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Metal News for October 30, 2011

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Big End Bolt Releases Video

Russian technical death metal band Big End Bolt has released an official video for the track "Grip Vice Torture," which comes from it's recent album "Mechanical Race Creation." There are a few other videos on YouTube uploaded for other tracks from the album as well. More...

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Metallica Press Conference Footage Available

Metallica recently canceled the band's October 28th show in Delhi, India due to safety concerns and the band hosted a press conference that same day to answer fan questions. You can check out clips from the conference below.


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The Ocean Video Interview Posted Online

Brutalitopia has posted a video interview online with The Ocean's Robin Staps, which was conducted in Chicago. The interview is available in the player below. You can also find footage posted online from The Ocean's trip to China at this location.

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Hammerfall Live Footage From Sweden Available

Footage has made its way online of Hammerfall performing "The Dragon Lies Bleeding" live in Stockholm, Sweden on October 29th, 2011. The video clip is available below.

Hammerfall has also been confirmed for the upcoming 2012 edition of the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. Full details are available here.

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Ravenface Posts "Beneath The Tides" Video

British act Ravenface has posted a video clip online for the song "Beneath the Tides," which can be viewed below. The video follows the band members into the studio for an up-close look at their recording process.

"Beneath The Tides" was mixed and mastered by James Denton and Christopher Clancy (Ex- Mutiny Within) and is the band's third official video release. The track is also available as a free download by clicking here.

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Lacryma Sanguine Posts Recording Footage

Brazil's Lacryma Sanguine recently finished recording the bass guitar parts for the band's upcoming "Amongst These Walls" album. Two clips from the recording sessions have now posted online and can be viewed below. You can also check out the band's music via Facebook.


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Abalam Streaming New Track

U.K. based black metal band Abalam has posted another song online from the "Digging a Grave for Mankind" release. You can check out the new song "The River that Burns (In the Dead of Night)" through the player below or via the Abalam Reverbnation page here.

The band also previously posted a track from "Digging a Grave for Mankind." Head over here to check out "From The Shadow Of A Thousand Trees (Komars' Song)." More...

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Deamon Issues Recording Update

Ottawa, Canada based death metal band Deamon has issued the following update about recording new songs:

"So all backing vocals, courtesy of Mike Chambers (bass) and Shawn Carrier (drums) were recorded today.

"It will add a new aspect to our sound with a 3 vocal attack on some parts. So now we move on to the mixing and mastering stage with Topon Das (Fuck the Facts) who also did most of the tracking, begining some time this week."

To check out Deamon's music and find more updates on the recording process, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Mnemic Announces Lineup Changes

Mnemic has posted the following message online about lineup changes via the band's official website:

"The circumstances are different now than what they where one year ago in the Mnemic camp. After playing for 10 years, times do change, and some members of the band have started taking different paths in their personal lives. The first change started with Tomas 'Obeast' Koefoed leaving the band, being replaced by Italian bass player Simone Bertozzi.

"Simone has been playing some shows with us and has actually been with the band since Tomas left back in March/April. The second change, due to personal and musical differences, we have also decided that it is best to part ways, with both Brian 'Brylle' Rasmussen and Rune Stigart.

"Like any relationship, there things that are impossible to work out, and we are extremely sadden by this situation, but there is nothing else to do than to take a step into a different direction. We wish our brothers all the best for the future, and we hope to see them soon again in their own musical and artistic endeavors. Their replacement will be found in the two new members Victor-Ray Salomonsen and Brian Larsen from Danish tech act VIRA." More...

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Red Seas Fire Posts Tour Video

Red Seas Fire has posted a video clip online featuring snippets from the first leg of the band's tour through the south of the U.K. You can check out the clip below, or find Red Seas Fire recently posted video clip about using an eight string guitar at this location.

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Lower Than Atlantis Gearing Up To Enter The Studio

U.K. act Lower than Atlantis has checked in with the following brief announcement about entering the recording studio tomorrow:

"Hitting the studio tomorrow to record one of the many new songs we've been working on for you guys! Shooting a video for it as soon as we're back from the states!"

Lower than Atlantis will also be embarking on a North American tour in November. Full details on the shows can be found through the band's Facebook profile here.

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Fetus Stench Issues Recording Update

Sweden's Fetus Stench has checked in with the following update about recording vocals for a new release:

"Some good news and some bad news. Starting with the bad: We have disbanded. Yes, that was a joke. The vocal recordings, however, never took place for various reasons.

"The good news: Björte will head over to the capital of Sweden, Karlskoga, tomorrow and lay down them growls over the next couple of days. Hold on to your butts, this is gonna be crrrushing. Stay metal!"

More details on Fetus Stench and songs available for streaming online can be found through the band's Facebook profile.

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Order Of The Blackguard To Record New Album

U.K. black metal act Order of the Blackguard has issued the following brief announcement about recording a new album next year:

"The follow up to the "'Way of cross and Dragon' will be recorded in the Crypt, Cheshire during the months of Feb/March... more details as the recording date approaches. Over and out."

Further details on the follow-up to "The Way of Cross and Dragon" (reviewed here) will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time you can stream the entire last album through the player below. More...

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Dimmu Borgir Streaming Bonus Track

Dimmu Borgir has posted the bonus G.G.F.H. cover song "D.M.D.R. (Dead Men Don't Rape)" online, which appeared on certain versions of the band's latest album "Abrahadabra" (reviewed here). You can check out the song in the player below.

Dimmu Borgir also recently announced it will be performing the entire "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" album on an upcoming tour. Details on the run of shows are available here.

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Deformatory Posts More Recording Footage

Ottawa's Deformatory recorded the new single "Believe the Lie" at Pebble Studios in Barrhaven, ON with producer Mike Bond. The band has now posted more footage online from the recording session, which can be viewed below. "Believe The Lie" is set for release on November 11th, 2011.

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Haeresiarchs Of Dis Issues Recording Update

Cernunnos of U.S. black metal act Haeresiarchs of Dis announced last week that he will be re-recording the scratch demo tracks created for the upcoming "Sermon 31" release this winter.

Of the re-recording Cenunnos states: "The preview provided on mySpace is a demo version. I had always planned to re-record the instrumentation and re-structure song components from the onset, and have recently come upon a means I feel better translates my endeavor."

Cernunnos also added that "dubbing-over" the demo tracks with a more accurate sound was always part of the initial process that started in Spring 2011. "I've come upon equipment and production means that better suit my intent," he stated.

When asked about the delay, Cernunnos said, "I act instinctively with this music. When something feels right, I record it. When I do not feel the inspiration, I wait. In the summer I estimated the end of 2011 for completion and release with Moribund, but have not felt inspired by my current production set up, thus the delay. I have been using the same set up for several years now, and wanted something more for my instrumentation." He also pointed out that "I get bored doing the same sound and process repeatedly."

When asked for a revised release date, Cernunnos could not supply accuracy, but eluded to Spring 2012.

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"The Hell Road" Streaming Online

Digmetalworld has released it's third compilation album called "Volume Three: The Hell Road." This anthology contains fifteen metal bands from different countries such as Chile, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, Sweden and the United States.

"Volume Three: The Hell Road" features brand new material from the bands Cage, Lefutray, Trayce, Dynahead, Sacramento, Desecrated Sphere, Warchest, Ratzinger and special guests such as Sacred Oath, Inner Sactvm, From Nowhere and former Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe as well as bonus tracks. It will be released on November 1st. You can stream the tracks from "The Hell Road" right here. More...

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Music Videos To Get You In The Halloween Mood 3

That most metal of holidays is almost upon us again, but you may want something more than candy corn and blood colored cocktails to get you in the Halloween spirit this weekend. Earlier this month we covered the most over the top horror themed clips as well as videos that focus on the demonic and the diabolic, but that still leaves a good deal of ground to cover. For today’s edition of metal videos to get you in the Halloween mood we’ll take a look at the creepy, the atmospheric, and the disturbing.

Marilyn Manson – “This is Halloween”

While his metal cred is definitely questionable, Marilyn Manson does have the Halloween image down pat. Check out the quintessential “This is Halloween” clip below, set to scenes from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”


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End Of Existence Posts "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

End of Existence has posted a cover online of "Ghost Riders In The Sky," which was originally written by Stan Jones in 1948 and has since been covered by a variety of bands, including Johnny Cash. You can check out the song in the player below.

The song was also covered by Chrome Division earlier this year for the album "3rd Round Knockout." You can check out Chrome Division's version by heading over here.

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Stand Your Ground Robbed On The Road

Kingsport, TN based act Stand Your Ground has posted the following statement online about having money stolen from the band's van:

"Soooo.... yesterday at 4:30 AM at a gas station someone stole our money pouch out of our van. Lost a couple hundred dollars. Sucks. At least they didnt steal ipods, GPS, or laptops.

"Still though... we're already broke and lost what little money we've made. If anyone wants to contribute to a gas fund paypal us to mr_gotee@juno.com anything would be appreciated!"

You can also check out Stand Your Ground's music by heading over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Leprous Cancels Instanbul Show

Norwegian progressive metal act Leprous has issued the following announcement about the previously announced Istanbul show being canceled:

"We regret to inform you that the Leprous / Amorphis / Nahemah gig in Istanbul on November 11 had to be cancelled as a consequence of the recent earthquake in Turkey and out of respect for the many who lost their lives. All tickets will be refunded immediately."

Leprous is touring in support of the new album "Bilateral" (reviewed here), and the band also recently posted a music video online for the song "Restless," which is available at this location.

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Muleta Smiles Performs New Song

Footage has been posted online of U.K. act Muleta Smiles performing the new song "Take My Word For It Kid" at the Firebug Halloween party. You can check out the clip below. The previously posted Muleta Smiles video for "Set Sail" is also still available online here.

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Frostwork Finishes Recording New Album

Dagon of solo project Frostwork has issued the following update about recording new material for an upcoming album release:

"Ave! All the tracks have been recorded now, and the last track is currently being mixed and mastered.

"Art work is coming on very nicely and is also near completion. You should expect some very interesting Frostwork related news very soon."

To stay up-to-date with the latest Frostwork recording details and hear songs available for streaming, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Decrepit Birth Drum Cam Footage Available

Sick Drummer has posted footage online of Decrepit Birth drummer Samus performing "The Infestation" at the DNA Lounge SF with Decapitated on October 11th, 2011. The video clip can be viewed below.

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This Or The Apocalypse Posts Drum Video

This or the Apocalypse has posted a video clip online of drummer Brent Caltagirone performing the track "Lamnidae." You can check out the playthrough clip below, or find more details on This or the Apocalypse through the band's Facebook profile here.

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Dawn Of Demise Checks In From The Studio

Dawn of Demise has issued the following update about recording material for a new album:

"We recently entered Antfarm Studios with renowned metalproducer Tue Madsen (HateSphere, Illdisposed, The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Behemoth, Vader, Gorefest, Halford, Kataklysm, Aborted, Panzerchrist a.o.) to record our new album, due out in 2012 on a label not yet known!

"From January to October, 2011 we've written, arranged and rehearsed 12 brandnew tracks which all meet the high standards, that we as musicians and hardcore deathmetal-fans & enthusiasts strive towards... It is slow, it is midtempo, it is groovy, sometimes a bit thrashy - but most importantly... IT IS HEAVY AS FUCK!

"Simon tracked all 12 tracks for our upcoming album in 4 days and we're VERY pleased with what he layed down.. Now we will start tracking the guitars, leads, bass, vocals & backing vocals at home, before we meet up with Tue again in early December for the final mix and mastering.

"As a sidenote we can inform you drummers out there, that Simon recorded the album on a brandnew, recently bought Pearl Reference drumkit (1 snare, 4 toms, 1 kickdrum) and fitted it with Remo drumheads a few days before entering the studio.. He also plays Zildjian cymbals and of course Axis pedals for the kickdrum - Oh yeah, we're optimized for Fucking Awesome sound!! Stay tuned for more studio-updates.

"Thanks for reading - oh and... DEATH METAL FOREVER!!!"

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Hatesphere Announces European Tour Changes

Hatesphere has issued the following announcement about updating the band's upcoming European tour:

"There has been a change of venue and city of the show on November 8. Furthermore a show on November 12 has been added. More dates to be added soon - so far the tour shapes up like this. See you out there!"

3/11: Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
4/11: Tower, Bremen, Germany
5/11: Böröm Pöm Pöm, Oberentfelden, Switzerland
6/11: Plettro Alternative Sound, Quero, Italy
7/11: Traffic, Rome, Italy
8/11: Blue Rose Saloon, Bresse/Milan, Italy
9/11: Juz Explosiv, Graz, Austria
10/11: Escape, Vienna, Austria
11/11: Culture Factory Y, Lustenau, Austria
12/11: Lygten Station, Copenhagen, Denmark
2/12: Sigurdsgatan 25, Västerås, Sweden
3/12: Backstage, Konsert & Kongress, Linköbing, Sweden
10/12: Club de B, Torhout, Belgium
13/12: Nachtleben, Frankfurt, Germany
14/12: Underground 2, Cologne, Germany
15/12: Vortex, Siegen, Germany
16/12: Glazart, Paris, France

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Angband Offering Free Song Download

Angband has issued the following announcement about offering a free song download in honor of Cyrus the Great:

"Today is the birthday of Cyrus the Great (600 B.C) creator of the largest empire the world had yet seen and creator of oldest declaration of human rights.

"We wrote a song in the 'Visions of the Seeker' album about his legacy named 'Forgotten Glory' and we just made it available for FREE download on our Facebook and Reverb nation pages. Enjoy & Share."

You can download or stream the track by heading over to the Angband Facebook profile at this location.

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Sunday Old School: Dokken

In 1978 the band Dokken formed, it was soon after the band was composed of Don Dokken (vocals), George Lynch (guitar), Juan Croucier (bass), and Mick Brown (drums). They were wide-eyed and ready to rock, still there was no way anyone could predict a Grammy nomination, die-hard fans, and the Ultimate Warrior style armbands. More...

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Headline News

Sons Of Azrael Guitarist Shot In Armed Robbery

According to Buffalo's WIVB-TV, Sons Of Azarael guitarist Tony Lorenzo was shot in an armed robbery, which took place on Wednesday the 26th of October in the city's Elmwood Village area and is now paralyzed from the waist down, after a bullet was lodged in his spine.

Lorenzo's friend, Alex Artemas, said, "Him and I were just walking to a friend's house, and it was just a complete random hit, came from behind, never saw it coming."

"The kid asked me, he said, 'Give me what you got.' And before I could even get my wallet out, he just shot me," said Tony.

Initial reports were that the victim may have known his attacker. More...

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