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Metal News for November 11, 2013

Last updated on November 17, 2017 at 8:31 AM ET

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Ringbearer To Release "The Way Is Shut"

Ringbearer, the fantasy themed dark ambient project from Vultyrous of Funeral Fornication, will be releasing "The Way is Shut" via Tridoid Records in December.

Tomorrow we will be bringing you a full stream of the album, but in the mean time you can check out excerpts from an interview Tridoid Records conducted with Vultyrous below.

Tridoid: Most people who are familiar with you and your music know you for your heavier stuff (In particular Archspire). So, how did it come about that you started up an ambient project like Ringbearer?

Ringbearer was a project I started years ago out of a love for dark ambient music. Some find that odd as I am mainly know as a death metal guy, but I have a very broad range of musical tastes. Ringbearer's inception began, inspired by the music of Uruk-Hai, Summoning, (early) Mortiis, Midnight Syndicate, Le'Rue Delashay, Blakagir, even Lord Wind, save for the politics in that band.

Tridoid: How long have you been doing Ringbearer for and how many releases do you currently have? More...

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Nervous Impulse Posts Drum Footage

Montreal's Nervous Impulse has posted drum footage online of member Yan Chamberland during the studio sessions for the band's upcoming album, which will be released by Blasthead Records. Check it out below.

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Tombs Enters The Studio

Brooklyn, NY’s Tombs has announced the band is entering the studio today to begin recording a follow-up to 2011's "Path of Totality."

The band will be working with producer Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) over the next two weeks at his Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. Stay tuned for updates from the studio.

Tombs vocalist / guitarist Mike Hill commented on what to expect from the new album: "The new material is darker and more extreme than the last record. The addition of [bassist] Ben Brand and [guitarist] Garett Bussanick have really stepped up the playing and musicianship to a new level."

Tombs has released two full-lengths and one singles / rarities collection via Relapse Records, all of which are available for streaming via Bandcamp here. More...

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Cynic Announces New Album

Following the 2008 comeback album "Traced in Air" (reviewed here) and subsequent 2011 EP "Carbon Based Anatomy" (see our review), Cynic has now announced an upcoming full-length release.

The new Cynic album "Kindly Bent to Free Us" will be available worldwide on Valentine's Day, Ferburary 14th, 2014. Check out the cover artwork below. Further details will be forthcoming. More...

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Aeon Zen Releases New Music Video

Aeon Zen has posted a new music video online for the track "Portrait," which is available below via Prog Rock Mag.

The track is taken from the new Aeon Zen EP, "Self Portrait," due out 25th November, 2013. Aeon Zen consists of:

Rich Hinks - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Matt Shepherd - Guitar
Steve Burton - Drums

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Heretic's Dream Posts New Music Video

Heretic's Dream has released a new video for the song "Outcasted," taken from the "Walk The Time" full-length album. The video can be viewed below.

"Walk the Time" was released on October 15th in Italy and October 22nd in the rest of Europe via Videradio.

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Mikael Akerfeldt Interviewed By Fight + Music

Opeth leader Mikael Åkerfeldt was recently interviewed by Fight + Music, an offshoot of the boxing/MMA-focused Fight Network.

In the clip below, he discusses how Opeth got started, how he prepares to go onstage, whether he's ever been in a fight, what his health and exercise routines are, and other unexpected subjects. Check it out below.

Opeth plans to release a new studio album in 2014 to follow the 2011 album "Heritage."

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Draugr Calling It Quits

In the same year that pagan black metal outfit Draugr is celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Italian band has decided to call it a day. Draugr issued the following statement about the split up:

“As friends, brothers and the 'legio linteata' we announce our decision today to bring to an end the experience that is Draugr.

"Having arrived at the threshold of 2014, we decided to bring to a close this chapter in our lives which has been so important to us, in order that we may follow different artistic paths. We thank all those who have taken part in the project over the years, and especially the fans for their support. Our last show will take place on December 22 in Pescara and we will shortly be revealing more details about it."

Draugr's debut album “Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy” was released on Christhunt Productions in 2006. Keyboards were added to the band in 2007, creating the much more epic feel which Draugr describes as “Italic hordish metal.” The sophomore album, “De Ferro Italico,” appeared on To React Records in 2011. Today’s line up includes Nemesis on vocals, Triumphator and Mors on guitars, Ursus Arctos on keyboards, Stolas on bass, and Jonny on drums. More...

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Deliverance Announces Release Date For Final Album

Roxx Records has issued the following statement about the final album from Deliverance:

"The Wait is Over! Deliverance’s final album entitled 'Hear What I Say!' will be released officially on December 10th, 2013. 'Hear What I Say!' has been one of the most talked about and anticipated thrash metal albums of 2013.

"Fan reaction all over the internet has grown to a fever pitch in anticipation. When the demo track of The Annals of Subterfuge from the upcoming Thrashmageddon compilation album started making the rounds the chorus’s of approval have been deafening.

"Frogz Records and Roxx Records are extremely excited to announce that the new album has been fully recorded and mastered and is currently being manufactured for release! This is the final offering from this legendary thrash band!

"This last outing from Jimmy Brown and Deliverance features a who’s who of the underground thrash metal scene! Check out this stellar line up... More...

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Mitochondrion Streaming New Demo

Mitochondrion has released a new demo track, which can be heard below, and Profound Lore Records also comments:

"It will still be a long while until the next Mitochondrion album surfaces but in the meantime, the band has unleashed an early stages demo upon the feeble mortal coil from one of the leveling new tracks, called 'Writhen Unto Abraxas' that will appear on it. Prepared to be completely obliterated."

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Lord Mantis Recording New Album

The deviant sect known to their cult fanbase as Lord Mantis is currently decimating the innards of hometown Chicago-based Electrical Audio and Soma Studios, harnessing madness for a third full-length release.

Lord Mantis is working in conjunction with Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Samothrace), the engineer also responsible for recording the band's previous two albums.

While the newest composition has yet to bear a title, the third installment of the band's torrid lineage will be a first release for Profound Lore Records -- following thr 2009 Seventh Rule Recordings debut, "Spawning The Nephilim," and subsequent 2012 full-length, "Pervertor," released by Candlelight Records.

Having revamped the band's lineup since those previous releases, Lord Mantis has inducted Ken Sorceron into its ranks on guitar on this outing, the lineup also rounded out by the three founding members, bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Markuszewski and drummer Bill Bumgardner. Additionally, Indian guitarist/vocalist Dylan O'Toole will contribute vocals on several of the tracks.

Stated Fell this week in a brief recess between the punishing sessions on these new works: "This record is more serious and dark than our other stuff. We have all been through a lot of really fucked-up shit in recent years, and that's all showing through in these sessions. We left behind anything slightly sci-fi, nightmarish or casually antagonistic, musically and visually; this time it's all brutally realistic and ultimately much, much darker."

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Living Sacrifice Frontman Talks "Ghost Thief"

Christian metal godfathers Living Sacrifice have much to be proud of. From 1991 through 2002, the Little Rock, Arkansas band became a living (ahem), breathing evolutionary machine, tackling thrash, death, and groove metal with consistently stellar results – and helping pioneer djent and metalcore – before calling it a day. (Read more about the band's history in our recent edition of Sunday Old School here) Despite all this and Living Sacrifice’s influential legacy, frontman and rhythm guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh is hardly one to boast.

In keeping with the doctrines of faith the band was originally formed to express, Nashville-based Bruce reflects on his life’s work with a casual, easygoing humility that never attempts to soak up personal glory. Even considering Living Sacrifice’s triumphant 2010 return with “The Infinite Order,” an exhilarating, all-purpose American metal record that reignited love in the hearts of many old school fans and earned the band some new ones, Bruce is a dedicated family man and small business owner with his feet firmly on the ground.

However, that doesn’t stop him from continuing Living Sacrifice for the sheer fun of it, as evidenced in the stunning new album “Ghost Thief.” Bruce is here to tell you all about it, and much more. More...

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DigMetalWorld Releases New Compilation

DigMetalWorld Records has released a fifth compilation album for free streaming download. "Volume 5: The Devil You Don't Know" contains 18 tracks total with bands from Chile, Brazil, Sweden, and the United States.

Check it out below, or download your copy at Bandcamp here. The label comments on the release:

"As we've done in the past, we have selected bands that are already in our roster and also a few bands that we are currently working so we can get them into it permanently. We hope that the fans have followed our work through the years and they had got the message we've tried to transmit with every release through their names. Surprisingly, each year the quality of their productions have improved a lot to higher levels, so we know that if you give them the chance, these artists will get their space in the people's listening habits."

The complete track list is as follows:

1. I Want You (Atomic Head)
2. Tonight (Pirosaint)
3. Abiogenesis (Dynahead)
4. Departure from the Flesh (Desecrated Sphere)
5. Overload my Blood (Demencia)
6. Farewell (G.E.N.)
7. Mental Walls (Naioth)
8. Cierra Los Ojos (Fuka)
9. El Control (Silverjack)
10. Infierno (Mierdaster)
11. Hell Fire (Warbreath)
12. Meridian (Meridian)
13. Neverending (Mindpath)
14. Exiting Reality p.1 (The Gardnerz)
15. Snake Eyes (Sacred Oath)
16. Orias (Huinca)
17. I've Been Here Before (Nox Eterna)
18. Made Immortal (Hellscream) More...

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Ignite The Living Streams New Song

Melodic metalcore act Ignite The Living has posted a new track online titled "New Hope & New Dreams." Give the song a listen below, or find more info on Ignite The Living at Facebook here.

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Hecate Enthroned Discusses Upcoming Album

Hecate Enthroned will release new album "Virulent Rapture" on November 25th, 2013. Today the band members give an insight into the recording processes through a video clip available below.

You can also pre-order the limited edition box set of the album right here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Thrones Of Shadow
2. Unchained
3. Abyssal March
4. Plagued By Black Death
5. Euphoria
6. Virulent Rapture (feat. Sarah Jezebel Deva)
7. Life
8. To Wield The Hand Of Perdition
9. Of Witchery And The Blood Moon
10. Immateria
11. Paths Of Silence More...

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An Ocean Tide Splits With Guitarist

Belgium's An Ocean Tide has posted the following announcement about parting ways with the band's guitar player:

"Unfortunately we have some sad news to announce today. Our guitarist Diether Schepers has decided to part ways with the band.

"Our opinions differed in various situations. We want to thank him for all the effort he has put in the band, for all the chances he has given us as a band. We wish him nothing but luck in his future career.

"Diether will play his last show with us November 30th in Barendrecht (NL). So come over, party with us and give him a farewell to remember!

"With that being said, we are in need of a new guitarist. If you're interested, send us a message on Facebook and we will contact you immediately." More...

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Deadspeaker Posts EP Teaser

Deadspeaker is due to release new EP "Our World Left Behind" on December 11th, 2013 and now a teaser trailer for the release is available below.

You can also check out the band's previously posted lyric video for the song "Contaminated Society" at this location.

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KillWhitneyDead Reveals New Album

North Carolina's KillWhitneyDead has just completed the recording of new album "Suffer My Wrath."

Entering the band's 12th year of existence, KillWhitneyDead’s origins are deeply rooted in the early deathcore scene, but on "Suffer My Wrath," the group steps away from the genre’s stylistic confines.

Lead vocalist Matt Rudzinski elaborates, "Over the years, we have definitely been pigeonholed as a group and deservedly so, but when Kyle (guitar) handed me this batch of new songs back in 2010 I knew we were going to shake things up for KWD fans. Are we re-inventing the wheel as far as metal is concerned, not really, but are we attempting to shatter expectations of what a new Killwhitneydead record will sound like in 2013? Sure we are, but whether fans will accept that change only time will tell."

"Suffer My Wrath" was engineered by new guitarist, Kyle Odell (Vanisher, Bloodjinn) and mixed by longtime friend, Jamie King, at his Basement Studios. Line of Fire’s Shawn Pelata lends his powerhouse melodic vocal style to 7 tracks on "Suffer My Wrath," while guitarist Matt Johnsen (Pharaoh) and singer Justin Reich (Vanisher) also appear on the record. Jonin members Thomas Clark, Todd Houck and Stuart Smith round out the guest list of performers on the upcoming release. More...

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Wolvserpent Live Footage Available

Boise doom shamans Wolvserpent have just arrived home after a short and sweet West Coast tour in support of the band's second full-length album and first for Relapse Records.

Cvlt Nation were on hand for one of the band's Bay Area rituals, and left armed with dazzling live footage of Wolvserpent's performance. Watch the entire set below, courtesy of CvltNation.com.

The "Perigaea Antahkarana" album is currently streaming in full on Wolvserpent's Bandcamp page. The four song, 80-minute album was released by Relapse Records on September 17th, 2013 on 2CD, digital, and 2XLP formats. More...

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Brutal Truth Releases Split With Bastard Noise

Legendary grindcore godfathers Brutal Truth (covered in our Sunday Old School column earlier this year) and abrasive-noise terrorists Bastard Noise have released their new split, "The Axiom of Post Inhumanity."

Combining over four decades of grinding noise dominance, "The Axiom of Post Inhumanity" is a long overdue pairing of extreme music veterans that is sure to push the limits of even the most masochistic listeners. Check it out in the player below.

Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak commented on the collaboration: "Working with Bastard Noise has been an honor! together we have created The Axiom of Post Inhumanity with the specific purpose of frying your brain, so please listen LOUD!!" More...

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Obey The Brave Posts "Full Circle" Video

Hardcore outfit Obey The Brave today unleashes a new track and video for "Full Circle," which can be viewed below courtesy of Lambgoat.com.

Touring 26 counties in just under a year after releasing 2012 debut LP "Young Blood" on Epitaph, the band was eager to get back into the studio and record something new for the fans. Here's what Obey The Brave to say:

"After grinding on the road ALL year, we finally benefited from some time at home to relax and write new tracks. We're about halfway done writing the new record and figured we'd give you guys a little taste of what's to come. No studio plans or album release date yet but we'll definitely keep you posted in the coming months. In the meantime, check out 'Full Circle' and let us know what you think. Later homies.” More...

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Agony Face Posts New Lyric Video

The official lyric video for "XVI - The Sublimation," a track off Agony Face's new album "CLX Stormy Quibblings," is now online for viewing. Check it out below.

"CLX Stormy Quibblings" will be released on November 18th and was produced by Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance and more) with artwork by Marco Hassman.

The band's front man Dave commented: "We've worked very hard for months on this new album and we wanted that it could get the right attention and promotion. I think it's time for AGONY FACE to do the big step towards a more international audience, because 'CLX Stormy Quibblings' is not an album like others and we really think that with Francesco and his label this could happen!"

Pre-orders for the album are now available at My Kingdom Music here. More...

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Artillery Releases "Legions" Music Video

Legendary Danish thrashers Artillery released the new music video "Legions." The song is the title track to the band's upcoming new release on Metal Blade, which drops on November 22nd (G/A/S), November 25th (EU) and November 26th (USA). The album is the first to feature new vocalist Michael Bastholm Dahl (Ripe) and new drummer Josua Madsen (Ex-Club Hell).

The track listing for "Legions" is:

1. Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh) (streaming here)
2. God Feather
3. Legions
4. Wardrum Heartbeat (streaming here)
5. Global Flatline
6. Dies Irae
7. Anno Requiem
8. Enslaved to the Nether
9. Doctor Evil
10. Ethos of Wrath

Check out "Legions" here: More...

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Amberian Dawn Issues Recording Update

Amberian Dawn recently launched a crowd funding campaign to record an upcoming new album (get full details on the campaign and make your contribution right here). Now the band has checked in with the following recording update:

"We had fun and we recorded some guitars tracks for the new album last weekend. This coming weekend Capri will be heading to studio to record first vocals parts. How cool is that! Project 'Magic Forest' is progressing well and we are so happy for your support!" More...

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Ring Of Fire Announces New Album

U.S. neoclassical power metal act, featuring guitarist Tony MacAlpine and vocalist Mark Boals, posted a sample clip from the upcoming third studio release "Battle of Lenningrad." The album is set for release on January 24th (EU) and January 28th (North America) via Frontiers Records. The album is the first since the 2004 release "Lapse Of Reality." A preview clip for the new release can be viewed below.

Combining melodic metal songs with fantasy-based lyrics, topped off with virtuoso performances from the line-up, the resulting Ring Of Fire albums proved to be exactly what many neoclassical-metal fans had waited for, creating a solid fan base for the band all over the world.

"Battle of Leningrad" comes after a 9 years hiatus -- a period which has seen the band members getting involved in other projects, most notably with singer Mark Boals becoming singer for Royal Hunt (until 2011) and Kuprij and MacAlpine touring with Trans Siberian Orchestra and Steve Vai respectively. Ring of Fire reconvened with Boals, MacAlpine and Kurprij during 2012, when they agreed to work on their unfinished business and develop a new album from the true story of the siege of Leningrad during the WWII.

Mark Boals explains: "It is a true story of the strength and resilience of the Russian people throughout history and particularly in this instance of 900 days of being surrounded on all sides with no food and no hope of rescue, under siege of the Nazi army. The magnificent city of Leningrad with millions of people trapped, found a way to withstand the daily attacks of rockets and bombs, the lack of food, water, and fuel for heat. Although more than 1 million starved to death, most survived, and the Nazis were never able to overtake the city completely. They were finally forced to retreat by the Russian army. Not widely known by most, this was an amazing story and one of World War II's finest examples of heroism in the worst circumstances imaginable." More...

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Mumakil Splits With Drummer

Mumakil has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"OK, time to give some news! First of all: unfortunately Kevin Foley left the band, due to another engagement. Kevin was already a long-time friend when we asked him to take over for Seb. Let's just say that he's a true friend, an awesome and really professional drummer; we'll never forget him! We wish him all the best for the future!

"We're glad to announce that we have found one terrific new drummer. His name is Max! This guy's exactly what Mumakil's been looking for. A really fast technician with a clearer punk touch in his play.

"We'll do our first show with him on December 12 2013 @L'ilôt 13 in Geneva, along with BRUTAL TRUTH! Be there!

"In addition, we'd like to announce in advance the special show we're preparing for Mumakil's 10th Anniversary, which will of course take place in our hometown of Geneva @ L'Usine on March 29 2014, along with our buddies from:

- and more... More...

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Close Your Eyes Posts "Frame And Glass" Video

AbsolutePunk.net has teamed up with Close Your Eyes to bring you the new video for "Frame and Glass," taken off the "Line In The Sand" album. Check it out below. The band's previously posted music video for "The End" can also be seen at this location.

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Man Must Die Releases New Lyric Clip

A lyric video for "Abuser Friendly," taken from the new Man Must Die album "Peace Was Never An Option," is now available online and can be seen below.

"Peace Was Never An Option" is out now on Lifeforce Records (in the U.K. and Ireland via Grindscene Records). You can also check out the band's previously video clip for "Antisocial Network" at this location.

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Tombstoned Posts Full Album Online

Today Tombstoned stream entirety of the band's self-titled debut album. Check it out below courtesy of Metal Hammer.

The album was set for international release on November 14th via Svart Records. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Through Days
2. Daze of Disintegration
3. Rat Race
4. The End
5. Faded
6. Last Waltz More...

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Ephel Duath Streaming Full New Album

Avant-garde heavy metal act Ephel Duath has teamed up with NPR.org to launch an advance first listen album stream of the band's impending release "Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness," due out November 26th on Agonia Records.

"Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness" can be streamed in its entirety this week right here.

"This album holds together all that Ephel Duath's music has touched in the last 15 years, and pushes its boundaries even further," commented guitarist and songwriter Davide Tiso. "Lyrically, the new songs dig deep in higher self-subject matters, combining brutally visual imagery with a painfully honest soul searching quest."

The track listing is as follows:

I. Feathers Under My Skin
II. Tracing The Path Of Blood
III. When Mind Escapes Flesh
IV. Within This Soil
V. Those Gates To Nothing
VI. Through Flames I Shield
VII. Hemmed By Light
VIII. Shaped by Darkness (watch the lyric video here)

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In This Moment Announces Hellpop Tour II

In This Moment is kicking off 2014 with The Hellpop Tour II. Set to launch January 2nd in Portland, OR, the 16-city tour wraps January 5th in South Florida, where the band will then embark on the Shprocked cruise.

Joining In This Moment will be Butcher Babies in direct support, along with Devour the Day and All Hail the Yeti. Complete dates are below.

In This Moment is currently on the road headlining the first leg of the Hellpop tour, which kicked off October 2th4 in Tempe, AZ and runs through November 27 in Los Angeles, CA. The tour is being fueled by the band's continued success at radio, where current single "Whore" sits at #21 at Active Rock formats.

"I am so proud and excited for the world to hear 'Whore'," says In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink of her band's latest single. "The message behind this song is taking back control. It is about taking the power from a disgusting and degrading word and turning it back around on the accuser. It's about self-empowerment, love and liberation. This is an honest and raw movement that needs to be heard." More...

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Hank Shermann Announces New Band Shermann Tank

Legendary Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Shermann has announced the formation of his new band Shermann Tank. The debut album promises brutality and relentless guitar attacks and will be issued in 2014. Joining Shermann is Demonica vocalist Marc Grabowski.

The release reads: "Shermann Tank is Metal with Crushing Brutality, Relentless Guitar Attacks and Vocals from the Depths of Hell-Dark and Melodically Captivating!"

Shermann commented: "After touring with Volbeat for all of 2012, I decided it was time for me to start working on my first solo output. Things developed really fast and I joined forces with my good friend Marc Grabowski to handle vocals and bass! I've known Marc since the mid-90s and was already impressed with his potential back then. Now it's full circle. Songwriting is full steam ahead and it really kicks hard, very hard! This is going to be my dream Guitar Album ever! I’m putting all my 35 years of Guitar Experience into this Album."

A trailer for the album can be viewed here: More...

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Signum Regis Streaming "The Promised Land"

Slovakian based Signum Regis, which features multiple guest vocalists, is streaming the new track "The Promised Land." The song will appear on the upcoming third album "Exodus," which is set to drop on November 15th (EU) and December 3rd (North America) via Ulterium Records. "The Promised Land" features guest vocalist Michael Vescera (Obsession/ex-Loudness/ex-Yngwie Malmsteen).

Other guest vocalists to appear are: Lance King (ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power), Michael Vescera (Obsession, Animetal USA), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Daísa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell), Eli Prinsen (Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed), Samuel Nyman (Manimal), Thomas L. Winkler (Gloryhammer, Emerald), Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) and Mayo Petranin (Castaway).

The track list for "Exodus" is:

1. On The Nile
2. Enslaved
3. The Promised Land
4. Let Us Go!
5. Wrath Of Pharaoh
6. The Ten Plagues
7. Last Days In Egypt
8. Exodus
9. Song Of Deliverance
10. Sole Survivor
11. Mountain of God (Bonus Track)

Check out "The Promised Land" here: More...

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Threshold Enters The Studio

British progressive metallers Threshold are back in the studio, working on the follow-up to "March Of Progress," which was released on August 24th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast. The band’s forthcoming tenth studio album is tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release on Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Karl Groom commented: “It's good to be working on a new Threshold album and cut the time between releases. Our touring for the 'March Of Progress' album inspired Rich and I to get writing not long after the main set of dates. We want to thank everyone for their support during that time.

"I should add that other members of the band have also have been writing! Right now I am tracking rhythm guitars and Johanne is due in the studio as soon as we put the finishing touched on a couple of songs. Hopefully 2014 will be another memorable year for Threshold."

In the meantime you may also check out the video of Threshold’s appearance at this year’s Rock Hard Festival over here.

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Sammath Reveals New Album Release

Hammerheart Records has posted the following statement online about releasing a new album from Sammath:

"With pride in our hearts, and trembling on our legs as well, we announce the release date for the new Sammath album 'Godless Arrogance' on CD, vinyl and download on February 3rd, 2014!

"We heard it now, we survived and we can only say this Total Annihilation straight from the heart, a merciless assault that stand on its own, like a Blitzkrieg assault that leaves no survivors…

"We dare say that no one in the Dutch black metal has ever made an audio assault on this scale, it pummels and shreds, until all has been laid to dust.

"Well, that is it folks, prepare yourselves, although it will not help you much." More...

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Black Sleep Of Kali Calling It Quits

Denver's Black Sleep of Kali has posted the following announcement online about deciding to call it quits and perform a final show:

"As much as I want to romanticize this post and write something sappy, I'm going to refrain from doing that. Denver Black Sky will be the final performance for Black Sleep Of Kali EVER.

"It's time to pull the plug on the band and focus on our other endeavors that are filling currently our time. Thank you all for your support since 2008, we promise the final show will be fantastic.

"All of us are very active in the Denver music scene and you still can catch us in our other bands. Gordon Koch and Patrick Alberts are in Call of The Void, Ben Pitts is in Vimana and Rottenness and Taylor Iverson will make his debut with his new band Abrams before the end of the year."

You can check out the band's music and find details on the Denver Black Sky performance at Facebook here.

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Black Messiah Streaming New Track "Jötunheim"

German viking metal act Black Messiah is streaming the new track "Jötunheim." The song appears on the upcoming new release "Heimweh," the band's sixth studio effort. The album drops on November 29th via AFM Records. The album marks the first studio release for new guitarist Ymir, who joined the band in 2012 after the departure of Meldric.

The track list for "Heimweh" is:

1. Symphonia Pagana
2. In the Name of Ancient Gods
3. Jötunheim
4. Wildsau
5. Edmund von Ostanglien
6. Nidhögg
7. Heimweh
8. Die Quelle der Weisheit More...

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Human Fortress Streaming New Song "The Chosen One"

German power metal band Human Fortress is streaming another new track - "The Chosen One." The song appears on the upcoming new album "Raided Land," which is out on November 29th (EU) and December 3rd (USA) via AFM Records (see review here).

The track list for "Raided Land" is:

1. Raided Land
2. Child Of War
3. Wasted Years
4. The Chosen One
5. Shelter
6. Gladiator Of Rome, Pt. II (streaming here)
7. Dark Knight
8. Prelude
9. Pray For Salvation
10. Evil Curse
11. Restless Souls
12. Under Siege
13. Guard The Blind

Check out "The Chosen One": More...

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Iron Mask Releases "Rock Religion" Music Video

Iron Mask, featuring ex-Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals, posted a new music video for the track "Rock Religion." The song appears on the band's new album "Fifth Son of Winterdoom," which was issued last week in Europe via AFM Records. The album hits North America on November 19th.

Check out "Rock Religion" here:

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Satyricon Releases "Phoenix" Music Video

Satyricon released a new music video for the track "Phoenix." The song appears on the band's latest album - simply titled "Satyricon" - which was issued in September via Roadrunner Records. The song and video features guest vocalist Sivert Høyem of the Norwegian rock act Madrugada. A review for the album can be found at this location.

Check out "Phoenix" here:

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Silent Opera Posts "Fight Or Drift" Music Video

French gothic metal act Silent Opera released a music video for the track "Fight or Drift." the song from the upcoming debut full length LP "Reflections," which drops on February 21, 2014 via Massacre Records.

Check out "Fight or Drift" here:

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