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Metal News for January 24, 2014

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Integrity Streams New Hymn

The early 1990s lineup of groundbreaking metal/hardcore innovators Integrity reunited on stage for the first time in over two decades as the main headliners of the massive A389 X Bash in Baltimore last week, and now the first new hymn from this iconic collective in just as long is playing online.

Check out "7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch" in the player below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine. The following press release was also issued:

"7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch is a contemptible, ominous movement, one which recalls the brooding, religious overtones and occult persuasion which set this lineup of the Integrity clan apart from countless legions of bands preaching of veganism, straightedge lifestyles and supporting the hardcore scene in the early-mid '90s.

"The first track to be recorded by the same lineup that brought forth the mega classic Systems Overload LP two decades ago -- vocalist Dwid Hellion, guitarists Chris Smith and Aaron Melnick, bassist Leon Melnick and drummer Mark Konopka -- now brings their slow, searing scorn forth with the more than three-and-a-half minute mid-paced song 7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch" boiling with the echoing, melodic leads and massive solos and trademark divebomb guitar tactics one would have expected to hear from these five souls in the mid-1990s. The track was recorded by current Integrity guitarist Robert Orr and mastered at Audiosiege." More...

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Nebiros Releasing Split With Nekromanteion

With "In Command Tenebrae," Iron Bonehead Productions unites two killer South American hordes on a split 7" to see release on January 27th.

Up first is long-running Columbian cult Nebiros with "Yo Pecador," a classic slice of diabolical black metal mysticism. Next up is Bolivia's young 'n' hungry Nekromanteion with Beherial blackthrashing madness in "Occult Revelations."

1. NEBIROS (COL) - Yo Pecador
2. NEKROMANTEION - Occult Revelations More...

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Solstice Announces Comeback Album

Into The Void Records (a division of Invictus Productions) has set February 10th as the international release date for "Death's Crown is Victory," the comeback record from U.K. doom band Solstice. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"The legacy of England’s Solstice has remained untouched, and their crown unobtainable even by the few bold enough to try. However, a stirring from the sinistral depths awoke the epic metal behemoth Solstice from their slumber, and in the last three years, the band have been rehearsing, writing, and gigging around Europe and solidifying a full working lineup.

"Founding member Rich Walker originally put the band on ice in 2002, but began putting the pieces back together in 2007, although it took him until 2011 to begin to find musicians who were of the same mindset and not faint-hearted. Joined by Andy Whittaker (ex-The Lamp of Thoth), Paul Kearns (ex-Arcane Sun), Ian 'Izak' Buxton (ex-Chorus of Ruin) and James Ashbey, Solstice in 2014 live by their motto: NEVER SURRENDER - NO REMORSE.

"Unleashing their first new recording in 13 years, the band have created a mini-LP of unparalleled and peerless heavy metal cutting and slashing its way through a scene of hopeless and hapless pretenders, turncoats, and the feeble. Death's Crown is Victory is not a return to form; it is a statement of further intent, an undeniable clarion call to arms. More...

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Towers Announces "II" Release

The second LP from Portland's apocalyptic bass-and-drums duo Towers, aptly titled "II," will be released next month as part of Eolian Empire's continuing mission to foist the great unwashed Portland heavy underground on a now suspecting public. The label comments:

"Towers formed in 2010 after the demise of psych-garage act The Troglodytes, and by melding elements of doom, no wave, new wave, industrial, noise rock, and soundscapes into rough-hewn monolithic monstrosities simultaneously disturbing and tantalizing, the twosome has dragged and scraped chunks and shards from all the darkest sonic territories to assemble a heavy monster in its own image. Both primitive and futurist, Towers transcends musical movements, molding Promethean monoliths out of doom, sludge, no wave, new wave, industrial, and psychedelia.

"Recorded in full analog, at the same studio as the Shins and Decemberists, no less, Towers' second LP II is a Cremaster cycle of droney dirges, rapid-fire blasts, Lynchian soundscapes, and deviant hooks set off by barked orders, snarled decrees and haunting laments. The album starts off with a furnace growl, an ancient machine coming to life as each crooked limb cracks and stirs before being suddenly thrown into gear with a grinding off-kilter bass loop.

"Over thirty-six minutes II purposefully shifts through a procession of primal mutant grooves, oscillating hooks, sludgy crawls, cavernous experimental explorations, and haunting, swinging marches marked by the barked Teutonic invocations -Hell is coming! - and ghostly incantations of the wounded and beaten. II is a huge, enveloping beast of a record that captures the unique crushing intensity of their live sets."

"II" is due out February 11th on 180-gram wax and digital. The track listing is as follows:

1. Hell
2. The Door at the End of the Hall
3. The Chosen
4. In the Room of Misfortune More...

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Ghoulchapel Streaming New Song

Ghoulchapel is streaming the new song "Revolt of the Conquered," which can be heard below, and the band also comments:

"Our new single: a song from upcoming 2nd album. This is how the album will sound like, a bit different from our debut album, more aggressive, more technical, more brutal and more different! And the lyrical themes will differ a lot from our debut album! Enjoy!"

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Necromesis Posts "Echoes Of A Memory" Teaser

Brazil's Necromesis has released a teaser trailer for "Echoes of a Memory," which can be heard below. The "Echoes of a Memory" track listing is as follows:

1. Memories
2. Indifferent Echoes of Sensitivity
3. The Life is Dead

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Acid Age Streaming "Enter The Zomborg"

Ireland's hyper thrash outfit Acid Age is streaming the full "Enter the Zomborg" release, which can be heard below or downloaded at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ad Initium 00:41
2. Grave Robber 02:21
3. Zombie Sabbath 02:12
4. Anak Durhaka 01:10
5. Whiplash, Acid Age - Tyburn Tree 03:19
6. Lady Deathsquirt 03:36
7. Gama Bomb, Acid Age - Don't Feed the Bitch 03:51 More...

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Midnight Hour Posts Video

St. Louis, Missouri outfit Midnight Hour has released a music video for the band's cover of "Royals" by Lorde. The clip was directed and edited by Patrick Lawrence and can be seen below. You can also download the track over at Bandcamp here.

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Sna-Fu Grand Désorde Orchestre Streams Single

The French hardcore punk rebels known as Sna-Fu Grand Désorde Orchestre have revealed a single from third album “Knives & Bells," which saw release on January 18th via Klonosphere Records. The following press release was issued about the album:

"Recorded and produced by Francis Caste at The Sainte Marthe studio in Paris, this new effort features the band’s most aggressive and indisputably noisy material to date, showcasing an explosive cocktail of punk, hardcore and stoner-rock and was released January 18th via Klonosphere Records.

Listen to the “Furious & Fast” single in the player below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Furious & Fast
2. You Don’t Like This Song
3. That’s All I Got
4. I’ll Give You Money
5. I Hate Berlin
6. Gangs
7. Serial Death Lane
8. Catrina
9. Clairvoyant
10. Deadosaurs
11. All in
12. Rising More...

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Underside Posts "Disconnect" Video

Nepal's Underside has released a new music video for the track "Disconnect," which was created by Fuzz Factory Productions and can be seen below. The song comes off the "Welcome to the Underside" EP, which has the following track listing:

1. It Begins
2. Welcome to the Underside
3. All Notes Off
4. Pride
5. Disconnect
6. Prototype
7. Part Animal Part Machine

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Quimera Releases Music Video

Chilean metal band Quimera has released a new music video for the "Madness" single, which can be seen below. Quimera is:

Vocals - Fuza
Keyboards - Alberto Peña
Guitar - Benjamín Zúñiga
Bas - Mauricio Moya
Drums - Pyro Blue

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Sworn In Missing Tonight's Show

Sworn In has checked in with the following announcement about missing tonight's live show:

"ATTENTION AUSTIN, TX we regret to inform you that we will not be playing tonight. Since 5am, we have been stuck in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with every highway leading out of the city to the west sealed off by cops.

"While we didn't see it, there is word of multiple accidents and real bad ice. Other bands in our tour package are experiencing some of the same difficulties as well but we cannot speak for them about their status on the show. Please check their pages.

"We drove overnight from Pensacola for what was to be a 10+ hour drive, leaving from a show that ended past midnight, and are still stuck 6+ hours away from Austin according to our GPS with no way out of the city we are stuck in till further notice.

"We absolutely wish we could say we are trying our best to make it there in time, but literally cannot leave and have been calling 511 hotlines and such to look for any open exit leading out of Louisiana westwards. You have our deepest apologies Austin, TX. Sincerely, we are sorry.

"However, our friends in Kublai Khan and Legion are still playing as part of another tour at the Dirty Dog Bar. We absolutely still implore you to go see them. Thank you for always being so loyal and understanding with us. We will make it up to you."

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Overtorture Recruits New Drummer

Swedish outfit Overtorture has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Greetings headbangers! After a long time of uncertainty regarding the drummer position, we are happy to announce that we've finally found the right guy for the job. Ladies and gents, please welcome Oscar Krumlinde into the Overtorture ranks!

"We met Oscar a while back, and he quickly convinced us he had the chops to help take the band to the next level and beyond going forward into 2014. With the drummer situation resolved, we are more eager than ever to churn out some skull pounding death metal.

"Stay tuned for further updates!" More...

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Yautja Streaming New Track

Nashville-based trio, Yautja, formed by members of Coliseum, Gnarwhal, and Nameless Cults, will blast the "Songs Of Descent" debut into the public in less than three weeks, as Forcefield Records prepares to leak the LP to the population on February 11th.

Today you can hear a new song from the album. Check out "Faith Resigned" in the player below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com.

Forcefield Records will release "Songs Of Descent" via download and 12" LP, the digital version mastered by Mikey Allred and the vinyl mastered by Zack Allen of Obsidian Eye Studios (Loss, Recluse, Sky Burial). You can also catch the band live:

2/01/2014 Buccaneer Lounge - Memphis, TN w/ Seraphim
2/02/2014 CBGB - St. Louis, MO
2/03/2014 Dude, Where's My House - Milwaukee, WI w/ Falter, No Brainer
2/04/2014 Albion House - Chicago, IL
2/05/2014 The Precinct - Detroit, MI
2/06/2014 TBA - Pittsburgh, PA
2/07/2014 Crayola House - Harrisonburg, VA
2/08/2014 Wolf Cycles - Philadelphia, PA w/ Fantasy Panther
2/09/2014 The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY w/ Geryon, Psalm Zero, Kevin Hufnagel
2/10/2014 Roggies - Boston, MA
2/11/2014 A House - New Brunswick, NJ
2/12/2014 TBA - Baltimore, MD
2/13/2014 V.S.C. - Richmond, VA w/ Prisoner
2/14/2014 TBA - Asheville, NC w/ King Dirt
2/15/2014 WonderRoot - Atlanta, GA
2/16/2014 The Stone Fox - Nashville, TN *release show w/ Ramming Speed, Cove, Act of Impalement More...

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Red Fang Posts Tour Trailer

Red Fang has posted a teaser trailer for the band's European tour taking place with The Shrine and Lord Dying. Check it out below, and remaining tour dates are available after the jump.


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Poisonblack Posts New Music Video

Finnish outfit Poisonblack released new album "Lyijy" in September of 2013, and now the band has dropped a video clip for the song "Down the Ashes Rain," which can be seen below. You can also catch Poisonblack live on these dates:

07.02. Levi, Hullu Porock
08.02. Tornio, Lapland Tattoo Weekend
21.02. Helsinki, Tavastia
22.02. Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
28.02. Tampere, Yo-talo
01.03. Hämeenlinna, Suisto
07.03. Vaasa, WDD Bar
08.03. Pori, Rock Bar Monttu
15.03. Rovaniemi, Tivoli More...

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Call Of The Void Kicking Off Tour

The Denver riff manglers in Call of the Void are readying to kick off their Winter stampede of live brawls alongside Long Beach punks, The Greenery.

Set to begin Sunday in Pamona, California, the trek will tear its way through a dozen cities, concluding with a hometown show on February 7th.

Call of the Void continues to slaughter ears with the Relapse released "Dragged Down A Dead End Path" full-length. The band recently completed work on a sophomore release and will be entering the studio in April. Details are to be announced in the coming months.

1/26/2014 Aladdin JR's - Pomona, CA
1/27/2014 Submission - San Francisco, CA
1/28/2014 FT Ryland - Reno, NV
1/29/2014 Laughing Horse - Portland, OR
1/30/2014 Midnight Sun - Olympia, WA
1/31/2014 333 - Vancouver, BC
2/01/2014 The Charleston - Bremerton, WA
2/02/2014 Jericho - Everett, WA
2/03/2014 The Hop - Spokane, WA
2/04/2014 The Shredder - Boise, ID
2/05/2014 Shred Shed - Salt Lake City, UT
2/06/2014 Ernie November - Cheyenne, WY
2/07/2014 7th Circle - Denver, CO More...

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Junius Streaming New Single

Boston's Junius is excited to reveal the second single, “Battle In The Sky,” taken from the band's forthcoming EP, “Days Of The Fallen Sun”, which you can stream below.

Scheduled for release on February 18th via Prosthetic Records, “Days of The Fallen Sun” was co-produced by the band along with Will Benoit.

Junius will next be seen joining Long Distance Calling on tour throughout Western Europe in early February before returning to the U.S. for a short headlining run with A Storm of Light. Dates are available after the jump. More...

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Coffinworm Finishes New Album

Indianapolis doom metal abomination Coffinworm has completed work on upcoming w album "IV.I.VIII." Profound Lore Records comments:

"Four years after their 'When All Became None' debut, Coffinworm returns with an album that levels its predecessor with a much darker and brutal offering, one with more substance and depth respectively.

"Musically, the five piece have taken things that much further with 'IV.I.VIII' by incorporating a more twisted element to their songwriting, at times a bit more experimental and even progressive.

"Production wise, (once again handled by Sanford Parker) 'IV.I.VIII' presents a much stronger and more potent sound picture likewise, Sanford Parker even himself claiming 'IV.I.VIII' as the craziest recording he’s ever been associated with. Overall, 'IV.I.VIII' is a sonic testament to the imminent end times befallen upon the feeble mortal coil."

To officially be released March 18th and featuring artwork by Scott Shellhamer, the track listing is as follows:

1. Sympathectomy
2. Instant Death Syndrome
3. Black Tears
4. Lust vs. Vengeance
5. Of Eating Disorders And Restraining Orders
6. A Death Sentence Called Life More...

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Crisix Signs With Apostasy

Apostasy Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with thrash metal band Crisix:

"Crisix from Barcelona will be the first thrash metal act in the Apostasy family. With their album 'The Menace,' the quintet released an outstanding debut full of hard driving riffs and feisty vocals. A cocktail that feeds every pit.

"None other than Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel o.a.) mixed and mastered their new album 'Rise… Then Rest' and created a totally deadly sound. Apostasy Records will release this masterpiece (formerly Spain-only) all over Europe, the UK and North America.

"We are really looking forward to the collaboration and welcome the five Spaniards to the family!"

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Caught In A Trap Streaming New Song

NY hardcore punk act, Caught in a Trap, has teamed up with AbsolutePunk.net to launch a brand new track, "Easy Come Easy Go," from the band's upcoming record, "Goodnight New York."

Give the track a listen below, and the "Goodnight New York" album is due out January 28th via Dead City Records.

"I feel like this record is our love song to New York City," said vocalist Rich Fie. "But if you listen to love songs, they aren't always about joy and happiness; sometimes they are about loss and despair. It's a record that was a long time in the making. We definitely stretched out a little stylistically, but at the same time kept true to our NYC punk and NYHC roots."

The album's track listing is as follow:

1. People Hate Me
2. Easy Come Easy Go
3. Ignorance
4. S T F U
5. The Daily Grind
6. It's Over
7. Who Cares
8. The Game is Rigged
9. Trapped
10. Envy Power Greed
11. Thru the Years
12. Goodnight New York More...

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Clawfinger Announces "Deafer Dumber Blinder"

20 years after its original release, preparations started for the ultimate anniversary edition of Clawfinger's "Deaf Dumb Blind."

"Deaf Dumb Blind" was turned into "Deafer Dumber Blinder" (which can be taken as a promise considering content of the extensive re-issue):

CD 1: Original Album
CD 2: The Best Of B-Sides (17 Tracks)
CD 3: The Best Of Demos (20 Tracks)
DVD Live In Woodstock + Documentary, MTV Specials & more!

"Deafer Dumber Blinder" will be released on March 7th, and Clawfinger's Baard Torstensen comemnts:

“None of us would have thought in the early Nineties that we ould live our dream for almost two decades, travel the world and play for millions of people on three continents (europe, america, asia). Our anniversary box Deafer Dumber Blinder reflects pretty much what Clawfinger is all about. Enjoy the unreleased demotracks from early days up 'till 2005, a bunch of good B-sides, the classics from Deaf Dumb Blind, and have fun with a live DVD from Woodstock Festival Poland where we played in front of more than 100‘000 people back in 2009. This DVD also contains bonus material. (2 scandinavian documentaries, festival clips, MTV Most Wanted).”

Zak Tell adds: “Deafer, Bumber, Blinder, the last and the tastiest piece of chocolate in the box is coming your way. It’s a treat so sweet you just can’t resist it. Demos, B-sides, Live footage, photos, the story of Clawfingers humble beginning and more. This sucker comes with material no one has ever seen or heard before and it will be in stores shortly so be sure to keep your ears and eyes open and scream your heart out when it arrives. The kings are dead, long live the kings.”

Jocke Skog also states: “We’ve gone through a lot of stuff to make this a box worth owning. It’s a tad late for an anniversary box since we released the first one back in 1993, but in this era where everything is online, it doesn’t matter that much. Enjoy! I know I will.” More...

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Trivium Announces Tour With Volbeat

Roadrunner Records group Trivium has announced that the band will be joining Volbeat as special guests on the Danish quintet’s upcoming North American tour.

The nationwide trek kicks off April 3rd at The Fillmore in Denver, CO and will eventually wrap up on May 9th at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH. Also supporting on the run is Digital Summer.

Furthermore, Trivium will be performing at several of America’s premiere rock festivals including Columbus, OH’s Rock On The Range (5/16 – 5/18), Jacksonville, FL’s Welcome To Rockville (4/27) and Ft. Meyers, FL’s Fort Rock (4/26).

To celebrate the colossal tour, Trivium and Volbeat have also launched a contest for fans to design an official limited edition tour poster. Special screen printed versions of the winning design will be given away at each date of the tour. For more details and information on how to enter visit this location. More...

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Atlantis Chronicles Posts New Podcast

French modern death-prog metal act Atlantis Chronicles has released a new video podcast titled the "European Underwater Tour," which can be seen below. Stay tuned for the next episode about Atlantis Chronicles' Japanese Tour.

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Ocean Architecture Splits With Bassist

Ocean Architecture has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bassist and working on a new album:

"Hey guys. We promised an update, so let's do this. There really isn't an easy way to say this. We have come to a time for our band when changes have to be made by circumstances beyond anyone's control. We have parted ways with our bassist Eric Hodge. Eric has some very exciting things happening in his life and we wish him luck and will always love him.

"With that being said we are very happy to welcome Jeremy Edge to the OA family as our new bassist! We are very confident you will enjoy his rumbling.

"With THAT being said; we are kicking things into high gear. We will be playing shows again by February, so be sure to check with us on that. Lastly but not least, we have officially begun writing for our next album that we are hoping to release by fall of this year!!! We have a few more things in the works, but we will make you wait on that for now...

"We can't thank you enough for the ongoing support that you guys have had for us for the past three years. You all are amazing. Just bear with us a little longer and things will be well worth the wait! So spread the word, everyone: Ocean Architecture is back!"

Ocean Architecture was also previously covered in our look at underground prog metal bands, which can be found right here.

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70,000 Tons Announces 2 More Acts; Reports Sellout

UMC, the promoters for 70,000 Tons of Metal, announced two of the final three acts as the final weekend before the floating festival sets sail in three days (Monday, January 27th) has arrived. California's Nekrogoblikon and Tampa death metal act Massacre were welcomed onboard in the last 24 hours.

Massacre will be performing some songs from their forthcoming album "Back From Beyond" during the band's two sets.

In addition, UMC reported that the event has sold out, however there are still single tickets in shared cabins still available. For more information, head on over to www.70000tons.com. The cruise dates are from January 27, 2014 to January 31, 2014 - with the destination set as Costa Maya, Mexico, which was voted on by the fans. Metal Underground.com will also be onboard to provide reports on all of the activities.

There is at least 1 more band to be announced (it is unknown whether any add on acts will be announced as have been in past years) and the current lineup including the latest is as follows:

Bonfire (playing "Fire Works" in its entirety)
Dark Tranquility
Death: DTA Tours
Death Angel
Fear Factory
Freedom Call
Keep of Kalessin
Leaves' Eyes
Massacre (playing selections from the upcoming new album "Back From Beyond") More...

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All Else Fails Announces Return Of Drummer

In a statement posted on the band's Facebook page, All Else Fails has announced the return of drummer Ryan Biggs, who was with the band during 2010 along with being a touring member through 2011 and 2012. The band comments:

"I won't go into the boring details about whats been up the last couple of months, but the short version is that we are really excited to have Ryan Biggs back behind the drums for us! This seems like a suitable time to share this previously unreleased episode of Breaking Acclaim below!"

The band was scheduled to perform on February 1st at Studio Music Foundation in Edmonton but due to scheduling conflict are now unable to take the stage. The band will be performing in Drumheller, AB on March 1st at the Whiskey Lounge & Night Club w/ Maimed Wolf plus on April 26th at The Vat in Red Deer, AB with Ninjaspy.

All Else Fails released latest EP "Fucktropolis" on Suicidal Bride Records this past summer, and recently released a music video for "A Most Unwanted Reprieve." More...

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Bigelf Reveals Album Details

The long-awaited return to action for Bigelf was recently announced with the album "Into the Maelstrom," slated for an April 1st release in North America. Now the cover artwork, track listing, and full format details are being revealed.

"Into the Maelstrom" will be available on a limited 2CD digipak, which includes exclusive re-mixes & demo versions, as well as a gatefold 2LP vinyl edition, which includes the full album on CD. The track listing is as follows:

1. Incredible Time Machine
2. Hypersleep
3. Already Gone
4. Alien Frequency
5. The Professor & The Madman
6. Mr. Harry McQuhae
7. Vertigod
8. Control Freak
9. High
10. Edge of Oblivion
11. Theater of Dreams
12. ITM: I. Destination Unknown / II. Harbinger Of Death / III. Memories

Damon Fox previously had this to say about the album: "I think ITM is the best Bigelf record yet and I believe it is a real game changer for the band. It's gonna put us over the top! Psychedelic cinematic landscapes and melodic prog-doom set the stage for the new album, I cannot wait for fans (old and new) to experience all of its apocalyptic color." More...

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Fatality Gearing Up For Canadian Tour

In preparation for an east coast Canadian tour beginning next week, Toronto thrash act Fatality rings the heat back into winter with a fourth and final video in the hysterical “Wintour Video Series." Check it out below.

The 8 date tour kicks off in Montreal at Cafe Chaos on January 31st and ends in Halifax at Gus' pub on Saturday, February 8th. This will be the band's first tour back to Atlantic Canada since the release of "Psychonaut."

Vocalist/guitar player Spencer LeVon comments: "What is it that I love about the East Coast of Canada? There seems to be some sort of pungent energy that clings to the air like that of a great high school party where everyone got laid. It’s that work hard, play harder, get drunk and eat lobster, call in sick from work just to air guitar side of the country that I have grown to love and respect. Fatality is proud to announce the 'Dead of WinTour' spanning from Montreal to Halifax between January 31 and February 8 to help bring a little bit of heat back into the heart of a frozen continent.”

Jan 31 Montreal, QC @ Cafe Chaos
Feb 1 Quebec City, Qc @ Bar La Source
Feb 2 Edmundston, NB @ Black Jacks
Feb 3 Fredericton, NB @ The Capital
Feb 5 Moncton, NB @ Esquire Tavern
Feb 7 Hants County, NS @ Mount Metal
Feb 8 Halifax, NS @ The Pavilion (All Ages)
Feb 8 Halifax, NS @ Gus’ Pub More...

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Welcome To Rockville Lineup Announced

Monster Energy's Welcome To Rockville triumphantly returns to Jacksonville, Florida's scenic Metropolitan Park along the St. Johns River April 26th and 27th.

Full details can be found at the festival's website, and the initial daily band lineup for Monster Energy's Welcome To Rockville is as follows (with more to be announced):

Saturday, April 26

Avenged Sevenfold
The Cult
Alter Bridge
Memphis May Fire
We Came As Romans
Middle Class Rut
Adelitas Way
Rev Theory
Butcher Babies
Devour The Day
We As Human
Evergreen Terrace
Monster Truck
Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands winner More...

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Monte Pittman Discusses New Album

From the Lone Star State to the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, Monte Pittman is a symbol of hope for everyone who ever took a chance to make it big in the entertainment industry. When faced with the prospect of tucking his tail between his legs and cowering back home, Monte took a chance, a big chance, when he stepped out on his own to teach guitar. His big break came when British heist film director, Guy Ritchie began lessons. Soon after, Monte began teaching Ritchie's future wife, Madonna.

More than a decade later, Monte has toured with Madonna and played special shows such as the Super Bowl and David Letterman. Now, Monte has come full circle, back to his days as a young, aspiring heavy metal guitarist. With his third studio full-length, Pittman has made the metal album the young Pantera fan in him always desired. "The Power of Three" is such a fitting album not just in the since of it being his third album and playing with a power trio. It could even signify his time with Prong. Normally the "it means whatever you want it to mean" cliché is a cop out for artists to avoid explaining the stories in their lyrics. Not with this album. The meanings of this title are endless to the point one could obsess to the point of finding this number in everything.

Musically, "The Power of Three" draws on Pittman's influences growing up. Comparisons to bands such as Helmet, Sepultura, Pantera, Prong and even a touch of grunge will give new listeners some sort of compass for what they will hear. Chris Barnes and Alex Skolnick even join Pittman for a brief death metal romp. Follow the transcripts of my phone conversation with Pittman to read more about the making of this album and some of his experiences playing with Madonna. More...

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Nightbringer Finishes Album, Announces Tour

Nightbringer has announced a rare European tour, set to kick off on March 14th at the Speyer Grey Mass Festival in Germany.

The band will then proceed to hit various territories in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and more before concluding on the 23rd. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below. In preparation for the tour, Nightbringer will headline an exclusive U.S. performance on March 1st at the Hi-Dive in Denver, Colorado.

Regarding the tour, the band issued the following statement: "We are prepared to shine the Lantern of Negation upon European soil and illumine hearts with the paradoxical light of our Lord."

Nightbringer recently finished recording a new album, which will follow "Hierophany of the Open Grave" and was recorded and mixed at Flatline Audio Studios by Dave Otero. The currently untitled new album will be released by Season of Mist in 2014. More...

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Carnifex Posts Studio Video

Carnifex will release new album "Die Without Hope" on March 3rd (UK), March 4th (NA), and March 7th, 2014 (EU) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today the band releases a studio trailer covering Carnifex's time working on the album. Check it out below. You can also stream the entire new track "Dragged Into The Grave" over at this location.

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Khaoz Streaming New Ablum

Khaoz has now digitally released the new album "I, Creator of Damnation." You can also hear all the songs off the album in the Bandcamp player below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Ravishing KhaoZ 03:23
2. Sodium Amytal 04:32
3. ...And Forever Madness 03:24
4. Purpose Lost... I am Dead 04:18
5. Crimson Mind 04:24
6. Cry Out in Pain 03:35
7. Rigor Mortis 02:04
8. Creator of Damnation 05:22
9. Blindfolded & Forsaken (Humanity Welcomes the Whore) More...

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Aborted Announces Shows With Pyrexia

Aborted is currently working on a new album, and now the band has issued the following announcement about upcoming tour dates:

"East coast Rejoice! You wanted us to play so here it comes! Now you bastards better share this and show up at the shows! Also, Pyrexia, been listening to them since sermon of mockery and more bands. See you in the pit, while we get fat on NY style pizza."

03/27/14 Springfield, VA Empire
03/28/14 Philadelphia, PA The Underground Arts
03/29/14 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft
03/30/14 Rochester, NY Montage Music Hall
03/31/14 Albany, NY Bogie's
04/01/14 Cambridge, MA Middle-East
04/02/14 Stafford Springs, CT Palace More...

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Sick Of It All Working On New Songs

New York hardcore outfit Sick Of It All is currently in the studio working on new songs for an upcoming release, which will follow 2010's "Based on a True Story" and 2011's "Nonstop."

Sick Of It All was also previously covered in our Sunday Old School column, which can be read over here.

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Blood Ceremony Announces New Tour

Blood Ceremony has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming European tour dates:

"Attention all revelers, freaks & heads, we'll be playing dates in the UK, EU and Russia his May. Joining us will be Sweden's Spiders.

"The confirmed club and festival dates are listed below. Shortly before the tour begins, some new material will see the light of day in the form of a 7" release, details forthcoming. See you on the other side!"

05/02 BRISTOL, UK - Temples Festival*
05/03 NOTTINGHAM, UK - Bodega
05/04 GLASGOW, UK - Stereo
05/05 MANCHESTER, UK - The Deaf Institute
05/06 LONDON, UK - Borderline
05/07 PARIS, FR - Batofar
05/09 MEZZAGO, IT - Bloom Club
05/10 RONCADE, IT - New Age
05/11 MÜNCHEN, DE - Strom
05/12 VIENNA, AT - Arena
05/13 WARSAW, PL - Progresja
05/14 PRAGUE, CZ - 007 Klub
05/15 BERLIN, DE - Magnet
05/16 COPENHAGEN, DK - Loppen
05/17 STOCKHOLM, SE - Debaser Strand
05/20 MOSCOW, RU - Volta*
05/21 HELSINKI, FI - Nosturi
05/23 OSLO, NO - BLÅ
05/24 GOTHENBURG, SE - Truckstop Alaska
05/25 HAMBURG, DE - St. Pauli Rock Café
05/26 FRANKFURT, DE - Nachtleben
05/27 ZÜRICH, CH - Hafenkneipe
05/29 GEISELWIND, DE - Out & Loud Festival*
05/30 NETPHEN, DE - Freak Valley Festival*
05/31 NIJMEGEN, NL - FortaRock Festival* More...

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The Meatmen Reveals Album Title And Artwork

Legendary punk/metal band The Meatmen just revealed that the title of the long-awaited album they will be releasing is "Savage Sagas" via Self Destructo records. Look for it to drop in the spring of 2014. Below is the album artwork, along with a message from the band:

"Many thanks to our loyal legions of Meatheads for 35 years of unflagging devotion to our brand of mayhem. At long last, we proudly present for your listening enjoyment, our brand new record... 'Savage Sagas.' Information on Special Edition Vinyls /CD/ and Digital Pre-orders coming soon!"

Check out live renditions of two of the upcoming album tracks, "Kill Kunt Koulter" and "Piss Hot for Weed" at this location.

 photo themeatmen_zpsfc45ebeb.jpg

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Ageless Oblivion Reveals New Album Details

Ageless Oblivion has checked in with the following announcement about releasing an upcoming album:

"Our sophomore album ‘Penthos’ will be released on CD and Digital Download on March 17th (EU) and March 18th (US) via Siege Of Amida / Century Media Records.

"Listen to the first track to be unleashed ‘Glacial Blood’ below. Tour and gig announcements will all be revealed soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy our first offering!"

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Wolf’s Head
2. The Midas Throat
3. Glacial Blood
4. Where Wasps Now Nest
5. Submergence
6. Furnace
7. Those Who Fed Of Light
8. A Crawling Ingression
9. Penthos: Lament
10. Penthos: Omnipresent More...

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Promethee Issues Recording Update

Promethee has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

"This week we re-entered Conatus Studio to record a couple of new songs with Vladimir Cochet. These songs that will also be featured on our next full-length album will be released in spring of this year to give you guys a forteaste of what's to come with the second album with which we are finishing the writing process.

"More info about this is to come soon, stay tuned! And as you can see, Nils has already nailed his parts! Up next: guitars."

You can also check out the band's previous music video for "Life/Less" over at this location. More...

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Steel Panther Talks Autoerotic Asphyxiation

In Steel Panther's latest video podcast, titled "Demolicious #3," the band discusses autoerotic asphyxiation, or as the band likes to call it, Strangle Wank.

The band's new album "All You Can Eat" is due out April 1st, 2014 and you can watch the band's latest video clip for "The Burden of Being Wonderful" over at this location. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Pussywhipped
2. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
3. Gloryhole
4. Bukkake Tears
5. Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
6. Ten Strikes You’re Out
7. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
8. F@#king My Heart In The Ass
9. BVS
10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
11. If I Was The King
12. She’s On The Rag More...

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At The Gates Posts Second Teaser

Earlier this week At The Gates released a brief teaser trailer for "something" happening in 2014.

Now the band has posted another trailer online which showcases what is clearly some studio time, apparently revealing the band is working on a new album and follow-up to the legendary "Slaughter of the Soul." Check it out below.

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We Are Wolf Streaming New EP

Today sees the release of the new We Are Wolf EP "Masquerader," and now all the tracks can be heard online in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Masquerader
2. A Picture of Misery
3. Reclaiming the Origin
4. Prime Time
5. Monumental Gloom
6. Reunification

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Within Temptation Posts Video Teaser

After releasing a music video for "Dangerous," Within Temptation will also soon be dropping a video clip for the track "Whole World is Watching." A teaser trailer for the coming video can be seen below.

Both tracks are taken off the band's new album "Hydra," due out February 4th, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Let Us Burn
2. Dangerous (Feat. Howard Jones)
3. And We Run (Feat. Xzibit)
4. Paradise (What About Us?) (Featuring Tarja)
5. Edge Of The World
6. Silver Moonlight
7. Covered By Roses
8. Dog Days
9. Tell Me Why
10. Whole World Is Watching (Feat. Dave Pirner) More...

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Motorhead Cancels Tour

Motorhead has checked in with the following announcement about canceling upcoming tour dates:

"It is with great regret that Motörhead has to announce the cancellation of their European tour, scheduled to start February, 2014.

"Many concerted, diligent and focused efforts were made by founding member, and international icon, Lemmy Kilmister to deal with a range of health issues relating to diabetes. While there has been undoubted progress, Lemmy and the band were advised by doctors that it was still too soon to resume full touring activities, and so for the good of the future, the band and Lemmy reluctantly agreed to cancel.

"No-one is hurting more over this than Lemmy, and he feels the aggravation and inconvenience of every ticket, and every method of transportation, already paid for by loyal fans in anticipation of the tour. Being a road warrior of over 50 dedicated, non-stop years, it is equally distressing for him to be unable to occupy the top lounge of the trusty tour bus (his spiritual home) but Lemmy recognizes that his long-term health must win. It goes without saying that Lemmy profusely apologizes for inconveniences caused, but he does want everyone to know that he is continuing on the road to a full recovery, and that the prognosis long-term is very good. More...

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Kill Ritual Posts Teaser For New Album

Kill Ritual, featuring former members of Imagika and Dark Angel, posted a teaser for the upcoming new album "The Eyes Of Medusa." The album is available digitally now, with physical CDs to be released worldwide on April 4th.

The track list for the album is:

1. The Eyes Of Medusa
2. Hair Trigger
3. Never Get Me
4. Ride Into The Night
5. Weight Of The World
6. Writing On The Wall
7. Just Another Sin
8. My Little Sister
9. Unleashed
10. Agenda 21

Check out the preview here: More...

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Words Of Farewell Streaming New Track

German melodic death metal act Words of Farewell is streaming a lyric video for the new track "Beauty in Passing" from the upcoming new album "The Black Wild Yonder." The album drops on February 28th (EU) and March 4th (USA) via AFM Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Continuum Shift
2. Telltale Notion
3. In Kingdoms of Rain
4. Damaged Beyond Repair
5. Beauty in Passing
6. The Outer Rim
7. Temporary Loss of Reason
8. Antibiosis
9. Luminary Ghost
10. Riven

Check out "Beauty in Passing" here: More...

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