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Metal News for October 2, 2011

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Interview with Jeff Morgan of Rwake

Rwake has just released their first album in four years. The album is already getting great reviews to the delight of fans everywhere who have been waiting for this record for longer than the band intended. I had a chance to talk to drummer Jeff Morgan before Rwake sets out on a short tour to talk about "Rest" and how it relates to America today. More...

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Noctum Posts Performance Footage Online

Sweden's Noctum has posted footage online of the band performing "Serpent Bride" live at Blue Soul festival in Germany. You can check out the performance clip in the player below.

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Sworn To Oath Announces "Leave You For Dead" Tour

U.K. based act Sworn to Oath has announced the dates for the upcoming "Leave You For Dead" tour, which takes in place in October/November. You can check out a teaser trailer for the "Leave You For Dead" EP below, along with the listing of currently announced tour dates.

30 - Barfly - Camden

04 - The George - Andover
06 - The End - Birmingham
08 - The D & P - Preston
09 - Snooty Fox - Wakefield
10 - Riverside Bar - Selby
11 - Bannermans - Edinburgh
12 - Gasworks - Bradford FREE SHOW
13 - The Duchess - York
17 - Hollywood & Vine - Hull
18 - The Old Bell - Derby
19 - The Vault - Rugby
25 - The Box - Crewe
26 - Vudu - Birmingham
27 - The Hydrant - Brighton

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Dragonsclaw Posts New Album Sampler

Traditional power metal metal band Dragonsclaw has uploaded an album promo featuring samples from all 10 tracks off the upcoming debut album "Prophecy." You can check out the sampler below.

"Prophecy" features guest vocals from Blaze Bayley (Iron maiden / Wolfsbane) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edens Curse/Edge OF Forever). An official release date for the album is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Endless Coma Posts New Lyric Video

Alternative metal act Endless Coma has posted a lyric video online for the new single "D.N.A. (Destroy New Angels)," which is taken from the band's upcoming album "Rising Rage." You can listen to the song in the player below. "Rising Rage" sees release on November 11th, 2011, and you can also find a trailer for the album here.

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Road's End Streaming New Song Teaser

Novy (former bassist of Behemoth and Vader) recently recruited Against The Plagues' drummer Varyen to help him complete the rhythm section for the new project Road's End. The band is now streaming a song sample online titled "All Roads End," which can be heard in the player below. For more details on Road's End, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Modern Day Babylon Posts New Song "Shivers"

Czech Republic act Modern Day Babylon has posted a new song online titled "Shivers" in collaboration with the Djentlemen's Club fan site. You can check out the track below, or find a preview of Modern Day Babylon's upcoming album by heading over here.

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Sunday Old School: Machine Head

Who says gang violence is restricted to rap music? If it weren’t for a fight between a local gang and Californian thrash metal band Vio-Lence, we may have never heard Machine Head, for it was this incident that inspired guitarist Robb Flynn to leave the group and form one of his own. Joining forces with bassist Adam Duce, drummer Tony Costanza and Canadian guitar player Logan Mader, the collective soon named themselves, Machine Head simply because, as Flynn states, "It sounded cool." Before long, they found themselves signed to Roadrunner Records, after a label representative heard the band’s demo tape which had been recorded in a friend’s bedroom. Costanza was soon replaced by Chris Kontos and Machine Head recorded their first album, "Burn My Eyes." The album was a success, reaching the top forty in albums charts in such countries as Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom and selling over 400,000 copies, a record for Roadrunner at the time. After supporting Slayer in Europe, the band found that they had become popular enough to head back to the continent and headline the same venues for themselves.

Following the tours, the group once again replaced the man behind the drum kit, this time bringing in German drummer Dave McClain, who had spent some time with American thrashers Sacred Reich. This new formation gave birth to Machine Head’s sophomore album, "The More Things Change," which was released in 1997 and entered the Billboard album charts at number 138. Machine Head then had the honour of participating in the first Ozzfest tour, during which they fired Mader after a backstage incident, replacing him with Ahrue Luster. They followed "The More Things Change" with perhaps their most controversial album to date, "The Burning Red." The record polarised critics and fans alike, who were unsure at best about certain musical aspects, including rapping vocals and an image change which saw some ridiculous outfits and hair cuts. Despite these factors, the album is currently the band’s second highest seller in the United States and the album’s inclusion of "Message In A Bottle" (originally by The Police) is considered by many to be one of the best versions of the song.

The criticism continued when the band released, "Supercharger" on October 2nd 2001. Musically, it was a continuation of "The Burning Red" and resulted in a feud between the band and Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who claimed after the album’s release that Machine Head had sold out. Although it sold quite well, the "Supercharger" years weren’t too kind to the band either, as the promotional video for the song, "Crashing Around You" was banned by radio stations owing to the recent 9/11 attacks, it was for this same reason that the music video for the song was also banned from being aired on MTV. The group took exception to this and left Roadrunner Records, touring in support of the album by their own means and without the support from a record label. The tour produced the live album, "Hellalive," which was released through Roadrunner to fulfil a contractual obligation. They then suffered another blow when Luster left the group, joining Ill Nino soon after. Machine Head were unable to attract any interest from other record labels in the United States, but were still signed to Roadrunner in Europe, through which they released their fifth album, "Through The Ashes Of Empires," now with new guitarist (and Vio-lence founder and long time friend of Flynn) Phil Demmel in tow. More...

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Mystic Prophecy Reveals New Album Art

Mystic Prophecy is set to release the new album "Ravenlord" on November 25th, 2011 via Massacre Records. The band has now revealed the cover artwork for the album, which can be viewed below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ravenlord
2. Die Now
3. Eyes Of The Devil
4. Cross Of Lies
5. Hollow
6. Wings Of Destiny
7. Endless Fire
8. Damned Tonight
9. Reckoning Day
10. Miracle Man (Ozzy cover)
11. Back With The Storm


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ZmuuG Streaming New Track Online

German solo metal act ZmuuG has posted an instrumental track online titled "Part 25 Superior," which can be heard in the player below. To check out more information on ZmuuG and hear more music, head over to the project's Facebook profile.

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Swallow The Sun Issues Recording Update

Finland's Swallow the Sun has announced that the guitars, bass, and drums for the band's upcoming album have all been completed at Drumforest Studios. The as-yet-untitled album, which will follow-up the last album "New Moon," is currently set for release on February 1st, 2012 via Spinefarm Records. Further details on the upcoming album's title and track listing will be announced as they are made available. More...

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Nokturnel Seeking New Drummer

Front man Tom Stevens of Austin, Texas based death metal band Nokturnel has issued the following announcement about seeking a new drummer:

"The reality is setting in and the fact remains Nokturnel does not have a drummer. I am not giving this much more time, if someone doesn't step up...well you figure out the rest.

"Unfortunately the support of the great fans is not going to help but you are all appreciated. If you have it what it takes to play my music message me."

You can check out Nokturnel's music by heading over to the band's Facebook profile or MySpace music page.

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ICS Vortex Announces Festival Appearances

ICS Vortex has announced upcoming festival live shows, for his new solo project as well as for his other bands Borknagar and Arcturus. You can find the currently announced dates in the tour poster below.

ICS Vortex also recently released the new solo album "Stormseeker" (reviewed here). You can check out the track "Odin's Tree" off the album by heading over to this location.

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The Dead Wretched Posts "Hammer Death" Video

Five piece South Wales metal act The Dead Wretched has posted a music video online for the song "Hammer Death." You can check out the clip in the player below, or find more details on The Dead Wretched by navigating to the band's Facebook profile here.

The Dead Wretched also commented on the clip:

"The video was shot in the abandoned projection room of an old Odeon cinema from 1937. Filmed by ourselves and a crew of 1, our friend Dan Page. with no budget and in only a few hours. The video was subsequently set on fire, thrown from a burning building, doused in water and foam and thought to be lost in the burnt wreckage that was once Ben (Vocalists) flat. Which he and Rhys (Guitar 2) luckily escaped from before the whole place went up. Almost nothing survived. But can you believe it. In the twisted wreckage of a computer tower, charred and burnt almost beyond recognition, we managed to salvage most of the hard drive and save the video. Thank eff!"

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The Schoenberg Automaton Streaming New Song

Brisbane based act The Schoenberg Automaton has posted a new song online titled "The Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome," which is the first track off the band's self-titled EP. If you like what you hear, all three tracks from the EP are available for free download via The Schoenberg Automaton's Bandcamp page.

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Blood Mortized Issues Recording Update

Swedish act Blood Mortized has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

"Just returned from the Underworld Recording bunker. Vox for three and a half more songs recorded: Dead & Rotten, Bringer of Eternal Death, The Heretic Possession and half of The Key To A Black Heart! The last 1,5 songs will be recorded next week and then there are only the bass tracks left: Enter Söderlund and his mighty God Of Thunder Bass!

"Come Wednesday and that will be the last vocals recording session! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will record all bass tracks for The Key To A Black Heart. Then I have some percussion parts to record and the BIG job of cleaning up the recording begins...

"Sit tight for that new webpage and some behind the scenes movies and more news on the upcoming FDA Rekotz and Chaos Records release of this Death Metal Monster..."

For a taste of what Blood Mortized has to offer, head over here and listen to the track "Rekviem" off the band's "Bestial" cassette release.

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Astral Doors Shoots Music Video

Astral Doors has checked in with the following announcement about shooting a music video for "Child of Rock'n'roll," which is off the band's new "Jerusalem" album:

"Gig and album report: During the gig in Lorsch we filmed 'Child of Rock'n'roll' and the day after we spent the entire day filming scenes for the upcoming video!

"It will be awesome...we're sure that the director and editor will come up with something great. Now the promotion work for 'Jerusalem' continues...we feel that the media attention is bigger than ever and we aim for the German chart! Take care....and we love you all!"

You can check out a teaser trailer for new "Jerusalem" album by navigating your browser here.

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Black Shore Bassist Hospitalized

Black Shore has issued the following update about the band's bass player missing upcoming tour dates due to being hospitalized:

"Sadly we have to pronounce, that our Bass player Invitro had a serious accident, so he won't join us on tour. He is in the hospital now, but his condition seems to be better from hour to hour.

"We are sure that he will see through this with strength and that he will return to BlackShore as soon as possible! All the best wishes to his friends and family!

"For the tour we are working hard to get a bassplayer on stage. Be sure that we will find a good solution!"

You can also check out Black Shore's video clip for the song "Kaiserschnitt Replikant" by heading over to this location.

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Funerus Reveals New Album Details

Funerus has announced that the new 11 track album "Reduced to Sludge" will see release on November 22nd, 2011 via Ibex Moon Records. "Reduced to Sludge" will be the second full-length release from the Pennsylvania/New York based death metal band that features Incantation guitarist John McEntee, bassist/vocalist Jill McEntee and drummer Sam Inzerra (Mortician, Morpheus Descends).

The album was engineered by Sam Inzerra, Jim Roe and John McEntee. Drums and guitars were recorded at Neanderthal Studios in Plainfield, New Jersey and the bass and vocals were recorded at Aries Studio in Johnstown, PA. "Reduced To Sludge" was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, Dissection, Hail Of Bullets, Opeth), and the cover artwork was done by Dusty Peterson (Six Feet Under, Cattle Decapitation, Bloodbath). Funerus has also now made the track "Sound Of Oil" available for streaming through band's Facebook profile here.

Jill McEntee comments on the album, "I feel we were able to capture the natural Funerus essence on this album. It continues in the same vein of the first album Festering Earth, in heaviness and songwriting. I think it will be well received."

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Daemonicus Issues Album Update

Swedish act Daemonicus has issued the following update about the band's progress working on a new album:

"This is getting ridiculous, it's to long between our updates. Much has happened since our last post, to much maybe...? We booked a European tour, that got cancelled due to other circumstances.

"In this time, as you might know, our next album is recorded in C.C.H.B.-studio. Yesterday we handed over the material to Garage Studios, and right now, in this minute, we are listening to rough mixes of 3 of our 10 songs. And we tell you, this is going to be good. You know, the kind of good that fucks up your brain - good...

"Back to the matter of our lost tour... We are reaching out there in a new(?) approach, we'd like a booking agent to help us, so that we don't gett fucked again... If you know of an agent that could help the best death metal live act out there, let us know!"

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Brutus Writing New Songs

Egyptian act Brutus has checked in with the following announcement about writing new material for an upcoming EP:

"Writing new material: well after a long break and a crazy year, we have hit the rehersal studios again and started writing some new tracks. They are sounding well heavy so far, we plan on putting an EP together hopefully by early next year! Watch this space....."

You can check out Brutus tracks available for streaming online by heading over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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