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Metal News for January 31, 2009

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Queensryche Reveals Details Of New Album

Queensrÿche envisions war through the eyes of a soldier with the band's twelfth studio release, the epic concept album "American Soldier." The ambitious album encompasses a dozen songs inspired by numerous interviews with veterans conducted by Geoff Tate, the group's singer and chief songwriter, who was intent on telling their story using their words.

After speaking with soldiers who served in various conflicts -- from World War II to Iraq -- Tate turned their firsthand experiences from the frontlines into an unflinching musical examination of the life of a solider and the consequences of war. "American Soldier" will be available from Atco/Rhino on March 31 for a suggested list price of $18.98 (CD) and $9.99 (digital).

The first single, "If I Were King," will be released to radio and digitally on March 3rd. More...

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Borknagar Finishes Recording Drum Tracks

Borknagar has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

"After a week of intense work, we are now finished recording the drums for the upcoming BORKNAGAR album. All in all 9 songs have been recorded and we can assure you that this will be the most heavy, groovy yet diverse and atmospheric album to date!

"David did a fabulous job adding his signature drum style to our music. Overall he crafted well balanced drum patterns in good BORKNAGAR tradition but added his sophisticated sense groove and precise way of playing. It sounds nothing but amazing!

"BORKNAGAR will continue recording the album in mid February. Then the main focus will be the recording of clean and electric guitar. Bass will possibly be recorded as well. The album will be recorded sporadically but the session is planned to be finished by the end of April. We are extremely excited about the material this time around as it will sound vital and fresh as never before.

"We are sure we again will breach some musical borders with our new monumental effort. So beware! Video diary from the studio session will be launched on the official BORKNAGAR MySpace site later, closer to the release of the album."

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More Norma Jean Live Video Footage Posted Online

NORMA JEAN has posted more live footage that was filmed at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY during the "Anti Mother Tour." The live videos for "Robots 3 Humans 0" and "Blueprints For future Homes" are available at UVTV’s website.

NORMA JEAN recently auctioned off a Squier Fender acoustic guitar which was autographed in person by Scottie Henry (guitar), Chris Day (guitar), Cory Brandan (vocals), Jake Schultz (bass), and Chris Raines (drums) December 28, 2008 in Plano, Texas. Proceeds from the auction were used to finance the 2009 More Than A Zodiac Sign concert, which benefits the American Cancer Society.

NORMA JEAN's fourth album, "The Anti Mother" (Solid State), debuted at No. 29 on The Billboard 200 chart, with over 16,000 copies sold in the first week alone.

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.Posthum Signs To Folter Records

Folter Records has issued the following announcement about signing Norwegian band .Posthum:

"We are proud to announce that Norwegian band .Posthum has signed a deal with Folter Records to release their self titled debut album. DigiCD version will be out around march/april, LP will be released shortly after this too! You can already listen to the tracks "Sacrificed" and "Warfare" on our MySpace player."

1. Horns awaken
2. Godless
3. Arise
4. Sacrificed
5. Wounds
6. Lair Torture
7. The Fallen and Forgotten
8. Warfare

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Den Saakaldte Releases New Album

Avantgarde Music has issued the following statement about Den Saakaldte's new album:

"New release announcement.... DEN SAAKALDTE "All Hail Pessimism"

"Available today exclusively from www.sound-cave.com PLEASE NOTE: This time there is no mailorder-limited edition. This is *the album* !

"It’s not only the prestigious careers of their members to make DEN SAAKALDTE a special band... but rather their unmatchable sound, forged on old-style norwegian black metal roots and adorned with the luxury of amazing orchestrations and macabre piano parts making them UNIQUE !

“All Hail Pessimism” was recorded in various studio locations around Europe and features performances of real trumpets and grandpiano players. Record Release party : Inferno Festival Kick-off event: Oslo 2/7/2009" More...

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Dillinger Escape Plan Issues Band Update

Dillinger Escape Plan has issued the following band update and show details:

"So we are about to play our first shows in the past 6 months. Boy are we getting fat and lazy. Time to start being kick ass and riggady again (made that word up I think). Do we even remember how to be kick ass and riggady? I guess you will have to come to these little shows and find out.

Feb 5th - Philly - The Barbary(SOLD OUT, MOTHERLICKERS)
Feb 6th - Baltimore - The Ottobar
Feb 7th - NYC - The Studio at Webster Hall
Feb 8th - NJ - Soon to be Announced Basement show (man i feel bad for this basement)

"We would like to officially thank all of you who have taken the time to call our new drummer Billy the Nip and haze his ass. Especially the guy who thought it was a good idea to text him the word “faggot” 5001 times. Ok he gets the point! Most of you had really cool things to say to him though which was very precious. I can’t say I would have been as nice but cool of you none the less.

"Time to talk a little bit about the opening bands for these shows. We’re extra excited for you to check these guys out. Ben Weinman rarely gives guitar lessons (probably because most kids don’t want to be taught how to break a guitar into about 100 pieces before you even play 2 notes and then get kicked out of his house) but has taken on like 3 students in his day. Oddly enough, all three of these students ended up having serious degrees of awesomeness in one way or another and will be performing as part of these shows. More...

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Kreator Confirms Bucharest Show To Occur

Kreator has issued the following statement about rumors that their upcoming Bucharest show was canceled:

"Dear Fans!!!

"Obviously, there was a huge misunderstanding concerning the gig in Bucharest, Romania on the 9th of February. Please don't believe all the rumors going on, the gig HAS NOT BEEN CANCELED. We don't know where these news about canceling come from, we just know they're not true.

"We hope nobody has had any trouble due to this circumstance and we are looking forward to see you in Bucharest!!"

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Leaves' Eyes Announces DVD Release Dates

Leaves' Eyes has issued the following announcement about the release dates for their upcoming DVD:

"The wait is finally over! “We came with the Northern Winds/En Saga I Belgia": The new double DVD incl. a double CD with a total playing time of 6 hours!"

"First 200 Orders will receive a FREE EXCLUSIVE Leaves' Eyes Cover Poster. Only Avalaible through the Napalm Records Mailorder! www.napalmrecords.com"


2/25/09 – Finland & Spain
2/27/09 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy
3/2/09 – Rest of Europe
3/24/09 – USA / CAN

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Javelina Reveals New Album Details

Translation Loss records has issued the following statement about Javelina's upcoming album:

"Philadelphia's JAVELINA (pronounced "ha-va-'lE-na") are preparing their sophomore release for Translation Loss Records and will hit Chicago this March to spend a week with Sanford Parker at Volume Studios (Pelican, Rwake, Nachtmystium, Minsk) and will be mastered by Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (Intronaut, Mastodon, Fight Amp). The band will be recording nine original tunes for their Translation Loss follow up to 2008's self-titled release along with a Buzzv*en cover that will be featured on a upcoming tribute record. Some song titles include... "You're Going to Hate This", "Towers of Silence", "The Black Blizzard" and "Stepchild".

"Expect a late summer - early fall release on both cd/vinyl formats and check out the band's MySpace for show/tour dates and music."

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Cradle of Filth to be Signing at Zia in Vegas

British metal band Cradle of Filth will be signing autographs at Zia Records in Las Vegas, Nevada. The signing will be on February 14th, from 4:30PM to 6:30PM. "A purchase gets you a wristband which could move you to the front of the line."

The following information has been provided by Cradle of Filth:

Zia Records - Sahara Location
4503 W. Sahara Av
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702-233-4942

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Homo Iratus Is Back In Action After Hiatus

After almost two years since their break up, the Greek groove/death/grind band Homo Iratus is back together again. During the past two years, most of the band members were in other projects/bands.

The current lineup consists of many original members, including Mitch on vocals, Angelos on bass, Argy on drums and Kostas (Homo Iratus’ first guitarist) on guitars. However, there’s also another member on guitars who recently joined the band, Kostas. During the past two years following the break up of Homoiratus, Angelos, Argy and the band’s new member, Kostas, formed God of Rotors and this is how they initially decided to include Kostas in the current line up of Homo Iratus.

The band is currently trying out some ideas for new tracks and at the same time they are rehearsing older ones. All this indicates that Homo Iratus will soon record a new album, which – according to what is stated on their official page on myspace – is most likely to pick up where “Human Consumes Human” left off, and the band will probably at some point go on tour, both in Greece and abroad. However, the band hasn’t made any binding statements regarding the time when all this will happen.

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Arkan Planning 2009 Tour Dates

French death metal band Arkan has issued the following statement about setting up tour dates in 2009:

"Hello everyone,

"The celebrations were done with joy and good surprises for some of us. The new year heralds good omens. The band focuses now on preparing several gigs and a tour is being planned.

"More details to come as soon as we get the confirmations. Happy New Year to all!"

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Fairytale Abuse Posts Album Widget Online

Danish symphonic black metal band Fairy Tale abuse has posted a new widget online that streams several songs from their latest album "Perversions of Angel VI." The widget can be viewed below. More...

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Setge Posts New Music Online

The Black/Death Metal band, SETGE, has posted new two songs online in their MySpace page. The songs come off their first record, which will be released soon.

SETGE is a catalan word that means BESIEGE.

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Pro-Pain Announces More European Tour Dates

Pro-Pain has announced some more tour dates for their European trek. The band will begin the tour by supporting Der W and then head out on their own.

The tour schedule is as follows:

April (with Der W)
3 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
4 - Salzburg, Austria - Messehalle
5 - Innsbruck, Austria - Hafen
7 - Stuttgart, Germany - LKA Longhorn (SOLD OUT)
8 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
9 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
11 - Mannheim, Germany - Maimarkt Club (SOLD OUT)
12 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Congress Centrum (SOLD OUT)
13 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Festhalle Durlach (SOLD OUT)

April (headline tour)
14 - Mulhouse, France - Noumatrouff
15 - Templeuve, Belgium - La Mare Aux Diables
16 - Paris, France - Glazart
17 - Amersfoort, Holland - De Kelder
18 - Leiden, Holland - LVC
19 - Eindhoven, Holland - Dynamo
20 - Bonn, Germany - Klangstation
21 - Rostock, Germany - Mau Club
22 - Munich, Germany - Backstage Club
23 - Magdeburg, Germany - Sackfabrik
24 - Jena, Germany - F-Haus
25 - Bischofswerda, Germany - East Club

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AC/DC To Refund Tickets For Tulsa Show

AC/DC has announced that the BOK Center will refund the tickets of the customers who paid to see the band perform last monday in Tulsa, Oklahoma but were unable to attend due to the poor weather conditions. If you purchased a ticket and wish to receive a refund, return your ticket to the place of purchase or if you bought your ticket online, call this number: 1-866-7-BOKCTR

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Exodus Wants Fan Questions For New DVD

Bay Area based thrash metal legends Exodus has asked their fans to email them with any questions they might have always wanted to ask. The best questions will be answered by the band on a new DVD and your name will also appear on the disc. If you would like to take part then you can email the band at this adress:


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At Home In Hell Issues Band Update

Hardcore band At Home In Hell has issued the following update about the status of the band:

"So we haven't been around for a little while and the questions have started trickling in... Where the hell is AHIH??? Lets answer that...

"It is yet again a new year, and as we do every year, we are in the middle of another upgrade... BUT This is gonna be a big one! Which means it's gonnna be a long one... For all those wondering we are looking at a June return date... But we promise one hell of a show for the wait... So be looking out for more info. You will be very upset if you miss it...hehehe These shows will also be the release of the First AHIH Merchandise!!! So start saving now because it would be a shame if you have to pawn the tittle of your car to buy all the neat stuff your Going To Need to Buy!!!!

"We are also in the process of finishing music for a new Full Length Album which will be recorded god knows when...Sooner than Later I hope!!! And we will be introducing a new face to the stage... But since you won't actually see his face I'm not gonna tell you who he is, or what he'll be doing up there, SO Don't Ask!! hehehe... But know this......It will be epic......or at very least, neat!!! So PLEASE don't be sad anymore! We will see you all very soon!!"

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Novembre Announces Tour With Evergrey

Italian doom metal band Novembre has issued the following statement about touring with Evergrey in April of 2009:

"We regret to inform you that due to reasons out of our control, will Novembre not participate on the Hellhounds festival tour in February.

"But with that said we have some positive news for you as well: Novembre will now team up with EVERGREY for a European tour in April 2009! We believe this will make a lovely package for you. So keep your eyes open for updates on this one!

"Apart from this, we must also apologize for the lack of updates on the Novembre home page. This is something we'll do better this year with a new webmaster!"

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Almah To Answer Interview Questions From Fan Club

Almah, the side project of Angra members Edu Falaschi (vocals) and Felipe Andreoli (bass), has released the following statement about the opportunity for fan club members to send in interview questions:

"Almah France and Almah Japan offers you the opportunity to interview Almah's members by yourself!

"Please send your questions to the band by entering your name or username, the member of the band you want to question, your country, and write your question in English, French or Portuguese! Of course you can ask several questions!

"I remind you the spelling of names and function of each Almah's member :

* Edu Falaschi: vocals
* Felipe Andreoli: bass
* Paulo Schroeber: guitar
* Marcelo Barbosa: guitar
* Marcelo Moreira: drums

"You have two weeks to send your questions to: sylvie@almahfrance.com, or if you prefer you can also post your questions on the Almah france forum! More...

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Powerman 5000 Cancels Clifton Park Show

Powerman 5000 has announced that they have to cancel their show in Clifton Park on February 3rd. A statement from the bands reads as follows: "Sorry to anyone who was planning on attending but the show (February 3rd at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, New York) has been cancelled. It has nothing to do with the band pulling out. Apparently there is some legal battle going on and the room is being shut down. Again, sorry."

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Ahab Finishes Recording Drum Tracks For New Album

German metal band Ahab has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

"Ahoi seamen,

"Cornelius just finished his drum-recordings for the next album. You can expect either ultraslow funeral stuff, as well as heavy weight death doom-rhythms. Besides that there will of course be the blasting fast doublebass-attacks while playing slow doom-beats. We'd also like to thank you for buying our merch! It'll help us recording the album properly. There are 4 hoodies left in size "small". Shirts are sold out!

"To Get one of the last 4 hoodies CLICK HERE. This was the captain speaking!"

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Austrian Death Machine Seeks Fan Input

Austrian Death Machine has issued the following request for fan input on their MySpace blog:

"I'll tell you what I'm thinking and then you can let me know what you are thinking below...

"I'm thinking about the next Austrian Death Machine release being called "Double Brutal" since it will be double disc. A few blogs back we discussed a lot of potential cover songs which will be on the second disc, but what are we thinking of ideas for the disc full of originals?

"I definitely want to have one song with a killer line from Commando. Another obvious classic that got left out on the last album was "Hasta La Vista... Baby." Besides brutal one liners, I was thinking stylistically of keeping some thrash classic sounds, but also doing a song or two that are just ridiculously technical. Maybe I'll even do one song where I drop the tuning down four steps or so to be "heavy" like all the crazy kids do these a days."

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Korpiklaani Set To Record New Album "Karkelo"

Finnish metal band Korpiklaani has issued the following update about recording their next studio album:

"On the 15th of February we will enter the studio to record our sixth album. The upcoming album Karkelo (it means something like having fun, or partying) will contain 14 songs... sorry, we cannot do any less :)

"The recordings will start in Hollola, Petrax studio, where Matson will do his drum work. After that we will switch to the Grooveland Recording Studio in Lahti, where the rest of the recordings will be made under the demanding eyes of the producer Aksu Hanttu.

"The cover art will be done by our friend Jan 'Örkki' Yrlund again. Karkelo is scheduled for release by Nuclear Blast in June 2009."

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Horned Almighty Announces Album Release Date

Danish black metal band Horned Almighty has issued the following statement about the release of their upcoming album:

"The new Horned Almighty album "Contaminating the Divine" will be officially released on monday February 2nd on digipack and jewelcase cd. The vinyl version will be out shortly thereafter. To get a hold of the limited edition digipack version, be sure to get it directly from the label. HAIL!!!!"

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Stream of Passion Provides Studio Update

Stephan Schultz of Dutch gothic metal band Stream of Passion has nearly finished the guitar tracks for Stream of Passion's upcoming album (with no revealed title).

"After days of hard work and driving through snowy white Holland we finally laid down the last guitar walls of the new album! I wish you could all hear the results! It really sounds kick ass!

"I then had a few weeks to write new guitar solos (replacing the ones I wasn’t happy with) or optimize the ones I already had. After I had written the solos I had two weeks to practice them. Too bad those weeks were filled with Christmas dinners and New Years Eve and New Years Day parties…

"We recorded the solos on the 2nd of January (still a little bit hung over from a kind of food poisoning I had because of the six Oyster cocktails I had two days earlier - don’t ask) within 5 hours. They sound really cool and extreme (if I do say so myself) and I’m really happy with the results.

Stephan posted some studio pictures at the stream of passion blog here. There's also a video of him in the studio, which is shown below.

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As I Lay Dying Annouces Halo Game Session For Fans

As I Lay Dying has issued the following statement about playing Halo on XBOX Live with their fans:

"When AILD hit Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 8 between 4-6pm they will be playing XBOX LIVE's HALO 3 with XBOX LIVE GOLDMEMBERS. CLick HERE for more details!"

Other bands that will be playing at the same time include Protest The Hero, The Human Abstract, and MyChildren MyBride.

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Hammerfest To Become An All Ages Show

Bullet For My Valentine has issued the following update regarding the age range of the 2009 Hammerfest:

"Due to popular demand, the Hammerfest Festival Licence has been altered in line with most other Festivals, so we are thrilled to announce that 16 and 17 year olds are now permitted to enjoy the fun at Hammerfest this April. What are you waiting for!?"

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Kamelot Joins Royal Artist Club, and More

American power/progressive metal band Kamelot has just announced that they will be joining the Royal Artist Club, an endeavor powered by Nokia which allows international artists to "give fans a glimpse of their everyday lives" from their mobile phones. You can go to their RAC page here.

" 'We are extremely happy join up with Nokia and the Royal Artists Club. We look forward to many great moments on the road, in the studio, and behind the scenes and all our friends will be able to follow along,' states Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood"

On their RAC page, they've made it known that they're in a lodge somewhere in Norway and have begun recording their next album. They will reveal more details about their current location as time passes, probably with each RAC post.

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Synestesia Posts Free Single Online

Finnish metal band Synestesia has posted a new single from their forthcoming debut album online for free download. The single, "Nimeni on Feeniks," can be downloaded with cover art on the band's website.

The full album tracklist is as follows (with translated song names):

1. Nimeni on Feeniks (My Name is Feeniks)
2. Minun hymyni kirkastaa kasvosi (My Smile Brightens Your Face)
3. Kuka nyt saa sen tietää (Who Finds It Out Now)
4. Puhdas sattuma (Pure Coincidence)
5. Merituuli (Sea Wind)
6. Suvanto ("Quiet Waters")
7. Lasialttari (Glass Altar)
8. Päätös (.)
9. Rakastan sinua (I Love You)
10. Tuli palakoon (Let the Fire Burn)

You can also check out more of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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