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Metal News for November 17, 2013

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Sunday Old School: Candlemass

Sunday is a day which is usually taken quite slow, deliberately or otherwise. It seems fitting then Sunday Old School pays tribute to one of the greatest bands in the history of doom metal this week, by taking a look at Swedish legends, Candlemass. Candlemass were formed in 1984 in the Swedish capital city, Stockholm by bass player Leif Edling, following the dissolution of his previous band, Nemesis. He soon recruited guitarists Mats "Mappe" Bjorkman and Klas Bergwall, as well as drummer Matz Ekström, to complete the lineup of musicians, while they went through a revolving door of singers. Before long, they had signed to Black Dragon Records, a label in France which signed the band on a one album deal and gave them a budget of less than two thousand dollars. In June of 1986, the band released their first full length record, "Epicus Doomicus Metalllicus," which was immediately met with a positive response thanks to it’s slow riffs, unusual in a time when thrash was the popular flavour in the metal world. The singer on the album was Johan Längqvist, who performed vocals despite having never heard their music before. Those who look for weaker points in the album tend to point fingers at Längqvist, though his singing was still quite impressive. He did not stay for long however and was soon replaced by Bror Jan Alfredo Marcolin, better known to audiences as "Messiah."

Messiah made his recording debut almost immediately upon joining, which surfaced in 1987 in the form on the sophomore full length, "Nightfall," although by this point Bergwall and Ekström had also left the group, their places being filled by Lars Johansson and Jan Lindh respectively. "Nightfall" was another critical success for the band and saw them branch out commercially too, most notably with their first music video for the song, "Bewitched," which features a young Per Yngve Ohlin, better known to most people as Mayhem vocalist, "Dead." They would release a third album a year later entitled, "Ancient Dreams" which spawned their second music video for the song, "Mirror Mirror." Although it didn’t receive quite as much praise as it’s predecessors, it became the first Candlemass record to hit the charts in the United States, reaching number 74 on the Billboard album chart. They won back some of their detractors with their next album however, 1989’s, "Tales of Creation," though following a live record simply entitled, "Live," they were once again forced to search for a new singer, as a falling out with Messiah Marcolin resulted in him leaving the group. More...

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Anachronaeon Streaming New Track

Swedish outfit Anachronaeon has posted the second track off the band's upcoming album "The Oracle and the Keyholder."

Check out "On This Final Journey You Hold The Wheel" in the player below, or you can listen to the previously posted track "Trading Youth of the Soul for a Crown of Thorns" at this location.

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Sworn In Stuck On The Road

After previously missing a show in North Carolina, Sworn In has issued the following announcement about still being stuck on the road due to a vehicle breakdown:

"Atlanta, we were extremely looking forward to the show today but sadly the place that is replacing our van's transmission is not open over the weekend and we were hoping for them to call us yesterday with good news.

"Unfortunately they don't get to work on our van till tomorrow since nobody is in the shop on Sundays, and much to our dismay we have no way of traveling to make the show today.

"We sincerely apologize and hope to see every single one of you next time we are in the area, we'd be happy to talk to each and every one of you who were trying to make the show today. Thank you for bearing with us always."

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Vangough Streaming Full New Album

Prog metal band Vangough recently unleashed new album "Between the Madness" (reviewed here), and now the full release is available for streaming online.

Check it out in the player below, or order your own copy of the album at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Afterfall 05:55
2. Alone 06:05
3. Separation 06:11
4. Infestation 07:16
5. Schizophrenia 06:47
6. Between the Madness 03:47
7. Vaudeville Nation 06:07
8. O Sister 08:06
9. Thy Flesh Consumed 06:00
10. Useless 05:41
11. Depths of Blighttown 02:05
12. Corporatocracy 07:55 More...

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Ithilien Reveals New Album Release

Ithilien has announced new album "From Ashes to the Frozen Land" is due out this coming December 9th, 2013 via Mighty Music. Pre-orders are now available through the band at this location.

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Brotherhood Of The Lake Disbanding

Brotherhood of the Lake has posted the following announcement online about deciding to call it a day:

"We regret to inform you all that after seven unforgettable years as a band, Brotherhood Of The Lake has come to an end.

"We would like to thank every single person that has ever listened to any of our songs, everyone that has ever seen us play, everyone that has ever bought our music or our merchandise, everyone that has ever put us on a show, everyone that has ever given us a place to sleep and everyone that helped us achieve the things that we did.

"Special thanks have to go to Stuart Gili-Ross, Chris Pritchard and Jamie Farrell for their help and support.

"There will, unfortunately, be no final/farewell tour or shows, but rest assured that this is in no way due to any animosity within the band. We are all still great friends and the split is completely amicable.

"Thank you again. We've made some amazing friends and had the times of our lives creating this noise.

"If all you have to hold on to is hope, let go." More...

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Filmmaker To Follow Shining On Tour

Swedish film maker Martin Strandberg is set to accompany Niklas Kvarforths’ Shining on the band's upcoming headlining European tour where he will film performance footage and interviews for a documentary.

Work on the documentary, which traces Shining’s often turbulent history, was begun earlier this year, and is expected to finish in time for a general release towards the end of 2014. A second video teaser featuring Carpathian Forest’s Nattefrost and Anders Kobro can be seen below.

Whilst being the subject of the documentary, founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth is keen to emphasize that Shining itself has no input or influence whatsoever on the content: “The documentary was entirely the idea of Martin Strandberg, and, other than being interviewed for it ourselves, we have no hand in it at all. All we know is that family, friends, former band members and who knows who else are contributing, but what they’re contributing we will have to wait to find out along with everyone else."

The Razors Across Europe tour will hit the road on the 22nd of November. Dates are available after the jump. More...

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Visions Splits With Drummer

Visions has posted the following announcement online about seeking a new drummer:

"Good evening Visionaries, we're sad to say that Joe and Dan have parted ways with the band. We don't feel that it's necessary to go into the reasons why, but the important thing is that we are all still as much friends as we always were.

"That obviously means that we will now be on the hunt for a new drummer. We're looking for the following requirements:

-We want somebody who is fully committed to being in the band.
-Must be aged 18+
-UK Based and willing to travel to Peterborough for practice.
-Must have own good quality equipment.
-Driving license preferred but not required.
-Good Arnie impressions required not preferred.

"If you are interested in joining the journey then send some details about yourself and your influences along with a link of a video/recording of you playing to: visionsuk@live.co.uk

"Love and kisses, you dirty bitches." More...

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Haemorrhage Releasing Live Album

Haemorrhage is back from the morgue with eleven tracks captured live at the Maryland Death Fest 2012.

"Live Carnage (Feasting on Maryland)" will be released on CD by HPGD this coming December 24th and as an LP by Power-it-up on January 17th, 2014. Check out the cover artwork below.

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Headline News

Threat Signal Comments On Guitarist's Health Issue

Canadian outfit Threat Signal has posted the following brief message online about the band's guitarist experiencing health issues:

"To all those who have been wondering, Travis Montgomery has suffered something very similar to a heart attack.

"Right now our number 1 concern is recovery. Thank you so much to everyone for your support!"

You can leave a message for Travis at the band's Facebook profile here, or check out a previous music video from Threat Signal below. More...

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Vehement Signs With UKEM Records

UKEM Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with U.K. outfit Vehement:

"We are very pleased to announce that the newest addition to the UKEM roster are black metallers Vehement.

"An EP and album deal has been agreed and we are set to release the band’s debut EP ‘Collapse’ in the summer of 2014 quickly followed by the band’s debut full length album (as yet untitled and currently being written).

"Epic in proportions and playing harsh and brutal black metal, we believe Vehement are unique to the U.K. extreme metal underground and is an excellent addition to the label and are really looking forward to working with them!

"Show your support and welcome the band to UKEM by heading over to their Facebook page here. Definitely one for fans of Sacramentum, Naglfar, Thulcandra etc." More...

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Huntress Comments On Missing Tour Date

Huntress has checked in with the following statement about missing last night's tour date:

"We're alive! Huntress was unable to play the show last night in Saskatoon, Canada due to extremely dangerous road conditions. We really missed meeting our Sasky fans!

"We spun out, nearly being hit by a semi truck and jack-knifed our trailer. No one was hurt. I feel so blessed to have four bandmates who handled a very scary situation like warriors. After 36 hours in this van, we finally crossed the U.S. Border just now.

"I've never been happier to be back home in America. Thanks to Lamb of God for the prayers & love! We'll be back to melting faces tomorrow in St Paul, MN at Myth w/ LOG, Killswitch Engage & Testament!"

Catch the band live: More...

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Fireproven Streaming Debut EP

Finnish progressive metal powerhouse Fireproven has finally released its first EP, titled "Omnipresence." The three song endeavor contains three songs, "New Born Truth," "As Above So Below" and "18 Hells." Stream all three below in the player.

Fireproven features the brothers Nuutti Hannula and Ilari Hannula on drums/backing vocals and keyboards/backing vocals respectively, and another brother team of Janne Väätämöinen and Juha Väätämöinen on guitars/clean vocals and bass/growls/backing vocals respectively. Teppo Laurio joins them all on keyboards/fx.

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Deadborn Posts New Video

German death metallers Deadborn have posted an official video for the track "Insane Motor Cortex," which is a track from their "Mayhem Maniac Machine" release. That album came out in April via Apostasy Records. Deadborn concluded a tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland back in March and played at the Grind Night Pt. 1 festival on November 16th and the Genital Festival back in July.

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