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Metal News for October 26, 2013

Last updated on August 17, 2017 at 6:03 PM ET

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Donuts Hole Posts Lyric Video

Spanish act Donuts Hole has released a new lyric video for the track "Dias en la Orilla," which can be found below and comes off the "Parodia de un Silencio" album. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here.

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A God Or An Other Releasing "Towers of Silence"

Experimental black metal band, A God or an Other, will debut the album "Towers of Silence" on a limited CD run through Seattle's Alive & Breathing Records.

The full-length is a collection of the group's first two EPs, re-recorded as a full three-piece outfit with proper production, including new songs never before released. You can now stream the album below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Synesthesia 11:31
2. From the Lowest Dungeon, to the Highest Peak 09:48
3. Not an Eye Was Left Open to Weep for the Dead 10:51
4. ...and All the World a Great Stained Altar Stone 11:35
5. Unbroken Reign of Glacial Death 04:23
6. Xibalba 07:51
7. Defiled Ossuary 06:55
8. Agate Passage 08:57 More...

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Inside The Contortionist with Guitarist Robby Baca

Expertly ducking in and out of the genres of jazz, djent, progressive, and death metal, The Contortionist continue to defy convention. Further, their live show is something akin to aggressive yoga in its measured smoothness. On the night of October 25th, they were to close out a 35-show tour with headliners Between The Buried and Me and fellow tour-mates The Faceless and The Safety Fire with one final show in Nashille, TN. (Read the full show report here.)

Shortly before the final show, Metal Underground was able to sit down with expert guitarist Robby Baca for an interview backstage at the venue. A very chill presence, Robby calmly explained some of his guitar and songwriting philosophies, as well as the dynamic that vocalist Michael Lessard has already started to bring to the band and the next record, which they will be working on in early 2014. More...

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Philip Anselmo Interview Available

Philip H. Anselmo sat down with Radio.com to discuss his debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only," what's up with Down, and how many songs he actually recorded with Black Sabbath's Tony Lommi.

The new video clip is part of Radio.com's celebration of metal throughout October. Check it out in the player below.

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Havok Missing Tonight's Little Rock Show

After missing last night's show in South Carolina due to a vehicle breakdown, Havok has now posted the following message about also missing tonight's tour date in Little Rock:

"Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that due to vehicle issues beyond our control, we WILL NOT make tonight's show in Little Rock, AK. We are so sorry and will try to make up the date next year!!"

Head over to the band's Facebook profile here for further updates on whether the band will appear as scheduled on upcoming tour dates. More...

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Steel Panther Answers Science Questions

As the band gears up for a third album release, Steel Panther has been posting a series of video clips online answering fan questions like, "why are some twins identical and others aren't?"

See the scientifically minded Panther provide their answers in the clip below, or check out the next video after the jump to see what the dangerously aroused rockers have to say about celebrities today.

The band will also release a new music video for "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World" on October 29th, 2013.


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Free Ride Releases New Music Video

Croatian metal act Free Ride has released a new video for the single "Santayana," which comes off the band's upcoming album "Venture," due out later this year.

The "Santayana" video features footage filmed during the band's 2013 summer European tour. Check it out below.

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Handout Streaming "Swamp Of Sorrow"

Hungarian band Handout has posted the track "Swamp of Sorrow" online, which comes off the "Keep Sinking" EP. Give the song a listen below, or find more info on Handout at the band's Facebook profile here.

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Bloodmoon Releases New Album

Bloodmoon has released the "Voidbound" album online, which was recorded in the Summer of 2013 by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA.

Check it out below, or buy your copy at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Voidbound 17:52
2. Back World 13:17
3. The Singing Flame 07:40 More...

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Gaped To Release New Album

Gaped will release new album "Murderous Inception" this coming Friday the 13th in December, 2013. You can hear the song "Realm Of Impurity" below, and Lacerated Enemy Records comments on signing the band:

"We are extremely proud to announce that Lacerated Enemy Records will be working with Australian death metal act Gaped!

"If you miss the good old days of well written death metal with tons of great ideas, awesome solos and greatly structured songs, then don´t look further... Gaped is here to bring you back to death metal reality!

"Gaped is a death metal band from Newcastle, Australia. With all music written and performed by Ryan Huthnance (The Seer, ex-Mortal Sin) and lyrics written by Shane Watts (Nekrology, ex-Osmium Grid), Gaped takes the straight forward, groove based approach to death metal heard in the work of bands such as Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse and Bolt Thrower etc." More...

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Apey And The Pea Streaming "The Devil's Nectar"

Apey and the Pea come from an unlikely background: founded in 2009, in Budapest, the band was originally known as Remembering The Steel - merely a Pantera tribute band.

Somewhere along the way, the trio began to smoke, jam and, write the songs that would later become Apey and the Pea.

Now the band is excited to announce the release of debut full-length "The Devil's Nectar." The album consists of 9-tracks that have been described as "Intronaut with Layne Staley on vocals and Down's rhythm section." Check it out below. More...

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Lodges Streaming "Walking On Hands And Knees"

Lodges will release the "Walking On Hands And Knees" 12" this coming December, and pre-orders are now available Straight & Alert Records here.

You can also now stream the full release below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Downward (3.16)
2. Wall (3.08)
3. Void/Vice (3.13)
4. Swarm (3.31)
5. Thrust (1.39)
6. Hole in the ears (Bonus Track) (2.46) More...

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Freya Offering Free Digital EP

In anticipation of the band's new full-length, "Paragon of the Crucible," New York's Freya has teamed with Revolver Magazine to offer a free four-song digital EP.

Entitled "Ghost Echoes," the EP features two songs taken from the forthcoming album, as well as two covers (Nirvana and Alice In Chains) exclusive to this EP. The release also features unique artwork, created by visual mastermind and guitarist Brendon Flynn. Grab "Ghost Echoes" right here.

Freya will be releasing "Paragon of the Crucible" on November 5th via Holy Mountain Music (North America) and Deadlight Entertainment (Europe). More...

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Theocracy Drummer To Miss Tour

Theocracy has posted the following message online about drummer Shawn Benson missing the band's upcoming tour dates:

"Only one week until our third European tour! Unfortunately Shawn won't be able to join us on this tour due to scheduling conflicts, but we're excited to announce that the talented Joshua Street will be joining us behind the drums.

"Joshua played with us at our last two shows and did a fantastic job, so it was only natural for us to ask him to fill in for the tour, and fortunately for us he was happy to step up to the challenge--thanks Josh!

"We are all so excited to see many familiar and new faces over the next few weeks, and we're honored to come back and play for you all...see you soon!!" More...

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Reconcera Streaming New EP

St. Charles, Missouri outfit Reconcera has released a new self-titled EP. The EP's songs can be heard below, or you can pick up a digital copy at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Road To Nowhere 01:48
2. Let This Be Your Voice 04:11
3. Captivity And Struggle 03:36
4. Out Of Darkness 03:49
5. Seconds Into Hours 03:55 More...

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BTBAM Tour Ends Heavy In Tennessee

Between The Buried and Me have done some crazy things, such as playing "Colors" live in its entirety and following the hour-long album with a second complete set of fan-picked favorites. They've also been selling bundles of their latest album, "The Parallax II: Future Sequence," that include a full-size BTBAM NASA-themed space suit. It's safe to say that the bar on what constitutes 'crazy' for this band is set rather high. For the whole 35-date tour, which had started on September 13th in North Carolina, the band decided to go full crazy again and perform "Future Sequence," their longest album to date, in its entirety.

Moreover, they were bringing a slew of other near-virtuoso-level bands with them to add even more moments of jaw-dropping to the mix for the show. The Faceless, modern kings of start-stop melodic death metal, The Contortionist, a band pushing the boundaries of metal as much as they push the boundaries of jazz and djent, and The Safety Fire, groove-centric prog lads from overseas, rounded out the lineup. These Herculean feats of skill were all to close out the tour in Nashville, TN on October 25th at The Cannery Ballroom. More...

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Battleaxe To Release "Burn This Town" Deluxe

Steamhammer/SPV will release a NWoBHM cult album this coming January 21st, 2014 in North America.

Battleaxe's "Burn This Town" will come in a digipak including bonus tracks and a new extended booklet with liner notes, track-by-track commentary, and completely new artwork. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ready To Deliver 03:02
2. Her Mama Told Her 03:44
3. Burn This Town 03:31
4. Dirty Rocker 03:28
5. Overdrive 04:23
6. Runnin` Outta Time 03:29
7. Battleaxe 03:40
8. Starmaker 02:55
9. Thor-Thunder Angel 03:44
10. Hands Off 04:36

Bonus Tracks BBC Radio 1 Session 1983
11. Ready To Deliver 03:18
12. Shout It Out 04:19
13. Mean Machine 04:29
14. Running Out Of Time 03:48

The current line-up consists of the original members Dave King (vocals) and Brian Smith (bass) as well as Mick Percy (guitar) and Paul Atkinson (drums). The new album "Heavy Metal Sanctuary," that was mastered by Fred Purser (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang), will be released in February 2014. More...

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Until Dawn Offering Track Download

Until Dawn has teamed up with SMNNews.com for a free download of the track "Roamers And Lurkers." Get your copy of the track right here.

The band released new album "Horizon" in August 2013, which can be heard via the player below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Roamers And Lurkers
2. Strings Of The Dammed
3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
4. Third Knee
5. This Fallen Fortress
6. A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
7. DNR
8. Time Tested Fortune
9. The Trial
10. Polar Parallels
11. Horizon More...

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VII Announces Album Release

Classic true metal band VII has announce the band's first full-length album release "Deadly Sins" is due out early December.

VII will be kicking off the band's live debut in St. Louis opening for occult metal masters Absu November 11th. You can hear VII's music in the widget below, or find more info at the band's official website. More...

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Mark Workman Releases Book On Tour Managing

Mark Workman has released a new book titled "One For The Road: How To Be A Music Tour Manager," which features a forward by Testament's Alex Skolnick.

The cover can be viewed below, and the following press release was also issued about the book:

"One for the Road: How to Be a Music Tour Manager is the first and only book on music tour management. As the music business continues to go through many dramatic changes, music groups are quickly discovering that in order to build and sustain a successful career they must stay on the road and do as many shows possible each year. Because of this, skilled tour managers for music groups are now needed more than ever.

"In One for the Road: How to Be a Music Tour Manager, author Mark Workman shows you how to become a tour manager for a music group in any genre of music; how to organize a music tour the right way; how to effectively complete one; and how to build your career as a music tour manager into a successful one. Written with an acerbic wit and brutal honesty, Mark Workman pulls no punches in telling you what it’s really like to tour the world with a famous music group.

"Mark Workman has been a successful tour manager and lighting designer in the music business since 1983. His list of past and present clients includes Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Machine Head, Danzig, Mudvayne, Dio, Queens of the Stone Age, Devildriver, Soulfly, Sepultura and many others.

"As a lighting designer, Mark Workman has designed high-impact lighting performances for many music tours, including the infamous Clash of the Titans (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Alice In Chains, & Suicidal Tendencies) in 1990/1991 and American Carnage 2010 (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax & Testament), as well as for many music videos and live DVDs such as Machine Head’s Elegies DVD filmed at Brixton Academy in London, Megadeth’s Rust In Peace Live DVD shot at the Hollywood Palladium, and Testament’s Dark Roots of Thrash Live DVD shot at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, NY.

"Mark Workman's upcoming memoir, Hunger For Hell, will be released in 2014." More...

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The Rinn Streaming New Single

Petersburg, Russia based female-fronted metal outfit The Rinn has released a new single. Check out the song "Voices From The Past" in the player provided below, or hear more from The Rinn at the band's Facebook profile here.

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Like Monroe Releases Lyric Video

Houston, Texas act Like Monroe has launched a brand new single titled "The Enemy." Check out the track's lyric video below.

"Every song for us has been about growth. We feel that we are writing our most thought provoking, yet inspiring music we have ever produced and we couldn’t be more proud," asserts lead singer Ty Johnson.

"Ultimately, there’s an important message at the heart of this music," says bassist Alex Lofton.

The music and the message are both delivered with impact and experience, "this is a band full of people who have fought for everything they have and a band of people who are encouraging other people to do the same," explains the bands guitarist and singer, Wade Concienne.

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Empire 21 Releases "All Is Lost" Music Video

Empire 21, featuring vocalist German Pascual (Ex-Narnia/Divinefire) and guitarist CJ Grimmark (Rob Rock/Ex-Narnia), posted the first taste of the band's upcoming, yet untitled, debut album. The video features the first single "All is Lost."

More information on the album is expected shortly. Check out the video here:

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