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Metal News for January 31, 2006

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Former Sindrome Drummer Resurfaces In Servitude

SERVITUDE is the name of a new Chicago-area band featuring former SINDROME drummer Tony Ochoa and ex-PLAGUE guitarist Fly Affinitio. According to a posting on the band's web site, SERVITUDE hope to "fuse the simplistic songwriting of rock and roll's roots with the aggressive, drop-tuned edge of today."

Formed in 2004, the band — whose current lineup is rounded out by vocalist TJ (ex-OPEN HOLE SOUL) and bassist Ron Holstein (ex-PLAGUE, MAYHEM) — have uploaded five full-length demo tracks consisting of "straight-forward, cutting-edge rock and roll, holding true to its yesterdays while charging full steam into tomorrow."

The songs available for download are as follows:

01. Ender
02. Letting Go
03. All I Can Bleed
04. Haunting
05. Down So Low

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Birds of Prey Finish Recording Debut Album

BIRDS OF PREY, the studio project featuring Erik Larson (ALAMABA THUNDERPUSSY) on guitars, Bo Leslie (THROTTLEROD) also on guitars, Summer Welch (BARONESS) on bass, Dave Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE) on drums and Ben Hogg (BEATEN BACK TO PURE) on vocals, spent time at the Karma Productions studio in Richmond, VA this past December recording their debut album, "Weight of the Wound", with Cory Smoot, who will also mix and master the record. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Mangled by Mongoloids (Ripped Apart by the Retarded)", "Hustling the Coroner (To Overlook the Strychnine)", "Buttfucked with a Shotgun Barrel", "Landfill Burial", "Filth Farm of Washington State", "Front Lawn Filled with Family Members", "Murder of an Off-Duty Cop", "The Old Lady Rots (But the Checks Keep Coming)", "Cokemule" and "To Kill a Co-Worker (You Ain't My Fucking Boss Man)".

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Yakuza Schedules Listening Party, Release Show

Chicago's Yakuza has lined up a record release show in anticipation of the release of the band's Prosthetic Records debut, Samsara. The album, already named as one of Decibel magazine's most anticipated albums of 2006, will see a stateside release on Mar. 21.

In the meantime, those interested in hearing Yakuza's melding of psychedelia, metal, jazz and prog-rock can hear Samsara's lead track, "Cancer of Industry," on the Prosthetic Records website or on the band's MySpace page. Cover art has recently been revealed and can be viewed at those locations as well.

The band will also be holding a listening party for Samsara closer to the album's release date, while the band will play a live set Feb. 18 at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wis. A record release show is scheduled for Mar. 25 at the Beat Kitchen in the band's hometown of Chicago with support acts to be announced soon.

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New Gurd Album Samples Available Online

Switzerland's GURD, the band formed out of the ashes of the power-thrash metal legends POLTERGEIST, are currently busy in their Little Creek studio working on their eighth album, entitled "Bang!". The recordings are almost done and mainman V.O. will start mixing the effort during the coming days. Rough-mix versions of the tracks "The Grand Deception" and the projected title track, "Bang!", are available for listening at Gurd.net. A late spring release is expected.

Upcoming GURD shows:

Mar. 25 - Böröm P.P., SWI @ Oberentfelden Rock vs. Cancer
Apr. 22 – Auggen, GER @ Sternen

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Jasmine St. Claire To Host New Heavy Metal TV Show

Former adult industruy star Jasmin St. Claire has reinvented herself once again, this time as host of "The Metal Scene TV Show", L.A.'s hottest new heavy metal television show.

Reached for comment, St. Claire remarked that "I've been immersed in the extreme metal scene for years- both a fan and a personality via my work as spokesmodel for B.C. Rich and Coffin Case, and more recently as host of the DVD-Zine 'Metal's Dark Side', which is due in stores this spring. I'm honored to add 'The Metal Scene' to my resume. While there is some national profile for mainstream heavy metal and in recent years for Nu Metal, there are literally dozens of sub-genres of metal that go unacknowledged and unheard on any mainstream level every day. I'm excited to be a part of bringing some of the most exciting new metal music from the underground out into the mainstream via this television show."

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Mayhem Bassist Comments On Attila's Addition

As some of you may already know, MAYHEM have set "Ordo Ab Chao" as the title of their new album, due later this year. The band's upcoming CD will mark their first release with vocalist Attila Csihar (TORMENTOR, ABORYM) since their 1993 album, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". Attila rejoined MAYHEM in November 2004 as the replacement for departed singer Maniac.

In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, bassist Necrobutcher said about Attila's addition to the group: "It's the inspiration we all needed in MAYHEM. Attila is more committed to the band than almost all three of us together, and that inspires us too. The songs from the rehearsal place sound great. We still have the same aggressiveness. Everything you want from MAYHEM is there. We didn't give in to any kind of commercial thoughts in any way. It's a step from our last album again. If you have our discography, then you will see that every album is completely different, which has something to do with the fact that we usually take two or three or four years in between each recording. There's only so much you can do with a guitar and a drum kit and a bass. We want to show our fans and ourselves that MAYHEM will always be quality over quantity. I'm pleased to say that we have released 38 songs in 21 years. It's all those bootlegs that make the MAYHEM collection look so fucking huge."

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Re-Formed Heathen Signs To Season of Mist

Season of Mist has announced the signing of one of the finest thrash legends from San Francisco's Bay Area, namely HEATHEN. Heathen rose from the Bay Area thrash explosion of the 80's/90's and their 1987 groundbreaking debut album "Breaking The Silence" went on to sell close to 100,000 copies worldwide. Reborn five years ago, the band is now looking to rise up once more and reclaim the throne of thrash metal.

Their entire 3-song demo is still available for free download at this location. The tracks featured on the demo are "Empty Nothingness", "Dying Season" and "Arrows of Agony."

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NYC Ballet Deviare Upcoming Metal Performance

Opeth and Ballet Deviare will be performing the piece "...And the Devil Knows Why" as the support for "Chronology MCMXCIV - MMV A live observation by Opeth"

February 23rd at 8:00pm

Town Hall Theatre NYC

For details go to www.balletdeviare.org or go to www.opeth.com

Ballet Deviare

The visceral fusion of two seemingly total opposites. The maelstrom of a marriage between the beauty and grace of ballet, and the force and brutality of metal. Bringing high art and extreme music together. Incorporated in November of 2003, Ballet Deviare is a non-profit contemporary ballet company residing in New York City. Deviating from what is expected within the norm of ballet companies (which is how the name of the company came into being), Ballet Deviare has harnessed an eclectic audience ranging from dance connoisseurs to those individuals who have never attended a ballet performance.
Ballet Deviare's choreographic projects entail the merging of what may appear at first glance to be complete opposites, the beauty and grace of ballet combined with the power and force of metal music. Not for the faint of heart, Kowalewski's choreographic works range from adagio inspired movements invoked by the darkened melodies of doom, to petit allegro propelled by the double base drums and thunderous riffs of death metal and grind.

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Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan Checks-In

Erik Rutan of Tampa, Florida's HATE ETERNAL has posted the following statement on the group's official web site:

"Long time no speak. Yes, HATE ETERNAL is alive and kicking. I have been busy producing at Mana Studios the new CANNIBAL CORPSE, TORTURE KILLER, INTERNAL SUFFERING and CELLADOR and we were all at NAMM. We will be filming a DVD this spring and we are currently closing the dates for that. Also, we will be doing an European tour headlining starting April 14th 'till May 12th. Will post more info as we get closer. Thanks for being patient with us and promise the site will be updated more often. Also, www.manarecording.com is officially launched so check it out and stay death metal."

HATE ETERNAL's last album, "I, Monarch", was released in June 2005 via Earache Records. The band part ways with Earache Records late 2005.

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Josh Mullen Departs From Cephalic Carnage

The long time bass player Josh Mullen of the epic Denver, Colorado based death metal band Cephalic Carnage part ways with the band. Official statement from Mullen's departure as follows.

"I got some bad news for you, especially the ladies, I'm out again! That's right, I have decided to retire from the road. This has not been an easy decision to make, trust me, however, where I want to be in 10 years requires sacrifice. I'm gonna go back to school! But right now I have to work and save to get there. I will miss ALL of you out there, especially the friends that put us up, and put up with us over the years. I love all of you. To all of the friends in all the bands we've toured with, Thank you!! Thank you for the drunken, smoked out stories I have to tell for the rest of my humble like!! The memories! I've had a great time, but now I have to go and do some other shit, I have no attention span.

"I am staying active in music, however. I work at a rock club called the Hi-Dive, play in MUNIMULA, STUNTCOCK, and CARNICERIA, so that's keeping me busy. Eventually I want to work for Dave Otero, (If you don't know who he is, you will very soon.) but I gotta work for it.

"For those looking for juicy gossip regarding this lifestyle change, sorry, there is none. We are all grownups. It sucks for all of us, but it's unavoidable, so we accept it. We are all friends, and they understand what I have to do. Those guys took me around the world, I could never have hate for them. I love them. I loved this band for years before I joined, if they don't sell out, I will love them for all time!

"If you live in Denver, or find yourself visiting Denver, come into the Hi-Dive, I will buy you a shot of whiskey and we will go over stories and laugh!"

Check the band's official site for information on how you can try out for the band.

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Monstrosity's Mike Poggione In #53 Pit Mag Issue

"Low End Ripper" Mike Poggione of Monstrosity In #53 Pit Mag Issue. For those of you avid fans of Tampa, Florida based death metal group Monstrosity, check out Mike Poggione on the Bass Corner of Pit Magazine.

Catch Monstrosity as they will be headlining the Gutting Europe 4 tour this March/April 2006.

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Desolate Ways Work On New Album, Part w/ Bassist

The doom metal band Desolate Ways is recording their second full length, after the debut Eternal Dreams (2003), in Arroba Studios. This new CD is being produced again by Adriano Sperandir and will have the following tracks: "Alone", "Cold Embrace", "Cry No more", "Drowned in Tears", "Echoes", "Falling Down", "Forgive Me", "I Try to Forget", "My Pain", "Sacred Mortals" and "Tearful".

According to the guitar player Elizeu Hainzenreder: "Probably we will finish the recordings in the end of February. The fans can expect a more melancholic album, but still heavier. We are anxious for the final result, mainly because the return of Rodrigo to the band. We believe that untill April the album will be in the stores."

Recently the bass player Rafael Giordano left the band, being replaced by Rodrigo Fernandes, which played with the band before. According to the band the reason for this change was "musical incompatibilities."

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Metallica To Work With Rick Rubin?

Total Rock reports that there are strong rumours that Metallica will work with Slayer/Red Hot Chili Peppers producer Rick Rubin on their next album. If true, this would mean the end of a lengthy collaboration with Bob Rock, stretching back to the 'Black Album'.

Metallica will headine the Coca-Cola Colab Massive Mix festivals in South Africa, marking their first ever visit to the continent. The shows are as follows:

Mar. 18 - Supersport Park, Centurion (situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria)
Mar. 21 - ABSA Stadium, Durban
Mar. 25 - Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

METALLICA's follow-up to 2003's "St. Anger" is expected to surface in late 2006/early 2007 via Warner Bros.

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