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Metal News for January 30, 2011

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Rotting Christ Announces European Tour

Earlier this month, Greek act Rotting Christ announced an upcoming North American tour. The band has now commented on also lining up a run of European dates:

"We are back in Europe. We proudly announce our third invasion in our continent in the frame of our worldwide tour for the promotion of our last album AEALO, which its great success forced us to tour and the last territories that didn’t include within our previous 2 tours. This time the battle will take part in the following lands. Prepare your weapons with your… horns up & the cross down!"

The dates are as follows:

28 April 2011 Wiatrak- Zabrze (POLAND)
29 April 2011 Melodka-Brno (CHECH REPUBLIC)
30 April 2011 Colloseum –Kosice (SLOVAKIA)
01 May 2011 Club 202-Colloseum (HUNGARY)
02 May 2011 Gambrinus- Cluj Napoca (ROMANIA)
03 May 2011 Dublin-Iasi (ROMANIA)
04 May 2011 Silverchurch -Bucarest (ROMANIA)
05 May 2011 RBF Club - Sofia (BULGARIA)
06 May 2011 Cinemas Sloga-Sarajevo (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)
07 May 2011 MMC Slavija- Osijek (HRVARTSKA)
08 May 2011 Gala Hala- Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)
09 May 2011 Escape-Wienna (OSTERREICH)
10 May 2011 Kulturfabrik Kufstein-Worgl (OSTERREICH)
11 May 2011 Pieffe Factory- Gorizia (ITALIA)
12 May 2011 Arci Onirica –Parma (ITALIA)
13 May 2011 Industrie 45-Zug (HELVETIA)
14 May 2011 RnR Arena- Novara (ITALIA)
15 May 2011 Init Club- Roma (ITALIA)

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The Gardnerz Posts Samples From New Album

Swedish act The Gardnerz signed to Abyss Records in late 2010 for the release of the band's upcoming album "System of Nature." The group has issued the following announcement about streaming samples from the album online:

"4 Samples of the finished version of our album broadcasting here... We've received the final version of our debut album (The System Of Nature) from Dan Swanö and the result it's awesome. You can listen to these from our player in Myspace, enjoy!"

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Art Of Suffering
2. Lady In The Grave
3. Your Final Solution
4. Born To Consume
5. Incident
6. Shift In Thought
7. Flaw In The Axiom
8. More Or Less
9. Confusion
10. Maybe It's Time
11. Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano Cover)
12. Servants Of The Warsmen (Winter Cover)

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Viscera/// Recruits New Bassist

Italy's Viscera/// has issued the following brief announcement about recruiting a new bassist due to member G.C. experiencing health issues:

"Because of not briefly solvable health problems G.C. will leave the band for an indefinite period. While waiting for his return he will be replaced by Nick Rossi from Straight on Target."

Viscera/// was spotlighted in a previous edition of Metalunderground's Unearthing the Underground column, and you can also hear several sample tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Conspires To... Issues Album Update

Conspires To... has checked in with the following update about working on a new album:

"The work on the album still continues, we have nine tracks complete and a further four in the pipeline. After being delayed in Oct/Nov we are now back on track, with more recording planned for this Wednesday. We seem to be on a real roll at the moment with plenty of ideas following. The songs all seem to be falling into two distinct camps, the faster, more immediate shorter songs, and the more atmospheric epics, which should help to balance the album out nicely.

"New track 'Desire' should be available to listen to shortly, so keep checking in. The updates will be more frequent now as well as we are keen to keep the momentum going."

You can also hear the band's music available for streaming through this location.

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Cannibal Corpse To Record New Album In September

Alex Webster, the bass player of American death metal favourites Cannibal Corpse has revealed in a recent interview that the band will be entering the studio in September of this year to record their new full length album. An excerpt from the chat reads as follows:

Rocksins: At the moment, you currently have no tour plans for 2011; can we expect something to be announced soon?

Webster: "Most likely not. We have no plans to tour in 2011. We are currently home in the Tampa Bay area writing our next album, we’ll record it in September so that will leave us with an early 2012 release. So, we’ll probably wait to tour until the album is released."

Read the full article at RockSins.

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Sepultura Posts New Studio Footage Online

Brazilian thrash metal legends Sepultura has posted a new video online documenting the recording of their new studio album. You can check it out below. The record is expected to be released in May and will be their first release for Nuclear Blast Records. More...

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Headline News

Former Sodom Guitarist Passes Away

Dirk Strahlimeier, the former guitarist of German thrash metal legends Sodom, has passed away. Sodom frontman Tom Angelripper has posted the following statement online regarding Strahlimeier's death:

"As I learned from a reliable source, our ex-guitarist Dirk 'Strahli' Strahlmeier died this month in a hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently we don't know the exact circumstances of his death. Strahli played on the album Masquerade In Blood which was released in 1995 on SPV. After that we had lost contact with him. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

"R.I.P. Brother!"

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Solstice Parts Ways With Vocalist

U.K. based metal act Solstice has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist:

"After our first couple of shows Paul has decided that he will end his tenure as the vocalist for Solstice. We're all very sad to lose him, and it's not a reflection of the quality of Paul's voice or his incredible ability as a front man. As we get older, we all lose our hearing to a certain degree, and even more so for people like Paul and myself who have had decades of Marshall abuse, and it's this that has caused the problem. Studio work with Solstice is not a problem for him, but the live environment where things can be hit or miss in terms of quality of sound onstage is. Paul's pitching had suffered on these first couple of gigs, and we felt we were all struggling.

"In Paul's own words: 'It's with sadness that I'm out of the new Solstice project. After 2 gigs it's clear that my voice isn't fitting in. There's no in fighting, no musical differences, just common sense. I don't feel 100% and it's not fair on the band to continue trying to blag my way though the hearing and pitching problems I'm having on stage. I know that Rich Walker and I will remain friends and I'm sure we'll work together again at some point this year. Until then I going to get stuck into the solo album that up till now has only had 50% of my attention. I hope Solstice fans around the world understand the decision that's been made and I can only apologize for the European dates getting canceled because of it. I wish Rich, Len, Andy and of course my old friend Rick all the best.'

"As Paul say's, we intend to collaborate in the summer and make a racket together, but this time I think it will be more on Paul's home ground where we all know he can excel and hold his own. We four remaining members are fucking pissed off the way things have turned out, but we're all committed to doing the best we can in terms of a live performance. I can't thank Paul (& Ness!) enough for all his (their) hard work, and it has been hard work no doubt about it. There isn't anybody more deserving of recognition than him in my eyes for his work with SCARAB in the 80's/00's and his soon to be unleashed solo outing. We're big boys now, you'll not hear a bad word out of us about Paul, he'll always be a mate to all of us."

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Death Angel Video Interview Available

The San Antonio Metal Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with Death Angel on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. Footage from the interview can be viewed in the clip below.

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Plaag Releases New Album As Free Download

Belgian act Plaag, which recently took part in a series of interviews for Metalunderground.com dealing with "unblack" metal, has now released the new album "UGH!" through Misantrof ANTIRecords. “UGH!” was recorded during 2009 and 2010, and was engineered and produced by Plaag founder and front man Somber, with mastering being carried out by Carpathian Forest bassist Daniel Vrangsinn.

“UGH!”, which is described by Somber as a “a piece of pure, get down and have a good time Black ‘n Roll," is available both in CD format, and, in keeping with Misantrof’s policy, is also available for free download in high quality MP3 with complete artwork at this location. The CD version is available directly from the band here.

Misantrof ANTIRecords commented on the band:

"Originally formed as a one man project in 2009 by Somber, who performs vocals and plays all the instruments on the album, Plaag is inspired by early black metal, but with a touch of twisted humour. A live line up featuring Razend on Drums, Triest & Mist on Guitars and Lava on Bass came together in 2010, and will make its live debut during 2011.

"Although 'UGH!' is the first full length release from the band, it is not the first time that PLAAG has appeared on Misantrof, having contributed tracks to the label’s tongue in cheek annual 'Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas' albums in both 2009 and 2010."

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Samael Posts "Lux Mundi" Recording Video

Samael has posted the first in a series of clips online detailing the band's time in the studio recording the new album "Lux Mundi." You can check out the first clip below. The band also commented:

"On a few occasions during the recording of 'Lux Mundi' our friend Sergey Ulyanov (who did the 'Black Hole' video) came to the studio with his camera. He later assembled and edited what he shot and put some of the new songs as background music. That would eventually become a 3 episodes teaser for the new album. So here it is 1/3 "Lux Mundi" studio report."

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Onsetcold Posts "In Shit We Believe" Video

U.K. based band Onsetcold has posted a video clip online for the song "In Shit We Believe." You can check out the new clip in the player below.

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Acherontas Names New Album

Greek black metal act Acherontas has issued the following brief announcement about the title of the band's upcoming album:

"After months of working in new stuff for the new Acherontas album in music and at spiritual side behind, The new title of the album is: 'Abpaxae.'

"For sure will be the more complete and a total work of darkness in music and at spiritual plane...
More details coming soon... Hoathahe Satan!"

You can also listen to Acherontas tracks available for streaming via the band's MySpace profile.

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Interview With Tim Lambesis

As I Lay Dying is one of those bands that simply gets better with age, instead of being crippled by it with each album becoming better than the last. Metalunderground finally got the opportunity to talk to Tim Lambesis about juggling two bands, his opinions of Arnold as governor, and which band he dreams of touring with. More...

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Sunday Old School: Motley Crue

The story of Motley Crue is not a well kept secret. In fact, turn on your television there is a twenty percent chance you will still see them right now. Albeit there is less than a one percent chance they will be performing. The band is made up of founder Nikki Sixx (bass), Vince Neil (vocals), Tommy Lee (drums), and Mick Mars (guitar).

In 1981 Motley Crue released the album "Too Fast For Love" on their own label, Leathur Records. A mix of hard rock, glam, and punk, "Too Fast For Love" (because it was their own label), was essentially a demo tape until Elektra picked it up and rereleased in 1982. The raw energy on this album laid the foundation for eight studio albums to follow.

"Shout At The Devil": This was Nikki Sixx’s black magic time. This is most often labeled as the greatest of the Crue albums from die-hard fans. Next, "Theatre of Pain": The album that established Motley as a glam band, too much glam for most. As if planned (probably not given the heroin usage at this time), "Girls, Girls, Girls" was the next album aimed at toning down the glam side, placing the focus on motorcycles and strippers. The next album became their most popular, "Dr. Feelgood." This is also the first album with the band was sober, coincidence? For those concerned about the strippers, they were still there. They never left after the "Girls, Girls, Girls" record.

After Vince left the band (or was fired), Nikki and Co. created a self titled album that sounded pretty cool, but just didn’t sound right without Neil. After several years the band got back together for "Generation Swine," an honest effort to grow musically and try new things. Despite a couple minor hits, it didn’t work. A few years later (without Tommy) the Crue would put out, "New Tattoo," an attempt to back to the original Motley sound, also just not quite there (which is probably directly related to a missing Tommy Lee). Most recently, Motley released "Saints of Los Angeles" (reviewed here), originally a record to compliment their autobiography, "The Dirt," their ninth studio album delivered, pleasing both their die-hard fans as well as a few critics. More...

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