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Metal News for October 25, 2009

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Celebrant Recording New Album

Belgian satanic old school death/black metal band Celebrant is currently in the studio writing and recording their follow up album to the 2007 album “Spawn of Chaos." The new album will be titled "Thy Will Be Done" and is scheduled for release early next year through Trinity Records. "Thy Will Be Done" is being recorded in guitarist’s Geert Thaen’s own The Brotherhood Studio and will also be mixed and mastered by him. The cover artwork is being done by Dirk of Hardbringer Design.

“Thy Will Be Done” will mark the first recorded effort with new drummer Olivier Smeets. He replaced Mark Van Der Velde who left the band right after they finished recording “Spawn of Chaos." Here’s what their vocalist Pierke has to say about their upcoming album: “The new album will be more melodic and will have some black metal influence as well but the fast parts will still be there. It will be different to our previous recorded efforts but it will be still undeniably Celebrant."

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Virus Issues Studio Update

Norwegian metallers Virus have issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Hi all. Thought we'd give you a little heads-up on the studio progress. We have so far spent two days in Amper Tone, the same studio we used on The Black Flux, with Bård Ingebrigtsen once again at the rodder. We have recorded drums for 10 songs, and we have 3 more to go before Czral will start laying down his alien strings. He will spend about a week doing that before going with Plenum to Fias Co for bass implements. When the basic tracks are down, we will take a break from the studio for a while to get some words on paper and give those vocal chords a little exercise. Singing and mixing will then ensue, and the final result should be within your reach sometime in the autumn of 2010. Some song titles:

"The Continental Drift, Portrayed in the Sediments, Red Sand Choir, Long Distance Corridors, Chromium Sun, The Agent that Shapes the Desert, Parched Rapids, Dead Cities of Syria, The Fever Maze, Siberian Traps, Unheard of, Shutout (Walker Brothers cover)

"Everything is of course subject to change (only 5% of the lyrics actually exist at this point). There are in total 13 tracks, but we have not yet decided if we'll include them all on the album. We might leave one or two out, and use them as lp bonus tracks or something. Album title is not decided 100% yet, we have a working title that we might use if nothing better comes to us. More...

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Arkayic Revolt Signs To Punishment 18 Records

Canadian thrash metal band Arkayic Revolt has announced the signing to Punishment 18 Records. Their upcoming album, "Death's River," will be recorded at The Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada and will be released in the beginning of 2010.

The tracklisting for "Death's River" is as follows:

01. Blood Will Follow Blood
02. From Hell
03. Cohesive Disembodiment
04. Operation Overlord
05. Feed Them Fire
06. Maelstrom
07. Wrath of Poseidon
08. Dig Your Own Grave
09. Beware The Nothing
10. Death's River

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Crimson Falls Parts With Guitar Player

Crimson Falls has issued the following announcement about parting ways with their guitarist:

"Crimson Falls decided to part ways with guitar player Ringo Van Dingenen. A hard decision to take as Ringo was with us from the start of the band 7,5 years ago and on a personal level Ringo and the rest of the band still got along well. However; Ringo’s personal life made it impossible for him to invest the necessary time and effort in the band for quite some time already, which made this decision inevitable if we wanted to keep the band running on the same pace. We thank Ringo for everything he did for CF over the years and won’t forget all the good times we shared.

"Meanwhile we welcome Jeroen Foré as our new guitar player. Jeroen already played in several bands such as Catafalque & Wretched Vixen and he is currently starting up a new project band called Strich.Nine together with members of Spoil Engine, Morda, Cypher & Polluted Inheritance. Jeroen was the obvious choice for us as he already rehearsed with us regularly over the past 1,5 years and he already replaced Ringo on 6 shows in that period. As he is a very talented guitar player we are looking forward to start working on new material together with him. Jeroen already played with us last Friday at ‘t Zaaltje in Morkhove. We are currently working on new shows and new (weekend-)tours so watch out for that."

A video clip of Crimson Falls performing with their new guitarist can be viewed below. More...

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Stygia Issues Studio Update

Pittsburgh metal band Stygia has issued the following studio update:

"I guess it is time for another news update? Well, everything is recorded except for the guitar tracks. I've finally improved my studio equipment, so I'm taking the time to make sure the guitar tone will be just right. It seems your best bet is recording with a DI box, then you can test multiple rigs to make sure you get the ultimate shred tone. ha ha I plan on finishing all guitars by the end of next month, then will send everything to my mixing engineer. I cannot guarantee a date on anything, because the mixing and mastering process may take a long time. Then there will be more negotiations for the album distribution, promotion, etc... As you can imagine, it gets quite hectic handling all these things on your own." More...

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Zero Degrees Freedom Posts Band Update

Tasmania’s Zero Degrees Freedom have posted an updates on their MySpace concerning band member activities and injuries.

“First and foremost, as some of you have already heard; Popey has decided to move on from his bass role in ZDF to concentrate on other projects, as such, we will not be performing live for a little while. Chris has been with the band since its formation in 2003, and we wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

“Writing has been progressing nicely, although slightly hindered by my foolishly obtaining yet ANOTHER fairly serious arm injury (a fractured olecranon this time, google it if you want the gory details) which has seen me off guitar for 6 weeks and counting….although I should be getting back into things soon.

“While we have yet to decide our next move in terms of the bass role, if you feel you are up to the challenge, feel free to shoot us a message.”

For more information on the band, and to check out their music, visit their MySpace page.

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Huldrefolk Posts Studio Footage

Huldrefolk has posted footage online of their time in the studio recording their upcoming album "Morbide Elite," which can be viewed below. The album is set for release in November via Iron Age Records. The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. Lijkenkarren
2. Koudvuurhaard
3. Kauwakkers
4. Rotkreupel
5. Wevenaar van lijkenwaden
6. Ravenkringen
7. Beschimpt
8. Haatkiemen
9. Grafhaatschrift
10. Klaagzang der flagellant More...

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Anima Infernalis Reveals New Album Details

Italian black metal act Anima Infernalis have announced their upcoming full-length album will be titled "Walk In The Perdition Of A Lost World." Three songs from the album are available for streaming at the band's official MySpace page.

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. Something Went Wrong (Intro) (0.40)
2. A World Enslaved (2.46)
3. Awakening (2:11)
4. Empty Life (5.23)
5. Endless Misanthropy (5.48)
6. Hanging By A Thread (3.00)
7. Last Harvest (3.20)
8. No Salvation (3.17)
9. People Die (1.33)
10. Sadistic Demons (1.33)
11. Without A Soul (14.00)
12. Sacred Seal (Outro) (0.39)

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5 Billion Dead Posts New Live Video Online

Orlando metal band 5 Billion Dead has posted a live video of the song, "Can't Save Me," on MySpace. The video features the live debut of the band's new vocalist, Chuck Boyer. More...

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Gwydion Updates Tour Schedule

Portuguese folk metallers Gwydion are currently recording a new album which is set to be released in March 2010 through SMP/Trollzorn Records. A video clip of their recording sessions can be viewed below.

Gwydion's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

12/13 Vimaranes Metallvm Fest III PT, Guimarães
12/19 Silent Night-Christmas Metal Fest PT, São Pedro do Sul
7/24 2010 East Riding Rock Festival 2010 UK, Beverley - Northeast More...

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Onward To Olympas Signs To Facedown Records

ONWARD TO OLYMPAS recently signed to Facedown Records. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, their debut album “This World Is Not My Home” was recorded with Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, For Today) and will be released on Facedown on January 19, 2010. You can check out a couple songs from the album at the band's MySpace.

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Kreetur Offering Demo As Free Download

Canadian metallers Kreetur are currently offering their new demo "King of Death" as a free download. The demo tracks can be found at this location. The track listing for the demo is as follows:

1. Facade(intro)
2. King of Death
3. Funestre Désir
4. Evoking Thy Serpent
5. Morbid Cold(ft. Valentyme)
6. My Darkest Poetry
7. The Count is Free
8. Medieval Journey
9. 9 Octobre
10. Christians Made us Look like Fools
11. The Death of a King

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Slodust Prepares To Enter The Studio

Sweden's Slodust has announced they will be entering the studio in December to record new material. The band has issued the following statement about the new album:

"We think it's going to be 7-10 new trax, and let me tell you, its going to be the best music anyone of us have ever done. It has taken more then 2 years to complete this, but NOW we see the beautiful black light in the horizon, this is going to be our masterpiece so far, no question about that. All of us in Slo really looking forward to give this new music to you guys, And you will NOT be disappointed. In other news, its gonna be webisodes when its time for the studio, so keep youre eyes open, more infos coming."

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An Interview with Nornagest of Enthroned

Belgian horde Enthroned is a group that has clung limpet like to the potent barrel of old school black metal since their inception in 1994. However, unlike many of their peers who faded into dusty carbon copies of the quintessential second wave black metal sound, Enthroned continued to taper and weld their lethal assault utilising tight execution and razor sharp technicality to create an aural barrage of ear drum pricking astringency. Recently, I caught up with Nornagest to probe deep into the new album, "Pentagrammaton," set for release early next year on Regain Records. More...

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Sickening Horror Recruits New Guitarist

Greek metallers Sickening Horror have issued the following statement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"We are proud to announce that the band has a new member. Our new guitarist is Andreas Karayiannis. It has been so long since we last utilized double guitar attack, so now we're back on track! We have already done a show together and the guitar sound was massive on stage and this can surely be held for our future recordings as well. So, on our upcoming tour in Russia, we'll be spreading the sickness on the road as a 4-piece!"

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Cannabis Corpse Video Footage Available

Video footage has been posted online by Capital Chaos of Cannabis Corpse performing at the Javalounge in Sacramento on October 23rd. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Beneath The Massacre Gearing Up For Tour

Beneath the Massacre has issued the following statement about preparing for their upcoming North American tour alongside The Faceless and Dying Fetus:

"We are pleased to announce the dates of our next american tour with The Faceless, Dying fetus, Annotations of an Autopsy & Enfold Darkness. The Planetary Depravity Tour will hit the US and a few Canadian dates (Toronto, Montreal & Quebec City) from November 20th to december 15th. We invite everyone to come to what should be an awesome tour with tons of talents and enough groove to dislocate your neck. It might as well be the last tour in US territory for us in a while. We started to write material that should be released in 2010 on Prosthetic records. More details on this release should be announced soon.

"On a totally different subject, let it be known that Beneath the Massacre now get annihilated exclusively with Jager. Jokes aside; their awesome and we thank them for their amazing support! Oh yeah, and we now have a Twitter account. Check it out for updates! And for the people of Quebec, don't forget that we will be part of this year's Trois-Rivieres Metal fest with tons of awesome bands! November 13th and 14th: check it out!"

Beneath the Massacre's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Borknagar Posts Studio Recording Footage

Borknagar are set to release their new album "Universal" on February 22nd, 2010 via Indie Recordings. The band has posted the second in a series of video clips showing their time in the studio recording the album, which can be viewed below. More...

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Hellbastard To Release Two Albums

U.K. metallers Hellbastard have announced they will be releasing both the "Eco-War" mini-CD and the full album "The Need to Kill" tomorrow, October 26th 2009. Hellbastard recently finished a string of U.S. tour dates, and samples of their music can be found at this location.

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Pantheon I Issues Road Report

Pantheon I has issued the following road report from their current European tour:

"Our blog is not working at the moment, so I will leave a note here to let you know we are still alive.

"Bus brakedown #1: A lot has happened since the last time we checked in. First, the bus broke daown in Leipzig. We had to spend the night at a hotel while the bus was being fixed, which was actually a nice break. Sleeping in a big bed and having the hotel breakfast. Althoug some of the guys stayed up drinking and having a food fight in the hotel room in stead of recharging the batteries...

"Bus brakedown #2: The next day we waited outside the venue in Leipzig for hours before the bus was finally fixed and we were already behind schedule when leaving Leipzig. But guess what. the bus broke down again on the highway, half way to Kassel. So there we were, stuck at a truckstop for hours. Finally a passanger bus came and picked us up and we just made it to Kassel when the local support was finished. We had to go straight on without soundcheck, but it was ok and a good crowd. More...

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Chthonic Video Interview Available

A new video interview has been posted online with Chthonic bassist Doris Yeh, which was conducted by Dark Lord Bunnykins on October 21st. The video clip of the interview can be viewed below. More...

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Agent Steel Posts Recording Footage

Agent Steel has posted footage from their time in the studio in North Hollywood, California recording a new demo. The video clip of the studio recording session can be viewed below. More...

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Pitchblack Recording New Album

Danish metallers Pitchblack have entered Earplug Studio in Copenhagen to record their new album "The Devilty." The album will be mixed by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick of it all, Mnemic). A video blog of Pitchblack's time in the recording studio can be viewed below. More...

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Metallica Ups Reward For Info About Missing Fan

CBS News has reported that Metallica is adding $50,000 to the current $100,000 reward for information about the location of Morgan Dana Harrington, who went missing after a recent Charlottesville show. Excerpts from the story follow:

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said Friday the FBI will be able to investigate tips from around the country in the disappearance of 20-year-old Morgan Dana Harrington of Roanoke.

Harrington's father, Dan Harrington, told "Early Show Saturday Edition" co-anchor Erica Hill investigators were to meet with him and his wife, Gil Harrington, on Saturday to bring them up-to-date on the search for their daughter.

Her purse and cell phone were found by a passer-by in the parking lot between the arena and an athletic field, authorities say. Virginia State police say there was no sign of any type of struggle in the area. Harrington's father. Dan Harrington, told Hill his "co-workers have raised $100,000 for a reward, and actually, just yesterday, I received a call from Metallica and they're working on increasing that to $150,000." Police are asking anyone with information to call the Morgan Harrington Tip Hotline at (434) 352-3467. There is also more information at a Web site, findmorgan.com.

Read the full article at CBS News.

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Evile Creates Bassist Memorial Website

Evile have set up a memorial website for their bassist Michael Alexander, who recently passed away while on tour with Amon Amarth. The memorial site can be found here. Evile also issued the following statement about the website:

"We wanted a definite place which people could visit to commemorate, remember and celebrate Mike. Thank you so much from all of Evile and Mike's family for all the support. It really means alot. We'll be posting news regarding any benefit shows for Mike on the site, and also thanks to UKthrash.co.uk people can donate direct to Mike's family, as well as send tributes, flowers etc to the family via our management. We're hoping to arrange two very special memorial nights for Mike, so please keep an eye out (not literally out of it's socket). Please leave your messages for Mike's family and friends in the condolences section, and send any Mike pictures you have to the address on the site. Thank you to Hayley, Kathy Waters, Chris Wordsworth, Talita Jenman and Julie Weir for all the help getting this site going."

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Leaves' Eyes Gearing Up For Tour Dates

Leaves' Eyes will be embarking on the "Beauty and the Beast" tour in November alongside Atrocity, Elis, Stream of Passion, and Sirenia. Leaves' Eyes issued the following statement about the tour:

"The preparations for the Beauty and the Beast Tour are in full swing and we all are looking forward to finally start the tour. It will be very exciting for us to perform the vehemence and energy of the new songs from 'Njord' for the very first time. These songs are fun to play and demand full concentration and power from the whole band. Some songs are real beasts according to the title for this tour, haha. Of course there will be well known songs in the set list such as 'Farewell Proud Men' but we also want to focus on the 'Njord' songs. Our premiere for the new show will be in a few days, on the 31.11.2009 in Triora/Italy! ELIS are old friends of us and together with SIRENIA and STREAM OF PASSION, people can expect an opulent spectacle with this tour package. Let the games begin!"

Atrocity also commented on the upcoming tour: "We are all looking forward to this tour, which is a great opportunity to see us performing a pure WERK 80 show. Of course there's dancers and we will be playing songs from both WERK 80 albums! It's a real pity that Alla cannot be with us and we all wish her the best to recover as soon as possible! We also gonna meet many friends on this very interesting, international Festival package! How often do you have the opportunity to watch LEAVES' EYES, ATROCITY, SIRENIA, ELIS and STREAM OF PASSION live on stage in one single night? So don't miss this BEAUTY & THE BEAST festival, see you on tour hopefully soon!"

The currently confirmed dates for the tour are as follows: More...

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Dave Mustaine Comments On New Radio Show

As was previously reported, Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine now has his own online radio channel. Mustaine issued the following statement regarding fan comments of the show:


"Thank you all for your feedback. I am talking to the station guys for my show today and next week we'll be making some slight adjustments. I have read the entire thread and am closing it so that I can read next weeks thread and be able to keep up with you crazy Droogies! Start a new one, and keep the suggestions coming, and you can always call me too. I am so happy that I am with you all day and all night long now. You know how much I love you all (even the assholes).

"Some of the answers to your posts are:

"I will check out what songs were added, and in many bands cases, we got it right. Sometimes there are going to be stinkers, and I will make adjustments as I go. Remember though, we are playing zingers too, and that means that just because a song is here, I don't necessarily like it - it just had something to do with my life. EXAMPLE: ‘I was made for loving you’ - KISS is played because that was the last song I heard by KISS as a fan. After that one I quit them, which helped me understand the fan backlash from Bud Prager's failed attempt to break us with ‘Crush 'em’. More...

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Daggers Signs To Anchors Aweigh, Posts New Song

Anchors Aweigh Records recently announced the signing of Belgian hardcore band DAGGERS. The band's debut full-length, "Along The Acheron," was recorded with Ben Philips

With this release the band is ready to take the next step up, a life dedicated to being on the road throughout Europe and Daggers will tour as much as possible to promote their debut.

A new song called "I owe you nothing" is up on Anchors Aweigh's MySpace player and Daggers MySpace page.

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Mustasch Updates Touring Schedule

Sweden's Mustasch has updated their tour schedule with the following dates:

10/30 Valhall Skövde (S)
10/31 Conventum Örebro (S)
11/3 Klubi Tampere (SF)
11/4 Klubi Turku (SF)
11/5 Tavastia Helsinki (SF)
11/6 Teatria Oulu (SF)
11/7 Rytmikorjaamo Seinäjoki (SF)
11/13 Bandit Boat 8, Silja Galaxy Stockholm (S)
11/25 John Dee Oslo (N)
11/26 Garage Bergen (N)
12/10 Pumpehuset Copenhagen (DK)
12/11 Voxhall Aarhus (DK)
12/12 Studenterhuset Aalborg (DK)
1/29 2010 Baltiska Hallen Malmö (S)

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Rose Funeral To Tour with Vader

Cincinnati, Ohio's Rose Funeral is continuing their endless touring schedule with more shows in support of "The Resting Sonata." This November, they'll be linking up with death metal legends, Vader, for dates in the Midwest and east coast. The dates wrap up at the legendary Trocadaro in Philadelphia, PA. "The Resting Sonata" was released on January 20th, 2009.

Here are the Rose Funeral tour dates with Vader:

11/06 Hartford, CT Webster Underground
11/07 New York, NY The Blender Theatre at Gramercy
11/08 Fredericksburg, VA Golden Monkey Tattoo
12/04 Johnson City, TN Stage 5
12/05 Tulsa, OK Marquee
12/06 San Antonio, TX Scout Bar
12/07 Houston, TX Scout Bar
12/08 Nashville, TN The Muse
12/09 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
12/10 Virginia Beach, VA Gil's Bar and Grill
12/11 Raleigh, NC Volume 11
12/12 Cheswick, PA Ches-A-Rena
12/13 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadaro

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Sunday Old School: At The Gates

This week in Sunday Old School we return to the 90's, having revisited the late 1960's and early 70's with Black Sabbath, Budgie, and Blue Cheer. While the 90's are less than twenty years ago, can you imagine a time before melodic death metal and even metalcore cannibalized the same melodeath riffs over and over ad nauseum? Enough said. Nearly twenty years ago, Swedish band At The Gates formed and soon helped popularized a new sound called melodic death metal, which was largely associated with Gothenburg scene due to the efforts of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity around the same time. The imitators have been many and in recent years the line between melodic death metal and melodic metalcore has blurred so much that it is often difficult to tell the difference between the two.

At the Gates did not remain together for even a decade, but their impact on the metal landscape has been enormous. The band remained entrenched in the underground as their first few albums suffered from 80's quality (read: low) production. It was not until 1996's "Slaughter of the Soul" that had significantly better production and was released by Earache Records that the band started to break into the mainstream a little more. After their breakup, drummer Adrian Erlandsson, bassist Jonas Björler, and guitarist Anders Björler went on to form The Haunted, while Lindberg has been in bands such as The Crown, Lock Up, Nightrage, The Great Deceiver and Disfear.

Newer metalheads can check out At The Gates to see where so many modern bands have drawn their influences from.

The video below is a live track lifted from the 2008 reissue of the classic album "Slaughter Of The Soul" that comes with a bonus DVD. The DVD features a recently unearthed live show filmed in Krakow Poland in 1995. More videos follow after the jump.

At The Gates Live In Poland 1995

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