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Metal News for October 1, 2021

Last updated on November 24, 2021 at 3:02 AM ET

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Operus Launches New Music Video

Canadian epic symphonic metal band, Operus has a new music video for their single "Lost" off their latest album "Score of Nightmares" released through German label Pride & Joy Music during June 2020.

The vision behind the new video is that of a journey through an inner self-created metaphoric world of being lost along with the feeling of self-doubt and the inevitable anxiety of running out of time. The video's purpose is to demonstrate that we all need guidance and that although our time here isn’t infinite, what we do with our "sands of time" is the most important.

The visually stunning music video was filmed by Joe Lyko of Dark Moon Productions and features Bunny Noire in the role of the "Lost Girl," which can be viewed below. More...

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Burning Point Unveils New Single

Burning Point release new single "Hit The Night," album "Arsonist Of The Soul" is set for release on 22nd Oct on AFM Records. Check out the audio video below.

Burning Point have unleashed another killer appetizer taken from "Arsonist Of The Soul," as their new single "Hit The Night" has just been premiered!

"Musically it's a great mix of Judas Priest ("Painkiller" era) with a huge stadium size chorus you can pump your fist and bang your head!" Says Pete about the new song. Vocalist Luca adds: "The night is normally the moment when people go out to have fun, escaping from the avarage life, the cage where they are prisoned doing most of the times a job they don't like to make out their living, so hit the night regenerate your soul till the morning light." More...

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Atlas Releases "UHRI" Music Video

Finnish metalcore quintet Atlas has unveiled new single "UHRI," the fourth taste of the upcoming album "UKKO," due for release on 10th December 2021 via Long Branch Records. You can check it out below.

On the new single, guitarist Tuomas Kurikka states: "'UHRI' is about the journey to death. Embracing the cold and letting the black river pull you into the depths, where time can start over. The raven's vision fulfilled, truly. The sun is engulfed and white horses gallop through the ever frosted fields. The sky will cry its last tear and Ukko passes us his wisdom." More...

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Blood Youth Surprises Fans With New Album

Today, Blood Youth have surprised dropped their third album "Visions Of Another Hell" via Rude Records. The release comes after last month's announcement that vocalist Kaya Tarsus would be leaving the band following their shows at Slam Dunk Festival. "Visions Of Another Hell" is therefore Kaya's final outing with Blood Youth and a swansong of epic proportions.

"'Visions Of Another Hell' is sonic snapshot of a period of time where we felt more comfortable in hell than anywhere else. Our best, most visceral and experimental creation to date. We couldn't be more proud of what this album became and what it means to us. As a band and a creative entity, all we've ever wanted is to express ourselves openly and to help others in the process.
It took everything from us to create VOAH, and hopefully it will give others the light they deserve," say the band.

The album features previously released singles "Iron Lung," "Cells," "Body of Wire," "Colony 3," and "Something to Numb the Pain." Alongside tracks such as 'Synthetic' and 'Kept In A Box', Visions Of Another Hell showcases Blood Youth's talent for interposing antagonistic metal with stunning melody.


1. a-LTX
2. Iron Lung
3. Something To Numb The Pain
4. Cells
5. Body Of Wire
6. Colony3
7. Open Window
8. Synthetic
9. Human Blur
10. Kept In A Box
11. Dogma

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Massacre Posts New Music Video Online

Florida's masters of death metal, Massacre, have debuted a gruesome music video today for their brand new single "Whisperer In Darkness," which is found on their highly anticipated 4th full-length album, "Resurgence," that's out October 22nd from Nuclear Blast.

Commenting on the new single, vocalist Kam Lee states:

"This is the bands love ballad. The first song we wrote together for the album, the one that brings us together in sweet harmony like honey and butter covered toast. It’s like a warm cozy cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's morning… with marsh-mellows even. Until the horrid eldritch tentacle reaches up out of the toilet and violently picks you up off your feet and slams you face first into the concrete floor. Broken teeth, spurting blood and gore as parts of your tongue are torn from your maw while this hideous creature crawls its way up your rectum. Like I said… a love ballad." More...

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Nekromant Shares New Single

After the great response to their mighty single "The Woods," Sweden’s Nekromant are back with their second track from the upcoming "Temple Of Haal" album, called "Behind The Veil Of Eyes."

Nekromant about the new single:
"This song is cold as ice but at the same time warming. The lyrics convey a notion of hopelessness but acceptance before an impending doom. Adam delivers the vocals in the verses with great merit. In short, a joyful little tune about darkness and death."

Standing on the shoulders of metal giants such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, Swedish trio Nekromant are well versed in the art of crushing riffs and powerful melodies, boasting a sound that echoes the might of the past with an eye cast toward the future. With a much-admired set of releases to their name, the three-piece have been turning heads wherever they go with their authentic and effortlessly brilliant old school metal assault. From a punishing percussive battery through to the Iommi-esque guitars, this power-trio understand that the riff is king, as demonstrated throughout their superb new album. The first fruits of their new deal with celebrated Swedish label Despotz Records arrive late 2021 and is packed with ambitious metal gems such as "The Woods," the epic "Behind The Veil Of Eyes" and the doom-laden "Olórin's Song."

The album "Temple Of Haal" embraces a typical Swedish darkness in amongst a desire to reject the notion of living life through social media and seeks to reconnect with the things that really matter. The new album is an unashamedly old school heavy metal record, blessed with crushing riffs and inescapable hooks. The band, originally known as Serpent, have a large and loyal following, and the new album is very much in keeping with what those fans have come to expect from this acclaimed Scandinavian three-piece. With single "The Woods" proving to be a perfect calling card for the upcoming, Nekromant are in the perfect position to fulfil that early promise with "Temple Of Haal," and brings a new level of Swedish bleakness to the world.

"Temple Of Haal" will be released on December 3rd. More...

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Unanimated Reveals New Album Details

The wait is over!

Unanimated return with a new album called "Victory in Blood" which will be released on December 3rd, 2021!

This marks their first studio effort in over 10 years and can already be counted as another milestone in the long band history.

The truly incredible artwork and layout was handled by none other than Daniele Valeriani (Mayhem, Triptykon, Behemoth, Dissection, etc. – just to name a few).

The vinyl version comes in a Ltd. Gatefold 180g. 2LP, with an Etching on Side D, Art Print and 12-page LP-Booklet. This exclusive vinyl edition also includes a cover version of Brazilian metal legends Sarcofargo, which will be only available on this format. The CD version comes as a 6-panel Pocket Pac (eco-friendly enclosure) with 12-page CD-Booklet. Also available as digital album.

A specially visualized video for the title track is now available for you to watch below. More...

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Beast In Black Uploads "One Night In Tokyo" Video

Dive deep into the exciting energy of an alluring night in Japan's capital with all it's flashing nights and dangerous temptations around every corner. Today, metal heroes release their new single "One Night In Tokyo" - the second single of their upcoming album "Dark Connection", that will see light on October 29th.

Guitarist Anton Kabanen states:
"What could be better than spending one night in Tokyo? That’s right, nothing. If this hyper uplifting and max powered heavy metal hybrid of italo disco and eurobeat doesn’t get you electrified and flying through the futuristic dreamscapes of mesmerizing and exciting Tokyo, then you’re just not crazy, mad and insane enough for a journey where only Beast In Black can take you. If you’re with us, you better buckle up for a manic ride on the savage Beast!" More...

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Dying Wish Unveils New Music Video

In less than three years after their formation, Portland-based blistering hardcore five-piece Dying Wish have built up a reputation as one of the leading bands in their scene and today, they have finally unveiled their debut full-length album. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Randy LeBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan, Sentinels), Fragments of a Bitter Memory is 11 songs of savage, pummeling assault against trauma and society.

"We had never worked in a setting like that, where we’re all kind of living at the studio for weeks, making an album,” bassist Andrew Le says of the recording process. “We came into our own as a band."

The results are focused, explosive, and powerful. The album opens with "Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed," a visceral barnstormer expressing the exasperated feeling of being fed up. Today, fans can watch the music video for the new track, which can be seen below. More...

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Enslaved Releases New Music Video

Enslaved's new EP "Caravans To The Outer Worlds" has today been released unto the universe, alongside a beautiful video for the track "Ruun II - The Epitaph." Viewers should note that the video is part two - a second part to the video which accompanied the EP title track.

A new cycle is underway, and Enslaved find themselves on a bridge between the archaic and the unmapped. "Caravans To The Outer Worlds" EP is a tale of departure, of leaving behind a barren and desolate world, travelling boldly into the future. There are outer worlds to go to and new havens to rebuild in, to invoke a new dawn and to defend the new world for those of Sense and Earth.

Grutle Kjellson stated,
"Releasing an EP is a huge privilege, it really is. It is somehow reliving to go on a stroll away from the the album format, and take some leaps into obscurity in between two full lengths. There’s so many great and experimental EP’s in music history; Magical Mystery Tour, Garage Days Revisited, Deathcrush, The Golden Years… just to mention a very few. We hope Caravans To The Outer Worlds, our third EP in 30 years, can fascinate and inspire."

Ivar Bjørnson stated,
"This EP is an expression of the vital state Enslaved is in – the idea to create a transitory release between Utgard and what is to come next logically led to the idea of an EP. Iver’s idea of adding short intermezzos between the two main songs gave this release even more energy and depth. This EP is one that points backwards towards our early works as well as forward to a yet unknown place we seem to be heading for." More...

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Imperial Triumphant Posts New Live Video Online

After just announcing their upcoming live release "An Evening With Imperial Triumphant" Imperial Triumphant release the first single "Transmission to Mercury" that has been recorded at the infamous New York Slipper Room. With the song being taken from their recent long-player "Alphaville" the band delivers a stunning live-performance in the heart of New York City´s most notorious variety theatre. The album will be released November 26th and will be available exclusively on 180-gram black vinyl and on all digital platforms.

Check out the opulent live-clip of "Transmission to Mercury" (Live at Slipper Room) below. More...

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Ministry Shares "Disinformation" Music Video

In celebration of the release of brand new album "Moral Hygiene" – out today via Nuclear Blast – Ministry releases the explosive new music video for their latest single "Disinformation," about the slippery slope we find ourselves in when consuming mass media without critical thinking. You can check it out below.

"Moral Hygiene" is Ministry’s 15th studio album and features some of the project’s strongest and most inspired material to date. It features the creative masterwork of founder and creator Al Jourgensen who spent the pandemic pause in 2020 ruminating on the new world we as a society have found ourselves in – while pondering just what we are going to do about it. More...

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Monument of Misanthropy Premiere New Music Video

Monument Of Misanthropy’s premiere a new single and music video entitled “The Legacy of a Malignant Narcissist”. The song is taken from Monument Of Misanthropy’s impending new album "Unterweger", which will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records November 12th, 2021.

Pre-orders for the album and the brand new killer merch can be purchased HERE.

Explain the band: More...

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Archspire Premiere New Music Video

A new music music video for Archspire‘s latest single “Drone Corpse Aviator” has premiered online streaming via YouTube below. The track is taken from the group’s new full-length “Bleed The Future“, due out October 29th through Season Of Mist.

Comment Archspire: More...

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Mastodon Premiere New Music Video "Teardrinker"

A new music video for Mastodon's new track “Teardrinker” has premiered, streaming for you below. It’s the second advance track taken from their impending new double-album “Hushed And Grim“. The outing will feature guest spots from Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, Municipal Waste, etc. drummer Dave Witte among others. An October 29th release date has been slated for it.

This fall the band will be out on the below co-headlining tour with Opeth. Zeal & Ardor will open: More...

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Bullet For My Valentine Premiere New Single

Bullet For My Valentine‘s new track “Rainbow Veins” has premiered online streaming via YouTube for you below . It is off the band’s forthcoming self-titled new studio full-length, which is scheduled for a November 05th release by Universal Music.


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Hypocrisy Premiere New Single "Dead World"

Hypocrisy‘s new advance track “Dead World” has premiered online, two months ahead of the group’s upcoming new release “Worship“. The new album is scheduled for a November 26 release date by Nuclear Blast.

Peter Tägtgren comments, "Dead World is a song that Sebastian wrote for our father/son project that never saw the light of day. When he started playing the song, I felt that the world needs to hear this crushing song asap as the groove and tempo blew my mind. The video idea came from our director Andrey Kezzyn and it's similar to my point of view of what’s about to come of the world. Maybe not literally, but who knows. Enjoy!" More...

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Pressure Cracks (Fever 333) Premiere New Single

Pressure Cracks - spearheaded by Jason Aalon Butler (Fever 333, etc.) - premiere their new track “Cancel Couture“. The single features a guest spot from Eighteen Visions frontman James Hart.

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Wage War Premiere New Music Video

Wage War premiere a new music video for the title track to their new album “Manic”, streaming via YouTube below:

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KK’s Priest Premiere New Animated Music Video

KK’s Priest - lead by ex-Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing and frontman Tim “Ripper” Owens - premiere a new animated music video for “Return Of The Sentinel”. The song is off their debut full-length, “Sermons Of The Sinner“. You can stream that 9-minute clip via YouTube below.

Says Downing of it: More...

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Lions At The Gate (Ex-Ill Niño) Premiere New Video

Lions At The Gate - featuring ex-Ill Niño members Cristian Machado, Ahrue “Luster” Ilustre and Diego Verduzco - premiere their second advance track and music video “Scapegoat“. The clip was directed by Vicente Codero.

Explains Machado: More...

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