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Metal News for October 17, 2013

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Dirty Hair

Ireland's DIRTY DIAMONDS have released an EP titled 'Leaving Town', and have issued their first single from the album, “Let’s Get Loud.” Guitars ready? Check. Lead singer arms extended? Check. Wind blowing through your hair during the chorus? Check. Everything appears to be in order including the special effects budget at 2:47. Two questions: 1. Is the camouflage tee worn by the drummer considered bad ass? 2. Is the air guitar by the lead singer during the solo bad ass? ANSWERS: 1. Yes 2. No…

I missed this video (been out for a while) from FAMOUS UNDERGROUND. The video for the song “Necropolis” is from their self titled release. Love the movie theater setting and the song hits fast! The lead singer’s appearance looks like the result of Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil having a kid. Apparently he HAD to front a rock band (sort of like being born into a NASCAR family – not a lot of options). Not a huge fan of lyrics displayed throughout the video, but always appreciates a dirty theater and overall creepiness…

TYKETTO singer, Danny Vaughn joined BURNING KINGDOM and the result is the video for “Watching As It Burns.” The song will appear on their upcoming album, ‘Simplified.’ The video is VERY dramatic. The arms up and out in one motion – good move. “TURNING BACK ON YOU!” This video makes me feel good. The guitarist is straight out of the hair eighties and the darker haired guitarist could have just left a seventies porn set. The keyboard player is playing the shit out of the keys and the drummer pounds with his “O” face. At 1:57, the hair, I mean MY GOD, THE HAIR! What about the song? I have no idea, I am having way too god a time with the video. “WATCHING AS IT BURNS!” Here we go, at 2:40 here comes the fire, oh no, WATCH OUT! The hair is going to catch fire…

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OvO To Release "Abisso" Album

Genre defying act OvO will release "Abisso" next month via Supernatural Cat and as the band enters its 13th year in existence. The following press release was issued about the album:

"Abisso opens a new artistic era for this duo, formed by Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella. There's a renewed richness in their sound, brought to the forefront by their meticulous use of samples, drum machines, pads, field recordings and synths.

"Cor Cordium and previous offering, CroceVia were veritable points-of-no-return for their minimal rock structures with Dorella's half drum set and Pedretti's guitar and penetrating vocal gymnastics swirling into a distant realm of wonder. The new challenge is to go beyond those confines, using contemporary music tools to maintain their unparalleled creativity and eternal evolution.

"With the help of Giulio 'Ragno' Favero at the mixing desk, Giovanni Versari's mastering, and the friendly collaboration between Gnaw's Alan Dubin (OLD, Khanate) and Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, OvO have crossed into new territories of extreme artistry."

Today fans and adventurists can witness the sounds of "A Dream Within A Dream" in the player below. OvO will release "Abisso" on November 4th via Supernatual Cat. More...

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Lodz Posts Full New Album Online

Starting today, Pure Grain Audio is streaming the debut album “Something In Us Died” of France’s Lodz in its entirety. Listen to the tracks below.

Set for release this Friday, October 18th via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist, “Something In Us Died” was mastered by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg and finds a stunning balance between delicate, emotional passages and an intense, crushing heaviness.

You can also watch the band's previously posted music video for "Leading the Rats" at this location. More...

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Blood I Bleed Releases New Split Album

Once again, Selfmadegod Records pairs up two underground heavyweights into one pulverizing, maximum riff-per-minute split.

Holland's blastmasters Blood I Bleed are back with eleven new hyper fast grind/thrashcore anthems in just over nine and-a-half minutes. The brutalizing BIB lineup includes three-quarters of Dutch grinders My Mind's Mine.

The Czech Republic's Lycanthropy delivers seven new tracks in just over as many minutes, not even taking the time to separate them, as all seven tracks engulf the final song of this face-hammering split.

You can stream the split below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. BLOOD I BLEED - Deportation Class
2. BLOOD I BLEED - Octane Twisted
3. BLOOD I BLEED - Bound To Loose
5. BLOOD I BLEED - Closer To His Grace
6. BLOOD I BLEED - Never Kneel
7. BLOOD I BLEED - Last Gasp Enterprises
8. BLOOD I BLEED - Communication Hell
10 .BLOOD I BLEED - Like The Whore You Are
11. BLOOD I BLEED - Bane Of Mankind
12. LYCANTHROPHY - Born For Death / Holy Business / Escape / Open Your Eyes / Money Talks-Again / On The Wrong Side / Selfdestruction More...

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Possession Announces Demo Release

Recently released by Iron Bonehead Productions on limited-run cassette, Invictus Productions announces a wider CD version of Possession's debut demo, "His Best Deceit," set for international release on November 15th. The following press release was issued about the demo:

"Formed in late 2012 with the aim of keeping the flame of the ancient black arts burning, Possession proceeded to record their first demo in August 2013 at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Brussels with Phorgath of Enthroned. What results is an absolutely overwhelming display of ancient blackthrashing mania - complete and total ultraviolence and demonic force, well versed in the unbending ways of the Old Gods but shot through with a hideousness and teeth-gnashing gnarliness that simply cannot be denied. Indeed, to succumb to this assault is His Best Deceit..."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Possession
2. The Truth of Cain
3. His Best Deceit
4. Necromancer (Sepultura cover)

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Dimensions And Universes Posts Music Video

Experimental band Dimensions And Universes has released a new music video for the track "Apathy," which can be viewed below. "Apathy" comes off the "Rise of the Earth" album, and you can also download the track at Bandcamp here.

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Rising Streams "Vengeance Is Timeless"

As the band's second LP nears release, Danish act Rising has unchained another declaration of thunderous riffage from the raging beast that is "Abominor."

Check out "Vengeance is Timeless" below, courtesy of Metal Injection. The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Disdain
2. Reproach
3. Vengeance is Timeless
4. The Hills Below (streaming here)
5. Leech
6. Suffering Nameless
7. Broken Asunder
8. The Malice
9. Gaunt More...

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Dethklok Releases New Song

Today Loudwire.com is unleashing a brand new Dethklok track, cut from the upcoming full-length rock opera soundtrack for "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera."

The single, "Blazing Star," is an über-special treat for fans of Dethklok’s music, as it is not included in the televised rock opera and is only available on the official soundtrack, available via iTunes on October 29th, 2013. The epic new track features an astounding fifty-piece orchestra and a special guest vocal from Dethklok drummer Pickles. Listen now at this location.

"Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera" features the intense, driving metal that Dethklok fans clamor for, as well as orchestral movements produced by Brendon Small and Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica/Walking Dead). Also included with the album will be a bonus "making of" featurette.

Legendary powerhouse metal drummer Gene Hoglan returns to join Brendon and Dethklok. Other musicians include bassist Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally. "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera" airs on Sunday, October 27th at Midnight (ET/PT) on Adult Swim. More...

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Suffer The Wrath Announces New EP

On November 1st, American metal act Suffer the Wrath will release third EP "Divine Sign." The release is a small preview of what will be offered on upcoming full-length album "Opposition Dethroned," which is expected for release in early 2014.

Suffer the Wrath is also heading out on an eight day mini tour to support the new EP later this month, with dates available below. The "Divine Sign" track listing is as follows:

1. Divine Sign
2. Slave King
3. Sinister Dawn
4. Buried in Blood More...

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Elizabeth To Release New EP

After the recent release of an LP documenting all the band's previous body of work, Switzerland's very own Elizabeth will return in December with new EP "Insomnia."

The EP consists of four new tracks of intense hardcore/crust that will be released on splatter 7" vinyl via Throatruiner Records and Lost Pilgrims Records.

"Insomnia" has been engineered and mixed by Raphaël Bovey (Kruger), re-amped by Kurt Ballou (Converge), and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

Pre-orders and a free download will be up later this month, and in the meantime you can already stream "Danger" below or find more info at the Throatruiner store. More...

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Sandrider Posts "Gorgon" Track

Sandrider has teamed up with Invisible Oranges to stream the track "Gorgon" online, which can be heard below. The following press release was also issued about the band's new album:

"For sophomore album 'Godhead,' Sandrider once again enlisted producer/engineer Matt Bayles (Isis, Mastodon, The Sword, Tragedy) to helm the recording process. But things have changed since the creation of the band's debut. Specifically, Akimbo amicably broke up, putting Sandrider as a central musical focus for its members. The added attention, in addition to the four-year gestation period for the new material, has yielded an even more distilled and potent formula.

"Right from the get-go, the malevolent call-to-arms and 'We Will Rock You' kick-and-snare stomp of opening track 'Ruiner' let’s the listener know Godhead is geared towards ferocious hooks and unrepentant rock n’ roll worship. From there, 'Castle' trades off between the tightly wound rhythm section-propelled verses of Jesus Lizard and the single-coil bombasts of Drive Like Jehu, all while maintaining their signature bottom-end roar.

"Gorgon finds the band flexing their classic-rock chops through the filter of their beefed-up gear, much as Melvins did on Stoner Witch or Harvey Milk pulled off on The Pleaser. Title track 'Godhead' is their magnum opus, a dynamic 7-minute exploration of tension and release, with a throat-shredding payoff proving Weisnewski can hit notes that fellow melodic sludge bands like Baroness and Torche can only dream of. And unlike so many of their peers, Sandrider doesn’t relent in the latter half of their album. The straight-forward charge of 'Champions,' the shout-along chorus of 'Scalpel,' and the snarling swagger of 'Beast' help propel the album through the climactic finale of 'Traveler.'" More...

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Glorior Belli Streaming Album's Title Track

"Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls," the title song from Glorior Belli's forthcoming album, is available for streaming below courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com.

You can read our review of the album right here, and the track listing is as follows:

I. Blackpowder Roars (watch the lyric video here)
II. Wolves At My Door
III. Ain't No Pit Deep Enough
IV. A Hoax, A Croc!
V. From One Rebel To Another
VI. I Asked For Wine, He Gave Me Blood
VII. The South Will Always Know My Name
VIII. Le Blackout Blues
IX. Backwoods Bayou
X. Built For Discomfort
XI. Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls More...

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Death Toll Rising Streaming Full Album

Edmonton, AB death metal band Death Toll Rising has teamed up with Western Canada's indie arts & entertainment monthly Beatroute to premiere a full stream of sophomore assault "Infection Legacy."

The album is set to be unleashed officially on October 22nd, 2013. Stream all of "Infection Legacy" in the player below. You can also catch the band live:

Oct 26 - The Studio - Edmonton, AB w/ Nihilate (Vancouver), Quietus, Obsidious
Nov 10 - The Palomino - Calgary, AB w/ Kataplexis, Vile Insignia More...

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Skeletonwitch Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

With the October 29th release of new album "Serpents Unleashed" just around the corner, blackened metal conjurers Skeletonwitch have unveiled the fourth in a series of behind-the-scenes studio videos.

In this edition, drummer Dustin Boltjes and guitarist Nate Garnette discuss some of their favorite songs from the album, including two tracks -- "Beneath Dead Leaves" and "This Evil Embrace" -- that, until now, have yet to be heard publicly. Check out the clip below, thanks to Metal Injection. More...

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Meek Is Murder Posts New Song

Meek Is Murder's new song "Ashes & Glass" is now streaming online in the player below, courtesy of Lambgoat.com.

The song appears on the Brooklyn trio's forthcoming second album, "Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters," due out next Tuesday, October 22nd. Produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio (High On Fire, Nails), the album has inspired the following review from Terrorizer Magazine: "Riffs the size of aircraft carriers... Any of you still lamenting the loss of Botch will fall on this like a pack of hungry wolves."

With "Ashes & Glass" now online, newly-launched gear authority Gear Gods has also posted a video showing the band tracking the song with Ballou at Godcity. The four-way splitscreen allows each band member's performance to be seen in detail. Check it out after the jump.

Meek Is Murder will play the MetalInjection/MetalSucks CMJ showcase tomorrow at Acheron in Brooklyn, NY. More...

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Ken Mode Announces U.S. Shows

Winnipeg's Ken Mode has announced a new U.S. tour supporting Norma Jean, Vanna, and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. The trek starts on Nov. 19th in Anaheim and a full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Ken Mode recently won the Western Canadian Music Alliance Award for Metal/Hard Music Recording of the Year. The WCMA's were part of the 2013 edition of the "BreakOut West" music festival in Calgary. The band accepted the WCMA while away on the final leg of a European tour. Catch the band live:

w/Full of Hell
10/17 Windsor, ON (CA) @ Coach & Horses
10/18 London, ON (CA) @ Call the Office
10/19 Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sneaky Dee’s
10/20 Hamilton, ON (CA) @ This Ain’t Hollywood
10/22 Kingston, ON (CA) @ Mansion
10/23 Montreal, QC (CA) @ Katacombes
10/24 Quebec City, QC (CA) @ L’Agitee
10/25 Fredericton, NB (CA) @ Capital Complex
10/26 Halifax, NS (CA) @ Halifax Pop Explosion @ the Pavillion and @ Michael’s Bar & Grill
10/27 Moncton, NB (CA) @ Tide and Boar
10/29 Ottawa, ON (CA) @ Cafe Dekcuf
10/31 Thunder Bay, ON (CA) @ Crocks
11/2 Winnipeg, MB (CA) @ The Windsor Hotel
11/5 Regina, SK (CA) @ O’Hanlon’s Pub
11/7 Calgary, AB (CA) @ Palomino
11/8 Kelowna, BC (CA) @ The Level
11/9 Vancouver, BC (CA) @ Biltmore Cabaret
11/10 Whistler, BC (CA) @ Garfinkels
11/12 Victoria, BC (CA) @ Lucky Bar
11/14 Edmonton, AB (CA) @ Pawn Shop
11/15 Saskatoon, SK (CA) @ Amigo’s More...

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Cult Of Fire Reveals Album Artwork, Track Listing

Today Cult of Fire reveals the cover and track listing to the मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान album, which will see release via Iron Bonehead on November 30th on both LP and cassette formats. The track listing is as follows:

१. संहार रक्त काली
२ . अस्तित्व की चिता पर
३ . शव साधना
४ . काली मां
५ . मृत्यु ही सत्य है
६ . मृत्यु का वीभत्स नृत्य
७ . खण्ड मण्ड योग
८ . दिव्य प्रेम की ज्वाला से दग्ध More...

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A Wanted Awakening Recruits New Vocalist

Massachusetts melodic deathcore 5-piece A Wanted Awakening today announces the addition of vocalist Trey Holton to the band. The band comments:

"Trey was formerly a member of The River Neva from Worcester, MA. Trey is an amazing vocalist with a tremendous stage presence and an unparalleled work ethic. We couldn’t be happier with his addition to the AWA family."

Holton himself also states: “I had the opportunity to play alongside AWA in other bands and to fill in for them for a short stint when their previous vocalist Rick was sick, so when we got together and jammed the first time it already felt like home to me. It is such an awesome feeling to become part of a group of individuals that you have so much respect for as people and as musicians.

"Both Rick and Caitlin are ridiculously talented and placed their own respective stamp on the music. I can only hope to equal what they have done and place my own imprint on the next wave of songs. Thank you to my brothers: Jason, John, Mat, and Dre, for welcoming me so graciously into the AWA family and I hope the fans will like what they see and hear from us in the future.”

You can also read a statement from the band's department vocalist Caitlin at the A Wanted Awakening Facebook profile.

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Revocation Releases "Fracked" Video

Massachusetts metallers Revocation recently completed work on a video for the song "Fracked," which comes from the band's recently released self-titled 4th album via Relapse Records.

The video was put together by Madeline Quinn and is a visual representation of the song's lyrics, which highlight the environmental effects of fracking.

Today the video is receiving its premiere courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting and can be viewed below.

Frontman Dave Davidson commented on the video and the band's upcoming tour: "Greetings heavy metal warriors! We are pleased to present to you our video for 'Fracked.' Lyrically this song is about the rape and destruction of our environment at the hands of profit driven sociopaths, in other words a real feel good hit to brighten up your day. We'll be jamming this new tune on our upcoming tour, see you in the pit!"

Revocation will hit the road tomorrow in North America alongside Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross, and Diamond Plate. The first show is in San Francisco, CA and the tour runs through November 10th in Santa Ana, CA. More...

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Paradise Lost Streaming "Loneliness Remains"

Today, Gothic doom metallers Paradise Lost and Metal Hammer Germany have teamed up to premiere the lyric video for the band's new track "Loneliness Remains." Check it out below.

The track is taken from the band's upcoming album, "Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)," due out on October 21st in Europe (digitally on November 5th in North America).

The album commemorates the band's 25th anniversary with a collection of previously released rarities plus, the new track "Loneliness Remains" and newly recorded "Gothic 2013" and "Our Saviour 2013." These three tracks will also appear on a mint green 10" vinyl (USA exclusive color; limited to 300 copies).

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh comments: "As well as re-recording two of our early tracks for our 25th anthology, we decided to write and record a completely new track. In doing this we hope that we can show fans where we began and where we are now. 'Loneliness Remains' is the new track. It's a fairly retro doom affair and we hope you enjoy it."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Loneliness Remains*
2. Never Take Me Alive (Spear of Destiny cover version)
3. Ending Through Changes
4. The Last Fallen Saviour
5. Last Regret (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
6. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
7. Cardinal Zero
8. Back On Disaster
9. Sons Of Perdition
10. Godless
11. Missing (Everything But The Girl cover version)
12. Silent Heart
13. Gothic 2013*
14. Our Saviour 2013*
*=tracks that appear on the limited 10" More...

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Idensity Posts New Music Video

French melodic death metal band Idensity released a music video for the new track "Sekhemet." The song appears on the upcoming second LP "Chronicles," which is set to drop on October 28th via Send the Wood Music. The video was directed by Ingram blakelock and Christophe Ferreira.

The track list for the album is:

1. Chronicles
2. Over the Abyss
3. Sekhmet
4. Mòfa
5. The Seven Seals
6. Antikhristos
7. Typhon
8. Maddhi's Arrival
9. Annunaki
10. Mantra
11. Loki

Check out "Sekhmet" here: More...

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Kataklysm Premieres New Music Video

Canadian death metal act Kataklysm premiered the new music video "Elevate" over at Metal Hammer's website at this location (also shown in the player below).

The song appears on the upcoming new LP "Waiting for the End to Come," which drops on October 25th (EU), October 28th (UK), and October 29th, 2013 (NA) via Nuclear Blast.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Fire
2. If I Was God - I’d Burn It All
3. Like Animals
4. Kill The Elite
5. Under Lawless Skies
6. Dead & Buried
7. The Darkest Days of Slumber
8. Real Blood - Real Scars
9. The Promise
10. Empire Of Dirt
11. Elevate
12. The American Way (Sacred Reich Cover)

Check out "Elevate" here: More...

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2014 RNR Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

The 2014 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced and among them are Deep Purple, KISS, Nirvana and Yes.

Voting is now open to the general public here. The public has the opportunity to vote for the five nominees they believe to be most deserving of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The top five artists, as selected by the public, will comprise a “fans’ ballot” that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2014 inductees, who will be announced soon.

The full list of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees is as follows:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Deep Purple
Peter Gabriel
Hall and Oates
LL Cool J
The Meters
The Replacements
Linda Ronstadt
Cat Stevens
Link Wray
The Zombies

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Amulet Signs Worldwide Deal With Century Media

Heavy metal was founded in England and still lives in England. London's Amulet quickly gained attention in the underground scene with their demo "Cut The Crap" in 2011. The tape sold out fast as did the 7" version, which is just starting to become a collector's item. After supporting bands like Pagan Altar, Manilla Road and The Sword and playing festivals like Bloodstock (UK), Hell's Pleasure (Germany) and Muskelrock (Sweden), Century Media Records became very interested in Amulet. the label has signed the band to a worldwide deal to "spread the gospel of Heavy Metal." Expect Amulet's debut album to be released sometime in 2014. More information on the release is expected soon.

The band commented: "Amulet want to thank all those who have helped take the band to this point, especially the efforts put in from previous axe slingers and of course the mysterious Hangman. To our fans, thanks for storming the front rows and banging your heads. We are excited for the future, it's time to let Heavy Metal reign supreme!"

Amuelt formed in 2010. The group is comprised of friends who met at various shows over the years and realized that they all wanted to make the same powerful and honest music. Guitarist Heathen Steven and bassist Bill Dozer founded the band; they were soon joined by Dave Sherwood on drums and vocalist Jamie Elton, and then they were completed with the addition of lead guitarist Nippy Blackford. More...

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The 69 Eyes Posts Lyric Video

The brand new single from Helsinki act The 69 Eyes, "Lost Without Love," will be released digitally on November 1st (Germany & Scandinavia), November 4th (UK), and November 5th (North America). You can now watch a lyric video for the track below, or catch The 69 Eyes live:

26.10.2013 Maximum Rock Festival, Bucharest, Romania
02.11.2013 Nosturi/Helsinki, Finland
30.11.2013 Klubi/Tampere, Finland
07.12.2013 Ravintola Konsta/Kaustinen, Finland
13.12.2013 Ravintola Pitkä-Jussi/Kurikka, Finland
14.12.2013 Ravintola Tähti/Oulu, Finland
17.01.2014 M/S Viking Grace/Turku – Stockholm – Turku, Finland - Sweden (2 shows) More...

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Majesty Reveals "Banners High" Details

Lovers of pure and unadulterated metal had all reason to rejoice in spring of 2011 when disbanded German true steel legends Majesty finally returned. The comeback culminated in an unforgettable show that was taped and released on DVD (“Shake the Ground”) in October 2012.

The comeback album “Thunder Rider” was released by NoiseArt Records in January, but now another album from the band is on the way "Banners High" will see release this coming December 20th, 2013.

“Banners High” is also the first-ever concept album in the band's history and tells a fantasy story penned by Majesty singer Tarek "MS" Maghary himself. Tarek comments:

"We're very proud to release our first concept album. The story deals with oppressed people who march into battle to finally be free. We definitely didn't want to do one of those concept albums with silly, boring audiobook parts and thousands of intros. The story is being conveyed by ten heavy metal anthems which could easily stand alone too. Which is why you can simply listen to the album without delving into the concept too much. If you want to though, you'll experience an incredibly epic world where honor, friendship, self-sacrifice and love of freedom still mean something."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Judgment Of The Gods
2. We Want His Head
3. Banners High
4. Time For Revolution
5. United By Freedom
6. Pray For Thunder
7. Bloodshed And Steel
8. All We Want, All We Need
9. Take Me Home
10. On A Mountain High
11. The Day When The Battle Is Won

Digipak Bonus Tracks:
12. Banners High (Karaoke Version)
13. Take Me Home (Acoustic Version) More...

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Impaler Video Interview Posted

Minnesota's horror shock rock legends Impaler spoke to ArmyOfOneTV on October 16th at the "Celebrating 30 years of Shock Rock Tour" at the Pickwick Pub in Poughkeepsie, NY. You may remember these guys if you were entrenched in the metal scene back in the eighties and played that classic "If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous."

On this video vocalist Bill Lindsey discussed the beginnings of the band, latest EP released, future hometown shows and the new full length album planned for 2014. Watch the video below.

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A Million Dead Birds Laughing Streams New Track

Australian outfit A Million Dead Birds Laughing has posted the new song "Seppuku" online, which can be heard below. The band also comments:

"This is the track 'Seppuku' taken from our forthcoming album 'Bloom.' Following a significant line-up change and a new found intensity, 'Bloom' represents a new beginning, delivering 14 diverse and uncompromising tracks, and some of the most challenging AMDBL material to date.

"It will be available digitally and as a limited digi-pack CD November 2013 via Bandcamp; an exact date will be announced in the coming weeks with pre-orders to follow.

"Listen in HD and play it loud! Hope you enjoy!" More...

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Koldbrann Live Footage Available

Norwegian black metal band Koldbrann, which split with its bassist earlier this month, has now released live footage online.

Check out the clip below to see Koldbrann performing "IntroVertigo" at the Bunker II Festival in Oslo. The footage was filmed and edited by Effektor and features Lars Fredrik Frøislie on vintage synth. The track comes off the band's latest album "Vertigo."

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SSoGE Posts Live Footage

Czech folk metal band - and two time winners of the band's national Grammy award - Silent Stream of Godless Elegy has just released a new live video featuring a performance of "Mokoš" (a song from most recent album "Návaz").

The clip was filmed at the Masters Of Rock Festival 2013 and can be viewed below, courtesy of Terrorizer.com.

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Enemy Of Reality Streams New Track "One Last Try"

Greek symphonic progressive act Enemy Of Reality, formed in part by 2013 by former Meden Agan vocalist Iliana Tsakiraki and drummer Philip Stone, is streaming the new track "One Last Try." The song will appear on the band's debut release, still untitled, which is targeted for release in 2014.

Enemy Of Reality is:

Iliana - Vocals
Stelios - Guitars
Marianthe - Keys
Thanos - Bass
Philip - Drums

Check out "One Last Try" here: More...

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Death Angel Posts Track-By-Track Video

San Francisco Bay Area thrash veterans Death Angel have made part 1 of their track-by-track for "The Dream Calls for Blood" available online.

Watch vocalist Mark Osegueda in the player below as he explains the meanings behind the songs “Left for Dead,” “Son of the Morning,” “Fallen,” “The Dream Calls for Blood,” and “Succubus.” The album is out now via Nuclear Blast Records and has the following track listing:

1. Left For Dead
2. Son of the Morning
3. Fallen
4. The Dream Calls for Blood
5. Succubus
6. Execution - Don’t Save Me
7. Caster Of Shame
8. Detonate
9. Empty
10. Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust
11. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath Cover) (Digipak Bonus Track)

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Vocalist Tony Harnell Rejoins TNT

Vocalist Tony Harnell (Starbreaker/Westworld) announced that he has rejoined Norwegian melodic hard rock act TNT. Harnell fronted the band from 1984-2006, singing on the band's more popular albums "Knights of New Thunder" (1984), "Tell No Tales" (1987), "Intuition" (1989) and more. He replaces the outgoing Tony Mills, who left the band to pursue other musical projects after fronting the band for the last six years covering three studio releases.

TNT will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the "Intuition" album with a tour. Harnell's statement reads:
"After much discussion and lots of soul searching I'm happy to officially announce that I'll be back behind the microphone with TNT. I'm very proud of all we accomplished over the years and proud to have written and recorded all those great songs with my brother from another mother, Ronni Le Tekro. Sometimes it's just time to give the fans what they're asking for. 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the successful Intuition album and we thought it would be a good time to get out and re-launch this little machine for you guys! Can't wait to see you all on tour!" More...

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Jaded Heart Posts Second Live Clip From DVD

German melodic metal band Jaded Heart posted another clip from the new live CD/DVD release "Live in Cologne." In this clip, the band's performs the track "Hero," which appeared as the opening track of the 2007 LP "Sinister Mind." The previously posted clip for "Life is Beautiful" can be viewed at this location.

"Live In Cologne" is available now via Fastball Music through iTunes and Amazon. Check out "Hero" here:

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Stryper Releases "No More Hell To Pay" Music Video

Christian act Stryper released a new music video for the track "No More Hell to Pay," the title track to the upcoming new release. The album drops in North America on November 5th via Frontiers Records.

The track listing for the new release is:

1. Revelation (see lyric video)
2. No More Hell To Pay
3. Saved By Love
4. Jesus Is Alright
5. The One
6. Legacy (streaming here)
7. Marching Into Battle
8. Te Amo
9. Sticks & Stones
10. Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed

Check out "No More Hell to Pay" here: More...

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