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Metal News for November 4, 2020

Last updated on August 3, 2021 at 3:47 AM ET

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Accuser Releases New Lyric Video

German thrash metal stalwarts Accuser has posted a new lyric video online for the song, "Misled Obedience." You can check it out below. The song comes from the band's forthcoming new eponymous album, which is set to be released on November 13th through Metal Blade Records.

Accuser guitarist René Schütz recently spoke to Metal Underground about the album, as well as his return to the group and more, which can also be seen below. More...

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Corrupt Moral Altar Posts New Music Video Online

After years of being associated with that one band from the 60s you might have heard of, Liverpool has done its level best in the past decade to be a hotbed for filthy, nasty riffs, rapid, crushing blast-beats and fuck-you vocals; and Corrupt Moral Altar are one of the leading names in that movement, merging the abrasive sensibilities of the heavy spectrum into a head-pounding cacophony of pure aural hurt.

Gliding effortlessly between the jarring aggression of the heaviest of grind and sludge to those infectiously punky hooks, their two full lengths, 2014's "Mechanical Tides" on Season of Mist and 2017's self-released "Eunoia," barb their way into your brain stem and don't leave your head no matter how hard you pull. You'll be lucky if your neck stays in one piece when Corrupt Moral Altar are assaulting your eardrums.

With new EP "Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things" set for release on 27th November (APF Records), the remaining months of 2020 are going to get a bit more brutal round these parts as Corrupt Moral Altar look to cave your skull in.

Vocalist Chris Reese comments on the video for new single 'Maximum Bastardry’,

"Here it is, the contingency plan to what was originally going to be a 4k, 3D, multihundred pound production with more explosions and celebrity cameos than you could be bothered to say 'hey, that wasn't Kenneth Choi' at.

"Instead you get this grotty DIY effort as Liverpool was recently banned from having any fun. It's more fitting really, as this track is about the unsustainable lifestyle of someone getting wrecked every night. There can be a romanticism about drinking and drug culture, but this track explores the fact they know they are a terrible bastard, that people get them fucked up to gain amusement from the resulting behaviour and they are aware that ultimately, they're fucking up their own life.

"Live in the moment, seize the day... I say Maximum Bastardry." More...

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Macabre Invites Us All To The Carnival Of Killers

For as long as metal has existed, it's had a fascination with serial killers. Everyone from Jack The Ripper to Ed Gein to Richard Ramirez have found themselves further immortalised by the harder side of music. While some bands have touched on this subject, there are those which find these people so fascinating with endless material to write about, that most, if not all of their lyrics tell the gruesome details of the world's most wicked people and their deeds. One band who perhaps does this better than all others, would have to be Chicago's own, Macabre.

After an eleven year hiatus, this twisted trio are back with perhaps their most exciting album to date, "Carnival Of Killers." The songs released so far, "Lake Of Fire" and "Your Window Is Open" prove to be as varied as the cavalcade of killers which adorns the colourful front cover and with Nuclear Blast behind them, it seems that this could not only be their most enjoyable album, but their most successful too.

To find out more about the album, I put a series of questions to guitarist/vocalist Corporate Death and discovered why there's so many murderers in the lyrics this time, the visual concepts and meeting John Wayne Gacy among other subjects.

Diamond Oz: Congratulations on your new album, "Carnival Of Killers." This is your first full length in eleven years? What was the reason behind such a large gap between albums?

Corporate Death: Thank you, we are happy to have a new release out for our 35th Anniversary as a band. I pretty much write music when I feel like it and that's kind of the way we've always done it. But when I get going I can go pretty fast on writing new songs. I never push myself when I feel like writing music, I do it when I come up with an idea, I write it down or try to figure the music out for it later. I have always kind of done it this way. I have periods when I really want to write songs, if I don't feel like doing it I don't force myself to write.

Oz: What would you say has changed between "Grim Scary Tales" and "Carnival Of Killers"?

Corporate Death: Well I think this new album shows a continuation of expanding upon musical ideas from over the years. Plus, I split up who we sing about. I wrote about some killers on this album that we already sang about in the past, then the other half of the album is about killers that we have never sang about before. I think this album also shows a progression of the Macabre sound. We really tried to do a lot of musical and vocal styles on this album, and I think we achieved that.

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Torture Squad Streaming Full Concert

Brazilian thrash metal outfit Torture Squad has posted the full concert, "Death, Chaos And Torture Alive" online. You can check it out below.

Officially launched as a live broadcast model on the Torture Squad's channel, the show that featured Vitor Rodrigues on vocals and Maurício Nogueira on guitars, as well as Castor on Bass and Amilcar Christófaro on drums, can now be seen in full for the first time on video, something that had never been made available before.

The historic show that was held at Led Slay in São Paulo, when the band played together with the German band Desaster, being released exclusively on CD and DVD by Mutilation Records. More...

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Hysterical Blindness Premiere Full-Album Stream

Montreal, Québec-based black metal unit Hysterical Blindness premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new album "Mysterious Dogma", which will be available soon on the outfit's Bandcamp page.

Check out now "Mysterious Dogma" in its entirety below.

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Damn Your Eyes Premiere New Single & Music Video

New York City-based thrash metal band Damn Your Eyes - featuring former Cro-Mags guitarist Gabriel "Gabby" Abularach - premiere a new song and video titled "Lock and Load".

Check out now "Lock and Load" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Valravn Premiere New Song "The Raven"

Finland’s black metal band Valravn premiere a new song called "The Raven", taken from their upcoming new album "Prey", which will be out on December 4th via the Finnish label Primitive Reaction.

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Sarvekas Premiere New Song

Finnish black metal duo Sarvekas premiere a new song entitled "The Sacred Hour of the Hunt", taken from their upcoming debut record "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions", which will be out in stores December 4th via Soulseller Records.

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Oxalate Premiere New Music Video

New Jersey-based death metal band Oxalate premiere a new music video for their song "Necrotic Descent". The track is taken from their from their four-way split with Perpetuated, Blood Spore and Vivisect out now on Blood Harvest records.

Check out now "Necrotic Descent" below.

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The Deviant Premiere New Song "Atomic Revolt"

Norwegian heavy black/death outfit The Deviant premiere a new song entitled "Atomic Revolt", taken from their upcoming new album "Rotting Dreams of Carrion", which will be out in stores December 4 on Soulseller Records.

Check out now "Atomic Revolt" below.

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Shattered Hope Pre-Release Full-Album Streaming

Shattered Hope premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Vespers", which will be out in stores November 06 via Solitude Productions.

Check out now "Vespers" in its entirety below.

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Black Tusk Premiere New Music Video

Black Tusk will be releasing a B-sides and rarities compilation by the name of “Years In Black” this Friday, November 06th, through their Bandcamp. Ahead of that, the band premiere the below clip for the song “Seeing Visions” from it.

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