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Metal News for January 23, 2010

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Crystavox Signs to Roxx Records

After 20 years of silence, San Diego Christian metal band Crystavox is back again with a great story and a line of new limited releases in collaboration with Roxx Productions. The band recently met again informally to mark the 20 year anniversary of the band's first record deal (Regency 1989). Discussions progressed, causing the band to research where the original master recordings were located. Crystavox lead guitarist, Tony Lopez, located the master tapes - stored in a warehouse in Burbank, CA. The previous record label; Ocean Records, released the Archived Media back to Crystavox.

“We were finally in possession of all the two-inch masters from both records but after 20 years in storage, we would have to bake the tapes in order to allow them to pass through a tape machine again,” said Lopez. “Convection baking worked and we were able to digitize the tapes in high resolution to the Pro Tools format,” Lopez concluded.

Not only did the band now have control over a remix of such hit songs as “Scarifice” (#1 PRR 1990), “Home Again” (#3 CCM 1990), and “It’s All Right” (#7 PRR 1990), but also discovered a “never released” live concert and MTV style video. Bringing this dated and worn media back to life fell on the shoulders of drummer, Fred Helm, who had become a director and producer for regional and national televisions shows since his departure from Crystavox.

“Finally getting to load this live show into our production studio was so much fun,” said Helm. “The only copy we had was a 20 year old VHS tape that had been played several times over the years. All the blacks were grey, the color was washed and in 1990, Widescreen TV did not exist. We have corrected the color issues and re-mastered the video in the 16:9 format. These videos; which consist of 4 live songs and 4 MTV-style video productions, will also include a recently recorded, “where are they now” segment - shot in HD, and featuring the band “self narrating” the story of Crystavox.

The band took a shot at remixing the old songs to see if modern technology could add a new edge to the hit songs recorded so long ago. “The pre mixes were good enough to import a complete Pro Tools HD system into the production studio and take a serious shot at remixing the old songs,” said Crystavox song writer and guitarist Loren Holmquist. More...

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Solution .45 Parts Ways With Keyboardist

Swedish metal band Solution .45 has issued the following update:

"Good news and bad news. First the good: by now you've seen our brand new logo and our new band photos, taken by the great Olle Carlsson (Opeth, Katatonia, Dark Funeral, etc). We shot these in the freezing cold, in Stockholm, but it was worth it because they came out excellently. We also have a new logo. After much debate we decided that we wanted something more iconic than our original logo and this is the final result of that. We think it will look great against Pär Olofsson's artwork, which also came out great. Speaking of which, in time this temporary Myspace design will be replaced by a new one, based on the album layout." More...

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Catamenia Posts New Music Online

Finnish metal band CATAMENIA has uploaded some new full-length songs from their forthcoming album, entitled "Cavalcade," on their MySpace page. "Cavalcade" was recorded at Mastervox Studios in Oulu, Finland

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The Mongoloids Announces US Tour Dates

New Jersey thrash metal band The Mongoloids has announced the following American tour dates:

February 11th - Washington DC @ The Rock and Roll Hotel w/ Madball
February 12th - Westchester, Pennsylvania @ The Note w/ Madball
February 13th - Sayreville, New Jersey @ Starland Ballroom w/ E Town Concrete
February 14th - Fredricksburg, Virginia @ KC's Music Alley w/ American Me
February 15th - Greensboro, North Carolina @ Legitimate Business w/ Blacklisted and Advent
February 16th - Columbia, South Carolina @ House of Hardcore
February 17th - Douglasville, Georgia @ The 7 Venue
February 18th - Jacksonville, Florida @ Doozer's
February 19th - Miami, Florida @ Volume Studios w/ Know the Score
February 20th - Venice, Florida @ Chop Shop
February 21st - Pensacola, Florida @ TBA
February 22nd - Metairie, Louisiana @ The High Ground
February 23rd - San Antonio, Texas @ The White Rabbit W/ Hardside
February 24th - Fort Worth, Texas @ 1919 Hemphill W/ Power Trip
February 25th - Little Rock, Arkansas @ Vinos
February 26th - Nitro, West Virginia @ The Brickhouse
February 27th - Wilmington, Delaware @ Mojo 13
February 28th - Scranton, Pennsylvania @ Eleanor Rigby's
March 1st - Montreal, Quebec @ The Underworld w/ ABACABB
March 2nd - Brampton, Ontario @ All Stars
March 3rd - Windsor, Ontario @ The Warhaus
March 4th - Southgate, Michigan @ The Modern Exchange w/ Continuance and Take it Back!
March 5th - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ The Smiling Moose w/ Steel Nation and Deathright
March 6th - Naples, New York @ Hardwear w/ Rhinoceros
March 7th - Holyoke, Massachusetts @ The Waterfront Tavern

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Incantation Issues European Tour Report

INCANTATION bassist Chuck Sherwood has issued the following update from the band’s well received Vengeful Scapegoat Tour through Europe with DIVINE EVE, HATE, NOCTUM, and NERVE.

“INCANTATION returns to Europe one again! With all of the previous experiences John [McEntee] and Kyle [Severn] have had they were prepared for another hellish assault on the 'old world.' As for Alex [Bouks] and I, our journey into the unknown began on our arrival to London’s Heathrow Airport. With the sights and sounds of our first show Nottingham delivered at The Central! The fans and support there were great. Playing a mixture of older and newer material and utilizing a return of the dual guitar attack we plunged into battle with a more diversified set. The journey continued to Leeds where we were faced with a cancellation when we heard that the club’s roof had caved-in, although that was never confirmed because locals seemed just as surprised as we were to hear it. Off to a good start only to restart and build momentum yet again. Regardless of the setback, we made good of the situation. We visited local metal purveyors the Hellraiser shop in Leeds. Highly recommended! Then it was off to the pub to drown in the microbrews of England.

“After a fresh start again the following day the fires had spread to Edinburgh. The Scots were nothing short of killer. Amongst four-story stone buildings and rolling cobblestone streets we found ourselves at the Bannerman's. And in the bowels of that club in a dank and dark room the fans crushed and thrashed their support. The owners and staff were equally considerate and helpful in many ways. Fuckin' amazing first experience, personally speaking!

“Our trip back to the origins of the tour led us south to London where were we played The Electrowerkz. The promotion team there was even helping set up and break down the stage in between bands. We’d be hard pressed to find that kind of local support in the States. Here in Europe it’s almost expected. London’s fans filled the Electrowerkz and made for an energetic and awesome show; powerful reactions in the form of fists and horns held high over the course of one of our alternating sets. We reintroduced some songs that hadn’t crept from the darkness in years.

“After no sleep - maybe 45 minutes in the past three days - and a short ferry ride from the UK into Belgium we played the Las Cenobites and saw some familiar faces for all of us. John and Alex reunited with Laurent from Listenable after a 19-year gap and were laughing over old photos. Sabathan, an old comrade, of John’s, and I showed up where he and I talked after nine years of lost contact. The show was awesome with the likes of our personal friends shoulder to shoulder amongst the other warriors who came out that night and unleashed hell on earth. The other bands whom we've had the pleasure of sharing a stage with – DIVINE EVE, HATE, NOCTUM, and NERVE - have all been great and I know it will result in long lasting comradeship and future endeavors. Suffice to say, my experience in Europe thus far and to be within the ranks of such a legendary project as INCANTATION has been nothing short of killer.

“In Holland we were amongst our comrades in ASPHYX and PENTACLE and a packed room of hellions that came out (on a Monday night, mind you) to the Little Devil in Tilburg and made the night immortal. The show and all who were participating made our stay memorable. It was everything from the sound to handling the tucked away stage and endless help in the form of plastic bags for merch and drink tickets for Holland’s own Grolsch, which I think everyone agreed is far better over here on tap. We followed up that night with an 18th century cottage at which we slept. Everything was brilliant. A final hails again to everyone involved!

“Upon crossing over to the desolate village of Luynes, France, near Marseille, last night it was nothing like its appearance when the smoke filled room of the Le Korigan exploded with chaos once the bands hit the stage. The reaction of these French psychos was something to behold! An amazing time was had by all, despite the shadow looming over some of us. It’s very easy to get sick on the road and with that not stopping or holding us back, onward we charged into battle. With France left destroyed in our wake, it’s off to Spain!”

Here are the latest Vengeful Scapegoat tour dates with INCANTATION, HATE, DIVINE EVE, NOCTUM and NERVE:

23.01 – Vigo (Spa) “La Fabrica de Chocolate”
24.01 – Madrid (Spa) “Ritmo & Compas”
26.01 – Lonato Del Garda/Brescia (Ita) “Olden Live Club”
27.01 - Ingolstadt (D) "Paradox"
28.01 – Jena (Ger) “Rosenkeller”
29.01 – Hradec Kralove (Cze) “RC Strojovna”
30.01 – Prato, Florence (Ita) “Siddharta”
31.01 – Gorizia (Ita) “Pieffe Factory”

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Sevendust Reveals New Album Track Listing

Atlanta hard rockers Sevendust have announced that their upcoming album will be titled "Cold Day Memory." The band issued the following update about the album's track listing:

"Well we're happy to say the mixing process is wrapped up. Next up is mastering and finishing art work. The first single will be announced soon and we'll leak a track for our hardcore fans that have been waiting. We're VERY excited to get this out to you guys. Keep you eyes and ears out for it. Go to our official website to watch daily 'On tour' videos we will post starting FEB 18. We'll also have small clips of the 'Making of the record' that will post weekly leading up to the release this spring. Title for the new record 'cold day memory.' Order may change but you get the idea!"

The currently announced track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Splinter
2. Forever dead
3. Unraveling
4. Last breath
5. Karma
6. Ride insane
7. Confessions(without faith)
8. Nowhere
9. Here and now
10. The end is coming
11. Better place
12. Strong arm broken

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The 11th Hour Announces New Bassist

Dutch metallers The 11th Hour have issued the following statement about acquiring a new bass player:

"After last night's rehearsal we're happy to welcome Daniël Huijben from Cirrha Niva as The 11th Hour's new bass player! Musically it's quite a departure for him but he fits right in and really enjoys pounding out the monolithic grooves of the Burden Of Grief material. We have a few more rehearsals planned before his first show, which will be at the Turock Club in Essen on march 6th as special guests of the mighty Asphyx. Hope to see you there!"

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Allanon Recruits New Drummer

Idaho metallers Allanon have issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"Yup it finally happened we got a drummer his name is Josh and he's pretty damn good for how long he has been playing. We can see some good things coming from this guy. Also a little update on the record well this last Wednesday all of are songs got deleted so this week were going to be doing it all over. That will put use maybe 2 days back it was kind of a good thing to happen because we got some better ideas for the songs so that's whats been going on."

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Redemption Guitarist Issues Health Update

Guitarist Nick of Los Angeles metal act Redemption has issued the following update regarding his health:

"Hello friends. Thank you very much for all the expressions of concern and well-wishes. It has been a rough year behind me, but I believe I am on the mend. I went for the most aggressive treatment possible with the hopes of killing the disease, and right now there is no trace of the disease left in me. I remain on three kinds of medicine for the next three years, and I will be glad when I don't need to take it -- but in the meantime the hope is it will keep my body toxic enough to kill off any remaining cancer cells.

"As of now, while it's certainly not a guarantee, there is a pretty good chance that I have been cured, so long as I can tolerate this ongoing treatment. Thanks again very much for your concern -- I hope to see many of you soon as we play out in support of Snowfall on Judgment Day."

Redemption has the following upcoming tour dates:

2/4 2010 The Whiskey a Go Go Los Angeles, California
2/5 2010 UB’s Mesa, Arizona

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Sabaton Posts New Studio Report

Sweden's Sabaton has posted the fourth video report of their time in the Abyss studios recording their upcoming album "Coat of Arms." The video clip from the recording session can be viewed below.

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Netherbird Reveals New Album Artwork

Netherbird have announced their upcoming album will be titled "Monument Black Colossal." The cover artwork for the album can be viewed at this location. The track listing for "Monument Black Colossal" will be as follows:

1. Looming Majesty (intro)
2. White Noise Sky in Overdrive
3. The Faraway View (interludium)
4. A Shadow in the Garden of Darkness
5. Strindbergian Fire
6. The Weight of Vapour
7. At the Bottom of the Crystal Artery
8. In the Eyes of Time*
9. Across the Chasm*
*bonus tracks taken from a previous recording not released on CD

More information on the release date will be announced as it is made available.

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Enslaved Begins Work On New Album

Ivar Bjørnson, guitarist of metal veterans Enslaved, has revealed in a recent blog that the band has now begun work on a brand new studio album. His message reads as follows:

“This is a short blog from the studio where we – Enslaved – have started to record our new album. We are doing the drums in Duper Studios here in Bergen – this time around we are recording everything in our hometown, something we last did with (2004’s) Isa. Iver Sandøy (TRINACRIA, MANNGARD, EMMERHOFF, T.M.B.) is engineering the drum recording; and we feel we are in very good hands. The remaining instruments will be recorded in Herbrand (Larsen, keyboards) and (lead guitarist) Ice Dale’s Earshot Studio, with a few small exceptions done in Peersonal Sound (my own studio). We’re starting off as we always do: with me and (drummer) Cato (Bekkevold) going in first. The session started out beautifully with the perfect starting point for the drum sound and the first song being laid down by Cato. This song is a musical and lyrical contemplation on a rune - one associated with travel... We'll get back to more on the songs later!

"After 'Vertebrae', it has been a hectic period, with shows, tours and everything that is going on around the band. Yet it has been a remarkably self-energizing process making this new album. For starters, the dynamics have never been better, both literally in the music - and metaphorically, meaning the working climate within the band. Writing music is rewarding when you know the other members will take your ideas seriously and give everything they’ve got to make the best out of every single idea. The amazing feedback we’ve gotten after Vertebrae hasn’t exactly made us more modest: We picked up some very valuable confidence from that. A third pillar of inspiration is the continuing ideological struggle against the dogmas: political, monotheistic, moral dogmas that keep getting a stronger and stronger chokehold on man. Some dangers are growing while others are on the rebound (for now). Enslaved is an ongoing project to channel alternative currents; resistance to those trying to force-fit the mind into the tiny squares of one-doms and tyrannies.

"After all that hot air, I’ve asked Cato to provide some thoughts on the new material and the recording process: More...

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Ozzy Osbourne Scraps Album Title, Confirms Ozzfest

In a recent message from Ozzy Osbourne bass player Blasko, it was announced that Osbourne has decided not to name his new album, "Soul Sucka" after receiving a large amount of criticism from his fan base. The message reads as follows:

"Been in the studio all week tracking the new Ozzy record. Should be done with my parts by Sunday.

"Until yesterday, the disc was going to be called Soul Sucka. However, Ozzy realized that “None of my fan base liked the title. They were like, 'I can’t imagine me walking around the fucking house with the words 'Soul Sucka' on my T-shirt.' So I was like, 'Fuck it. I’ve got to come up with something else!'" The now untitled set is due out in July, the same month Osbourne says that Ozzfest will return after a one-year break. "After Ozzfest I’m doing the most extensive tour of my life," he says. "It’ll be something like, 3,025 dates."

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Nile And Immolation Tear Down The Trocadero

Nile’s first big US tour in support of their latest album, “Those Whom The Gods Detest,” rolled its way through Philly on January 17th. Immolation, Krisiun, and Dreaming Dead provided support, ensuring that a night of brutal death metal was on the menu. A dreary, drizzle-soaked night made for a perfect accompaniment to the reign of terror that was on display from the time the doors of the Trocadero opened to the bitter end. While the lack of Abigail Williams, who had to drop off the tour due to a band injury, was disappointing, the rest of the bands held their own and put on a show that left many necks aching from all the headbanging going on. More...

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Alex Skolnick Trio To Tour With Rodrigo Y Gabriela

The Alex Skolnick Trio will be opening for Rodrigo y Gabriela. Tour dates are posted below:

Sunday, February 28, 2010
7 pm doors - $35.00
930 Club
815 V St NW ?
Washington, DC 20001?
(202) 393-0930
TICKETS: 877.435.9849

Monday, March 1, 2010
7 pm doors - $35.00
9:30 Club
815 V St NW ?Washington, DC 20001?(202) 393-0930
TICKETS: 877.435.9849
Tuesday, MARCH 2, 2010
8:00 pm - $42.50
Byham Theater
101 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3305
(412) 456-1350 More...

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The Eternal Posts DVD Teaser Online

Melbourne dark metallers The Eternal have uploaded a teaser for the bands upcoming DVD release, sed to become available in February 2010. With only a limited number of copies to be available, the DVD contains a feature length tour documentary, a "Making of Kartika" studio documentary, promo video clips and more, and will be available from the band's webstore. Check out the teaser below.

The band is currently recording their latest album, "Under A New Sun," and will head back to 301 Studios with Jeff Martin at the start of Febuary to track vocals and add the final touches to the mix.

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Asphyx Recruits New Bassist

Dutch metallers Asphyx have issued the following update about parting ways with their bassist:

"Seems that there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding due to the fact that Asphyx and Wannes have splitt ways. The other blog was perhaps not clear enough about this and was interpreted wrongly by some people. Wannes and us both agreed that it was better to split as friends and go our own way again. Wannes can concentrate on his own band, Pentacle, and his family. Wannes and us are still good friends, we know eac hother for ages,a nd there is NO bad blood at all. Wannes heart and thoughts are 100% Pentacle and that just didn't work out for Asphyx.

"We are both two old school Death Metal bands, but with different approaches and personal cultures. By 'non compromising' we meant that Asphyx does not stand open for 'newer things' or elements in our music. Perhaps we are even more conservative then the Bush government ever was. We, again ,wish Wannes all the best in his musical career and with his family and want to thank him for the great past 3 years! So we say Proost! Our new bass player Alwin can be heard on the upcoming split 7" with Finnish doom masters Hooded Menace."

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