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Metal News for November 26, 2011

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iNSANE Releases New Music Video

Hungarian rock/metal band iNSANE has released a new music video for their song "These Are The Ones," off the band's upcoming album due out in 2012. For more information, follow the band on Facebook.

iNSANE -"These Are The Ones"

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Archaic Decapitator Streaming New Album

Suffield, CT based black/death metal act Archaic Decapitator is currently offering the new album "Impalement Ceremonies" for streaming online as well as for free download. You can listen to the album or download the songs through the player below. Check out more Archaic Decapitator details via the band's Facebook profile here.

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Vrangsinn Posts "Taboo" Teaser

An unofficial teaser trailer has been posted online for Daniel Vrangsinn's new solo album "Taboo," which can be found below.

Vrangsinn (Carpathian Forest) also runs Misantrof ANTIRecords, which offers free streaming and downloads for a variety of metal and rock musicians. Check out more on Misantrof at this location.

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W.A.S.P. Announces European Tour Dates

W.A.S.P. has announced the first batch of European dates for the upcoming "30 Years of Thunder" tour. The currently announced shows are as follows:

5/17 - Ekateringburg, Russia - Teleclub
5/18 - Rostov, Russia - Dom Oficerov
5/19 - Stavropol, Russia - Dkis
5/20 - Krasnodar, Russia - Primiea
5/22 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Glav Club
5/23 - Moscow, Russia - Arena Club
5/25 - Kiev, Ukraine - Bingo Club
5/27 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany - Rock Hard Open Air
5/31 - Dessau, Germany - Metalfest East Germany
6/1 - Mining, Austria - Metalfest Austria
6/2 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Airport Park Terminal 3 - Loudfestival
6/3 - Jaworzno, Poland - Metalfest Poland
6/5 - Zadar, Croatia - Metalfest Croatia
6/6 - Milan, Italy - Metalfest Italy
6/7 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Metalfest Switzerland
6/8 - Pizen, Czech Republic - Metalfest Czech Republic

You can also check out the latest blog update from W.A.S.P. by navigating over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Vader Posts Tour Blog

Vader has posted another tour blog online from the band's current run on the "Sign of Hell" tour with Gorgoroth. Vader had this to say:

"Savigny le Temple. A small town near Paris (they say so) where it’s hard to get to and even worse to get back home from at night. I think that was the reason of a bit smaller audience than usually. A day before we had day off (spent next to the club) so we’ve already got familiar with surroundings – Valkyrja and Gorgoroth even found a pub!

"The club was nice and the show – I think that, as usually, everyone has played the material so many times that we don’t even need notation. After the show we had two occasions to celebrate – Vlad’s birthday and a small anniversary – 20 shows behind us! (and 20 more ahead…) But we had no time to party. There was a long way to cover to Switzerland so we had to pack the gear fast and smoothly and set off on the road!"

You can also check out photos from the road recently uploaded by Vader by heading over to this location.

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Mendacity Streaming "Building With Broken Fingers"

Innisfil, Ontario based metal act Mendacity has uploaded a track online from the band's "Immolation" EP. Give the "Building with Broken Fingers" song a listen through the player below, or head over to the Mendacity Facebook page for more details on the band.

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Breedunder Posts Making-Of Clip

Portugal's Breedunder has posted a making-of clip online from the band's time working on the newly released "Subversion" EP. Check out the video clip below. You can also listen to the Breedunder song "Blasphemy" and find more information on the band by heading over to Facebook.

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Insision Talks Record Label Changes

In a recent interview with Global Domination, guitar player Roger Johansson of Swedish act Insision discussed the band's various record labels throughout its history. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Global Domination: Tell us about your split from Earache. Would you agree it’s a label that is losing its touch with the death metal scene? What’s happening with Anata at the moment is a tale of woe no band should have to deal with, let alone one as absurdly gifted as them. Did similar circumstances make you leave the label?

Roger: Can’t speak for Anata but sour deals really suck and take a lot of energy from a band, don’t know the whole story though? Is Earache holding an album? But from what we can remember, Earache put us on some good tours with Decapitated and Suffocation among others… and they did the distribution well so they did their job. The first record got great response from the fans and zines; we played a lot and our second release “Revealed & Worshipped” came 2-3 years later.

But as a band we started to grow away from each other, which lead to the loss of one drummer and a guitar (2 guitars really, during this period of time). So in our case we were going through some differences within the group as people, which lead to that we had to start over with a new drummer. We took in Mac 2004 right away and at the same time we got a support slot for Suffocation and Disgorge (US) coming up in just a 3 week notice. Insane! We went on the tour and did all the shows with only the 3 weeks on rehearsals, but it wasn’t the best tour we have done looking back at it. Still it was awesome to play along with Suffo & Disgorge.

So Earache didn’t want to make efforts in us at that point as the budget on the third album was much greater than on the second so what’s the point. The Suffo-tour ended that era. In a way it was good thing to move on because of the amount of record-options in the actual deal. You don’t want to be owned, so we came out clear from that. The bad thing was the amount of records we signed for on Dental records afterwards, coz they did not do anything right. Fucking retards!

Global Domination: You then signed to Dental Records only to release one album. What happened? More...

Read the full article at Global Domination.

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Isurus Streaming Song From New Album

London's Isurus has posted a song online from streaming from the band's new album "Telos," which saw release this past July, 2011. You can listen to the song "Osiris" through the player available below. More information on Isurus can be found via the band's official website here.

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Anvil Video Interview Available

CAMSTAS has posted a new video interview online with Anvil, which can be viewed below. The interviewer also commented on the clip:

"Talking with Anvil about the new Album 'Juggernaut of Justice:' how it happend that they recorded the album in Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Studio, about the making of the film 'Anvil! The Story Of Anvil,' how the movie has changed their lives, and if they now can make a living from the music. Have fun watching the movie!"

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Aleksi Sihvonen Forms New Project ASXX

Aleksi Sihvonen of Norther has formed a new project titled ASXX, which is streaming a new song online. You can check out the track "Escape" in the player below. The band's Facebook page was also updated with the following statement:

"ASXX is a project of Aleksi Sihvonen (Norther, Medicated, ex-Imperanon). The idea behind ASXX is simple: A piece of music is composed. Then a drummer who was chosen to play that particular song lays down the drum tracks and Aleksi does the rest. That's it. Hope you enjoy and spread the word!"

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Eis Splits With Vocalist And Guitarists

Bassist Alboîn of German black metal act Eis has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist and guitarists:

"It doesn't feel good, but I've to say that vocalist Cypher D. Rex and guitarists Hedrykk F. Gausenatt and Zyan are not part of the band anymore. Let me explain - but before that I wish to thank all three guys for many years full of blood, sweat and tears and for everything we created together. I'm full of pride.

"There are moments you just feel that something has to change. For me, such a moment had come. I felt more and more of a stomach ache with the direction the band took within the last one and a half year. The album being in progress during the last months - mainly with inputs by Cypher and Hedrykk - didn't feel like an EÏS album for me, even if that is a very subjective interpretation of course. It came clearer and clearer to my mind how important this band and everything it stands for is to me, and that I neither could nor wanted to live with any musical compromise in EÏS.

"For such reasons, Marlek and me will continue EÏS as a duo, and in a more resolute way than ever. We're planning to record our fourth album in Spring, and this will take us back to our own musical roots. Of course you'll witness us on stage again as well, together with some session musicians.

"This is no comfortable path at all, but it's very uncaging, because it's our path. Or, said with Aínvars words from 'Wanderer bei Fels und Fjord:' Wir leben fort - wo sind eure Spuren?"

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Warp Prism Streaming "Evolution" Title Track

Warp Prism has posted the title track online for the band's upcoming album "Evolution." You can listen to the track in the player available after the jump, or through the Warp Prism Bandcamp page here.


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Kamelot Gearing Up To Record New Album

Kamelot has checked in with the following announcement about gearing up to enter the studio and continuing to search for a new vocalist:

"Hi Kamelotians! The band is busy working on new songs and continuing to review audition videos for the singer position. We are getting real close to making a choice, there are some amazingly talented singers out there. We are taking our time on this, the vocals for the new album will be done last, like always. So there is no rush to make the decision now.

"Kamelot will return to Gate Studios/Germany starting in January with Sascha Paeth producing. The production is expected to be several months long and will include special guests, orchestra arrangements and much more. This album will be the follow up to ‘Poetry for the Poisoned’. The new songs are really coming along great, lots of variation, melody and energy.

"Next live show for Kamelot will be the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise in January! See the tour page on our website for ticket info!"

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Midnight Realm Releasing New EP

Melodic UK metal band Midnight Realm is releasing it's new EP "Polarissima" and offering a free download of the song "Solaris" after December 1st via the band's website. The website also has a couple of preview clips for two of the other songs on the EP, plus there is a clip for "Abstract Connections" on YouTube. More...

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My Dying Bride's St. Petersburg Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of My Dying Bride performing live in St. Petersburg, Russia on November 25th, which can be found below. A photo gallery from the evening and the full set list is also available courtesy of Darkside.ru. Check out the images at this location.

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Sin City Sinners Posts Christmas Video

Sin City Sinners has posted a video clip online for the track "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree," which was directed by Jason Green.

The "A Sinners Christmas" CD was released on November 25th and includes guest appearances by George Lynch, Ron Keel, Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats) Jizzy Pearl (RATT, Love/Hate) Pete Loran (Trixter) Louie Merlino (Beggars & Thieves) Frank Dimino (Angel) & Sammy Serious (The Zeros). A portion of the sales from "A Sinners Christmas" will be donated to the Toys for Tots Las Vegas chapter, which helps to make sure less fortunate children have toys for Christmas

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Circle Of Contempt Uploads Lyric Video

Finnish act Circle of Contempt has uploaded a lyric video for the new pre-production song "Entwine the Threads," which you can watch below. Circle of Contempt is currently working on a new release, with further details to be made available in the near future. In the mean time, you can check out the band's info and listen to music available for streaming via the Circle of Contempt Facebook profile.

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3 Inches Of Blood Enters The Studio

3 Inches of Blood has issued the following brief announcement about entering the studio to record a new full-length album:

"We're heading to Vogville Studios today to begin recording our fifth record, and we're very excited for this. It's always time for Heavy Metal!"

Further details on the album, which is being recorded with engineer and producer Terry Sho Murray, will be announced as they are made available. The band also recently posted this update about seeking fan art submission:

"3 INCHES OF BLOOD wants you to make them an (unofficial) ALBUM COVER! You have to the end of November to submit your entries to 3iobcovercontest@hotmail.ca.

"The WINNER of the contest will get vinyl copies of ANTHEMS FOR THE VICTORIOUS and the 3IOB / BOB WAYNE split, 3IOB guitar picks, drum sticks, and a signed drum head.

"Be creative, and have fun doing it! We're looking forward to seeing what your BARBARIC MINDS come up with!"

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Code 3-7 Posts Katy Perry Cover Song

Continuing its trend of covering mainstream pop stars, Brazilian metal act Code 3-7 has now uploaded a cover of the Katy Perry track "Firework." You can check out the clip below. Code 3-7's previous cover of a Lady GaGa song is also still available online at this location.

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Abyss Records Comments On Carnivore Signing

As was previously announced, Carnivore has inked a deal with Abyss Records. The label has now checked in with the following update about signing the band and Carnivore's upcoming live shows:

"Abyss Records is pleased to announce the recent signing of Sweden's Carnivore. Plans are in place for the label to re-release a limited edition version of the band's EP Faces of Death in early 2012. Carnivore is set to enter the studio in December of this year to record their full-length debut, which will be out sometime next year. Faces of Death is currently streaming on the band's SoundCloud page.

Carnivore Live Dates:

1/5 - Slaughterhouse - Växjö, Sweden
3/31 - Garf - Växjö, Sweden
date not yet announced - Tilbakakaka Festival
date not yet announced - Säljeryd Festival
5/19 - 5/20 Westbay Heaven n Hell Festival

" Carnivore was formed in 2010 when a former project of three of the members, called Beyond Hell, underwent major line-up changes and decided to make a new start. The band played several local shows during 2010 and in 2011 they recorded a three-song EP called Faces of Death. Faces of Death was released on June 1st, and sold out in 2 hours.

"Carnivore's musical style is based on old school elements with a modern and progressive touch, as well as an philosophical and occult lyrical element."

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Stray From The Path Posts New Tour Video

Stray From The Path has posted a new video webisode from the band's tour with The Acacia Strain. You can check out the clip below, which features footage of the aftermath from the band's van flip incident earlier this month.

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Xtreem Music Comments On Exmortis Signing

As was previously announced, Exmortis has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for upcoming releases. The label has now issued the following official statement:

"Cult US Death Metal band EXMORTIS have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of an EP in late december 2011 and a full length CD in 2012.

"The mini CD titled 'Resurrection... Book of the Dead' was a long project in the making but after much work was recorded by Brian Werking at Shockwerks Audio in Tampa, Florida during September/ October of 2011. This EP was then mixed and mastered by Javier Fernández at Room 101 Studios in Guadalajara (Spain) in October/ November of the same year.

"If you remember EXMORTIS from the early days of Death Metal, then you will enjoy this classic recording set in modern times. The extreme brutality it presents is undoubtedly some of their best work to date and will again engrave itself with a strong hold in the Death Metal underground where they plan to stay.

"EXMORTIS was originally inspired by such bands as Destruction, Kreator, Slayer, Possessed and the list goes on. If it's old then that's what EXMORTIS represents. Even to this day EXMORTIS is and will always be an underground sensation.

"Songs included on this EP are the following:

1. Creation (intro)
2. Book of the Dead
3. The Slaughter Begins
4. And There was Pain
5. Deep Red
6. Parade of Chanting Ancients

"The cover artwork for this CD was created by Eric Rot Engelmann and was colorized by Tinamarie Linares. The release date for this EP is scheduled for December 20th, 2011 and until then you can listen to one advance track called 'The Slaughter Begins' on YouTube and the band's official MySpace here."

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Aerodyne Flex Posts Footage Of New Drummer

Missouri based act Aerodyne Flex has posted a clip online of the band's new drummer Luke Philpott performing in the 1st round of a Guitar Center drum-off competition. You can check out the clip below, or find more Aerodyne Flex details through the band's Facebook profile here.

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Karkaos Releases "The Tempest" Video Clip

Montreal's Karkaos has posted a new official video clip online for the song "The Tempest," which can be found below. "The Tempest" is a cut off the band's latest EP release "In Burning Skies." For more details on Karkaos, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

The "In Burning Skies" track listing is as follows:

1. Catharsis
2. Awaiting The Clock's Last Turn
3. Ashes
4. The Last Stand
5. Lie For A Lie
6. The Tempest

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Odyssey Posts More Halloween Show Footage

Spokane instrumental act Odyssey has posted more footage online from the band's Halloween show at The Hop. You can check out a clip of the band performing "Cellular Deconstruction" in the player below, or find the previously posted video of Odyssey playing a Rush medley here. "Cellular Deconstruction" is off the band's latest release "An Abstract Existence" (reviewed here).

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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Posts New Track

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is currently streaming "The Suicide End" online, which is taken from the band's upcoming "Mortui Vivos Docent" release. You can listen to the song in the player below.

"Mortui Vivos Docent" is set to drop in early 2012 via Pulverised Records and has the following track listing:

1. Fallen Bliss
2. The Eternal Dawn
3. Crave the Fire
4. The Suicide End
5. Burning Darkness
6. Ravens Reborn
7. God the the Crawling Whore
8. Bleed
9. Recycle my Death from my Tombstone

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Suidakra Posts "Balor" Teaser

German outfit Suidakra has posted a brief teaser trailer online for the band's recently shot music video "Balor." You can check out the teaser below. "Balor" is taken off the band's "Book of Dowth" album (reviewed here). The full music video is expected to be released in December, 2011.

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Pythia Comments On Upcoming Album, Single

Pythia has checked in with the following update about the release of a new album and single:

"Pythia is delighted to announce that a pre sale is now open for both the new 'Betray my Heart' single (both CD and 7" coloured vinyl versions) which will be released on 19th December 2011 and the new album 'The Serpent's Curse' which will arrive on February 27th 2012. The album is available as a CD & DVD digipack and also a box set containing the same, plus exclusive T-shirt design, art print and the 7" Betray my Heart single all in a ribbon tied box!

"For information, a look at the artwork and to place your order check out the PYTHIA shop at the band's website via the link here.

"We hope you are all excited to hear the album and hope you'll learn the songs in plenty of time to sing along when we come to a town near you in 2012! Thanks for your support!"

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A Band Of Orcs Checks In With Recording Update

A Band of Orcs has checked in with the following update about recording a new album and launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release:


"Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of the audio-sorcery taking place at Trident Studios, with the wizard himself, Juan Urteaga, as he tracks the brutal rhythms of Oog Skullbasher. There's a small but meaty strip of a new song at the end of the video. Hail Gzoroth!

"Thanks for helping us make the most metal thing to hit your face in 2012. Please proselytize the wicked and tell your friends. We need to hit our pledge goal by December 3rd, so let's reckon the number of Gzoroth, because the we know the time grows short.

"Hail Gzoroth!!!"

In other recent news, the orcs released a set of fantasy gaming miniatures (reviewed here), and also recorded a Type O Negative cover song for Metalunderground.com's digital Peter Steele tribute album.

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