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Metal News for October 19, 2013

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Mordavia Streaming "Mortal" Album

Morgue from Melbourne black metal outfit Mar Mortuum (formerly Agave Maize) has released his solo creation in the form of Mordavia.

You can now stream Mordavia's "Mortal" album in the player below, or pick up a copy for yourself at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Awakening 02:24
2. Death 05:56
3. In Dark Times 05:33
4. Obey & Conform? 04:28
5. Necrologies Of Mankind 07:58
6. Vermin Cult 03:29
7. Frozen Skin 04:47
8. Spirits 09:22 More...

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Exist Immortal Posts New Music Video

U.K. act Exist Immortal has posted a new music video online for the track "Initiate," which can be viewed below. You can also download the track at the Exist Immortal Bandcamp page here.

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Borderlands Releases New Single

Lisbon, Portugal's Borderlands has released a new single titled "Designed Lines," which can be heard in the player below. You can also find more info on the act over at the Borderlands Facebook profile.

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Astarte Working On New Album

Greek outfit Astarte, which was covered in our look at all-female underground bands, has now checked in with the following announcement about working on a new album:

"After a long period of time as Astarte we are glad to announce that we will be enter to the studio to record our sixth full album under the name 'Blackdemonium.'

"The album will contain 9-10 tracks of black/death metal music with some thrash influences. The cover of the Blackdemonium artwork will be handled by Maggot Meister and will be revealed when it will be ready. Maggot Meister has done several covers artworks, logos, and merch designs for bands like Master, Hirax, Children of Bodom, 1349, Amon Amarth, Pain, Edguy, Violator, and Mortiis. You can check his excellent work at this location."

The band's lineup for the new album will be:

Tristessa - Vocals,
Nicolas S.I.C. Maiis - Vox
Ice - Drums
Jim Harisis - Guitars/Bass

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Righteous Vendetta Streaming Full Album

Wyoming rock/metal act on the rise Righteous Vendetta has teamed up with Revolver to stream the band's new album "The Fire Inside," which is out now. Check out the full stream below.

"The Fire Inside is sure to be one of the biggest, hardest hitting mixes in the genre," said vocalist Ryan Hayes. "It is heavy, catchy, melodic, and will have you singing every chorus after the first time you hear it."

You can also watch the band's music video for "This Pain" over at this location. More...

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Black Vulture Streaming New Songs

Back Vulture is currently streaming two tracks from the new album "Confundem," which is due out by the end of the year. Check out the songs in the player below, and the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Não Tem Mancha
2. Pombos
3. General Wonder
4. Shine
5. Novel
6. Ninguém Pode Acolher Ninguém
7. Posse
8. Discurso do Receptáculo More...

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Cop Problem Reveals New EP

Philadelphia-based hardcore punk demonstrators Cop Problem have completed work on their newest recordings, and are preparing to release them in the form of the blistering four-track, "Buried Beneath White Noise" EP.

Recorded in early September with engineer/producer Will Yip (Paint It Black, Circa Survive, Balance & Composure) at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania, "Buried Beneath White Noise" will see a digital release through the band directly on October 24th.

A special vinyl pressing will be issued in late 2013 via a direct cooperation with Earsplit's new division, The Compound, for North America while longtime activist label Prejudice Me Records will be handling the European release.

To help propagate the word on the "Buried Beneath White Noise" EP, Pitchfork today unloads the closing track from Cop Problem's newest barrage of audio attrition with the enraged "American Spring" right here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Bear Witness
2. From Within
3. Who Really Pays?
4. American Spring More...

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Sorcery Releasing 2CD Set

Sorcery is releasing the "Unholy Creations" 2CD set via Hells Headbangers, with the full track listing available below. The following press release was also issued:

"In the rich and storied history of Swedish death metal, the tale of Sorcery is a unique one. Not only were Sorcery in on the ground floor of the Swedeath boom that began in earnest at the turn of the '90s, their sound predated the simultaneous black metal boom in the greater Scandinavian region. Now, courtesy of Hells Headbangers, that tale can be told across a deluxe two-disc compendium fittingly titled Unholy Creations.

"Originally released as a limited vinyl set, the 2CD Unholy Creations compiles all of Sorcery's demos prior to their cult debut album from 1991, Bloodchilling Tales, as well the proceeding Maculated Life demo from 1992 and rare rehearsal and compilation tracks. For the band's first few demos, recorded during 1987 and 1988, Sorcery unleashed an increasingly frenzied yet darkly melodic form of death metal that also possessed a morbid atmosphere similar to '80s contemporaries Mayhem, Tormentor, and Mortuary Drape, hitting a fever pitch with their classic Unholy Crusade demo in 1989. Their attack remained restless 'n' wild, but a purer, more quintessentially Swedeath sound developed by the time of their debut album, captured here by the rare Maculated Life demo.

"But through it all and until their demise in 1997, the now-reanimated Sorcery stuck to their evil guns and never stopped the madness: relive it again with Unholy Creations!" More...

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Czar Streaming "Fuming Rotter"

Terrorizer Magazine presents the premiere of Czar's new song, "Fuming Rotter," off the Chicago trio's upcoming second album, "No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive." Give it a listen below.

"No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive" is due out November 5th via the band's own Cracknation Records. Like its predecessor, "Vertical Mass Grave," the album was recorded by Hum frontman Matt Talbott. Czar will also open for the mighty Godflesh on October 22nd at Metro in Chicago. More...

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Monster Magnet Streaming New Album

Monster Magnet's new album "Last Patrol" is out now via Napalm Records, and you can currently stream the full release in the player below, courtesy of Noisey.

The band's previously posted video for the song "Mindless Ones," which was directed by Tom Scharpling, can also be seen at this location. Monster Magnet's upcoming tour dates with Royal Thunder and Zodiac are available after the jump. More...

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WITTR Announces BBC Session Release

On Friday, October 21st, 2011 - one month after releasing fourth studio album "Celestial Lineage" - Wolves In The Throne Room recorded two live tracks at the BBC's Maida Vale studios.

Southern Lord now confirms a special vinyl release of these sessions confirmed to hit later this Fall. The following press release was also issued:

"It seems only fitting that Olympia's earthen black metal expanders, Wolves In The Throne Room, would add their name to the roster of acts who have recorded at the Maida Vale studios, the place where the sounds of contemporary and outstanding artists throughout the last century of popular music have been documented for the ages.

"Wolves In The Throne Room's shadow, cast long and eerie from their campfire of the arcane, eclipses the hordes of black metal clones and drones, hewing raw nuggets of inspired music from rich seams of extreme metal and astral vibrations. 'Prayer of Transformation' and 'Thuja Magus Imperium' are the two tracks recorded on that day, taken from their lauded album Celestial Lineage and spanning two sides of vinyl and twenty minutes.

"Entitled 'BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini,' this session is testament to the band's ability to inspire awe with homespun strands of metaphysical ambiance and painstakingly flexed sinews of metal, and is a must for all fans of the band as well as followers of contemporary metal."

Southern Lord will release "BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini" in North America on November 26th, 2013. The track listing is:

1. Prayer of Transformation
2. Thuja Magus Imperium

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Corey Taylor Video Interview Available

Radio.com sat down with Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour to discuss his new book, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven."

Check out footage of the interview below, in which he also talks religion and Dave Grohl's Sound City project.

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Rot In Hell To Release Split LP

Rot In Hell will be releasing a split LP with Psywarfare on November 29th, with artwork and track listing available below. The following press release was also issued about the split:

"After approximately 14 years of dormancy, many had believed that the black operation military psychological warfare program known informally as Psywarfare had been decommissioned and put to rest. Implemented last under the efforts of NATO Operations Allied Force (mission codename: Candyman) and Shining Hope, the project seemed to logically conclude when President William Jefferson Clinton visited troops at Ramstein Air Base on May 5, 1999 and thanked them for their support during the 78-day campaign wherein the sonic terrorism tactics of Psywarfare aided in the ceasing of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the eventual overthrow and indictment of President Slobodan Milosevic.

With the ushering in of a new U.S. President and political party at the helm in 2000, members of the GOP voiced sentiment and concern that the program was inhumane and tortuous far beyond all other programs and facilities (Guantanamo Bay, hooding, waterboarding, et al) currently sanctioned by the U.S. Military.

With the second term of the first Democratic U.S. President since Clinton in place over a decade later, rumblings of the Psywarfare program began to again surface amongst beltway insiders. In late summer 2013, military officials and Magic Bullet Records confirmed the reinstatement of the program, now headquartered closer to both the Allied Air Command Ramstein and the Hague.
The 2013 incarnation of Psywarfare operations has thus far run in tandem and in full cooperation with the British Armed Forces drone strike division (codename: Rot In Hell). While many of the missions have been run off the grid with dark operatives at the helm, one declassified mission (Operation: Enduring Split LP) will now be made available to citizens at large via the Freedom of Information Act and/or Magic Bullet Records in analog record stores worldwide; digital deployment November 22nd, and physical armament November 29th via white/clear wax." More...

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Impending Doom Posts Album Preview

In continued anticipation of a new release, Impending Doom is giving a full plate of teasers surrounding the "Death Will Reign" album, due out November 5th.

The band released the title track "Death Will Reign" last week, which can still be heard right here. A new preview video featuring clips from the album can now be heard below.

“We wanted this album to sound very natural and unpolished,” explains longtime bassist David Sittig, a part of the lineup since before the first album’s release. “There’s no crazy digital stuff. There are no fake drums. We wanted it to have the feel of our first album with the songwriting from the last one. We’ve gotten better at song structures and so forth over the years, but we wanted to recapture that old-school vibe, too.”

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Ravenous Disease
2. Death Will Reign
3. Beyond The Grave
4. My Own Maker
5. Doomsday
6. Rip, Tear, and Burn
7. Hellhole
8. My Blood
9. Endless
10. Live or Die
11. The Great Divine More...

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King Diamond Comments On Loudpark Cancellation

King Diamond has issued the following statement about not performing at the Loud Park festival in Japan:

"Let me try and explain this without saying **** all the time.

"The Japanese promoters at Loud Park had, when I woke up this morning, posted a false and deceitful cancellation announcement, which they are going to have to correct to what really happened.

"First of all: We did not cancel the show. The promoters did.

"Let them show an email saying we cancelled the show. They can't. We can provide the email in which they cancelled.

"They cancelled so late, that some of our people were already in flight to Japan. I myself found out from a forwarded email at 4:26 am Dallas time, waiting for a preordered cab to arrive at 6:00 am to take me to DFW International Airport.

"The email had come from Onta (working for the promoter, in what capacity, I don't know, but at least in a capacity to be able to cancel our performance), saying 'Sorry for the result. Please stop taking flights for all…'

"So much had happened up to this point, and I will try to condense everything into a short sequence of events.

"Entire theatrical production, including all instruments and special effects had been put into the professional care of a Danish shipping company, who is also used by Rocket Cargo among others, in order to make sure everything would be in Tokyo with time to spare. This was trucked from Copenhagen to Hamburg harbor, and loaded onto a Chinese ship. More...

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Def Con One Posts New Video

UK groove metallers Def Con One have unveiled the new video for their track "Brute Force and Ignorance." This song will be the title track from the band's new EP due out on vinyl from Night of the Vinyl Dead. It may see treatment in CD form in the forseeable future.

The video was filmed and edited by Chay at North East Recording. The EP will be released sometime at the end of October, with the "Brute Force and Ignorance" song to also appear in the next Terrorizer magazine CD installment.

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