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Metal News for January 2, 2011

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Nazxul Reissues Early EP and Demo

Sydney black metal band Nazxul's 1998 "Black Seed" EP has been repackaged alongside their 1994 demo release by Seance Records. The rerelease comes with bonus live tracks, and an eight page booklet including all of the lyrics.

“Nazxul are legendary in forging early Australian Black metal & these two works are the culmination of heavy sonic black destruction and morbid symphonic darkness.”

As previously reported, Nazxul has been tapped to perform at Australia's Armageddon Festival 2011 before the band holes up to record their next album.

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Torchbearer Issues Album Update

Torchbearer has checked in with the following update about the band's new album "Death Meditations:"

"Hi all! (Sorry for the lack of updates lately.) A couple of weeks ago we finally, after a lot of shilly-shallying, managed to get the new album ready, once and for all. Even though it has taken quite some time to complete, it has totally been worth the wait and effort. The level of satisfaction at this point, is just mind-blowing and we are all really proud of what we've accomplished, as a team, this time around.

"The album, going under the name of 'Death Meditations,' will see the light of day, mid-spring, via the Dutch label Vic Records. Cover artwork, titles, promo-pictures and a sneak preview YouTube trailer, will be posted shortly, so be sure to keep an eye open for that! In the meantime, we hope that the new Myspace design (thank you Nea) is to your satisfaction and delight!

"Happy new year everyone! More news as it happens!"

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Nine Inch Nails Posts New Live Video Footage

Nine Inch Nails has posted up video footage of the band performing "Just Like You Imagined" live at LA's Henry Fonda Theater on September 8th, 2009, with special guest Mike Garson. The video was directed and produced by Rob Sheridan and KamranV, audio mixed by Michael Patterson, edited by Rob Sheridan. Other credits include director of photography Kevin Krupitizer, and cameras manned by Kevin Krupitzer, Daniel Christiansen, Jeff Myers, Matt Robertson, KamranV, Rob Sheridan.

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Powerwolf Checks In From The Studio

Powerwolf has checked in from the recording studio with the following update:

"Wolves in the studio: the wolves have started with the recordings of the upcoming album. The recordings are taking place in different studios and locations during January and February.

"To let you all participate in the madness between catharsis and celebration, we will post some notes, pictures and videos from the studio every now and then on our official facebook site."

Additional details on the upcoming album will be announced as they are made available.

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Astral Doors Streaming "Victory"

Astral Doors has issued the following announcement about streaming the song "Victory" online:

"The new album 'Testament of Rock' will be released this month in the states and now we present the new single 'Victory' here on myspace.

"Victory was first made in Swedish to honor our favorite Swedish hockey team, Leksands IF, but now, a year later, we wanna give the English version to the world. This version is more of a tribute to the game itself, not to a certain team.

"A rumor says that an unofficial homemade video to 'Victory' is in the making. If we like it, we'll put it out here as well! So....hello out there, it's on the air, it's hockey night tonight!"

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Aggressive Disorder Signs To SpeedWorks

Aggressive Disorder will see its forthcoming album released in Japan via SpeedWorks Records. The album is slated to begin production in Febuary and will be the bands second full length outing. "We're looking forward to unleashing the power that is Aggressive Disorder, on our friends and fans in Japan" states Drummer Chris Teot.

"The best is yet to come" Guitarist / Vocalist Bruce Phillips comments, "So many years of playing, so many years of blood sweat and metal. People coming, people going. One road I’ve tried to stay on, and then with life, crossroads came up wich in turn influenced certain circumstances/situations and other roads were forced to be taken. Be it good or bad, I’ve seemed to come back to this very one I started on. Yeah its kinda weird.

"Omen perhaps? A meant to be scenario? Who knows…but this time around seems surreal…. We had a deadline to meet before the holidays, and Speedworks Records in Japan was interested in the band and wanted a demo to show some progress. Chris and Myself kicked ass and worked hard to get it done before the holidays, and it turns out that Japan loved it. So now the band has a licensing deal and I really look forward to working with Speedworks Records and I know we will do them proud, and we hope our relationship with them proves to be a well worth effort, and that they help to take this band to new levels. You guys handle the footwork, and we will deliver the goods. Thank you so much for your interest in A.D – WE WONT LET YOU DOWN. More...

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Sunday Old School: Cloven Hoof

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal really is a treasure chest when it comes to music. There are so many bands from the movement that produced some oustanding metal but never got the recognition they deserved. One of the best examples of such treatment would be Cloven Hoof, the band hailing from the city of Wolverhampton. Formed in 1979, it was three years before the group were able to record a demo tape and gain the attention of heavy metal fans and record labels. Initially the members attempted to stand out from their peers by using pseudonyms and decided that each member would be named after the four elements, Earth, water, fire and air. While using this gimmick, Cloven Hoof were able to self-release an EP entitled, "The Opening Ritual," which did very well and was championed by members of the heavy metal and hard rock press in the United Kingdom and the United States alike and led them to be able to record a prestigious session for the Tommy Vance friday rock show. Based on the success of the EP, the band signed to Neat Records soon after, who were known for releasing records by many other New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands such as Blitzkrieg and Raven. The result was their self-titled debut full length, which like "The Opening Ritual," achieved massive critical acclaim. However, internal tensions became a problem and after releasing a live album entitled, "Fighting Back" in 1986, the band called it a day.

Cloven Hoof would resurface in 1988 however, being brought back to life by bass player Lee Payne who recruited vocalist Russ North and a host of other new members. With a new sense of enthusiasm and dedication, the band decided to drop their stage names in favour of their own and get to work on a new album, which materialised the same year in the form, "Dominator." This new record saw the band move from the standard heavy metal style of their contemporaries into a power metal territory, a formula which followed them to their next album, "A Sultan's Ransom." Both of these albums were well received by fans and featured songs which have since become live staples. Despite their perceived success, the group once again broke up in 1990 as a result of contractual difficulties.

In the early period of the last decade, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal saw a resurgence in popularity and many of the bands reunited as a result. Payne decided around this time to reform Cloven Hoof but unfortunately, none of the former members were interested, leaving Payne to recruit a brand new lineup. Pre-existing contractual problems were still haunting the band however, and it wasn't to be until 2006 that the group released a new studio album, which came in the form of "Eye Of The Sun." Not long after this release though, former vocalist Russ North finally accepted the offer to return to the band and the duo of himself and Payne went about recruiting new musicians for the lineup, which eventually included former drummer Jon Brown. This new stable re-recorded a selection of older tracks for a compilation album entitled, "The Definitive Part 1," which was released in 2008. North left the band the next year however, despite recording his vocals for an EP of new material called, "Throne Of Damnation." As a result of his exit, the band hired singer Matt Moreton, who had previously sung on the "Eye Of The Sun" album, to record his own vocals and the EP finally saw the light of day in 2010. Currently, Cloven Hoof have plans to record a new studio album and have kept their profile alive by releasing a live DVD this past December. More...

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Samael Reveals Song Titles

Long running Swiss metallers Samael recently announced their new album will be titled "Lux Mundi" ("Light of the World"). The new album is currently set for a Spring 2011 release. The band has now announced that three of the songs to appear on the upcoming album will be titled as follows:

"Pagan Trance"
"Soul Invictus"

Additional details on the full track listing and release date will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time, you can check out the "Antigod" single via the official Samael MySpace page.

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Lineup Announced For Armageddon Festival

As was previously announced, the Black Mass Festival in Sydney was canceled after protests by a religious organization. Seance Records has now issued the following announcement about resurrecting the show as the Armageddon Festival:

"From the ashes of Black Mass festival Armageddon Festival rises like the phoenix to unite Australia’s black metal underground and as a testament to the rights of artists to freely express their full artistic views without censorship or opposition.

"Australia’s black metal & extreme metal forces join once more in the ultimate union of musical black metal art over two huge nights in Sydney. They make no excuses for their ideologies nor the creation of extreme noise but only stand obstinate in the face of those who would challenge their musical freedom.

"Friday night will begin the blackening of souls at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel. Pestilential Shadows burning with ire shall reunite for an exclusive live performance on the dawn of their fourth album soon to be unleashed! Another truly rare performance ensuing shall be that of Arkheth who have risen to new heights of Neo Classical, Symphonic Black Metal composition on their recent opus, ‘IX & I’. A true gem of the AUBM underground, Arkheth states that this shall be their last show for all eternity.

"Naetu from Perth join the libations with their dark misanthropy alongside Sydney’s Bleakwood, who featuring members of Ironwood will be making their live debut which is not to be missed! Friday Night celebrations will be closed by an exclusive & secret guest performance which shall only be revealed to those eyes who bear witness to what shall come. More...

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Glorior Belli Releasing New Split

French act Glorior Belli has issued the following update about releasing a 12" split with Creeping:

"Necroterror Records presents 'Rites of Spiritual Death,' a split 12" LP limited to 300 copies, containing exclusive tracks from two unholy heralds of perpetual gloom, Glorior Belli and Creeping. On one side of the slab, a grand and scorching illumination by the beams of Lucifer glorified on high; on the other, oppressive scorn directed straight at Sol from the swamps of Hell.

"Coupled with exceptional artwork and fold out A3 poster, this release commemorates the infernal congregation of both hemispheres under the sigil of the Devil. Die in the one true light!"

The artwork for the split can be viewed at this location.

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Draugr To Play Menhir Chevelu Festival

Italy's Draugr has announced it will be performing at the Menhir Chevelu III Festival. The festival is set to take place from April 23rd - 24th, 2011 in Bretagne, France. Additional details on the festival can be found at this location. Other confirmed acts include:

Crest of Darkness
Svart Crown
Bliss of Flesh

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Slumber Calls It A Day

Sweden's Slumber has issued the following announcement about splitting up and forming two new bands:

"As from today, Slumber exists no more as a group. Slumber has now turned into two bands: First out is A T O M A. The album 'Skylight' is recorded and mastered, release fall 2011. Skylight was originally the coming album of Slumber named 'Resonance.'

"Here is the ATOMA MySapce page. Second band is yet unnamed, but is two weeks away from recording its debut album. Updates on these two bands will follow shortly."

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