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Metal News for October 1, 2009

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Austrian Death Machine Reveals New Album's Ahhnold

Austrian Death Machine (Tim Lambesis) has revealed that comedian and voice actor Josh Robert Thompson did the "Ahhnold" voices on their new album, "Double Brutal." Chad Ackerman of Destroy the Runner did Ahhnold's parts on the band's first album, "Total Brutal." Lambesis commented:

"It's time to face it guys, Arnold is 62 years old and really angry so his voice has gotten a bit grainier and lower. haha... and pitch shift or studio effects were not used this time since that's what he really sounds like!"

Here's a video of Josh Robert Thompson doing some voice impressions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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Watch Arch Enemy's New Video For "Beast of Man"

Sweden melodic death metal band, Arch Enemy, has released the first music video from their new album "The Root of All Evil." The brand new video for the track, “Beast of Man”, can be viewed exclusively at MetalSucks.net, now through Saturday, October 3rd. The video for “Beast of Man” was filmed by RGKP Videoproduktion, and was shot this past summer at Germany’s Rock Harz Festival. More...

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Bring Me The Horizon Announces Remix Album

Bring Me The Horizon has announced that they've had their critically acclaimed second album "Suicide Season" completely remixed. Highlights include a remix by legendary British producers UTAH SAINTS, the uber trendy L’AMOUR LA MORGUE, M. SHAWN CRAHAN, TRAVIS McCOY and TOXIC AVENGER.

"Suicide Season Cut Up" is due out November 2, 2009.

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Witches Mark Reveals New EP Details

Texas based traditional heavy metal band Witches Mark have announced that their debut EP will be titled "A Grim Apparition." The EP is currently set to be released through Heaven & Hell Records on October 27th, 2009. Samples of the four song EP can be heard at the official Witches Mark MySpace page.

The track listing for "A Grim Apparition" is as follows:

1. Salem's Fire
2. Cauldron Born
3. Ethereal
4. A Grim Apparition

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Gwen Stacy Posts "A Dialogue" DVD Trailer

Gwen Stacy has posted a trailer for the "A Dialogue" DVD. The DVD comes with the band's new album that you can get exclusively at Hot Topic. "A Dialogue" is available in stores and online October 20th. Here's the DVD trailer:

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Frost Discusses Satyricon's Upcoming Activity

Norwegian black metallers Saytricon saw the U.S. release of their last album “The Age of Nero” in January of 2009. The band is set to embark on an extensive set of North American and European tour dates throughout the next few months (tour dates listed below). Satyricon drummer Frost (Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad) spoke to me about the band’s most recent release, their upcoming tour, and plans to start writing new material. More...

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The Gates Of Slumber Cancels Chicago Tour Date

The Gates of Slumber have canceled their upcoming October 2nd tour date in Chicago due to "unusual circumstances." The band has stated that they are attempting to setup a replacement show.

The Gates of Slumber have the following update tour dates:

10/17 HAMMER OF DOOM II Würzburg Posthalle Würzburg
10/18 Z-Bau Nürnberg
10/19 KA6 W/ LORD VICAR Zerbst
10/20 Little Devil W/ LORD VICAR Tillburg
10/22 The Rainbow W/ LORD VICAR, THE DEEP BLUE Birmingham, Northeast

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5 Billion Dead Announces New Vocalist, Chuck Boyer

Central Florida metal band 5 BILLION DEAD has announced the addition of a new vocalist CHUCK BOYER (Enigmatic/Carnevil).

"The band never broke-up", claims bassist Mattdaddy "We've been hard at work the entire time. Having gone through several lineup configurations, at long last we are very excited to announce 5 BILLION DEAD are back and better than ever! Guitarist Alex V., drummer Chris B. and myself had already made a conscious decision to return as a 3-piece, and actually booked a show as a part of the METAL 4 TANYA benefit concert Friday, October 23rd at the Haven Lounge. It wasn't until after we began preparing for that show we found out that Chuck became available, so of course we asked him to audition. Familiar with his previous work, it was no surprise that his vocal power and stage presence fits perfectly with the intense musical direction the band has taken." More...

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Elis Announces New Album Release Dates

German gothic metal band Elis has revealed release dates for their latest album, "Catharsis," the full-length studio effort with their new vocalist, Sandra Schleret. The release dates are:

Nov. 25, 2009 Finland & Spain
Nov. 27, 2009 Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux & Italy
Nov. 30, 2009 Rest of Europe
Dec. 15, 2009 USA
Jan. 01, 2010 Canada

The digipak edition contains a bonus DVD, which features a live recording from a show at the "Metal Female Voices Fest 2007." The DVD tracklisting is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Tales from Heaven or Hell
3. Die Zeit
4. Show Me the Way
5. Phoenix from the Ashes
6. Der letzte Tag
7. Lost Soul
8. A New Decade
9. Heaven and Hell

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Kalmah Cancels Instanbul and Oulu Shows

Kalmah was forced to cancel their gigs at Unirock Extreme Festival in Instanbul, Turkey, on October 3rd and at Nuclear Nightclub in Oulu, Finland on October 17th. The band comments: "Both gigs will be re-scheduled to 2010. Nightclub will host our album release party in the beginning of 2010. The reason for cancelling is [guitarist/vocalist] Pekka's accident with brush saw. See the picture here."

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Cradle Of Filth Announces "Fab Fest 5" Details

Cradle of Filth has announced the "Fab Fest 5 - Death and the Devil" festival will take place at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London on Saturday 21 November 2009, from 11am till 11pm. The Fab Fest 5 is an all day film festival, live performance, and book launch event to celebrate the publication of "The Gospel of Filth," written by Gavin Baddeley and Dani Filth.

Tickets are priced at £30 in advance only, and are available to over-18s only on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. The event will be hosted by author Gavin Baddeley For more information click here.

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Divine Eve Announces New EP Title

Texas metallers Divine Eve have issued the following update about releasing a new EP:

"As writhing flames whisper to the darkness, winds of chaos fade into the abyss... DIVINE EVE is very eager to declare the 4 song E.P. is in its final stages of completion. The title 'Vengeful and Obstinate' is a fitting banner to raise proudly above our first recordings in over 14 years. DIVINE EVE continues to be encouraged and inspired by the extremely positive support from the underground extreme metal music scene! We strongly HAIL those loyal followers of DIVINE EVE's long over due reformation and Legacy. More news to come about soon to be available release formats, as well as song samples. RIDE THE WINGS OF ARMAGEDDON."

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Elexorien Seeking New Female Singer

Elexorien has issued the following announcement about seeking a new female vocalist:

"Mightiest of hails to you all, Legions of the Warblade! Now that five of us remain, we are as of now looking for a new sixth member to complete our ranks once more. For this, a new female vocalist is needed. For those who consider themselves worthy and daring enough to join us, a few things may be of interest to you, all jotted down in the following list.

"We offer the following grand adventures, splendid deeds and epic quests:

- Plenty of shows, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The South-American conquest we recently undertook was but the beginning of even grander things to come!
- An extremely varied style of music with plenty of room for your personal touch and ideas.
- Recording of our second album, early 2010.
- As one cannot solely fight battles, tons of fun and good times will of course be had.

"We expect, require and demand the following:

- Outstanding vocal skills, and knowledge on how to turn a stage into your personal battleground. In short, a stage-beast with one hell of a voice! (Preferably classically trained singers !)
- Experience, as much as possible. On stage as well as experience in working in and with a band.
- A professional attitude.
- 200% dedication! We will not settle for anything less, as Elexorien is a huge part of our lives, and we have no desire to be 'just another band'.
- A well-developed sense of humour, in order to survive the long road to our shows.
- Your own means of transport is not required, but it would be greatly appreciated. In case you still think you are the one for us, then please send us your application per E-mail, which includes everything about you (+ sound clips/mp3’s/Myspace links, etc…) to the following address: info@elexorien.com More...

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Ex Deo Posts Paganfest Europe Tour Review Video

Roman themed metallers Ex Deo (featuring the members of Kataklysm) have posted a review video clip of the Paganfest Europe 2009 tour. The video clip can be viewed below.

PAGANFEST EUROPE 2009 - Tour Review

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Job For A Cowboy Seeks Canadian Fan

Job For A Cowboy is on the hunt for their biggest Canadian fan. If that sounds like you, a contest being put forth by JFAC and their label, Metal Blade Records, that might strike your interest - and give you the opportunity to win a prize pack that includes a "Ruination" CD, a signed limited edition booklet from the band, JFAC stickers, posters and two tickets to the concert stop nearest your hometown. More...

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Los Sin Nombre Streaming New Song Online

Swedish metallers Los Sin Nombre are currently streaming online the new track "Raised In Anger," which is from their upcoming album "Blind Leading Blind." The album is currently set for a November 13th release date.

The track listing for "Blind Leading Blind" is as follows:

1. Ashes to ashes
2. Bleed
3. Blind leading blind
4. Breaking silence
5. Enemy
6. Infected
7. Our daily bread
8. Passing through
9. Raised in anger
10. Taker of innocence
11. Wounds

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Kataklysm Announces European Tour Dates

Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono has announced the following:

"As promised, we are really pleased to announce that we will finally be able to bring the Kataklysm headliner show to Europe for 'Prevail'! We decided to bring a cool and diverse line up. The direct support will come from the satanic Austrian horde and friends in Belphegor, as well as our old touring buddies in Darkest Hour who will bring the shredding melodic edge. From Greece, we got upcoming thrash metal upstarts Suicide Angels and our friends from Belgium, Resistance will open up the party.
We are really stoked for this tour! All bands will bring the agression, we will play some songs we never played before and of course, your favorite Kataklysm pit songs...
We have some big surprises in store for 2010, be ready!!!"

Here are the 2010 tour dates: More...

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Rob Zombie Reveals New Album Artwork

Rob Zombie has revealed the cover artwork for his upcoming new album "Hellbilly Deluxe 2 – Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool." The cover artwork can be viewed at this location. An additional interior art photo can be found here. "Hellbilly Deluxe 2 – Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool" will be released through Geffen Records on November 17th.

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Amon Amarth Getting Ready to Hit the Road Again

Amon Amarth is gearing up to hit the road again for their upcoming tours this fall with guests Entombed and Evile. The band comments:

"Last rehearsal today in preparation for the tour. We had to try out some songs we haven't played in a while and we're looking forward to add some news to our setlist. There will be a few surprises along the road for sure!

"Looking forward to get up on stage again and to see all of you!"

Here are the tour dates: More...

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Mnemic Issues Studio Recording Update

Mnemic has issued the following recording update:

"After a week of recording drums at the Antfarm studios, we moved back into our own studio.

"This week we are starting recording the guitars. For this process we have tried out some heads and some different cabs. Apparently it was all in the cabs. We are using 3 different cabs, and actually one of them is the first Marshall cabinet that i bought when i was 17 years old. We even tried Line 6 cabs, but they have this canned sound (yes, they sound like shit), compared to the Marshall, they didn't stand a chance. Randall cabinets sounded pretty good too, but in the end we ended up using one Randall cabinet and 2 different Marshall cabs. Its weird considering that the same units are to be found in both cabs (or maybe all? i dunno).

"I have never been a sucker for gear, well at least not when we started the band, i always found it boring, but that's how it is when you are young, naive and like to party and have tits and ass on your mind 24/7. My point is that i learned the hard way about gear over the years, bad sounding shows forced me to look more and more into my gear. I always loved Machine Heads sound, and after playing with them a couple of times, i got into their gear as well. Both guitarists used old 5150s and i never understood how they got this massive sound, until i asked Rob about it, who solved the mystery by telling me its all in the Tube Screamer… i guess everybody knew that, except for moi – as i said, i never gave a shit about gear, i always fiddled around to whatever sounded good to my ears. More...

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Nominon Issues Recording Update

Swedish death metallers Nominon have issued the following recording update:

"The recording sessions at NECROMORBUS STUDIO has now come to and end after two weeks of nothing but hard work. Tore Stjerna will now spend some days mixing and mastering the whole thing. We managed to record eleven songs and it all sounds really powerful and heavy, yet fast and with a certain raw edge, and at last it's definitely THE most variated material so far from NOMINON. Since some of you have been asking for song titles and stuff we would now like to reveal at least some information about the Mini-CD that will be released within the next couple of months (like an appetizer for the new album, set to be out early next year). The title for the forthcoming Mini-CD will be "OMEN."

The track listing for the mini-CD "Omen" will be as follows:

1. Omen
2. Invocations
3. Through Dead Dreams Door
4. Submit To Evil (Live)

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Krypteria to Tour Germany with Doro

German goth-metallers Krypteria has checked in with the following tour update:

"When it became obvious that we would not be able to do our October tour throughout Germany due to [guitarist] Chris' condition, we immediately went to work on an adequate alternative so we would still be able to perform "My Fatal Kiss" live for our fans in 2009.

"Today we gladly announce Krypteria's return to the live circuit for this December.

"Even though we have not been able to set up a full-fledged headliner tour due to obvious logistical issues, we've received a little, no, a ton of help from a friend: Doro Pesch, the metal queen herself, and her booking agency Noisegate Productions just invited us to join them as special guest on their December tour - wow !

"The Hard&Heavy icon from Duesseldorf and Krypteria have some history together: In 2008 Doro, being one of the nicest people in all of Rock'n'Roll, had asked [singer] Ji-In to join her on her single 'Celebrate'; a couple of months later they performed the song - originally mixed by Krypteria's Chris - at Doro's 25th live anniversary event with All-Girl All-Star line-up.

"With Doro and the guys in her band always kicking major ass and us being determined to royally rock the crowds as well, this should shape up to be one heck of a live double whammy before Christmas."

Here are the tour dates: More...

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More Bands Confirmed For Hellfest

Obscura, Arch Enemy, Seupltura, and Twisted Sister are the latest bands confirmed for next's year's Hellfest, set to take place June 18-20, 2010 in Clisson, France.

The current line up is as follows:


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Original Kovenant Members to Play Inferno Fest

Norway's The Kovenant has been confirmed for the 10 year anniversary of Inferno Festival, set to take place in Oslo, Norway March 31st to April 3rd, 2010. The band will play the entire "Nexus Polaris" album live with original members Nagash, Psy Coma, Hellhammer, Sverd and Jezebel Deva.

Other bands confirmed for the festival include Finntroll, Mayhem and Taake. For more information on Inferno 2010, visit www.infernofestival.net

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Paul Di'Anno Announces Supporting Bands

Former Iron Maiden front man and solo artist Paul Di'Anno has announced that Thunderbolt will be supporting him in November and Cheeno will be supporting him during the German tour dates in December. The currently confirmed tour dates are as follows:

Thursday 05-11 Mayday Club, Glogow, Poland
Friday 06-11 DK Slowianin, Szczecin, Poland
Saturday 07-11 CK Wiatrak Club, Zabrzc, Poland
Sunday 08-11 Progresja Warsaw Poland
Tuesday 10-11 Slovakia
Wednesday 11-11 Faval Music, Brno, Czech Republic
Thursday 12-11 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
Friday 13-11 Club Palach Rijeka Croatia
Saturday 14-11 Boogaloo Zagreb Croatia
Tuesday 17-11 Music Hall Banja Luka Bosnia
Wednesday 18-11 SKC Belgrade Serbia
Thursday 19-11 Silver Church Club, Bucharest, Romania
Friday 20-11 Irish & Music Club, Cluj-Napoca Romania
Saturday 21-11 Zsivarany Zenehaz Kaposvar Hungary

Thursday 17-12 Stormwind, Ensdorf, Germany
Friday 18-12 Kubana Siegburg Germany
Saturday 19-12 Metalfest JZ Lukaz Lünen Germany (without Cheeno)
Sunday 20-12 Die Halle, Franfurt Germany

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Tardive Dyskinesia Announces New Album Details

Greek metallers Tardive Dyskinesia have announced that their new album "The Sea of See Through Skins" is going to be released on October 12th via Coroner Records. Tardive Dyskinesia have also posted a teaser trailer for the new album, which can be viewed below. More...

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Mutiny Within Launches Tour Diary

Mutiny Within keyboardist, Drew, has checked in with the following tour blog:

"09/30/09 - Key Club - Hollywood, California

"Hey everyone! We just played the first show of our first ever tour and it couldn't have gone better. All the bands were awesome. Cattle Decapitation, Prong and Soulfly owned the crowd.

"Also, we visited the Rainbow Room, next door to the Key Club. I got to meet Speed from Soilwork, Dino from Divine Heresy, and, believe it or not, RON JEREMY!

"Keep checking back for photos and daily blog updates. If anyone has any photos of any of our shows, send them to info@thestudionj.com with your name and we will post them. Also, if you have videos then please send us any links.

"We will be filming all the shows until the end of the tour so be sure to check in every Monday for an episode of 'Mutiny Within Fall 2009 US Tour w/Soulfly.'

"Thanks for everyone who came out last night. Next show, Santa Ana!"

Mutiny Within are currently on the road with Soulfly, Prong and Cattle Decapitation. Check them out at these tour dates: More...

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Mikael Akerfeldt Issues Road Report

Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt has issued the following road report from the Progressive Nation 2009 tour:

"‘I thought about the back door... ...I didn't know what to say...’ A classic rock line, pioneering the cock rock movement. Obviously Kiss, from ‘Nothin' to lose’ in 1975. Why am I telling you this? No reason, that's what's playing as I'm writing this.

"We're holed up in a sterile ‘dressing room’ somewhere in Poland. 5 shows into the Progressive nation 2009 tour with Dream theater, us, Bigelf and Unexpect.

"Things are going well, we've played well I think pretty much every night. The first days of chaos has settled down and now everyone is in the regular touring mode. The band's rejuvinated, after some rough times, we're more on fire than in quite some time I think. We've pulled out a bunch of songs we've never played and/or haven't played in a long time. ‘Harlequin forest’ is going down well, as is ‘Hex omega’. Tonight we'll pull out ‘April ethereal’ for the first time in years. Do I remember the lyrics? Yes! Why? How is it possible?

"Melinda, Mirjam and my wife came out to the Stockholm show together with my mum and my sister with her kids. Was lovely to see them, and they liked the show, although Mirjam passed out in the middle of our set. She'd gone insane trying to rush the stage and she also tried to pull a few chords on stage. More...

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Unleashed's Tour Bus Catches on Fire

Unleashed's tour bus caught fire while on their way to the sold-out Milan yesterday (September 30). The band is fine and well and the tour continues with a new bus. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it to the show in Milan, but vocalist Johnny says that they we will be back in Italy soon for sure.

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Massive Assault Seeking New Bassist

Dutch metallers Massive Assault have announced that they are seeking out a new bassist for the recording sessions of their second full length album. Interested bassists can contact the band at grindmasterflesh@hotmail.com. Samples of Massive Assault's music can be heard at their official MySpace page.

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Neaera Posts "Hell On Earth" Tour Photos

Germany's Neaera has issued the following update about posting photos online from their "Hell On Earth" tour:

"It's been a couple of days now since we've returned from one month of traveling with this year's HELL ON EARTH European tour. We would like to sincerely thank all the great new friends we've made and everyone who was involved in this great experience. We have uploaded a couple of pics to our MySpace profile, more will follow over the next days.

"As for the coming months, we will take it easy in Germany, meaning that we will only play a few select shows at the end of this year and in the beginning of 2010."

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Nightrage Announces Mexican Tour Dates

Nightrage have announced the following string of Mexican tour dates:

2/27 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Mexico City
2/28 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Cuernavaca Mor.
3/5 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Guadalajara Jal.
3/6 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Torreon
3/7 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Durango. Dgo.
3/12 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 CD. Obregon Son.
3/13 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 Hermosillo Son.
3/14 2010 Mexican Tour 2010 tba

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No Empathy Cancels Fireblade Force Appearance

German metallers No Empathy have issued the following statement about canceling their appearance athe Fireblade Force Festival in Lichtenstein:

"No Empathy canceled their festival appearance on Fireblade Force because we're not able to arrive soon enough to play 16:30 Friday... Also there was no possibility to change the slot.... ! Sorry for those, who wanted to see us! Praise Chaos eternally!"

No Empathy's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

11/6 Helvete /w Warhammer, Cruel force, Zwieliecht uA Oberhausen
11/7 Die Halle ... /w Evil Warriors, Cruel Force Frankfurt am Main
11/21 hildburghausen /w ORLOG, Goatcult, uA hildburghausen

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Noctis III Metal Fest Ready to Make History

The Noctis III Metal Festival in Calgary, Alta. is ready to unleash a two-day extravaganza of high-octane metal, and Canada’s first ever metal conference.

The conference impacts the city Oct. 2, with a host of internationally acclaimed guest speakers and panelists, including former Megadeth founder and bassist David Ellefson, world-renowned music journalist Martin Popoff, Paul Masvidal of Cynic, David Gold from Ontario Canada’s doom outfit Woods of Ypres and Megawatt Mayhem co-hosts JP Wood and Kevin Woron.

Some of the scheduled topics cover what it takes to get signed these days, tips on landing tours, how to get endorsements and distribution deals, how to promote your band, DIY recording, metal concert photography, and the future of metal journalism.

Following the conference is an 18+ club night showcase at one of Calgary’s premier metal venues, The Distillery, where headliners Novembers Doom, Slough Feg and Ares Kingdom will be sharing the stage with local acts Kilyakai, Norrath, Truck and Tosca, starting at 7:30 p.m.

The two-stage main festival on Oct. 3 takes place at the University of Calgary. Cynic, Suffocation, Destroyer 666 and Aura Noir are among the acts scheduled to brutalize MacEwan Hall, while just a few strides away at The Den, Edmonton’s Death Toll Rising tears things up with A Bloodshed Nightmare from Siksika Nation, and Calgary’s Sacred Ally, Akakor, HROM and Fornication.

“(It’s) another show in Canada, which tend to be great shows for us, and the promoters having a keen interest in us and what we do,” enthuses Cynic's Masvidal. “They asked us if we’d like to speak and discuss songwriting and our creative process, and I was completely open to that. I thought it’d be interesting, and just being part of a collective seems cool. One of our managers is gonna be there, the head of our label is gonna be there, so it’s kind of a team effort.”

More info on the event, including complete list of bands and guest speakers, can be found online at www.noctisvalkyries.com.

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Satan's Host Issues Festival Recap

Colorado black metallers Satan's Host have issued the following recap of the "Legions of Death 3" Festival and announcement about their upcoming shows:

"666...Legions World Wide.,

"New Lineup is F'n Awesome, had a Great time at the 'Legions of Death 3 Festival.' Hell of a turn out this year, All the Bands were very impressive. Newest Bassist, 'MARGA' Did a Great job on Bass, truly was on his game. Nailed all of his parts, felt great to have a very competent Basses w/in the Satan's Host Grotto Live. Hail SATAN unto this Newest Demon, keep an Evil Eye out for this Metal Warrior. Sending out an Evil Thanx out to Photographer Brent, your work is very Pro Brother. Thax again for making it out on this eve. Till we perform again Legions, May the Power of SATAN Compel you to Greatness.

"Next Show Helloween Night/Samhain, Oct. 31st. 2009 Illif Park Saloon. Will be one Hell of a Ceremony. Don't miss this one, or you will truly miss out!

"New CD "Power~Purity~Perfection...999" released Oct 27th world wide under the Moribund Cult Label. Pre-order yours tonight at this location."

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The Acacia Strain Posts Australian Tour Promo Clip

The Acacia Strain has posted a promotional video online in support of their upcoming Australian tour dates. The video clip can be viewed below.


The Acacia Strain's currently confirmed tour dates are as follows: More...

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Whyzdom Updates Tour Schedule

Gothic metallers Whyzdom will be hitting the road starting tomorrow supporting Delain on tour. Whyzdom's currently confirmed tour dates are as follows:

10/2 supporting DELAIN - Le Ramier Toulouse
10/3 supporting DELAIN - Ritmo Y Compas Madrid
10/4 supporting DELAIN - Salamandra 1 Barcelona
10/5 supporting DELAIN - Le Poste à Galène Marseille
10/6 supporting DELAIN - Ninkasi Kao Lyon
10/7 supporting DELAIN - La Laiterie Strasbourg
10/8 supporting DELAIN - Elysee Montmartre Paris

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Sonic Syndicate Announces German Tour Dates

Sonic Syndicate have announced a string of tour dates in Germany supporting Hollywood Undead this December. The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

12/10 - 59 TO 1, MUNICH, GERMANY

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Austrian Death Machine Posts "Iron Fist" Online

Austrian Death Machine has posted a cover of Motorhead's “Iron Fist” on their MySpace player. The song is off disc 2 of "Double Brutal," which came out on Tuesday, September 29th.

Tim Lambesis adds: “Ahhnold and I were able to put together an entire CD full of great cover songs related to his movies. Since we released one song from the originals disc already, we figured it was time for everyone to hear a cover as well. Even now you've only heard less than 1/10 of the album, so make sure to pick up the whole thing on Tuesday!”

Ahhnold enthusiasts and metalheads will have a chance to catch Austrian Death Machine live soon on the west coast. The latest Austrian Death Machine tour dates are as follows:

10/07 Yuma, AZ The Mandarin Theatre
10/08 San Diego, CA Soma Sidestage
Tour w/ Children Of Bodom, Skeletonwitch
10/09 San Francisco, CA Regency Center w/ The Black Dahlia Murder
10/10 Victorville, CA Karma not part of tour
10/11 Pomona, CA Glasshouse w/ Holy Grail (no Skeletonwitch)
10/12 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theatre w/ The Black Dahlia Murder

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American Speedway Working On New Album

Philadelphia's American Speedway has begun work on their sophomore release, entitled "A Bigger Boat." This new album will follow up 2007's "Ship of Fools."

Recently, the band engaged on a week long tour with The Meatmen, as well as, opened up as main support for The Supersuckers, Mike Watt, Joe Buck (Hank III), just to name a few. Frontman Michael Thursby Speedway states, “We are happy to be back finally recording our next record, this one is going to be bigger, louder and faster.”

The band has been touring up and down the east coast the first half of 2009 before taking off for 2 months to settle in and record their next record.

The album's street date is being set for January 2010 and will be released by Prophase Music, distributed nationally by MVD Entertainment Group. The band's sophomore release will be available on CD and vinyl. The vinyl will include a card with a unique number so fans can download the entire album on MP3.

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Korn Announces Garden Of Children Benefit

Korn has announced their involvement in The Garden of Childhood benefit concert. The show is an exclusive and intimate Korn concert with limited, reserved seating (450 tickets), pre-concert complimentray hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Proceeds benefit local preschool program, The Garden of Childhood. Here are the details:

October 24th 2009
Pepperdine Smothers Theatre
24255 Pacfic Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

8.00 pm : showtime
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm : reception with drinks and hors d'oeuvres (no alcohol)

Tickets prices :
-general admission : $150 (448 seats)
-limited "pit" seating : $250 (50 seats)

Tickets are on sale now through ticketmaster.com as well as at the Pepperdine Center for the Arts box office (310.506.4522).

Meet and Greet passes are available for premium (Korn.com) members.

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