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Metal News for November 29, 2011

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Lights Up Hartford

It was 1996, New York City, in what was a converted church. That was the first and last time I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was 25 years old. A band, comprised mostly of my heroes since I was a child, took the stage, fittingly on the church's former altar. You see, this new incarnation of Savatage had erupted on the scene quicker than those same heroes did in all the thirteen years prior to that first show.

It seems that by incorporating Savatage material into Christmas material with Broadway type singers, the band, disguised as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, gained almost instantaneous commercial and mainstream notoriety. They had been "accepted." I knew then that Savatage was doomed to end and time revealed it to be true, as they released only two albums in what would be the band's final five years after. Now relegated to a side project with a terminal "on hold" status, Savatage can only be heard within Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who continue to this day incorporate song parts, whole songs and it's legacy with contributions from all members, including one of its main writers/composers, The Mountain King Jon Oliva. More...

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Pit Stories: The Out Of Control Circle Pit

Each week we chat up metal fans and band members from every style and sub-genre to find their best tales from the mosh pit. For this week's look into the pit, guitarist Andreas Allenmark of Swedish act Cipher System shares the following story of a circle pit gone out of control:

This "accident" happened when I was on tour with another band. We were playing in Germany and had been drinking quite a few beers the night before and I had been taught a few tricks from another band.

One of those tricks was the sign for a circle pit. After a few songs I started thinking about that sign, what if I should try it...just to see if the audience understood what it meant. So I waited for a break in the song then showed them as distinctively as I could.

After that I continued my headbanging mostly looking down at the guitar and floor. When I looked up again I saw that a circle pit really had started and almost developed to a riot atmosphere, people were really hurting each other. I regretted my foolish naivety, almost stopped playing just to try to calm them down again. My last thought was, what if my brother saw me now? He is a police officer and what I had done would be considered to be a crime in Sweden.

Cipher System released the new album "Communicate the Storms" earlier this year. You can check out track-by-track videos from the band discussing the album here. For more details on Cipher System, navigate over to the band's Facebook profile.

Check back in again next Tuesday as we share more Pit Stories from metal bands.

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Stu Marshall Video Interview Available

Army Of One TV has posted a new video interview online with Australian guitar player Stu Marshall, in which he discusses his project Empires of Eden and the collaboration with Ronny Munroe for the album "Lords of the Edge," as well as offering some updates on Dragonsclaw's latest work at his Frontier Studios in Sydney. Check out the clip below.

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Wacken Open Air 2012 Sold Out

The organizers of Germany's Wacken Open Air festival have announced that next year's edition of the event, scheduled to take place between August 2nd - 4th in Wacken, Germany, has already sold out. A message from the organizers reads as follows:

"Amazing! Wacken is sold out for the seventh time in a row! For the seventh time in a row Wacken Open Air is sold out and never before in such a short time! All 75,000 tickets are sold. Thanx for your support, metalheads! A huge part of the billing is already announced including several special and exclusive shows as well as high-class acts. As every year we have made every effort to provide a terrific billing! And the announcements don´t stop. Via our online advent calendar at least one band will be announced every day during December. Together we will turn the 23. Wacken Open Air into a mega party!"

The currently confirmed bands are as follows: More...

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Dead Autumn Streaming Debut Album

Canadian metallers Dead Autumn have uploaded the entire debut album "In Diseases She Waits" for streaming online. You can check out the release via the band's official website or YouTube channel. The album, now out of print, was originally released independently in 2006. You can also check out the track "Leviathan Swamp" after the jump.

The "In Disease She Waits" track listing is as follows:

1. Crimson Sky (After the Floods II)
2. The Blackened Ones
3. In Darkness
4. Forever It Rains
5. This Coldest Lake
6. Violent Sunset
7. Leviathan Swamp
8. The Blackened Ones II
9. Only Wretched
10. Intoxikate

Commented Dead Autumn guitarist Tim Boughton: "We decided it was finally time to put the entire album on the internet for streaming as its been unavailable for a long time. We're working on new material at the moment and these songs represent Dead Autumn, they serve as an example of what people can look forward to on our next album." More...

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Dreaming Dead Pushes Back New Album Release

California death metal trio Dreaming Dead, which was scheduled to release the new full-length "Midnightmares" this past Halloween, has postponed the street date to sometime in 2012. "Midnightmares" is the follow-up to the previously released "Within One" (reviewed here).

In the meantime, the band recently posted a new live video from a performance at the House of Blues in Hollywood opening for the legendary Morbid Angel. Check out the clip at this location.

Commented vocalist and guitarist, Elizabeth Schall: "After months of recording, mixing and all together adding the final touches to our second album Midnightmares, we have decided to push the release to an unknown date. In the meantime we'd like to offer a live video performing 'Lapse.' Please enjoy!"

Midnightmares features cover art by renowned metal artist Travis Smith, known for his striking work on records from Death, Sadus, Katatonia, Opeth, King Diamond and so many others. Updated release details will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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Trollfest Checks In From Day 17 Of Recording

Norway's Trollfest is currently recording a new album, and the band has now checked in with the following update from the studio:

"Today Mr. Seidel and TrollBANK manage to record a lot of acoustic guitar, trumpet, drum and flute. And it was all just super fast balkan melodies. As you can see from the pictures below, we are not kidding when we say super fast! It has taken us years and years and years of practice to achieve the technical skills to master these extremely fast balkan melodies. Speedy Ggonzales have been our apprentice and we hope and think he will be very proud when he gets to listen to our new speedy songs! All hail Speedy Gonzales and True Norwegian Speed Balkan Metal!!!!

"The acoustic guitar is also used to enhance the balkan melodies. Here you see Mr. Seidel in action, relaxed and enjoying himself, while recording the super fast and intricate balkan melodies.

"And just to prove to all you non-belivers out there, that there is really no effort for Mr.Seidel to lay down the fastest melodies known to mankind, he agreed on posing for another picture as well. The multitalented TrollBANK also recorded trumpet today for the super fast melodies. More...

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Mortum Posts New Song Online

New Jersey black metal band Mortum has posted a new song online entitled "Ritual Tribulation." The track comes off of their upcoming debut full length album, "The Rites of Depopulation."

Check out the song below:

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In Mourning Announces New Album Title

Swedish act In Mourning has checked in with the following brief announcement about releasing a new album through Spinefarm Records next year:

"We are proud to announce that our new record will be entitled 'The Weight Of Oceans' and that it will be released in 2012 by Spinefarm Records."

The new album will be the follow-up to the band's 2010 release "Monolith." For more details on In Mourning and to listen to music available for streaming, head over to the band's Facebook profile. Additional information on the album will be announced as it is made available.

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Nothnegal Comments On Upcoming Album

Melodic death metal act Nothnegal is pleased to announce the January 24th, 2012 United States release of the band's new album, "Decadence," through Season of Mist. The album is set to see release in other major international markets four days earlier on January 20th, 2012. The album was mixed by Greg Reely (Fear Factory, Machine Head, DevilDriver) and Ahti Kortelainen (Sentenced, Sonarta Arctica).

"Decadence" marks the first official full-length release from Nothnegal. You can listen to a snippet of a new song now at this location.

“Decadence is our first official studio release and the first release featuring the current lineup, the first time that Fufu handling the vocals, Marco on keyboards and Kevin on drums,” states guitarist Hilarl. “We began writing Decadence in Summer 2010. The record has been quite a challenge for us as we have taken time to do a lot of experimentation on the sound, shifting more towards thrash and progressive metal with industrial elements making it entirely different from the sound we had on our 2009 four-track demo, Antidote Of Realism. With a completely new and original sound and attitude, we feel like we’re starting again from scratch as we believe we’ve finally discovered our sound with Decadence.” More...

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Amberian Dawn Taps Stratovarius Members

Amberian Dawn has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting Stratovarius members for the band's upcoming studio album:

"Hey all, we're proud to announce, that we're once again going to have some top musicians guesting on our next studio album.

"Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) of Stratovarius will make guest appearances on our forthcoming new studio album, which is going to be released on early 2012. We'll give you later more details concerning the exact release date, cover art etc.

"This album is once again going to be released via Spinefarm Records/Universal Music Group."

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Woods Of Ypres Streaming New Track

Canadian blackened doom metal outfit Woods of Ypres has released a brand new song from the forthcoming album, "Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light." The new track, titled "Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)" is available to listen to now through the player below.

"Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)" is the second track to be released from the album. Listen to the first track, "Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)" at this location.

"Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light" was recorded with producer Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada, and was mixed by U.K. producer John Fryer (NINE INCH NAILS, PARADISE LOST). The album is due to be released in early 2012. More...

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The Arusha Accord Posts Guitar Play-Through Clip

The Arusha Accord has posted a play-through video clip online of James Clayton performing "Night of The Long Knives," which can be viewed after the jump. James also commented:

"Me playing through our song Night of The Long Knives. This is an instrumental export from our album, so it's two layers of my guitar. Excuse a few scuffs in the clean section, otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

"I'm playing a kramer assault w emgs into a line6 toneport and straight into iMovie. No noise gate, and one take as i'm a n00b with iMovie putting together multiple takes. There are slight pauses to change sounds from distortion to clean and back again but you get the idea :-) enjoy!" More...

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Abnormal Thought Patterns Streaming Debut EP

Abnormal Thought Patterns has released its debut self-titled EP today, November 29th, via the band's own, newly-formed CynNormal Lab Recordings. You can find some options to order it physically and digitally on the band's Facebook page. Now, Metalunderground.com brings you the full-album stream as well. You can hear the entire album in the player below.

Abnormal Thought Patterns is comprised of the core and founding members of heralded technical act Zero Hour, the band was formed by Northern California-based brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (both also of Cynthesis) and Mike Guy. In order to complete the live sound, the trio recruited longtime friend and talented guitarist Richard Sharman, a student of Jasun's for many years.

The four-part epic "Velocity and Acceleration" and bass-only track "Ulnar Nerve Damage" were mixed by talented producer/engineer Dino Alden (Marty Friedman, Zero Hour), but due to Dino's carpal surgeries the band reached out to Matt LaPlant (Sikth, Nonpoint) to mix the tracks "The Machine Within" and "Electric Sun." The EP was mastered by Alan Douches (Between The Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and the cover artwork commissioned to Erick "Wurm" Pollard.

Here is the track listing for Abnormal Thought Patterns' self-titled debut:

1. The Machine Within
2. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 1
3. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 2
4. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 3
5. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 4
6. Ulnar Nerve Damage
7. Electric Sun

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Frostmoon Eclipse Member Guests For Godheadscope

Frostmoon Eclipse founder and guitarist Claudio Alcara makes a guest appearance on two tracks from “Patience,” the forthcoming four-track EP release from Godheascope.

“Patience“ is the third release from the Californian one-man project formed in 2006 by M. Rosin, and, according to Rosin himself represents Godheadscope’s “most complete bridging of modern composition and ambient with art-rock and folk." The EP has been released as digital download via Bandcamp. You can also stream the release through the player available below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Patience
2. Solidarity
3. Medusa In the Cistern
4. The Screaming Mound

Frostmoon Eclipse's Alcara, who contributes guitar melodies for the tracks “Solidarity” and “The Screaming Mound," is himself due to release an album for his Stroszek project in December of this year on Hypnotic Dirge Records. “Sound Graveyard Bound” will be the third full-length release from Stroszek, the band that allows Alcara not only to perform vocals, but also to display his consummate guitar skills in a more melodic, introspective fashion, as opposed to the black metal for which he is best known with Frostmoon Eclipse. More information about Strozsek is available at this location. More...

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Engel Posts Studio Footage

Sweden's Engel has checked in from the studio with the first in a series of recording video blogs. You can check out the drum recording clip in the player below, or keep up with Engel's recording process by heading over to the band's Facebook profile here. A tour video diary posted by Engel earlier this month is also available at this location.

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Seven Witches Playing Shows With Armored Saint

Seven Witches will be supporting legendary metallers Armored Saint on three special East Coast dates beginning tomorrow at Ollie’s Point Bar in Amityville, New York. The band will be supporting the "Call Upon the Wicked" full-length released in North America earlier this year by FrostByte Records.

"Call Upon The Wicked" (reviewed here) was recorded at Lickman Studios by Frost with co-producers Mike LePond and Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning), who also mixed the record. The band's upcoming shows with Armored Saint are as follows:

11/30/2011 Ollie’s Point Bar – Amityville, NY
12/02/2011 Crocodile Rock – Allentown, PA
12/03/2011 The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY

The Seven Witches touring lineup (for AS dates):

Alan Tecchio (Hades , Non Fiction, Autumn Hour ) – Vocals
Paul Marciano (Die Hard Till Death, ex- Belladonna ) – Drums
Mike Lepond (Symphony X) – Bass
Jack Frost (Bronx Casket Co., ex-Savatage, Lizzy Borden, Belladonna ) – Guitar

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Seal Of Solomon Streaming New Single

Istanbul's Seal of Solomon has posted the new single "A Story of a Prophet" online for streaming, which can be heard in the player below. The single is taken off the band's upcoming "Time of the Arallu" EP, due out in early 2012.

A follow-up full-length album is also currently set for release in October of 2012, with further details to be announced later.

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Sorrowful Angels Releases New Music Video

Greece's Sorrowful Angels has posted a new video clip online, available below, for the track "Right Of Way." The song is taken from the band's "Omens" album. The band also commented:

"Dear friends, we are really excited to present to you, our latest video clip called 'Right Of Way.' Produced by Raw Rec productions for Sorrowful Angels. Right of Way is the first video of the 'Omens' album which will be released really soon!" More...

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Void Posts "Once Written In Blood" Lyric Clip

Swedish act Void has posted a lyric video clip online for the song "Once Written in Blood," which is available below. Void is also currently streaming the entire "Humanity" EP online via the band's Facebook profile here.

The band commented on it's style:

"Void is a symphonic metal band, with a wide range of styles incorporated into that genre such as; power metal, death metal, a little doom metal influences and lots of classic heavy metal grit blending into one ominous and dark yet melodic, unique style.

"The lyrics play an important part in the formation of the music. They have a large variety of topics, which ranges from the more subtle such as delving into the psyche of humans (both on an individual and on a more general level) and contemplation of the human condition. Then there's the more straight-forward approach such as the depiction of historical events. Mythology, folklore and epics of old is also themes which sometimes occur."

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Majestic Downfall Releasing New Album

One-man Mexican doom metal project Majestic Downfall, run by composer Jacobo Cordova of Zombiefication, will be releasing it's second full-length album, "The Blood Dance," via Chaos Records on January 9th. This album follows on the heels of 2009's "Temple of Guilt." It will feature the following tracks:

The Blood Dance
From Black to Dead
Majestic Embrace
Dimension Plague
Army of Salvation
An Untravelled Road
Cronos More...

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Elysion Posts Lacuna Coil Show Teaser

Greek act Elysion will be performing live with Lacuna Coil in Athens on December 3rd. A promo clip for the show has now been made available online and can be viewed below. Further details on Elysion and the band's upcoming activity can be found via Facebook.


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Noctem Posts "The Arrival Of The False Gods" Video

Spain's Noctem has posted a new music video online for "The Arrival of the False Gods," taken from the "Oblivion" album (out on Rising Records / Metalblade 2011). The clip was directed by Henry Menacho Sangama of Kronik Productions and can be found below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Popol Vuh
2. The arrival of the false gods
3. Universal disorder
4. Abnegation and brutality
5. Invictus
6. Sons of Hun-vucub
7. Seeking the ruin of souls
8. Unredemption
9. Q'uma'rka'aa'j
10. A borning winged snake
11. Oblivion

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Brand New Sin Debuts Official Video

Brand New Sin is debuting it's brand new music video "The Lord Came Down" from it's new album "United State." The video was shot in Detroit in early November at the Nabisco factory. You can go listen to the video by going to this location. Brand New Sin has also revealed a series of tour dates as well, which are as follows.

12/2 @ Station 58 - Syracuse, NY
12/3 @ Nick's Club 48 - Fulton, NY
12/10 @ The Upperdeck - Waterloo, NY
12/16 @ Monty's Krown - Rochester, NY
1/6 @ Suzy's Tavern - Auburn, NY
2/11 @ The Ritz - Warren, MI
2/23 @ Fusion - North Syracuse, NY
2/25 @ Bogie's - Albany, NY

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Everything Went Black Posts "Cycles Of Light" Clip

St. Louis act Everything Went Black has posted a promo video clip for the band's upcoming "Cycles Of Light" album. Check out the clip below. "Cycles of Light" is coming January 17th, 2012 on Lost Shepherd / Prosthetic Records, and the cover artwork is available by clicking here.

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Degradation Releases New Album

Chicago old school thrashers Degradation have released their new one, "Juggernaut," and the tracklisting is below. This is the band's first full-length, following the release of 2007's EP "Unleashed." You can check out a documentary of the band at this location.

A Necessary Evil
The Reckoning
Rise to Fall
Trail of Sin
Executioner... Slayer of the Light (The Crown Cover)
Thrill of the Kill More...

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Careless Streaming New Album

Traditional heavy metal rockers Careless have made available for their fans a metallic version of the Christmas song "What Child is This?" in video and MP3 formats. The original cover dates back to the mid-eighties. In late 2009 Careless redid the cover and created the video. An MP3 is available as a show of appreciation for their fans' support. You can find out more, and stream Careless' whole new album "Coalition," by visiting the Careless website. More...

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Incantation Writing New Material

Death metal veterans, Incantation are currently writing new material. The group expect a 2012 release date. Drummer Kyle Severn comments:

"The new material we have been writing with new members Alex (Bouks also of Goreaphobia) and Chuck (Sherwood also of Bloodstorm) is beyond brutal, as these songs have come together they are by far the darkest and most demented Incantation tracks I've been a part of since Diabolical Conquest"

Incantation released its first new song in six years on the "After Party Massacre" CD soundtrack and Limited Edition 7-inch Bloodsplatter Vinyl. Click on the You Tube video below to hear a sample.

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Nachtmystium To Record New Album

Nachtmystium has issued the following statement about releasing a new split EP and gearing up to record a new album:

"The Nachtmystium / Murmur split 7" EP is officially released on Inferna Profundus Records, Lithuania!! Our track is a total return to form, harking back to the writing styles of 'Demise' and 'Instinct: Decay.'

"This is a good sneak peak of whats to come on our next full-length, which we intend to start recording in January / February, 2012 and will be released world-wide on Century Media Records. First 100 copies of this 7" EP come with a poster featuring artwork from the jacket. Support Inferna Profundus, a truly a killer underground label."

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Castrofate Uploads New Video Clip

New York's Castrofate has uploaded a music video for the track "Revelation (Truth Be Told)," taken off the band's new album "Systematic Suicide." Watch the video in the YouTube player below.

Castrofate has also previously posted several songs online from the new album. You can listen to the "Cleansing the Earth" track by clicking here.

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Sister Sin Posts Motorhead Cover Music Video

Sister Sin has posted a music video online for the band's cover version of the Motorohead track "Rock N Roll." The video clip, which also features metal queen Doro, can be found below. A previously uploaded video clip of Doro commenting on working with Sister Sin is also still available online at this location.

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Diabolos Dust To Play Darkness Over Paradise Fest

The Darkness Over Paradise festival will take place on July 13th/14th at the Schanze in Wolfsegg am Hausruck in Austria. The festival offers a varied metal/rock lineup, a free camping site without waste disposal and a shuttle service.

Massacre Records recording artists Totenmond and Diabolos Dust are the latest acts to now be confirmed for the upcoming festival. The other currently confirmed acts are as follows:

Bifröst (AT) - Pagan Metal
Ewig Frost (AT) - Blackened D-Beat Röck'n'Röll
Cruadalach (CZ) - Pagan/Folk Metal
Odraedir (CZ) - Pagan Metal
Nazarene Decomposing (GER/AT) - Black Metal
Terminus: Kill (GER) - Melodic Death Metal
Squirtophobic (AT) - Goregrind
Boozehounds of Hell (AT) - Booze n Roll
Among Rats (AT) - Death/Grind
Wrath Alliance (AT) - Death Metal
Human Thrash Machine (DE) - Thrash Metal

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Spiralmountain Posts Entire Discography Online

Springdale, Arkansas band Spiralmountain, which is offering the "Immemorial" EP as a free download, has now posted its entire discography online for streaming.

You can streaming the tracks from "Wander," "Fade/Erase," "Immemorial," "Black Sand," and "Oceans" by navigating your browser over to the Spiralmountain Bandcamp page here. The entire "Black Sand" release is also available for streaming or free download through the widget below. More...

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Absent Distance Streaming Tracks Online

Hungary's Absent Distance has posted a collection of songs online for streaming, simply titled "2010 - 2011." You can listen to the songs through the player below or via the Absent Distance Bandcamp page.


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Strommoussheld Issues New Album Update

Poland's Strommoussheld has checked in with the following update about recording the new "No Direction Home" album:

"We are happy to announce the first guest appearance on 'No Direction Home' album. Destroyer - lead guitarist of Polish HATE - participated in recording guitar solo parts for one of the tracks. The results are outstanding and added a rough metal feeling to the overall arrangement of the song!

"Also we haven't forgotten to shoot some scenes from recording sessions and some of them we made available for you right now so don't forget to check out the first part of 'No Direction Home' making of material on the band's Youtube official channel." More...

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Megadeth Posts Backstage Footage

Megadeth has posted backstage footage online of David Ellefson and Shawn Drover at a festival in Santiago, Chile, which can be viewed below. A clip of the Megadeth members at Jimmy Kimmel on Halloween can also be found after the jump. In other Megadeth news, the band released the new album "Th1rt3en" earlier this month (reviewed here).


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Echoes Of Eternity Posts "Ten Of Swords" Video

Los Angeles based, female-fronted act Echoes of Eternity has posted a new video clip online. The video for "Ten of Swords" can be found in the clip below. "Ten of Swords" is taken off the band's "As Shadows Burn" album.

The "As Shadows Burn" track listing is as follows:

1. Ten of Swords
2. A Veiled Horizon
3. Memories of Blood and Gold
4. The Scarlet Embrace
5. Descent of a Blackened Soul
6. Twilight Fires
7. Buried Beneath a Thousand Dreams
8. Letalis Deus
9. Funeral in the Sky

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Opeth Video Interview From Italy Available

Linea Rock has posted a new video interview online with Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt, which was conducted prior to the band's November 24th, 2011 concert at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy. The footage is available below. The Swedish act has been touring in support of the newly released album "Heritage" (reviewed here).

In other recent news, Metal Injection posted a video interview online with Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson discussing an upcoming collaborative project with Mikael Akerfeldt. Check out the video clip here.

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Rose Funeral Posts "Beyond The Entombed" Video

Cincinnati's Rose Funeral has unleashed a new music video for the track "Beyond the Entombed," which is taken off the band's "Gates of Punishment" album (reviewed here). Check out the video clip in the player below.

Rose Funeral is currently on the road with Full Blown Chaos. You can catch the band still on the following dates:

Nov 29 Emeral Theater w/ Full Blown Chaos Mt Clemens, MI
Dec 01 Yesterdays w/ Full Blown Chaos. Wheeling, WV
Dec 02 Championship Bar & Grill w/ Full Blown Chaos Trenton, NJ
Dec 03 Sonic Indian w/ Full Blown Chaos Buffalo, NY
Dec 04 Bogie's Albany, NY More...

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Xandria Reveals New Album Title

Xandria has checked in with the following announcement about the band's upcoming new album:

"Some people, even some famous bands don't like Mondays... We do! As of this very Monday, we are proud to present the name of our upcoming album: 'Neverworld's End' will be the title of our late winter release and we are already completely thrilled to hear your feedback on the name - and the cover artwork, which you can check out here!

"Although the title may indicate it, this is not a concept album, but there is an overall theme threading its way through most of the songs. However, more about this on a later occasion - for now only this: It is not about Peter Pan ;)

"Plus: After you have had been watching Gerit recording the drums for 'Neverworld's End' last time, part two of our studio blog does take you to the bass and guitar recordings. Enjoy!" More...

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