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Metal News for November 20, 2011

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Kaledon Releases "Steel Maker" Music Video

Kaledon has posted a music video online for the track "Steel Maker," which is taken from the upcoming album "Mightiest Hits." The album is set for release this coming January, 2012.

The "Mightiest Hits" track listing is as follows: More...

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The Interbeing Posts "Tongue Of The Soiled" Clip

The Interbeing has posted a video clip online for the song "Tongue of the Soiled," which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"We have now uploaded a new animated music video for 'Tongue of the Soiled.' The video is produced by the talented Korean artist Ihsu Yoon, and the animation consists of developing objects and fragments which symbolize thoughts and memories.

"The lyrical theme in 'Tongue of the Soiled' is about rediscovering lost memories and the video attempts to express this in an abstract way. Feast your eyes on the video right here. Thanks to Ihsu Yoon for the co-operation."

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Saxon Checks In With Road Report

Saxon's Biff Byford has checked in with the following road report:

"Hi, I was at the classic rock music awards on the 9th of November giving the mighty Scorpions the metal guru award. It was a good night out! Gene Simmons was the host compare and did a great job.

"Biff Byford / Saxon @ Metalfest Germany 2011I was out drinking till 5.30 in the morning can't remember anything else.

"Congratulations to our agent Steve Strange to winning the agent of the year award. COME ON!!!! Tour is going great. Good to see Anvil and Crimes Of Passion again. Sat in Salzburg at the moment freezing. Vienna tomorrow I will do a video blog from there.

"Keep the faith."

You can also check out a recently posted Saxon video interview by navigating over to this location.

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The Gardnerz Posts Track-By-Track Breakdown

Swedish metallers The Gardnerz have teamed up with Metalholic to release a track-by-track breakdown of "The System of Nature" album. An excerpt from the breakdown follows:

The Art of Suffering – This was the first track I ever wrote for this band, and one of the once I like the best, very melodic yet at beast in its own right. The song is about people who only see the negative in life and never stop to embrace the positive. Maybe a strange topic for a death metal song, this has been pointed out to me, since we do gloomy music. But I consider myself an optimistic pessimist, yes the world is fucked and most things are shit, but instead of just focusing on this I try to think of what we can do with this to make life better. To quote Neil Young ” Some have taken pure bullshit and turned it into gold”. Instead of dwelling on the past I think it is better to live in the present and make the best of the situation.

Lady in The Grave – Slow monotones and evil, this was the second song I wrote, I think the contrast of the clean part that turns heavy turned out really cool. This is one of the songs that seems to be most appreciated by our listeners, even though it is not one of my favorites. The lyrics for this one was written and vocal pattern was written by our former vocalist, Joel Sundin, we kept some of his vocals in the clean part, he sounds so tortured. The song is about what happens when you cut down on the psychic care and let the not so sane people out in the world. Some nice social commentary for you.

Your Final Solution – So with this song we end the track listing chronologically as this was not song number tree in the creation process. Some reviewer said that this song sounds like Slayer but at a crawling pace, I can only agree, I’m very inspired by midperiod Slayer. Slow and catchy, that’s the ticket. The title has nothing to do with the lyrical theme, I couldn’t think of any lyric to fit the title so I wrote about something different. The song is about how a lot of us enjoy really gory movies and such, but when confronted with real life tragedy we shy away and don’t want to be bothered. Real life is in many ways way more scary than what any sci-fi/horror writer could ever imagine, I guess that is why most of the most nasty movies are often inspired by real events.

Read the full article at Metalholic.

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Eventide Put On Hold

Swedish act Eventide has issued the following announcement about putting the band on hold indefinitely:

"We are sad to announce that Eventide is put on hold for an undetermined future. This is due to lack of time and a need to prioritize other things.

"Good news is that Max will be playing the drums in Degradead during their tour in Russia, starting this Friday in St Petersburg. So if there are any russian fans out there, check out the Degradead website for dates!

"We’ve had so much fun with Eventide through the years, and it certainly is an era that we now leave behind. Please continue to buy our albums and listen to us on Spotify and iTunes. This website will still be running.

"Thanks to all our fans that have stayed true to Eventide over the years!"

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Devilsent Streaming Tracks Online

Devilsent is currently streaming the songs "Drown in Blood," "Perfect Black," and "F.E.A.R." online through the band's Facebook profile. The band was formed in late 2010 by Ari Nissilä (ex-Catamenia) and Toni Kansanoja (ex-Catamenia, ex-Burning Point). Devilsent commented on the band's history and sound:

"The picture was crystal clear - to start a totally different and new type of band, when they left Catamenia. At the same time, Lauri Tuohimaa (ex-Charon, ex-Embraze) and Teemu Hautamäki (ex-Charon, Napoleon Skullfukk) were doing their last gigs with Charon, having the same kind of things in mind. Destiny brought these four around the same table and things started generating fast. Toni knew rock hard drummer Jussi Ontero (Burning Point, Ghost Machinery, Stargazery) and he was immediately in, when asked to join the band. The seeds of evil were planted!

"This five-piece chaos machine rose revolutions in the engine after a few rehearsals and spontaneously, the shape of sound got its own soul and style. The outfit of the guys is a fresh ejection out of the grey mass, taking bearings from denied and unspoken desires, wishes and dreads, which hide in people's minds. This theme will guide their live shows in the future and will be unforgettable. So be there when Devilsent hits your city!

"Devilsent's music is a unique combination of killer guitar riffs, strict drumbeats, heavy bass lines and variable vocals with choruses, which dig into the mind and stay there!"

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Nufutic Announces New Lineup

Drummer Romain Goulon (Necrophagist) and vocalist Trevor Sadist (Sadist) have joined Nufutic, the fusion-metal project founded by Dutch bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Pestilence, ex-Obscura) and Italian guitarist/keyboardist Tommy Talamanca (Sadist).

"Despite great feedback to our drummer auditions, it was far from easy to find the right match," says Thesseling. "However, when we talked with Romain, it turned out that he has a huge passion for fusion music. He developed his skills in both genres, which is quite exceptional for a metal drummer. It's awesome to have Trevor and Romain with us and we're excited to write material for a first serie of recordings."

Added Goulon: "Joining Nufutic is a great opportunity for me. Mixing a jazz-fusion flow with metal skills will be a very interesting challenge. This is all about finding the right skills from both styles and get the best feeling out of it. Through the years, I've been working on these genres of drumming and that makes it a next logical step."

Stated Trevor: "I'm very excited about the collaboration with this new project. Working with these guys will be an incredible experience and feels like joining an international dream team."

For more information on Nufutic, head over to the band's official website at this location.

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Avigal Announces Record Release Show

Avigal's album "Unbroken" will be released this month via Greenmonster Productions, and an official release party is set for November 26th at the Haunt in Ithaca, New York. The album has 14 songs and is already available for digital download at Itunes and Amazon and other places. The track listing is as follows:

1. Unbroken
2. Gates of Hell
3. Demons Inside
4. Sins of the Father
5. Mindless Creatures
6. Rockit Out
7. Thank You
8. Shaman's Song
9. Hell and Back
10. Riding the Wind
11. Wings of Tomorrow
12. Nightmare
13. Far from the Future
14. Terror

Two songs titled "Unbroken" and "Gates of Hell" are available for streaming via the band's Facebook profile.

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Apostate Posts Drum Performance Video

Prague based act Apostate has posted a drum performance video online for the track "Hermeneutic Circle," which can be viewed below. You can also find more Apostate music and check out additional info on the band by heading over to Facebook.

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Dynahead Posts Track-By-Track Video

Caio Duarte of Brazilian act Dynahead has posted a video clip online talking about the band's latest conceptual album called "YOUniverse." You can check out the track-by-track video below.

"YOUniverse" is the follow-up album to "Antigen" released in 2009, and both albums were recorded and mixed in Brazilia, Brazil by Caio Duarte at Broadband Productions. Dynahead released a music video for the song "Eventide" to support the album, which can be found here.

The "YOUniverse" track listing is as follows:

1. Ylem
2. Eventide
3. Inception
4. Unripe One
5. Confinement in Black
6. Circles
7. My Replicator
8. Repentance Hour
9. Way Down Memory Lane
10. Redemption
11. Onset

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Nephelium Reveals Ontario Tour Dates

Born from the desert sands, Dubai death metal band Nephelium, which now resides in Toronto, has announced upcoming show dates in Ontario for December and January. The dates are in support of the album "Coils of Entropy," set for release in early 2012. Samples from the album are presently streaming on the Nepehlium Bandcamp page or through the player below.

Details on the shows are as follows:

Dec 10, 2011 - London, ON - The Richmond Tavern *Free Show* w/ Ataxia, Invitation to Die
Dec 17, 2011 - Hamilton, ON - TBA
Jan 21, 2012 - Cambridge, ON - 515 Concert Club w/ Fragile Existence, Serene Molestation
Jan 28, 2012 - Oshawa, ON - The Green Bottle w/ Saprophyte and Wolvesskin More...

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Revocation Dominates In Western Mass

Western Massachusetts is home to one of the most loyal and fanatical local metal scenes I only vaguely knew existed. National exports such as Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage aside, all my years of visiting family in the area hadn’t yet tapped me into the region’s pulsing, simmering underground until Saturday, November 12th.

Still sore from the merciless thrashing I’d received at the hands of Anthrax the evening prior in Worcester, I dragged my exhausted body and scrambled mind out to the main event of “Metalympics.” A regional battle of the bands devoted to guess-what-genre, Metalympics is a beloved grassroots institution. While shows are ordinarily held at Easy Street Nightclub up the road in Greenfield, tonight’s event had been moved to Silk City Taproom in the snug hamlet of Florence – after the regular venue temporarily closed its doors. More...

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Monuments Offering Free Song Download

Monuments is currently offering the instrumental track "The Uncollective" as a free download online. You can get the song by navigating your browser over to this location, with further details on the band available via Facebook. The song can also be heard in the player available below. More...

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Wayne Static Announces U.S. Shows

Wayne Static is delivering an early holiday present to his fans in the western U.S. with a handful of live shows that begin December 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada and includes a performance at Denver's premiere rock station KBPI-FM's Mistletoe Jam on December 16th. The dates are in support of his recently released debut solo album, "Pighammer."

Static will be performing songs from the new album along with fan favorite Static-X songs on this run of dates, which will be followed in early 2012 with a North American tour to be announced shortly.

12/14 Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
12/15 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex/Vertigo
12/16 Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium/KBPI Mistletoe Jam
12/17 Gallup, NM @ Slopshot Billiards
12/18 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock

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Silent Screams Posts Behind-The-Scenes Footage

U.K. act Silent Screams will be releasing a new video later this month for the track "Til There's Nothing Left," taken from the debut album "When It Rains." While on set the band put together exclusive footage that not only takes you through the making of the video for the track but gives fans a taster of the video to come. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below.

Comments Silent Screams front man James Ryan: "The whole experience was brilliant, we had such an awesome day. Never having worked with anyone at the level of Sitcom Soldiers, it was amazing to be in such a professional environment. Although most of the day was freezing, it was worth it to be in such a good location for our video. Our label, Sitcom Soldiers and Front/Suicide Girl model Stephy all did a great job. I can't wait for you guys to see it!"

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Buried At Birth Announces U.S. Shows

Buried at Birth is hitting the road in support of the new CD "Force / Quit” coming early December through Give Praise Records. A new track from the upcoming album is also currently available through the official Buried At Birth website here.

The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Dec 2 @ Monstro's Pizza / Chico, CA
Dec 3 @ Fort Ryland / Reno, NV
Dec 4 @ Burts Tiki / SLC, UT
Dec 5 @ Yayo Taco / Las Vegas, NV
Dec 6 @ Nile Theatre / Mesa, AZ
Dec 7 @ Shakedown / San Diego, CA
Dec 8 @ The Spot / Fullerton, CA
Dec 9 @ BelTower / Fresno, CA
Dec 10 @ Elis Mile High / Oakland, CA

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The Korea Posts "Chaos Theory" Video

Russian act The Korea has posted a music video online for the "Chaos Theory" single, which is available below. You can also download the single for free by heading over to The Korea's official website here.

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Code 3-7 Posts Pre-Production Clip

Brazilian act Code 3-7 has posted pre-production footage online, which is available in the player provided below. You can also check out a recently posted audio teaser from the band by heading over to this location.

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Gotthard Recruits New Vocalist

Gotthard has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new vocalist:

"Dear GOTTHARD Fans – it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have found a new singer. The successor to Steve Lee, who was killed in a tragic accident last year, is Nic Maeder and is Swiss-born.

"We therefore decided to produce a song plus video as a thank you to our fans, which can be downloaded free of charge. It is dedicated to all our Fans who didn’t lose their faith and trust in GOTTHARD."

“Remember it’s me” can be downloaded free at this location, and you can check out the video below. More...

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Elm Street Releases "Barbed Wire Metal" Video

Elm Street has posted a music video online for the title track off the band's "Barbed Wire Metal" album. The clip, directed by Gareth McGilvray at McGVideoCore, can be viewed below. "Barbed Wire Metal" is out now via Massacre Records.

The track listing for "Barbed Wire Metal" is as follows:

1. Barbed Wire Metal
2. The Devil's Servants
3. Elm St's Children
4. Heavy Metal Power
5. King of Kings
6. Leatherface
7. Merciless Soldier
8. Metal Is the Way

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Gorath Drummer Recording With Fleshmould

Footage has been posted online of Gorath's drummer recording for the band Fleshmould, which can be viewed below. Gorath also commented:

"Here's Gorath's drummer Heyde recording for our colleagues of Fleshmould. The main man behind Fleshmould (Reinier Schenk) is the owner of the Shumcot Studio and took care of last 4 (7" included) Gorath recordings."

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Re:inanimate Posts "Mechanical Mind" Guitar Clip

Spanish djent act Re:inanimate has posted a guitar play-through video clip online for the song "Mechanical Mind." You can check out the video clip below, or find more details on Re:inanimate's music by heading over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

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Eternal Gray Streaming "Controlled"

After previously posting the "Lost Control" track online, Israeli metal band Eternal Gray is now streaming the "Controlled" track online, which can be heard below. "Controlled" is off the band's "Your Gods, My Enemies" album released through Season of Mist.

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Deathstars Posts Making-Of Clip

Swedish deathglam icons Deathstars just released the official making-of clip for their most recent video "Metal." You can check out the clip below. The full "Metal" music video is also still available online at this location.

Deathstars is currently touring Europe supporting German industrial heavyweights Rammstein on the following dates:

(* marked dates without Rammstein)
17.11. D Leipzig – Arena
18.11. D Leipzig – Arena
19.11. D Lichtenfels - Paunchy Cats *
21.11. D Friedrichshafen - Rothaus Halle
22.11. D München – Olympiahalle
23.11. A Wien – Stadthalle
25.11. D Berlin - O2 World
26.11. D Berlin - O2 World
28.11. D Hamburg - O2 World
29.11. D Bremen – Arena
30.11. NL Groningen – Vera *
01.12. F Straßburg – Zénith
02.12. LUX Luxemburg – Rockhal
04.12. D Düsseldorf - ISS Dome
05.12. D Düsseldorf - ISS Dome
06.12. D Düsseldorf - ISS Dome
08.12. D Frankfurt – Festhalle
09.12. D Frankfurt – Festhalle
10.12. D Stuttgart – Schleyer-Halle
11.12. I Romagnano Sesia - Rock’n’Roll Arena *
12.12. CH Zürich – Hallenstadion
14.12. D Berlin - O2 World
15.12. D Berlin - O2 World

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Hunted Releases "Impaled" Video

U.K. act Hunted, which signed with Massacre Records earlier this year, has posted a new music video online for the song "Impaled." The track is taken off the band's debut full-length "Welcome the Dead." You can check out the video below.

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Sunday Old School: Faith No More

Some bands are just so eclectic, it’s practically impossible to label them. Everyone likes these bands because their music is always guaranteed to be interesting, and none of these such bands are more intriguing than Faith No More. Faith No More began life thirty years ago when it was founded by bass player Billy Gould in 1981, along with drummer Mike Bordin, vocalist Michael Morris and keyboard player Wade Worthington. They did not adopt their current moniker until 1982 after Worthington had been replaced by Roddy Bottum and Morris had been fired, leading the band to through a series of vocalists, including future Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, before settling on Chuck Mosley in 1983, the same year they found guitarist Jim Martin.

They began recording their debut album independently, pooling their money together and recording it as and when they could. By the time five songs had been recorded, the group earned the attention of Mordam Records, who signed the band and gave them the money they needed to finish their album, which was released in 1985 under the title, "We Care A Lot." Faith No More then signed with Slash Records, and released "Introduce Yourself" in 1987, which, despite the release of "We Care A Lot" two years prior, is considered by many to be the bands debut album, owing to the limited availability of the previous record and the re-recording of its title track.

Not long after "Introduce Yourself," Mosley was fired from the group, due to erratic behaviour on and off the stage, including falling asleep during the "Introduce Yourself" release party. Taking his place was Mr. Bungle frontman, Mike Patton, who dropped out of Humboldt State University so he could sing for Faith No More. They released their first album with Patton, "The Real Thing" in 1989 and broke through into the public eye in the process, thanks largely to the records second single, "Epic" which became a top ten hit around the world. They performed live at the MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live, as well as touring all over the world. After releasing a live album, "Live at the Brixton Academy" in 1991 and contributing the song, "The Perfect Crime" to the soundtrack of the movie, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (in which guitarist Jim Martin made a cameo appearance,) the band got to work on their next album. The result, "Angel Dust," was released in the summer of 1992 and featured a much more experimental tone than previous releases, thanks predominantly to Mike Patton. Despite selling well over six hundred thousand copies in the United States, the album sold better overseas, going Gold in Australia and reaching the number 2 position on the album chart in the United Kingdom. More...

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Enthrallment Signs To New Label

Bulgarian brutal death metal band Enthrallment has signed a deal with United Guttural Records for it's latest release. The album, "People From the Lands of Vit," is being recorded now and is slated for an early 2012 release. You can check out a sampler of Enthrallment's music on the band's MySpace page. More...

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