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Metal News for January 28, 2011

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Anachronaeon Front Man Talks Upcoming Album

Swedish metal act Anachronaeon is currently in the process of working on a fourth full-length album titled "The Ethereal Throne," which is slated for release later this year through Stygian Crypt Productions. As the band is putting the finishing touches on the latest release, vocalist Patrik Carlsson corresponded with Metalunderground to discuss the band's history and the new album.

Explaining the meaning behind the band's distinctive name, Patrik stated, "It derives from the words 'anachronism' and 'aeon' which put together basically means that there is something odd with the times we live in. In the year 2011 religion still enslaves a vast number of people. People do whatever it takes to fulfill themselves on the expense of others. People never cook at home but television still shows like 150 different cooking shows. People live such shallow lives that they'd rather shoot botox into their skulls rather than taking a minute to think about why we are here and how to make this world last long enough for our children to take part of it."

Patrik also went on to discuss getting set up with Stygian Crypt, the local metal scene in Västerås, and the recording process for "The Ethereal Throne." More...

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Era Decay Offering "Ashes" As Free Download

Romanian black metal act Era Decay is currently offering the band's latest full-length album "Ashes" as a free download. You can download all the tracks from the album at this location. The "Ashes" track listing is as follows:

1. Ravaged Master
2. Ashes
3. Rise
4. In A Second
5. Lady Of The Lake
6. Monologue
7. Devastation
8. Follow The Moon
9. Stoned
10. Pure Water
11. Don’t Be A Slave

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Macabre Posts Song From Upcoming Album

Macabre has teamed up with Noisecreep.com to stream the new track "The Big Bad Wolf" from the band's upcoming album "Grim Scary Tales," which was recorded over the band's 25th anniversary. "The Big Bad Wolf" can be heard here. The album is Macabre's first full-length since 2003's "Murder Metal." To be released on the band's own Decomposed Records, "Grim Scary Tales" is directly licensed for North American release on February 8th via Willowtip Records, and in Europe January 31st on Hammerheart Records.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Locusta
2. Nero's Inferno
3. The Black Knight
4. Dracula
5. The Big Bad Wolf
6. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)
7. Burke and Hare
8. Mary Ann
9. The Bloody Benders
10. Lizzie Borden
11. The Ripper Tramp From France
12. Bella the Butcher
13. The Kiss of Death
14. The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor

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We, The Undersigned Announces Canadian Tour

New Brunswick’s We, The Undersigned is gearing up for the Canadian "Tonight We Dine" tour, which will span from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. The band commented: "It feels like we haven't hit the road in way too long so we're dying to get away from the slave shackles of our 9 to 5 jobs. Hopefully the All Mighty Economy can survive without us..."

The currently announced shows are as follows:

Feb 9, 2011 – Montreal, QC?
Feb 11, 2011 – North Bay, ON
Feb 12, 2011 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Feb 13, 2011 – Thunder Bay, ON?
Feb 15, 2011 – Regina, SK?
Feb 17, 2011 – Saskatoon, SK?
Feb 18, 2011 – Edmonton, AB?
Feb 19, 2011 – Prince George, BC?
Feb 20, 2011 – Kelowna, BC?
Feb 24, 2011 – Victoria, BC?
Feb 25, 2011 – Nanaimo, BC?
Feb 26, 2011 – Duncan, BC
Feb 27, 2011 – Vancouver, BC
Feb 28, 2011 – Calgary, AB?
Mar 1, 2011 – Edmonton, AB?
Mar 3, 2011 – Brandon, AB?
Mar 4, 2011 – Kenora, ON
Mar 5, 2011 – Thunder Bay, ON?
Mar 6, 2011 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Mar 8, 2011 – Sudbury, ON?
Mar 9, 2011 – Sudbury, ON?
Mar 11, 2011 – Toronto, ON?
Mar 12, 2011 – Ajax, ON?
Mar 13, 2011 – Guelph, ON?
Mar 18, 2011 – Moncton, NB
Mar 19, 2011 – Charlottetown, NPE
Mar 20, 2011 – Summerside, PE?
Mar 21, 2011 – Moncton, NB?
Mar 23, 2011 – Sussex, NB?
Mar 24, 2011 – St. John, NB?
Mar 26, 2011 – Halifax, NS?
Mar 28, 2011 – Fredericton, NB?

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The Famine Posts More In-Studio Footage

The Famine has posted the fourth in a series of behind-the-scenes video blogs online from the band's time in the studio recording "The Architects of Guilt." You can check out the video clip below. The new album is set for release on February 15th, 2011.

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Evergrey Streaming New Song "Wrong"

Decibel Magazine is currently hosting an exclusive premiere of the new Everygrey song "Wrong," which can be heard here. The song is taken from Evergrey's upcoming release "Glorious Collision." The new album will be available on February 22nd in North America. In addition the song "Wrong" will be made available as a digital single Tuesday February 8th.

Tom Englund, guitarist and vocalist of the Swedish band, commented on recent changes in the band: "The most recent Evergrey line-up had reached a point where we no longer had fun as a group," he confesses, adding: "So we went our separate ways to save our friendship. There were no angry words, and we're still friends privately.

"In the beginning, we weren't sure whether we'd be able to write a new album without the wealth of experience that the previous line-up brought in. But after Rikard and I had composed a full three numbers during the first week, we felt that was a real coup. This may sound like a contradiction in view of our personnel situation, but Rikard and I have allowed more influences on 'Glorious Collision' than ever before. Some elements on 'Glorious Collision' are classic rock, based on a metal format; sometimes the tracks are quiet and haunting, sometimes wild, demanding and gripping."

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My Inner Burning Announces Album Release

My Inner Burning is set to release the band's second album "Eleven Scars" on March 22nd in North American release via SPV/Steamhammer. "We play unmistakable metal," says guitarist Torsten Sauerbrey, "but we like to include gothic, rock and pop music elements."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Masquerade
2. Analize
3. Electrified
4. For The Last Time
5. When I´m Gone
6. Demons
7. Done With Denial
8. Gone Wrong
9. Enemy Of Mine
10. New Breed
11. Home-Sick

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More Metal Songs Available On Rock Band

When the day is finally over and the weekend has begun, there's nothing like a little head banging to get things started right. For all the button mashers out there, new metal tracks have been added to the Rock Band Network that are available to play this weekend. On the rock and metal side of the Xbox 360 edition comes new songs from Arkaea, Amberian Dawn, Firewind, Deadlock, Architects, Periphery, MyChildren MyBride, and Cephalic Carnage.

The complete list of newly added songs, including all the non-metal tracks, is as follows:

Raven Quinn - "Decadence"
Fiction Reform - "Whites In Their Eyes"<
Arkaea - "Years in the Darkness (2x Bass Pedal)"
Six-Stringed Flamberge - "Abrogator"
The Waking Hours - "New Revolution"
Mafia Track Suit - "Samiam"
Fake Problems - "5678"
Chaotrope - "XIV (2x Bass Pedal)"
Mystic Syntax - "Blasphemous"
Molehill - "On the Wall"
C&O - "Step on the Throat"
KickBend - "Goin' Home"
Daryle Stephen Ackerman - "One-Night-Stand Man"
Jeff Orr - "Hanging By a Thread"
Amberian Dawn - "Sons of Seven Stars"
Glitzy Glow - "Black and Sunny Day"
Poets of the Fall - "Lift"
Firewind - "The Fire and the Fury (2x Bass Pedal)"
The Pinstripes - "Come On In"
Deadlock - "The Brave / Agony Applause (2x Bass Pedal)"
Evile - "Metamorphosis"
Evile - "My Parasite"
Children of Nova - "The Order"
of Montreal - "An Eluardian Instance"
Architects - "Learn to Live"
Sleeping with Sirens - "If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn"
MyChildren MyBride - "Lost Boys"
Slightly Stoopid - "Closer to the Sun"
Dark From Day One - "New Addiction"
Bright Midnight - "Hotel Saigon"
Bright Midnight - "Killers of the Worst Type"
Nova - "California"
Cephalic Carnage - "Abraxas of Filth"
Periphery - "Icarus Lives" More...

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Titans Eve Streaming New Song

Titans Eve is set to release a new album titled "The Divine Equal" on February 1st, 2011. The band is now streaming a new track from the upcoming album via Noisecreep.com. You can check out the song "Nightfall" at this location. The track listing for "The Divine Equal" is as follows:

1. Mourning Star
2. Judgement
3. Becoming The Demon
4. Into the Fire
5. Serpent Rising
6. Tides Of Doom
7. Dusk
8. Nightfall
9. Living Lifeless
10. Searching for Nothing
11. The Divine Equal

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Bonded By Blood Announces Permanent Frontman

In Fall of 2010, vocalist Mauro Gonzalez stepped in at the last minute to front California thrash act Bonded By Blood through a long stretch of touring. Bonded By Blood has now announced that Gonzalez has joined the band as a permanent member.

Bonded By Blood bassist, Jerry Garcia states: "We would like to formally announce that Mauro Gonzalez is now officially the new frontman for Bonded By Blood. He has shown great promise and dedication in the past few months and we have received great reviews from many old fans, new fans, and well-established musicians throughout our recent North American trek. We are very excited about our decision and we hope that you guys welcome him into the BBB family like we have! See you guys on the killing road real soon."

The band also has the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Black Moor Announces Lineup Change

Canada's Black Moor has issued the following announcement via the band's MySpace page about a lineup change:

"Hey out there to anyone who still uses this horrible fuck-shit that is the current myspace layout. We would like to inform you that founding member Nick Jones has decided to leave the band and pursue different musical avenues, we wish him the best. So who you ask will fill the brilloheaded void left by such a titan of tunage? Such an afro of arpeggiation? Such a fucker of the fretboard?!

"Well we are very pleased to inform you that our longtime friend Evan Frizzle of local thrashers Terminator has accepted our call of distress and will now be fighting by our side, punishing pussy all the while! So keep your ears open and your gashes moistened as we rehearse new material for our second offering! Stay out of the water...."

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Kamelot Adds On Brazilian Show

Kamelot has announced the addition of a Brazilian show on the band's upcoming South American tour. The new show will take place at Porto Alegre on April 10th, 2011. The tour poster for the "Pandemonium over South American Tour" can be viewed at this location. Kamelot also has the following upcoming tour dates:

Apr 22 Elysée Montmartre Paris, FRANCE - 12:00 AM
Apr 22 Elysée Montmartre Paris, FRANCE - 6:15 PM
Apr 23 Muziekcentrum Trix Antwerpen, BELGIUM - 4:00 PM
Apr 23 Paradiso Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS - 8:00 PM
Apr 27 Sheffield Corporation Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM - 6:00 PM
Apr 28 L'atelier Luxembourg Ville, LUXEMBOURG - 4:00 PM
Apr 28 Koko London, UNITED KINGDOM - 7:00 PM
Apr 29 Luxembourg-City - Luxemburg, GERMANY - 6:20 PM
Apr 30 Schüür Luzern, GERMANY - 7:30 PM
May 8 Columbia Club Berlin, GERMANY - 1:38 AM
May 11 Markthalle Hamburg, GERMANY - 12:00 AM
May 11 Trädgår'n Göteborg, SWEDEN - 6:00 PM
May 14 Sentrum Scene Oslo, NORWAY - 7:30 PM

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Eden's Curse Reveals "Trinity" Details

Eden's Curse has announced the band's new album "Trinity" is due for release on March 16th in Japan via Spiritual Curse, and March 18th in North America through Metal Mayhem. The artwork, which can be viewed here, was designed by the bands long term graphic artist Thomas Ewerhard. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Trinitas Sanctus (Intro)
2. Trinity
3. Saints Of Tomorrow
4. No Holy Man (Feat. James LaBrie)
5. Guardian Angel
6. Can't Fool The Devil
7. Rivers Of Destiny
8. Dare To Be Different
9. Children Of The Tide
10. Black Widow (Feat. Andi Deris)
11. Jerusalem Sleeps
12. Rock ‘N' Roll Children (Dio Cover Version)

Exclusive European Bonus Track
13. We Climb

Exclusive US Bonus Track
13. Never The Sinner

Exclusive Japanese Bonus Tracks
13. Unchain The Night (Dokken Cover Version)
14. Guardian Angel (Acoustic Version)

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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Posts "Dr. Pest" Teaser

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has posted a teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming single "Dr. Pest," which can be viewed below. The band's new album “Moral & Wahnsinn” hits the streets on February 25th, 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records.

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Defeated Sanity Checks In With Band Update

Defeated Sanity has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new vocalist and lining up new tour dates:

"We will play a small US tour around Maryland Deathfest in May 2011. Expect these shows to be the final ones with AJ Magana on vocals. The dates will be released soon. We enjoyed working with AJ as he is an awesome musician who inspired us with his voice but also a great person in general. Though, everyone of us knows this collaboration is tough to be kept alive over the distance we're living away from each other, making this decision inevitable.

"So props to AJ for his contribution to Defeated Sanity. We wish him all the best for the future in both his musical and personal activities! Thank you brother! As many of you expected our new permanent singer will be Konstantin Lühring from (ex-)Despondency. During the shows he helped out as a session vocalist, he proved himself as the best choice to replace AJ in Defeated Sanity. We want to welcome him as a permanent member and can't wait to unleash the new tunes we are already jamming with him!

"In collaboration with Grindethic Records we will re-release our largely unobtainable first album 'Prelude To The Tragedy.' This release will feature two bonus tracks: A newly recorded version of Expectoration of Fear and a cover song which we will unveiled at a later point. Both tracks will have Konstantin Lühring on vocals. The release will happen in early 2011 with the exact date to be announced later on."

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Helhorse Posts New Music Video

Helhorse has posted a music video online for the song "Get Drunk, Get Mad, Get Even," which is off the band's upcoming album "For Wolves and Vultures." You can view the video clip below.

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DevilDriver Streaming Track From New Album "Beast"

DevilDriver is currently streaming a song online from the band's upcoming album "Beast," which is set to be released on February 22nd, 2011 through Roadrunner Records. You can check out the song "Coldblooded" at this location. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Dead To Rights
2. Bring The Fight (To The Floor)
3. Hardened
4. Shitlist
5. Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)
6. You Make Me Sick
7. Coldblooded
8. Blur
9. The Blame Game
10. Black Soul Choir
11. Crowns Of Creation
12. Lend Myself To The Night
Bonus tracks:
13. Lost
14. Fortune Favors The Brave
15. Grinfucked (live)

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Fragments Of Unbecoming Working On Fifth Album

Fragments of Unbecoming has issued the following announcement about working on the band's upcoming fifth album:

"Hey out there, we've just fixed our myspace profile a little bit. Yet some things still don't work, but all we want to say is: oh my god, new myspace. So check out our website here (which has also changed a little bit) for more information and news.

"Currently we are working on our 5th studio album. The working title is 'The Art Of Coming Apart' and here we go with some of the new song titles: Trapping the Unseen, Hours of Suffering, and Memorial Stone."

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Fleshgod Apocalypse Announces U.K. Dates

Fleshgod Apocalypse has issued the following brief announcement about the band's upcoming Mafia U.K. tour:

"Hi everybody! We're happy to announce the new dates of the Mafia U.K. tour, moved from march to may. So see you there fellas!"

The dates are as follows:

May 18th - Bristol, The Croft
May 19th - Derby, The Old Bell
May 20th - Liverpool, The Masque
May 21st - Wakefield, The Snooty Fox
May 22nd - Reading, The Face Bar

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Cage Of Torment Issues Activity Update

Norway's Cage of Torment has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"For our fans and people who support us and write about us. We are in a process working on getting a better and more satisfied sound on our earlier recorded songs. This is taking more time then expected but it gonna turn out good!

"Earlier this month we had to part ways with our 2nd guitar player for different reasons. Once again cage of torment is a battle of 4! Despite every kickback, delays and member change, Cage of Torment have become more brutal and stronger as a band. For all of you who believe in us and follow us, we will not give in!

"11 Feb 2011 we're having our first gig this year. Too long since last time. All in all 2011 is looking great as we have faith in our self and believe in what we do and have this passion for music. Hope you are still with us in 2011. Thank you!"

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Dead Shape Figure To Appear At Finnish Metal Expo

Dead Shape Figure has issued the following announcement about appearing at the upcoming Finnish Metal Expo:

"Dead Shape Figure will have their own booth at this years Finnish Metal Expo which is held in February 18th-19th @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. Our HQ during the weekend will be on the Meerikaapelihalli-side, at the stand number 17! We have CD's, shirts, posters and flyers with us and there will be also competitions so if you are attending the expo, please come and say hello to us!

"Juhanis live rig is also available for testing during the whole weekend so if you are interested of trying out the Dean Eric Peterson V through DEAN DIME BLACKTOOTH STACK you are more than welcome to try them out!"

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Kypck Announces Club Shows

Finnish metal act Kypck has announced a series of upcoming club shows in both Russia and Finland. The currently announced dates are as follows:

24.03.2011 St. Petersburg, Russia - Zal Ozhidaniya Club
25.03.2011 Moscow, Russia - P!PL Club
26.03.2011 Kursk, Russia - Matrix Club
27.03.2011 Voronezh, Russia - Tarantula Club
31.03.2011 Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
01.04.2011 Porvoo, Finland - Bar Soho
02.04.2011 Kouvola, Finland - Rytmikatti
07.04.2011 Tampere, Finland - Jack The Rooster
08.04.2011 Jyväskylä, Finland - Lutakko
09.04.2011 Oulu, Finland - Club Teatria
16.04.2011 Kokkola, Finland - The Rock Pub

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Morbid To Release New Compilation

Century Media Records has announced the release of the forthcoming compilation from Swedish extreme metal veterans Morbid, which featured in its ranks vocalist Dead, who is also known for his time in Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem and committed suicide on April 8th, 1991.

The two disc set, titled "Year Of The Goat," features the band's first demo, titled "December Moon," as well as live tracks and rare rehearsal recordings. "Year Of The Goat," which will also be released on deluxe triple-gatefold LP, will see its release in Europe on April 4, 2011 through Century Media Records.

Here is the "Year Of The Goat" 2CD track listing:

CD1: Studio tracks / rehearsal tracks*
1. My Dark Subconscious
2. Wings Of Funeral
3. From The Dark
4. Disgusting Semla
5. My Dark Subconscious*
6. Wings Of Funeral*
7. Tragic Dream / From The Dark*
8. Deathexecution*
9. Disgusting Semla*

CD2: Live tracks
1. Intro
2. My Dark Subconscious
3. Deathexecution
4. Wings Of Funeral
5. Citythrasher (Schnabelkase)
6. Necrodead
7. Tragic Dream
8. Disgusting Semla
9. From The Dark
10. Wings Of Funeral
11. Deathexecution
12. Necrodead
13. Disgusting Semla
14. Wings Of Funeral
15. Citythrasher / Deathexecution
16. My Dark Subconscious
17. Necrodead

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The Haunted Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Swedish groove metal act The Haunted has revealed the tracklisting for its seventh studio album, "Unseen." The new album will be released in late March through Century Media Records. You can view the "Unseen" tracklisting below as well as live video footage of a new song, titled "No Ghost."

1. Never Better
2. No Ghost
3. Catch 22
4. Disappear
5. Motionless
6. Unseen
7. The Skull
8. Ocean Park
9. The City
10. Them
11. All Ends Well
12. Done

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Wolf Reveals New Album Title

Swedish heavy metal act Wolf has posted the following album update online;

"This coming weekend will be the end of the recording session of the new Wolf album 'Legions Of Bastards'. The final lead vocals will be immortalized by Niklas 'Razorthroat' Viper and that means we're done recording.

"We're VERY excited and fired up to unleash this new album upon the metal community. Preparations for the upcoming European tour with Accept and rehearsals are next on the roster so all of us is pulling their weight and we can't wait to hit the road."

"Legions Of Bastards" is set for release in April of 2011 through Century Media Records and was produced by Pelle Saether of Studio Underground.

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Turisas Posts "Stand Up And Fight" Trailers Online

Finnish metal act Turisas has posted two new trailers online to promote its forthcoming studio album "Stand Up and Fight." "Stand Up and Fight" is set for release in North America on March 8, 2011 through Century Media Records. You can view the album trailers below:

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Burzum Posts "Fallen" Song Samples Online

Audio samples have made their way online from the forthcoming full length album from black metal icon Burzum. The new album, titled "Fallen," is set for release on March 7, 2011 through Byelobog Productions. You can check out the short audio samples below:

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Arsonists Get All The Girls Post New Studio Update

Arsonists Get All The Girls has begun a new webisode series in which the band is documenting its current stint in the recording studio. The band is currently working with producer Zack Ohren for the forthcoming album, due out in late spring through Century Media Records. You can view the second video in the series below:

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Textures Recording New Album

European progressive metal act Textures has announced that it has entered Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam to begin the recording of its forthcoming full length and Nuclear Blast Records debut. Guitarist and album producer Jochem Jacobs commented on the recording by saying:

"It’s all really exciting! This album is really going to express where and what we are these days… and that’s a good thing. We’ve been through a lot lately, especially the last year. Now with some new air and fresh ideas, we finally reached the point that we are actually quite confident in the new material. Sometimes you just have to crawl through the mud first to get to dry grounds. We are in the middle of the pre-production now, getting our asses in gear to create this baby. It’s kinda cool to see this band grow more and more and to continue this musical journey that we’ve been on for 10 years! Let’s make this thing heavy!!!"

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I Am Abomination Posts New Music Video Online

Melodic metal act I Am Abomination has posted its new music video online. The video, courtesy of Absolutepunk, was shot for the track "Since 1776" and can be viewed below:

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Revocation Recording New Album

Boston thrash metal act Revocation has entered Damage Studios in Southbridge, Massachusetts to begin the recording of an as-yet-untiled new album. The band is tracking the new record with engineer Pete Rutcho and is currently preparing for a summer release date through Relapse Records.

Vocalist/guitarist David Davidson commented on the recording by saying:

"We are currently wrapping up the recording process for our 3rd studio album and we firmly believe that this is our strongest material to date. The songs on the new release are incredibly varied and all have the own character. They range from technical thrash to groove laden death metal, there’s even a song with a full horn section this time around. We can’t wait for people to check it out!"

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All Shall Perish Posts New Studio Footage Online

American progressive deathcore act All Shall Perish has posted new studio footage online filmed during the recording of its forthcoming new album. The album is set to feature twelve songs which are being mixed by Zach Ohren. You can view the studio clip below:

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Warrior Soul Announces European Tour Dates

Warrior Soul has issued the following announcement about upcoming tour dates in March and April:

"For some people music is the means to an end. They simply want fame and adulation. They're fully paid up members of the cult of celebrity and units sold is more important than the ability to create anything that can touch people. For others music is a compulsion. You may as well ask them to stop breathing than try and stop them submitting to their creative impulses. Kory Clarke is one of the latter.

"With his band Warrior Soul he has graced stages all over the globe to critical acclaim and picked up a hardcore fan base that your here-today-and-gone-tomorrow superstars would be envious of. Currently recording their new studio album, and overseeing the vinyl release of three of Warrior Soul's essential albums, he has once again felt compelled to take his band out on the road in Europe.

"With the smell of rebellion in the air, Warrior Soul are coming to provide the soundtrack to the counter culture revolution. It's an unmissable opportunity to see where we came from, where we're at, and where we are going."

The currently announced dates are as follows:

3/23 - Sheffield - Corporation
3/24 - London - The Purple Turtle Camden
3/25 - Glasgow - Ivory Blacks
3/26 - Birmingham - Eddie's Rock Club
3/28 - Dublin - Crawdaddy
3/29 - Ballymena - Diamond Rock Club
3/31 - Barcelona - Mephisto
4/01 - Valencia - Durango Club
4/02 - Madrid - Sala Live
4/07 - Stockholm - Marie Laveau
4/15 - Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers

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Immortal Empire Posts New Song

U.K. gothic black metal act Immortal Empire has issued the following announcement about uploading a new track and delaying the recording of more material due to "incarceration:"

"New track uploaded from the 2011 album yet to be released. It is entitled: Enslaved (Within the Sign of a Bestial Moon)

"More setbacks... Unfortunately due to incarceration at least another month must pass before proceeding with the final vocal recordings."

You can check out the new track via the Immortal Empire MySpace page.

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Divine Infamy Announces New Live Shows

New York's Divine Infamy has checked in with the following update about new live shows:

"Hey guys & gals we just want to tell you about our upcoming performances and invite you to come check us out. On 2/12/11 at 6PM in the Bronx, NYC we are playing at The Point (940 Garrison Ave, 10474). All ages welcome and entrance fee is $10!

"On 2/13/11 at 7PM in Manhattan, NYC we are playing at Bowery Electric (327 Bowery, NYC). 18+ and entrance fee is $15! We'll be sharing the stage with Death Sick, Hypoxia, and Carnal (Columbia).

"On 3/18/11 at 4PM in Trenton, NJ we are playing at Championship Bar and Grill (931 Chambers Street, Trenton NJ). All ages are welcome and entrance fee is $12! We will be opening for international recording artist BLACKGUARD! Come out and support true metal!"

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Touche Amore To Enter The Studio In February

Touche Amore will enter the studio in February to record a new album, titled "Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me." The album will be recorded by engineer Ed Rose at his Black Lodge Recording Studio in Eudora, Kansas. On recording with Ed Rose, vocalist Jeremy Bolm said, "We are very excited to get to work with Ed Rose, he has an unmatched ability to drive out some of the cleanest but heaviest sounding records. He was first on our list of people to work with and we're thrilled to have the opportunity".

"Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me" CD/LP/DL will be released later this year on Deathwish.

Upcoming Touche Amore tour dates are as follows:

02/06: Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy (Benefit for One Life One Chance) w/ H2O, Set Your Goals
03/20: Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w/ Wild Flag, The Greenhorns, Dom

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Stahlmann Posts New Music Video Online

Stahlmann has released a second music video clip called "Stahlwittchen." The track is taken from the band's latest record "Stahlmann" released in September 2010. The "Stahlwittchen" single will be released on January 28th and is the second single taken from the band's debut. The first single "Hass mich...Lieb mich" was released in September last year.

Watch the new "Stahlwittchen" clip below:

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Byfrost Signs To AFM Records

Norwegian thrash/black metal band Byfrost has inked a deal with AFM Records and will release a new record this year titled "Of Death."

"Of Death" was recorded in the Conclave and Earshot studios in Bergen, Norway with producers Herbrand Larsen and Bjornar Nilsen. The mastering for the new album will be done by Knut Fug Prytz. You can also check out Byfrost songs available for streaming through the band's MySpace page.

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X Japan Signs To EMI Music For North America

X Japan has signed to EMI Music for an exclusive three-year manufacturing and distribution agreement that will have EMI Label Services handle the band's releases in North America. The first release will be the track "Jade" on March 15th, followed by the band's as-yet-untitled American debut, which is set for a late Summer 2011 release.

"We are so honored to have X Japan as part of the EMI Label Services/Caroline family," commented Mike Harris, Executive Vice President/General Manager, EMI Label Services & Caroline Distribution. "After the highly successful North American tour last fall, the timing is perfect for the upcoming X Japan release."

Added Dominic Pandiscia, Executive Vice President EMI Music Services North America, "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with X Japan. They have cultivated a strong following in the U.S. and we look forward to working with them, helping to reach even more fans." More...

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Frost Despair Posts Live Performance Online

Frost Despair has posted live videos online of the band's show at Bar Opinião in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on December 19th, opening for Cradle of Filth. The band's set list featured songs from a forthcoming EP, which will be released in a few months and goes as follows:

“Intro” / “Splendor War”
“Dark Bachiana”
“The Final Breath” / “God Delusion” (compilação)
“The Serpentine Offering” (Dimmu Borgir cover)

Watch the full performance below:

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Nightmare Reveals Live CD/DVD Tracklisting

Veteran french metal act Nightmare has revealed the tracklisting its forthcoming live DVD/CD set, titled "One Night Of Insurrection." The two disc set was filmed and recorded in the band's hometown of Grenoble, France and will see its release on February 25 through AFM Records. You can view the album's tracklisting below:

1. Intro
2. Eternal Winter
3. White Wicked Demon
4. Heretic
5. Legions Of The Rising Sun
6. Secret Rules
7. Queen Of Love And Pain
8. Three Miles Island
9. Hallucinations
10. The Wind Of Sin
11. Target For Revenge
12. The Gospel Of Judas
13. Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
14. The Watchtower
15. Power Of The Universe
16. Lord Of The Sky
17. Trust A Crowd

1. Intro
2. Eternal Winter
3. White Wicked Demon
4. Heretic
5. Legions Of The Rising Sun
6. Secret Rules
7. Queen Of Love And Pain
8. Three Miles Island
9. Cosmovision
10. The Wind Of Sin
11. Target For Revenge
12. The Gospel Of Judas
13. The Watchtower

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Wolves Like Us Signs With Prosthetic Records

Norway post-hardcore act Wolves Like Us has announced its signing of a worldwide, multi-album deal with Prosthetic Records. The band is currently in the studio recording its debut album, "Late Love," for an early summer release. Alan Douches is handling the mastering duties for the record and Justin Bartlett has been enlisted to create the artwork.

Wolves Like Us drummer Jonas Thire commented on the signing by saying:

"Wolves Like Us are honored to sign with Prosthetic and be a part of a label with so many great bands. Even if we are a slightly more melodic outfit, we all share the passion for hardcore, metal and hard rock which is what we grew up listening to. We also had a wish to sign with an international label and the fact that our album(s) will be available around the world means a lot to us. Looking forward to the years to come and a great relationship!"

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Mushroomhead Video Interview Available

A new video interview has been posted online featuring Jeffrey Nothing & Waylon Reavis of Mushroomhead. The band goes on to comment on the end of its fued with platinum selling metal act Slipknot, following the death of late Slipknot bassist Paul Grey. You can view the video below:

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Cavalera Conspiracy Posts Studio Footage Online

Cavalera Conspiracy has posted some new interview/studio footage online. The band is preparing to release its new album "Blunt Force Trauma" on March 29 through Roadrunner Records. You can view the video below:

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Devildriver Came, Cancer Bats Conquered

On a rainy Tuesday night in Vancouver, hundreds of metalheads lined the city's famed Granville street to catch the first Canadian stop in Devildriver's headline tour. If one thing is ever apparent about Vancouver and its metal fanatics, it is that they are one faithful bunch and are willing to put themselves through any amount of trouble to make it out to a metal show. Devildriver fans are especially rabid in this city and they had made the event a total sell out by the time doors were officially opened, as they have done for every other time Devildriver has rolled through our neck of the woods.

The tour, which features an all-Canadian supporting cast in Cancer Bats and Baptized in Blood, made its Vancouver stop at one of the city's more trendy dance clubs. The venue, which also happens to be named "Venue" of all things, mostly caters to a bar-hoping dance crowd and plays home to techno raves on most other nights. While the venue itself is nice and features an equal balance of floor space and upscale seating, it needs to be pointed out that the employees at Venue are some of the most insufferable people in the city and they really make it a point to take the douchebag factor to whole new levels. The employees were treating the metal fans in attendance that night like they were diseased third world prostitutes and made entry into the venue extremely difficult and lengthy, with many people being kept outside well into the start of the show; an hour after doors. To anyone thinking of attending a metal show at "Venue" in the future or to promoters looking to book a show in the city: only look to "Venue" as absolute last resort.

Despite the terrible start to the evening, Baptized in Blood took to the stage on time and looked to lighten the mood with its positive vibe and high energy performance. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the Ontario, Canada thrash act and did not hesitate to open the pit up early. Performing a rather short set, Baptized in Blood managed to cram all of the fan favorite tracks from its self-titled Roadrunner Records debut into the set with "Dirty's Back" being the lone highlight for me. Its hard to put a finger on what exactly it was, but the band just did not take an interest with me. The sound was great and each band member were very into its performance, but the music itself seemed to lack any punch as its set went on. Although for a young band that already has Megadeth's Dave Mustaine singing its praises the future is surely a bright one for this young thrash act. More...

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