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Metal News for January 28, 2007

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Misery Readies "On Demon Wings" For Release

The new MISERY album, "On Demon Wings", will be available through Obsidian Records in March. The album contains 11 tracks in all, clocking in at just under the 35 minute mark (no 10 minute epics here). You can check out a couple of tasters at obsidianrecords.com.

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Malignant Monster Seeking Bassist

MALIGNANT MONSTER are currently seeking like-minded musicians interested in the prospect of playing bass full-time.

"Essentially, we are looking for a motivated bassist with a strong passion for metal, good technique, strong initiative and dedication to meeting set goals. A wide range of musical influences would be a bonus. Live / recording experience would be great but not essential.

We have numerous high-profile shows on the horizon (includes touring) and will be doing live shows without a bass player until we find the right applicant.

We look forward to seeing you at our next show in March, with new material and a new lineup (hopefully, including a bass player)."

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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The Faceless Part w/ Drummer, Seek Replacement

Encino, CA metal/death metal outfit The Faceless recently parted ways with drummer Nick Pierce. Consequently, the band is in search of a replacement. Guitarist Steve Jones has issued the following statement:

"Only being in the band for about 3 months, Nick was a great drummer and held everything together very well. He will be trying out to be the new drummer for the Black Dahlia Murder! We wish him the best of luck and we appreciate all the time he spent on the road with us. Good times! We also want to take this time to publicly thank Nick for recording our title/instrumental track of the album 'Akeldama'. He did a great job on that song and adapted very well to the style necessary for giving the song the vibe we were looking for. Along with that we'd like to thank the other drummers to took part in the album as well.

Nick Pierce- Track 7
Andy Taylor- Tracks 2 & 5 (Diskreet)
Navene Koperwies- Track 4 (Animosity)
Brett Batdorf- Tracks 1, 3, 6 & 8 (Penatralia)

Before you all ask, the reason for all the different drummers is because at the different stages of the very long and constantly changing recording process, we had changed drummers for one reason or another. For example the album began as a 4 song EP (which are not tracks 1 3 6 & 8) after Brett Batdorf was no longer in the band and Andy Taylor began to play with us we decided it should be a full length. Unfortunately he could only be in the band for a certain period of time, so he only recorded 2 tracks (2 & 5). But 6 songs is hardly a full-length album, so we asked our good friend Navene to record a song for the album (track 4). After that we asked Nick to join and along with that to record the instrumental track for the album (track 7).

So with all that aside and behind us, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW DRUMMER TO JOIN OUR BAND! We are looking for a drummer who has a unique style, good feel, great knowledge of different time signatures and poly -rythyms, familiar with tempo changes, being capable of drumming comfortably at speeds up to 240 (blasting and 16th notes on the feet at this tempo) and any other attributes that will mesh with or even add to our music. We have talked to a few people but we are still interested. So if this description sounds like it might be you or somebody you know and you/they are ready to tour your ass off and have a great time doing it, you might be the one for us! send us a video of you playing our songs "Pestilence" and "An Autopsy" and a video of your self playing in your own manner. All submissions or any inquiries can be emailed to thefacelessdrummersearch@yahoo.com. Good Luck Nick Pierce, and to all of you who choose to try out."

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Society 1 Recording New Material

With television appearances on FX, Inside Edition, Dr. 90210, The Daily 10 and The Omen DVD, Society 1 barely had time to record new material or play live. Matt "The Lord" Zane had this to say:

"The band was very active this past year...a little too active. With the television appearances, the release of 'The Years Of Spiritual Dissent,' my radio show 'Why Do We Live?' and the reality show I was putting together, we barely had time to really concentrate on new material. We only did two live performances and three acoustic sets at NAMM. Before we knew it, it had been a year since we have been on the road."

Realizing the need for new material Society 1 are back in the studio recording. Although at this time, it is unclear what the new tracks are for. Zane had this to say:

"We are going to shop these tracks and see what comes about but we are only signing a deal if it makes sense. If nothing does we will record some more and release the record ourselves."

Here are some pictures showing Society 1 hard at work interestingly enough at Platnium Sound with Paul Hilton. This was the studio that 'Slacker Jesus' and 'Words As Carriers' were recorded, which Paul Hilton was the engineer on both. Iblis and Berzerk were present but refused to be photographed. You can check out the photos here.

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The Living Fields Complete Debut Album

THE LIVING FIELDS, featuring Chad Walls (ex-BRODEQUIN, ex-PUSTULATED) and Jon Higgs (Monsterworks) have completed work on their self-titled debut album.

Two years of sporadic collaboration have resulted in seven songs that cover a wide range of styles and emotions; from the crushing lament of 'What is Left Behind' to the funereal 'Burial at Sky', to the epic, thrashing closer, 'The Overview Effect'.

The music is rooted in doom, but elements of prog, melodic death metal, world music and classical seep into the arrangements. String quartet arrangements accentuate both the highs and lows while snatches of piano, timpani and hand percussion add detail to the work.

1. What is Left Behind
2. Burial at Sky
3. This Great Majority
4. Feast for the Earth
5. Monument
6. The Soil Giveth
7. The Overview Effect

One full track, 'Monument', has just been uploaded to the band's website, along with 30-second samples of the remaining tracks.

An additional track, 'The Soil Giveth', has been uploaded to the band's MySpace page.

The band is currently shopping the album to labels for consideration.

THE LIVING FIELDS released their demo, "The Miseries Never Cease" in 2004 to wide acclaim.

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Mental Horror's New Album Release Details

Brazil's death metal horde MENTAL HORROR have just released their third album "Blemished Redemption" via Mutilation Records. In Europe the CD will be out on Animate Records in March / April. The band is still searching for a label in the US.

You can check out three songs at their MySpace page.

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Unleashed To Tour Europe with Belphegor

Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED will be heading back out in Europe for the Midvinterblot European Tour Part II. The tour, with support from BELPHEGOR (on the entire tour), KATAKLYSM (May 15th-25th) and ARKHON INFAUSTUS (May 26th - June 2nd) will start May 12th, 2007 in Dublin Ireland and end June 2nd, 2007 in Holland.

According to an update, "Unleashed are really looking forward to see their European warriors again."

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Bassist Rudy Sarzo Remembers Randy Rhoads

Debby Rao of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with veteran hard rock/heavy metal bassist Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, QUIET RIOT, DIO). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: What are your thoughts on HEAVEN AND HELL?

Sarzo: I am a huge fan of that version of SABBATH. I am very excited. I have heard the three new songs that are going to be included in the box set, "Black Sabbath: The Dio Years". A couple of the tunes are songs that Ronnie [James Dio] brought to the table to be included in the new DIO record. But he got together with Tony, and Ronnie said,"Hey listen, I have these riffs here." So they have become part of the new box set. Also Ronnie, has his studio at home. I go there and help him out recording. So I get to hear everything first hand. It sounds amazing.

KNAC.COM: Do the new songs on the box set sound like early SABBATH?

Sarzo: It is more like the Dio version of SABBATH with Vinny Appice playing on it. It has a lot of the "Mob Rules" and "Dehumanizer" sound and feel to it.

KNAC.COM: Congratulations on your new book, "Off The Rails". How does it feel to have it finally in stores?

Sarzo: Well, I had that book years, just sitting. I was dying to release it. It is out.

KNAC.COM: Did you have to change anything or it is true to the original manuscript?

Sarzo: Not at all. Not a single letter. I had nothing to hide. There was nothing defamatory towards the Osbournes, or anything else. It is what it is. What came out came down without any real knowledge of what the book is all about. (Sarzo attempted to release the book in 2005 under the title "Off The Rails: My Adventures In The Land Of Ozz", but met with a legal complaint from the Osbourne camp, the book was pulled from distribution.)

My goal was, when I traveled around the world and I played with Randy Rhoads, every time that I would sit down and talk with somebody, I always walked away feeling that I hadn't said enough. There is so much more to say about Randy. So I figured, I would write everything that I know, all of my memoirs and all of the information that I have regarding Randy, let me put it into a book form, so I won't feel that I left anything out. It is all there.

KNAC.COM: How would you describe Randy Rhoads?

Sarzo: Randy Rhoads was an amazing musician. But that wasn't the whole picture about Randy. Randy was many things. He was an amazing teacher, musician, friend, performer, composer, and all these things.

KNAC.COM: You were really the only person to perform with Randy in both QUIET RIOT and OZZY OSBOURNE.

Sarzo: I was blessed. It gave me the opportunity to see the two different Randy guitar players. There was the Randy with QUIET RIOT, and the Randy with Ozzy. The Randy with QUIET RIOT had a lot of perimeters that were set by what the industry in Los Angeles was all about. Let's face it: QUIET RIOT was a band that was looking for a record deal. So we were pretty much at the mercy of what the industry was dictating. The last metal band to get signed out of the '70s was VAN HALEN. Right after that, they shut the door. The industry started signing bands like THE KNACK, THE MOTELS, and DEVO?new wave bands. Even back then, they were going, "Metal is dead. That's it, no more metal." So we go, "What are we going to do?"

You have to take into consideration, there is no Internet. Nobody knew about the new wave of metal that was coming over from England, or OZZY OSBOURNE. Nobody knew about MAIDEN. The industry was just focusing on what was outside of their door. What was happening on The Strip. What bands were coming in from let's say, Ohio? DEVO comes into town, these guys are new, so they thought they were amazing and signed them. They didn't care about all of the L.A. bands that were around doing metal, or hard rock or glam, whatever it happened to be. In the '80s, metal wasn't known as it is today.

The original QUIET RIOT was a blend of SWEET, THE FACES, and a bit of QUEEN, all of those influences and seventies rock. QUIET RIOT became heavier, the second time around. I have to give a lot of that credit to the way that Frankie (Banali) plays his drums. Frankie gave it more a heavier edge to it, more of a drive. More of that John Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN) feel and sound to it, and made it heavier. So to me, there were two completely different QUIET RIOTs. Just the same, as there were two completely different Randys. There was the Randy with QUIET RIOT, who was more poppy. There are no signs of comparing the heaviness to "Mr. Crowley" or "Diary of a Madman". So once Randy joined Ozzy, Ozzy told him, "Just be yourself. Just compose what comes to you naturally." So Randy had no perimeters and played what he really wanted to play with Ozzy. Because, there was a record deal already in place.

Read the full article at KNAC.com.

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Amon Amarth Finish 'Cry Of The Black Birds' Shoot

Swedish Viking metallers AMON AMARTH have checked in with the following update:

"Yesterday we completed the filming of the new video for 'Cry Of The Black Birds', directed by William C. Schacht. It took 20 hours of blood, sweat and pain, in minus 14 degrees celsius, to get the video done. All that remains now is the editing of the filmed material. We would like to thank the production team, for a job well done. But especially we would like to thank the generous people of Baldur's Hird. Without their dedication and professionalism this video would not have been possible."

'Cry Of The Blackbirds' is lifted from the band's new album, With Oden On Our Side, available via Metal Blade.

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Enthroned Announce Italian Mini-Tour

ENTHRONED has issued the following update:

"The first shows since last years Graspop are in sight, a mini co-headling tour will occure in Italy along with Dutch death metal veterans SINISTER." Dates are as follows: More...

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Leaves' Eyes To Headline Metal Female Voices Fest

LEAVES' EYES have been confirmed to be the headliner of the Metal Female Voices Fest V, which is due to take place on October 20th, 2007 at Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium. According to the band the theme of their show will be "En Saga i Belgia", and it will be filmed for release on their forthcoming DVD.


DORO has now been confirmed to headline the festival pre-show on October 19th, also at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium. Other acts scheduled to perform on the night include HOLY MOSES, DARZAMAT and DYLATH-LEEN

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Epica Return To North America This Fall

Advance tickets are now on sale for a handful of dates by Dutch progressive metallers EPICA (fronted by raven-haired Simone Simons). The following are current at www.enterthevault.com

6 - Webster Theater in Hartford, CT
7 - The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY
9 - HighLine Ballroom in New York City, NY
18 - Pearl Room in Mokena, IL

EPICA are currently recording their new album Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany. As previously reported, GOD DETHRONED drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek is playing on the new Epica album but is not joining the band as a full time member.

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Mortal Sin's Wacken Open Air Video Footage Online

A nine-minute video of reactivated Australian thrashers MORTAL SIN performing live at Germany's Wacken Open Air festival in August 2006 has been posted online at YouTube.com.

MORTAL SIN last year recorded nine live tracks with producer Phil McKellar as a pre-production demo for their upcoming full-length release. The band also issued a single, "Out of the Darkness", containing a video, plus live tracks taken from the band's Australian tour with ANTHRAX.

MORTAL SIN is currently recording its new full-length CD, tentatively due later in the year. More...

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Venom's "Resurrection" To Be Re-Released

Sanctuary Records will re-release VENOM's 2000 album, "Resurrection", later in the year. The CD, which was originally issued in 2000 on the Steamhammer label, was the first VENOM album to feature Antony "Antton" Lant (brother of VENOM frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant) on the drums. An exact release date has not yet been announced.

In other news, VENOM frontman Cronos has revealed his plans for the group's next album. "VENOM will be even darker and heavier for the next release," he said. "The new song ideas that Antton and I have been composing over the last year will be exactly what the 'legions' expect from us, and will really test the abilities of the band members. There's going to be a lot of blood spilled making the next album. This band belongs to the fans and I'm going to stay true to the spirit of VENOM no matter what sacrifices have to be made."

Talks are already underway to discuss VENOM's live appearances for 2007. The band's management and its booking agency are keen to book VENOM to play some of the other territories the group has still yet to destroy.

"Playing in Sweden [last] year was incredible," said Cronos. "It just seems mad that it took VENOM so long to get there. Now we want to look at all the other places where we've never been, like Spain for example." Cronos is also developing new ideas with the German pyro company who featured at a couple of their festival shows this year, and they promise some great surprises for this year's live shows.

VENOM last September cancelled its appearance at the Thrash Domination Fest 2006 in Kanagawa, Japan after "Cronos was "taken ill" and was ordered by his doctor to rest.

VENOM's latest CD, "Metal Black", was released in North America in April 2006 via Sanctuary Records. The CD was mixed at the Townhouse Studios in London and contains 14 new songs.

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Psycroptic Drops Off Deicide Tour

Tasmanian band PSYCROPTIC has been forced to drop off the European tour as the support act for DEICIDE four days before the trek's completion after guitarist Joe Haley was hospitalized for an epileptical seizure after the show in Essen, Germany Friday night (January 26). "The band regrets that they have to miss the last couple of shows and they will be back in Europe to make up for this as soon as possible," the group writes in a statement. "Big thankyou to all in DEICIDE, VISCERAL BLEEDING and Massive Music for a tour that has been chaotic, weird, but unforgetable nevertheless."

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Enthrallment Post Another New Song Online

Bulgarian brutal death metal act ENTHRALLMENT has uploaded another new song, entitled "Cane the Messiah with the Crook" to its MySpace page. The track, which will be online for only two weeks, comes off the group's newly completed three-song promotional CD, which was recorded last month at Basement studio.

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Trivium's Paolo Talks To The Western Australian

“The last two years have been totally amazing,” says Paolo Gregoletto, bassist for Trivium. “In the last year we went from being a support band to headliner, not only in the UK but the States and in Australia as well. To see something grow from nothing to a lot is a once in a lifetime thing.”

Gregoletto is talking about the rise of his band, Trivium, a big lightning blue and jet black stick of metal out of Florida in the US. They were named in the early Big Day Out band announcement rounds, prompting confusion from those outside diehard metal circles. Those inside, however, knew the score.

“I would say things started taking off for us when we opened the main stage at Download (a massive punk and metal festival in England) in 2005,” Gregoletto recalls of the beginning of Trivium’s rapid ascent.

“That was the beginning of a new era for the band. Before that we were nobodies, but after we were thrust into the spotlight. That festival was very well respected, and when people see a band they’ve never heard of open a main stage to 40,000 people they take notice.”

Notice they did. Trivium were used to playing big shows, being regular supports for bands like Machine Head, whom they toured with just after Gregoletto joined the band in 2004, but after Download people began to see them as a main event. From there they went on to play Ozzfest, another blue ribbon metal festival.

Read the full article at The Western Australian.

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BLS To Perform on Wrestling Society X

Black Label Society are the featured musical guests on the premiere episode of MTV's new show, Wrestling Society X, which will begin airing on Tuesday, January 30th, January 30 at 10:30 p.m.

So don't forget to tune in and let's get ready to rumble!!!

And check out the stunning VIDEO for "Blood is Thicker than Water," the latest single from BLS' Shot to Hell CD - in stores now.

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