tracking vocals and leads. More...

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Paradise Lost Guitarist To Miss European Tour

Paradise Lost has issued the following statement about lead guitarist Greg Mackintosh sitting out the remainder of their upcoming European tour dates:

"Tragically, Lead Guitarist Greg Mackintosh will be unable to continue with Paradise Lost’s ‘Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us’ tour of Europe due to a terminal illness within his family.

"Greg’s father was taken critically ill some weeks ago, yet Greg decided to commence the tour anyway in the hope that future news from home would be positive. This unfortunately was not the case, therefore (as of 6th November 2009), Greg will remain in England to support his relatives during this difficult time. Everyone involved with the band would like to offer Greg our support and to let him know all our thoughts are with him.

"The tour will not end here though. Milly Evans, (Paradise Lost’s long-standing Guitar Technician, and keyboardist from Terrorvision), will fill in for Greg with immediate effect. Having worked with the band for many years, Milly knows Paradise Lost’s repertoire far more than most, and will endeavour to provide a seamless transition between guitarists. Milly is highly regarded among Paradise Lost’s fan-base and is the best person to fill Greg’s role in the band for the rest of the European tour. More...

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Periphery Posts Third "Thrash And Burn" Tour Video

Periphery has posted the third in a series of video tour diaries online from their time on the Thrash and Burn tour. The new video clip can be viewed below.

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Maggot Brain Posts Full Allbum For Free Download

Spanish eclectic grunge/stoner metal band Maggot Brain has posted their full album, "Second Chance," online for download (and listening) on Last.fm. You can check it out here.

Here's the "Second Chance" tracklisting:

1. Alabama
2. Don't Care
3. Invisible Friend
4. Silver Fiddle
5. Second Chance
6. On The Move
7. King of the Hill
8. Like It This Way
9. Working For Zero
10. Stoned?
11. Purple Haze (J. Hendrix)-Live

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Revocation Announces "Metal As Art" U.S. Tour

Revocation will team up with France’s Hypno5e and special guests The Binary Code for the "Metal As Art" U.S. tour. The month-long tour will kick off on January 6th in Brooklyn, NY and conclude in early February in Trenton, NJ. In addition to a handful of November Canadian dates, Revocation recently announced that they will join The Black Dahlia Murder for two free back-to-back shows. These shows will take place in Atlanta and Los Angeles on December 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Revocation's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Bursting Veins Streaming New Track "Don't Let Go"

Sweden's Bursting Veins have announced they are currently streaming a new song online titled "Don't Let Go." The track is off Bursting Veins' upcoming EP "Phoenix," which does not yet have an official release date. "Dont' Let Go" can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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Earache To Release Death Metal 4 DVD Set

Earache Records will be releasing a special live DVD collection on November 30th, which features a live DVD from some of the biggest and most important names in extreme metal. Death Metal Live features four full, original DVDs all housed together in a custom sleeve to create one low-priced, limited edition set, including a Decapitated stand-alone live DVD for the first time ever.

The set clocks in at over seven hours in length and features over one hundred songs, as well as promo videos, documentaries and more. The DVD set can be pre-ordered now for only £6.99 by heading over to Play.com.

The four DVD set includes:

Deicide - When London Burns
Carcass - Wake Up And Smell The... Carcass
Napalm Death - The DVD
Decapitated - Live At The Rescue Rooms

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Throne Of Malediction Streaming New Song

Throne of Malediction is currently streaming a new song online from the recording sessions for their as-yet-untitled new album. The track "Vicious Fate" can be heard at the official Throne of Malediction MySpace page.

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Genitorturers Signs To Season of Mist

Florida's GENITORTURERS has announced that they have signed a deal with Season of Mist. Led by bombshell singer Gen and bassist David "Evil D" Vincent (of MORBID ANGEL fame), the American industrial metal act will see their new album "Blackheart Revolution" [cover art] released in Europe through Season of Mist next January 18th. The band recently released a new song, "Revolution," on their MySpace page. More...

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Vintersorg Working On New Album

Vintersorg is currently working on a new album. The keyboards and vocals tracks are almost completed, making way for the guitars and drums. The Swedish musician will not be sharing any more details about the successor to “Solens Rötter” at this point in time. The release of the yet untitled upcoming long player is tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2010.

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Hammerfall Announces North American Tour Dates

Swedish power metal band HAMMERFALL will return to North America for a full tour in March/April 2010. This will be the band's first tour of U.S./Canada in almost five years. Support will come from unsigned Boston video game metal cover band Powerglove. For more information on Powerglove check out their MySpace page. Confirmed tour dates are as follows:

03/05 - West Springfield, VA - Jaxx
03/06 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
03/07 - NYC, NY - The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
03/09 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero Theater
03/10 - Montreal, Quebec - Club Soda
03/11 - Quebec City, Quebec - Imperial
03/12 - Toronto, Ontario - The Opera House
03/13 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
03/15 - Chicago, IL - Metro
03/16 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
03/18 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
03/19 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - The West End Cultural Center
03/21 - Edmonton, Alberta - Starlite Room
03/22 - Calgary, Alberta - Warehouse
03/23 - Vancouver, BC - The Venue
03/24 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
03/26 - San Francisco, CA - The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center
03/27 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues Sunset Strip - w/ Echoes of Eternity

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Imperial Vengeance Posts Live Footage Online

UK extreme metal band IMPERIAL VENGEANCE has posted the following message

"Well, Hellfire awaits and all is prepared at IVHQ. As some of you may know, we did a bit of a warm up by opening for Chthonic on Halloween at the Relentless Garage in London, which was a scorcher of an evening in many senses of the word. Big thanks to all the smashing folks who pitched up and waved fists and axes, sung the songs and generally enjoyed our set- we hope to see you all at Hellfire! A bit of very rough crowd-shot footage for you."

The footage can be seen below. More...

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Hate Ammo Posts New Song Online

Swedish metal band Hate Ammo has posted a demo version of a new song, entitled "Rising Silance," on their MySpace page. The band has mentioned that they have about 5 new songs that they are working on.

Upcoming Hate Ammo Shows are as follows:

11/14 - Scharinska Villan - Umeå, Västerbottens län
12/05 - Nalen - FINAL in Bandit unsigned - Stockholm, Stockholms län

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Battlemaster Announces New Guitarist

Virginia metal band Battlemaster welcomes Brady Cole (Dragonship, The Sky) as their new guitar player. The band is currently in the process of planning tour dates and possible local/regional shows in December.

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Stream Noctis Imperium's Entire EP Online

Venezuelan black/death metal band NOCTIS IMPERIUM is currently streaming their brand-new Imperium EP on their MySpace page. Including a killer Morbid Angel cover of the song “Maze of Torment” and four original compositions of extreme metal.

NOCTIS IMPERIUM lineup is as follows:

Aeneas Inferno: Vocals/Guitars
Hephaestion: Bass
Aegrimonia: Guitars
Nick Barker: Session Drums

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The Rockstar Ramblings: The VR Search Continues

Last week Corey Taylor (Slipknot) announced that he tried out for the available lead singer spot for Velvet Revolver. Apparently he has not been offered the job, but this definitely gives us an idea of how the band’s search is going and that is to say not well.

Rumors (most found to be factual) have placed country singers, Sabastian Bach, and Lenny Kravitz at VR auditions this past year. Given Duff McKagan and Slash’s solo projects it’s a mystery to me why they continue to press the need for a lead singer so urgently; however, this continues to be a priority despite no “perfect” fit found up to this point. How can we help? Let’s break down the top ten leading (available) candidates and why they would/would not be a good fit for the ex gunners… More...

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Escape From Offering EP As Free Download

Polish metallers Escape From are currently offering their latest four track EP "Opetani Okrucienstwem" as a free download. The EP can be found at this location. Samples of Escape From's music can be found at their official MySpace page.

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Conteched Updates Tour Schedule

Amsterdam based metallers Conteched have updated their tour schedule with the following string of dates:

11/13 JC Highschool Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
11/14 Nederland 3 Wateringen w/Sudden Anihilation Wateringen, Zuid-Holland
11/21 HPC Den Haag w/Mindshade Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
12/4 Plaza Ermelo Utrecht
1/14 2010 Panama Amsterdam w/Say More Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

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To-Mera Streaming New Song Online

Female fronted progressive metallers To-Mera are currently streaming a new song online from their most recent EP "Earthbound." The song "Arcane Solace" can be heard at To-Mera's official MySpace page.

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Drakonus Parts Ways With Drummer

Texas metallers Drakonus have issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"It's been a while since we blogged about anything, but we we want to give you guys an update on whats been going on lately. The album is almost complete! We had a setback and replaced our previous drummer Kris Ardolino. There was no animosity. We are just going different directions. We wish nothing but the best for Kris. We welcome our new drummer Bryan Deutsch. Bryan came in and recorded all our songs within three weeks. Thanks to him we were able to keep moving. The drums were recorded by a good friend named Steve Bundrick at Bundrick and Sons Music Co. The guitars, bass, and vocals are recorded at Blakmetal Studios in Kingwood, Texas. We expect the record to be out by the end of this year or early 2010 on our label Painkiller Records. More details to follow. Thanks for your patience everyone! and we promise to deliver you a brutal metal record!!"

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