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Metal News for October 18, 2014

Last updated on August 18, 2017 at 12:44 PM ET

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Idol Of Fear Streaming New Track

With the upcoming assault of Idol Of Fear's full-length album "All Sights Affixed, Ablaze" due out on November 18th, the Canadian black/death band has joined forces with NoCleanSinging.com to unleash the title track. Check it out below.

Vocalist/guitarist Austin Meyers comments: "The title track 'All Sights Affixed, Ablaze' was penned during the depths of a dark winter. It is a lyrical blend of perseverance, strength, and exertion of the will through frigid existence. Our music has these themes of power and struggle that tend to reoccur, though it naturally ventures into different realms as well."

Mastered by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Corpus Christi) at Necromorbus Studio and mixed by Jeff Wardell, "All Sights Affixed, Ablaze" features eight crushing tracks.

Born from a quote from Ingmar Bergman’s 1957 movie The Seventh Seal ("We must make an idol of our fear and that idol we shall call God.") Idol of Fear focuses on abstract, sliced melodies paired with upfront aggression and compelling vocal energy. The new album's track listing is:

1. Vanquish (4:23)
2. Morningstar (6:19)
3. Circle of Vortices (5:27)
4. All Sights Affixed, Ablaze (6:20)
5. It Demands (3:30)
6. It Militates (5:15)
7. It Tyrannizes (6:49)
8. Carrion (5:55) More...

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Orcultus Announces Cassette Release

Forever Plagued Records will be releasing a limited cassette edition of "Black Rust" by Orcultus on November 13th. The label comments:

"Raw Swedish black metal returns with this seven-song demo tape of the mighty Orcultus. Those who have not checked out the self-titled 7" EP are missing out - IF you worship the old flame of evil that black metal once represented, that is.

"Complete with the spread of hatred, pestilence, death, destruction and abysmal torment, Orcultus wish nothing but great ill upon you and the rest of the world.

"Fans of Cornigr, Horna, Musta Surma, Katharsis, old Deathspell Omega, Incursus, and Judas Iscariot will not be disappointed; unfortunately for the rest, we're sure, simply won't get it! Limited to 200 tapes." More...

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Eyes Wide Open Releases New Music Video

Eyes Wide Open just released an official music video for "New World Order," which can be seen below. The band also had this to say:

"We are very happy of the outcome of the video, it really clarifies what the song is all about. We are trying to make people more aware of that corruption and abuse of power is so much more common then we think.

"The common man often feels that he can't do anything to fight it, but time and time again it has been proven that when people come together and question the existing order great things can happen." More...

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Hideous Divinity Streaming Album's Title Track

The Italian death metal juggernauts from Hideous Divinity are pleased to unveil the title track off their forthcoming crushing new full-length, "Cobre Verde." Check it out below, thanks to GunShyAssassin.com.

"Cobra Verde" was recorded at 16th Cellar Studios (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vomit The Soul) and supplies nine tracks of hate, discontent, and unrelenting audio brutality. Due out October 28th, the disc includes a guest vocal appearance by Nile's Dallas Toler-Wade on "The Alonest Of The Alone" and a searing rendition of Ripping Corpse's "The Last And Only Son."

Elaborates band leader/Hour Of Penance founder Enrico Schettino: "Sometimes a riff takes ages to reveal itself, some other times you're a lucky bastard and the whole song comes out, like magic. 'Cobra Verde' belongs to the second category. Title-tracks are not ordinary songs; when you decide there'll be a title track, you accept the challenge of creating, in the space of a few minutes, something that would represent the mood of an entire album. As for 'Cobra Verde,' it had to be something beyond death metal. For this exact reason it's undeniable I was highly influenced by the latest Ulcerate and Gorguts. It was time to push the envelope for Hideous Divinity and that was the aim of the song.

"The whole composition wavers between storm and calm, nuclear rage assaults and tormented doom litanies. The twisted, samba-like rhythm pattern sees the rebirth of cruel kings and madmen, slave prayers and curses through six minutes of song. Atonal arpeggios create that feeling of rage ready to explode and to be drowned in solitude afterwards. We are alone on this world, so huge yet so narrow, and our thirst is condemned never to be quenched. Like the spirit of Manoel, the white devil condemned to solitude, the ghost that will never see the snow." More...

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Upon Shadows Posts New Single

Female-fronted dark metal act Upon Shadows just released a video for new single "Andromeda." The new single was mixed and mastered at Soundmix Recording studio, Oulu, Finland by Mika Pohjola.

Tamara Picardo comments: "Andromeda is probably the best sounding track we have so far, and on that point the beginning of a new stage in our music. The concept of this song has a big emotional charge that I think is clearly revealed on the lyrics. Is a song dedicated to our beloved ghosts." More...

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Kommandant Releasing New Album

Kommandant has checked in with the following announcement about gearing up to drop a new album:

"The new Kommandant album, titled The Architects Of Extermination, will finally be unleashed in early 2015 on A.T.M.F.

"The initial pressing, containing an elaborate digipak layout, will consist of 7 songs plus a bonus track unique to this pressing only, with a total running time of approximately 45 minutes. The vinyl version will be released under license to Art Of Propaganda." More...

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Slipknot Streams Full New Album

After releasing single tracks day by day, the wait is finally over and fans can now see if new Slipknot material stacks up against the old.

Today you can stream all of ".5: The Gray Chapter" by heading over to this location (use the buttons at the top-right corner to switch between songs).

Be sure to also check out our latest weekly podcast, in which we reviewed the album ourselves.

Due out October 21st, the band's first full-length studio album since the death of Paul Gray can be pre-ordered at iTunes here.

The track listing is as follows: More...

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