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Metal News for November 17, 2012

Last updated on April 22, 2018 at 5:21 AM ET

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Anger As Art Streaming New Track

Anger As Art has announced that its new album "Hubris Inc." will be released on February 5th, 2013 via Old School Metal Records. Anger As Art founder and veteran of the metal wars Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams of Damnation, Pagan War Machine) states that the band's fourth album, which follows the well-received "Disfigure," offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned thrash/speed metal that fans have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums.

Adding to the album's immense appeal is a range of special guest appearances. "Rage and Retribution" features Betsy Bitch on vocals, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) on lead guitar and Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) also contributes backing vocals on "The Evil You Create." And last but certainly not least, "Speed Kills," which features Mark Caro (Abattoir) on lead guitar, was actually written for Abattoir back in 1984 and is performed by all Abattoir members. It's the last opportunity to ever hear a new Abattoir song!

Anger As Art has just released a promotional video for the album cut "Time Devours Life." Check it out at below, along with the cover art and tracklisting of "Hubris Inc."

1. Hubris Inc.
2. Time Devours Life
3. Gods of Hate
4. Anger is the Reason
5. Speed Kills
6. This is why I Hate
7. As the Exalted Seethe
8. Pearls Before the Swine
9. Divided We Fall
10. Head of the Snake
11. The Evil you Create
12. Pieces of Red
13. Rage and Retribution
14. Never Forgive Never Forget

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Chaos Inception Streaming Lyric Video

A lyric video for "Lunatic Necromancy" from Alabama death metallers Chaos Inceptionhas been posted and can be viewed below. The video is based on the 3D-like depiction of the album's cover, which was done by Paolo Girardi. The song itself can be found on band's latest album, "The Abrogation," which was issued by Lavadome productions this June. Check out the lyric video for "Lunatic Necromancy" below and stream "The Abrogation" in full at this location.

The band comments on the lyrics: "Lunatic Necromancy" represents the perversion and sadism of an insane mind, in a different and perhaps more realistic way than is typical. We do not glorify ritual murderers or serial killers. They are pathetic individuals - aberrations. What is the voice that they hear in their minds? What are their hallucinations? You will not understand them, but could you unwittingly become one?"

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Former Stuka Squadron Bassist Addresses Dispute

Bassist and founder of Stuka Squadron, Lord Graham Pyre, publicly addressed the current dispute with former members stemming from his split with the band. The band formerly known as Stuka Squadron changed its name to Iron Knights and will release the album "New Sound of War" on November 26, 2012.

Pyre has assumed the official website and is set to launch the sequel to the first Squadron album "Tales From the Ost" (See Metal Underground.com's review at this location) entitled "Project Vulcan." The album is expected through Iron Crown Records soon.

The statement regarding the ongoing dispute (found here), reads as follows: More...

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Mutiny Within Breaks Down Hook To New Song

Songwriter/bassist AJ Jacobs of Mutiny Within sat down to give a piece-by-piece breakdown of the killer hook in the band's new song “Machines." AJ gives fans a glimpse into the layering of the multiple instruments and sounds it takes to produce the hook.

From starting with just a single guitar to ending with the full composition of guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, fans can hear the evolution of an instant Mutiny Within classic.

While basking in the electricity of his re-powered metal dungeon in New Jersey, AJ also gave a quick demonstration of “In My Veins," another song off the upcoming "Synchronicity" album.

The official track listing for "Synchronicity" is as follows:

1. Embers
2. In My Veins
3. In A Moment
4. Falls To Pieces
5. Machines
6. Never
7. Become
8. Lights
9. Balance
10. Life To Dust
11. Signs
12. The Unsaid

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Killing Joke Added To Hammerfest 4

Hammerfest 2013 has just announced that along with St. Vitus, the festival line-up has just added legendary band Killing Joke. Angel Witch and a veritable who's who of metal will also be appearing at the Hammerfest 4 festival, which will take place on March 14th-16th at Haven Hafan y Môr Holiday Park, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales. Below is the current full line-up of bands appearing, with more information available over at the Hammerfest 4 website.

Killing Joke
Saint Vitus
Napalm Death
Angel Witch
Iron Saviour
Sister Sin
Evil Scarecrow
M-Pire of Evil
Attica Rage
Texas Hippie Coalition
Def Con One
Chimp Spanner
Commander In Chief
Sacred Mother Tongue
Serpent Venom
Vicsous Nature
Last Witness
Iron Knights
Line of Fire
Flayed Disciple
Bloodshot Dawn
Bull Riff Stampede
Making Monsters
Black Acid Souls
Deadman Sugar
Fire in the Empire
Goddamn Electric

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Livin Garden Posts Song Preview

Brazilian rock/metal band Livin Garden has released the third and final of the audio previews for the songs that it will be putting on its new album. The latest preview is for the track "Bring it On," which will be on the 2013 as-of-yet-untitled album. For more information, head over to Livin Garden's website.

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Euphoric Defilement Releasing New Album

Euphoric Defilement will be releasing “Ascending To The Worms” this coming February 19th, 2013 through Unique Leader Records. An advance track from the album, titled "Abolishing The Divine Structure," can now be heard below. Unique leader also comments:

"Ascending to the Worms is the follow-up to Euphoric Defilement’s 2011 promo disc. After 3 years of playing shows with amazing bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Asesino, Septycal Gorge, Cerebral Bore, Disgorge and Malignancy, Euphoric Defilement has established itself as a serious contender in the extreme metal scene today with many fans eagerly awaiting their new release. The band entered Pure Rock Studios to record their debut full length in Fall 2012.

"This album combines all brutal death metal elements along with technicality and melody without compromising catchiness. It will keep your ears interested from beginning to end and listeners will quickly notice that each track has its on sound and personality. Nothing is overdone and the lyrics are just as interesting as the music accompanied by great production. Ascending To The Worms is the must have release of 2013." More...

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Banger Films To Release Extended Gaahl Interview

Continuing in their efforts to fund the production of the "Lost Episode" of the Metal Evolution series, Banger Films is offering fans for the first time ever an extended cut of director Sam Dunn's interview with Norwegian black metal vocalist Gaahl, past member of Gorgoroth and currently with God Seed.

Gaahl's interview has been cited as one of the most compelling and entertaining interviews Sam Dunn has ever conducted. The video will be delivered digitally when the crowd funding campaign wraps up in mid-December.

In 2004 Sam, Scot, and the Banger Films crew traveled to Bergen, Norway to interview Gaahl for their groundbreaking documentary "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey." According to Dunn, "as the crew started to set up cameras, lights, etc... Gaahl insisted that everyone move to the wine cellar where the room is lit only by candlelight." What resulted is one of the most memorable interviews in the history of metal documentaries.

Banger Films has issued a call to arms to the global metal community to help make the "Lost Episode" of the Metal Evolution series by means of a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. For just $5.00 fans can pre-order the episode which will be delivered to them via secure e-mail link once the production is finished. There are other campaign perks available as well, such as the opportunity to have renowned artist Vince Locke design an exclusive custom tattoo and have Banger Films cover the ink costs. For more information and to find out how you can help make this episode happen visit this location.

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Robb Flynn Posts Video Update After Surgery

Machine Head front man Robb Flynn is still recovering from hernia surgery, which caused the band to drop off nine tour dates. Robb has now posted a new video update on his progress, which can be viewed below.

Machine Head expects to rejoin the band's current North American tour with Dethklok, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder on November 24th in Portland, Oregon. Machine Head's new double live album, "Machine Fucking Head Live," is also available everywhere now. More...

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Symbolik Posts Lyric Video

Stockton, CA's melodic death metal merchants Symbolik have teamed up with Heavy Blog Is Heavy to debut a lyric video for the track "Twin Fates." Check out the video here or in the player below.

The track comes from the band's "Pathogenesis" EP, which was released digitally in late 2011 and will see a physical release later this month. Symbolik's lead guitarist Allen Burton had the following to say about the clip:

"This lyric video has been a fun collaboration between Symbolik and our good friend Charlie Vang. In making this video, we decided to use some of best live photos that we had of the band to showcase how much energy the music actually produces between us and the fans during our live shows. The photos are from various shows we have played over the past year and many of our friends and longtime fans can be seen among the masses. We felt that it would be a good addition to the video, so that anyone watching might be hitting replay just to see if they can find themselves in one of the shots. The visual effects were added to the background and images to keep the video interesting. We didn't want something simple with the words just scrolling down as the song plays, as that can get boring pretty fast. More...

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The Browning Announces Lineup Changes

Electronic metallers The Browning will be heading out on tour in January with Impending Doom, and they have also now posted the following message about parting ways with two members:

"Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you on somethings! Jesse and Noah have both decided to step down both for their own personal reasons. I want to thank both of them for putting work into this with us!

"This doesn't effect any of our upcoming touring plans and our NEW ALBUM we are in the process of writing. Stoked for you guys to hear these new songs when its ready, and stoked to see all of you out at some shows!

"Another big tour update coming next week. Drew will be going back to bass, and our friend Cody is coming out to play drums! See you all soon!"

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Jim Martin Answers Fan Questions

After a silence of over a decade, Jim Martin agreed to a Q&A session with fans via a British based fan site. A set of 15 questions were selected by administrators of the fan site from over 500 submissions by fans eager to hear from Jim. What follows is a Q&A session with Jim Martin, former Faith No More guitar player, songwriter, and producer, and fans of Faith No More.

Jim comments, “Some weeks ago, the FNM 'fan club guy' was asking about how to contact me, he wanted to talk to me about the fan page.. After several exchanges via email, he and I decided to do a Q&A thing for the fans. My departure from FNM in 1993 was controversial; I left while the band was still at the peak of its success. I am proud of my contributions to the success and legacy of FNM. I appreciate the time and effort it took to put these questions together. Thank you for the opportunity."

1. What do you consider the highlight of your career?

Performing with Bo Diddly, Klaus Mein, Metallica, Gary Rossington, Pepper Keenan Sean Kinney Jerry Cantrell John Popper Jason Newstead, singing Misfits songs with Metallica live during our tour with them and GNR.

2. You are an influence to many younger guitarists today, but who were your biggest influences and what do you remember about how those people helped to craft your sound and play style?

My influences to a greater extent were Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and David Gilmore. Mostly Page. His method of using a pick and his fingers at the same time and his way of squeezing the humanity out of a guitar. It’s funny how influences work. My influences were influenced by old blues men. Those legendary blues men were influenced by their tribal ancestors. The tribal ancestors are the link back to the beginning; they are the keepers of the essence. Through my influences I am connected to the roots of time and the music that elevates the primordial spirit of mankind. We do not truly compose anything genuinely new, the listeners and the presentation are what is new, and it is the perspective that varies. The ability of expression and improvisation, the stuff of creation that fascinates all life.

3. It was great seeing you play again during the Metallica event...also some very great words spoken about Cliff....it was great to see ya! Weird question, Big Jim...and I only just thought of it while scrolling through the last post on FNM Blog: What was the deal with you being the only clothed FNM member in the infamous "FNM underwear poster?" Did you just think the photo idea was dumb, or did you think it'd be better/funnier with one dude dressed to the nines in jeans, leather vest, etc. while everyone else was near nekkid. Thanks for doing this Q&A, man! Excited to see the responses! More...

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Serments Streaming New Track

Serments will be releasing "Erotic Drive" this coming November 25th, and the band has now posted an advanced track online titled "Prostitute," which can be heard below. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Serments, the five-piece rock/metal band born in 2005, has really taken life and evolved among the Parisian scene since 2007. With its first 5 track-EP 'Gone Away,' auto-produced and self-released in 2008, Serments went on stage with bands such as Lunatic Age, Hey Hey My My, Devianz and Madame de Montespan.

"Produced by Christian Carvin (Eths), 'Utopia,' the debut full-length album wasreleased on 2009 and revealed a skillful mixture of a furious, clear and confident voice, heavy riffs tinged with melancholic atmospheres, which make of this first album a key element enabling the band to suggest a music rich in feelings.

"Well determined to show all the strength of its universe and all the energy emanating from the combo when on stage, Serments is gonna release a brand new album called "Erotic Drive" digitally in 3 versions - black (for the violence face of the band), white (for the ambient one) and color (for both faces) - on November 25th." More...

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Kissin' Dynamite Announces Japanese Shows

Kissin' Dynamite's European tour is now turning into a world trek as the German power rockers have added on these three Japanese shows:

9th of Feb - Osaka @ FANJtwice
10th of Feb - Nagoya @ Apollo Theater
11th of Feb - Tokyo @ Club Holiday Shinjuku

A new TV show called “Hairforce 1” also started Thursday, November 15th on German TV station IM1. Kissin’ Dynamite’s Hannes and Jim hosted the show and their first interview partner was the legendary Slash. A trailer for the show can be viewed below. More...

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Kamikabe Streaming "Sufferer"

Hails & Horns Magazine is hosting a stream of the track “Sufferer” from Pittsburgh technical death metal act Kamikabe. The tune comes off the band’s latest full-length, "Aberration Of Man," released via Unique Leader Records earlier this Fall.

Comments the band: “’Sufferer’ is an onslaught of technicality and intensity mixed with grind oriented breaks and blasts, blistering from beginning to end. It really shows the combined elements of technical, and heavy riffing Aberration of Man has to offer!”

Scrape your ears to the pile-driving animosity of “Sufferer” through the player below or over at Hailsandhorns.com. More...

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