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Metal News for October 27, 2010

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Gilbert Gottfried Hosts New VicTorV Episode

Gilbert Gottfried is the next guest host in the VicTorV webisode series. Episode 63 features an interview with Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, a new music video from Taproot, a live performance from The Sleeping, a promo clip from Close Your Eyes and a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Ill Nino music video for "Against The Wall" all the while with Gilbert Gottfried adding in his own personal commentary.

You can view the video below:

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Angra Posts New Music Video Online

Brazilian progressive power metal act Angra posted its new music video online. The video was shot for the track "Lease On Life" which is taken from the its latest studio album "Aqua." "Aqua" was released on September 29th, 2010 through SPV/Steamhammer Records. The album was recorded at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil. You can view the video below:

"Aqua" tracklisting:
1. Viderunt Te Aquae
2. Arising Thunder
3. Awake From Darkness
4. Lease Of Life
5. The Rage Of The Waters
6. Spirit Of The Air
7. Hollow
8. A Monster In Her Eyes
9. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes

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Powerglove Postpones Show w/ Video Game Orchestra

Powerglove has planned to performa alongside the Video Game Orchestra at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on November 14th and film the show for a DVD. However, the band has cancelled their appearance there and issued the following update about it:

"We unfortunately have to postpone our concert with the Video Game Orchestra until February. Refunds will be available for everyone who bought a ticket. We're thinking of filming the show which means we want it to be as big of a production as possible and there just wasn't enough time with the date we had planned.

"We promise that this will mean a bigger, beefier, more bacontastic show for all of you!"

In related band news, Powerglove has released a trailer for their upcoming tour with Firewind:

Here are those tour dates:

FIREWIND - Days Of Defiance North America 2010, with Powerglove, The Absence

November 4th - Volume 11 -- Raleigh, NC
November 5th - Jaxx -- West Springfield, VA
November 6th - The Gramercy -- New York, NY
November 7th - Les Foufounes Electriques -- Montreal, Que

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Black Tide Discusses Upcoming Second Album

Black Tide has been making waves in the heavy metal scene, both because of the young age and talent of the band's members. The group was famously promoted to the main stage during Ozzfest of 2007 after being deemed too young to perform on the Jagermeister stage, and then went on to release the debut album "Light From Above." Black Tide is now back with a new single, along with a second full-length to be released next year. At the Seattle stop of the band's current tour with Bullet For My Valentine, guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Garcia filled me in on the details of the upcoming second album and how growing up in the metal scene has changed the band's lyrical content and outlook. More...

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Welter In Thy Blood Signs To Dusktone Records

Los Angeles, California three-piece ambient black doom band Welter In Thy Blood has inked a deal with Italian based Dusktone Records. The group will enter the studio later this month in Portland, Oregon to record the follow-up to "Through The Fields Of Mourning."

"Through The Fields Of Mourning" was released in January via Shadowgraph Records. Welter In Thy Blood's debut album "The Grim Visage of Death" a one-sided bloodsplattered EP came out in 2008 and was limited to only 200 copies which were numbered in the band member's blood.

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Keyboardist Nick V Parts with Agro

Keyboardist Nick V has announced his departure from South African band Agro. Here's his official statement:

“Good bye my friends, I’m leaving you today,
The quest is hard, but I know you’ll find a way...”
- Gamma Ray

"I never thought I’d have to write this, but here it is: It’s time for me to leave Agro and say goodbye to you all!

"And no, it’s not because of 'musical' or 'personal' differences, and although of course there are those, the reason I’m leaving is because I’m emigrating, and trust me, it’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, because the Agro boys have been more than my band mates for the past seven years, they’ve been, without sounding cheesy, my brothers with whom all can be shared and fought over.

"Since the first time I saw the band, with Cliff sneaking out of the toilet while the band was in the middle of an instrumental at a tiny Kebab Junction stage, wearing nothing but a g-string with the hugest sock-knob and asking for a light, to the biggest stages we shared years later, I’ve been a fan of the band, the music and what they’ve stood for.

"I want to thank them for giving me the chance, to exhibit my art and craft, to leave a mark on the music scene, and generally putting up with my obnoxious shit for so many years. The day I was told that I’m the new Agro keyboardist is still one of the proudest days of my life! I wanted to tell all and sundry, and seven years on, I’m still as proud to have been a member of this band.

"I also want to thank you, the fans, for your support and love, because if you’re reading this, then you must have played at least a miniscule part in my life with Agro. I trust that you’ve enjoyed our music and company as much as we’ve enjoyed yours, and will continue to support the band, for this is not the end of Agro as a band by any means, or me as a musician.

"I hope that whoever replaces me has in them the same pride and drive as the rest of the guys, because there is no band that deserves success more than Agro. In a climate of general antipathy towards our chosen genre of expression, these boys have struggled and kept on going for more than seventeen years without fail, in the hope that their art will be recognised and I can only salute them for that.

"So, to all of you, thank you for your support, the good times and the great times, the shitty ones I’ve forgotten about, as they have been only a few and insignificant.

"To our stage crew: Robin, Phil, Wez, Alec, Ian and Tiaan (and whoever has ever helped us), you have my greatest respect, and without your help and dedication, we’d be half the band we are! You are The Might behind the Agro steamroller!

"To Shane, Cliff, Robbie, Wes (and Dan and Grant), you have my eternal gratitude and support, and I’ll always carry a part of you with me. When the day comes when Agro are to headline the biggest metal festivals, I’ll be the one with the proudest smile, watching from the side of the stage. Thank you for making my time in Agro one of the most unforgettable experiences ever, I’ll never forget you!

"Stay true and never give up!
Nick V"

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Disbelief Announces New Drummer And Guitarist

Germany's Disbelief has issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer and guitarist:

"Disbelief are proud to announce that they've found with Corny Althammer, drums (Ahab, Deadeyedsleeper) and Wolfgang Rothbauer, guitar (In Slumber, Third Moon) two new band members! Both will be the first time in action with Disbelief on the upcoming tour in December with Six Feet Under. Furthermore Alex Hagenauer from Soul Demise will help Disbelief out on the guitar."

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Drowning The Light Streaming Songs From New Album

Drowning the Light has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming album "Catacombs of Blood:"

"From the depths of Oceania comes the newest curse of cruel, melancholic and majestic Black Metal from Drowning the Light. In the spirit and true essence of the past, 'Catacombs of Blood' is a journey through utter blackness & despair, transcending through spheres of negative energy & reflecting murderous, predatory instincts. Over 50 minutes of sorrow & hate, tearing asunder the illusion & revealing the beast inside. It calls to that which stires beneath the soil & emanates beyond the galaxies. Part of the OAA cult. This album has a 24 page booklet, with some amazing obscure and dark unique artworks created for each set of lyrics."

Three songs from the album can be heard through the band's MySpace page.

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The Kandidate Announces Headlining Shows

The Kandidate has issued the following announcement about headlining shows in Denmark:

"Hey everybody! The European tour supporting Volbeat and Entombed is going great! We are on a week long break right now and why not celebrate that with three headlining dates in Denmark – just to calm a bit down and get back where we belong, the 150 capacity clubs."

The dates are as follows:

10/28 BETA, Copenhagen
10/29 Von Hatten, Randers
10/30 Templet, Lyngby

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Cancer Bats Post Fifth Video Blog Online

Cancer Bats have posted the fifth episode of a bi-weekly video blog series entitled "Cancer Bats World Wide Wacky Webisodes!" The blogs will document Cancer Bats entire upcoming overseas touring season.

You can view the newest video below:

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Wolfchant Reveals Album Artwork

Wolfchant has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new vocalist and revealing the artwork for the "Call of the Black Winds" album:

"Michael 'Nortwin' Seifert (Rebellion) will join Wolfchant as a full member for the clean vocals. He already rocked the stage with us for some shows. We are glad to unleash 'Call Of The Black Winds' together. Here you can take a look at the cover art. Pagan hails."

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Mordbrand Recruits New Vocalist

Per Boder (God Macabre/Macabre End) has joined the Swedish death metal unit Mordbrand. An EP entitled "Crowning of the Apocalypse" will be released as a 7" in early 2011.

Commented guitarist Björn: "To me, God Macabre released a true classic record ('The Winterlong') in 1993 and Per has a very distinct & powerful growl. When I approached Per about joining our ranks, he was a bit reluctant since he hadn't sung since God Macabre split up in 1993 or so. But he proved himself to be as vital as in the death metal glory days. The new stuff sounds exactly how we hoped it would sound. Deadly, catchy and raw! We are very excited about this alliance!"

"Crowning of the Apocalypse" will consist of three new tracks, and a re-worked version of "Big trouble in little Chinese graveyard" (now entitled "Graveyard re-visited") with the new vocalist.

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Turisas Frontman Comments On New Album

Mathias "Warlord" Nygard, vocalist for the Finnish symphonic folk metal act Turisas, has posted the following update concerning the band's forthcoming third full length album:

"After a 16-month break from touring, focusing fully on the work on our third album, I'm happy to tell you that we're DONE! The workload has been enormous, and at times I've wished I'd known better, formed a punk rock band and kept things simple! But to achieve real progress, you really have to dig deep and see what you're made of. Take bites so big, you almost choke. We've stayed true to our ideology of releasing music only when we have something new to come out with, not repeating ourselves or just copying what we've done in the past to feed the market. Now that we're done with studios, we're all extremely excited to get back on the road again, and as our latest visit to North America is long overdue, coming over in January with Cradle Of Filth is something we're all very much looking forward to. We had a great time touring with them in Europe in 2009, so this should be killer! Now we only have to figure out how to play these new songs!"

Turisas' new album is expected in stores, issued through Century Media Records, sometime in early 2011.

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Zebulon Kosted Streaming Song Online

Montana based experimental act Zebulon Kosted is currently streaming the 12 minute "Between This World and the Next Part 2" track online via the band's Bandcamp profile. The song is the second of three tracks on the 56 minute long "Between This World and the Next" album.

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Arryan Path Recording Third Album

Cyprus power metal act Arryan Path has issued the following update about recording a third album:

"Arryan Path will be appearing at HARLEY BAR in Thessaloniki on the 4th of December along with Cypriot compatriots R.U.S.T. This will complete the 'Terra incognita' circle as the band is already recording their third CD soon to come! Hope to see you all at Harley Bar."

You can also check out the band's music through this location.

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A Band Of Orcs Announce West Coast Mini-Tour

California costumed death metal act A Band Of Orcs has a nnounced three exclusive dates for the U.S. west coast.Furthermore, its show on Oct 29th, 2010 in Simi Valley ay 118 West Live will also be professionally filmed and recorded.

A Band Of Orcs west coast tour dates:
Oct 28 – Yuma, AZ @ Ron’s Place
Oct 29 – Simi Valley, CA @ 118 West Live
Oct 31 – San Diego, CA @ The Ruby Room

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Camp Jason Calls It Quits

Germany's Camp Jason has issued the following statement about calling it quits:

"Hi folks! This is an official announcement that Camp Jason is not playing further shows and stops playing together! Perhaps we will come up with some reasons why we made this decision in the future.

"For now all we can say is that we are thankful for every single person who supported us and found strength, edification and power in listening to our music and coming to our shows. Keep up to your great attitude!

"For all those who are interested in some last merch articles: We sell-out our stuff for half prices! Visit our online store or drop us a line to order@campjason.de! We even got loads of our last album, sadly not for half price DÄNG. Respect and love to all of you!"

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The World We Knew Posts Band Update Video

The World We Knew has posted a new band update online discussing its current status on touring, recording and releasing a new album. The video also includes a short clip from a new song. The video update can be viewed below:

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Circle Of Chaos Announces More German Shows

Sweden's Circle of Chaos has issued the following announcement about new German tour dates:

"Greetings, friends! Yes, it´s true - we have confirmed dates for our second tour in Germany next year! We´ll be back for two confirmed shows on the 22nd (Lübeck) and 23rd (Greifswald) of April, when we´ll be sharing stage with Black Out Beauty and An apple a day from Luxemburg and our friends from Germany, Embodying the End. This will be awesome! But this is not enough The tour will continue as more dates will be added in other countries! Stay tuned - see you on the road!"

You can also check out sample Circle of Chaos tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Orphaned Land To Reissue Latest Album

Israeli progressive metal act Orphaned Land has revealed details surrounding its forthcoming Tour Edition release of "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR." The new edition is set to include expanded artwork, a bonus 5 track audio CD and a short eight minute documentary clip. The tracklisting for the re-release can be found below:

"The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" tracklisting:
Part I: Godfrey's Cordial – An ORphan's Life
1. Sapari
2. From Broken Vessels
3. Bereft In The Abyss
4. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness
5. The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem
6. Olat Ha'tamid
Part II: Lips Acquire stains – The WarriOR Awakens
7. The Warrior
8. His Leaf Shall Not Wither
9. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II
10. New Jerusalem
11. Vayehi Or
12. M I ?
Part III: Barakah – Enlightening The Cimmerian
13. Barakah
14. Codeword: uprising
15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)

Audio tracks:
1. Estarabim (radio edit) (4:42)
2. Above You All (4:56)
3. Pits Of Despair (4:26)
4. Sapari (instrumental) (3:48)
5. Bereft In The Abyss (instrumental) (2:50)
Video enhancements:
6. "Sapari" video clip (3:56)
7. Making of "Sapari" video clip (2:11)
8. Making of photo shoot (1:30)

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Corpus Mortale Cancels Two Shows

Denmark's Corpus Mortale has issued the following announcement about canceling two upcoming live shows:

"The two shows in Copenhagen at the 2/11 & in Aarhus at the 3/11 are canceled. The reason is a mixture of bad economy and unrealistic routing (simply too far between Aarhus & Stockholm by car). The bands Insision, Abysmal Torment, Die, and Corpus Mortale are all very sorry for not coming to perform anyway. We'll be back one way or the other.

"Insision has shown interest in coming sometime soon to do a few gigs, and Die will most likely be a part of those as well! Abysmal Torment are bound to return sometime soon, we'll make sure of that. The other show are still happening and they are: 4/11 Kafé44, Stockholm - Sweden, 5/11 Betong, Oslo - Norway (+ Hideous Divinity), 6/11 Henriksberg, Gothenburg - Sweden @ Gothenburg DeathFest."

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Cough Streaming Entire New Album

Richmond, VA’s Cough is currently streaming the band's Relapse debut "Ritual Abuse" in its entirety online now at TheNewReview.net at this location. "Ritual Abuse" was released October 26th in North America and will be released November 1st internationally.

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Dark Moor Posts Video Shoot Pictures

Dark Moor has checked in with the following update about posting photos online from a music video shoot:

"Photos From 'Love from the Stone' video available. Here you can see some pictures of the next video clip of Dark Moor for the song 'Love from the Stone,' drawn from their new album 'Ancestral Romance.'

"The video was recorded October 16 in Teruel, Spain with producer 'El Ojo Mecánico.' Experience, locations, costumes and actors from 'Bodas de Isabel de Segura Foundation' took part in this production."

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Whitechapel's Corruptour in Nashville (With Video)

A weekend metal show is the perfect opportunity for every metalhead in a hundred-mile radius to get their fix of headbanging and ear damage. A weekend metal show with bands that complement each others’ sound and keep up a consistent level of energy through the entire show is a big reason not to miss the opportunity. Five bands specializing in crushing riffs, otherworldly death metal vocals, and syncopated rhythms teamed up for such a show -- Nashville, TN at Rocketown on the night of October 22nd into the morning of the 23rd. With Whitechapel headlining, I Declare War opened the show. Following them were Oceano, Miss May I, and Impending Doom. There were enough sub drops throughout the show to make Rocketown’s foundation shift. More...

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Gwar Posts New Music Video Online

Shock thrash metal act Gwar has posted its new music video online through the Metal Blade Records YouTube channel. The video was shot for the track "Zombies, March" which appears on the band's forthcoming studio album "GWAR's Bloody Pit of Horror." The video was shot on location at The National in Richmond, Virginia by Fangoria director Dave McKendry. You can view the video below:

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Devenial Verdict Comments On Upcoming EP

Finland's Devenial Verdict has checked in with the following update about releasing a new EP and taking a hiatus from live shows:

"'Obedience Leads to Harmony' is on it's way and it will be released during this year. We have also decided to go for a break for some time. We will play our last show in Finland for a long time on November 19th at Oulunkylän Nuorisotalo so we hope to see our fans and friends from Helsinki there. We will also perform at the Kiev Sonic Massacre in February but other than that, we'll be definitely staying on break. We hope to see all our friends at Ogeli."

The EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Moments of Extreme and Explosive Violence
2. Rituals of Ignorance
3. Gapmind
4. Feed the Pigs

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Death To Release New Live DVD

Death metal legends, Death will be releasing a new live DVD in the United States on December 7th entitled, "Live In Japan." The concert was filmed in 1995 and clocks in at around 77 minutes.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Spiritual Healing
The Philosopher
Suicide Machine
Crystal Mountain
Zero Tolerance
Lack Of Comprehension
Flattening Of Emotions
Empty Words
Open Casket
Zombie Ritual
Pull The Plug

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Monster Magnet Streaming New Album Online

Monster Magnet just released their new album, "Mastermind," on October 26th via Napalm Records, and you can currently stream it in full below:

The band recently released their video for the first single, "Gods and Punks." The video was directed by Nathan "Karma" Cox (Queens of the Stone Age, Linkin Park, HIM).

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Kiuas Splits With Vocalist

Kiuas has issued the following announcement about parting ways with vocalist Ilja Jalkanen:

"Hello folks! We have some startling news: our lead singer Ilja Jalkanen has decided to leave the band after some serious thinking. The reasons for this are purely musical and the chemistry within the band has always been great. In Ilja’s own words: 'My heart is not in heavy metal anymore, and a great band like Kiuas deserves a singer completely dedicated to the music.'

"However, as all the fans know, although Ilja has been the voice of Kiuas for many years, his contribution to the songwriting has been very minimal and thus his departure won’t affect the bands musical direction or diminish the power of the music in the future in any way. The fact is that Kiuas will be able to continue it’s musical journey with passion only without Ilja – this is the only way to go. More...

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Omasum Finishes New Album

Spanish black metal band Omasum has checked in with the following brief update about finishing a new album: "'Claim the Evil for Eternity,' the new Omasum album is already finished, and now we are looking for a label to release it. 'Claim the Evil for Eternity' has 8 dark and evil songs. More details soon." In the mean time you can also check out several Omasum songs available for streaming through the band's MySpace page.

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Terasbetoni Uploads First Single From New Album

Teräsbetoni’s fourth full-length album titled "Maailma tarvitsee sankareita" will be released on November 24th, 2010. The title track single cut from the upcoming album is now available for listening in the video below.

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Uluun Recording New EP

French act Uluun has begun the recording process for a new EP, which will be entitled "The Eternal Winter." The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Soul Of Ice
2. The Eternal Winter
3. Above The Sea Unfinished
4. Om Dikti Kjærlighet Tapti (Instrumental)
5. Einherjar

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Vow Uploads New Song "The Depths of Loss"

Pennsylvania based black metal act Vow is currently streaming a new song online. The track "The Depths of Loss," which is off the band's recently released album "In the Blood of Beasts," can be heard via Vow's official MySpace page. Vow has also announced that the band is currently working on a new split EP to be released through Satanica Productions. Details on the split will be announced as they are made available.

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Nocra Posts "Broken Wings" Video

Russian atmospheric black metal act Nocra has posted a new video online for the song "Broken Wings," which can be viewed below.

Broken Wings

Nocra | Myspace Music Videos

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Starofash Announces New Album Release

The new Starofash album by artist Heidi Solberg Tveitan, titled "Lakhesis," is confirmed for release in North America and Europe on December 2nd, 2010 through Mnemosyne Productions (NOR)/The End Records (US). Owned and operated by partners Ihsahn and Heidi since 2003, Mnemosyne Productions was established as an outlet for the duo's musical collaborations.

This is the third album from the Norwegian songwriter. "The album is in it’s last stages now, and I am quite happy with the direction it is all taking. Lakhesis differs somewhat from my earlier work in Starofash, mostly due to the composition techniques used. I have tried to make a more uptempo album, with more traditional songwriting influences, but within the Starofash experimental parameters. My music is all about heart, when and where I can find it, and what feels real there and then," says Heidi.

On this album, Heidi’s collaborators again with German musician and composer Markus Reuter, with design by Ritxi, t-shirts by Maria Picassó, and photos by Bjørn Tore Moen.

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Saetith Comments On Signing To Rising Records

Jered Eames (Bass Guitarist, Grand Piano, & Symphonic Orchestrations) of North American extreme metal act Saetith has issued the following statement announcing about the band's signing to UK record label Rising Records:

"We are pleased to announce that we have officially signed a worldwide record deal with one of the UK’s leading labels, Rising Records, for the release of our next full-length album. We are honored to join the artist roster of such a prestigious label alongside the ranks of Trigger the Bloodshed, Bleed From Within, Sworn Amongst, Sarah Jezabel Deva (Cradle of Filth), Liquid Graveyard (ex-Cancer), Mendeed & to be working with Rising Records owner Mark Daghorn (Producer of Cradle of Filth / Orange Goblin).

"Since its inception Rising Records has established itself as one of the world’s leading metal labels and even earned its place among top labels such as Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, SPV/Steamhammer, Spinefarm, & Roadrunner Records when it was nominated as 'Best Metal Label' in the 2009 Golden Gods Awards. More...

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Ross The Boss Uploads New Song To YouTube

ROSS THE BOSS has uploaded a new song, "Kingdom Arise," on YouTube. The clip is also an album trailer for the up-coming album "Hailstorm" which will be released on October 29 (Europe) and November 9 (USA). Listen to the song below:

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The Soulless To Enter The Studio in December

British melodic death metallers THE SOULLESS, who recently changed their name from IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, will begin recording their new album on December 15th. THE SOULLESS will be entering Outhouse Studios in Reading, England on December 15th with producer JOHN MITCHELL (ARCHITECTS, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, ENTER SHIKARI) and will be recording through until January 2011.

The follow-up to the band's 2009 debut album, "OF WINTER BORN," is due to be released on Earache Records in April 2011.

THE SOULLESS frontman ANDY WARDLE comments, "We couldn't be more excited about going into the studio. We were supposed to be going in in September, but because of the accident it had to be put back. So we've been waiting a long time to get in there! We have used our time well, however, to really tweak all the tracks and we are very happy with the result. We are also looking forward to working with the guys at Outhouse as we think they can really deliver the sound we want for this album."

"Everything we do will be recorded and so expect in-depth video updates of the recording process, showing clips of new material. We will also be putting up a video before we enter, showing our writing process and talking more extensively about the new style of music. Keep checking the updates and be excited!" More...

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Lanfear Completes Recording of Bass and Guitars

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following studio updtae:

"Been hard-working in the last two weeks. The production has advanced far already. We recorded all rhythm guitars and the bass guitar and nearly all keyboards. Musically we're almost done except for some acoustic guitars and one or two leads. It required enormous effort to really find our sound but it finally payed off. Everything sounds very natural and clear but nevertheless more aggressive than anything we did until now. We now look forward to the vocal recordings next month."

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Strange Flesh Enters The Studio

Strange Flesh has issued the following update regarding the start of their new album:

"The band has ensconsed itself deep in the bowels of their studio 225 and begun knocking around ideas for the next album. A grander affair of sorts and for now, titled, 'The Beautiful Dead.' KNOB shows might be still happening and we'll more than be happy to keep doing them when they show up. For now, though, we'll be writing."

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Enslaved Announces Fan Video Contest Winner

Norwegian progressive black metal outfit Enslaved has revealed the winner of its fan video contest for the track "Ethica Odini." The winning clip was produced by YouTube user LookaB, also known as Luka Bajt. The band commented by saying:

Guitarist Ivar Bjornson commented:

"First and foremost we wish to thank everybody who has taken part in this contest. We have seen many exciting visual interpretations of our musical and conceptual universe; some of them stood out from the rest and we are really happy to announce the three winners of the competition. Also, we would like to take the opportunity to apologize for the delay in announcing the results. We have simply been outmaneuvered by touring and poor internet access on our touring trek throughout the last month. Thank you for your patience, and hope you will enjoy watching our new videos as much as we do!"

Bassist Grutle Kjellson added:

"Thanks a lot to all you great people that used your talent, passion and precious time on this contest! You should know that we are very proud of you all, and that we really appreciate your efforts! You are not afraid to bleed, not afraid to dream!"

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Heaven & Hell Posts New DVD Trailer Online

Heavy metal icons Heaven & Hell has posted a trailer from its forthcoming "Neon Nights: 30 Years Of Heaven & Hell" release. The footage and audio was recorded during the band's Wacken Open Air headline appearance on July 30, 2009. The DVD is also set to feature 30th anniversary interviews with all four band members as well as newly recorded personal tributes from Iommi, Appice, and Butler in memory of Dio, who passed away in May.

You can view the preview clip below:


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A Day To Remember Posts Third Studio Video Online

A Day To Remember has posted the third studio blog in an on-going series to promote its forthcoming studio album "What Separates Me From You." The new album is set for release on November 16, 2010 through Victory Records.

You can view the video below:

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As They Sleep Posts New Song Online

Detroit technical death metal band As They Sleep has posted a brand new track on their official MySpace page, which is titled “To the Republic”, taken from the band’s forthcoming Solid State Records debut, "Dynasty." “To the Republic” focuses on the issues surrounding the United States today, and builds upon the album’s conceptual focus on the rise and fall of empires throughout history.

A video blog, providing further insight into the new track, both lyrically and musically, can be seen below:

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