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Metal News for October 22, 2011

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Outrage Announces "Go To Hell" Release

The 6th full-length album of the German black/thrash metal veterans Outrage, titled "Go To Hell," will be available on October 28th at Hammer Of Doom festival in Wuerzburg (Germany). "Go To Hell" consists of songs written by Outrage in the band's early days, between 1983 and 1987. Metal on Metal Records commented on the release:

"This raw, primitive (but not sloppy) old school metal album is a throwback to their roots and was recorded last summer with a lot of the original equipment, effects and techniques they used back then. If you are a fanatic of '80s thrash and first wave of black metal (not the kind of black metal that came later, grim, with blast beats and screechy vocals and especially NOT the symphonic style) and you love bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER, early CELTIC FROST and SODOM or FLAMES, this album of OUTRAGE is an essential addition to your collection!

Here's what Udo "The Bringer of Doom" (band's founder, songwriter and guitarist) had to say: "Recording those same old songs which I had probably played more than a hundred times was absolutely exciting to me. During the recording there was a strange voice inside my head (I think it was Jowita's voice) saying 'play the songs the way they deserve.' So I did. And the more I played them, the better they got... the spark still flies!"

You can check out two songs from "Go To Hell" through the Metal on Metal Records website. The track listing is as follows:

1. Rigor Mortis
2. Go To Hell
3. Into The Abyss Of Belial
4. Astaroth
5. Perseus Rules
6. Infernal Recruit
7. The Inner Contract
8. Hot On The Trail
9. Slave Trader
10. Pact Of The Wicked
11. Refugee To Beyond
12. Black Metal Attack More...

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Derelict Explains Recording Drums

Derelict has checked in with the following blog update about laying down drum tracks:

"Hey guys, it’s Jordan here to talk about the process I use to prepare for laying down my drum tracks in the studio.

"When I first learn a Derelict song, I go section by section and come up with a beat for each one. Usually I’ll have a general idea of what I want, and then I’ll spend a bit of time making sure I can play it tightly. It can happen though that I come up with a beat in my mind that I can’t even play in reality. In those cases, I’ll break the rhythm down and play each hand and each foot separately until I can play each respective part on it’s own. Then I’ll put them together one by one. For example, I’ll learn the pattern I’ll be playing with my right hand. Then I’ll learn the left hand pattern separately, then put the two together. I’ll do the same thing for my feet and play every combination of hand and foot until I’m ready to put all four patterns together. I use this practice method primarily for complex poly-rhythms that require a lot of limb separation.

"At this point I’ve learned all the songs that are to be recorded for our next album. My main focus now is going back over all of them, making sure all the parts work and that I can play them perfectly. I’m also going over all the parts that seem uninspired or lacking in some way and beefing them up or rewriting them until I’m happy with them. When they’re up to speed I’ll be shooting videos of each one and putting them up on our Youtube channel periodically after the album comes out.

"I’ve spent a lot of time on the parts for this record, and I’m hitting the studio in mid November. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it! Here’s Jordan’s drum video playlist."

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Militia Posts New Song Online

Militia has posted a new song online, which can be heard in the player below. The band also commented:

"Here is the first song from our upcoming album 'Strength And Honor.' The song is called 'And The Gods Made War.' The album will be out by the end of the year."

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Sabaton Video Interview Available

Rock My Monkey has posted a video interview online online with Sabaton, which can be viewed in the clip below. In other Sabaton news, bassist Pär Sundström has been sitting out the band's North American shows due to a knee injury. Details are available at this location.

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Pain Of Salvation Splits With Johan Hallgren

Pain of Salvation has issued the following announcement about Johan Hallgren deciding to leave the band:

"After 13 years in the band, Johan Hallgren has decided to leave Pain of Salvation to focus on his daughter and wife. He will not leave music altogether, but plans to work with music in a way that allows him to stay at home with his family in Sweden. That means that the band's upcoming Nov/Dec tour together with Opeth will be his last. He will of course be sadly missed, both musically and personally, and very difficult to replace. So, if you know someone who sings and plays the crap out of basically anyone, send him or her our way - we might just have a thing or two to discuss."

Johan also added, "I'm leaving the band with both joy and sadness. I need to stay close to my daughter and my child-to-come, they will be my greatest concern along with my wife. I will miss everyone I've met during the years, and the band will continue to have a warm place in my heart. So finally, treat yourself and all that surrounds you with respect, and stay with POS - the greatest band on the planet! Sorry if I disappoint you, I miss you already!"

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Within Temptation Posts New Tour Video Blog

Within Temptation has posted the sixth installment of an ongoing video series documenting the band's European tour, which is currently in progress.

In this clip, the group celebrates a crew member's birthday, shows off a really nice backstage area somewhere in France, and attends a signing with fans. Check out the footage below. You can also check out the band's last video blog here.

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0 X í S T Posts Album Trailer Online

A teaser trailer for the 0 X í S T debut album "Nil" is now online and can be found below. The teaser includes 50 second samples of tracks which will be included on the album. The release date for "Nil" has yet to be announced. You can also find further details on the band via MySpace.

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Tyrants Streaming New Tracks

Italian black/thrash metal act Tyrants has posted several new songs online for streaming. Head over to the band's Facebook profile or MySpace music page to check out the following newly uploaded tracks:

Beyond Death

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Destroy All Perfection Offering Album For Free

Mexican death metal act Destroy All Perfection is currently offering the band's self-titled album as a free download. Head over to the Destroy All Perfection website at this location to snag the tracks. You can also hear the opening track "Red Queen" in the player below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Red Queen
2. The Prophecy
3. Ek Chuah
4. Worthless Existence
5. The Throne of Jade Part 1
6. The Throne of Jade Part 2
7. Ushif
8. Surrender More...

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Alcoholator Streaming New Album

Montreal thrashers Alcoholator are currently streaming the entire new "Coma" album online. To check out the tracks from the release, head over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Intoxication 101
2. Alcoholator
3. Catastrophic Violence
4. Abduction
5. Pounding Metal (Exciter Cover)
6. The Chamber
7. Liquid Thrash
8. Drink Beer... Or Die Trying
9. Break The Wall
10. Wasted (All The Time)

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Lich King Reveals New Album Title And Artwork

Lich King has posted a video teaser clip online showcasing the title and artwork for the band's upcoming fourth album. You can check out the "Born of the Bomb" teaser clip in the player below, or head over to the band's Facebook profile for more information.

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Autopsy Re-Recording Demo Track

Autopsy is currently holed up at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA to record material for the upcoming "All Tomorrow's Funerals" release. The band commented on re-recording old material:

"We will be dusting this song off and recording it next week as a bonus along with two new tracks for 'All Tomorrows Funerals.' It was on our first demo back in 1987."

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Abalam Offering Free Song Download

U.K. black metal act Abalam is currently offering the track "From the Shadow of a Thousand Trees (Komars' Song)" as a free download. You can snag the track in the widget below, or by heading over to the Abalam Reverbnation page. The song is taken off Abalam's "Digging a Grave For Mankind" release.


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Martyr Lucifer Reveals Album Details

Martyr Lucifer, the new project from the Hortus Animae vocalist of the same name, has issued the following update about the release for the "Farewell to Graveland" album:

"Audioglobe distribution stated that the release date on the Italian territory has been anticipated to October the 24th, check your local stores soon!

"The digital worldwide release remains set on November the 7th via Believe Digital (that includes iTunes and many other platforms), while in the UK will be December the 5th via Code7. More release dates yet to be announced."

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Mysteriarch Signs With Razed Soul

North Carolina act Mysteriarch has checked in with the following announcement about signing with Razed Soul Productions and finishing the recording of a new album:

"We are proud to announce our recent signing with record label Razed Soul Productions. They have already released our debut full-length album 'The Majestic Fall' via professional CD. (Limited to 1000 copies.) Copies can be ordered through Ominous Domain distro here.

"Our second full-length album Mournful Embrace of Aeons has finally finished being recorded and will see a professional digipak release (limited to 1000 copies) via Razed Soul Productions by the end of this year."

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Spacegoat Releases New Track

Female fronted stoner doom band Spacegoat from Monterrey, Mexico will be releasing a new EP titled "Thin Line." The band is streaming a few tracks from it on it's MySpace page and just posted the title track on YouTube. More...

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Metal Videos To Get You In The Halloween Mood 2

Somehow humanity managed to avoid the apocalypse yet again yesterday, but just because a zombie Armageddon or nuclear holocaust didn’t occur doesn’t mean anybody has to get out of the proper Halloween mood. We already took a tour through some of the most over-the-top and bombastic horror themed videos last week, so this time around we’ll head into a bit darker territory. Today let’s give the devil and all his children their proper due…

Opeth – “The Devil’s Orchard”

One of the best cuts off Opeth’s latest album “Heritage” and among the best clips in a history of less-than-stellar music videos from the Swedish titans, “The Devil’s Orchard” may be a tale of the devil ascending to rule the world while bringing madness and terror in his wake. Or it might be about a dude in bell bottoms who only listens to vinyl going on a crazy acid trip. But whatever, it’s got the vibe of an old school devil flick, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.


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Impale To Split With Drummer

Evergreen Park, IL based act Impale has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with drummer Phil Messina:

"Hey guys this is Phil. The band and I have been talking for the past few weeks, and I want to announce my intentions. I plan on playing the remaining shows for till the end of the year, possibly recording a few songs, and as of 2012 I will no longer be the drummer for Impale. I've decided I want to move on and try new things in my life, but that does not mean the band is finished.

"They are wanting to start auditioning new drummers as soon as possible, and continue to dominate the Chicago metal scene. I love all these guys, all of them are still my best friends, and I am not done supporting them. I am also by far NOT done with playing music or metal. I just want to see where life takes me, and try new things.

"Thank you to everyone who came and checked me out with this awesome and amazing band for the past 10ish years (yup that long!). Thank you to my best friends, the band, for making me grow as a musician and giving me opportunities that will stay with me forever. IF IT WASN'T FOR IMPALE, I WOULD NOT BE PLAYING MUSIC! Please still support them, support the scene, and audition for them. See you at the last few shows!

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Structures Releases Album Teaser Trailer

Canadian band Structures has posted a second teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming new album "Divided By," which is available in the clip below.

The band's debut album "Divided By" is set for release on October 24th, 2011 via Sumerian Records. For more info on the album you can check out the previous teaser trailer here, or head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Polygraphist Posts Teaser Clip

Buffalo, NY's Polygraphist has posted a short teaser clip online featuring new music the band is working on. You can check out the clip below, or find more info on Polygraphist via Facebook.

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