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Metal News for October 28, 2020

Last updated on November 24, 2021 at 3:02 AM ET

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Protokult Announces Album Release Show

Protokult have been defining folk/pagan metal since 2009 when they released their debut album "Ancestral Anthems," since then they have created three additional uncompromising and relentless albums with their fifth "Transcending The Ruins" recently released on October 1, 2020.

In celebration of the new full length, Protokult announces they will be hosting their album release concert on November 15th in Toronto at The Rockpile with guidelines to follow from the province and the city's rules on events, which includes an all-seated event with a capacity of 50 along with masks enforced in common areas. Full details on the event and instructions to respect health precautions for Covid can be found here

The band adds:

"We know times are crazy and artists the world over are feeling the grip of COVID regulations. We decided to release the long-overdue album for your enjoyment! If you reside in the Greater Toronto Area, we invite you out on the 15th of November to celebrate the release at the Rockpile. Standard regulations will be in place so first come first serve. Stay safe. Remember, Rock and metal will NEVER die!"

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Perennial Isolation Signs With Non Serviam

Dutch extreme metal label Non Serviam Records is proud to welcome atmospheric black metallers Perennial Isolation to its family.

"We are glad to join the Non Serviam Records family! Since the first moment we felt at home, as they understood our philosophy and our vision of atmospheric black metal. It’s a privilege to be here, being part of their incredible roster. We are ready to unleash our new record with them. We are sure that the new album will be very well received thanks to their experience and professionalism." states Perennial Isolation.

Ricardo Gelok, Non Serviam Records’ mastermind, adds: “So now and then we receive promo’s that grabs the attention from the first tunes. This was also the case when we listened to the promo of Perennial Isolation. We really loved the atmosphere that was in the music. It’s a real pleasure to work that is professional as Perennial Isolation and have a friendly approach when we are in contact."

Perennial Isolation were born in Barcelona in 2012 and some months later released their first EP "Uncertainty" which quickly caught the attention of the underground music scene. In the following years they released two full-length albums - "Conviction of Voidness" and "Astral Dream" - supported by several shows throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. In 2016 Perennial Isolation - featuring two new guitar players - unleashed one of their most critically acclaimed records, "Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light". After several European tours and festivals with well-known bands like Harakiri For The Sky, Enisum, Nocturnal Depression, Glorior Belli and Kampfar, the four-piece started to work on their new record which is due early next year.

More info will follow soon.

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Death Dealer Releases New Music Video

The band Death Dealer lead by Ross The Boss has issued a second track, "Running With The Wolves," as a preview of their forthcoming 3rd record, "Conquered Lands" - to be released worldwide November 13, 2020, through Steel Cartel. A video for the track has also been released, which can be viewed below. More...

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Katla Unleashes "Sálarsvefn" Music Video

Katla has unleashed a curse in the shape of a video clip for the song "Sálarsvefn," which is taken from the Icelanders' forthcoming second full-length "Allt þetta helvítis myrkur", which has been scheduled for release on November 13th. The video was premiered by Metal Hammer and can also be seen below.

With the clip "Sálarsvefn," Katla has managed the unlikely feat of turning their sinister album "Allt þetta helvítis myrkur" even darker. The clip shows a modern rendering of an ancient Norse curse named in Old Icelandic "níðstöng" (English: "nithing pole"), which is described in the 13th century saga of Egill Skallagrímsson. "Egills saga" describes how the celebtrated poet (skald) and ruthless Viking erects a pole with the severed head of a horse on top and curses king Erik Haraldsson called "Bloodaxe" as well as his queen. Players of the popular video game "The Witcher 3" might have encountered this ritual in a side quest entitled "The Nithing".

Katla comments on the single: "The title 'Sálarsvefn' translates as 'Sleep of the Soul' and my lyrics venture into the darkest corners of the mind of an anonymous human being", writes Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson. "This song is about pure hate and loathing. Whoever shows such a person any sign of sympathy or compassion will certainly be dragged into this creature's insane world of misery. 'Sálarsvefn' was originally the third segment of a long track in three parts. Its first part was 'Villuljós', which we have presented already. Yet as recording progressed, I ended up tying 5 songs together into one hell of a complicated mix, in which 'Sálarsvefn' is now the 4th stage of this journey into dark soundscapes."

Guðmundsson Óli Pálmason adds a few words about the making of this fantastic clip: "We have created this video with a tremendous effort in both cost and labour", claims the drummer – necessitating a trigger warning about dry Icelandic humour. "We had to buy four footlong sandwiches for our crew and I finished the rough editing on the same night that we filmed the clip." More...

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Black Fate Uploads New Music Video

Greek power prog Black Fate is sharing with fans their new music video "Maze" in support of the new album "Ithaca" released on October 23rd via Rockshots Records and Rubicon Records in Japan.

The band comments about the song:

"'?aze' is one of the most representing tracks for "Ithaca" and Black Fate in 2020. It has one of our favorite guitar riffs and one of the most catchy choruses in the album. The middle section shows our atmospheric and progressive side. With haunting melodies and vocals, delicate keyboards, and a technical yet very melodic solo, Maze is one of our favorite songs in 'Ithaca"'. More...

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Dark Tranquillity Posts Sixth Studio Vlog Online

Swedish melodic death metal veterans Dark Tranquillity has posted the sixth episode of their studio vlog series online. You can check it out below. The vlogs are in aid of their forthcoming album, "Moment," which will be released on November 20th througn Century Media and is their first album since 2016's, "Atoma," making it the longest gap in between Dark Tranquillity albums yet. More...

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Leaves Eyes Shares New Music Video

German/Finnish metal outfit Leaves' Eyes has posted a new music video online for the song, "War Of Kings." You can check it out below. The song comes from the band's new album, "The Last Viking," which was released through AFM Records last week (October 23rd.) The album is also their third in the band's Viking trilogy, following the 2005 album, "Vinland Saga" and it's successor, "King Of Kings," which was released in 2015. More...

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Sacred Reich Releases New Music Video

Last year, Sacred Reich released their first record in 23 years: "Awakening." Now, the band has launched a new video for the album track, "Something To Believe", which can be viewed below.

Sacred Reich comments: "With the uncertainty that we are all experiencing, we think it's time for 'Something To Believe'."

"Awakening" showcases everything a fan would expect and hope for from the Phoenix, Arizona unit: a timeless collection comprised of blistering thrash, crushing grooves, meticulous solos, and socially conscious lyrics. The return of Dave McClain, who manned the drum throne from 1991 to 1997, and the addition of 22-year old guitarist Joey Radziwill, alongside original members guitarist Wiley Arnett and vocalist/bassist Phil Rind, are integral facets of the record. More...

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Nervosa Launches Documentary Series

A heavy, incontrollable vortex led by the full-speed thrash/death metal engine Nervosa is ready to attack the world and leave nothing but "Perpetual Chaos" (out January 22 via Napalm Records) in its wake. Their talented new line up - featuring founding guitarist Prika Amaral and talented new members Diva Satanica on vocals, Mia Wallace on bass and Eleni Nota on drums - strike with inexorable full femme power, showcasing their ability for critical and straightforward lyricism mixed with an intoxicating blend of thrash spiced with remarkable death metal assaults.

The band has launched a new documentary series, which will be released in four parts. Part 1 can be seen below.

Nervosa's high-speed new single, "Guided By Evil," is the first offering from next year’s full-length and highlights their sinister new facets, whilst also underlining their unmistakable thrashing roots. The fitting audio-visual grabs the demons by the horns and evokes a bloody, enigmatic spell. The first single pulls no punches by dissecting the concept of two-faced people who eventually stab you in the back - truly guided by evil. Enter the coven and be a part of the next generation of Nervosa!

Guitarist Prika Amaral comments: "It was a wonderful experience with these girls, they are all very talented and did an excellent job, I have never been so happy with the final result of a record. I chose Artesonao studio in Malaga, because it is isolated and in an extremely beautiful place, we worked hard but we had the best vibe between us."

Watch the video for "Guided By Evil" below. More...

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Toxic Holocaust Added To Mexico Metal Fest VI

Thrashers Toxic Holocaust have been added to the 2021 Mexico Metal Fest roster that will take place on October 29th, in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition, Grim Reaper will be replacing Grave Digger on the 5th edition happening on October 30th. More...

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DayGlo Mourning Premiere New Song

Atlanta's sludge monsters, DayGlo Mourning, have released their new song entitled "Dead Star" exclusively on Metalunderground.com. The song is from their upcoming album of the same name which will be released on Feb 12, 2021, via Black Doomba Records.

The band commented: “This space opus can relate to a lot of things, as everybody has a bad day at some point, maybe it's in outer space. Imagine, being trapped inside a starship that’s set on autopilot headed into a dying sun, with no way to change course. I imagine being in that predicament, you’d question a lot of things, and see the memories of your life flash before your eyes. This is Dead Star” - Jerimy McNeil, Bassist-Vocalist DayGlo Mourning

Pre-orders start on October

Listen to "Dead Star" below! More...

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Draconian Shares New Music Video

With today’s release of their fifth single, "Sleepwalkers," legendary Swedish doom/gothic metal masters Draconian mark the apex cut from their upcoming studio album, "Under A Godless Veil," out this Friday October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Along with an atmospheric conceptualized music video that epitomizes the essence of the five-piece in the most beautiful manner, Sweden’s Draconian lure the sleepwalkers and insomniacs of this world into their fragile soundscapes: Made of atmospheric gothic doom, contrasting darkness and light, heaviness and weightlessness as well as soft intermezzos with smashing screams, “Sleepwalkers” embodies another highlight of the breathtaking, seventh full-length.

To be released exactly five years after Draconian's latest album, "Sovran," "Under A Godless Veil" not only demonstrates another masterpiece that proves the unit to rightly be on top of the genre, but is a manifest of their productive partnership with Napalm Records as well. This longtime collaboration started with the first studio album, "Where Lovers Mourn" (2003), and has now reached its provisional pinnacle with the seventh epos and second with the talented Heike Langhans on vocal duties.

Singer Heike Langhans comments on "Sleepwalkers":
"My heartsong of the album. Like a graceful requiem to ourselves, “Sleepwalkers” perfectly encapsulates the sentiments of a lost and weary soul. Subtle, yet a rallying cry - fast becoming my favourite Draconian song to date." More...

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Calyces Frontman Explains The "Impulse To Soar"

One of the great things about writing for a heavy metal website is finding out about brand new bands coming through. This year, we've seen stellar debut albums from Volcanova, Let Us Prey and Konvent, as well as awesome sophomore efforts from Blacklab, Ages and Serpent Omega. Only this month, another stunning debut was let loose on the world, that being "Impulse To Soar," the world's introduction to one of the most fascinating emerging bands in Greece, Calyces.

A progressive metal band who walks on the groove metal side, this Athenian quartet has brought a fresh sound to listeners around the world and nothing demonstrates that more than "Impulse To Soar." With its incredible front cover enticing in metalheads, the music within proves to be every bit as vibrant, captivating and even challenging as the artwork and is a strong contender for debut album of the year.

Recently, I had the pleasure of finding out much more about Calyces by putting questions to vocalist Manthos Stergiou, who explained all about the album, the music video for "The Great Void" (see below,) the Greek metal scene and much more.

Diamond Oz: Congratulations on the release of your debut, "Impulse To Soar." How long had you been working on material before being able to release the album?

Manthos Stergiou: Hey, thank you! The idea of Calyces started at the end of 2017, when Tardive Dyskinesia (my ex band) was put in ice. I decided to start something new, something I really needed to do for a long time. I gathered all the ideas and riffs I had and they got put together in my home studio. After a few months, the first version of 10, still instrumental tracks at the moment was well into pre-production stage. Then, I approached my friends and great musicians, Alexis Stavropoulos (Drums), Giannis Golfis (Guitar) & Stelios Tragos (Bass) all of them already being key members in top notch Greek bands.

They listened to the material and they were on board immediately, so we wasted no time, got to study on and rehearse all the tracks intensively, until they are solid and feel alive. This process lasted about 1 year and in early 2019 we got into the studio to record this album. “Impulse To Soar” was recorded in 4 different studios in Greece, co-produced by Ektoras Tsolakis and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music Studios (New York).

Oz: Lyrically, what kind of themes are represented on the album?

Manthos: Each track on the album has its own story to tell, musically and lyrically. The human is always the point of reference, his weaknesses like greed and selfishness, the addiction around the image they project through social media and everything that goes on in the world and the way it affects all of us.

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Visions Of Atlantis Posts New Live Video Online

Set your sails for an intoxicating symphonic reverie backed by the marvelously talented Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague! Today, Visions Of Atlantis release their third live single, "Wanderers," along with a bewitching official video, cut from their very first live DVD / Blu-Ray / CD, "A Symphonic Journey To Remember" (out this Friday, October 30 via Napalm Records).

Soft plugging violin lines and delicate piano harmonies encircle the marvelous intro, underlining the unique vocal range of exceptionally talented singer Clémentine Delauney. Cut from their chart-breaking album Wanderers, (#17 UK, #30 US, #39 DE) the bittersweet atmosphere even rises with the orchestra’s support and wraps the whole crowd into a pure maritime fairyland.

"A Symphonic Journey To Remember" highlights the band’s musical expertise, whilst also showcasing their impressive, rousing journey through the maritime depths. With this memorable, first-class live appearance, Visions Of Atlantis present a new peak in their musical output and underline that they’ve arrived in the royal symphonic league! More...

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Cvlt Ov The Svn Signs With Napalm Records

Finnish occult murder pop inventors Cvlt Ov The Svn have inked a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records.

While rock music seems to have lost its danger and mystique in a lot of ways, Cvlt Ov The Svn are the force that embodies just that. Eeriness, danger and angst with a pinch of romanticism and seduction and a load of morbid horror theatrics - all wrapped in a melancholic and catchy, yet very rock, and at times even heavy, sound, drawing its influences from all sorts of artists and genres.

Commented the mysterious creative visionary behind the band: "For me the inspiration is darkness itself, as I am able to understand it. When I write songs, I want to push people’s boundaries, so I want to come up with ideas that make you go, ‘What the f**k?!'. Napalm Records is obviously one of the legends. It is an honor to be part of the lineage, part of this family."

The band is currently working on their first full-length album - more to be announced soon.

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Heretical Sect Premiere New Song & Music Video

Heretical Sect premiere a new track and music video titled, "The Depths Of Weeping Infinity", taken from the band's forthcoming full-length album, "Rapturous Flesh Consumed", due out on December 11, 2020 via Gilead Media.

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Daggra Premiere New Song & Music Video

Texas-based grindcore band Daggra premiere a new song and music video "Diminishing Returns", taken from their upcoming new split release with Japan’s own Retortion Terror titled "Kizuna". The album will be released by Wise Grinds Records on November 13th, 2020.

The video for Daggra below features a combination of tour footage, live shots and in studio recording.

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Icare Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland-based brutal death metal/blackened grindcore band Icare premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Khaos". The record will be released by Division Records on October 30.

Check out now "Khaos" in its entirety below.

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Super Slam Bros. Premiere “Illegal Dino Racing”

Oceano vocalist Adam Warren alongside The Browning guitarist Brian Moore, has launched a new side-project called Super Slam Bros. (inspired by Nintendo‘s ‘Super Smash Bros.‘). A first track and lyric video titled “Illegal Dino Racing” has premiered online streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Boundaries Premiere New Official Music Video

Boundaries premiere a new official music video for their song “I’d Rather Not Say” off their upcoming new album, “Your Receding Warmth“. A November 13th release date has been scheduled for that outing by Unbeaten Records. Boundaries recorded the new outing with producer Randy Leboeuf (The Acacia Strain, Gideon).

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Sick Of It All Share Quarantined Performance Video

Sick Of It All premiere their quarantined performance of “Hardcore Horseshoe” taken from their latest album "Wake The Sleeping Dragon". The clip is the fourth episode in their six-part video series.

Comment the band: More...

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Blood From The Soul Premiere New Video

Blood From The Soul premiere a new track and video titled “Calcified Youth”, taken from their impending new album “DSM-5”, which will be released via Deathwish Inc. on November 13th.

Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury, for this revamped incarnation of the supergroup joins forces with Jacob Bannon (Converge, Wear Your Wounds, etc.), Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Cadaver, etc.) and Jesper Liveröd (ex-Nasum, etc.).

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