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Metal News for October 14, 2019

Last updated on September 20, 2020 at 3:48 AM ET

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Abbath Brought Some Norway to Arizona

Right this very minute, mammoth tour package consisting of Obituary, Abbath, Midnight and Devil Master is making the rounds through North America. I was fortunate enough to catch the mighty Abbath during their appearance in Tucson, Arizona. I reviewed “Outstrider” earlier during the year (you can read it here), so I was hellbent on catching them live if they played anywhere close to Phoenix. Tucson is only a two-hours drive from Phoenix, so after a quick change of clothes at home after work, I stepped on the gas and headed south on Interstate 10 for this must-see tour package of 2019.

I arrived during Midnight’s final song of their set, so that also meant that I missed Devil Master altogether. I was a little bummed about missing Midnight, but no worries about Devil Master. (I caught them at Psycho Las Vegas, meh…). After what seemed like an eternity of sound checking before Abbath, the fog machine was turned on and put on full blast for Abbath Doom Occulta’s grand entrance into an icy blue wall of mist.

While the classical entrance music was blaring, you couldn’t help but notice the monolith hugging the whole front length of the drum riser. Standing approximately ten feet high on the ends and made of die-cut aluminum (I presume, or else it would take more than two persons to carry the beast!), was the Abbath logo. Abbath Doom Occulta sauntered in front of it, unleashed one of his trademark grimaces and started riffing the intro chords of “Count of the Dead.”

Lurching into “Bridge of Spasms” next, I couldn’t help but notice that absent on bass was the very popular and busy, Mia Wallace. This was quite a letdown for me because the visual dynamic between her and Abbath Doom Occulta was part of the allure for making the trip to Tucson. Some on the spot Google research enlightened me that Abbath’s previous touring bassist, Rusty Cornell, was apparently called upon to fill in the low end for the North and South America tours. Another thing I found out is that he’s actually from Phoenix, Arizona originally. Who knew?

With only having a pair of releases so far, and to the delight of many in the crowd, Abbath Doom Occulta dipped into some Immortal favorites to fill out the set-list. “In My Kingdom Cold” and “Tyrants” were played back-to-back followed by the overly energetic “Ashes of the Damned” from the debut album “Abbath.” Between cheers and sipping beers, there was plenty of playful banter from Abbath Doom Occulta and the Arizonan laden crowd. This is why we love him. He’s a black metal comic book hero that makes some black metal purists cringe. You know what? Fuck those guys…Abbath is good for the black metal genre and for the state of heavy music in general.

Abbath’s final song, “To War!”, was immersed in an onslaught of blood red strobe lighting and was what the now ravenous crowd was hoping for as a finale. After Abbath Doom Occulta toasted the desert dwelling crowd one last time, the icy inhabitant from Bergen, Norway, left the now vacant stage. There’s no doubt that he adores his fans and every night he gets to don his iconic badger corpse paint, is cherished by him. Unfortunately, I had to make the trek back to Phoenix, thus in turn missing Obituary. However, it was well worth the out of town trip just to see one of black metal’s most likeable acts. More...

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Toledo Steel On Debut Album And Traditional Metal

Heavy metal is a genre which has spawned more sub-genres that anyone would care to count. Over nearly four decades, we've witnessed the birth and rise of thrash metal, black metal, death metal and so on, but while the traditional take on heavy metal is sometimes overshadowed by its offspring, it will never go away. As time has gone on, many younger musicians have taken on the duty of keeping denim and leather alive, to the point some are even calling these groups, the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal, featuring such bands as White Wizzard, Cauldron and Amulet.

This past weekend, I caught up with one such band, Toledo Steel, from Southampton in the south of England, to discuss their role in this movement, why metal fans are still drawn to this style and their plans for a new album, among other topics. You can watch the interview in full below.

Diamond Oz: You're currently promoting your debut album, "No Quarter," which came out last year. Now that the dust has settled, how would you say the reaction's been?

Rich Rutter: For the most part it's been pretty positive, kind of mixed, but I'd say good overall really.

Oz: Good. I've seen one review on Encyclopaedia Metallum which was very positive. It's got some really cool album art as well. Who did the artwork?

Rich: Ah, that was an Italian painter who goes by the name of Velio Josto. He's done quite a few other bands' artwork over the years. I think he did Vulture's first two albums too.

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Aktaion Posts New Music Video Online

Swedish metal band, Aktaion, have released a music video and single for "Oblivion," the track is taken from their third album "Above Empires" which was released on August 23, 2019. The video was made by Eddie Berg of Liftamountain (Atena, Visions Of Atlantis, Imminence).

The song is produced by Francis Larsson, Oskar Johnsen Rydh & Axel Croné. Recorded at Obsidian Recording Studios (Hammerfall, The Unguided, Despite) / Robert Kuklas. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (Arch Enemy, Armageddon, At the Gates).

"Above Empires" is the third Aktaion full length following 2015's "Throne" and 2016's "Parade of Nature." "With this album the main goal we wanted to achieve was to get straight to the point!" states guitarist Francis Larsson. "Riffs; straight to the point, song structures; straight to the point, lyrics; straight to the point. Before, we ventured into longer songs with many layers but this time we wanted to challenge ourselves in exploring fewer elements in each song, and getting the most out of each riff and melody. This album is also a first for Aktaion as we, in contrast to our first two albums, went into a studio. We collaborated with Studio Fredman and Obsidian Recording Studios for the recording, and mixing and mastering together with Fredrik Nordström. With this album we really took our time with writing and pre-production as we had almost a whole year to prepare for the studio. We recorded several versions of the songs, and from an early stage worked together with Robert Kukla at Obsidian Recording Studios. In the end we surpassed everything we done in the past in terms of sound and songs. This is the ultimate Aktaion experience." More...

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Salem UK Discusses New Album, "Win, Lose Or Draw"

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal gave the world so many great bands that it's basically a treasure chest, with so many gems to find. While some bands went on to massive success, others were unfortunately short lived, though would return to the stage later on, sometimes with greater output. One such band, which rose from the ashes of another NWOBHM band Ethel The Frog, was Hull's own, Salem, now known as Salem UK to separate them from the Israeli band of the same name.

Since returning in 2010, Salem UK has put out four full length albums, with their latest, "Win, Lose Or Draw" only hitting the shelves last Friday. The album comes only a year after their previous release, "Attrition" and could well be their best yet, rich in energy and good old fashioned hard rock/heavy metal. I caught up with vocalist Simon Saxby and guitarist Francis Gill to discuss the album, as well as the history of the band, the surprising news that they're already working on their next record and much more! You can watch the interview in full below.

Diamond Oz: Your brand new album, "Win, Lose Or Draw" is out now. What would you say makes it different from "Attrition"?

Simon Saxby: Well, the people on it are different for a start! Francis joined up with myself and Adrian (Jenkinson, bassist) who were the main members of the previous band and of course Francis being a completely different style of guitar player has brought a different dimension. I think it's a little bit more modern. It's got that new metal feel to it but then Francis is also steeped in tradition, like good old rock bands such as Deep Purple and that kind of thing. Hopefully it's just got a bit of an eclectic mix of newer stuff and and more traditional stuff, which of course when you're my age, that's what you do!

Oz: I think that's what people want to hear from Salem as well. Fans don't want to hear Salem go full on thrash or black metal. It's only a year ago though that "Attrition" was released so, having that new blood in the band, did that make you very eager to have something out?

Simon: Well yeah, I mean obviously when the previous incarnation of the band split, I'll be honest with you, me and Adrian for a little while didn't think about doing anything. It's hard work and so it was soul destroying when it all fell apart, so we weren't as keen as you might think to put our toe back in the water. So then we did a little bit of writing together and decided we weren't bothered about booking gigs just yet, it was better to see if we could find someone and Ade had worked with Francis previously and he said, "Well, he's that good he's never going to say 'Yes'", but he did so that gave us the impetus to go, "Right, well we'd better raise our game a little bit here!"

It was a real shot in the arm, exactly what we needed, so we became excited again and looking forward to doing stuff, which is why the album didn't take that long to record. Probably only about six months, I think, bearing in mind we aren't all in the same town, I have to travel from the south east up to Hull, so six months is quite a feat to get ten tracks out as quickly as we did. So yeah, with "Win, Lose Or Draw," it's definitely got a fresher, more raw edge to it and the production's different as well.


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Burning Witches To Release New EP

A few weeks ago, Burning Witches introduced their new front-woman Laura alongside the release of brand new single "Wings Of Steel." The song which showcases Laura's vocals for the very first time, is already available digitally.

As a gift to fans, the band have decided to release an EP featuring the brand new song "Wings Of Steel" alongside three live tracks from Wacken Open Air 2019. The EP will be released on December 6th 2019 and will be available on black and coloured vinyl.

The band states: "We are thrilled to present you with this limited edition collector’s item! It is the beginning of a new era with Laura and the three Wacken live songs are very special to us. It was our first time playing there, so it was really moving and exceptional - which is why we had to put that magic on the Wings Of Steel vinyl EP. Have fun listening and crank it up to 11!“

Tracklisting for 'Wings Of Steel':
Side A
1. Wings Of Steel
2. Executed (Live at Wacken 2019)

Side B
1. Open Your Mind (Live at Wacken 2019)
2. Hexenhammer (Live at Wacken 2019) More...

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Blood Eagle Posts New Visualizer Video

Blood Eagle recently released their first of three EPs that combined, make up "To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed." The Denmark based death metal band is comprised of former members of Volbeat, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Illdisposed, and Raunchy. Officially surfaced in 2013, good friendship and a love for old school death metal have made Blood Eagle an unstoppable force. Today the band releases the second visualizer from first EP entitled "Impact Irreversible." Watch the video visualizer below.

The band comments, "'Impact Irreversible' is the third song we ever wrote. The very first two songs we ever wrote were just classic death metal. Then we started experimenting with our sound and the outcome is 'Impact Irreversible'. It's one of those that just got pieced together, first with the main riff in protools, then the rest in the rehearsal. It's one of the strongest songs on the album, with heavy triplets riffs, blast beats and some atmospheric black metal elements."

Next week, the band will release part 2 of the "To Ride In Blood And Bathe In Greed" EP while Part III will be released on November 22nd. The album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. All artwork was created by Rune Stigart. Stay tuned for more information on the EPs! More...

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Can’t Swim Premiere New Song & Music Video “Power”

Can’t Swim‘s new EP “Foreign Language” is out now in stores via Pure Noise Records. The band premiere a music video for their track “Power” on this occasion streaming for you via YouTube below. That track itself features a guest turn by Frank Carter.

Other guest appearances on the EP include Spencer Pollard from Trash Talk, Adam Lazzarra of Taking Back Sunday and Drew “Drew York” Dijorio (Stray From The Path).

Comments Can’t Swim‘s frontman Chris LoPorto of the effort: More...

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Blood Incantation Premiere New Song & Music Video

Blood Incantation premiere a new song and music video titled "Inner Paths (to Outer Space)", taken from their upcoming new album "Hidden History of the Human Race", which will be out in stores November 22 via Dark Descent Records.

Check out now "Inner Paths (to Outer Space)" below.

Comment the band on the new track: More...

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Sanctvs Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Sanctvs premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Mors Aeterna", which will be out in stores Octzober 15 via Sepulchral Productions.

Check out now "Mors Aeterna" in its entirety below.

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Cryptic Brood Premiere New Song

Wolfsburg, Germany based trio Cryptic Brood premiere a new song called "Biting Through Flesh", taken from their upcoming new album "Outcome of Obnoxious Science", which will be released on November 22 by War Anthem Records.

Check out now "Biting Through Flesh" below.

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