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Metal News for October 5, 2013

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White Wizzard Splits With Vocalist Mid-Tour

White Wizzard has posted the following message online via Facebook about splitting with the band's vocalist mid-tour and seeking a fan to replace him:

"So fans of the Wizzard in London here is the deal. Joseph Michael fucked off our gig in Cardiff and left us screwed, sat in a bar and refused to perform the show.

"Though Peter and Jon came through and saved the day and sang some tunes, and actually had an amazing memorable gig... if there is anyone that can bring it on some Wizzard tunes that wants to get up and do 5 or 6 songs tomorrow night we will give you the chance.... Jon and Peter will handle some tunes and we will make it a party.

"If we find a guy good enough.... hey you can do the euro tour. Here is a chance for a fan that can sing... if not we may get a few guys up and just have fun with it. Yes our luck with singers is legendary and yes this is spinal tap but hey fuck it. We will carry on.

"The 4 of us are determined to not let it stop us. We thank every fan and will bring it tomorrow we assure you. Thanks for all your support. God help us find a decent singer that is dependable and a good guy!! That is all we ask. Here is to hoping and if anything one memorable night upcoming in London." More...

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Furious Posts New Album Teaser

Canadian metal outfit Furious has just released debut album "The Corsician Curse," and you can check out a teaser trailer for the release below. To hear more from the band, head over to the Furious Facebook profile here.

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Putrified Reveals "Sacrilegious Purification" Info

Sweden's Putrified will release the new mini-album "Sacrilegious Purification" on October 15th via Hellthrasher Productions. The following press release was issued about the coming EP:

"The follow-up to last year's 'Neurotic Necrotic' consists of 6 brand new tracks, combining raw death metal in the vein of the band's previous records with a bit of dense yet uplifting black metal, dealing with the themes of sacrifice, faith, spiritual death and the struggle of salvation through our flesh. The material was entirely written, performed and recorded by A.Death (Infuneral) and mixed / mastered by Oskar and Devo (Marduk) at Endarker Studio."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Sacrilegious Purification
2. Pestilentialis
3. Sacrificial Death Salvation
4. This Poisoned Chalice
5. Evocation
6. Sacred Putrefaction More...

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Machinergy Posts Studio Video

Machinergy has posted another studio video update online from the band's time working on a new album. Check it out below, and Machinergy also comments:

"Here's our sixth and last studio video report that summarizes all the days and hard work at 'Fifteen Steps Up.' We are now in the mix/master phase and soon we'll show you the artwork, release the name of the album, and have a track-by-track conversation!"

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Eye Of Solitude Streaming Song Sample

UK orchestral Funeral Doom merchants Eye Of Solitude and New Noise Magazine are giving fans their first taste of material from the band's forthcoming album, "Canto III." For the premiere, Eye Of Solitude has taken album track "Where the Descent Began," which clocks in at over ten minutes on the album, and condensed it down to a four-minute sampling of the band's massive and emotive brand of doom. Experience it now at this location. "Canto III" will be out on November 25th through Kaotoxin Records.

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Lost Breed Albums Being Reissued

Continuing with its knack for unearthing hidden treasures, Shadow Kingdom Records has announced the October 15th reissues of "The Evil in You and Me" and "Save Yourself" from 90s' Doom Rockers Lost Breed. Both albums have been remastered for maximum sonic power. Shadow Kingdom Records owner Tim McGrogran gives us a little Lost Breed history and the details behind each album:

"Back in the 80s it was fairly common for bands to move to LA to try and make it big. Lost Breed is among the many bands that made that trip from NY to LA. They soon met up with the legendary Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, whom at the time had already had two Saint Vitus records under his belt, was soon to be releasing a third Saint Vitus record, and was also in the process of restarting The Obsessed.

Even with all of those irons in the fire, he started writing and jamming with Lost Breed. With his main roots and influence coming from the Maryland Doom Metal scene, it's no surprise that Lost Breed fits right in there stylistically. With that said, Wino did lay a nice foundation for the band to build and grow from. Wino only appears on their first Demo and doesn't appear on either album since at some point he probably realized he had too much going on and two bands to focus on were enough.

With all of the music out there, it's going to be a big surprise for people who haven't heard this band yet. They have extremely unusual songwriting skills that not only make you scratch your head, but also bang your head at the same time. Once the music of Lost Breed settles in, it's quite the listening experience and after a while you might think to yourself 'How does something that sounds so complex and disjointed work together so well?' So, what does this sound like?

We're still trying to figure this out. In short, it just does, but if you're looking for a reference point, then start with The Obsessed and some old Soundgarden and play both records at the same time. 'The Evil in You and Me' is arguably the first 'doom rock' album to ever exist. Some might call it stoner rock' (we wouldn't agree), but whatever it is, it's pretty groundbreaking.

'Save Yourself' picks right up where 'The Evil in You and Me' ends. This album is a little more straightforward in the songwriting department, but it still has that quirky charm about it. It's probably a little more doomy and with that a little more accessible than 'The Evil in You and Me.' Both 'Save Yourself' and 'The Evil in You and Me' are essential and you definitely need both if you like this style of music.

These guys might have had a short-lived career, but we probably got the cream of the crop out of them before they called it quits. They were a band that came out at the wrong time when the world wasn't ready for them. It's a shame because if they were more well known, they would probably influence a ton of bands. The one thing that's great about Lost Breed is that this stuff never gets stale. You discover something new with each listen and after years of hearing them, the well of new sounds never runs dry."

Stream tracks from The Evil in You and Me and Save Yourself at Shadow Kingdom's bandcamp page, or below.

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Master Posts Tour Dates

Death metal pioneers Master have released their landmark 12th album, "The Witchhunt," on German death metal label FDA Rekotz. The album features 11 brand new tracks of classic and catchy death metal.

Next week, Master will hit the road with MPire Of Evil and Onslaught as part of the Slaughterfest European Tour. The tour kicks off on October 9th in the UK with Master playing an October 5th one-off gig at Portugal's Mosh Fest. Dates are as follows:

October 5 @ Mosh Fest Side B, Benavente, Portugal
October 9 @ Blyth and Tyne, Northumberland, UK
October 10 @ Institute (The Temple), Birmingham UK
October 11 @ Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
October 12 @ The Garage, London, UK
October 13 @ Ieper, JOC Ieper, Belgium
October 14 @ Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany
October 15 @ Steinbruchtheater, Darmstadt, Germany
October 16 @ Rockfabrig, Ludwigsburg, Germany
October 17 @ Bastard Club, Osnabrück, Germany
October 18 @ Nova Chmelnice, Prag, Czech Republic
October 19 @ Messehalle, Straubing, Germany
October 20 @ Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland
October 21 @ Vortex Club, Siegen, Germany
October 22 @ Matrix, Bochum, Germany
October 23 @ Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark
October 24 @ John Dee, Oslo, Norway
October 25 @ Kick, Kristiansand, Norway
October 26 @ Sandes Kulturhus, Sandes/Stavenger, Norway
October 27 @ TBA
October 28 @ Day Off
October 29 @ Klubbi, Tampere, Finland
October 30 @ Melna Piektdiena, Riga, Latvia
October 31 @ NEW YORK, Vilnius, Lithuania
November 1 @ Day Off
November 2 @ Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
November 3 @ Kwadrat, Cracow, Poland

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Soul Remnants Streaming New Track

Boston death merchants Soul Remnants have premiered a brand new track from their forthcoming full-length, "Black and Blood" with AxisOfMetal.com. The track, "Incinerator," is now playing at this location. "Black and Blood" will be available via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on October 31st.

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Seedevil Streaming "Another Day"

Seedevil has posted the song "Another Day" online, which is available for streaming below. The track comes off the 'Post Destruction' album.

"Post Destruction" was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ioulios Koutsogeorgiou and Seedevil at Noise Factory Studios Piraeus/Greece. The band was formed in October of 2009 in Greece by George Charitos, Panos Stavragelos, Spyros Stavragelos, Ioulios Koutsogeorgiou and George Karastergios.

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The Isle Project Posts Album Teaser

The Isle Project has posted a preview online for the band's upcoming "Universe" album, which can be heard below. You can also stream the entire previous album "New Persepective" over at The Isle Project's Bandcamp page here.

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Truth Starts In Lies Posts Music Video

Truth Starts in Lies has a new video clip out now for the track "Lakeo," which was filmed by Filippo Gasparini and can be viewed below. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here.

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Hate Storm Annihilation Posts Song Online

The new single "From the Inside Out" is now available for streaming in the player below. The track comes from Hate Storm Annihilation's upcoming debut album "Storm of Flames." You can also download the track at Reverbnation here.

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Flesh Of The Earth Streaming Single

Melbourne based band Flesh of the Earth has posted the song "Mangrove" online, which can be heard in the player below, or download on an pay-what-you-want basis at Bandcamp here. Flesh of the Earth is:

Vocals - Latham V. Horvath
Drums - Shane Clough
Guitar - Dale Clough
Guitar - Patrick Valentine
Bass - Joel Mair

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Strangelight Streaming "Split And Divide"

With the release of the "9 Days" EP due out October 8th, Alternative Press is now delivering a new tune from Strangelight. Check out "Split and Divide" at this location. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Named in homage to a track off Fugazi's 'The Argument,' Strangleight is an eclectic collective of souls forged in a small Brooklyn basement studio. Featuring the creative forces of Brendan Tobin (Made Out Of Babies, Red Sparowes), Cooper (Made Out Of Babies), Kenneth Appel (Goes Cube, Cleanteeth, White Widows Pact), John Niccoli (Mussels) and Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations), Strangelight draws upon DC visionaries, Amphetamine Reptile destroyers and Touch & Go noisemakers, offering up all the signature stylings of an early '90s Dischord band.

"Written and recorded at Tobin's own Ice Cream Audio in Brooklyn, New York in just nine days, the EP serves as an honest, simple name for a simple, honest record. Commended for dishing up six 'massive, post-hardcore jewels, with nice clean and melodic vocals, dissonant guitar work, a fantastic rhythm section and quality song writing,' in an early review by Echoesanddust.com, 9 Days is angular, discordant, rhythmic and driving, an emotional outpouring of noisy discontent. Anyone with a deep record collection will understand that Strangelight aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, just taking the dust jackets off the old classics and melting the vinyl down for fun." More...

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For Announces 12" Release

Iron Bonehead Productions has announced November 1st as the release date of For's "Blakaz Asko Hertô" 12" MLP. The following press release was issued about the band:

"A unique, nearly-nameless entity from Sweden, For create sepulchral black/death metal from uniquely-located, surely-nameless depths. Their Kundaz debut album appeared seemingly out of nowhere in early 2013, and now arrives the Blakaz Asko Hertô 12" MLP via Iron Bonehead Productions. Devoted to the Germanic black witch Gullveig and her Thursian bloodline of ravenous hordes of wolves and werewolves, the concept of For's music is based upon the sacred bindrune, Ulfhamir, and pursues to invoke the black wolf-spirit within.

"For accomplish this with ceaselessly churning, mercilessly morbid, nearly amorphous black/death that's dusted with the ruins of industry/industrial. From there, across Blakaz Asko Hertô For awaken the savage beast and invoke the dark, vile blood from her veins: the eitr of Niflheim itself, the wrath of monstrosities that dwell within the night, behind the trees in the shadow."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Blakaz Asko Herto
2. The Ravenous Chasm
3. Descending Obfuscated Realms
4. Chthonian Initiation
5. Lineage of the Amorphous

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Destruction Comments On Rock In Rio Appearance

After taking part in this year;s Rock In Rio Festival, the German thrash metal veterans in Destruction reminisce on what will definitely stick out as a highlight of their long lasting carrier.

The event started in 1985 with top acts like Queen, Iron Maiden, and many more, playing in front of 1.3 million visitors. The following events Rock In Rio II and Rock In Rio III took place with a ten years between them – in 1991 and 2001. In 2004 the festival relocated from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon and in an additional version in Madrid. For its tenth anniversary, Rock In Rio returned to its roots. This year's edition, which was again held in the Brazilian capital, saw another brilliant line-up featuring Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and of course Destruction.

Front force Schmier (Bass, Vocals & Hate) commented:

“The air was clearly filled with tension before our appearance at the biggest and most renowned Festival of our time. In Brazil and even all of Latin America this event brings along giant media coverage, in a way I’ve never seen before. During an entire week all performances are aired live on TV, newspapers feature specials and cover stories, soda cans have special printings on them and everybody is only talking about the festival. The pride of the whole nation is focused on Rio during these nine days! Even soccer is second string for this period and we all know how important it is to Latin American countries!

"Even for ripped-off geezers like us there are still highlights to come and Rock In Rio festival with its fan euphoria (at the airport there were fans jumping at your every other moment) was a sensational experience. Before it we’ve already spend a week in South America getting ready and we were hot! The show, were our Brazilian buddies of Krisiun supported us as guests, was just as insane as one imagines it to be with this kind of magnitude in Brazil. Several huge circlepits and tens of thousands of fists in the air celebrating the German Thrash Metal as if we had reinvented it! Total madness! When I come to look back on my carrier someday, Rock In Rio will stick out as one of its highlights. Having the people go nutts because of the event for almost a week, in a way that is only possible in Brazil: Pure joy of life and euphoria together with the ferocity of the latinos!

"Just terrific! Thank you Brazil for having us experience this, the craziest fans on earth definitely live in Latin America!!!” More...

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Machine Head Signs With Nuclear Blast

After over a year of dialogues with various record labels, Machine Head has decided on a new home with the newly launched arm of Nuclear Blast Records: Nuclear Blast Entertainment, which is headed by the band's longtime friend and former Roadrunner A&R guru Monte Conner.

Excitement runs high in both camps. Says Conner, "I feel incredibly fortunate to say I have signed Machine Head - for the third time! They wrote one of the greatest metal albums of all-time as their debut and then turned around and beat it 13 years later. Machine Head have produced some of the best material of their storied career over the course of their last three records, and like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age. The songwriting in this band is beyond evolved compared to the majority of their peers, and as a lyricist, Robb Flynn is second to none. On the live front, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more commanding and dominating band."

Continues Conner, "Ever since the launch of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, one of my main goals has been to reunite with Machine Head. I am grateful to Machine Head for continuing to put their trust in me as well as my new partners at Nuclear Blast, who share my passion for and commitment to the band."

Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn adds: "Monte Conner has believed in Machine Head for 20 years, his belief has never wavered, and we are extremely proud to work alongside him once again. When I visited the Nuclear Blast compounds in both Germany and Los Angeles last year, the vibe and spirit that Markus Staiger, Gerardo Martinez and their respective teams created took me back to the spirit of the old Roadrunner Records days, back when bands like Obituary and Sepultura were changing the world with their music. Everyone believes, everyone wants it for the right reasons, it's about creating and respecting a culture, about pioneering new ways for people to discover great music." More...

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Atlantean Kodex Posts Album Trailer

The German epic metal heroes in Atlantean Kodex have now released "The White Goddess (A Grammar Of Poetic Myth)," and an 11 minute teaser trailer is available for the album.

The extensive video merges an incredible amount of random footage and clips from a wide array of religious and occult themed movies and artwork combined with lyrics and artwork from the new album, band photos, and more. The multi-faceted visual depiction is of course backed by the soaring and empowering music culled from each song on the massive studio opus. Check it out below. More...

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